What have I got to do to get the returning player's content on GTA 5 next generation ?

  1. I have linked my xbox live account to rockstar social club, I have 3 months gold membership with xbox live on both xbox 360 and xbox one x. I signed into rockstar social club before I started a new game on the xbox 360 in order to complete the first two missions that is required to receive returning player's content on GTA 5 next generation. I then completed the minor turbulance mission on next generation which unlocks the railgun for returning player's only apparently. Straight after minor turbulance mission playing as Trever I activated the invincibilty cheat to save time looking for scuba diving gear to search the wreckage site of the cargo plane in the alamo sea and when I did there was no railgun there at the front if the plane where it is supposed to be. I also looked for the random event which unlocks the Duke of death next to los santos customs which Franklin buys and there is no sign of that random event which apparenly is unlocked after Franklin's first strangers and freaks mission with Tonya and the tow truck. Could someone please tell me what I am supposed to do to prove I am a returning player before I crack up and start punching people hard in face when I am out of the house because I am getting really pissed off trying to sort this out. I have been playing online on gta since july on the xbox 360 and all of my email and rockstar social club is connected and I use the same email address on both xbox live and rockstar on both xbox 360 and xbox one x so all this content should automatically be on next generation regardless whether I complete the first to missions on the xbox 360 or not. In fact it should make no odds whether your a returning or not. All this dlc on xbox 360 should have already be on next generation, things like free garage with 37 cars in etc... The price you pay for games these days all of these bonuses and add ons and dlcs railguns dukes of death should already be in the game itself without having to go online whether your a returning player or not. Even if you didn't play the game on the xbox 360 or ps3 all of this content should already be on the disc/game without having broadband and xbox live account or psn account.Total PISS TAKE it is

    Thank You.

    User Info: Mad-Dog

    Mad-Dog - 9 months ago

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