How do I get past the statue?

  1. Can someone please tell me how to get past the statue in betwixt. Am I missing something? Qpompi - 6 years ago - report
  2. Statue? there is no statue. unless u mean the hippo thing that kills u in like 3 hits...if thats the case, then u just go across the bridge instead of going left. shadowdemon0090 - 6 years ago - report


  1. Fragrant Branch Of Yore. RoofTyler - 6 years ago - report 2   0
  2. Every statue has a flask shard behind it.. so far im 4/4 Darkest_Evil - 6 years ago - report 2   0
  3. To those replies saying there is no statue in Betwixt; yes, there is in Scholar. There is a petrified hollow enemy blocking off one of the tutorial fogs which now has an estus flask shard.

    To answer the question - there are several statues in the game. They are petrified NPCs, sometimes generic enemies but a few are vendors.

    You unpetrify them using a Fragrant Branch of Yore. The easiest one to get can be bought from Merchant Hag Melentia, who is encountered first in the Cardinal Tower bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants before moving to Majula when her dialogue is exhausted after killing the Last Giant.

    The only worth while thing behind that statue is an Estus Flask shard so if that doesn't appeal to you, you have fair warning.
    Jorgamoundr - 6 years ago - report 1   0
  4. ...if hes talking about by the guy with the blue sword (forget his name) then thats not in betwixt...then again its not really in majula either...but he said betwix, so either yes thats the answer or no, that not what hes talking about... shadowdemon0090 - 6 years ago - report 1   1
  5. Fragrant Branch of Yore. As far as we know there's still only the two big grey rhino abortions and the coffin to change gender. They also tossed some basilisks in there as well. Schmetternden - 6 years ago - report 0   0
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