Translating the moves list into the buttons for the xbox controler?

  1. I'm a visually impaired gamer who is just beginning to get into the game. I am very new at console gaming so please bare with me as I learn quickly. I actually use the pc version for now, but am wondering for the move list how do I translate the buttons into the ones on the xbox controller. I googled and found a pretty decent moves list for all of the characters. I've got someone helping me, but I want to practice on my own so I can improve. I can't include the link as it won't let me, but hopefully my question makes some sense.
    Thanks all, and have a happy Sunday. By the way I'm documenting my progress on my youtube channel if anyone is interested. I'm not grate at making videos, but I like to still try and have fun doing it. I do not let my blindness stop me from accepting a challenge.

    Blessings and happy Saturday

    User Info: ke7zum

    ke7zum - 2 years ago

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