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by sokkus

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FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 12/17/15

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay Basics
    1. Being Sneaky
    2. Combat
    3. Detection States and Notoriety
    4. Eagle Vision
    5. Exploration
    6. Gangs and Borough Takeovers
    7. Gaining Experience and Levelling Up
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Memory Sequence 01
    1. Memory 01-01: A Spanner in the Works
  5. Memory Sequence 02
    1. Memory 02-01: A Simple Plan
  6. Memory Sequence 03
    1. Memory 03-01: Somewhere That's Green
    2. Interlude: Taking Over Whitechapel
    3. Interlude 01: To Catch an Urchin
    4. Interlude 02: Abberline, We Presume
    5. Interlude 03: Templar Hunt: Harold Drake
    6. Interlude 04: Gang Stronghold: Spitalfields
    7. Interlude 05: Gang War: Whitechapel
    8. Memory 03-02: Freedom of the Press
  7. Memory Sequence 04
    1. Memory 04-01: A Spoonful of Syrup
    2. Memory 04-02: Unnatural Selection
    3. Memory 04-03: On the Origin of Syrup
    4. Memory 04-04: Cable News
    5. Memory 04-06: The Crate Escape
    6. Memory 04-07: Playing it by Ear
    7. Memory 04-05: Overdose
  8. Memory Sequence 05
    1. Memory 05-01: Friendly Competition
    2. Memory 05-02: Research and Development
    3. Memory 05-03: Survival of the Fittest
    4. Memory 05-04: Breaking News
    5. Memory 05-06: The Lady with the Lamp
    6. Memory 05-07: A Room with a View
    7. Memory 05-05: End of the Line
  9. Memory Sequence 06
    1. Memory 06-01: A Case of Identity
    2. Memory 06-02: A Spot of Tea
    3. Memory 06-04: One Good Deed
    4. Memory 06-05: A Thorne in the Side
    5. Memory 06-03: A Bad Penny
  10. Memory Sequence 07
    1. Memory 07-01: Playing Politics
    2. Memory 07-02: The Bodyguard
    3. Memory 07-03: Driving Mrs. Disraeli
    4. Memory 07-05: Unbreaking the Bank
    5. Memory 07-06: Change of Plans
    6. Memory 07-04: Motion to Impeach
  11. Memory Sequence 08
    1. Interlude 02
    2. Memory 08-01: Strange Bedfellows
    3. Memory 08-02: Triple Theft
    4. Memory 08-03: Fun and Games
    5. Memory 08-04: Final Act
  12. Memory Sequence 09
    1. Memory 09-01: Double Trouble
    2. Memory 09-02: Dress to Impress
    3. Memory 09-03: Family Politics
    4. Memory 09-04: A Night to Remember
  13. Side-Mission Guide
  14. London Stories: Charles Dickens
    1. Memory 01: Spring-Heeled Jack
    2. Memory 02: Hell's Bells
    3. Memory 03: Recollection
    4. Memory 04: 50 Berkeley Square
    5. Memory 05: Dead Letters
    6. Memory 06: The Terror of London
  15. London Stories: Train Hideout
    1. Memory 01: Stalk the Stalker
    2. Memory 02: Nigel in for the Chop
    3. Memory 03: Hullo Mr. Gatling
  16. London Stories: Charles Darwin
    1. Memory 01: The Berlin Specimen
    2. Memory 02: An Abominable Mystery
    3. Memory 03: Defamation
    4. Memory 04: Cruel Caricature
    5. Memory 05: A Struggle for Existence
  17. London Stories: Karl Marx
    1. Memory 01: Cat and Mouse
    2. Memory 02: Where there is Smoke
    3. Memory 03: Anarchist Intervention
    4. Memory 04: An Explosive End
    5. Memory 05: Vox Populi
  18. London Stories: World War I
    1. Memory 01: The Darkest Hour
  19. London Stories: Queen Victoria
    1. Memory 01: Operation: Dynamite Boat
    2. Memory 02: Operation: Locomotive
    3. Memory 03: Operation: Drive for Lives
    4. Memory 04: Operation: Westminster
  20. London Stories: The Dreadful Crimes (PS4)
    1. Memory 01: A Simple Matter of Murder!
    2. Memory 02: Death Stalks the Colonel
    3. Memory 03: The Case of the Conflicted Courtship
    4. Memory 04: The Mystery of the Twice Dead Professor!
    5. Memory 05: The Fiend of Fleet Street
    6. Memory 06: Locked In... To Die!
    7. Memory 07: The Most Hated Man in London
    8. Memory 08: Conjuring Up a Killing!
    9. Memory 09: Next Stop: Murder!
    10. Memory 10: Murder at the Palace!
  21. Associates and Associate Activities
    1. Henry Greene
    2. Clara O'Dea
    3. Frederick Abberline
    4. Ned Wynert
    5. Robert Topping
    6. Winston Churchill
  22. Borough Takeovers
    1. Borough Liberation: Lambeth
    2. Borough Liberation: The Thames
    3. Borough Liberation: Southwark
    4. Borough Liberation: City of London
    5. Borough Liberation: The Strand
    6. Borough Liberation: Westminster
    7. World War I Simulation
  23. Character and Gang Upgrades
    1. Character Skills
    2. Perks
    3. Gang Upgrades
  24. Gear and Crafting
    1. Weapons
    2. Armor
    3. Outfits
  25. Collectibles
    1. Secrets of London Locations
    2. Royal Correspondence Locations
    3. Letters from the Front Locations
  26. Achievement/Trophy Guide
  27. Miscellaneous
    1. Contact Me
    2. About Me
    3. Special Thanks
    4. Version History
    5. Legal

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Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to the latest title in Ubisoft's past-themed adventure title and bad guy killing simulator - Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is the most modern of the Assassin's Creed titles to date and takes place in jolly old England during the industrial revolution. In a first for the series, players can play as one of two main protagonists (yes I know Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Assassin's Creed III featured two playable assassin characters too, but that was only brief!), twins Evie and Jacob Frye as they seek to liberate the city of London from Templar influence using a combination of stealth, brawn and their very own gang - the Rooks.

This guide aims to help you play through this game from start to finish, completing all of the memories whilst fulfilling all of those pesky mission parameters and optional objectives required for 100% synchronisation. A complete walkthrough to each Associate Activity and London Story optional side-memories as well as a collectible guide and achievement/trophy guide can also be located in the relevant spots below the walkthrough in the guide below.

Note: This guide is still a work in progress. I'll be adding to it periodically until I have completed all of the campaign missions, associate activities, London Stories and an achievement/trophy guide. In its current state, the guide currently features:

  • Complete walkthrough to all nine Memory sequences from start to finish, with walkthroughs to help you earn the optional objectives on each for 100% synchronisation.
  • Walkthroughs to all 24/24 London Stories side-missions with tips to complete all optional objectives!
  • Walkthroughs to all 10 of the 'The Dreadful Crimes' PS4 exclusive DLC memories.
  • Walkthroughs for every associate activity required for liberating each of London's seven boroughs including optional objectives.
  • Collectible guides for Secrets of London, Royal Correspondence and letters from the Front.
  • Achievement/Trophy guide.

If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

If you like what you see here, be sure to check out more of my guides, reviews and podcasts at www.consoledomination.com and consider donating to my Paypal if you are feeling a little generous!

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A simple donation is a great, easy way to say thanks if you feel that my guide has saved you some time, money and frustration in some small way. By no means feel obligated to donate just for viewing my guide, but if you are feeling a little generous I certainly won't object!

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Gameplay Basics

Being Sneaky

Being sneaky is part and parcel of the Assassin's Creed experience and our protagonists in Assassin's Creed Syndicate have a number of useful ways to exploit the environment and some fancy abilities at their disposal to allow this to occur. Whilst combat is fun and all, sometimes the stealthy route is necessary either to prevent alerting guards or to complete an objective, so you had best learn at least a few basics!

Stealth Abilities

Sneaking – Returning from Unity is the addition of a dedicated sneaking mode in which players can move around in a crouched walk, making our assassins harder to spot and drawing much less attention. Players

  • Hiding – Evie and Jacob can hide in a number of set hiding spots that include sitting inside haystacks, on sitting on benches with other NPCs, in cupboards, sheds and other types of curtained hiding areas. When inside a hiding spot, or characters are essentially invisible making them a great place to observe enemy patrol patterns and plan your next move. It is also possible to use insta-kill assassination techniques on enemies if they venture too close.
  • Cover – Our protagonists can walk up and hide behind walls, crates or other corner pieces in the environment to take cover. When crouching, you can take cover behind lower objects in the environment. From behind these corners, players are able to free-aim to lean out and use their ranged weapons without being spotted as well as perform a cover assassination if enemies come into range.
  • Whistling - Whistling can be used to draw enemies' attention to your current location – perfect for setting a trap from a hiding spot and then using the whistle to lure bad guys to said hiding spot for a silent takedown.
  • Eagle Vision - Eagle vision allows Evie/Jacob to mark targets and identify persons of interest. Once tagged, these enemies will remain tagged and be visible through walls when returning to regular vision mode. This is extremely useful for keeping an eye on patrols whilst sneaking into areas or attempting to assassinate a specific target.
  • Assassinations – When a player character is undetected, it is possible to sneak up on and kill enemies instantaneously with an assassination attack. These can include the following:
    • Assassination – Simply walking up to a guard undetected and hitting the melee button as the target's aura changes to red will assassinate him.
    • Double Assassination – approaching a pair of enemies undetected, it is possible to execute a double assassination by hitting the attack button when the enemy auras turn red.
    • Air Assassination - Climbing up to a roof, cable, girder or any other raised structure that we can stand on, we can look down and target enemies below us. Hitting the assassination button when an enemy is targeted will result in the character jumping from the building and taking the enemy down.
    • Double Air Assassination – As with the standard Air Assassination, find a ledge overlooking enemies, target them and then hit the melee button to watch the magic unfold.
    • Hanging Ledge Assassination – Players are able to hang from ledges and window frames and perform ledge assassinations on enemies that walk too close to their position. This will have Evie/Jacob pull the enemy from their window or give them a quick stab to kill them.
    • Corner Assassination – Whilst in cover behind objects such as walls, fences and crates, it is possible to initiate a stealthy assassination if a guard moves too close to the corner location you are hiding.
    • Cover Assassination – Whilst hiding behind a short, relatively thin objects such as crates and half walls, it is possible to assassinate enemies standing behind the object directly opposite your location. Our assassin of choice will reach over the cover, grab the enemy and give them a quick stab.
    • Hiding Place Assassination – It is possible to assassinate an enemy from a hiding place such as a hay stack, bench or curtain if they move into close proximity to the location.This will instantly kill the enemy as well as hiding the body in one action.


Melee Combat

Melee range is where our assassins will be spending most of their time when in in combat and it is probably your largest single source of damage. Evie and Jacob come equipped with one of three different types of weapons that can be changed in the inventory menu at any time. Depending on the weapon equipped, there are slight bonuses applied:

  • Kukris – The Kukris are small, dagger-like short swords which are highly lethal which means we can trigger finisher attacks with a higher percentage of enemy health remaining when compared to the other two available weapon types.
  • Cane-Swords – The cane-swords are a concealed weapon and as such are not quite as deadly as the kukris at triggering finishers, it does however have an increased chance of stunning enemies upon contact and for a longer duration than the other two weapons.
  • Brass Knuckles – The brass knuckles are a hybrid combination of the kukris and the cane-sword. They are less lethal than the kukris but more so than the cane-swords and can also stun enemies to good effect (although not on the same level as the cane-swords).

Ranged Combat

In addition to the melee weaponry, Evie and Jacob are also able to engage in ranged combat as well. Whilst ranged combat is not quite as common as melee combat, it can be used to disrupt or counter snipers and other ranged attackers. It is also a good technique to use when attempting to sneak into restricted areas and to eliminate enemies from a distance undetected. Depending on the weapon equipped, different techniques apply:

  • Firearms – The firearms in Assassin's Creed Syndicate are revolvers which means you get up to 6 shots to fire before requiring to reload. The revolvers are not silenced so if you do fire off a round, enemies nearby will usually be alerted to your presence. As per most shooting games, headshots deal significantly more damage than body shots. The firearms can be fired during melee combat to temporarily stun/stagger enemies.
  • Throwing Knives – Throwing knives are perhaps the most lethal weapon in the entire game. A single headshot with a knife will kill all but the strongest of enemies and they are completely silent. This means you can potentially wipe out an entire patrol/restricted area easily and efficiently if you stay out of sight. As with the pistols headshots deal significantly more damage than body shots and knives can be thrown during melee combat to temporarily stun/stagger enemies.
  • Hallucinogenic Darts – These darts are similar to the Blowpipe that we had in both Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed Rogue. This time around however we only have a single effect for the darts – we can make enemies attack each other. Shooting an enemy with a dart will have them go berserk, attacking anyone nearby, friend or foe. Hitting a fire source with a dart will create a small area of effect around it effecting any enemies within range.

  • Smoke Bombs – Smoke bombs can be either thrown at enemies at range, or be to either disorient and stun them, so that you can follow up with some melee attacks of your own or so that you can obscure their line of sight and quickly escape from a search area or open conflict.

  • Voltaic Bombs – Voltaic Bombs are used in a similar way to Smoke Bombs and can either be tossed at enemies or dropped at your feet. The Voltaic Bombs release an electrical charge that will cause damage and stun nearby enemies for a short period of time.

Combat Techniques

As with the Assassin's Creed titles that came before it, there is a little more finesse to the combat system in Syndicate than simply mashing the melee button constantly. Syndicate adopts most closely Assassin's Creed: Unity's style of combat. For those who overlooked Unity on the basis of its fairly rough shape at launch and mediocre reviews, this fighting system essentially means a heavier focus on combos, countering and guard breaking.

  • Attack – The standard melee attack. This can be executed by tapping the X/Square buttons.
  • Ranged Attack – Pressing the Y/Triangle button during combat will fire a projectile at the nearest target. The projectile used will depend on the ranged weapon that is currently equipped.
  • Bombs – If you have either a Smoke Bomb or Voltaic Bomb equipped in your ranged weapon slot, hitting the Y/Triangle button in combat will have your assassin of choice drop the bomb at their feet. This will stun nearby enemies, leaving them open for attack.

  • Counter – Pressing the B/Circle button when an enemy's health bar flashes yellow will trigger a counter attack. This will stun the enemy and allow you to link in some standard melee attacks to press your advantage.
  • Guard Break – If an enemy's health bar appears as a solid white box, it means that they are blocking. Hitting the A/X button will utilize a heavy attack that will break an enemy's defenses and stun them for a short period, giving you an opportunity to attack.
  • Finishers – Reducing an enemies health to its lowest possible level whilst they are still alive will have them stand around somewhat dazed (although they can still try a half-hearted swing at you). Attacking an enemy in this state will trigger a flashy, cinematic finishing move that will kill them. It is possible to perform a finisher on up to four staggered enemies at once.
  • Dodge – If you are in the sight of a ranged attacker or Sniper, a button prompt will appear over your character's head when the enemy is about to fire. Hit the Y/Triangle button at this time to dodge the attack. Pressing it twice will have Evie/Jacob use a raged weapon back at the attacker, dealing some damage.

Detection States and Notoriety

There are three different states that our protagonists can find themselves in when it comes to enemies being aware of their presence, and these states dictate their actions towards the player character. The current state can be identified by the color of a small ring that appears around the main character. The states include:

  • Anonymous – This state is represented by a clear white ring around the player character. In this state the guards will ignore Evie/Jacob and will only respond or become aggressive when they observe actions that they deem illegal e.g. finding dead bodies, catching you pickpocketing etc. This state is represented by blue.
  • Investigation - This state is represented by a yellow ring surrounding the protagonist. When under investigation guards suspicious of you will gain a triangular yellow marker above their heads and will move towards you. If you let them get too close, the yellow marker will slowly fill to red and if it completely turns to red, they will become aggressive and you'll enter open conflict. However, if you can break eye contact with the guard and hide or blend they will quickly lose interest.
  • Conflict - In open conflict guards will be marked with red icons and will attack you on sight. You'll need to kill them all or run away, break line of sight and then hide until they lose interest.

Last Known Position and Escaping Conflict

Obviously, having opposing gang members or policemen chasing you whilst you are trying to complete a mission is going to make said mission much more difficult. As such we want to be able to lose the unwanted attention as quickly as possible when we need to.

You will notice that for the duration of a wanted rating, players will be able to see enemies on the mini-map as red blips. To lose chasers, you need to break line of sight with our pursuers. Doing so will leave a ghostly representation of your last known position that the hostiles will come to investigate. This will also create a small, circular search area around the last known position marker.

Avoiding enemy eye contact and leaving the search area undetected or finding a hiding place such as a chair, haystack or curtain and sitting inside for a few moments will help you to become anonymous again.

Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision is a vision mode that we will be using extensively throughout the game. Similar to the special ‘Detective Modes' in the Batman: Arkham games or the most recent Tomb Raiders and Witcher Sense in the Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Eagle Vision will highlight objects and areas of interest in the environment. In general the following are observable with Eagle Vision active:

  • White – Hiding places such as haystacks, benches and curtains will be highlighted in white. Usable environmental objects such as hanging barrels, fire barrels and explosive crates will also appear in white.
  • Gold - Memory-related objectives, lootable objects, assassination targets, key memory NPCs or points of interest to be investigated are highlighted in gold.
  • Red – Hostile faction NPCs including Blighters and Templars will appear in red.
  • Blue – Law enforcement and police NPCs will appear as blue.
  • Green – Rooks and other allied characters will appear green in colour.

Tagging Enemies

In addition to highlighting points of interest in the environment, Eagle Vision now allows Evie/Jacob to mark hostile targets such as Police/Blighters/Templars and also tag assassination targets or other persons of interest. To do so, with Eagle Vision active, simply move the camera so that they are in the center of the screen for a few moments.

Once tagged, these NPCs will remain tagged and be visible through walls when returning to regular vision mode. This is extremely useful for keeping an eye on patrols whilst sneaking into areas, tailing specific targets or attempting to assassinate a person of interest.


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate's representation of London is broken down into seven boroughs: City of London, Lambeth, Southwark, The Strand, The Thames, Westminster and Whitechapel. On the world map, areas of interest in terms of gameplay are marked with icons that reflect the type of task associated with them. These include: Memory starting locations, associate activities, points of interest, shops and vendors, synchronization points, treasure chests and collectibles.


During missions you'll receive objective markers that act as waypoints showing you exactly where you need to go to continue. On the world map you can also set your own custom waypoint which will appear on the mini-map when you return to regular gameplay. You can then follow said waypoint to any destination of your choice. They come in several colors including:

  • Green – Destination, search area or general objective marker.
  • Yellow – Key objective or key NPC target marker.
  • Red – Enemy marker.

Whilst waypoints are active during gameplay they will appear overlaid on your HUD along with distance information, letting you know how far you are from your destination/target.

Viewpoints and Fast Travel

As with the previous Assassin's Creed games, climbing up to set viewpoints and synchronizing with them will uncover the map of the surrounding region along with all of the nearby collectibles, side-tasks and areas of interest within that area. Handy for you completionists!

Once synchronized, each view point can then be used as a fast travel point accessible from the main map screen. As you might suspect, using fast travel will allow you to instantly select and travel to any previously synchronized viewpoint on the world map. This can only be used when you are not currently in conflict.

The Rope Launcher

Whilst using a carriage is arguably the faster method of getting around London, where this is not an option and you need to scale or traverse rooftops, using the Rope Launcher is the way to go. With the Rope Launcher equipped you can target sections of building. A small button prompt will occur on target locations and pressing the associated button (LB/L1) will fire a rope from your current location to the target. This allows us to do several things:

  • Using the Rope Launcher from the ground, we can quickly scale to the top of buildings.
  • Using the Rope Launcher between rooftops or from higher to lower locations will create a zip line that we can use to traverse the distance. Using the run button will speed up your movement.
  • It is also possible to perform an air assassination whilst stationary on the rope.

Horse Drawn Carriages

There are numerous different types of carriages to be found around London and these also happen to be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get around the map. With waypoints active on the map, any carriage you enter will also show you the fastest way to your destination by handily providing a GPS route to follow.

Gangs and Borough Takeovers

London is divided up into seven boroughs, each of which is controlled by the Blighters (the Templar gang) and is ruled over by a district gang leader. Each borough is further broken down into numerous smaller regions each of which contains a major associate activity. Completing the associate activity within this region will liberate it. Major associate activities include:

  • Bounty Hunts – This activity requires you to enter a restricted area and identify a specific target. We need to kill/kidnap the target and take them/their body via carriage to a target location. You'll earn bonus XP/money for keeping them alive.
  • Child Liberations – These involve sneaking into factories, killing a foreman and freeing groups of children. Doing these without sounding alarms will net you bonus XP/money.
  • Gang Stronghold – These activities usually require us to enter a restricted area and clear out the enemy presence. Optional objectives (which differ by area) can be completed to earn additional XP/money.
  • Templar Hunt – The Templar Hunt activities require us to identify a specific target within a restricted area and kill them. Bonus XP/money is given for killing them in a specific way (differs by area).

Liberating regions of a borough will reduce the number of hostile gang members you see in the streets around this area and increase the presence of Rooks who you can recruit if need be. Completing all of the associate activities within a borough will unlock a Gang War activity in which you will need to take on the leader.

Gaining Experience and Levelling Up

Assassin's Creed Syndicate, like last year's Unity incorporates a levelling system into the gameplay. As players perform various actions in-game, they will accumulate experience over time. When a character hits 1,000XP they will earn a skill point. These points can then be invested in one of three skill trees to unlock enhanced abilities, alternate attack types, stat boosts and some general bonuses.

In the Assassin's Creed Syndicate you'll gain XP via the following:

  • Killing enemies, either through combat or via assassination.
  • Completing core story memories.
  • Completing associate activities and take over actions.
  • Completing side-memories such as the London Stories.
  • Completing optional objectives in core, side and optional memories.
  • Completing perk challenges.

Levelling your characters means acquiring skill points and spending them. Spending a specific number of skill points is required before a character reaches the next level. Levelling is important because it can determine which memories/missions you are best suited to during progression, drastically decrease the level of the game, and determine which gear can be equipped/crafted.

It should be noted that it is possible to attempt missions/memories above your current level, but enemies will be much, much tougher. Enemies more than a level above will be able to take significantly more damage in combat and deal greater damage with their weapons if they land a blow on you than they would if they were on par with the player character. Whilst it is still possible to kill most enemies instantly via stealth and assassinations under-levelled, it certainly makes things a lot more challenging.


Welcome to my walkthrough for Ubisoft's latest Assassin's Creed game - the action adventure title Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. This guide will help you play through the game from start to finish, completing all of the missions whilst fulfilling all of those pesky mission parameters and optional objectives required for 100% synchronisation.

Note: Whilst collectibles will appear during missions, I will not be including them in the walkthrough unless for location descriptions. A collectible locations guide is planned for a future edit to the guide and will be found below the main walkthrough.

To fast travel to a chapter of interest, use the hyperlinks in the table of contents on the right hand side of the page.


Memory Sequence 01

Memory 01-01: A Spanner in the Works

Optional Objective/s:N/A - There are no optional objective/s in this memory.
Reward/s: Money:1,000 £


XP:2,000 XPN/A
Gear:Belt: Initiate Belt

Part 1: Infiltrate the Factory

After the opening cut-scene has run its course, you'll find yourself in control of Jacob and we'll be inside an ironworks building. Drop down to the floor below and approach the door indicate by the green objective marker on the far side of the area.

Unfortunately, the passage is locked but can be coaxed open if a problem occurs. The game will now place a series of three golden objective markers around the room and throw up button prompts to have us practice our freerunning and climbing abilities as we navigate between them. Each of the markers represents a valve that needs to be approached and interacted with.

Once you have finished manipulating the third valve, a short scene will occur showing the door opening below. Perform an air assassination on the Thug as prompted and continue through the doorway.

Part 2: Fight the Thugs

As soon as you go through the door, you'll be attacked. This brief fight acts as a bit of a primer or tutorial to the game's hand to hand and melee combat system. Follow the on-screen tutorials to practice your attacking, learn how to counter (watch those yellow bars!) and the basics of guard breaking.

After defeating the three enemies here, continue towards the next objective marker and move through the door to an outdoor area.

Part 3: Infiltrate the Factory

Our goal here is to reach the green objective marker on top of the crane ahead. Use your freerunning up abilities (hold the jump button (A / Cross)) to climb upwards to make your way across the various sections of environment to reach the marker. When you arrive, you can try your freerunning down (hold the counter button (B/circle)) to drop safely to the zone below.

At this point we'll be given a brief tutorial on detection. The objective here is to reach the foundry building in the distance. How you get there is up to you – you can practice your combat by attacking guards, practice your freerunning and attempt to avoid detection or you can do a little of both.

When we reach the foundry, we can either interact with the chain by the door at ground level to open it, or enter via a balcony high up on the left side of the building.

Now that we are inside the foundry, we can find and take care of our assassination target. He's in the area marked by the green objective marker. To get there, we'll need to head through a restricted area on the map – this means sensitive and aggressive Thugs and plenty of them.

The first objective marker points to a door in the adjacent room. We can move into this area via either the doors at ground level, or atop a pipe that leads through a hole in the wall around halfway up the room. I'd recommend using the pipes as you'll only need to contend with one guard in the immediate area and then a second patrolling by the objective marker whereas taking the ground route features an additional four enemies.

Once you have moved into the next room, simply make your way over to the next objective marker. A scene will also play to show you the location of the target.

Part 4: Assassinate the Target

We'll start in a room adjacent to the area with the assassination target. There are two ways we can go about getting there. As with the previous area, we can either climb up to the top of the room and use the pipes/girders to access balconies with doors leading to the next area, or continue through the doors at ground level.

I'd recommend the former route. Sticking to the top of the room, note that there is a guard on the right hand side of the balcony along the far side of the room. We'll want to proceed through the door on the balcony and eliminate the fellow on the far side of the short hallway here.

Now that we are in the room with the target, we can take stock of the area. The target himself is on the second floor of an office area along the right side of the room. There are three entrances:

  • A hole in the roof of the office. From here we can air assassinate the target.
  • A doorway in the far right corner of the room (from our initial entry point). This is located at the top of a short set of stairs next to a group of workers being spoken to. The entrance is often guarded by a single Thug patrolling back and forth. From the doorway, we can proceed inside and sneak to the target's location.
  • A doorway at ground level in the near, right hand corner from our entry point. You'll need to avoid a pair of Thugs at ground level and dispatch a Thug in the office itself. There is a ladder in the back room here which we can climb to find an open door to the target's office.

By far the easiest entry point is via the roof. We will not have to spend time fighting or avoiding guard patrols and we'll be able to immediately assassinate him as soon as we see him. No matter which way you eliminate the target however, once he is pushing up daisies, you'll need to escape through the nearby door.

Part 5: Escape the Factory

Exit the office via the newly opened door conveniently indicated by the objective marker. Move through the hallway here and at the far end, exit to the balcony and use your freerun down techniques to drop down to the train passing by below.

On the train, you'll have to fight off several Thugs who will also jump onto the train and move in to attack you. Here is a good location to put into practice your melee combat skills, being sure to counter and guard break as required. Note that fighting enemies near the edges of the train cars will allow you to kick them off when their health is low enough (note the “Tickets Please” Jacob yells for a great Indiana Jones reference!).

Once you have fought off enough Thugs, a scene will play, after which you'll need to do a little bit of platforming action that requires you to climb down a wall and to a safe spot on the ground below.

Arriving at the objective marker here will end the mission.

Note: for completing this memory you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘A Spanner in the Works'.

Memory Sequence 02

Memory 02-01: A Simple Plan

Optional Objective/s:1. Kill 5 enemies with hanging barrels.
2. Kill the target with an air assassination.
Reward/s: Money:1,000 £


75 £
XP:2,000 XP100 XP
Gear:Capes: Thrifty Cloak

Part 1: Infiltrate the Train Yard

This memory sequence will have us controlling Evie for the first time. For the most part Evie controls in exactly the same way as Jacob (and will for a little while). This memory acts as a little bit more of an introduction to some of the stealthier techniques on offer.

From the beginning, we'll be on a train and be tasked with moving up to the locomotive. Evie will be in cover behind a crate to start and you'll be prompted to use your whistle. This will draw the nearby guard to your location where you can spring him for a cover assassination.

Moving to the next car will have a throw prompt pop up on the screen. Use this to aim a throwing knife and hit the Thug ahead in the head for an instant kill. Move up a few more carriages and you'll get another button prompt appear on screen, mash the button (Y/Triangle) to perform a quick throw.

Move up until you see a pair of guards below. Use your knives or an air assassination/assassination to take them down. Press on until you spot the next pair of guards atop the carriage ahead. Here you can climb up and attack them directly, or hang from the side of the train and pull them down undetected with a ledge assassination.

The subsequent carriage has a Thug inside leaning up against a window and a chest that contains some money/throwing knives. Climb along the right hand side of the train and pull the guard out of the window for a ledge assassination. Head inside to claim the chest before continuing.

When you reach the objective marker at the front of the train. Interact with the coupling here to detach the cars from the locomotive. A scene will play.

Part 2: Infiltrate the Building

Once you regain control of Evie, you'll find yourself in a train yard. Wait a few moments for the group of guards nearby to run off. When it's safe to do so, whistle over the fellow in front of you for a cover assassination and then do in the other Thug ahead before climbing the crane here with the objective marker at the top.

A scene will play.

From the crane, dive into the haystack below. Wait for the guard here to come close before assassinating him from cover. Pop out of the haystack and take out the fellow on the opposite platform. There are a lot of enemies at ground level ahead, so to keep it safe, it's a good idea to stick to high locations.

Note: We can now undertake the optional objective to kill five guards with hanging barrels.

If you climb up onto the train parked here and look over to the right, you'll see a set of hanging barrels. Hit these with a throwing knife to bring them crashing down on the enemies below. Move over and finish off any survivors.

Climb up to the walkway above and climb to the rooftop. Work towards the far end and you'll find a walkway leading to another building and then across to a third adjacent building overpassing the train track. Wait for a guard to appear below and walk into the next building, drop down and eliminate him.

Continue out the next door and assassinate the other guard on the walkway here. You'll also find a second set of hanging barrels off the platform to the left. Hit those with a knife to add to your hanging barrel kill total.

Now before entering the next large building we have a couple of options. There are numerous entry points to the building here, but our objective appears in a room on the second floor on the far eastern side of the area. We can either:

  • Work our way through the interior of the building, making sure to use Eagle vision to identify enemies. We'll need to avoid or kill the couple of Thugs lurking about as you make your way through the building, up the stairs and to the indicated room on the top floor of the building.
  • Climb to the roof and find the balcony halfway down the eastern side of the building. Kill the Thug outside, enter and loot a chest here. Climb the stairs in the room to the left to find the target area.
  • Climb to the roof and drop down onto the top floor via one of the open skylights and sneak into the room with the objective marker.

Note: From the roof of this building if you head to the eastern side, you'll see another set of hanging barrels. If you've already hit the pair I outlined earlier, hitting this one with a throwing knife should complete the optional objective for you.

Anyway, once you are inside the building and you have found the target room, you'll find two Thugs speaking with a prisoner. Sneak in behind them and throw a smoke grenade at them as prompted before moving in and attacking them. Once both are down a scene will play.

Part 3: Pick Pocket the Target

Head back to the building on the southwest side of the area (we climbed up here to use the raised walkway earlier). Inside you'll find three guards. One of these guards has a key that we require, so use your Eagle vision to determine which guard it is we need to steal from.

Now you can either try to be sneaky, wait for him to start walking around, sneak up on him and hold the steal button (B / Circle) to pinch the Key undetected or alternatively drop in and kill the three guards before looting the corpse of the fellow with the key to acquire it.

Part 4: Infiltrate the Hidden Laboratory

With the key in hand, we now need to find and enter the secret laboratory. To do this, you are going to want to make your way over to the large semi-circular building at the far end of the area from where we initially started.

There are three entrances to this structure and our ultimate goal is located on the far southern end of the building. You can either:

  • Use the open doorway or the tunnel at ground level. Both of these options will deposit you inside the building at ground level where you can either work your way through the patrolling and stationary Thugs or climb to the walkways near the top of the room and head for the objective location in a much sneakier (and less painful manner).
  • Use the open window on the inward facing side of the structure and work your way across the girders/supports and walkways at the top of the building until you reach the target location at the southern end of the structure.

Note: If you still require some hanging barrel kills, there is another set of hanging barrels in the interior of the building.

When you do reach the southern end of the interior, you'll see a guard standing against a doorway. Bang on your Eagle vision to find that this doorway is our secret entrance. Drop down and kill the enemy before interacting with the door to continue.

Part 5: Assassinate the Target

Enter the lift inside and throw the switch to ride it down to the next area.

Note: At this point the game will give you a brief intro to ‘Skills' a menu that allows us to unlock additional moves for our heroes. At this point you'll want to purchase the ‘Double Assassination' skill to progress. With your spare skill point it's probably wise to invest in ‘Eagle Vision II' skill although 'Lock Picking I' and 'Loot Takedown' will both quite useful in the future.

Once you have double assassination unlocked, sneak up and perform a double assassination on the pair of guards with their backs to you.

Look to the right to find a ramp leading to the next room – either whistle down and kill or plant a throwing knife in the skull of the guard in the doorway here before continuing. Double assassinate another pair of guards with their backs turned inside.

Hop onto the pipes here and follow the set path across the small platforms, pipes and water until you reach the end of the area. Note that there is a chest on the right side as you go through this area, so be sure to check it out if you are interested. As you proceed through the hallway here a cut-scene will play revealing our target.

Note: There is an optional objective to kill the assassination target by using an air assassination. Whilst there are alternative ways to go about killing the target, this walkthrough will cover how to achieve the optional objective.

Drop down from the open window at the end of the hallway and deal with the guard in the room below. Climb up to the raised walkway with the pair of Thugs at the other end of the room. Wait for them to walk off before following them.

Assassinate the fellow that head left, and the Thug facing the wall nearby before moving after the second guard who walked off to the right. You should catch up to him near a set of stairs leading down to the lower level. We'll ignore these and once we have dispatched the Thug, climb a nearby ladder to the top of the room.

This location features numerous metal supports and girders. Simply navigate across these until the assassination target is below. Line him up with the center of the screen and as soon as his aura turns red, hit the attack button to air assassinate him.

A scene will play.

Part 6: Escape the Laboratory

As soon as the scene ends, the game will point you towards a newly opened door. Run through here and sprint through the tunnels ahead following the objective markers. Climb out of the water when you are deposited in it and slide under the rubble at the end of the path to reach relative safety.

Squeeze through the gap in the rubble ahead and then continue through the set path until you slide beneath some more debris. Afterwards, climb up the wall here to reach the exit. This will end the memory.

Note: for completing this memory you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘A Simple Plan'.

Memory Sequence 03

Memory 03-01: Somewhere That's Green

Optional Objective/s:1. Beat Evie in the race to the vantage point.
Reward/s: Money:410 £


75 £
XP:250 XP100 XP

Part 1: Pursuit

As soon as the introductory sequence ends, we'll be on the streets of London (finally). Unfortunately, you've been set upon by a pickpocket. This fellow will appear as a yellow objective marker racing off into the distance.

Follow the objective marker through the streets and back alleys (boy that kid is fast, huh?) until the objective marker changes from yellow to green. As you approach, a pair of Thugs will approach and attack you. Practice your quick fire knife attack as prompted and fend them off.

Once they are done and dusted, a few moments later Evie will show up.

Part 2: Race

After following Evie down an alleyway a short distance, she'll challenge you to a race.

Note: We'll need to beat her to the objective marker to complete the optional objective for this memory.

A green objective marker with be placed upon the roof of a building in the distance. Race with her out of the alleyway and onto the street. Ignore the first building on the right (its not the right one!) and instead look for a sloped cart placed near the base of the second building. We can run up and jump from this to get a bit of a head start up the wall.

Climb to the roof and approach the objective marker for a scene.

Part 3: Escort the Ally

Following the scene, we'll need to climb the nearby smokestack to the very top and find the objective marker here. From this location we can synchronize our viewpoint. This will reveal all of the collectibles and unlocked side-tasks/memories/activities in the immediate area as well as creating a fast travel point that we can use from the map. Handy!

After another brief conversation, we'll want to dive from the viewpoint into a haystack below. We'll now be required to follow Henry up the street a short distance until a scene plays.

Part 4: Carriage Pursuit

Once we regain control, we'll be behind the reins of a carriage. After a short moment, you'll be attacked by several Thugs in a pair of hostile carriages. Whilst in control of the carriage, we can boost (A/Cross), shoot (Y/Triangle), ram (X/Square) and climb up to the rooftop (LB/L1).

For this particular sequence, we'll need to destroy the carriages and as such, ramming is the way to go. Ramming enemy carriages when they are right beside you can send them sprawling into obstacles and walls to inflict additional damage. If they get close to you, and the drivers are highlighted in yellow, you can also shoot at them but you shouldn't need to as they are fairly docile and with an abundance of ramming, easy to eliminate.

After dealing with the enemies, follow the carriage GPS to the new objective marker to drop it off. Hop out and enter the nearby shop to complete the memory.

Interlude: Taking Over Whitechapel

Upon completion of this mission, you'll be unable to continue with the main memory sequences until you have undertaken a number of side-tasks that will help you overthrow Starrick's gang in Whitechapel. As such, you'll find yourself in free-roam so feel free to explore the area.

When you wish to continue with the story, check out the map and inspect the golden icons. Each of these represents a side-task that must be completed before you can progress the story line. These include:

After completing the four tasks listed above, it will unlock the gang War activity for the borough of Whitechapel:

Interlude 01: To Catch an Urchin

Optional Objective/s:1. Do not trigger the alarm.
Reward/s: Money:132 £


75 £
XP:200 XP100 XP

This side-mission is a Child Liberation side-activity, the first of eleven of its kind in the game. In general, our goal is to sneak into a restricted industrial-type building setup, find and kill the foreman and releasing all the children within.

Note: We'll need to complete the tasks without triggering the area's alarm/s in order to complete the optional objective for each Child Liberation mission.

I found the easiest place to start this area was to climb to the roof, head inside and slowly work from the top down to the bottom, killing Thugs and freeing children as you go… And in the southernmost corner of the restricted area, there is a roof platform with an open doorway to the factory to allow us to do just that.

Kill the fellow just inside the door and make your way down the first set of stairs. Here you'll spot the foreman over to the left and another Thug patrolling the pathway ahead. Use your throwing knives or sneaking abilities to assassinate both. Free the first set of children next to where the Foreman was patrolling.

Head down the next set of stairs. The second group of children can be found behind the stairs we just came down guarded by a Thug. A second Thug patrols the opposite walkway. After dealing with them and freeing the children, look to the floor below.

Air assassinate the fellow standing by the alarm bell and then quickly release the third group of children standing close by. This will end the memory.

Note: After completing this memory, Clara O'Dea will be unlocked as an associate.

Note: After completing this memory, Children Liberation activities will now be available.

Interlude 02: Abberline, We Presume

Optional Objective/s:1. Bring back the target alive.
Reward/s: Money:132 £


75 £
XP:200 XP100 XP

This is the first of eighteen Bounty Hunt associate activity side-missions available in the game. The Bounty Hunts require us to enter a restricted area, find and locate a target before approaching them undetected and either killing them or hitting the kidnap button (B/Square) before holding them/their body and escorting them from an area to a nearby carriage.

Note: Whilst you can complete these tasks by killing the target, it should be noted that to complete the optional objectives for almost all of these Bounty Hunt activities, you MUST keep the target alive.

If you've left enemies (or police) alive, you'll need to escort targets slowly from the area as to avoid detection. Note the white circle on the ground beneath your character. This is their detection radius – if an enemy falls within that area they will identify you and attack. The faster you move, the larger your detection radius, as such we want to walk extremely slowly and be sure to maneuver around or time your movement past enemy patrol patterns and keep as far as possible from stationary enemies.

This particular Bounty Hunt takes part in a tiny, circular restricted area. There are 3-4 Blighters in the area whom you can thin out if you wish along with some policemen and the target. Use your Eagle Vision to identify the target, sneak up behind him and kidnap him.

Escort the target to the indicated carriage and then hop aboard. Drive the carriage to the green objective marker nearby to drop of the target to complete the task.

Note: After completing this memory, Frederick Abberline will be unlocked as an associate.

Note: After completing this memory, Bounty Hunt activities will now be available.

Interlude 03: Templar Hunt: Harold Drake

Optional Objective/s:1. Kill the target using an explosive crate.
Reward/s: Money:132 £


75 £
XP:200 XP100 XP

This is the first of eighteen Templar Hunt associate activities in the game. Each of these activities has us venturing into a restricted area, identifying a target and then killing them before escaping. In most instances there is an optional objective involved that requires us to kill the target in a unique way.

Our target in this Templar Hunt is inside an indoor market-type area. Fortunately, there are lots of people about and the crowd will allow us to enter the building undetected (or you could just pick off the guards one at a time).

The target here is surrounded by dynamite crates and the good news for us is that we'll need to off him using a dynamite crate to complete the optional objective for the mission. As such, approach one of the crates lying nearby (preferably one around a corner just out of his line of sight and interact with it to light the fuse. Run away (obviously).

Once the target is dead, simply exit the restricted area to complete the task.

Note: After completing this memory, Templar Hunt activities will now be available.

Interlude 04: Gang Stronghold: Spitalfields

Optional Objective/s:1. Free and protect the captured Clinker.
Reward/s: Money:264 £


75 £
XP:250 XP100 XP

This is your first taste of the Gang Stronghold associate activity, and you'll luckily be able to attempt a further 11 after this one! In order to successfully complete it, we essentially need to enter a restricted area and eliminate the Blighter presence in the area. The game will usually give you a set quota of enemy kills that you'll have to meet in order to take over the area.

Note: In Gang Stronghold activities, you'll need to complete any optional objectives before killing the final enemy or you'll fail to meet them.

For the most part this is relatively easy. Nine of them are usually patrolling set routes or stationary in set locations, but you'll want to watch out for a sniper on a balcony at the back of the area. Using throwing knives from rooftops is a great way to take out isolated Thugs. We can also sneak up and assassinate most of the enemies after observing their patrol patterns.

There is a single Clinker we need to rescue for the optional objective and he can be found being guarded by a pair of Thugs in a small courtyard on the southern side of the restricted area.

Once you have cleared out the enemies a short scene will play to indicate success. Huzzah!

Note: After completing this memory, Gang Stronghold activities will now be available.

Interlude 05: Gang War: Whitechapel

Optional Objective/s:N/A - There are no optional objective/s in this memory.
Reward/s: Money:264 £


75 £
XP:250 XP100 XP
Gear:Cane-Swords: Adept Cane-Sword

Once we have completed all of the above associate activity tasks, it will be time to undertake the Gang War ‘boss' fight for the borough of Whitechapel. We'll need to take on Rexford Kaylock, the Blighter's boss in Whitechapel.

The fight itself will begin with a free-for-all brawl with 10 of your Rooks taking on 10 of Kaylock's Blighters. Assist your Rooks in taking down the opponents and then the main man will enter the fray by jumping aboard a nearby train.

Follow him on board and take him on one on one. He's a little tougher than your regular enemy and will also do additional damage. Ensure that you use guard break often to keep the damage flowing and counter when you see his health bar flash yellow. He's really not too tough, but can still hurt you if you get a little lazy with your counters.

Following the fight, Whitechapel will be liberated. You'll also have requisitioned yourself a mobile base of operations – a nicely pimped out train. The train features a safe which will regularly earn currency, unlocks the Gang Upgrade page and also houses Agnes, the driver who'll give you a few optional memories to complete.