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Reviewed: 09/18/14

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Well, it's another year so it's time to buy the next Madden game! As always, this one is will be an upgraded version of past games, so let's jump right in!

First things first, I'm a causal Madden player. The only times I find myself playing are when my nephew challenges me or I can't find the disc to another game. With that being said, feel free to take my review lightly, for I don't know all of the features this game has to offer. After all, I've only played, like, 4 exhibition games and some training tutorials. This is what I've seen...

I'm not sure if these graphics are better than previous games or not, but they really weren't that stellar; especially up close. I saw coaches with eyes bugging out from their heads. It wasn't a major distraction, but it did prove to be a topic of discussion with my nephew. Also, just from a realism stand point, it seems like tattoos don't exist on players. The 49ers QB has full sleeves of ink, yet he must've had them lasered off for the game. From the line of scrimmage everything looks great and smooth, though, and since that's where the bulk of the game is played, the graphics do a fine job.

The animations are pretty nice as well. Players grab, trip, and fall over each other and they do so in a seamless fashion. Even catching a pass looks genuine, which real adds excitement to the game.

The meat and potatoes of the game. Basically, this is just like all the other Madden games with one noticeable difference: Players are sloooooooow. I'm serious. Players take long, drawn out strides that get them no where. I thought this might be normal since, you know, these guys are bigger and older. Momentum might not favor them. But I was wrong. Watching an actual NFL game last week showed me that just about every ball carrier can tear through the midfield at astounding speeds. I guess Madden wasn't able to keep up.

The newly added "Passer Accuracy" or whatever it's called is a pretty cool addition. Basically, in life, QB's make crappy passes from time to time. Madden installed that same realism into the game. It makes the game more believable, but really frustrating at times as well. It's nice seeing Peyton throw picks every now and then and thinking I actually have a chance.

Play calling is pretty much the same. You can change how you want them to look in the settings, or stick with the traditional 3-box plays. They've added a ton of new pre-play options also. I think this is the coolest part of the game. You can change receivers' hot routes, call extensive audibles, or show a blitz on defense. It's really elaborate and in-depth which is great. Only downside is that it's easy to run out the play clock by looking through all of the available options.

One thing I noticed, and I hope I'm the only one, is the lack of responsiveness of the controls. It might just be me, but then again, it shouldn't be so hard to press a single button. When I'm running the ball, it seems like a spin is the only move that registers. If I hold LT + B, I can perform a precision spin. That never happened. The stiff arms weren't connecting and the hit stick didn't apply for me. Even pressing Y to hurdle didn't seem to work. Now, it could very well be my controller, but while on defense all of those buttons worked fine. I'm probable screwing it up.

In short, the game is fun and is still that good ol' Madden we've all grown to love. It gets a 7 from me.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Madden NFL 15 (US, 08/26/14)

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