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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 09/08/14

   T H E  _ _____ _    _   _ _____ __   _ ______    ____   _____ _____ ____
  |¯|    | |  _  | |  | | ) )_   _|  \ | |  ____|  |  _ \ |  ___|  _  |    \
  | (    ) | | | | |  | (/ /  | | |   \) | |  __   | | \ \| |_  | | | | |¯\ \
  (  \/\/  ) |_| | |  |   (   | | | (\   | | [  |  | |  ) )  _| | |_| | |  ) )
   \      /|  _  | |__| (\ \ _| |_| | \  | |__] |  | |_/ /| |___|  _  | |_/ /
    \_/\_/ |_| |_|____|_| )_)_____|_|  \_|______|  |____/ |_____|_| |_|____/
                                           Full Season Two Walkthrough -by-
                                              Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) All That Remains ............................................. WK01
       02) A House Divided .............................................. WK02
       03) In Harm's Way ................................................ WK03
       04) Amid the Ruins ............................................... WK04
       05) No Going Back ................................................ WK05

  III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
    V. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]

 Controls are fairly simple, but can't be changed.

 MOVEMENT: this is done with the W-A-S-D keys. The same buttons are used for
 menu navigation and certain scripted events. 

 MOUSE: left-click is used as a "select" button. In some situations, as well
 as all menus, this function remains. Left-click is also used in events that
 require target selection. Right-click is the "cancel" button in some events,
 usually where inspection is concerned. Season 2 adds a new function in that
 one can "grab" onto certain objects (left-click) and press a direction to
 turn, yank, etc. The mouse can double for the WASD keys during the direction-
 -choosing portion.

 SAVING: The game autosaves at certain checkpoints, after finishing a chapter
 and after finishing an entire episode. There's no manual save function.

 REWIND: This goes hand in hand with completing subchapters. Players can load
 up their saves, then "rewind" the story to completed subchapters, essentially
 starting the story from that point. (Doing this deletes subsequent progress,
 however, so it's best to copy into a free save slot first.) Rewinding is very
 useful for finding out what choices matter or just for replaying scenarios in
 new ways.
____________________________________________________/ II. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
01) ALL THAT REMAINS                                                     [WK01]
 This episode was first released on December 17, 2013. Before beginning, the
 game will recap Season 1. There's also a chance to import saves from said
 season, which will affect the proceedings somewhat. (If no save is found, the
 choices will be randomized, so little is lost. Most choices only manifest in
 dialogue anyway.)

 Unlike the first season, a lot of the "important" choices in this season do
 very little, with outcomes only being changed slightly. Conversations that
 don't affect anything (i.e. no "X will remember this" outcome) will only be
 mentioned in passing, if ever.

 As far as spoilers go, I try to avoid mentioning 'em as often as possible.
 However, listing important choices tends to undercut that goal, so the guide
 can't be 100% spoiler-free. I'd suggest not reading too far ahead...

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 The game opens with three of Season 1's survivors -- Christa, Omid and our
 pint-sized heroine Clementine -- scoping out a rundown gas station. Talk'll
 turn to naming the baby after its mother.

 • Omid is a good name.   | Christa will remember that.
 • You two should decide. | Christa will remember that.
 • What if it's a girl?   | Christa will remember that.
 • ...                    | ---

 Clem will search the bathroom. The object's to open each stall; luckily, the
 WASD controls haven't changed much from last year's season. With no boogeymen
 to be found, fiddle with the sink, then the bottle; the latter will end up
 rolling near the farthest john. Retrieve for a scene with the intruder, who
 picks up Clem's firearm.

 The scrappy girl's shakedown dialogue won't affect anything. Similarly, the
 chapter's inevitable outcome can't be changed either.

 Items -----: Photo, Drawing, Lighter
 Achievement: ---

 A year and change later, Christa and Clem are camping in the rain-soaked
 woodlands. The conversation will turn to Wellington (their destination) and
 the onset of winter. The fourth part of the conversation has the only comment
 of note:

 • I miss Lee.                   | Christa will remember that.
 • I wish Omid was here.         | Christa will remember that.
 • We need to get to Wellington. | ---
 • ...                           | ---

 When Christa goes off on a firewood run, it's Clem's job to keep the flames
 lit and stoked. Dig through the backpack's mementos to find the Lighter, then
 try relighting the smoldering campfire. One of the new mechanics of Season 2
 is holding down left-click in combination with a directional prompt -- use it
 here to light the tinder. Inspect the charred wood to finish.

 Unfortunately, the fire's still pretty low. A log nearby will suit the task,
 though when inspecting the camp again, the option to burn the drawing or Lee's
 picture appears. (If these options don't appear, remember to click the flame
 icon on the camp, not the eye. There is a difference.)

 With that task ended, Clem hears arguing nearby. Approaching the commotion
 reveals an altercation between Christa and some strangers. The first major
 decision of Episode 1 is choosing to save her by distracting the newcomers or
 just sneaking away. However, it's mostly about good intentions, since it
 always begins a foot chase. 

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: River Runs Cold

 Now running through the brush, the first half is about evading capture. Dash
 from cover when able, and follow the simple directional prompts to reach the
 spiky tree trunk. When the hunter's delayed by the walker, tear off a branch
 and, when the hunter is evaded again, stab him with it. One now reaches the
 riverbank. (If the prompts are messed up, Clem will be dragged toward the
 campsite. Use this chance to throw rocks or kick the hunter's hand, restarting
 the escape. Which option is available depends on how far Clem got. Failing
 the dragging portion leads to death.)

 For the second half, do a QE event -- that is, mash Q until a prompt to hit E
 appears -- to bite the attacker, then another when pulled from the log. Grab a
 tree as the guy drags Clem, prompting a walker to appear. Do 2 more QE events
 to break free, then two more to reach the riverbank. Toss the rock at whoever;
 our li'l lady always tumbles into the stream. (If Clem fails the 1st riverside
 prompt, the game fast-forwards to the walker appearance. Failing the walker
 QEs will result in game overs.) 

1.4 - ALONE
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Shelter

 Clem wakes up among the cattails, waterlogged and freezing. Down the path,
 monkey up the broken stairway and reach the ensuing trail. Further along, one
 finds a stray dog. "Reply" to it in any fashion, causing it to bound off into
 the thicket.

 Items -----: Can of Beans, Knife

 Sam (the mutt's name, if one checked the collar) leads Clementine to an old,
 trash-filled campsite. It dawns on her that she's famished, so the search to
 rustle up grub begins. Most of the places are a no-go, but the trash barrel
 near the path's entrance hits a bullseye. However, without anything to open
 it with, this is an infuriating victory.

 Once all lootable places are scoured (van box, box by tent, cooler, grill),
 Sam will lead Clem to an emaciated walker strapped to a tree. Taking its knife
 is impossible until it's bludgeoned to death with the nearby branch. It'll
 take four swings to do 'im in. Once the knife is sanitized by a quick jeans
 wipe (almost as good as soap and water), it's time to chow down.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: On the Path; Now What?

 Stab the can thrice to get a bean-filled meal. No matter whether one offers
 Sam a portion, he chomps into Clem's forearm with Cujo-like precision. Beat
 the dog off with bare fists or the knife/can alongside her, then kick the dog
 over the log when prompted. (Failing this will lead to a game over, though
 for Sam, it's quite a good meal. This could be a Twilight Zone ending...)

 Clem's punt ends up skewering the dog onto some old tent poles. Leaving it
 to suffer or performing a mercy killing is the chapter's second major choice,
 though it's only "major" in name alone -- it really affects nothing.

 After a quick scene back in the woods, it's time for a fleet-footed...uhh,
 trudge away from the walkers. This leads to a QE scene where our tired gal
 is saved by two men (Luke & Pete), then carried away from the undead pack.
 Of the next five conversations, only the 2nd and 5th -- about where Clem's
 group is and whether she's truthful about her bite -- have any lasting

 • I'm alone.        | They will remember that.
 • I got lost.       | They will remember that.
 • We were attacked. | They will remember that.
 • ...               | ---

 • Yes.               | Pete will remember that.
 • Of course!         | Pete will remember that.
 • What do you think? | Pete will remember that.
 • ...                | Pete will remember that.

 As they approach the hunting cabin, Clem collapses.

 Items -----: Fishing Line, Hammer
 Achievement: ---

 Clem comes to with some new people standing over her. She soon learns they
 are Nick (Pete's nephew), Alvin and his wife Rebecca, and the doctor Carlos.
 The four possible conversations at this point don't really affect anything,
 although Clem can make an "appeal" to one of the survivors. Whoever she picks
 will get a "______ remembered that." notification, no matter what choice she
 chooses. [The choices are roughly the same, although tweaked slightly for
 those, like Nick and Rebecca, who don't appreciate Clem's presence. Nicer
 folk, like Alvin and Pete, will try sticking up for Clem, to little avail.]

 To see if her bite story pans out, Clem is locked in the toolshed for the
 night. When control's returned, inspect the tackle box to get fishing line
 and show a patchwork section of the wall. To get the 2x4 loose, prop up the
 fold-out table and, after standing on it, reach for the claw hammer. Doing
 this breaks the shelf, but the tool can be recovered once the board is moved
 aside. Using the hammer icon on the 2x4 gives a QE event, allowing Clem to
 kick the remaining wood away for a nice escape hole. Exit out into the rain.

 Items -----: Juicebox, Bandages, Rags, Peroxide, Needle, Gold Watch
 Achievement: Sneaky

 By hook or by crook, Clem will get her resources! These can be done in any
 order, really, and require sneaking into the house. This is accomplished by
 ducking under the porch walkway via a plywood-covered hole (requires hammer)
 and surfacing out the pantry's trapdoor. The knife is necessary to pry it
 open and always breaks in the process. However, once inside, the items can be
 collected in whichever order.

 A NEEDLE: This is found in the upstairs bathroom (the room right of the "gone
           fishing" sign in the hallway), in the medicine cabinet. This cues a
           scene where Rebecca approaches, forcing Clem to hide in the linen
           closet or shower. Either's fine; in fact, if no option is chosen,
           she winds up going back to the kitchen.

 BANDAGES: There are two ways to get these. The easiest is getting them from
           Alvin, who can be spoken to through the porch window (but only
           before hearing the five-minute warning under the deck). He can be
           convinced, or blackmailed with wife-related anger, to assist. His
           2nd and 3rd dialogue tree have a few routes to go. He will often
           give Clem a Juicebox with her other much-needed item.

 • I'm sorry. I don't have anyone to help me. | Alvin will remember that.
 • I can tell you're nice.                    | Alvin will remember that.
 • You'd just let me die?                     | Alvin will remember that.
 • ...                                        | ---

     .-• PLEASE help.                                 | Alvin will remember.
   ,-+-• It would be bad if she knew we were talking. | ---
 .-+-+-• I don't want to get you in trouble.          | ---
 | | | • ...                                          | ---
 | | |
 | | • Just forget it.            | ---
 | | • I won't forget you helped. | ---
 | | • I'll do anything I can.    | ---
 | | • ...                        | ---
 | |
 | '-+-• Do it or I'll tell her.            | Alvin will remember that.
 |   | • I wouldn't actually do that.       | Alvin will remember that.
 |   | • Just forget it. I'm sorry I asked. | ---
 |   | • ...                                | ---
 |   |
 |   • Thank you.            | ---
 |   • What else could I do? | ---
 |   • I need you to hurry.  | ---
 |   • ...                   | ---
 '-• I could really use your help. | ---
 '-• No one else will help me.     | ---
 '-• Nevermind. Sorry I bothered.  | ---
 '-• ...                           | ---

 PEROXIDE: This can be obtained from Sarah in her upstairs bedroom (opposite
           bathroom). She'll hand over the bottle after a 6-part convo where
           a BFF pact is attempted; this occurs even if Clem says she won't
           be her friend. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th dialogue chains don't
           matter and aren't listed; same for the inconsequential pinky swear.

  • I could die if I don't take care of it. | Sarah will remember that.
  • Your dad didn't care.                   | Sarah will remember that.
  • You want to see it?                     | Sarah will remember that.
  • ...                                     | ---

 .-----• Yes, we're friends.                | ---
 | .---• We're not the same age.            | ---
 | | ,-• I just met you; we're not friends. | ---
 | | | • ...                                | ---
 | | |
 | | '-• Fine. But I warned you. | Sarah will remember that.
 | | '-• Okay, friends.          | Sarah will remember that.
 | | '-• No. I'm sorry.          | Sarah will remember that.
 | | '-• ...                     | ---
 | |
 | |-• Eventually. | ---
 | | • Yes.        | ---
 | | • No.         | Sarah will remember that.
 | | • ...         | ---
 | |
 | '-• Yes. | Sarah will remember that.
 |   • No.  | ---
 '---• I promise.       | Sarah will remember that.
     • I can't promise. | Sarah will remember that.
   .-• I said yes.      | ---
   | • ...              | ---
   '-• Yes. | Sarah will remember that.
     • No.  | Sarah will remember that.
     • ...  | ---

 Once all items are obtained, returning to the trapdoor ends the chapter.
 There's a few other things worth mentioning though:

 - Sarah's dialogue with Clem changes slightly depending on what items she's
   already found. It doesn't affect anything, really, but it's a nice curio.

 - The upstairs room where the bandages are also has a drawer containing a
   gold watch. Taking it isn't required for anything, although if one does,
   it can be given to its rightful owner in a later chapter.

 - Eavesdropping at the kitchen door doesn't do anything, no matter how many
   times it's done. Letting the screen redden too much only has Clem pull away,
   with one of the adults (seemingly) catching her just out of eyeshot.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Still. Not. Bitten.

 Clem wastes no time putting her arm right. Use the peroxide to disinfect the
 gash, then thread the needle. The suturing scene is done by holding the mouse
 button and pressing in the given direction; repeat four times to end the
 grisliness. (Hey, it's no Pekinese backstitch, but it'll do the trick.) Reach
 for the bandages, then try picking them up for a lurker attack.

 First, reach for the hammer, and when Clem's pulled down, grab the rake or
 brick alongside. (Or even do nothing.) Inspect to do the QE attack, then grab
 the rake. Complete the next QE to impale it on the old anchor, then give 4
 whacks of the hammer will conclude the struggle. [Game over if Clem doesn't
 inspect the zombie while it's crawling, fails a QE or lets it leave the

 For some reason, even in the pouring rain, the other survivors arrive on the
 scene, finding Clem and her rotting victim. Only the second response chain

 • I did and I'm sorry.   | They will remember that.
 • You left me no choice. | They will remember that.
 • I didn't do it alone.  | They will remember that.
 • ...                    | ---

 Her heroics earn a trip inside.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Headed Out

 This chapter is really just one big dialogue chain. Nine of the convos don't
 do anything and aren't listed, including Carlos' talk and most of Clem's
 bitter reminiscence. There's also a chance to needle Rebecca about her kid's
 unknown father. The most important choice is the 4th, where a contrite Nick
 apologizes. Accepting/refusing marks the chapter's 3rd major choice.

 • I'm sorry, I didn't know.      | Carlos will remember that.
 • You don't have to threaten me. | Carlos will remember that.
 • She needs to grow up sometime. | Carlos will remember that.
 • ...                            | ---

 • It's okay. I get it.      | Nick will remember that. (Nick stays)
 • You were way out of line. | Nick will remember that. (Nick leaves)

 • I killed him.                              | Luke will remember that.
 • I ran away. He died trying to get me back. | Luke will remember that.
 • The same thing that happens to everyone.   | ---
 • ...                                        | ---

   • I'm sorry, okay?       | ---
 .-• Whose baby is it?      | ---
 | • I won't stay too long. | ---
 | • ...                    | ---
 • I won't tell.              | Rebecca will remember that.
 • You should be nicer to me. | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                        | ---
 Items -----: Binoculars, Lighter, Water Bottle
 Achievement: Split Decision

 Sure 'nough, at first light, Pete heads with Clem to the brook. Only the 5th
 part of the convo chain has relevance here:

 • He doesn't hate you.      | Pete will remember that.
 • He's a jerk.              | ---
 • You should tell him that. | Pete will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 Nick's yelling brings attention to the creek's fresh corpses. Observing the
 far-off body advances the chapter a bit. Pete will ask Clem to check for
 survivors, a task that ends quickly by inspecting the lone corpse. Well, he
 ain't one yet, but the dying man ain't long for this mortal coil. Choosing to
 give him water or not is the 4th major decision this chapter. A checkpoint
 occurs right after.

 Lurkers will now invade the shore, only Pete's out of ammo and separated
 from Nick. There's only time to help one, and the steely selection marks the
 5th and final major choice. (Doing nothing results in a neck chomp for Clem,
 so there's no getting around it!)

 To assist Nick, simply reach him by doing two directional dodges. To assist
 Pete, grab the plank when he gets bogged down by an attacker. Clem'll need to
 sever its arm with a few bashes.

 Each of the main episodes gives 5 big-time choices, and the game documents
 the overall statistics for each. For fun, here's All That Remains' facts:

 • An overwhelming number of players try to save Christa
 • An overwhelming number of players slay the injured dog
 • An overwhelming number of players accept Nick's apology
 • Most players don't quench the dying man's thirst
 • Players are split about 50-50 on saving Pete and Nick

02) A HOUSE DIVIDED                                                      [WK02]
 A House Divided was first released on March 4, 2014. 

2.1 - TWO OF US
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: New Morning

 The chapter begins differently depending on who Clem aided previously.

  After escaping the incursion, the two hole up in a vacant rumrunner's shack.
  The gist of this section: do the QE event (or don't; it works either way),
  locate the moonshine, hear Nick's drunken lament and escape. In-between all
  that is 9 dialogue chains, but only the 3rd and 6th have relevance.

  • Pete got bit.  | ---
  • I trusted you. | Nick will remember that.
  • I just did.    | ---
  • ...            | ---

  • [Take Drink] | Nick will remember that.
  • No thanks.   | ---

 The escape portion changes depending on the 8th conversation, which either
 convinces Nick to stay and drink or bust out, respectively. Both require a
 short zombie-dodging section to succeed. [If Clem leaves alone, she'll have
 to remove the door blockage and sneak out.]

  The duo has holed up in an abandoned cigarette truck. When Clem can walk
  around, dig in a box to find some cigs, continuing the plot. (Of the seven
  conversations, only the 6th, about looking out for Nick, bears memorizing.)

  • I can't promise anything. | ---
  • He's on his own.          | ---
  • I'll watch out for him.   | Pete will remember that.
  • ...                       | ---

  That night, it'll be time to escape the truck. Pick any option (they lead to
  the same conclusion, although one's shorter than the other), evade/push a
  zombie or two, and exit the clearing.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Intruder

 Clem returns to the lodge and a short Q&A session with Carlos. He'll ask her
 to keep watch over his precious li'l girl.

 • Just go. Hurry.        | ---
 • We should go with you. | ---
 • You can trust me.      | Carlos will remember that.
 • ...                    | ---

 Upstairs, Sarah is taking polaroids. Helping is irrelevant, but leveling with
 her opens up two other chains, the last of which allows Clem to give her a
 firearms lesson.

 .-• You should know what's going on. | Sarah will remember that.
 | • They're...fishing.               | ---
 | • He'll be fine.                   | ---
 | • ...                              | ---
 |-• Everyone's gone. | ---
 |-• It'll be fine.   | ---
 |-• Pete's dead.     | ---
 |-• ...              | ---
 |-• If you don't tell your dad. | You showed Sarah how to defend herself.
 |-• Okay. But it's not a toy.   | You showed Sarah how to defend herself.
 |-• It's too dangerous.         | ---
 '-• ...                         | ---

 Return downstairs with Sarah for a scene: an intruder's at the door. This'll
 start a lengthy dialogue as the affable guy pushes his way into the house,
 looks around and lightly interrogates Clem. Surprisingly, 95% of the dialogue
 here is fluff; just one early exchange matters, and only for a forgettable
 kitchen scene. [For reference, there's no way to prevent the guy from coming
 in, or a method to collect the tell-tale photo beforehand. Clem can't even
 choose to take the photo herself and back out, or take Sarah out of frame.]

 • I'm alone.           | He will remember that.
 • Just me and dad.     | He will remember that.
 • We have a big group. | He will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 A "he will remember this" notification always plays when the intruder exits,
 regardless of what was(n't) said.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Moving On

 Once Creepy McCreeperson leaves the premises, the rest of the tired survivors
 return. Only the photo-related conversation matters, and taking the rap for
 Sarah (whether Clem snapped it or not) is the 1st major choice in the episode.
 However, one part of the questioning changes depending on whether Clem coaxed
 a false identity from the stranger, when he was on the doorstep.

 • You told me to distract her. | Sarah will remember that.
 • I took the picture.          | Sarah will remember that.
 • It was Sarah's idea.         | Carlos will remember that.
 • ...                          | Carlos will remember that.

 • Where are we going?         | 
 • What does he want?          | ---
 • Why did you leave his camp? | ---
 • ...                         | ---

 Sarah may support or gainsay Clem if her telling doesn't mesh with reality.
 It's decided that the stranger was bad news, so it's time to desert the lodge
 before further trouble. But, the area can't be left without Pete/Nick. 

 En route, speak with Rebecca (surprisingly civil, even if you tried to use
 leverage against her earlier), although the conversation's of no importance.
 At the cigarette truck, check behind the rock; if at the moonshiner's shack,
 simply open the door.

 On the trail once again, some conversations have lasting impressions. Nick
 has two: 1 for tagging along in "The Killing Fields," 1 for not.

 • Next time you should listen to me. | ---
 • Don't worry about it.              | ---
 • I'm sorry about Pete.              | Nick will remember that.
 • ...                                | ---

 • He saved my life.         | ---
 • He wanted to see you.     | Nick will remember that.
 • He was bitten and scared. | ---
 • ...                       | ---

 The chapter's always capped with a Luke-centric reply:

 • I don't have anywhere else to go. | ---
 • I have to go look for Christa.    | ---
 • Yeah, I'm with you guys.          | Luke will remember that.
 • ...                               | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Over the Bridge

 FYI, none of the conversations in this subchapter matter.

 Five days on, the group happens upon a bridge in the Virginia wilds. Scout
 the area with binoculars, looking at all four points of interest, then do the
 conversations (pick "you're not my dad, Carlos" for some fun) leading up to
 Luke's scouting expedition. They'll have to clear two zombies to gain entry,
 and Clem can stick with the plan or attack the taller one. Either way, success
 is guaranteed as long as the event doesn't time out. Wrench the hammer's claw
 from the cranium to continue.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: A Stranger

 The creaky bridge -- which didn't look very safe before the apocalypse -- has
 a scripted event where walkers approach and Luke tumbles into the below-track
 supports. Dodge the first attacker, then cripple it for a QE event, which'll
 lose the hammer. Once the next dodge and QE is done, the game autosaves and
 lets Clem quickly search for a new weapon. Grab one of the nearby rods and
 score a OHKO by attacking the head, then hand the rod to Luke to finish. 

 Nearing the other side, an unknown rifleman approaches. The 6 conversations
 here don't matter, although some can be rather funny (try asking "Do you know
 Carver?"). The inevitable outcome can't be changed either.

 Items -----: Survival Knife
 Achievement: ---

 This subchapter is mostly a small rest stop in front of the old ski station.
 Only the conversation with Nick at the beginning and with Alvin at the end
 matters. [However, if Clem stole the watch in Ch. 1x8, she can return it to
 Nick here.] To progress, once in the station, use the survival knife to pry
 open the food chest.

 • He wasn't gonna do anything. | Nick will remember that.
 • He was gonna shoot.          | Nick will remember that.
 • I don't know.                | ---
 • ...                          | ---

 • The whole group should decide. | ---
 • Rebecca can have it.           | Alvin will remember that.
 • I won't lie for you.           | Alvin will remember that.
 • ...                            | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Old Friends

 This is a short chapter with no pertinent conversations. Talk with Luke to
 climb the chair lift tower; observe any default icon, then the lights that
 appear. Descend to find an armed confrontation, only for one to find Kenny,
 the firebrand from Season 1, there. Speak with him and everyone'll gain entry
 to the lodge.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 Once Minister Clementine negotiates the disarmament treaty, she can get to
 some long Christmas chats.

 • They're cool.               | ---
 • I can't speak for everyone. | Luke will remember that.
 • Everyone calm down.         | ---
 • ...                         | ---

 Catch up with Kenny, help Walter cook, speak to Sarita at the tree, then give
 a report to Carlos upstairs. [None of these replies given matter in the long
 run, though Walter's dialogue is especially sporting.] An optional talk with
 Rebecca bears fruit, though: 

 • Gross.      | ---
 • No, thanks. | ---
 • Yes, can I? | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...         | ---

 To continue, pick a topper for the tree in the box near Rebecca. The choice
 will be remembered by Sarah, either positively (angel) or lukewarmly (star).
 The ornament in that box doesn't count for anything. Finally, Sarita's 2nd
 conversation has one portion of note, regarding Kenny.

 • I haven't noticed.       | ---
 • He's the same old Kenny. | ---
 • He does seem different.  | Sarita will remember that.
 • ...                      | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 The episode's 2nd major choice is...picking whether to sit with Kenny or Luke
 at dinner. 

 • [Sit with Luke]  | Kenny will remember that.
 • [Sit with Kenny] | ---

 The pick dictates the first couple conversations that occur. Each side has 1
 conversation of note, where Clem mentions Kenny hit the bottle or she tells
 Kenny's group she'll stay with them.

 • I didn't know him that long. | ---
 • Kenny lost it a little.      | Luke will remember that.
 • He handled it oky.           | ---
 • ...                          | ---

 • I can't leave my friends. | ---
 • I'm tired of running.     | ---
 • Okay. Thank you.          | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 After the first few chats, the tables mingle a little, but those unpleasant
 exchanges affect nothing. Eventually, Walter asks Clem to assist him outside,
 ending the chapter.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 There's ten conversations in this chapter: five outside and five possible
 inside. Only the fourth, where our trio finds an odd woman (Bonnie) scoping
 the place out, bears committing to memory. Some may remember her from S1's
 400 Days DLC.

 • It's too dangerous.    | Bonnie will remember that.
 • Check her for weapons. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • She can't hurt anyone. | They will remember that.
 • ...                    | ---

 Inside, Luke will have a powwow with Clem about recent bridge events. Nick
 will approach, giving an opportunity to have him come clean to Walter. This
 directly impacts the next chapter.

 .-• [Show Photo]             | ---
 | • It's nothing. Forget it. | ---
 |-• You should tell Walter. | Nick will remember that.
 |-• Either way is risky.    | ---
 |-• Don't say anything.     | ---
 '-• ...                     | ---

 All schemes aside, the knife is always found, leading into...

2.11 - IN THE DARK
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: After Midnight

 Two of the three convos with Walter matter. Only "Nick is a good guy." will
 earn a confession, though, extending the scene a bit longer. The decision to
 level with the ex-professor is the 3rd major choice in the episode; seeking
 Walter's forgiveness is the 4th.

 • It was us. Nick shot him. | You told Walter the truth.
 • We didn't do anything.    | You lied to Walter.
 • ...                       | ---

 • He's like everyone else. | Walter will remember that.
 • Nick is a good guy.      | Walter will remember that.
 • ...                      | Walter will remember that.

 Everyone's attention turns to the turbine, spinning wildly in the storm...and
 its noise will soon attract unwanted attention from the undead. Surprisingly,
 everyone lets the 11-year-old deal with the controls. Use the lighter, take
 the key and disable the red button.

 Walkers approach anyway. Now that Clem's armed, she can neutralize the first
 one from afar, then get to work on the next group. Don't worry about running
 out of ammo; Carlos ends up killing the rest. Finally, do a QE with the rifle,
 fire, and grab either weapon alongside for round two. [Clem won't take them
 with her, though.]

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Reunion

 Soon, Carver's group will have captured some of the people, forcing Clem and
 the noncombatants to hide in the lodge. Make it to the stairway (impossible
 to be caught) and creep to the married couple's position.

 • We have to give up. He'll kill him. | Rebecca will remember that.
 • I'll find Luke and Kenny.           | ---

 The path splits slightly here. Giving up makes the rest of the chapter just
 picking dialogue; seeking out Kenny requires a little extra legwork, plus
 sneaking under Johnny's windowsill. The decision to go or stay marks the 5th
 and final major decision in the episode.

 However, everything culminates in the same way: the third set of replie have
 two options that save Alvin's life, two that don't. For reference, no matter
 what path one's on, the top 2 replies are the life-savers.

 • [Protect Alvin]                | Carver will remember that.
 • KENNY! LUKE! DON'T SHOOT!      | ---
 • Carver, please! Don't do this! | ---
 • ...                            | ---

 • [GRAB GUN]   | Kenny will remember that.
 • DON'T SHOOT! | Kenny will remember that.
 • SHOOT HIM!   | ---
 • ...          | ---

 Unfortunately, there's no way to delay the inevitable -- everyone has a nice
 forced march back to Carver's camp.

 • A little under half the players take the blame for Sarah's photo
 • A little over half the people sit with Kenny at dinner
 • Almost 75% of people tell Walter the truth about Matthew
 • An overwhelming amount of players convince Walter to forgive Nick
 • A bit over half the players seek Kenny's assistance during the struggle

03) IN HARM'S WAY                                                        [WK03]
 This episode was first released on May 13, 2014.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Fresh Fish

 The truck is visited after inspecting the bug. There's an opportunity from
 the get-go to show quiet respect or mouthy defiance.

 .-• I had a radio like that. | ---
 | • I know.                  | Carver will remember that.
 | • I'm sorry.               | Carver will remember that.
 | • [Keep Staring]           | ---
 |-• It got people hurt.             | ---
 |-• I talked to my parents with it. | ---
 |-• None of your business.          | Carver will remember that.
 '-• ...                             | ---

 The next five conversations take place in the truck; #3 and #7 are pertinent
 to Kenny. Note that the escape plan always comes to a unsatisfyingly funny
 end, thank to the crappy brakes.

 • Why bother?              | Kenny will remember that.
 • Like what?               | ---
 • There's nothing in here. | ---
 • ...                      | ---

 • I trust you.        | Kenny will remember that.
 • This is a bad plan. | Kenny will remember that.
 • I'm scared.         | ---
 • ...                 | ---

 Items -----: ---

 During the grand tour, Sarah will comment on Carlos being taken away (by FBI
 Agent Dana Scully in a puffer vest, going by looks).

 • Grow up.       | Sarah will remember that.
 • I'm sorry.     | Sarah will remember that.
 • He'll be back. | Sarah will remember that.
 • ...            | ---

 In the...uh, outdoor living quarters, the team will meet Reggie, a one-armed
 lurker survivor with a fairly optimistic personality. (Optimism is even more
 annoying in the apocalypse, apparently.) There's also a quick introduction
 to Mike and a creepy short-haired girl.

 • Clementine.        | ---
 • What's it to you?  | Reggie will remember that.
 • It doesn't matter. | ---
 • ...                | ---

 • Who's that?  | ---
 • What a jerk. | ---
 • Sorry!       | Reggie will remember that.
 • ...          | ---

 Reggie will ask the newbies to avoid causing trouble for him.

 • No way.                      | Reggie will remember that.
 • Sure.                        | Reggie will remember that.
 • We won't get you in trouble. | Reggie will remember that.
 • ...                          | ---

 After Kenny's comments, one can walk around the gardening section. There's a
 few optional conversations to have, although only Rebecca's goes anywhere.

 • He knows.            | ---
 • You should be nicer. | ---
 • You'll tell him.     | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 To finish up, screw around with the garage door and the fence, which'll draw
 Troy's attention and Reggie's annoyance. This results in bedtime with Kenny's
 escape plan recruitment speech.

 • Of course I am.     | Kenny will remember that.
 • I'll try.           | Kenny will remember that.
 • Do I have a choice? | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                 | Kenny will remember that.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 • What?          | ---
 • Don't kick me. | Troy might remember that.
 • [Stare back]   | ---
 • ...            | ---

 Sarah's mouth gets her in trouble, forcing Carlos' hand (pun!). Clem can get
 some free points with her or Carlos here, though the outcome's unchangable.

 • She's already scared. | ---
 • It's my fault.        | Carlos will remember that.
 • Please don't!         | Sarah will remember that.
 • ...                   | ---

 After an armory work assignment is issued, there'll be a 400 Days cameo from
 someone in the aisles. (They'll be randomized if a Season 1 save wasn't used
 when beginning Season 2. I got Wyatt the first time I played; Becca and Shel
 were there the next.) Clem'll be working with everyone's favorite redhead.
 There's a few opportunities to calm her nerves or gleefully twist the knife.

 • Carver's to blame.            | Bonnie will remember that.
 • It is your fault.             | Bonnie will remember that.
 • A lot of people are to blame. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                           | Bonnie will remember that.

 • Why didn't you leave?     | ---
 • They never mentioned you. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • But you attacked them.    | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 • It's cool.         | Bonnie will remember that.
 • It's kind of ugly. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • I don't know...    | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                | ---

 After receiving the ski jacket, it's time for the next assignment.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Long Way Down

 Clem'll be led to the rooftop greenhouse. Sarah's having a moment up there.

 • You can control pain.     | Sarah will remember that.
 • Troy would've been worse. | Sarah will remember that.
 • Your dad didn't want to.  | Sarah will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 Reggie will forego a pruning lesson here, leaving the chores to the youngins.
 Assisting Sarah with her workload is the episode's first major decision, but
 it never changes the next outcome. Carver'll eventually check the operation.

 • Reggie didn't show us.   | Carver will remember that.
 • Sarah didn't understand. | Carver will remember that.
 • It was my fault.         | Carver will remember that.
 • ...                      | ---

3.5 - BREACH
 Items -----: ---

 Downstairs, one has a compulsory chat with our redhead...

 • Carver killed Reggie. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • Reggie fell.          | Bonnie will remember that.
 • I'm fine.             | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                   | Bonnie will remember that.

 Clem's now tasked with delivering nails to those working in the expansion
 project. Mike and Kenny are at each other's throats, and before more venom
 can be spit, the store is breached by walkers.

 Fight the walker with the 2x4 (FYI, it's unnecessary), then hold "A" to jet
 through the overturned shelf. Clem can free herself with a QE. Grab any object
 at hand for the 2nd attacker, and in the garage, repeat that objective and do
 its QE event. Troy will always end up saving Clem from a digestive demise.

 Begin trekking to the hardware depot for some scenes with Luke.

 • [Hit him]                | ---
 • What are you doing here? | ---
 • I'm glad to see you.     | Luke will remember that.
 • [Hug him]                | ---

 • I'm not sure I can... | ---
 • I'll get you one.     | Luke will remember that.
 • Where do I get one?   | ---
 • ...                   | ---

 Before visiting the bossman, proffer a pitiful pretense for the tardiness.

 • Looking at comics.   | Troy will remember that.
 • Hiding from walkers. | Troy will remember that.
 • Nothing.             | Troy will remember that.
 • ...                  | Troy will remember that.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: One Long Day

 After another 400 Days cameo, it's time to see Bill in the manager's office.
 Of the four conversations, only the first bears no fruit.

 • You're a murderer.        | Carver will remember that.
 • I understand.             | ---
 • He didn't deserve to die. | ---
 • ...                       | ---

 • I'm not like you.            | ---
 • You're right.                | ---
 • I wish Kenny had killed you. | Carver will remember that.
 • ...                          | ---

 • It's Alvin's baby.      | ---
 • What if it's not yours? | ---
 • I'll help you.          | Carver will remember that.
 • ...                     | ---

 Back in the yard, it's time to concoct a plan. There's five more discussion
 bits here, a few of which let Clem get in good with Kenny.

 • Luke's got a plan.        | ---
 • Sound would draw walkers. | ---
 • This is a bad idea.       | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 • We should get Luke a radio. | ---
 • The herd is our best shot.  | Kenny will remember that.
 • We can do both.             | ---
 • ...                         | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Always the Quiet Ones

 Regardless of Clem's reticence, she's the only one who can do the B&E in the
 compound. Grab the winch's rope when prompted, and do the same for the caged
 access ladder. On the roof, there's nothing to take and the sentry can't be
 spooked, so just visit the skylight behind the greenhouse (not the one near
 the main door). Climb in to find the radios in plain sight on the main floor.

 Sidle down the pallet stack and creep close to the prizes. Tavia's chatting
 gives a nice window to swipe the radios from the charging dock. [Actually, she
 can't catch Clem, so feel free to hear her chat with Hank to its end.] Clem
 automatically returns to the others afterward, although there'll be a Vince
 en route (if he came here in 400 Days).

 Back in the yard, Clem gets a pat on the back from her mysterious friend.
 I believe that is the first time the strange girl's name is mentioned. So,
 yeah, she's Jane.

 • It was nothing.      | ---
 • Thanks.              | Jane will remember that.
 • I was pretty scared. | ---
 • ...                  | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 Now it's time to figure who delivers the goods to Luke.

 • I'll take it.               | Kenny will remember that.
 • Mike should take it.        | Mike will remember that.
 • Why can't you do it, Kenny? | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                         | Kenny will remember that.

 Clem will always end up as the radio-carrier, thanks to Troy's watchfulness.
 Bonnie brings her aside, giving an opportunity to let her in on the plan of
 action. (Also, she always talks like Clem told her about Reggie, even if she
 answered with silence.) Telling Bonnie about Luke is episode's 2nd major
 choice to ruminate on.

 • Luke is waiting for me.  | Bonnie will remember that.
 • I need to talk to Kenny. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • I don't trust you.       | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                      | ---

 Regardless, Clem gets a 15-minute window to wander around by herself, which
 carries over into next chapter...

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 This is a very short stopgap chapter. There's nothing to do but search the
 comic store for Luke, which is a bust. After enough points of interest are
 observed, or Clem exits the store, it's back to the yard for discipline. (Or
 more discipline, if Clem got punched; this only happens if Troy catches her
 inside, though.) 

3.10 - BLIND EYE
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Not in Nottingham

 Oops, the plan is thwarted. The 3rd major choice is whether or not Clem fesses
 up to stealing the radio. This doesn't change the outcome, and neither does
 trying to help Kenny when Carver's hand comes down. That night, there'll be 7
 conversations with everyone, but only #3 and #4 matter.

 • Is he okay?         | ---
 • Can I see him?      | ---
 • You better fix him. | Carlos will remember that.
 • ...                 | ---

 • We're not leaving Kenny!    | Kenny will remember that.
 • We'll figure something out. | ---
 • Kenny would want us to go.  | Sarita will remember that.
 • ...                         | ---

 Clem will be "volunteered" for another risky infiltration, leading to the
 penultimate chapter...

3.11 - MUSH
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Come Hither, Rehabilitated

 Clem automatically enters Carver's office through the skylight. Approach the
 the PA system, switch the external speakers on, and pump up the volume. Next,
 inspect the disc drive; luckily, a CD is right nearby to fill it. If Alvin
 survived Episode 2, there'll be a li'l extra chatting to take place (including
 a funny comment about the miniscule, one-shot pistol Carver keeps).

 • We have to go!      | Alvin will remember that.
 • Can I have the gun? | ---
 • Can you stall them? | ---
 • ...                 | ---

 Clem automatically steals into the stockroom, just as the boss is dressing
 down his prisoners...err, new workers. Attack Carver (pistol or jumping on
 him) to even the odds. Don't wait too long or he'll put her in his sights!

 • Just shoot him. | Luke will remember that.
 • Let's go!       | ---
 • Tie him up.     | ---
 • ...             | ---

 • I'm not going anywhere. | They will remember that.
 • Don't do this.          | Kenny will remember that.
 • We don't have time.     | ---
 • ...                     | ---

 Kenny decides upon a little crowbar compassion. Staying to watch the spectacle
 or leave with Sarita is the 4th major choice in the episode. (Oddly enough,
 it's never stated where Kenny's gun comes from. He didn't take it from Carver,
 and it has ammo, so it makes the holdup scenario rather silly.)

3.12 - ENTROPY
 Items -----: Hatchet
 Achievement: Eye of the Storm

 The scenario, as it currently stands: the team is locked out of the warehouse
 in a walker-filled parking lot. Clem'll obtain a hatchet from Luke, a nice
 sentiment, since she hasn't had anything and doesn't have her backpack. Once
 the stray stiff approaches, kill it and spread that visceral camouflage all
 over. Troy, showing his inner nice-guy quality, provides the getaway.

 Drift forward through the herd and try to calm Sarah down when able (this'll
 need to be done twice, but neither works). When she runs off, fight a couple
 zombies in the usual fashion (plus a QE) to see Sarita turning into a zombie's
 chew toy. The 5th and final major decision is whether to cut off her arm or
 slay the foe. The repercussions aren't felt 'til the next episode, however.

 • Most players help Sarah with the chores.
 • A little under half the players don't tell Bonnie about Luke's plan.
 • A little over half the players try hiding the radio theft from Carver.
 • Most players watch Kenny's revenge scheme on Carver.
 • Most players remove Sarita's arm instead of killing her attacker.

04) AMID THE RUINS                                                       [WK04]
 The fourth chapter was first released on July 22, 2014.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Best Laid Plans

 The game starts at the same point it left off: after Clem helps Sarita in the
 chosen fashion. Removing her arm is moribund business, and quickly leads to a
 heart-wrenching chat with Kenny. 

 • We can't make it without you. | Kenny will remember that. (no mercy kill)
 • She's already dead!           | Kenny will remember that. (no mercy kill)
 • We can't let her turn!        | ---
 • [Axe Sarita]                  | Kenny will remember that.

 Clem will either have to convince him to leave Sarita (top two options) or
 perform a mercy killing. In the latter case, it becomes a timed event that
 must be completed. If Clem DIDN'T remove her arm at last chapter's end, then
 the dialogue boils down to: 

 • We'll figure something out. | Sarita will remember that.
 • I...I have to go.           | Sarita will remember that.
 • You have to stay calm!      | ---
 • ...                         | ---

 After the opening event, Clem gets separated, making her fend for herself.
 Avoid the first zombie (chop + directional prompt), sidestep the next. The
 third will be killed by stray gunfire if Clem's slow on the draw, but the QE
 event always occurs. Clem'll soon find her pregnant ally.

 • It's going to be okay. | ---
 • I'll stick with you.   | Rebecca will remember that.
 • Can you make it?       | ---
 • ...                    | ---

 Find an opening in the walker herd before the time limit runs out -- there's
 several that appear, either in the middle or either side. (They don't all
 exist at one time, though, so keep scanning). Success will reunite the team
 with Jane.

 Do her conversations until she schemes to make a "cow-catcher." As directed,
 get the zombie's attention (any prompt'll do), then simply proceed out of the
 forest. Falling behind will result in a game over, so no dawdlin'.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 This is a actionless, dialogue-intensive chapter with no checkpoints. Of the
 first 6 trail conversations, only a few matter:

 • We're okay.                     | Rebecca will remember that.
 • I haven't seen any walkers.     | Rebecca will remember that.
 • We'll watch out for each other. | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                             | ---

 • The baby is coming like it or not. | Jane will remember that.
 • We'll all look after it.           | Jane will remember that.
 • We can't abandon it!               | Jane will remember that.
 • ...                                | ---

 The team stumbles upon Parker's Run, the old Civil War memorial. Bonnie, Mike
 and Kenny are already there. If Sarita's arm wasn't cut off, she'll be there,
 too. All of the conversations with Kenny will be bitter, no matter how Clem
 handled last episode's "Entropy" chapter, but the responses are irrelevant.
 The chapter always ends with Jane and Clem going off to the find the missing
 group members.

 Items -----: Bullets, Sarah's Glasses, Icepick
 Achievement: Path Less Traveled

 Despite the chattiness of the chapter, none of Clem's replies truly matter.

 The forest stroll gives a little history for Jane, but little besides. This
 leads to some fresh walker corpses, which she wants checked. Search the
 pockets to find bullets; after all spots are empty, flip the third corpse to
 find Sarah's glasses. Around the corner, put down one final zombie. It took
 a "shine" to Clem at one point, so it's the least she can do.

 Over the fence, stab the next walker twice, then watch Jane put on a clinic
 of lethal prowess. One can finally spy Sarah and Luke's trailer, its front
 door being swarmed. Stab the ground zombie (QE, if one tries to pass normally)
 and try out the handy knee trick on the next. The barricaded lot should be
 clear, letting the girls work on the distraction.

 Inspect the red truck and honk its horn -- close but no cigar! The yelling
 from the trailer renders the progress moot. Observe the corpse near Jane, 
 suggest leaning it on the horn, and do the dragging QE to accomplish it. [The
 question to Jane during this part is one of the few in the game where picking
 the wrong option lets Clem do it over!]

 In the adjacent trailer, stab the do-rag deadite and the two will reach the
 destination's porch. Kick down the door and hurriedly block it; it's a game
 over if Clem's too slow on either part.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: A Heavy Burden

 After a reunion, try giving Sarah a pep talk.

 • We can't be kids anymore.    | Sarah will remember that.
 • Our friends make us strong.  | Sarah will remember that.
 • Everybody's waiting for you. | ---
 • ...                          | ---

 When it comes time to finding a makeshift ladder, suggest the shelving the
 team is using to block the door. Push it a ways (QE), then shiv the zombies
 at the door. There's a checkpoint after pushing (QE) the shelf to the bedroom.
 That's the final piece of this puzzle, ensuring an escape...well, for some.
 The 1st major decision of the episode is convincing (or stranding) Sarah. To
 convince her, end the pleas with a slap; otherwise, choose any "leave her"
 option (there's a few).

 • [Slap Sarah]  | Sarah will remember that.
 • [Leave Sarah] | ---

 Which decision to pick? Well, Sarah does affect a later chapter, but until
 then, doesn't matter one whit.

 Items -----: Pain Pills
 Achievement: Making an Observation

 This is one of the longest chapters in the entire season, honestly. At least
 there's a checkpoint halfway through, though. First chat is consequential only
 if Sarah was left behind: 

 • You left her, too.       | Luke will remember that.
 • We didn't have a choice. | Luke will remember that.
 • What should I have done? | ---
 • ...                      | ---

 The continuing chat focuses on Jane's past...

 • How could you leave your sister? | Jane will remember that.
 • I'm sorry, Jane.                 | ---
 • Did she "turn"?                  | ---
 • ...                              | ---

 • Sarah wasn't Jaime.           | Jane will remember that.
 • Sarah wasn't dangerous.       | Jane will remember that.
 • I hope I did the right thing. | ---
 • ...                           | ---

 After the team's rendezvoused at Parker's Run, Clem gets stuck with coaxing
 Kenny from his tent. (He'll always be there, no matter how last episode was
 completed.) The only part of importance has several potential replies. To
 infuriate the poor guy, reply all the way down to "I lost my parents!".

   .-• Carver didn't kill you, like it or not! | ---
   | • You help me all the time.               | Kenny will remember that.
   | • Rebecca needs your help.                | Kenny will remember that.
   | • ...                                     | Kenny noticed your silence.
   |-• What about Rebecca?                     | Kenny will remember that.
 .-+-• You're just feeling sorry for yourself. | ---
 | |-• I'm just worried about you.             | Kenny will remember that.
 | '-• ...                                     | ---
 |-• I need you.                       | Kenny will remember that.
 |-• You're the only one who can help. | Kenny will remember that.
 |-• I lost my parents!                | Kenny will remember that.
 '-• ...                               | ---

 Bonnie and Mike will be tasked with inspecting the museum; Jane volunteers to
 scope out the waterfront structure. This spurs our redhead to question Jane's
 true allegiances.

 • I trust her.                  | They will remember that.
 • She's been helping us so far. | They will remember that.
 • Jane's scared about the baby. | They will remember that.
 • ...                           | ---

 Either way, Clem can decide which place to check out. The decision doesn't
 matter, since both will be inspected anyway (just not both in this chapter).
 The only thing that changes is the introductory scene, being Jane's picnic
 chat and the museum graveyard approach. The one visited last doesn't have
 it...though neither has anything important anyway. (Telling Mike about Jane's
 knee trick is funny, though.)

 To keep things easy, the walkthrough'll assume the river building is first.
 Chat with Jane at the picnic table until she leads Clem up to the gift shop.
 Next, it's time to inspect the deck. The only mandatory point of interest is
 the telescope nearest the stairway -- this starts a scene where a strange kid
 with a leg brace approaches. Formulate any plan to continue.

 No matter what action is taken by the cannon, he (Arvo) will eventually be
 aware of Clem's presence and gets jumped by Jane. This leads to the 2nd major
 choice in the chapter: pocketing his bag o' medicine or letting him go free
 with it.

 • [Keep the bag]   | He will remember that.
 • [Return the bag] | He will remember that.

 Arvo will always be shooed off the premises; there's no way to kill him or
 even take his revolver. (Designers once again ensuring Clem has no firearm
 of her own. Thanks, guys.) Talk with her, then find Luke downstairs.

     • You should stay near Rebecca. | ---
     • We found shelter.             | ---
 .---• We met a stranger.            | ---
 | .-• We robbed someone.            | Luke will remember that.
 | | • ...                           | ---
 | |
 | |-• Sometimes you have to do bad things. | ---
 | |-• Rebecca needs them!                  | ---
 | |-• Jane told me to.                     | ---
 | '-• ...                                  | ---
 |-• Jane scared him off.                | Luke will remember that.
 |-• Jane wanted to rob him.             | Luke will remember that.
 |-• I'm worried. He might be dangerous. | Luke will remember that.
 '-• ...                                 | ---

   • Who are you to judge?             | ---
   • You're right, he's broken.        | ---
 .-• You're wrong, he's protecting us. | ---
 | • ...                               | ---
 |-• Carver deserved it.         | Luke will remember that.
 |-• What Kenny did bothered me. | Luke will remember that.
 |-• What would you have done?   | Luke will remember that.
 '-• ...                         | ---

 Items -----: Coat
 Achievement: History Lesson

 Chat with Rebecca and Kenny here. The first reply will change depending on
 whether Alvin survived Episode 2, and which location was visited first. The
 only part worth remembering is Rebecca's portion:

 • Alvin was never scared.                | Rebecca will remember that.
 • Alvin thinks it's gonna be a girl.     | Rebecca will remember that.
 • You're going to be a good mom.         | Rebecca will remember that.
 • We'll all help you keep the baby safe. | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                                    | ---

 Kenny will ask Clem to find Mike and Bonnie at the museum up the road, so
 that's the next stop. At this time, it's possible to speak with Sarah, if
 she's here, and give the painkillers to Bec, if they were lifted from Arvo.
 (If the museum was visited, the coat can be given instead of the meds.) Sarah
 has a missable convo here: 

 • I thought about it. | Sarah will remember that.
 • We're friends.      | ---
 • Did you want me to? | ---
 • ...                 | ---

 At the museum, talk until free reign to snoop is given. Locate the grey coat
 near the cannonball exhibit for a small chat with the ever-contrite Bonnie:

 • You're with us now.                    | Bonnie will remember that.
 • You've got a lot to make up for.       | Bonnie will remember that.
 • You finally realized Carver was bad... | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                                    | ---

 Now that Mike's moved, visit the counter he was originally at. Clem can raise
 the shutter once the cardboard box is moved, which results in another convo.
 This one ("I don't want to go") is particularly funny since our heroine makes
 note of crawling into danger 'cause she's the smallest. The decision on who
 goes through is the 3rd major decision of the episode.

 • Try the door again. | ---
 • All right, I'll go. | ---
 • I don't want to go. | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                 | ---

 Regardless of who tries going into the lock, a hidden zombie will grab them.
 Do the QE event to free oneself/Bonnie, then stab the perpetrator before it
 can do any harm. (Laughably, inaction always results in Clementine being
 bitten, even if Bonnie's arm is grabbed and Mike has the walker pinned like
 a wrestling pro. Naturally, these are game over scenarios.) Afterwards, the
 applicable of the two discussion conversations occurs.

 • Thanks, Mike.                     | ---
 • I'm not as small as I used to be. | ---
 • You shouldn't have asked me.      | Bonnie will remember that.
 • ...                               | ---

 There'll be a small QE where Clem lifts the water, but Mike always steps in.
 Soon Bonnie spots a raccoon at the main gate. Search the hiding spots to flush
 the critter, then try (unsuccessfully) to nab it. When the vampire beastie
 scampers off, the chapter ends.

4.7 - LABOR
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 Do the dialogue at the meet-up point until everyone moves to the gift shop.
 Walkers will, amazingly, begin an slow ascent to that position. (If pills
 weren't given to Rebecca earlier, one can do so now.) Clem can decide to help
 shoot walkers or offer moral support to Rebecca. The latter route provides
 the only meaninful dialogue in the chapter:

 • You can do this!                 | Rebecca will remember that.
 • The baby will die!               | Rebecca will remember that.
 • People are risking their lives!! | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                              | ---

 Clem will always end up assisting the stairway allies. This leads immediately

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: All Fall Down

 Inspect the cannon and begin moving it, only for the deck to give way. This
 drops Sarah into the horde and causes Jane to hang by a thread. Note that
 Sarah can't be saved, no matter which decision is chosen. (If Sarah died
 during "Trapped," no other survivor replaces her in the scenario. There's just
 a simple QE to rescue Jane.) This doesn't even count as a major decision.

 • You didn't even try. | Jane will remember that.
 • I know.              | ---
 • Shut up, Jane.       | Jane will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 To truly be free, the remaining deck needs to be dropped. Observe the upper
 support plate, and when Mike lifts Clem up, hack (x3) the pin. True safety!

 Items -----: Nail File
 Achievement: On Foot

 That night, there's a chat with Rebecca regarding the baby.

 • Now what do we do?           | ---
 • He looks like Alvin.         | Rebecca will remember that.
 • He doesn't look like Carver. | Rebecca will remember that.
 • ...                          | ---

 Whether Clem holds the baby or not is the 4th major decision, despite having
 no meaningful dialogue. Soon after, Jane will leave permanently, and offers
 her nail file as a parting gift. (There's no downside to taking it, so might
 as well.) Luke and Kenny will have a minor shouting match soon after.

 • You're both being jerks.        | They will remember that.
 • Luke didn't do anything wrong.  | ---
 • Kenny is thinking of the group. | ---
 • ...                             | ---

 Now, the survivors have to decide whether to head on at first light or allot
 Bec time to convalesce. The decision is ultimately meaningless, outcome-wise.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Beyond the Trees

 Rebecca will always be in tough shape when the team hits the road. The first
 convo will echo Clem's most recent choice, but only the second matters:

 • He's not your baby, Kenny.   | Kenny will remember that.
 • Kenny knows what he's doing. | Luke will remember that.
 • You should listen to Luke.   | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                          | ---

 Arvo, the kid with the meds, will approach at this point, though most of the
 group doesn't know who he is. Regardless of how one treated him previously,
 and regardless of how Clem tackles the situation (brokering a deal, etc.), he
 and his band will stage a robbery. This leads to the 5th and final decision
 at chapter's end: who shoots Rebecca. If Clem doesn't, Kenny will; there's no
 avoiding it. The shot cues the gun battle, ending the episode with a bang.

 • Almost 75% of players rescue Sarah at the trailer park.
 • A little under half the players rob Arvo at the observation deck.
 • Almost 90% of people crawl into the ticket booth at the museum.
 • Over 90% of people hold the baby when Rebecca offers.
 • A little over half the players shoot Rebecca when she starts turning.

05) NO GOING BACK                                                        [WK05]
 The final episode was first released on August 26, 2014.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Blood and Iron

 Clem begins right in the thick of things. Crawl forward to get the episode's
 first decision: picking up the infant or ducking behind the drystone wall.
 Only the first comment matters, and if Clem prioritizes hiding.

 • Let Kenny handle it. | Luke will remember that.
 • Just stay down.      | Luke will remember that.
 • So do something!     | Luke will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 Either way, the baby will be saved and Luke gets shot. Kill the remaining
 walker, then get ready for a ton of dialogue as Jane comes back. Only one
 portion matters, surprisingly.

 • So what, you want a cookie? | Jane will remember that.
 • I'm glad you're back.       | Jane will remember that.
 • We needed you.              | Jane will remember that.
 • ...                         | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Miles to Go

 Another chat-heavy chapter. Early on, there's a chance to tell Bonnie what
 Luke was discussing, which annoys him.

 • Nothing important. | ---
 • It's getting cold. | ---
 • Luke feels bad.    | Luke will remember that.
 • ...                | ---

 The second half is Clem cleaning Kenny's wounds. Only the final remark will
 leave a lasting impression.

 • It's Carver's fault. | Kenny will remember that.
 • We're all at fault.  | Kenny will remember that.
 • Raise him right.     | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 Items -----: Rum
 Achievement: Right of Frost

 Little happens in this chapter, but it's one of the most enjoyable in the
 whole season. Continue until the campfire scene ends, letting Clem ply Jane
 and Kenny with rum to have them sit by the fire. Jane's conversation has one
 part of note: 

 • Cause you made it with Luke? | Jane will remember that.
 • Only if you make it weird.   | Jane will remember that.
 • We're all adults.            | Jane will remember that.
 • ...                          | ---

 Kenny's part has two. The first only appears if Clem talks with Jane and has
 a sip of alcohol.

 • You're not my dad.   | Kenny will remember that.
 • Sorry about that.    | Kenny will remember that.
 • It's not a big deal. | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                  | ---

 • The baby might be cold.               | You convinced Kenny to rejoin.
 • You should come too.                  | You convinced Kenny to rejoin.
 • I understand if you want to be alone. | You gave Kenny his space.
 • ...                                   | ---

 The night ends with an Arvo scene. How it goes depends on if Kenny came and
 sat with the group.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Center Cannot Hold

 A few moments in, Kenny will be attacked by a walker. Help or no help, he'll
 fend it off, which leads to everyone finding Arvo's house. They'll need to
 cross a frozen lake first, though. If Clem gives some good advice, the others
 remember it: 

 • Maybe we should just run across. | ---
 • We should go slowly.             | They will remember that.
 • Don't clump together.            | They will remember that.
 • ...                              | ---

 At the end, Luke is endangered by thin ice and needs assistance. Clem can
 choose to help rescue him personally or shoot the walkers to buy him time.
 This is the second major decision in this episode.

 • [Help Luke]  | You chose to help Luke.
 • [Cover Luke] | You chose to cover Luke.

 Helping Luke causes both him and Clem to fall in. To survive, simply do the
 initial QE, then kick the swimming (!?) lurker who grabs on a few times. If
 one covers Luke, him and Bonnie fall in. Hurry and smash the ice repeatedly
 to break through. [If Clem wastes too much time in that portion, both Luke
 and Bonnie perish. The game never explains why they don't just surface where
 they fell in. Not like there's a vicious undertow here...]

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 A relatively brief chapter with no checkpoints. No matter how tragic the lake
 event was, the only conversation of note takes place with Jane, after they've
 settled in a little.

 • He cared about you, too.  | Jane will remember that.
 • We have to move on now... | Jane will remember that.
 • He was a great guy.       | Jane will remember that.
 • ...                       | ---

 At the end, Clem will go help Kenny with the truck he found out back.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: All the Dark Night

 This is a brief 3-part chapter. The first is with Kenny outside as he works
 on the truck. There's little to do besides gab and turn the ignition a few
 times and go back inside. [There's an optional chat with Bonnie outside, if
 she survived.]

 Next, chat with Jane while she babysits. This soon leads into the final part
 where the truck is in working condition and everyone huddles around. There'll
 be two pertinent conversations with Kenny: one outside, one in the vehicle.

 • Let's sleep on it. | Kenny will remember that.
 • Jane's right.      | Kenny will remember that.
 • I'm with Kenny.    | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                | ---

 • To not trust anyone.                  | Kenny will remember that.
 • To keep the group together.           | Kenny will remember that.
 • That he doesn't have all the answers. | Kenny will remember that.
 • ...                                   | ---

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 Clem will wake up to find thieves attempting to take their stuff, including
 the newly-operational pickup. The 3rd major decision of the episode is whether
 our heroine asks to go with them or not. The scene always ends the same way,
 with Clem taking a bullet and waking up in said vehicle.

5.8 - FADE OUT
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: We Slowly Drove

 After a fun but inconsequential flashback (to S1E3), Clem wakes up in the
 pickup, all patched up. There's only one reply series of note here:

 • We should go back.       | They will remember that.
 • Wellington is out there. | They will remember that.
 • Please stop arguing.     | ---
 • ...                      | ---

 When the team is forced to stop at the roadblock, Kenny will go search for
 diesel. As walkers start to approach, hit the gas and drive about ten feet
 before wrecking (hilarious!). Shoot the zombie in the windshield, and after
 a few moments, the one under the chassis.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Kindly Stop for Me

 This is one of the shortest chapters in the game. Simply trudge through the
 handful of blizzardy, walker-filled screens. Avoiding conflict is rather
 easy, so there's no need to waste ammo, though it doesn't matter either way.
 At the end, Clem locates the rest stop Kenny mentioned earlier.

 Once Jane arrives, there'll be three conversations, which immediately leads
 into the final chapter.

 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: All the Dead Lie Down

 The deathmatch continues, but surprisingly, none of the dialogue options or
 Clem's interventions matter. All that carries relevance is the 4th major
 choice in the episode: shooting Kenny or looking away (which kills Jane).

 This is the turning point for the endings, of which there's three to see. I'd
 normally skip this part for spoiler-related reasons, but the differences need
 to be documented somewhere, I guess. The 5th major choice depends on which
 route is taken:

 • KENNY ENDING: Occurs if Kenny lives and Clem goes with him. They'll locate
   Wellington, giving Clem & AJ the option to stay or remain with Kenny.

 • JANE ENDING: Occurs if Jane lives and Clem goes with her. They'll return to
   Lowe's, the hardware store from Episode 3 and try to get set up. Survivors
   will approach and ask for entry. One can either welcome 'em to the fold or
   send 'em away, staying with just Jane and AJ.

 • LONESOME ENDING: Occurs if both Kenny and Jane die, or Clem saves one and
   chooses not to accompany them. Clem and AJ will go off on their own, and
   the game ends with them attempting camouflage to pass through a herd. This
   may be the biggest "wild card" ending, since it gives potential for an ally
   to survive or both be dead. Only Season 3 will tell how it works out (and
   knowing Telltale, it'll probably be tied up early to get it out of the way.)

 • Over 80% of players save the baby in the first chapter.
 • About half the players try to help Luke at the lake.
 • Almost 95% of players DON'T try to leave with the thieves at Arvo's house.
 • Almost 70% of players shoot the knife-wielder during the deathmatch.
 • The majority of people in Chapter 5 go with Jane + send the survivors away.

III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          [FAQZ]

 [Q] - Do the dialogue choices with Christa mean anything?
 [A] - They mean very little in subsequent chapters, but who knows what's in
       store for Season 3? If anything, I'm sure Clem's picks will be lightly
       referenced, even if they aren't game-changers.

 [Q] - Will there even be a Season 3?
 [A] - I don't think it's been announced yet, what with Telltale working on
       their new Borderlands spinoff and the "A Wolf Among Us" series. Seeing
       how TWD is popular though, I'm sure it won't be left swinging in the

 [Q] - The game is billed as "being tailored to how you play" -- true or not?
 [A] - A few major decisions do, but the other 95% don't. I say this as one
       who went through the dialogue, continuously restarting to see which
       replies meant anything. This doesn't necessarily make the game less
       fun, just more contrived. (Well, the replayability might suffer a bit.)

IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
 08-31-14 ------------------+ Started walkthrough
 09-08-14 ------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
 • Kenneth, the raging badass. Fly true, fly far.

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