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Multiplayer Guide by DaruniaTheGoron

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 10/22/16


Halo: Combat Evolved
In-Depth Multiplayer FAQ - Version 3.0
By DaruniaTheGoron (vincentjohnson09@gmail.com, Vinny Mendoza on Xbox 
Live, {AoR}Mendoza on Xbox Connect)
March 13th 2015


1. Overview
2. Weapons
3. Vehicles
4. General Tips and Strategies for all Gametypes
 - 1. Simple, Easy to Master Tips
 - 2. Moderate Level Tips
 - 3. Higher Level Tips
5. Maps
6. Gametype Strategy
7. How to set up Online Play
8. Version History
9. Special Thanks
10. Copyright Info

1. Overview

This FAQ was written because the old FAQ was out of date. Many 
strategies have evolved and changed since 2003 which is when the old 
FAQ was posted by BladeY2J. This FAQ can be used by both new players 
and intermediate players who have not yet learned the intricacies of 
Halo and are striving to become better any way possible. Even though 
this FAQ has come out very late, I still felt the need to write it 
even if only 1 new player reads it.

2. Weapons

In Halo you can only carry two weapons at once. This makes weapon 
selection very important. You'll usually want to drop your assault 
rifle in favour of another weapon while keeping your all-around 
weapon, the pistol, handy so you can defend yourself in most 
situations. In bigger maps such as Blood Gulch you'll want to pick 
up a sniper rifle, while in small maps like Chill Out you'll want to 
keep a shotgun handy if the rockets aren't available. The overall 
rating is simply my opinion on the overall usefulness of that weapon 
based on a variety of factors, it is not an average.

M6D Pistol
Fire Rate: 7/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Power: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 12
Max Reserve Ammo: 120
Best Range: Mid to long
Melee Speed: Average

Using the pistol:
The M6D Pistol is the most versatile weapon in multiplayer, and can 
be used at almost any range effectively, provided you have the skill 
to do so. You start with it as your backup weapon.You should usually 
immediately switch to your pistol unless you spawn in a tight area 
where your assault rifle can be of use. The pistol is one of the 
strongest weapons in the game but requiresa lot of skill to wield 
effectively. Two shots are required to almost deplete the opponent's 
shield, and a headshot will wipe out the rest of the shield and 
health resulting in a kill. If you can't hit the head it will take 5 
body shots to finish your opponent. You'll have to practice a lot with 
the pistol before you start pulling off quick kills with it. Even pro 
Halo players cannot consistently pull off the TSK (Three Shot Kill). 
Depending on the distance, you'll have to lead your shot so your opponent 
runs in to the bullet. If they are far away you should place the reticle 
just in front of them before firing. Another trick some people use is to 
put the reticle on the top half of the head after depleting the shield
 to ensure they don't hit the body of their opponent by accident when 
going for the headshot kill. Also, most importantly, NEVER HOLD DOWN 
THE TRIGGER. You should tap the trigger as it is much more accurate to 
do so.

Countering the pistol:
There are several ways to counter the pistol. The most viable option is 
to simply outshoot your opponent with your own pistol. Dodging is a vital 
skill in pistol duels. You should strafe back and forth, and try to keep 
your patterns random. For example, you could move like this:
>>>> <<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<< >>>> <<<<<<<<<<. 
If you moved like this: <<<< >>>> <<<< >>>> your patterns would become 
too predictable. If you are at close range you might want to throw in a 
quick crouch (I mean VERY quick, just tap in the crouch button for a 
fraction of a second otherwise you'll be a sitting duck), which could 
throw off your opponent for a shot or two. Jumping is not recommended, 
you'll be suspended in the air making it easy to shoot you. Another way 
to counter the pistol is to pick up a weapon that is good in certain 
ranges, getting in that range and killing your opponent. For example, 
using a shotgun at close range or sniper rifle at long range.

MA5B Assault Rifle
Fire Rate: 9/10
Accuracy: 6/10
Power: 6/10
Overall: 6/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 60
Max Reserve Ammo: 600
Best Range: Close
Melee Speed: Fast

Using the assault rifle:
The assault rifle is not a great weapon. Even at close range a skilled 
pistol user can defeat an assault rifle user. However if you surprise 
your opponent at close range and lay down a stream of bullets in their 
body, they will die quickly (around 17 bullets, less than a second). 
It's recommended that you drop this weapon for pretty much any other 
weapon except the Needler or Plasma Pistol. The shotgun is MUCH better 
for close range, and the plasma rifle is usually better too.

Countering the assault rifle:
It's not too hard to counter it. Just stay away from assault rifle 
users and shoot them safely at a distance with your pistol. Most people 
only use the assault rifle as a last resort if they run out of pistol 
ammo in their clip so you won't have to worry about strategies to counter 
it too often.

S2AM Sniper Rifle
Fire Rate: 7/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Power: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 4
Max Reserve Ammo: 24
Best Range: Long to Very Long
Melee Speed: Slow

Using the sniper rifle:
You should usually stay in an area where you have a vantage point that 
overlooks great distances. You can still use your 2x zoom for mid-range 
shots, however these are more difficult to master. On very large maps 
like Blood Gulch and Sidewinder, you should use your 2x zoom to find 
targets and then zoom in again to 10x for a more precise shot. You 
should lead your target like you would with a pistol. Practice firing at 
running targets with your friends to find out exactly how much to lead 
the shot. It will become an instinct eventually. Getting shot will unzoom 
you, if this happens take cover, scope again and peek out and try to get 
a quick shot off before they shoot you again. You shouldn't camp with the 
sniper, as the contrails give your position away to your opponents. 
Sometimes you will get snuck up on and will have to resort to no scoping 
your opponent. There is no magnetism (magnetism is when you point your 
reticle at someone and if they're in range it will stick to them for a 
split second to help you aim easier) when you are out of scope so no 
scoping is somewhat of an art. Keep your aim steady and don't swing the 
reticle around like a madman. If you shoot the body you might want to 
finish with a melee instead of continuing to fire, because no scoping 
is very difficult.

Countering the sniper rifle:
To counter the sniper rifle you should get out of its range and get as 
close as possible. If a sniper has you pinned down you should fire your 
pistol to knock him out of scope. Make sure to strafe to make the shots 
difficult for the sniper.

M90 Shotgun
Fire Rate: 4/10
Accuracy: 2/10
Power: 9/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 12
Max Reserve Ammo: 60
Best Range: Close
Melee Speed: Average

Using the shotgun:
You should exclusively use the shotgun at close range, especially 
extreme close range as it will be an instant kill. Aim the reticle at 
chest level as the more slugs that hit the opponent the better, and some 
slugs will miss if you shoot at the head area. The shotgun is quite simple 
to use and there is not much more to it. If they don't die from the 
initial shot but their shields are down you might want finish them off 
with a melee quickly instead of waiting a second to fire a second shot. 
Hide the shotgun as your secondary until a target is close, then surprise 
them by switching to it and blowing them away in one quick shot.

I have done a test and it will only take about two shots from 15 feet away 
to kill someone. Half that distance and it only takes one shot.

Countering the shotgun:
The trick is to just stay as far away from the shotgun user as possible 
and shoot him with your pistol or other long range weapon, or if you're 
in an open area and have a plasma rifle, just circle strafe as you shoot 

M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
Fire Rate: 2/10
Accuracy: 8/10 (shoots straight each shot, but slow velocity lets 
opponents strafe out of the way easy)
Power: 10/10
Overall: 8.5/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 2
Max Reserve Ammo: 8
Best Range: Close to Mid
Melee Speed: Slow

Using the rocket launcher:
You should keep a bit of distance while using the rocket launcher. It 
has a lot of splash damage so if you're too close you'll take yourself 
out as well. When firing you should jump in the air if you have the time 
as you'll have a better vantage point of the ground around your opponent. 
Shoot the ground instead of directly at your opponent as the rockets move 
so slowly they are easy to dodge. When firing at vehicles you have to give 
extreme lead before you fire. You'll usually have one shot at killing 
your opponent, try not to miss as there is considerable lag between shots. 
You only get 4 rockets when you pick them up, so don't waste them. Keep 
the rockets hidden until you find a target, if you walk around with them 
and someone spots you, they'll do their best to avoid you or sneak up on 
you to kill you and steal your rockets.

Countering the rocket:
The rocket is extremely hard to counter. Your best hope is to dodge if 
the rocket user is far away, and then take the opportunity between the 
shots to finish them. If you get the jump on a rocket user, throw a 
grenade and fire your weapon and try to kill them before they can turn 
around and fire at you. Also, try to get as close to them as possible as 
they'll be forced to kamikaze, and then they won't have an opportunity 
to continue their killing spree with it. Tell your teammates to pick it 
up immediately if both you and the rocket-user die in a blast.

Fragmentation Grenade
Overall: 8/10

The frag grenades are a very effective tool in Halo. They can be used 
to seriously damage an opponent, or at least force them to leave a 
defensive position as they can be bounced around corners. They have a 
very short fuse making them difficult to dodge. You can also use them 
to flip Warthogs. A good strategy is to throw them at doorways where 
you think your opponent is lying in wait.

Plasma Rifle/Pistol
Fire Rate: 8/10
Accuracy: 7/10
Power: 7/10
Overall (PR): 7/10
Overall (PP): 6/10
Max Ammo in Clip: N/A
Max Reserve Ammo: Approx. 200 rounds (1% battery power=2 shots)
Best Range: Close
Special Feature: Paralyzes opponents
Melee Speed (PR): Average
Melee Speed (PP): Fast

Using the plasma rifle/pistol:
The two weapons are very similar but most prefer to use the plasma 
rifle as it takes longer for the rifle to overheat and the pistol 
is semi-automatic. Other than the strategies listed below, the plasma 
pistol has an overcharge feature which takes out entire shielding, 
even if your opponent has a full overshield.

You shouldn't use the plasma rifle in tight corridors. The most 
effective way to use the plasma rifle is to catch an opponent in 
the open, get close and fire, then circle strafe. Circle strafing is 
strafing around your opponent in a circle as you keep your reticle on 
them. This works well with the plasma rifle as you paralyze your 
opponent and move out of their field of view (they can't turn fast to 
shoot you as they're being stunned). Either keep shooting at the head 
area, or move in and finish with a melee, or you can throw a plasma 
grenade on them because they won't be able to dodge it. Make sure you 
watch the heat meter at the top and slow down the fire rate if it's 
getting too hot.

Countering the plasma rifle:
The plasma rifle's bolts travel slowly so keep your distance and try 
not to let the bolts continuously hit you. Your shields will go down 
quickly but the bolts aren't as effective against plain armour so 
don't panic if your shields go down. If someone catches you at close 
range and you can't turn, just keep throwing grenades and hope one 
goes off a wall and hits him or something. You're basically done for 
if they catch you from behind.

To counter the pistol's overcharge, just dodge as best you can. The 
bolt is slow and is pretty easy to dodge except at close range.

Fire Rate: 9/10
Accuracy: 8/10 (very slow rounds)
Power: 7/10
Overall: 4/10
Max Ammo in Clip: 20
Max Reserve Ammo: 80
Best Range: Close
Special Feature: Explosive, Tracking
Melee Speed: Slow

Using the needler:
The strategy for the Needler is quite simple. NEVER USE IT. EVER! 
It is a terrible weapon. From the stats I listed it seems good, but 
it is much too easy to dodge the needles. They travel much too slow 
and don't track well enough. If you HAVE to use it just get as close 
as possible and use it in tight corridors where opponents can't dodge. 
It takes 7 needles to create an explosion.

Countering the needler:
Just strafe, it's incredibly easy to dodge needles.

Plasma Grenades
Overall: 6/10
Special Feature: Sticking

Plasma grenades have a very long fuse and can't be bounced, making 
them pretty ineffective. The only time they are really useful is as 
a last resort. If your opponent is about to kill you it's a good idea 
to throw a plasma grenade in desperation to try to take them with you 
as it will stick to them resulting in an instant kill. The grenades are 
very easy to dodge, however they're good for throwing on unsuspecting 
targets or on vehicles (which are bigger and harder to miss). If you 
don't have rockets then plasma grenades are a very good option for 
taking out vehicles.

Overall: 5/10
Special Feature: Instant Assassination Kill

Combined with the double melee trick, meleeing can be very deadly. 
You should always use it at close range to finish someone off. For 
example, rather than keep firing your AR after their shield is gone, 
just melee them. A perfectly placed melee can be the difference 
between life and death in close range battles. Also, if you catch 
someone from behind, you can just walk up to them and smack them in 
the back for an instant kill. Because of this you should always 
watch your back.

3. Vehicles

The vehicles are only found on two maps, Sidewinder and Blood Gulch. 
Most people change the settings so only the Warthog is available, as 
the Ghost is really cheap and hard to take out, and the tank is too 
powerful if used correctly, while the Warthog is a balanced vehicle.

M12 Warthog LRV
Speed: 8/10
Weapon: M41 LAAG
Fire Rate: 10/10
Accuracy: 7/10
Power: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Max Ammo in Clip: Unlimited
Max Reserve Ammo: Unlimited
Best Range: Close to Mid

Using the Warthog:
The LAAG is like the assault rifle except its rounds are much more 
powerful and you have unlimited ammo. It's good for mowing down 
multiple opponents. The Warthog is fast and maneuverable and can hold 3 
people. It's good for carrying flag holders. Try driving it to get 
used to its odd handling. You can use to to splatter people too, but 
it's very difficult and people can usually throw a grenade in your path 
before you have the chance.

Countering the Warthog:
FIND COVER! The LAAG kills extremely quickly so hide behind hills and 
rocks. Try to pick off the passengers (especially the LAAG operator) 
or use grenades to flip the Warthog. Or just get the rockets, but don't 
display that you have them until the Warthog is close, or they'll just 
avoid you.

M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tank
Speed: 6/10
Weapon: Cannon
Fire Rate: 1/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Power: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Max Ammo in Clip: N/A
Max Reserve Ammo: Unlimited
Best Range: Mid to Long

Weapon: LAAG
Fire Rate: 10/10
Accuracy: 3/10
Power: 9/10
Overall: 7/10
Max Ammo in Clip: Unlimited
Max Reserve Ammo: Unlimited
Best Range: Close to Mid

Using the tank:
Not much to using the cannon, just aim and fire. It's like using a 
rocket except it travels much faster. There is a 4 second reload though 
so be careful. Use the LAAG between reloads of the cannon. You're 
exposed to sniper and pistol fire in the driver's seat so turn the 
tank around and go backwards, then turn the turret around. The 
back of the tank will protect your body. Beware of incoming grenades 
and rockets.

Countering the tank:
Like the LAAG, stay behind cover and fire at the exposed canopy of 
the tank between the reloads of the cannon. The LAAG for the cannon is 
inaccurate so don't worry about it too much. Getting a sniper on your 
team to snipe him out of the driver's seat is a good idea too. Plasma 
grenades work well as the tank is very slow. You could also use a 
Ghost which are very effective against tanks.

Covenant Ghost
Speed: 10/10 (fastest transportation in multiplayer)
Weapon: Plasma cannons
Fire Rate: 8/10
Accuracy: 6/10
Power: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Max Ammo in Clip: Unlimited
Max Reserve Ammo: Unlimited
Best Range: Close to Mid

Using the Ghost:
The plasma cannons can stun, so circle strafe opponents while firing. 
If your shields go down just fly away as fast as possible. It's most 
useful against tanks. The Ghost is very fast as well and is a good 
getaway vehicle for flag grabbers.

Countering the Ghost:
The Ghost is extremely hard to counter even if you have rockets, as 
it's very fast. Your best best is to pistol them out of the exposed 
driver seat or tell a sniper to shoot at them.

4. General Tips and Strategies for all Gametypes/Maps

1. Simple, Easy To Master Tips

Reload Often:
Make sure to reload as often as possible! Sometimes you will need 
every last bullet in your magazine so be sure to reload between 

Backpack Reload:
This is a very useful trick. When you want to reload but still 
have another weapon out, press X, X, Y. Your primary weapon will 
reload while you're using your secondary weapon. Just switch back 
to the primary weapon when you hear it finish reloading.

Crouch/Slant Landing:
If you fall from certain heights you will receive damage when 
you land. If you crouch at the exact moment you land, you'll 
receive reduced damage or no damage at all! And if you land 
on slanted ground (like a ramp), you won't receive any damage.

Ladder Climbing:
A useful way to climb ladders is to turn around and walk 
backwards. This lets you face outwards and see opponents and 
shoot at them rather than facing the wall. Some people have 
trouble doing this though and get their movements mixed up. 
Practice it so that you don't screw it up in a serious game. 
This move isn't necessary though, most ladders are short and 
you aren't exposed for long, but it's especially useful in 
Battle Creek.

Run Away!:
If you're being shot at, find cover! The shield system in Halo 
is probably the most important aspect of the game. You can take 
shots but easily just find some cover and wait for your shields 
to recover. If you're being sniped at, just run to cover. If 
the person is close to you, run behind a wall close by, and 
throw grenades around the wall every few seconds until your 
shield comes back, then make a counterattack. Patience is a 
virtue in Halo.

Choose Colours Wisely:
For Free For All gametypes, black is the most used colour. It's easy 
to hide in the shadows with black. However, if you know what map you 
will be playing next, you may want to switch just beforehand. Many 
maps have certain overall colours that blend well with the background. 
For team games, blue is usually a better colour. Many maps are blue, 
very few feature red colours. However, this tip is not all that 
important. Good players will still be able to spot you and many pros 
do not even bother changing colours even for big matches in tournies.

Use Comfortable Settings:
Following the Darkman national win, after learning he used a 
sensitivity of 10, thousands of Halo players switched to 10, 
claiming it let you aim faster and turn around faster and that is why 
Darkman is so good. In reality, using a fast sensitivity will throw 
your shots off if you're not used to it. I used to use 10, but since 
realised that I was turning too quickly and missing things and shots, 
so I lowered it to 7, which was perfect for me. A lower sensititivy is 
generally a much better sniping one. As for control schemes, pick one 
that suits you best. You may prefer inverted looking stick or the old 
Legacy style of control. Use whatever is most comfortable and don't 
let anyone tell you what is best because anything that is comfortable 
is good for you.

Death Grenades:
If you know you are about to die, ALWAYS throw a grenade. It may 
bounce close to your opponent and weaken or even kill him after 
you die. You could even manage to stick a person with a plasma 
grenade! This is the ultimate revenge for your death.

Get Powerups Suspended in Mid-Air:
Sometimes a powerup will be hanging in mid-air, for example both 
powerups in Rat Race. To get them to drop down to you, just shoot 
it once.

Watch for Movement:
The background of Halo very rarely features any movement. So if you 
notice something moving, immediately pay attention to it. It will 
usually be another player, a slow moving rocket, or sniper contrail. 
This is especially important for spotting active camoed players.

2. Moderate Level Tips:

Quicker Active Camo:
When you pick up active camouflage, it takes several seconds for 
you to become fully camoed. However if you fire a shot the camo 
comes back more quickly than the initial camouflaging, so fire one 
shot as soon as you pick up the camo to become camoed faster. THIS 
PR, PP, or shotgun with this trick. You can also fire your
pistol once and immediately switch to an unscoped weapon, as the
quicker camo will come into effect with whatever gun you have out.

Meleeing in General:
You should always at least RUN as you melee. Running while meleeing 
causes 50% more damage than a standing still melee. If you jump 
and melee, that causes 75% more damage than a standing still one.
Also, different guns have different melee properties. The AR will
reach out farther from your body than the pistol for example.

Double Melee:
At close range a double melee is a very fast way of disposing an 
opponent. To pull it off, melee, throw a grenade, then melee again. 
You'll melee twice instantly instead of waiting between melees. Be 
sure to jump back before the grenade explodes. Practice the double 
melee first though; if you throw a grenade then melee again too fast 
it won't register the second melee hit. So time your double melees.
You should practice switching to your AR before going for this move
since the AR is quicker and has better "range".

Melee Off Spawn
If you're getting spawn killed repeatedly, you might want to try
meleeing your pistol as soon as you spawn to duck your head from 
sniper shots. You could also try crouching, however meleeing will
let you keep moving as you try to run to cover.

Listen for Sounds:
The guns clicks when changing weapons. You may be able to hear it 
and know where they are. You must also listen for certain sound 
effects like gun shots, so you know what to expect. Listening for 
vehicle sounds is important too. If you have good headphones you
can also tell where someone is walking if they're close to you.

Teleporter Kills:
If you block a teleporter with your body, your vision will slowly 
turn white until you die. This signals that someone is trying to 
teleport. When your vision starts turning white simply step back 
and wait, and smack your opponent in the back as he teleports. 
You can hide in the sides of two-way teleporters and just watch 
for an opponent to pass through as well and get a quick kill.

Pick Weapons Up Through Floors/Walls:
Sometimes you can pick up weapons through the floor or wall which 
really saves a lot of time, for example in Prisoner, you can jump 
underneath where the rockets are placed and hold X to pick them up 
through the floor. Look for these spots yourself or read the Maps 
section of this guide.

Hide Your Power Weapons:
If you have something like rockets, a sniper rifle, or a shotgun, I 
recommend using your other weapon (usually pistol) until you spot an 
opponent. Unveiling power weapons automatically puts a target on your 
back, as others will always try to kill you to take out the threat and 
steal your weapons. In the case of the shotgun, don't reveal it until 
you're within a good range of your opponent, it's much easier to catch 
them off guard that way. With rockets, just use it as soon as you spot 
someone within medium range. Sniper rifle, use it when you've found a 
good place to snipe from.

Jump Onto Ladders AND Up Them:
Rather than walk up to ladders and start going up, you should always 
jump just before getting to the ladder. Going up them is quite slow 
and if you jump up it you will save yourself a second or two. Also,
you can jump while on the ladder and you will go up slightly faster.

Jump and Crouch:
If you jump and then at the peak of your jump crouch, you'll give 
yourself another couple feet to cross over objects. Very useful for 
reaching certain areas.

3. Higher Level Tips

Use a Powerup Timer: 
In Halo 1 the weapons and powerups spawn after certain periods of 
time. For example, in Longest, the powerups spawn once every 60 
seconds and is not based on when you pick them up. So if you 
picked up the overshield 58 seconds after the match starts, it 
will spawn again in 2 more seconds. Timers are absolutely crucial 
for powerup and weapon control, try downloading Vader's timer here: 
Thanks for the neat program, Vader. You can also find an app on
Android and iPhone.

Grenade Tricks:
There are a variety of grenade tricks that help you launch 
powerups and power weapons to yourself using grenade explosions. 
Go here: http://www.halonades.com
to see a list of videos that demonstrate how to use grenades to 
get powerups/weapons. Grenade tricks are very useful as some 
weapons are hard to get to without exposing yourself to your 

Spawn System:
The spawn system is very predictable in Halo: CE in 2v2 play. As
such, 2v2 is the most commonly played competitively. There are 
certain spots you can stand on in maps that will influence where
your teammate will spawn. The most valuable of these points are 
dubbed "randoms" as they will spawn your teammate in a random 
location. It is incredibly valuable to learn these spots, especially
in Hang 'Em High and Chill Out. Damnation and Prisoner are also
crucial for spawn locations. The easiest way to gain power positions
is to spawn your teammate to them when possible. Go to 
www.halospawns.com and spend some time in the most popular maps
if you are serious about being a good Halo: CE player.

Even outside of 2v2, spawn points are important to learn. If 
everyone on your team is in a good location you will get a good 
spawn. Also, if you are expecting a spawn from their team, 
you should watch the spawn points or you can also block the 
point by standing on it.

Grenade Jumping:
Sometimes you can use grenades to reach previously unreachable 
places. For example, in Damnation where the overshield is placed, 
you can throw a grenade, pick up the OS and jump and let the 
grenade launch you over the wall. If done right you won't lose 
any shielding/health because you are invulnerable when the OS 
is still charging up.

Control the Powerups:
I can't stress how important this is enough. If you're facing a 
tough opponent you MUST use a timer and get to the powerups before 
the other team does. This is especially important on XBC online 
games if you are not the host. The rockets are the best weapon 
in the game and are gauranteed to get you at least 2 kills.

Communicate with Your Team:
If no one on your team is being vocal, take the initiative. In 
order to be a successful team you must always alert your teammates 
to new events. Call out opponent positions, tell your teammates 
to grab a powerup, ask them if they need the health pickup more 
badly, or weapon ammo. And if you're the one in need of health and 
ammo, speak up! Your team will probably alert you if they spot 
a health pickup or new ammo has spawned. Tell your teammates if 
you have spotted they have a power weapon or a powerup so they 
know what to expect. Playing on split screen has a good advantage. 
If you're on the same TV you can simply look at your teammates' 
screens and see what they are doing so that they don't even have to 
tell you about something.

Walk Up Ladders Backwards:
Lots of players prefer to face out when going up ladders. This allows
you to shoot back at people. You have to face out and pull back on 
the left stick while looking slightly down for it to work. This is
a point of preference - personally I just jump on to the ladder and
try to get up it as fast as possible. It is always a risky move if
it is a long ladder and you are a complete sitting duck even if you 
can shoot back. Most people will be smart enough to be near cover
while you're going up the ladder so shooting back is almost 
pointless in my opinion. Trying to stay on the ladder while 
shooting is also very difficult.

5. Maps

This section will briefly describe maps and basic strategies for 
those maps. If you check out Bungie.net's Halo: CE section for 
Xbox, there is a multiplayer guide there. If you go to the maps 
section there is an overhead shot of each multiplayer map. I 
highly recommend exploring the map by yourself to get acquainted 
though. Do not rely on this guide, you have to play each map and 
expore every nook and cranny yourself to really get a feel of the 
map. This only gives very basic tips and strategies.

Chill Out:
Chill Out is a very popular Halo: CE map. It's one of the smaller 
maps so expect opponents at every corner. The rocket launcher is a 
vital power weapon on this map, I have seen most matches decided by 
whoever gets the rockets. They are on top of the pillars in the big 
open room. The shotgun is also a good weapon to have on this map. 
In the space where the sniper rifle is available, there are tight 
corridors that are surprisingly easy to snipe through. The opponent 
doesn't have room to strafe making it easier to shoot. The active 
camo is in the sniper rifle room while the overshield is just outside 
the shotgun room. If people are camping the sniper rifle room try to 
toss grenades in from a variety of angles. The teleports are very 
useful in this map. The one that warps you to sniper rifle room is 
the only easy way from there to that room and if you warp opponents 
will be wary to chase after you, so if your health is low it's a 
good idea to warp. You can block the teleport while you wait for 
your shields, or just step back and try to catch them with an 
assassination. The one going to shotgun room is useful for the 
same purpose, and also to get the overshield quickly, as well as 
quickly warping across the level to help out a teammate. This map 
is very balanced and has powerups placed everywhere so try not to 
camp. You should always be on the move and finding new powerups as 
they spawn. However if you love to camp, then the sniper rifle room 
is a good spot, as is the rocket launcher room to control the rockets.
You should never let the opponent get both camo AND rockets as it
is a death sentence on this map.

Controlling the top level of this map is very important. There 
are sniper rifles in the towers, and an overshield is placed on 
the top as well. Controlling the rockets is important too, they 
are on a small platform on the bottom floor and an active camo 
pickup is underneath it. You can jump under the platform and hold 
X to pick up the rockets through the floor, then run back under 
to get the active camo which is a deadly combo. You could also 
practice grenading the rockets up to yourself from the top level. 
If you're on the bottom you should try to get to the top while 
throwing grenades. Don't just use the main ramp as well, use 
the back ladders where the plasma rifle is located. Lots of 
newbs make the mistake of only going up the ramp and it becomes 
really predictable and easy to defend. You have to know how the 
spawns work in this level in order to move a dead teammate to
an optimal position. Stand under the catwalks at the back to spawn
them on the 2nd level in a better position, or if you know overshield
area is clear, you can stand under it on the 2nd level and your 
teammate will likely spawn up on top. On the flipside, be aware that
your teammate will get spawn killed repeatedly if the other team
knows you're in that area. If you go up the back ladder, you can 
then jump across and go up the tower and grab a sniper rifle, then 
go down and move along that back ledge until you can spot a target.
This area of the map is very easy to camp and defend so I would 
suggest staying there if you have the lead and the other team has
powerups. You can wait for them to peak out from the catwalk and 
easily kill them as they have nowhere to retreat. Also, the "window"
up top near the back wall is a very good position to be in as it 
has sightlines over the majority of the map and you can take cover
very easily if you are spotted. If you're on top make sure to watch 
the main ramp, and the ledges to the left. The spawn points are 
very messed up on this map, sometimes the other team will get spawned 
on top right in front of you for an easy kill. Another way to get 
to the top is to use the door frame of the opening just in front 
of the health pack. This is a very difficult and risky maneuver.

Rat Race:
A map that is almost like a maze. There are powerups suspended 
in mid air that you can shoot down to yourself. They are 
connected by a long tunnel. Active camo is near a teleporter 
while the overshield is located in a dark room with lots of 
pillars. You can run through the cave like tunnels to get to 
the powerups but this takes much longer. The pistol dominates 
this map as there are no power weapons, however there is a 
shotgun and plasma rifle placed in the small rooms where the 
powerups are. Grenades are the most important weapon on this map. 
The respawn points are kinda predictable and the rooms confined 
so you can get easy double kills by tossing a lot of grenades in 
an area. A win or a loss can be decided by whoever gets the most 
spawn kills in this map. Watch the teleporters constantly. Other 
teams will always use them to get across quickly and ambush your 
team and will also teleport back and forth from them to throw you
off. Be ready to grenade them as they come through. Use the tunnels 
to get the jump on someone from up top, and on the flipside, if a
powerup is about to spawn, throw grenades up into the tunnel to
stop anyone who may be up there.

This is a popular map for CTF. In the big area where the waterfalls 
are, there are small runways, one of which leads to an overshield. 
You can simply jump down to the overshield as well from a sniper 
platform near Red Base. Crouch land, step back, throw a grenade then 
run and pick up the overshield and jump to get launched over the 
wall. There are rockets located in the room over the wall. Blue 
base is in this area, to the left. There is a teleporter in blue base 
which leads to a long platform which has a sniper rifle, and you can 
walk down and pick up the active camo. If you're not up on the top 
level you can still grenade the active camo down to you. Back to the 
sniper platform, if you look down to the right there is a long drop 
where the waterfalls are. If the overshield is available and you are 
in trouble, you can actually fall down ontop of the overshield and 
live. You have to aim your landing PERFECTLY to do this nifty 
trick however. There are also two shotguns underneath the area 
where the active camo is. Try to control the sniper rifle, active camo, 
and rockets. They are the keys to success on this map. A sniper with 
camo is near-unbeatable. If you go to the sniper rifle room overlooking 
the waterfall area, turn left and you can see pipes in the next room. 
This is a great place for camping with the sniper rifle, but will spawn 
your teammates in the worst spot in the map. The two places to control 
are "green room" (red base) and "red room" (blue base). aptly named 
due to the shading on the walls. This is a very balanced map with many 
areas having tons of strengths and weaknesses, however the green room 
platform above the shotguns are usually deemed the best positions
to be in as it offers good sightlines and access to active camo. If
you're in red room you have to make sure to grenade the camo or kill
anyone jumping for it. Camo is the most important tool on the map.

Controlling the top of this map is very important. Every power 
weapon and powerup is on the top level. The overshield is placed 
in the middle, the active camo is on the outer ring and the sniper 
rifle is on the opposite side of the active camo. There is a rocket 
launcher in one of the small tunnels on the outside ring. Two 
teleporters are your method of transportation to the top level, so 
if you are controlling the top make sure to watch them. It's also 
possible to grenade jump from a small ramp near the active camo and 
sniper rifle but you'll be leaving yourself seriously weakened and 
vulnerable if you do this. However if no one is near you I suggest 
doing this to get the active camo. You can grab the sniper rifle 
from under the floor at no expense which might give you a slight 
edge. Just run up the small ramp below the sniper rifle spot, jump at 
the end, and hold X. A good strategy if you are on the bottom is to 
toss grenades up to the top to distract them while one or two teammates 
teleport and try to finish people off with some pistol shots. If you're 
on the top, watch the teleporters all the time. You may want to 
designate one of your teammates to do this, while the others concentrate 
on shooting at people down below. One way to trick people and lure them 
to the bottom is to engage them until your shield is gone, then run 
underneath the middle platform. It is near impossible to kill someone 
from above in this spot, so they may come down to finish you off. Have 
your teammates rush the teleporters and catch them off guard. Against 
smart teams it is very difficult to get control back though. I have 
seen videos of teams dominating for 30 kills, lose control, and all 
of a sudden the other team makes a huge comeback because it is so easy 
when you are in control of the top. Make sure to constantly pick up 
all the power weapons as they spawn, it makes your job a lot easier.
Also, it is possible to spawn teammates to the top level, so try that
as well underneath certain platforms.

Wizard is another circular map that is very popular for head to head 
matches because it is so symmetrical and devoid of power weapons. 
Stick to using your pistol, and picking up a plasma rifle isn't a bad 
idea either. Try to stay on top of the platforms, higher ground is a 
significant advantage. It's easier to reach powerups this way. There 
are 4 platforms and each one has a powerup behind it. You can get 
powerups simply by standing in front of it and jumping up. You 
can also use grenade tricks to blast the powerups down to the floor 
behind the platform. Pick up some plasma grenades and look straight up 
and aim your reticle at the middle of the top of the windowpane, then 
throw a plasma grenade. It'll bounce down on the powerup 
and blast the powerup down to you. It's much harder with frag 
grenades, I suggest watching a video on how to do both of the tricks, 
then practicing the method. There is a middle platform, which you 
should jump across onto, and then down to other platforms, rather 
than going down to the ground and running back up. You're too 
vulnerable on the floor. This map is ALL ABOUT POWERUPS so constantly 
pick them up. Pick up OS's immediately after yours runs out. You may 
even want to grenade yourself (be careful not to throw it too close 
to yourself) to wipe out your half depleted OS so you can pick up a 
new, fully charged overshield. Make sure to time the active camo so 
that when it runs out you are already in a position to pick up a new 
one. Being invisible on this map is extremely important. You can sneak 
around and dominate players by lying in wait until they are close to 
you, then unleashing a plasma rifle on them from behind. They will 
have no chance to fight back as they're looking the other way and 
being stunned so they can't turn and face you.

Boarding Action:
This is a good map for sniping. There are 5 levels on each ship that 
are very narrow. It's like one ship was cut in half and then they were 
seperated several hundred metres. Make sure to watch for people on the 
other side of the ship going through teleporters and note which floor 
they did it on, that way you know which floor they are on on YOUR side. 
The walls are numbered 1-5 so you can tell easily. Each ship is pretty 
much a mirror image of the other so all the powerups and weapons are in 
about the same locations. Active camo is on the first floor of the ship. 
Overshield is on the 4th floor on the right side of the ship. There is a 
sniper rifle sitting on the fifth floor of the ship at the very right 
end. You must get this as the sniper rifle is the best weapon on this 
map. Use the ladders to quickly go up floors and find your opponents. 
It's very difficult to find people on this map sometimes.

I've admittedly not played this map very much. It's a huge maze of 
teleporters. The shotgun is a superb weapon to have for this map. You 
can catch people off guard as they come through teleporters with it 
for quick and easy kills. Most of the areas are very small and 
confined. There is a rocket launcher in a room with doors opposite 
each other and a raised platform running diagonally across (with 
an AR spawned on it). However, it's actually up in an alcove that is 
accessible through a series of warps, however I find it much easier 
to just throw a frag grenade up in it and let the explosion knock the 
rockets down to me. Active camo and overshield are hidden in the same 
big room and spawn in the exact same location. The shotgun is located 
in the room that has "1" on the walls in three places. There is a 
platform extended toward the walls with "1"'s. The shotgun is on this. 
All you have to do is run under the platform, jump, and hold X and 
you'll grab it through the floor. Voila, you get a GREAT weapon for 
this map.

From "goldeliteking":
For Chiron, I'd suggest either constantly moving or camping in a 
small spot out of the way. You don't want to get yourself caught 
from behind. The rocket launcher and shotgun are dominant in this 
level. Getting to know where each teleporter leads to and using 
grenades efficiently is the key to winning. Much of the action in 
this level is in the room where the invisible and overshield powerups 
are, so if you're playing with a lot of people, steer clear of that 
area (or if you want a lot of kills, please lead yourself to that 
room). This level is great for rockets only CTF and slayer.

Thanks GEK!

Blood Gulch:
A very popular, big map. Vehicles are very important on this map. 
Usually the Warthogs are turned on. They are great vehicles for 
getting across quickly, and useful for catching people out in the open 
with it's LAAG machine gun. Try not to stop moving on this map, as 
snipers will prey on targets standing still. You should still always 
be wary of snipers, good ones will still catch you even if you're 
strafing well. If you spot a sniper in the distance, find cover 
immediately and use your pistol to knock them out of their sniper scope. 
If you need to get across quickly, go inside your base and use the 
teleporter. If you want to go across more carefully, try using the 
cliffs along the side. The Blue Base should be wary of snipers perched 
along the cliff leading into a cave, and the Red Base should be wary of 
snipers on their cliff to the left. The Red Base has a good sniper spot 
behind it's base in the shadows. The Blue Base also has one that is more 
difficult to get at straight and to the right, and I think is only 
accessible by Ghost. Thepistol and sniper rifle are the only real 
useful guns on this map. I wouldn't really bother wasting time going 
inside your base to get a shotgun unless you're playing CTF and want 
to defend your base. The rockets are also very valuable for taking down 
vehicles. They are located in the middle, near a bush along the middle 
path. There is active camo in the middle on top of the hill. It's very 
dangerous to make a run for it and you should do it while opposing 
snipers are distracted. There is an overshield placed in the caves 
closer to the red base. Try to pick it up as you go across. Use the 
terrain to your advantage. Stay in between hills and use them as cover. 
If you're on the offensive and want to circumvent this, get up to higher 
ground to look down into the little valleys. You usually spawn at your 
own base, or at most 30 metres in front of it.

Another big map. The lone snow map. Use the same vehicle and anti-sniper 
stratagies as Blood Gulch. When driving the Warthog, be wary of driving 
across ice. You will go slower and skid. Inside the "horseshoe" there is 
a gate with active camo and overshield located there. This is a great 
way to get fully stacked on powerups quickly. You can't get through the 
bars, however you can pass a flag through, and I also believe that you 
can place a vehicle on the other side and press X to pass through the 
bars and get in the vehicle. Using the top level you can travel quickly 
to the other side. This spot is great for looking down at the other team's 
base and picking them off with a sniper rifle or pistol. Also, you can use 
the teleporters on the higher level in your base to teleport along the 
outside wall to get to the other side. If you teleport, there is a rocket 
launcher in each area past the first warp from each base. Very useful gun. 
There are sniper rifles on the higher levels of the bases. I highly 
recommend never going out across the terrain. It is too easy to get picked 
off by snipers. Just use teleporters and take the shortcut through the 
horseshoe, or use a vehicle. One last point, there is an overshield out 
in the middle of the huge outside area past some ice.

Battle Creek:
This map has two huge bases seperated only by about 30 metres. There are 
teleporters on the backs of each base, connecting the two. There is a 
front door, small ramp on the front, and small ramp on the side of each 
base for access. The two ramped entrances go to the bottom level of the 
bases. On the bottom level there are two ramps leading up to the upper 
level. There is an active camo located in the stream at the base of the 
rock ramp. This is a great hiding spot, it's very difficult to see people 
hidden in the water. You may want to toss a grenade at that area just to 
be sure no one is in there. The rock ramp leads up to a rocket launcher. 
The rockets are also accessible by climbing up the ladder beside it into 
the alcove (with a sniper rifle), then jumping up. This is a much safer 
route in my opinion. Above the active camo is another alcove with a sniper 
rifle, accessible via a ladder. There is an overshield on the back red 
base, and a health pickup on the other side. You usually spawn in 
your own base in CTF, so you may want to control the other team's base 
and get easy spawn kills. In CTF on this map, instead of running out the 
doors, you can just throw the flag through the windows to a teammate, who 
can then take the flag to the teleport and get back to his own base and 
score quickly. A quick (but very difficult) method is to aim it out the top 
window behind the base. This requires practice. You could even throw the 
flag outside so that you can get it, freeing yourself of the flag so that 
you may use your weapon. The roofs of the bases are great places 
to sit in and look down and pick off opponents. Snipers love this spot. 
It's also great for jumping down at people walking by the bases and 
ambushing them. Also, there are holes in the roof above the part of the 
base where the flag is. Great for ambushes. Another great way to get 
rockets is to grenade them down from red base. Look up videos to do this.

Hang Em High:
The pistol dominates this map. The sniper rifle is very hard to get so 
snipers do not really dominate this map as often as they'd like to. The 
sniper rifle is way out in the open on the top level on a big pillar. You 
can either jump and get it from the catwalks, or you can use a grenade 
trick to get it. I prefer using a grenade, the other way is much too 
exposed. If you get a sniper rifle you can really dominate though. 
Otherwise, USE THE PISTOL! You'll often get into "tower battles" with the 
other team on this map. The big tower is more advantageous in my opinion. 
There are more places to hide, and access to grenades, ammo and powerups. 
There is an overshield on the top level near the sniper rifle, but again, 
I highly recommend never going for it. It is much too easy to get picked 
off going for it. You should always try and grab the active camo though, 
located near the big base underneath the initial ramp up the catwalk. 
There is a rocket launcher located close to the active camo as well. You 
can jump on top of a tombstone, then jump up again and hold X to grab the 
rocket through the floor. Much faster than going up the catwalk to get it. 
Try to avoid the catwalks unless it is absolutely necessary to get across 
quickly. In the big base, there is a maze of tunnels that are very good 
for luring players in and just blasting them with a shotgun (found in the 
tunnel where there is a window looking out). There is a health pickup here 
too. Always try to stay on the higher levels. You can see people down among 
the tombstones this way. If you're on ground level they can easily hide 
behind a tombstone or in the trench in the middle. If you're desperate for 
health there is a pickup in the trench as well. A good strategy on this map 
is on top of the big base, stay around that pyramid structure on the top. 
You can easily lose people by jumping down from it and hiding if you're 
being shot at. It's also a terrific sniper point. A good way to get to the 
big base if you're trapped at the small tower is to sneak along the side 
catwalk along the wall. Many people miss this. If you successfully do this 
the other team will be caught off guard as you come up out of the tunnels 
behind them. If you're at the big base always be aware of people coming 
through this way. Also be careful to watch the two ramps. One is enclosed 
and the other is more open. Players tend to take the enclosed route to avoid 
being shot at, so constantly peak down it. Spawns are EXTREMELY important in
this map. It is so big that going to a "random" point to spawn your teammate
adds a huge threat to your opponent as they could potentially spawn right
behind them. This keeps your opponents honest. The middle area near the trench
will always produce a random spawn, as well as a couple spots near the camo,
in the back corner of the big tower, and a couple spots in the little tower.
Go to www.halospawns.com to learn the random spawn locations or you will
lose this map every time.

Two longs halls seperated by a wall down the middle, with an access point 
to the other side in the middle. There are two "bases" opposite each other. 
When you get to the top of the base, jump across to get either active camo 
or overshield. When you get a powerup you can toss a grenade through the 
tiny slit in the wall to grenade the other powerup down to the floor, then 
jump down and go through the opening in the wall to grab it. A risky 
maneuver. Each side has a shotgun in an alcove accessible by jumping 
along the ledges or using a ladder. I highly recommend grabbing one. 
They can dominate this map. You can always catch people off guard 
with it here. This map is very dark so try camping in the shadows, 
and behind walls and just wait for your opponent. If you have radar 
camping on this map is very simple if you have the shotgun. If you're being 
chased down the halls, try and run to either an end or through the middle 
slit and throwing a grenade behind you afterwards. You can easily keep 
players at bay this way, or even weaken them significantly allowing you 
to be on the offensive. This is a very frustrating tactic for the other 
players to deal with and may cause them to make mistakes in an attempt 
to finally kill you. Just be patient if someone else is using the 
strategy described, and try to bounce grenades in on them off walls. 
Running away is a very useful tactic on this map. It is very enclosed 
and has many spaces to run away to. On the top level you can easily 
just jump down if someone is chasing and try to lose them, or you can 
hide in the tiny "trenches" at the ends of the halls and crouch down. 
It's very difficult to see people in the trenches and if you're in 
the trench you can easily pick people off. Always be on the lookout 
for people in them. Another way to get the powerups is by grenading 
them down from below. Just aim your reticle at the corner of the walls.
You can also get shotguns this way. I recommend throwing a grenade at 
the right wall.

6. Gametype Strategy

Certain gametypes require certain strategy. Here is a brief overview 
on strategies for certain gametypes. Only the most popular gametypes 
are listed so far. More may come in the future.

FFA/H2H Gametypes

FFA Slayer:
This gametype is all about killing. The best FFA players are the best 
at finding two people dueling, killing the weaker one, then killing the 
other for an easy double kill. Do not be afraid to be aggressive. You 
cannot afford to sit around and camp. If you do this, you may have less 
deaths, but also less kills, and since the score only considers kills 
you shouldn't worry about your death total. Obviously you should do your 
best to avoid being killed as you'll lose weapons, have less time to kill 
others, and give one of your opponents an extra point, but my point is do 
not be too cautious. Don't be afraid of killing one or two people at the 
expense of one death of yourself. I've even seen people win with more 
deaths than kills, however this is very rare.

Head to Head Slayer:
The total opposite to FFA, be VERY cautious. Do not rush in to get a 
kill and then make a mistake and die. You'll lose all control once you 
die; you'll give up your own weapons, and let your opponent have a free 5 
seconds where he can go and get to a powerup before you can, thus getting 
a huge edge and you may be playing catchup the whole time. You have to 
expect something from every corner. Camping is almost NEVER a good idea. 
Usually you have to stay on the move and keep your opponent away from 
picking up powerups/weapons while acquiring some of your own. Use of a 
timer is vital in this gametype. If your opponent kills you and gets the 
powerups, you may want to play the waiting game, avoiding your opponent 
until his powerups run out, then trying your best to get your own and 
take advantage. Always be on the lookout for the powerup spawns. If the 
powerup is gone, usually the other person has it so you can know what to 

Try and move away from others as much as possible when you have the ball. 
Most of the time this gametype marks you with a NAV so people know where 
you are so don't camp. If you AREN'T marked, find a good hiding place. 
When you don't have the ball, make sure to kill everyone in the 
surrounding area before picking the ball up. If someone is in first by a 
wide margin, if you see them, you should go out of your way to kill them to 
stop them from gaining more time. Likewise if you are in first and you see 
second place player.

Team Gametypes

You should have a good mix of players on your team. Someone aggressive 
to go in and kill a bunch of people (or weaken them for you to mop up), 
a vocal leader to instruct the team what to do, a cautious player who 
might be good at watching over the power weapons and making sure he 
limits his deaths to keep the weapons away from the other team, and a 
player who is very good at objectives like obtaining the ball or flag
for your team. Chemistry is very important as well. If you don't gel with 
your team and they do things that you don't expect them to do or they do 
things which go against your team's philosophy (ie being reckless when 
your team agrees to play a more cautious style of play) then you should 
think about changing your teammates, either by getting a new one or you 
yourself leaving to join with others.

For 2v2, it's important to play with someone who you naturally have 
chemistry with, and know what they are doing even without looking at their 
screen. That way you can set up traps and know where to retreat and get 
help from your teammate. This is very hard to explain, but you'll just 
know when you've found the right teammate because you can trust they 
what they're doing, that they know where to be, and that they can help 
you. The Ogre twin brothers are the most famous duo for this, as it seems 
like they have a telepathic connection and can beat you with just teamwork.

Team Slayer:
Probably the most popular gametype in Halo. Be more cautious than in FFA 
games. You don't want to die a lot and give up points to the other team 
and cost your own team the win. Control the powerups. Know where they are 
and when they spawn. Holding on to the power weapons is crucial. Sometimes 
a team can win on strategy alone, even if they are far less talented at 
aiming. So make sure to keep those power weapons and keep the other team 
on the spawn. If you're really good you can figure out where spawn points 
are and encircle the area and spawnkill the other team over and over. 
This is a real problem on Rat Race especially. Try not to go it alone, 
have teammates with you to double team people and to prevent being 
double teamed yourself.

Capture The Flag

Use many of the strategies as in Team Slayer, but you can be much more 
aggressive as deaths do not matter. Just make sure your entire team is 
not wiped out at once, because that'll allow an easy score for the other 
team. If you're on a big map, vehicles are very important. If someone 
grabs the flag and gets in a Warthog or Ghost, you can pretty much kiss 
the flag goodbye unless you have an extremely good sniper or rocket man.

Make sure to set up a good perimeter around your ball carrier and 
kill anyone who comes close to the area. The ball carrier should be in 
an area where grenades can't reach them easily. Having a sniper stationed 
on lookout around the area is a smart idea too. If you are on offense, 
grenades are KEY. Just toss them into the area where the ball carrier is 
marked to wipe out the entire team before charging in. It's also a good 
idea to have someone make a suicide run and toss a bunch of grenades 
while firing to weaken their team, then push the rest of your own team 
into the area.

King of the Hill:
This game plays similarly to oddball except everyone can shoot. You still 
have to set up perimeters around whoever is holding the objective though.
This gametype is usually set up to move the hill every minute, so try to 
spread out a bit as the hill is about to move so that someone can try to 
hold down the new hill until everyone gets there. The goal is to prevent 
the other team from setting up before you can get there.

7. How to set up Online Play on XBC

You can't play Original Xbox Halo: CE on Live; but there is a tunneling 
program called "Xbox Connect", which tricks your Xbox into thinking it 
is playing over System Link, when it is really playing on the internet. 
In the standard setup, you need a router/hub, ethernet cables, DSL/Cable 
internet access and a PC. You connect your modem, PC, and Xbox to your 
router/hub. Turn on your Xbox and boot up Halo, and go to the System Link 
screen. Then you open the XBC program, and find rooms on the server list 
and join them to play. The game should appear on the System Link screen on 
your TV, if the host has started a game. You can also host your own room 
and games. Visit www.xbconnect.com for more information on other types of 
setups and how to play.

WARNING: Since Halo: CE was not built for online play, the packets it sends 
are huge, causing an extreme amount of lag. You'll usually have to lead 
targets by several feet if they are moving in order to hit them, because 
the data on their end places them several feet ahead of where they actually 
are. Be aware of this. Every host is different, you have to adjust how much 
you lead people for each one. However, if YOU host, there will be no lag for 
you. But when you join other rooms, make sure the ping is below 100, 
otherwise it will be very hard to aim. Also, NEVER press A or X to speed up 
or slow down the countdown timer in the pregame screen on Halo. Doing so 
can cause the game to be choppy at the start, or even throughout the whole 
game. This is a common mistake of newbies to XBC, and can get you kicked out 
if the host is in a bad mood. So don't do it!

8. Version History

June 1st 2007: Completed first version, v1.0
June 1st 2007: Updated the FAQ to try and meet GameFAQs standards. v2.0
June 2nd 2007: Added to the Chiron section from user goldeliteking. v2.1
December 18th 2007: Added the gametype strategy section. V2.2
January 1st 2008: Added online play section; a couple other things. v2.3
March 13th 2015: Large updates to map, tips and gametype sections. v3.0

9. Special Thanks

- Blade for writing the first FAQ and inspiring me to update the info.
- My friends Ryan, Chris, Dave, Willie, Dave, Jim and John for playing
 countless hours with me and really getting me into Halo. Without my 
friends driving me to be a better player I would not have acquired the 
knowledge to write this FAQ and really discover the amazing depth in Halo.
- goldeliteking from the Halo board for contributing to the Chiron strategy.
- Bungie for creating Halo.
- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for creating GameFAQs and giving me the opportunity 
to publish this FAQ on his site.
- The pro Halo players who drove to better themselves and find news ways 
to compete at a higher level and discover countless tricks.
- Xbox Connect (xbconnect.com) for providing a way to play Halo online.
- The teambeyond.net competitive Halo: CE community
- All of the Halo fans out there.

10. Copyright Info

- You can download this file for your own personal use.
- You cannot re-submit this FAQ to other websites with your name OR my 
name on it. If you want to use it on your site or want it to appear on 
another site, contact me first at vincentjohnson09@gmail.com
- You cannot slightly modify it and claim it as your own either. Write 
your own FAQs, do not plagiarise.
- You may print this FAQ for your personal use.
- You cannot profit from this FAQ in any way whatsoever.

- The only sites that have permission to use this FAQ so far are 
GameFAQs.com, and my website, http://djp3pmoviebattles.4t.com

2016© Copyright Vincent Johnson

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