Story Mission Missing, Can Anyone Help?

  1. Okay so I've finished the Deep Inside mission in which you have to sneak into the studio, knock out the actor, steal the JB 700 that's on set and return it to the Hayes Auto shop where you meet Weston. After completing that mission I have no further missions showing up on the map.

    I have complete access to Michael and Trevor that I can switch between on the wheel, but neither of them have any missions either. Trevor has some Freaks & Strangers missions that I've done but that isn't doing anything. If they try to go into the city it says "Michael and Trevor are exiled. If they enter the city Martin's henchman will track them down".

    Apparently there should be a mission that triggers from the trailer in Sandy Shores? Or a green M at Michaels house that Franklin goes to that starts the next mission? But nothing's showing up on the map or happening when I switch to Trevor or Michael. I've tried doing Freaks & Strangers missions, taking a cab to Michaels house and nothings working? Does anybody know if I'm missing anything or whether the games glitched?

    Would really appreciate some help here :)

    User Info: ClassyBlonde

    ClassyBlonde - 6 years ago

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