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by sokkus

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FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/12/15

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Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to 343 Industries' latest title in the Halo series Halo 5: Guardians. Halo 5: Guardians takes place following the events of Halo 4 (shocking I know) and similarly to Halo 2, features the Master Chief as one of two campaign characters with an overarching narrative. Whilst its gameplay is similar to that of Halo 4, it's level design and gun play feels much more reminiscent of the traditional Bungie developed Halo style with its own new, interesting and more modernised spin on the old fashioned Halo gameplay formula.

This guide will provide you with a walkthrough from beginning to end helping with strategies to get you through all the tricky combat areas, detail each enemy type and how best to confront them, help you understand the weapons on offer, earn all of those pesky achievements and help you gather all of the games collectibles and hidden skulls as we go.

If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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Gameplay Basics

Spartan Abilities

Spartan abilities are a new addition to Halo 5: Guardians and replace the armor abilities that made an appearance in Halo 4 and Halo: Reach. The abilities are all tied into a thruster pack that can be found on the newer Spartan armour (or something like that – didn't quite grab the details) and they provide players with a couple of special abilities and a number of movement options to greatly improve maneuverability around the battlefield.

The Spartan Abilities include:

  • Thruster – The thruster is an ability that allows you to boost a short distance in a given direction. This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly it can be used to close the gap between you and an enemy so that you can get up close and personal for melee attacks or conversely can be used to dodge out of the way of grenades/enemy fire. Its other useful function is to extend the distance of your jumps making it particularly useful in reaching out of the way and hard to reach places containing collectibles, alternate routes or special weapons.
  • Stabilizer – The stabilizer ability also feeds off of the thruster pack, but rather than moving you in a direction, it will have you hover in place. This can be activated by jumping and then looking down your iron sights – instead of falling you'll stay in midair for a second or so giving you just enough time to snap off a few headshots!
  • Ground Pound - The Ground Pound attack sees us use the thruster, with the aid of gravity to launch ourselves at the ground, causing a small knock back shockwave and damaging any enemies that get caught up in it. Ground pound can be triggered by jumping and holding down the LB button on the controller. If done successfully, this will cause a small, white circle to appear representing the area of effect of the attack. Position it as you please and after a short 1-2 second delay the attack will be unleashed. This can also be used to destroy weak sections of floor.
  • Clamber - Clamber is one of the more useful additions to the game,especially if you enjoy a bit of exploring. This move essentially gives you a double jump when near walls by giving Spartans the ability to scramble up to a ledge above. This is particularly useful for reaching sniping locations or when tracking down some of the numerous collectibles hidden throughout the campaign.
  • Sprint - The Sprint ability returns from Halo: Reach and Halo 4 and can be triggered by holding in the left stick. as the name implies, the ability enables Spartans to run at a quicker rate than normal. Unfortunately, overuse of this ability does have its drawbacks in Halo 5: Guardians as whilst you are sprinting, your shield will be unable to recharge.
  • Spartan Charge - This ability combines Sprint with the new Thruster ability. The Spartan Charge will become available once you reach a certain speed with a sprint (you'll see a diamond reticule on the screen when its good to go) and players can then use the Thruster at top speed to charge enemies with a nasty shoulder attack or bust through weak walls.
  • Slide - The Slide combines the Sprint ability with a crouch. As with the Spartan Charge players need to build up speed with the sprint before holding the crouch button to perform a slide - great for quickly moving into cover!

Weapons and Weapon Tactics

As with Halo 4, Halo 5: Guardians features not two, but three different factions, each with its own unit types and unique forms of weaponry and as you can imagine, due to the different factions you'll encounter during Halo 5: Guardians, there are an absolute tonne of weapons on offer. In addition to a large roster of returning favorites 343 Industries have also inserted a number of sexy new additions to the arsenal and by that same token, in the interest of balancing have also dropped a few boomsticks from the game as well.

Another new addition is the inclusion of 'Legendary' or unique variants of specific weapons that can be found during the campaign that grant players special abilities when used.

Below you'll find a list of weapons in the game by faction and a brief spiel about what they are good for:

UNSC (Human) Weapons

The UNSC is the human faction of the Halo series and as this is our Spartans' side of the fight, there are understandably a significantly larger number of weapons for this faction than any other. Other than the Sticky Detonator which has vanished, the weapons found in Halo 4 all make a triumphant return. There are also a couple of new additions including the SMG (returning for the first time since Halo 3: ODST) and the all new Hydra Launcher.

Here is a list of all the weapons on offer and some brief tactics on what they are useful for:

  • Magnum - The Magnum is back again (was it ever really gone?) and is till a pretty damn good sidearm. Unfortunately it isn't quite as strong as it was in the early games in the series, it still packs a punch with its ability to get head shot kills and fairly decent rate of fire. The optimal use fro this weapon is found at close to medium range.
  • Shotgun - The classic Halo Shotgun remains as it always has, fairly useless at mid-long range but absolutely devastating up close. As per the norm, two shots at point blank will take all but the toughest of enemies. In some of the missions with more narrow interior set-ups or cave systems, the Shotgun is a godsend.
  • SMG - The SMG trades off an extremely fast rate of fire for a large amount of recoil which somewhat affects accuracy. Due to said recoil, it is best to use it at close range for larger targets and in short bursts for maximum efficiency. The SMG has a good deal of ammo that makes it great for taking down enemies that have been stripped of their shields if no better option is available.
  • Assault Rifle - The Assault Rifle is the stock standard weapon in Halo 5: Guardians, just as it has been for the majority of the series. It features an impressive rate of fire (not as impressive as the SAW mind you) and is fairly accurate. The downside is it does take quite a bit of ammo to kill someone with it! It is best at short-medium range encounters and followed up with a melee slap.
  • SAW - The SAW has returned from Halo 4 and is as powerful as ever. It is a fully automatic machine gun and as such it trades off an extremely fast rate of fire for a large amount of recoil which affects accuracy. Best to use at close range and in short bursts for maximum efficiency. It has a very large clip which makes it great for clearing out a tunnel or two, defending positions or escorting team mates in multiplayer.
  • Battle Rifle - The Battle Rifle has made it back onto the Halo 5: Guardians arsenal following its Halo 4 revival and it is just as good as we remember! The Battle Rifle is equipped with a shirt-range scope and fires a highly accurate three round burst, which is excellent for popping the heads of unshielded covenant forces! For the best efficiency, use it at middle to long range.
  • DMR - The DMR replaced the Battle Rifle in Halo: Reach, but returned in Halo 4 and yet again it appears in Halo 5: Guardians alongside its predecessor. Both the DMR and Battle Rifle weapons are extremely effective at mid-range, but due to its longer scope, the DMR edges the Battle Rifle at long range. The DMR fires a single shell each time and although it has a slower rate of fire than the Battle Rifle it is incredibly effective at generating large numbers of headshots in skilled hands. Best used at mid-long range.
  • Sniper Rifle - The Sniper Rifle, like the Shotgun and the Assault Rifle is a staple that has remained unchanged throughout the entire Halo series and Halo 5: Guardians continues that trend. It features a scope with two levels of zoom and can fire up to four shots in quick succession before requiring a reload. On the majority of enemies in the game, a single Sniper Rifle shot to the head will be enough to kill them (or two in the body). Heavily armoured enemies will require a little more attention.
  • Frag Grenade - The UNSC Fragmentation Grenade is the standard human faction grenade that has been in existence since the beginning of Halo. It has a 3 second fuse that activates after contact with the ground. These explosive chums will be one of your most used items in Halo 5: Guardians in both the single player campaign and the multiplayer arena.
  • Rail Gun - The Rail Gun is back after its debut in Halo 4 and remains essentially unchanged. Similar to the Spartan Laser, it must be charged by holding down the 'shoot' trigger for a couple of seconds. Instead of a laser though the rail gun releases an explosive shell that is similar to what you can find on a gauss warthog. Due to the projectile as opposed to the laser, the Rail Gun is at its most effective at short-medium range.
  • Hydra Launcher - The Hydra Launcher is a new addition to Halo 5: Guardians and feels a lot like a human equivalent of the Covenant Brute Shot which made an appearance in Halo 2 and 3. It has the ability to lob multiple grenades at once which will explode when either hitting enemies on the full or shortly after bouncing off a floor/wall. It is most effective at close to medium range.
  • Spartan Laser - The Spartan Laser is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. It needs to be charged for a couple of seconds before unleashing a large beam of red laser death that will instantly kill anything that touches it and yes, that includes most vehicles (although Wraiths can take more than one shot). If you are good enough you and kill hit more than one enemy! Although it has a scope, it is best used at medium range, unless you are targeting a slow moving vehicle in the distance.
  • Rocket Launcher - The Rocket Launcher returns essentially unchanged from Halo 4. It still holds two rockets in its double barrel. They are fairly slow moving by projectile standards but cause a great deal of damage at the impact as well as additional splash damage to surrounding areas. Highly effective against vehicles and infantry (although it has much more accuracy when aimed for the feet of the latter). A new addition to the Rocket Launcher in Halo 5: Guardians is a lock on function for enemy vehicles which makes a comeback from Halo 2. Aiming down the iron sights on an enemy vehicle for a few seconds will lock the target.

Covenant Weapons

The Covenant are the one faction in Halo that has always been in direct opposition to the UNSC in every single game. There are a large number of weapons on offer for this faction as well and as with the UNSC weaponry there have been a few changes to the available firearms. Other than the Concussion Rifle which has vanished, the weapons found in Halo 4 all make a triumphant return. There are also a couple of new additions including the all new Plasma Caster.

Here is a list of all the weapons on offer and some brief tactics on what they are useful for:

  • Plasma Pistol - The primary fire of the Plasma Pistol is next to useless (although it can take down an energy shield eventually), but holding the fire button down will charge up a homing ball of plasma that is extremely useful. Hitting an enemy with the secondary overcharge function is a sure fire way to take down a Elite's energy shield or destroy a jackals shield instantaneously, leaving them open for a nice, clean head shot. Additionally, if you can hit a manned vehicle with the Plasma Pistol overcharge, it will become temporarily disabled, giving players a window of opportunity to kill the driver or hijack the vehicle. This weapon it is only really useful at short-mid range.
  • Storm Rifle - The Storm Rifle is the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC Assault Rifle and features a similar accuracy rating. It differs in that when holding down the shoot button, it will progressively fire faster and faster. Unfortunately, like several of the other Covenant weapons, firing too much, too quickly will see it overheat and you'll be unable to use it for a few moments whilst it cools down. Another, quite annoying feature of this weapon is that it is impossible to pick up additional ammunition, requiring you to drop it once you have used up your clip and find another.
  • Needler - The Needler is one of Halo's more unique weapons and it fires off little pink, homing needles that will attach themselves to enemies. If you can stick an enemy with enough of these needles, they will explode and kill the unlucky target and cause explosive splash damage to any other enemies in close proximity. The needler is most useful at short-mid range.
  • Covenant Carbine - Similar to the UNSC Battle Rifle, the Covenant Carbine boasts a mid-range scope and a similar level of accuracy to the aforementioned weapon. The big difference between the Covenant Carbine and the Battle Rifle is that the Carbine does less damage per shot, but has a larger ammo reserve and faster rate of fire than the Battle Rifle. It is a weapon best used at medium to long range.
  • Beam Rifle - The Beam Rifle is essentially the same as the human Sniper Rifle in terms of two levels of zoom, accuracy and damage output, it just does it without the ammo clip. Instead of bullets, the Beam Rifle uses plasma energy, meaning you'll never have to reload. The negatives though, similar to the other Covenant weapons is that there is no way to pick up ammo for them so they only have a limited shelf life. Firing too much, too soon will result in the weapon overheating and being unusable for a short period of time.
  • Plasma Grenade - The Plasma Grenades have been a series stalwart since the original Halo: Combat Evolved and they are a great addition to the lineup of weapons. These Covenant grenades will stick to organic matter when thrown, allowing players to stick it to opponents or enemies for a bit of fun! Funnily enough, they don't stick to walls but will explode after a short time following contact with walls/floors.
  • Fuel Rod Cannon - This weapon is sort of the Covenant's answer to the Rocket Launcher. It fires glowing green projectiles that will ricochet off the ground if fired at an angle. Although these projectiles are explosive, they do not result in as much damage as those of the Rocket Launcher. Having said that, the Fuel Rod Cannon can fire up to five times before reloading to the Rocket Launcher's limit of two. This weapon is best used at the feet of enemies or on vehicles and at short-medium range.
  • Plasma Caster - The Plasma Caster seems to be the game's take on Halo 4's missing Concussion Rifle. The Plasma Caster (aside from sporting a pretty cool name) is a fairly powerful weapon that shoots explosive mini-plasma rounds. These projectiles can be charged up in order to stick enemies/vehicles similar to Plasma Grenades or fired off in quick succession to litter the ground with mini-grenades that will explode, generating a decent amount of splash damage after a short fuse timer. it is pretty effective at countering vehicles and killing infantry as well. Most effective at short range.
  • Energy Sword - This is the Elite's favorite weapon. The Energy Sword can produce an instant kill if you can hit an enemy with a lunge attack. To do this, wait for the reticule to turn red and hit the fire button! As it is a melee weapon, the Energy Sword is only really effective at close range.

Promethean Weapons

The Prometheans first made an appearance in place of the Flood as a hostile third party in Halo 4 and return in Halo 5: guardians in that same capacity. Although there are not quite as many weapons on offer for this faction as the other two, there have been a few changes to those that have made a comeback from Halo 4. Here is a list of all the weapons on offer and some brief tactics on what they are useful for:

  • Boltshot - This is the Promethean equivalent of the UNSC Magnum and the Covenant Plasma Rifle. Similar to the Plasma Pistol it has a charge up shot that can remove shields, albeit not quite as effectively whilst also having the rapid fire capability of the Magnum that delivers slightly less damage than its UNSC counterpart.
  • Scattershot - The scattershot is similar to the UNSC Shotgun with a couple of minor differences. The Scattershot holds one less shell than the Shotgun, which means it will be requiring a reload slightly quicker than the human equivalent. Additionally, upon firing, the Scattershot's shell pellets will ricochet off walls and the floor which can be an effective way to clear behind cover or around corners in skilled hands. As with the Shotgun, it's only effective at close range.
  • Suppressor - The Suppressor has undertaken a bit of a transformation since its appearance in Halo 4 and now, rather than being a replica of the UNSC Assault Rifle, it now incorporates some of the elements of the Covenant Needler as well. Although it has slightly more ammo capacity and does a little less damage than the Assault Rifle, its bullets with automatically home in on any target close enough. Again it is at its most effective at close-medium range.
  • Light Rifle - The Light Rifle is likely the offspring of the unholy union between a DMR and the Battle Rifle. It can fire a three round burst that mimics the battle rifle, but with the scope enabled it will fire off single shells like the DMR. Like the weapons it seems to be made up from, it is very accurate and is most effective at medium range, and to an extent long range when zoomed.
  • Binary Rifle - The Binary Rifle is yet another example of a blend of Covenant and UNSC weaponry. This time the two long range weapons - the Sniper Rifle and Beam Rifle are brought together. The Binary Rifle incorporates the rate of fire similar to the Sniper Rifle without the risk of overheating like the Beam Rifle. It trades off more power for fewer shots between reloads. It will only be able to fire twice before reloading. As with the other Sniper Rifles, only use it at long range.
  • Pulse Grenade - The Pulse Grenades have also had a bit of a mix up since their first appearance in Halo 4. The version found in Halo 5: Guardians features an initial explosion when thrown, but floating, explosive remnants will remain in the air for a short time afterwards as well. These act sort of like a proximity mine and will explode anyone (friend or foe) who wanders too close.
  • Incineration Cannon - The Incineration Cannon in Halo 5: Guardians features a pair of firing modes. The initial, quick-fire mode shoots a projectile that spits into three smaller projectiles that hit in a cluster, creating larger area of effect damage. Holding down the fire button for a few seconds will charge up a much more powerful shot. As with the Rocket Launcher, the initial impact site will cop a fair bit of damage and additional splash damage will hurt anything in the immediate area. It can be used with its best efficiency at mid-range.

Enemies & Enemy Tactics Guide

Halo has always had some pretty cool enemies and thanks to Halo 4's inclusion of the new Promethean race, there is plenty of variety to the exotic aliens that you'll get to kill throughout the game. Most of the Covenant forces from the classic titles have returned along with a few new abilities. Pretty much every class of Promethean that we experienced in Halo 4 also return in Halo 5: Guardians along with a pair of new enemy types and some alterations to existing enemy types.

Below you'll find a list of enemy types in the game by faction and a brief spiel about what they are good for:

Covenant Forces

The majority of the core Covenant forces remain intact from previous titles with Elites, Grunts and Jackals making up the vast majority of the enemies you'll encounter. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your preferences), Buggers, Brutes and Engineers are nowhere to be found.

Here is a list of all the Covenant enemies in the game and some brief tactics on how to approach them:

  • Grunt - Grunts are the cannon fodder of the covenant forces. Small, weak and without any kind of protection, you can head shot them right away for an instant kill. As they are weak, their strength comes with their numbers and you'll rarely encounter one in a group of less than four. They often will run away if you kill an Elite in the same general area or you thin their numbers out enough. They normally are armed with plasma pistols and freely throw plasma grenades however on the odd occasion they can also be in possession of some more damaging weapons such as Needlers or the destructive Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon.
  • Suicide Grunt - Like the above Grunts, the Suicide Grunts can be easily put down with a single head shot. They will however charge at you with a pair of activated plasma grenades in their hands and explode when they near you. Simply shoot them before they arrive to nullify the threat. They don't make a lot of noise and can sneak up on you at times, so remain vigilant and use that radar to avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Shield Jackal - The Jackals, similar to grunts are fairly weak and can be killed instantly with a head shot. The problem with the shield Jackals is that they have a small, portable energy shield for protection. These guys often will advance towards you with their shield in front, providing enemies behind them such as Grunts and Elites with moving cover from which they can shoot you. To kill them we need to take the shield down, to do this quickly and effectively, shoot their gun hand on the left hand side of the shield. This will stun them temporarily and they will drop their shield for a moment. Alternatively, hitting them with a plasma overcharge from the plasma pistol will destroy the shield. Grenades will also have them diving out of the way, dropping the shield for a few moments as well. Whilst a Jackal is distracted, use that opportunity to put a bullet in their head. They are usually equipped with Plasma Pistols and unlike the grunts, they will use the overcharge feature which will instantly strip your shield if it hits you.
  • Jackal Marksman - As mentioned previously Jackals, similar to grunts are fairly weak and can be killed instantly with a head shot. The marksman variety do not have shields at all but will sit on ledges and target you with ranged weapons such as Beam Rifles and Covenant Carbines. They can fire with an excellent degree of accuracy and will subsequently cause a great deal of damage. A single shot to the head will kill these guys, but the real challenge is to spot and kill them before they are able do too much damage to you. In Halo 5: Guardians, some of these Jackal Marksman have access to jet packs, allowing them to transition between ledges and around rooms extremely quickly - so be sure to keep your guard up!
  • Elite - The Elites are the Covenant equivalent of Spartans. They have an energy shields that can protect their bodies from incoming fire which can recharge and replenish themselves after a few moments of inactivity. To kill Elites, you will need to strip their energy shields before shooting their exposed body to kill them - an excellent way to do this is by using the Plasma Pistol overcharge to remove their shields and then follow up with a head shot weapon. As the top tier of the Covenant forces that you will come across they have access to all kinds of weapons. Their most common weapon is the Storm Rifle, however they can also wield the Covenant Carbine, Needlers and Fuel Rod Cannons and from my experience I'm pretty sure they thoroughly enjoy a bit of Plasma Grenade tossing.
  • Hunters - Hunters are the largest of the Covenant faction enemies that you will come across in the game and you will always encounter them in pairs. They are heavily armored and are equipped with a giant shield in one hand and a Fuel Rod Cannon in the other. If you get too close, they will attempt to lunge and shield bash you. Additionally if you stay too far from them, they will fire off their explosive and deadly Fuel Rod Cannon. To kill them, you will need to shoot their exposed weak spots which happen to be orange in colour and located in the center of their backs. To reach it, either use your team as a decoy, or use Grenades or some other type of explosives to cause an explosion behind them, or alternatively (and much easier) lure them into lunging at you, dodge their attack and quickly move behind to unload on their weak spot with any weapon you have (Shotguns would be the weapon of choice though!).

Promethean Forces

All of the Promethean enemy types that we encountered in Halo 4 make a comeback in Halo 5: Guardians with the Crawlers, Knights and Watchers all featuring heavily. There are however a few changes with the Knights undergoing almost a complete re-design and a couple of new enemy types taking over from some of the tactics they employed in Halo 4. In general, the Prometheans are a little less overpowered in Halo 5 than they were in Halo 4 and now most feature glowing weak sports which will appear after damaging them enough which can speed up the process of dealing with them considerably.

Here is a list of all the Promethean enemies in the game and some brief tactics on how to approach them:

  • Crawler - Crawlers are probably the most common enemy you will encounter in the entire game and in a nutshell are the Promethean equivalent of the Covenant Grunt. The Crawlers are small, dog-like creatures that hunt in packs. Fortunately, they are relatively weak and most can be felled by a single shot to the head. Crawlers can climb walls (although nowhere near as much as they did in Halo 4) and are extremely fast movers. They come equipped with a Boltshot which they can use to attack from a distance or alternatively they will try to band together as a group and swarm you to dish out a melee attack or two.
  • Crawler Snipe - The Crawler Snipers are essentially the same as the regular crawlers. How they differ is that they are equipped with the Binary Rifle, the Promethean sniper rifle so instead of moving up to attack you, they will remain at a distance.They do not feature all that regularly during the campaign, but they can be distinguished from the regular Crawlers by the color of their heads. The Crawler Snipes have a red glow around their heads. If you notice the red glow increasing in size, that means it is charging a shot with its Binary Rifle, so try to quickly get into cover before it can let it loose on you. Like the regular flavor of Crawler, the Snipes can be dispatched with a single head shot.
  • Crawler Prime - This variation of the Crawler is slightly more armored and can be identified by the presence of spikes on its back. It can also be equipped with either a Boltshot or a Suppressor. It can still be killed by a single shot to the head, but will require additional damage to take down if targeting other parts of its body.
  • Soldier - The Soldiers are the new addition to the Promethean forces and they replace the commonplace Knights that we encountered in Halo 4. They can utilise a large array of Promethean weaponry with a definite interest in Light Rifles and Suppressors. They have the annoying ability to use short range teleportation and will regularly use it to reach cover, sniping positions and to sneak up behind you. Soldiers have glowing orange/yellow weak spots which can be observed after damaging them a sufficient amount. Damaging the weak spots will take them down extremely quickly.
  • Turret Soldiers - Turret Soldiers are a slightly larger, more heavily armoured version of the standard Soldier. They carry around with them Promethean Splinter Turrets which feature explosive projectiles. Again, shooting them to reveal weak spots and dealing with those is the quickest way to get these guys down fast.
  • Watcher - Watchers are flying Prometheans that act primarily as support units. In addition to being able to shoot at you with their equipped Boltshots, Watchers can summon Crawlers, restore damaged armour on Knights and create blue hardlight shields on enemies to prevent you from damaging them. If you are fighting Prometheans and you see Watchers flying around, it is a good idea to try and take them out before focusing on the other enemies in the area.
  • Knight - The Knights have made the transition from Elite-style enemies in Halo 4 to being closer to Hunters in Halo 5: Guardians. There are only a single form of Knights this time around and they are relatively slow moving but heavily armoured. They have weak spots located below either shoulder which we can target to remove sections of armour and reveal weak spots which can then be hit for greater damage. The Knights can deal a great deal of damage with melee attacks and can carry numerous types of Promethean weapons including the very deadly Incineration Cannons.

Campaign Walkthrough

This walkthrough will provide players with (hopefully) a decent amount of information on how to get through each level of Halo 5: Guardians campaign, giving you some tips and tricks to get past some of the trickier combat encounters, alternate routes and flanking locations. We'll also be sure to address some useful weapon locations to make things a little easier on you, helping you find the campaign's 13 hidden Skulls and to gather all 117 Mission Intel collectibles whilst also informing you of how to unlock the game's level-specific achievements as you go! Enjoy!

Note: This guide is still a work in progress. I have incorporated most of the Mission Intel items, Unique Weapons, mission-specific achievements and hidden Skulls in each mission into the walkthrough but am still missing some.The walkthrough currently has:

  • All 117/117 Mission Intel items.
  • All 13/13 Hidden Skulls.
  • As many Unique Weapons as I have found to date.

The guide will be be updated as I find more!

If you find something that I've missed, please head down to the contact section and let me know!


Mission 01: Osiris

Mission Intel07
Unique Weapon/s02

Part 1: Fireteam Osiris

As soon as you begin the mission, you'll want to move forward and wipe out any remaining survivors in the crash site ahead. Upon moving past the debris, look by some crates to the right for a Covenant Data Pad [Mission Intel 01/07]. There is a weapon rack here with a Storm Rifle or Plasma Pistol if you wish to swap.

Note: You'll earn an Achievement ‘Conspiracy Theory' for finding the first piece of Mission Intel.

Follow the icy path along the cliff edge until you see fighting ahead between Covenant and Promethean forces. There are several Jackals and Grunts as well as an Elite fighting a large group of Crawlers. Most of the action will take place at ground level so use the raised ledge on the right and the platform on the left for a height advantage.

Continue up the slope into the icy cave and be prepared to kill any additional Crawlers that appear and move in to attack.

The game will introduce you to Promethean Soldiers at this point and they will promptly teleport away. Follow them up the ledges here and into the man-made tunnel at the top. Inside you'll find weapon racks with Boltshot and Suppressor weapons here. From the entrance to the tunnel, look back into the previous room and along the right hand wall for a narrow ledge that we can jump to. Follow this to the end and you'll find a Unique Weapon [Suppressor ‘Open Hand'].

Return to the tunnel and use the Spartan charge ability to bust through the ice wall blocking the hallway to the right. Before we do that however, we can find a unique weapon.

Once you are through the ice, deal with the Soldier. Move forward until you see the cliff on the left. Look down below to see a small platform with a Covenant Data Pad [Mission Intel 02/07] next to a dead Elite and a Covenant Carbine.

Continue a short distance along the path and you'll start experiencing incoming Promethean fire from a group of Soldiers and Crawlers ahead. The path actually splits in two here, so it's a good idea to order your teammates along the upper path, whilst you take the other, lower ledge and jump up at the end to flank the enemies whilst they are busy.

After clearing some of enemies, others will fall back. There are additional Soldiers and Crawlers ahead. The ledge to the right will lead up to an icy ledge overlooking the area populated with a Soldier or two and a weapon rack with a Light Rifle. The immediate ground area has a bunch of rocky structures we can use as cover and decent number of Crawlers and several Soldiers whilst off to the left is a third, lower zone running along the cliff side leading to a doorway we'll need to access and additional enemies who are guarding it.

There is a weak wall we can bust through below the icy ledge mentioned above which will enable us to flank enemies guarding the doorway. Additionally, you can continue to jump between raised ledges to retain a vantage point over the action below. The highest ledge just to the right of the target doorway has a Covenant Data Pad [Mission Intel 03/07] to collect.

We'll need to clear all of the Soldiers from the area to continue.

Note: Before proceeding inside you can grab the IWHBYD Skull. Before entering the doorway, look to its left to see a raised ledge. Jump onto the barrier shield closest to the ledge and then jump up to it. Proceed to where the ledge overlooks the cliff to find the skull.

Note: You'll earn an Achievement ‘Gravedigger' for finding the first hidden Skull.

Once inside, use the Artemis scan as prompted by the game to reposition your objective waypoint. Jump up to the ledge above and interact with the panel here to open the door below.

Exit the door and you'll be in an icy cave. Make your way to the opening directly ahead overlooking a cliff, look down to the right to find a small ledge with a Unique Weapon [Scattershot ‘Loathsome Thing']. Now follow the icy cave around to the left. Drop to the lower section and look on the small raised ledge ahead for a Covenant Data Pad [Mission Intel 04/07]. Hop back up top continue until you find an exit.

…There are actually two exits, one up the ledge to the right which leads to a raised section of ground that runs pretty much the length of the area until it takes a left hand turn towards a temple (which is our ultimate goal). The left will deposit you at ground level from which you can proceed straight ahead towards the enemy forces or make your way up to a raised ledge further to the left.

Initially, there is a small group of Covenant forces ahead.

Note: If you are playing on Heroic difficulty or higher, there is an Achievement 'Enemy of my Enemy' here. To earn it, you'll need to help the Elite make his way to the end of the area. To do this, take the upper path to the right (if you get close to him, he'll attack!) and destroy all the Soldiers and Crawlers in his path. When he gets far enough along the path, the achievement will unlock.

Without assistance, these Covenant forces won't last long however and at that point you'll be pressing forward against a large number of Prometheans made up primarily of Soldiers and Crawlers at ground level, with Soldiers (including one or two with turrets) hanging out on raised ledges and platforms.

There is a weak wall we can destroy on the left hand platform that inside leads to the uppermost ledge from which we can take out the Soldiers here without too much distraction. There are also several weak walls at ground level that can be used to flank enemies if you utilize your team mates wisely.

When you reach the left hand turn, you'll see a doorway to a temple at the top of a hill in the distance – that's our goal. Either side of the entrance is a pair of turrets mounted by Soldiers and at ground level many more Soldiers and Crawlers aiming to keep us from it.

We'll need to use cover to slowly make our way up to the temple entrance and eliminate the soldiers on the turrets to give us a little freedom to move about. On the right side of the hill there is a low Cliffside path that will move you up in position to flank the right hand turret.

Once the area is clear, climb up and look on one of the ledges behind the right turret for a Covenant Data Pad [Mission Intel 05/07].

Proceed inside the structure and follow the hallway until you reach the next door. After a brief moment, the left door will open and a Knight will emerge. Focus on taking him down (shoot the glowing sections!) before checking out the UNSC Data Pad [Mission Intel 06/07] on the floor by the crates opposite.

Upon entering the next room, you'll be on a ledge that circles the top of the room. There are three Knights on the floor below and a number of Crawlers. Fortunately, the Knights are much slower than the Crawlers, allowing you to stay at the top to deal with the Crawlers which will venture up to meet you. With the Crawlers out of the way, you'll have a bit more freedom to move. Use this to take down the three Knights (it helps if you tell your friends to focus fire). It's a good idea to nab a light Rifle from one of the weapons crates and attack the glowing spots from a distance and also to have one of the team take the turret in the center of the room.

After defeating the three Knights some another pair of Knights and some Crawlers will spawn at the far end of the room. Climb back up top and use the same tactic of drawing the Crawlers to you first before dropping down to take on the Knights.

After clearing the room, hop up to the raised platform to the right of the exit door to find UNSC Data Pad [Mission Intel 07/07].

Drop down and approach the marked door to complete the mission.

Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement ‘Into the Fire'.

Mission 02: Blue Team

Mission Intel08
Unique Weapon/s01

Part 1: Blue Team

From the beginning, there's not a whole lot to do other than follow the set path. After going across the catwalk, climb the stairs and inspect the green UNSC Terminal [Mission Intel 01/08]. Follow the hall to the left, down the stairs and enter the door that opens at the bottom.

There are a pair of Grunts in here whom we can sneak up and assassinate. There is an open, circular door to the right and a door we can open directly opposite where we came in from. Move close to open that door and send your squad to that position, then make your way into the circular passage. Assassinate the Grunt in here and grab the shogun if you like. Open the doorway at the end to flank the Jackals/Grunts that are by now attacking your team mates.

Additional enemies will be present in the opening to the left further up the hallway including a group of three Elites, some more Jackals and Grunts. You should also note that at the very end of this hallway you'll find UNSC Terminal [Mission Intel 02/08].

Enter the left hand room and clear the enemies, being sure to take out the weaker ones first before taking on the Elites one-on-one and work your way up the ramp and to the right being sure to use the cargo containers for cover. One of the cargo containers is open and houses a Shotgun if you wish to grab it.

Continue into the data center at the end and interact with the panel directly in front of you. This will open a door in the back right corner of the room. Continue through here and find the elevator. There is a weapon rack with assault rifles and Pistols if you wish to restock ammo or switch up.

Ride the elevator down to the next area. When you exit the lift, continue straight ahead and use your charge attack to break down the red vent wall.

Upon doing so you'll immediately find yourself in a firefight in a cargo bay. Kill the three Grunts immediately in front of you to give yourself some breathing room.

The cargo bay here is quite a large area. Our goal is to traverse to the far side of the room, climb up the levels here to the top before clearing out the next room. Unfortunately, the room is absolutely deeming with enemies. There are a good 10-15 Grunts, 10-15 Jackals (some marksmen and some shield bearers) and 8-10 Elites and you guessed it, we'll need to eliminate the lot of them.

As you move towards the far end of the room, you'll encounter mostly Grunts and shield bearing Jackals with 2-3 Elites thrown into the mix. You'll also have Jackal marksmen and Elites firing from the higher platforms at the back of the room and from on top of some of the cargo crates and other pieces of cover strewn around.

It is very important to stick to cover as you move and attempt to take out the ranged attackers when you have a clear line of sight and the immediate area is safe. You can also issue orders to your squad to move to a location and then use the cargo containers to sneak around and flank enemies that they have engaged – it makes things a lot easier.

Upon reaching the far end of the room, you'll see that the platforms above are occupied by more Elites and Jackal marksmen. Before starting up, note that there is a DMR on the ground beneath the first set of stairs which is particularly useful for head hunting! It's also a good idea to grab a Plasma Pistol or a Storm Rifle to help with the Elite's shields as we push up the stairs.

When you do reach the top you'll find a weapon crate with a Hydra Grenade launcher.

At this point we'll have a brief moment of quiet. The next room, directly ahead is about the same size as the previous one we just cleared. The makeup however is quite different. There is a lot of verticality to this room – there are hanging cargo containers, raised platforms, and passages along the ground. It is also populated with a large number of Covenant forces - around 10-15 Grunts, 10-15 Jackals (some marksmen with jetpacks and some shield bearers) and 5-6 Elites (some with jetpacks).

As soon as we get close enough to the next room enemies will spot us and begin their attack. Climb to the very top of the structure here and have your team mates positioned overlooking the room whilst you drop down and enter the large pipe-like tunnel so that you can flank the enemies that your squad attacks and vice-versa. Upon entering the tunnel, a group of three Grunts will usually enter via the opposite end deal with them before assisting your squad.

Maintain this position until the enemies cease coming and them move up. You can either repeat the process of placing your squad in the center of the room on raised areas whilst you take the balconies on either side to maintain flanking positions (my preferred option), or drop down and fight through the remaining Jackals, Grunts and Elites until you reach the far end.

Head through the door at the end and rather than moving forward, turn to the right. Hop up onto the raised platform in the corner and then jump again until you reach a higher ledge with a UNSC Data Pad [Mission Intel 03/08] in its center.There is yet another ledge above this with a special Unique Weapon [Shotgun ‘Blaze of Glory'].

Drop back down to ground level, and continue across the catwalk ahead for a scene.

Part 2: That Fair and Warlike Form

Once you regain control, you'll be in a dark area. After a few moments your squad will activate flashlights, allowing you to see what you are doing. There is a Battle Rifle behind the circular structure directly behind you if you are interested.

Either way, we'll need to proceed to the other side of the room and look for a pair of tunnels, both of which have a shotgun on the floor in front of them, which might be a hand addition to your weapons due to the close-quarters nature of the next little section.

Move through either tunnel until you bump into a group of three Grunts. Eliminate them and continue until the next cross-ways tunnel. This section will now give you three options for entering the next room. Said room features two sets of sleeping Grunts, all of whom will become suicide Grunts if woken and a door that will open to admit another squad of Grunts and a pair of Elites with active camouflage. As such it's a good idea to take out as many Grunts as possible before the big guns come in!

Anyway, in terms of entry points: The left tunnel leads to a hope in the floor which will drop us down behind some sleeping Grunts, the right hand tunnel leads to a vent that we can crawl through to also find ourselves behind some sleeping Grunts and the central tunnel leads to a door that will empty into the center of the area.

Once you have dealt with the Grunts and the Elites that show up, head through the door they entered from. Follow the tunnel until you reach a second tunnel running left, watching out for a pair of suicide Grunts who will try to surprise you from one of the corners as you go. Defeat the pair of shield Jackals and continue down the tunnel.

As with the previous area like this, there is a pair of entrances to the next room. The left tunnel leads to a hole in the floor which will drop us down into a vent that we can crawl through to drop into the area undetected. The right hand tunnel leads to a door that will empty into the center of the area and an enemy attack. Both of these options are guarded by a suicide Grunt.

The room itself is populated by Grunts and shield jackals. Once they have been defeated another door will open to admit another squad of Grunts and a sword wielding Elite with active camouflage. Make sure you keep your distance as he'll one-shot kill you even on easy!

Once the room is clear, move over to the vent we can use to enter the room and look along the wall opposite to spy another open vent here. Inside you'll find a hydra launcher and a UNSC Data Pad [Mission Intel 04/08]

Now, make your way through the door that the previous wave of enemies came from and along a glass-lined hallway.

Through the next door you'll see a green UNSC Terminal [Mission Intel 05/08] directly ahead. Grab the collectible from this and then use the keypad next to the blast door, head on in and ride the lift down to a Lab.

We'll now have to fight off a pair of Hunters. These guys are a little trickier than usual in Halo 5: Guardians as they now have a semi-automatic fire mode in addition to their regular explosive fuel rod rounds and their lunge attack is much, much quicker than it used to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of raised platforms, piping and cover to keep between us and them! The good news is their weak spot on their back remains the same, so if you can get a good view on their backs, you can do some serious damage quickly.

My personal approach on Legendary was to stick my team on one of the Hunters whilst I jumped up to the ledges beside the lift and made my way to the back of the room. There is a raised pipe with a walkway here and you can crouch down and peek over the pipe whilst firing on the Hunters below (yes, cheap I know, but effective!). If your fire team goes down, quickly run back and enter the elevator, this seemed to revive them on occasion, so it's definitely worth trying out.

After dispatching the Hunters, your objectives will be updated. Run over to check some of the lab gear in the middle of the room, on the floor you'll find a UNSC Data Pad [Mission Intel 06/08]. Head over and interact with the panel to reveal a hole in the floor. Drop down to the next area.

Note: There is an Achievement ‘I Thought I'd Lost You' and we can earn it later on in the mission. To do so, we need to run over and hit the panel at the back of the room and entering the vents without killing the Hunters. We'll have to kill them later on and at that point, we'll earn the Achievement.

After dropping down the vent, use your charge attack to get through the weak wall here and at the end of the passage, survey the room below.

The main floor will see the majority of the action in this area, but you'll also get an assortment of ranged attackers firing at you from the raised balcony areas, the large ring structure in the center, various obstacles in the room and the tiered platforms along the back wall. The rooms inhabitants include: multiple Jackals (both marksmen and shields), 4-5 Jackals with Beam Rifles (which will instantly kill you), Grunts and a good 10-12 Elites. Begin your attack from the vantage point here and have your team join in. Kill as many enemies as possible and then drop down when it is safe to do so.

As you land, immediately turn left and look on the far wall for a UNSC Terminal [Mission Intel 07/08].

It is very important to stick to cover as you move and attempt to take out the ranged attackers when you have a clear line of sight and the immediate area is safe. You can also issue orders to your squad to move to a location and then use the various obstacles to sneak around and flank enemies that they have engaged. It's also a viable tactic to take position on the left hand balcony whilst placing your team on raised sections in the center so that you can trigger some flanking action!

When you reach the cylindrical structure in the center of the room and you turn your attention to moving to the far end, the best bet is to make your way up to the hanging ring in the center of the room and use a scoped weapon (Carbine, DMR, Battle Rifle etc.) whilst crouched behind the cover here to pick off the enemies below. Keep an eye out for the red glow of enemies with the Beam Rifles and take them down as soon as is humanly possible. When moving in, be sure to have a Plasma Pistol/Storm Rifle ready to assist in taking down Elite shields. It should also be noted that in the far left corner at ground level is a vent that you can sneak through to emerge on the balcony area and flank some of the Elites, but it is probably best to use when there are only a couple left, otherwise you'll get brought down pretty quickly.

Note: You can also find the Black Eye Skull in this area. On the left balcony, directly opposite the bridge leading to the hanging ring, there is a small structure. Jump up onto this and then onto the pipe above. Walk along the pipe to the back of the room and jump across to the platform here. There is an opening we can jump into and inside is a hole in the floor. Drop down here to find the Skull, DMRs and a Hydra Launcher. The door here will open automatically when you want to leave.

Once the area is clear, head up into the room at the top of the stairs and interact with the panel indicated. Return outside and step on the cylindrical structure in the center of the room to ride it down to the next area.

When you reach the bottom, you'll be on a platform with bridges leading to the right and the left at your current level and forwards and backwards down below. The bridges on either side lead to platforms with banshees that we can hijack, guarded by Grunts and Jackals (and an Elite or two). The lower platforms lead to small office in which override switches reside. Activating either one of these will be sufficient to update your objectives.

Either nab a Banshee and fly down to one of the lower platforms or time a jump from the central platform to land on one of the lower bridges, clear the Covenant forces and hit the override switch. This will have the effect of revealing exhaust fans around the area.

We'll need to find and destroy 8 of these to continue. You can either use a Rocket Launcher (handily placed by each of the override terminals) or the Banshees to destroy these. The Banshee is by far the better option as you'll be able to maneuver everywhere in the room and pick the targets off without taking as much enemy fire.

Once all 8 exhaust fans have been destroyed, the objectives will update and you'll need to fly over to a hangar bay. Use the waypoint markers to help find it.

Enter the open doorway here and proceed through the hallway. As the next large door opens, head through and examine the terminal directly behind it for a UNSC Terminal [Mission Intel 08/08]. Drop down into the small storage room at the end of the hallway and wait for the next door to open.

This next section can be quite tricky. Our ultimate goal is to escape on the ship hanging from the roof in here. Initially we'll need to fight our way through some Grunts and marksman jackals and a sword-wielding Elite to activate a switch in the opposite end of the room from the entry point. Afterwards we'll then need to hold out and defend ourselves against waves and waves of Covenant forces until the ship is ready to launch.

These waves include tons of Elites, Hunters and plenty of Grunts (plenty with fuel rod guns) and Jackal marksmen. There are three levels to the room and you should make the most of transitioning between them in order to avoid enemy fire. It's also an idea to hide in the room you dropped into and attempt to pick off as many enemies as you can from a distance before re-entering to finish off any survivors – hanging in here will also help your team mates to respawn. There is a Railgun in a weapon case just outside the initial entry point which you should save to deal with the hunters when they show up.

Note: If you escaped the Hunters in the lab earlier without killing them, they will show up during the hangar defense sequence. Killing them here will earn you the Achievement ‘I Thought I'd Lost You'.

After three waves you'll get a radio message indicating that the ship is good to go. Make your way over to the waypoint here to trigger a cut-scene to end the mission.

Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement ‘Argent Moon'.

Mission 03: Glassed

Mission Intel06
Unique Weapon/s00

Note: Before we begin, I thought I'd let you know that there is an Achievement ‘Shoot From the Hip' on this mission. This is awarded for going through the entire mission without using your iron sights on any weapon.