Game Trivia

  • This is only the second Bungie game to appear on a Playstation platform. Their first Playstation game was a PS2 port of the Mac/PC game Oni. The PS2 port of ONI was handled by Rockstar Toronto.

    Contributed By: thepenguin55.

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  • Peter Dinklage's voice acting for Destiny's character Ghost was widely criticized from players for being boring. Peter Dinklage's voice was later replaced with Nolan North's voice in the expansion pack, Destiny: The Taken King.

    Contributed By: 91210user.

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Famous Quote

  • "That Witch came from the Moon!"

    Contributed By: noz3r0.

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    Contributed By: FANTAMAN4000.

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  • Banshee-44: There's nothing I hate more than an alien with no respect for history...

    Contributed By: Sour.

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  • We've woken the Hive!!

    Contributed By: ColonelSoul12.

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  • We've woken the Hive!!

    Contributed By: ColonelSoul12.

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  • That Wizard had come from the Moon.

    Contributed By: FreyaGotSkills.

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