Mission #34 stuck. Getaway car mission not showing up even though already did it?

  1. I parked the garbage truck and tow truck where the FIB wanted me to park them. I bought the boiler suits and masks. I did everything. I got a getaway car and parked it in a discrete location. Trevor called The conference and he told them it was set. When the mission was passed, i went to menu, game, reply mission and i could not see the mission. Its stuck on mission 34. I redid the mask one and the garbage truck one. Is there a way to rewind the game to the beginning of the missions heist? How do i restart the getaway car mission? I got a capable car right now so how do i make the message pop up saying its a good car and when i park it it goes to Michals call? I have a hidden spot already but the message wont pop up. HELP super fustrated

    User Info: Danny54

    Danny54 - 2 years ago

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