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Walkthrough by LordofDarknnes

Updated: 12/16/17

Plague INC Evolved Walkthrough

Made by LordofDarknnes

This walkthough is for the normal and mega brutal for all plagues

1 Gameplay  
2 Bacteria Normal
3 Virus Normal
4 Fungus Normal
5 Neurax Worm Normal and Mega Brutal
6 Parasite Normal
7 Necroa Virus Normal and Mega Brutal
8 Prion Normal
9 Nano-Virus Normal and Mega Brutal
10 Bio-Weapon Normal
11 Simian Flu Normal and Mega Brutal
12 Shadow Plague Normal and Mega Brutal
13 Bacteria Mega Brutal
14 Virus Mega Brutal
15 Fungus Mega Brutal
16 Parasite Mega Brutal
17 Prion Mega Brutal
18 Bio-Weapon Mega Brutal

1 Gameplay
All Plagues they have 3 pages to upgrade their abilities 
transmission,symptoms and abilities
Every time you take one raises 1 or more of the bars on the lower of screen 
Severity and Lethality.

Big Infectivity is good. Try to keep Severity low the bigger Severity then 
the more the world try to cure you.
Lethality is good to stay to 0 in the beginning but soon or late you must 
start to kill people
Anaemia and Insomnia make the Walking Dead combo it slow the Cure and make 
a nuclear meltdown Good on all play

All countries have population,research,climate and rich/poor on ther page
Island countrys is you Biggest enemy. Madagascar and Greenland are the 
If the Plague is detected the world start to research for cure 1 or 2 
countrys at the beginning but as the time
past more countrys and money go to research 

Good starting countries is The USA is a rich country with a balanced climate 
in North America.
The USA has a border link with Canada and Mexico airport links on 19 
countries and 6 by sea.
It has a total of around 316 million people in-game. 

India is a rural country with a hot, humid climate.
The country has a higher population than any other country in Plague Inc.
even higher than China 

China is an urban country. It has a balanced climate,
and is bordered by eight countries, which include Korea, India, and Russia.
The airport, seaport, and Border links of Chine, combined with the balanced 
makes it one of the best countries to start a plague in, rivaled only by 
Saudi Arabia in sheer potential.

Saudi Arabia is the best can receive and send airplanes from any other 
country with an airport
it is the only non-rich of the four countries that can do this. This makes 
it one of the most useful
places to start or infect because, among other countries or geographic 
a plane from Saudi Arabia can infect Iceland and New Zealand  2 of 3  harder 
nations to infect.
by sea Saudi Arabia will receive and send ships from Egypt, Madagascar 
, South Africa, and India.
This also makes this country a good starter, since Madagascar is the 1 
of 3 harder countrys to infect.

If is your first time you play the game you have no Gene in this case Make 
a SAVE Before you win 
Ever time you win a game you take 1 Gene, so load the save to take 1 more 
and 1 more ..........
To Unlock All the Genes

2 Bacteria Normal
Bacteria is the first plague available to the player.
It is a very simple plague as it possesses all normal Abilities, Symptoms 
and Tranmissions.
It has no special trait, and doesn't have any directly impressive special 

Special Ability
The Special Ability for Bacteria is Bacterial Resilience, which raises 
its survivability and effectiveness in all climates.
Do note than while it does give a noticeable boost in effectiveness'
it gives less than even the lowest tiers of Heat and Cold Resistance 
Abilities give individually.
It is also worth noting than Bacterial Resilience does not give any 
resistance against medicines like Drug Resistance.

Genes Cytochrome Surge,Darwinist,Aquacyte,Extremophile and Ionised Helix
Start in West Africa accumulated over 15 DNA and buy the following 
Transmissions and Abilities
Water1,Bird1,Air1,Drug Resistance1 and Bacterial Resilience1
As your Bacteria starts to spread, devolve any mutations you receive

If you get a message that says a place has added more security, such as 
'USA bans movement of livestock'
Upgrade the correspondind upgrade in transmissions (in this case, 
Such instances, however, shouldn't occur if you disease don't gat spotted

time to infect more people buy Bacterial Resilience2 & 3,Cold Resistance1 
& 2 Then upgrade the following, to defend yourself Genetic Hardening1
(optional Genetic Reshuffle1)

Time to kill
Accumulate 47 DNA and Buy Coughing,Pneumonia,Pulmonary Fibrosis and the 
Big Bad Total Organ Failure

3 Virus Normal
The Virus it possesses a high natural tendency to mutate traits, but it 
struggles to neutralize said mutations which requires a different 
that relies on fast enough infection to nullify any human counter-attack. 
The Gene Darwinist best complements this natural ability,
while Creationist can make the mutation rate seemingly more controllable.

Special Ability
The Special Ability for Virus is Viral Instability. It makes DNA unstable, 
which further increases the number of random mutationa to occur.

Take the Genes Metabolic Jump,Darwinist,Aquacyte and Extremophile
Start on Saudi Arabia dont buy any Symptoms focus on Transmissions and 
Abilities and infect. Blood,Bugs and Animals help on mutations
if you infect 85% or more of the World is time to buy Symptoms 8.9/10 times 
you win no problem

4 Fungus Normal
Fungus F**************************************************K
Like the previous two plague types, the Fungus plague type has all the 
same Transmissions, Symptoms and Standard Abilities,
as well as the same possible Genes. the disease spreads through the spores 
it releases which SUCKS in traveling.
Its Unique Ability is Spore Burst which allows it to infect a RANDOM, 
uninfected country. Another Ability, Spore Hardening,
allows spores to ignore a good portion of climates whice makes the Fungus 
very infectious VERY late in the game.

(Special) Ability
Spore Burst x12 .Releases spores on 1 RANDOM country
Spore Eruption x2 .Releases spores on 6 RANDOM country ok not bad but you 
must BUY 6 Spore Burst to buy it
Use the DNA  on this only if you miss a Island

Take the Genes Cytochrome Surge,Darwinist,Aquacyte,Hydroplile or 
Extremophile and Ionised Helix
Time For Metal Gear 3 start on Russia and properer for a long stealth game 
but with no Giant two leg Tanks 
Devolve any Symptom if Mutate at ones
Buy the Transmissions Water1 & 2,Air1 & 2 and Extreme Bioaresol Sea and 
Air OK next Buy the Abilities Drug Resistance1,
Gold Resistance1 & 2,Heat Resistance1 & 2 and Environmental Hardening not 
Sun or Snow can't Stop us
Continue to Devolve Symptoms and take DNA the monent the world is 100% 
infected buy all Lethal Symptoms

5 Neurax Worm Normal  and Mega Brutal
Neurax Worm ok finnish next............
Ok OK the Neurax Worm is the easiest plague on the game and fun to play 
with two endings one to kill and one to control humanity
The Neurax  Worm have unique Transmission and Symptoms

Neurax Worm Special Ability is Trojan Planes give the player a airplane 
to sent to a country of YOUR CHOICES Islands be damned
You can upgrade the Trojan Planes for more frequent use 

Take the Genes Metabolic Jump,Genetic Mimic,Native Biome,Extremophile and 
Start for ........... your choices (India,Brazil or Saudi Arabia is good 
Buy the Transmissions Genetic Swap,Corpse Feeder1 & 2,Mutative 
Regeneration1 & 2 And Trojan Planes 1
The Mutative Reganeration help to take Symptoms for Free
Next buy Cold Resistance1 & 2 and Drug Resistance1 & 2
Now to Symptoms Buy if They haven't mutated yet Neural Breach,Cerebral 
Tendrils,Frontal Mesh,Immaturity,Mania,Obsession,Devotion,Adoration
And the End move Transcendense for this point and on buy All Transmissions 
and Take Trojan Plane to 3
This Way work on all Official Scenarios you can play the Neurax Worm For 
3 Biohazards on Casual and Normal on Brutal and Mega Brutal sometimes
Piece of Cake!

Or try this way

Genes ATP Boost,Native Biome,Sympto-Stasis,Genetic Mimic and 
Before you start Buy Egg1 & 2 then Start on India Evolve These Transmissions 
and Abilities on this order
Concertina Locomotion,Undolatory Locomotion,Water1 and Air1 Drug Gold and 
Heat Resistance1,Water and Air2
Water and Air3,Drug Gold and Heat Resistance2
Next Buy Neural Breach,Cerebral Tendris,Adrenergic 
Constriction,Anxiolytic Infusion,Psychosis,Adoration,Devotion and 
Now is optional buy Confusion,Memory Loss,Aneurysm,Aphasia,Apraxia And 
Coma to slow the Cure
Can you hear them? They are calling to us, It's Beautiful...

6 Parasite Normal
The Parasite unlike the other pathogens not take DNA from Infections and 
has much higher starting Severity than usual
Like the previous disease Parasite has all the Normal 
Transmissions,Symptoms and Abilities.
Its gains more DNA from Orange Bubbles allowing to improve its Transmission 
and Lethality of its Symptoms
Extra note the Parasite is not mutate frequently like other Plagues Great 
for Stealth games

Special Ability
Sybiosis makes the Parasite more tune with the host, so it gets harder 
to detect and Cure Symbiosis2 & 3 Increase Infectivity

Take the Genes Cytochrome Surge,Darwinist,Extremophile,Teracyte and 
Ionised Helix
Start on West Africa Buy Transmissions Water1 & 2 and Air1 & 2 Abilities 
Drug Resistance1 and Cold1 & 2
Next Buy Extreme Bioaerosol now just wait and pop Red and Orange 
Bubbles,Devolve any Symptoms and take bonus if you want to speed up buy 
Bird 1
By the time the whole world is infected,you should be looking 165+ DNA 
devolve the Transmissions for extra DNA
Evolve Genetic Hardening1 & 2 and take all the deadly Symptoms

7 Necroa Virus Normal and Mega Brutal
The Necroa Virus is a Special Plague type than is aggressive and unknown 
with extreme regenerative capabilities
It Makes Humans to Zombies. The Necroa Virus is more easy to Cure the breath, 
but Humans can't Cure Zombies if you are about to Cure Buy the Cytopathic 
Same time After the Zombies News hit the TV a New Enemy their come to stop 
you The Z COM make base on a genrally healthy country and make new base 
on new countrys 
Unless you destroy the base Necroa Virus has  Unique 
Transminnision,Symptoms and Abilities
Necroa Virus has 5 new Genes to take

Special Abilities
Necroa Virus has Abilities you can Buy after the Cytopathic Reanimation 
Like Mummification,Horde Instinct(Action Ability),Regenerative 
Activation(ACtion Ability),Ambush Predation and More

You start in a helicopter on the way on a mansion outside of Raccoon City 
to .... no wait wrong game
Start again is your choices (USA,UK,Egypt and Ukraine have some evens for 
the Virus)
Buy Transmissions and infect Countrys defore you be detected then the time 
Cure go to 95%
Buy Cytopathic Reanimation From the Symptoms (is on the center of the 
Symptoms Page) next Buy and Upgrade Horde Instinct to Attack Countrys
with no or little zombie population, if you destroy a country a zombie 
bubble pop for DNA upgrade your zombies and destroy Z COM as fast as you 
if your zombies die or be kill on a country sent more or use the Regenerative 
Activation on this country

if you want the Not Another Zombie Game use this

1 delete all your Save or you have the danger to freeze on load
2 Genes Cychrome Surge,Aerocyte,Creationist and Xerophile No zombies No 
Zombie Gene
3 Start in India
4 Buy Saliva1,Zoonotic Shift and Bat
  Note if this dont appear before India is 100% infected start again
6 after the news devolve Bat1 and Save1
7 buy Drug Resistance1,Genetic Hardening and Grnetic Re-Shuffle1 & 2
8 Wait for the news to appear the WHO STARTS RABIES ERADICATION INITIATIVE 
  Note if 1 year and 90 or 120 days after the COLONY OF BAT, WHO is not 
appear Load1 
9 Once you've seen both news Save2 and buy Gastrointestinal EXpansion And 
Gold Resistance1 & 2
10 Wait to infrcted the world at 100% and buy 
Insomnia,Fever,Photophobia,Coma,Acute Encephalitis and Hyper Salivation
11 Wait to pop-up to appear[Virus Name 'is a form of Rabies']
12 Devolve Zoonotic Shift IMMEDIATELY after you see the pop-up
13 Some time and this final pop-up [Virus Name /Rabies link 'false']
after this cure start to slow and stop now you eradicate humanity without 
zombie if the Cytopathic Reanimation mutate devolve immediately

8 Prion Normal
Prion is a slow,subtle and extremely complex pathogen hidden inside the 
brain it hard to Notice and Cure and take longer to mutate

Special Ability
Prion Unique Ability is the Neural Atrophy, which like the Genetic 
Hardening slow down the Cure Research

Take the Genes Catalytic Switch,Genetic Mimic,Aquacyte,Extremophile and 
Start on a hot country (India,Saudi Arabia,Egypt)
Evolve Water1,Air1,Water2,Air2,Cold1,Drug1,Extreme Bioaerosol,Drug2 and 
All Neural Atophy
Devolve all mutated Symptoms When all countries have some infected buy 
Coughing to speed up and wait to infected all Humans
Killing time buy Genetic Hardening1,Pneumonia,Pulmonary Fibrosis,Total 
Organ Failure,Immune Suppression,Skin Lesions,Necrosis and Genetic 
If Cure goes too High buy Genetic Reshuffles
Optional Buy Anemia,Insomnia,Paranoia,Seizures,Coma,Paralysis and 
Insanity to slow the Cure more

9 Nano-Virus Normal
Nano-Virus is a Nanobot with the ability to replicate itself the Humans 
try to Broadcast the Kill-code to Stop you
The Broadcast is the Cure on this Plague and it start on the monent you 
infected the patient zero time is not on your side

Special Abilities
Nano-Vires Unique Abilities is to Hacking the Broadcast slow Cure 
,Overloading Replicator Factories for a limit time Overdrive the 

Take the Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Symptoms-stasis,Genetic Mimic and 
Before you start Buy Code Fragment Interception(to slow the Cure buy 
Cysts,Abscesses,Coughing,Insomnia,Paranois and Anaemia)
Start on India Buy the Code Fragment Interception,Nausea,Vomiting,Drug 
Resistance1 and Genetic Hardening1
The Cure goes up fast if you follow along will be okay
If there are Sterillsation filters buy Air or Water whichever corresponds 
your filter
Buy Hyper Sensitivy,Paralysis And Coma to slow the Cure
Buy Air1 & 2,Water1 & 2 and Extreme bioaerosol
Next Seizures,Insanity and Radical Elements Stabilised
Now go for Drug Resistance2 and Cold Resistance1 & 2
Buy Pneumonia,Sneezing,Rash,Sweating,Anaemia and Heamophilia then Skin 
Lesions and Diarrhoea
Time for Encryption Breached and Drug Immunity if you need it take the 
Replocation Factory Overload for exta Infectivity
Wait for the total world Infectiion you should Have 150 DNA use them on 
remaining Symptoms
Buy the Broadcast Interceptor Overload
The Strategy of Normal work for Mega Brutal if you take the Radical Elements 
Stabilised before  Extreme bioaerosol

10 Bio-Weapon Normal
The Bio-Weapon is a engineered and modified virus it has 
Transmission,Symptoms and Abilities of other plague
But as time past it became more Lethal

Special Abilities
Bio-Weapon has 4 Unique Abilities Gene Compression take more time to 
increase Lethality
Nucleic Acid Neutralization Take Lethality to 0 for FEW days
Deactivated Modified Genes reduces Lethality
And Unlock Annihilate Gene AGE OF APOCALYPSE

Take the Genes ATP Boost,Genetic Mimic,Aquacyte,Extremophile and 
Start in a Hot country
Evolve Gene Compression1 & 2 & 3
Next in this order Water1,Air1,Water2,Air2,Cold Resistance1,Drug 
Resistance1,Extreme Bioaerosol and Drug Resistance2
If Lethality is too high or the plague mutate a lethal Symptom Evolve 
Deactivated Modified Genes1 and Nucleic Acid Neutralization1
Keep the plague under control with Deactivated Modified Genes2 and Nucleic 
Acid Neutralization2
When all countrys infrected buy Coughing
The moment there no healthy people evolve Deactivated Modified Genes3 and 
Nucleic Acid Neutralization3
For the Final buy Unlock Annihilate Gene 
if you have DNA buy Genetic Hardening1 & 
2,Insomnia,Anaemia,Parania,Seizures,Insanity and Coma
I Become Death the Destroyer of Worlds

11 Simian Flu Normal and Mega Brutal
The plague is based on the ALZ-113 virus in the Rise of the Planet of the 
Apes which is lethal to Humans but boosted intelligence in apes
Which eventually leadning them to rebel again ther captors and form their 
own society
The Simian Flu behaves similsry to Necroa Virus but instead of 
transilioning from one host type to another
Two host coexist at the same time.The flu kills humans but make apes smart 
in this plague you fight Gen-Sys like the Z COM
The Gen-Sys try to develop a Cure to win you must survive long enough to 
slow the Cure and outlast thr Humans
Simian Flu has 10 new Genes to take

Special Abilities
Like the Necroa you can attack humans but in this plague you must make 
colonies for the apes
to help one another,fight and take DNA

Movie Night 
Take the Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Ion Surge,Leadership and Extremophile
Devolve the first 4 Symptoms that mutate,no matter ther are,then continue 
to devolve all lethal Symptoms as well the Photophobia and 
Start in West Africa
Evolve Simian Neuro-genesis and switch to ape mode which is activated by 
Evolve Transmission Blood Gift and Cutaneous and Ability Ape Colonies
Start a colony in West Africa with the Action Ability Create Colony
Evolve the Abilities Social Cohesion,Cognitive,Education and Primal 
Start Colonies in Central Africa,Sudan and East Africa
Then Evolve the Abilities Drug Resistance1,Genetic Hardening1 & 2 and 
Transmissions Water1 & 2
Allow Fever to Evolve, but no other lethal Symptoms, as well as Photophobia 
and Neuro-enhancement1
Then Start Colonies in China and India when apes have been infected in 
those countrys
Next Evolve the Ape Rampage Ability and use it on any Gen-Sys Labs(look 
the map for labs all the time)
Then Evolve Air1 & 2 and Cold Resistance1 & 2
Then Evolve Ability Organised Travel(if a drone attack a coloni move the 
ape out of the circle
Evolve the Transmissions Hominidae Bridge,Extreme Bioaerosol and Fomites1 
& 2 & 3 Devolve Neuro-enhancement1
If not mutate buy the Symptoms 
Pharyngitis,Coughing,Pneumonia,Photophobia,Subconnjunctival Bleed and 
And Genetic Reshuffle 1,Hardened Reshuffle and Genetic Reshuffle2
Only if you have DNA invest in lethal Symptoms

12 Shadow Plague Normal and Mega Brutal
The Shadow Plague also known as Nox Aeterna (Eternal Night in Latin)Unlike 
some of the other plagues, this plague is more active, difficult, and 
As vampires constantly kill humans at night, you can potentially get 
noticed very easily and eliminated quickly by The Templars.
The Shadow Plague has two hosts: Vampires and Humans. Vampires kill people 
at a constant rate. You first start off with one.
They infect humans in the country they're in once you have evolved a trait 
called Shadow Blessing. The vampire also has a health bar which can fill 
or drain, depending on the circumstances.
Shadow Plague has 15 new Genes to take

Special Abilities
You Vampires can use Blood Rage to attack Labs and Templar Command Posts
Fly on another Country and to Build Lairs to heal and take DNA

Lisen to Vampier Killer Bloody Tears Simon's Theme and Dance of Illusions 
or not whatever floats your boat
Take the Genes Brawler,Budget Bat,Witch Doctor,Aquacytr and Extramophile
Start on East Africa Evolve Blood Rage and Dark Ritual1
Use Blood Rage in East Africa and wait to get pop up Vampire feeding attracts 
Evolve Theriantropy and fly to Zimbabwe use Blood Rage to gain DNA to buy 
Night Waith and Adrenal Surge
Continue to killing people until you get the pop up Blood Cult Leader 
tracked in Zimbabwe
Fly to Botswana Blood Rage and wait for the Templar Industies reveals Global 
vampire threat  Evolve the Dark Inflitration and Lair
Fly to Central Africa and create your Lair on very middle use Blood Rage 
for the Templar Industries activate military protocols
Time to kill the Templar call a Assassin or
Fly to Farthest Base within range start to paint the town red
Fly to the Second Base destroy it Evolve Shadow Blades as soon as you get 
Before attack the Base number 3 go to Lair and Blood Rage if a dronr attack 
your lair go back and use the Blood Rage to kill it
Evolve Daemonic Fury,Shadow Portal,Lair Healing1 & 2
Continue to destroying the bases (the last one probably will be in 
Austrelia) Evolve Travel Speed1 & 2 it help 
if you are low on Heal go to lair 
To the last Base make a lair on a country next to it to Heal Faster attack 
and retreat until is down
Now you have 2 options
1 gain 270 DNA and Start to Infect the world or
2 Kill the World with your Vampire Only
make a Save if you like

13 Bacteria Mega Brutal

Genes ATP Boost,Aquqcyte,Sympto-stasis,Genetic Mimic and Extremophile

Start in China
Evolve Water1 and Insect1
ng,Hyper Sensitivity,Abscessen and Heamophilia
Next is Water 2 and Insect2
if not mutate Evolve Diarrhoea,Pulmonary Oedeme and Skin Lesions
Take Drug Resistance1,Bacterisl Resilience1 & 2 & 3,Drug2 and Genetic 
Hardening1 & 2
Back for more Symptoms 
Insomnia,Paranoia,Seizures,Insanity,Paralysis,Coma,Necrosis and 
Wait until the whole world is infected it shoudn't take long.Evolve a 
Genetic Reshufflrs or two if you feel is need
After the world is infected buy all Lethal Symptoms
And not Forget to wash your hands

14 Virus Mega Brutal

Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Trans-stasis,Genetic Mimic and Extremophile

Start China
Go Viral with the Viral Instability 1 & 2 & 3
Evolve Water1 & 2,Air1 & 2 and Extreme Bioaerosol
Evolve every Transmission as soon as you can
Evolve Drug Heat Cold 1 & 2 and Enviromental Hardening
Evolve Genetic Re Shuffle is you feel you need to
Wait for the entire world to infected and Evolve all Lethal Symptoms
Take Aantibiotics only with Dr. orders

15 Fungus Mega Brutal

Not Agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

Genes ATP Boost,Teracyte,Patho-Stasis,Darwinst and Extremophile

China time

Evolve in this Order 
Bird1,Water1,Bird2,Water2,Cold1,Drug1,Heat1,Drug2,Cold2,Heat2 and 
Enviromental Hardening 
Evolve Six Spore Burst then Spore Eruption. do this 2 times
Tip a good idea is to evolve Six Spore Burst then popping the red bubbles 
first before evolve the Spore Eruption
Evolve Spore Hardening
Next is Symptoms Rash,Sweting,Skin 
alysis and Coma
Now before Evolve the 2 next wait for the entire world to infected Total 
Organ Failure and Hemorrhagic Shock

Fungus must Burn in HELL take the Ashes and Burn them again

16 Parasite Mega Brutal

Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Sympto-Stasis,Genetic Mimc and Extremophile

Evolve Rash,Sweating and Skin Lesions
Evolve Water1 & 2 and Necrosis
Evolve Drug 1 & 2,Cold1 & 2,Heat1 & 2 and Enviromental Hardening
Next go for 
and Coma
Take Genetic Hardening1 & 2
When the whole world is infected Total Organ Failure
Extra DNA go to Genetic Re Shuffles

17 Prion Mega Brutal

Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Genetic Mimic,Sympto-Stasis and Extremophile

China again
Take the Rash,Nausea,Coughing,Cysts,Anaemia,Haemophilia,Hyper 
and Skin lesions
Evolve Water1,Insect1,Water2 and Insect2
Time for Drug1 & 2,Cold1 & 2 and Heat1 & 2
Evolve Insomnia,Paranoia,Seizeres,Insanity,Parslysis And Coma(optional 
Next take All Neural Atrophy and Genetic Hardening
Total Organ Failure and Genetic Re Shuffles to End

18 Bio-Weapon Mega Brutal

 Genes ATP Boost,Aquacyte,Extremophile,Patho-Stasis and Genetic Mimic

Before you start Evolve Gene Compression1 & 2
Start on India then Evolve Gene Compression1 and Deactivated Modified 
From here on if you plague starts Killing People Buy Deactivated Modified 
Genes2 if start again Deactivated Modified Genes3
Evolve this Symptoms and Devolve anything than mutates 
Coughing,Pneumonia,Sneezing,Cysts,Hyper Sensitinity and Abscesses
Next is Water and Air1 & 2,Extreme Bioaerosol,Drug1 & 2,Cold1 & 2,Heat1 
& 2,Enviromental Hardening,Genetic Hardening1 & 2 and  all Nucleic Acid 
wait for the world to go 100% and Evolve Unlock Annihilate Gene
Remaining DNA should go to Genetic Re Shuffles1 & 2 & 
3,Paralysis,Coma,Insomnia,Paranoia,Seizures and Insanity

If you like this walkthrough or help you leave a comment if not then leave 
a comment

Credit to AllHailSpicy for icspicy.blogspot.gr 
for the Not Another Zombie Game 

Thank you very much

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