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Close X FAQ/Walkthrough
by burqawitz

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FAQ/Walkthrough by burqawitz

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 05/30/16

Act 1
The Number One Killer is Time (Continued)

Help Will

After you kill them all, make sure you take the time to find a backpack in the room and refill your ammo, because there will be more coming after you as soon as you go up to talk to Will.

Will is on the raised platform at the back of the room. When you press X to try to untie him, a bunch more guards rush into the room.

Survive the ambush

There are 5 Guards and 1 Shotgunner. These enemies are run right past all the propane tanks along the sides of the room, so if you have the heavy pistol it's easy to take a bunch of them out with explosions. You can still use the explosives with other guns, it's just more difficult. You'll need to use the Time Stop on an enemy near a propane tank and then shoot the tank, and the Time Stop will hold the enemy in place until the tank explodes. The shotgunner is carrying a Semi-auto Shotgun. It's not a great weapon, but this is the first heavy weapon you've seen in the game, although unless you grab it early in this fight, you won't get a chance to use it. Press ⇐ on the D-pad to access your Heavy Weapon.

Help Will

Return to Will and untie him with X.

Escape with Will

Will is still insistent that he needs something out of the briefcase in his car to fix the time fracture.

Get outside

Follow him back to the double doors you used to enter the room, then to the larger double doors at the main entrance of the library.


As you're leaving, Paul shows up. It seems he too gained time powers when the time machine malfunctioned. He knocks you out into the courtyard and then detonates explosives, demolishing the library with Will still inside.

Liam Burke knocks you unconscious with the butt of his gun.

Completing the section unlocks Beth Wilder Diary 1. You also earn the G30 - Hold on to Your Hope and Burn XBox Achievement.

End of Act 1

Junction 1
Hardline / PR

Quantum Ripples - 1
Documents - 2

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 6:35am

Paul Serene has to choose whether Monarch
adopts the brutal hardline tactics or the
insidious PR approach.

In Junctions you'll play as Paul Serene. There won't be any combat in these sections. Instead, Paul has the ability to glimpse into the future. After examining the possibilities, you'll have to choose which of 2 paths you think is best. These choices have only minor effects on the story, and do not change the playable sections of the game in the slightest, with 1 minor exception near the end of the game.


Follow Hatch

When you first gain control of Paul, if you walk to the fence to your left you can examine it to hear additional narrative about the area from Paul.

Follow Martin Hatch forward until you see some soldiers in what looks like yellow hazmat suits. To the right of these soldiers on a metal crate is the ram statue from Paul's office, the Quantum Ripple for this area.

Examine the truck trailer on the left and Paul will make some remarks to Martin Hatch about the time machine core, stolen from the University.

Back on the right, sitting on top of a series of crates, you'll find the William Joyce Dossier, a map, and finally the Jack Joyce Dossier, all three of which Paul will comment on when examined.

Moving forward, Liam Burke will tell you that Amy Ferrero, the young woman kneeling between the two armed soldiers, witnessed the events at the university.

This is a point of no return. You should have 1 Quantum Ripple and 2 Document collectibles before continuing. 100%

Activate Junction

Walk up to Martin Hatch and hold Y to use Paul's Future Vision.

Hold LT to view the future for where Monarch takes a Hardline approach to the events at the University, killing all witnesses to keep them quiet, or hold RT to view the future where Monarch takes a PR based approach, threatening witnesses to release a press statement blaming the events on Jack Joyce.

You can view both timelines before making your decision. In fact, you can view each decision multiple times, if you'd like. After viewing a timeline at least once, you can press LB to choose the Hardline approach or RB to choose the PR approach.

If you choose Harkline, you'll earn the G20 - Iron Fist XBox Achievement. If you choose PR you'll earn the G20 - The Soft Touch XBox Achievement. Note that if you want to earn both achievements you don't need to replay the game. Simply replay the junction from the timeline and make the opposite choice.

Completing this junction gives you access to Paul Serene Diary 1. Note that this diary is specific to the choice that you made, and its contents will differ based on your choice.

As of this writing 70% of people choose the PR approach, while 30% take the Hardline.

Episode 1
Monarch Solutions

When tasked with finding Jack's missing transport,

Liam Burke starts to discover the truth behind
Monarch's long-term plans.

Choices you make in the junctures, as well as Quantum Ripple collectibles that you find in the game, will have minor implications in the live action TV Episodes that are presented at the end of Acts 1-4. The implications for individual characters can be huge, but there will be no overall changes to the grand scheme of the story.

These Live Action TV episodes are 20-30 minutes long. They play automatically after every Junction, or can be replayed from the timeline by holding A over the episode. If you want to see the changes made by different decisions you can just replay the Junctures and make the alternate choice to be able to watch the episode again with the effects of that choice. Once you pick up a Quantum Ripple, however, that ripple's effects will always be displayed in the appropriate episode every time you watch it. The effects of these ripples are extremely minor.

Act 2
Perfect Place to Hide Something

Part 1
Industrial Area

Quantum Ripples - 1
Intel - 1
Chronon Sources - 7
Documents - 2
Computers - 4
Media - 2
Quantum Ripples - 1
Intel - 1
Chronon Sources - 7
Documents - 2
Computers - 4
Media - 3

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 6:57am

After his capture, Jack regains consciousness
at the old Riverport industrial area, which is
now run by Monarch Solutions.


You'll lose all your weapons from Act 1, and will start this section with only a normal pistol.

Jack awakes in the back of a van with Liam Burke and Beth Wilder arguing outside, when another stutter hits, stopping time once again. Exiting the van, Jack finds himself in a warehouse with Liam and Beth pointing guns at each other. Not knowing who to trust or what's going on, he takes both their guns before moving on.

Exit the warehouse

Using your Time Vision will bring up a small radar display in the middle of the screen with will indicate a Chronon Source directly ahead. Walk up to the air conditioner with the glowing distortion hovering above it and hold Y to collect the Chronon Source. Chronon Sources are ability points that are used to upgrade your time abilities. More expensive abilities can only be unlocked after first buying the lower tier abilities that cost a single point, so you may as well spend your ability point now to upgrade one of your abilities from the menu. Each Cronon Source can only be collected once. If you replay a section of the game, you do not need to collect Chronon Sources that you collected on a previous playthrough. Once you collect a Cronon Source and/or Upgrade an ability, it's yours for good.

If you exit out of the upgrade menu, you can get back to your upgrades going to the timeline with the menu button, then pressing Y to access the Diaries & Upgrade tabs.

You can interact with both Liam Burke and Beth Wilder before leaving for some additional narrative about the characters.

When you're ready to leave, climb on the wooden crates behind Beth and use them to climb up onto the orange railing and follow it to the exit on the 2nd floor. When you drop down into the hold in the balcony outside, it's a point of no return.

You should have collected 1 Chronon Source collectible before you leave. (PR) 5%

Time starts up again as soon as you jump down. There's a graffiti drawing of Beth and Liam on the wall just outside. At the end of the alley there's an entrance into the next warehouse behind a large sheet of plywood. As you walk to the center of the warehouse you'll be prompted to use your Time Vision. It will reveal a destructible pulley that you can shoot to drop some heavy sheets of metal down onto the wood crates below, crushing them to create a path forward.

Get into the locked area

Using your Time Vision again will reveal a new Time Distortion event where the crushed crates are located. However, before you deal with that, if you move forward into the center of the room and use your Time Vision again, it will reveal a radar, indicating another Cronon Source nearby. Moving toward the back of the room, the Cronon Source is hovering above a wooden box full of metallic wires, surrounded by plant growth. Hold Y to collect it.

Next, turn around and climb the piles of wood stacked like steps to get up on top of the taller piles and continue along until you reach the place where the metal sheets were originally hanging. Walk up to the gap and hold Y to rewind the timeline of the crushed crates to before you dropped the metal sheets on them, then quickly run across the crates to reach the tall stacks of wood on the other side. The Time Distortion effect will only last a few seconds before the Metal Sheets fall again, so you need to hurry or you could be crushed by the falling metal. Run across the planks of wood, jumping between piles of wood when necessary, until you reach the top of the office area in the back.

This is a point of no return. You should have collected 2 Chronon Source collectibles. (PR) 11%

Drop down off the piles of wood into the offices from the open ceiling and go through the door on the far side of the room.

Paul is talking to Calrice Ogawa over voice chat on the large monitor in front of you. This small room is full of collectibles. On your right is a large Ground Zero Map collectible. On your left, you'll see a laptop. Accessing the Laptop will allow you to read an email titled Monarch PR Plan PR or University Fallout Hardline. As you access the laptop, you'll knock something into the garbage next to the desk. This is a Quantum Ripple. This was a party invite for a Monarch employee. When he loses his invitation and is late to the gala he'll get in a huge blowout with his wife and end up getting a divorce. You'll witness this fight during Episode 2. Finally, there is a poster next to the door that you entered through - the Monarch's PR Strategy Poster PR or the Monarch's Witness Kill List Hardline collectible, that Jack will comment on when you examine it.

There is also an assault rifle on the table under the large monitor, and a backpack on the ground so you can make sure you have full ammo before continuing through the door opposite where you came in. This is a point of no return.

You should have 1 Quantum Ripple, 2 Chronon Sources, 2 Documents, and 1 Computer collectible. (PR) 33%

Fight through the warehouse

There are 2 Prowlers and 1 Guard walking around below a hanging crate, talking about the events at the University. Shooting the pulley will drop the crate, but you're unlikely to be able to hit more than one with it. However, the when the crate breaks open it drops explosive barrels and if you immediately start unloading on the explosives they'll explode, killing the other 2 guards before they can react. There are 2 more Guards off to the left and 1 Reaper in the office behind them who will be out seconds after the commotion. After taking out all 6 guards, 3 more Guards and 1 Shotgunner will appear and jump down from the overhead balcony in the back of the room.

Exit the warehouse

The 2 Prowlers at the beginning of this area were carrying Heavy Pistols, and the Shotgunner who jumped down from the balcony had a Semi-auto Shotgun, so gear up before you move on.

The elevator at the back of the room doesn't have power. Follow the power cord along the ground to the generator on the other side of the room, and activate it to power up the elevator to take you to the upper area. You'll receive a phone call from a headset you find in your pocket. It's Beth Wilder. Beth inadvertently lets slip that Paul is at the Dry Docks nearby. Jack, emotional at his brother's death, heads there to confront Paul against Beth's wishes.

After you take the elevator to reach the upper area, continue forward until the path turns to the right, then activate your Time Vision to find a Chronon Source up high, next to a wall pillar, by a security camera. Continue forward along the balcony until you reach a door. This is a point of no return.

You should have 1 Quantum Ripple, 3 Chronon Sources, 2 Documents, and 1 Computer collectible. (PR) 38%

Reach the drydocks

Outside, continue across the balcony and you'll witness 2 Reapers having a conversation with somebody from the University. Depending on which choice you made at the Junction, it could be Amy Ferrero or Nick Marsters. Use the L Stick to slide across the boards under the windows. You'll automatically stay down, out of sight. When you get close to the other side the boards behind you will collapse, alerting the guards to your presence.

Rescue the civilian

Stay low until the guards stop shooting to reload then quickly shoot them. If you can't get them both in time, just take one out and then duck back down again until the 2nd guard needs to reload again. Press X to climb in the window, where you'll be thanked by Amy or Nick.

Talk to Amy / Nick

A computer next to the window you entered has an e-mail titled RE:Ground Zero Operation. If you examine the map on the large metal chests to the right, you'll find Martin Hatch's Eye Drop Bottle, your first intel collectible. Time Vision reveals that there's a Chronon Source nearby, but you can't get to it yet.

Talk to Amy / Nick and they'll open the door and head outside.

Follow Amy / Nick

Follow them outside, then down off the balcony. Amy/Nick will eventually go to a nearby gate and comment that it's locked.

Make your way through the trainyard

You need to find a way to open it. Go through the door into the small building across from the gate. From here you can actually see the Chronon Source through the window of a door, but you can't open the door. You can't get this Chronon Source until you advance to the next area.

Amy Ferrero and Nick Marsters play the same role in the game. It's just a matter of which one tags along and helps you. Amy is much more competent and nicer to look at, but Nick is freaking hilarious, and ultimately accomplishes all the same things Amy would accomplish.

Walk to the control panel next to the window and press X to open the gate. Amy / Nick will go through the gate, but it closes very quickly. You'll need to use your time powers to get through. Press X again and then run outside and use Time Dodge LB to rush past the gate before it closes - revealing your powers to Amy / Nick. This seems like a point of no return, but it isn't. You can actually get back if you need to.

Enter the Monarch security station

Follow Amy / Nick until they reach a locked door. They suggest you climb through the window on the 2nd floor. Before you do that, you need to go back and get that Chronon Source. Climb the wooden crate across from the steps where Amy / Nick is waiting, and use the planks and boxes to get on top of the train cars. Then run left and jump over to the scaffolding. On the far left side of this scaffold, your Time Vision will reveal a Chronon Source. Now turn and run to the opposite side of the scaffold and jump across a large gap to another train car next to the building where you opened the gate. Jump across onto the roof of that building. There's a large hole in the roof on the far side where you can drop down into the building to collect another Chronon Source. Climb the boxes to get back on the roof and return to the area where Amy / Nick is waiting.

Reach the open window

Go all the way across the shipping yard to the train car furthest away from Amy / Nick and you'll find some wooden crates set up next to the train car like stairs. Climb up onto the Train Car. Before you continue on, there's another Cronon Source you can reach from here. Instead of climbing into the wooden overpass, jump to your left to the tin roof, and from there jump onto the blue shipping crate again to your left, and use it to jump over the small fence. Use your Time Vision to reveal another Cronon Source next to a small table with a pizza and a beer sitting on it. Then use the various boxes and trailers in the area to climb back up and jump back over the fence. Make your way back onto the same train car that you originally climbed to get to this Chronon Source.

From there, climb up into the wooden overpass running above the train yard. Continue to your right, all the way across the overpass until you're next to the building and then from there, jump back out onto the tin sheet roofing along the side of the building. When you land, a bunch of the roofing plates fall apart and clatter to the ground. Jump across to the section of roofing that's still intact and then use your Time Vision to reveal another Time Displacement event. Hold Y to rewind time to before you broke all the roof panels, then quickly run across to the other side before they collapse again. If you don't make it, you won't have to go all the way back around. With the collapsed roofing, there are some boxes that will allow you to climb back up onto the remaining roof panels to try again.

Run all the way across the roofing to the window above Amy / Nick, climb in the window, then jump down

Unlock the security station door

It's possible to climb the crates back up to the window to get outside, but once you open the door for Amy / Nick, you can no longer climb in this room, so this will be a point of no return.

You should have 1 Quantum Ripple, 1 Intel, 6 Chronon Sources, 2 Documents, and 2 Computer collectibles. (PR) 66%

When Amy enters the room she'll cross the room and bring up the "Amy's Confession" Newscast on the computer. You'll receive this media collectible automatically. There is no corresponding collectible with Nick on the Hardline timeline.

Examine the map

The laptop to the right has an email, RE: Jack Joyce, and activating the radio on the far side of the room lets you listen to the Internal Monarch Comms 1. After you examine the Map on the wall, Amy / Nick will use the security console to open a gate on the far side of the room so you can proceed to the next area.

Find your way to Ground Zero

Proceed through the gate and the through the door on the other side.

This is a point of no return. You should have You should have
1 Quantum Ripple, 1 Intel, 6 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 3 Computer, and 2 Media collectibles (PR) 83%
1 Quantum Ripple
, 1 Intel, 6 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 3 Computer, and 1 Media collectibles (Hardline)

Inside are 2 Guards and a Reaper saying some pretty nasty things about Jack's brother. Jack's anger unlocks a new ability - Time Blast. Time Blast is an area effect attack that does huge damage to enemies in a large radius. Use it by holding down RB to take out all 3 enemies at once. If you get them all at once, you will earn the [G30 - Everybody Gather Around] Xbox Achievement . Another 2 Reapers and 2 Guards will come rushing forward from the back of the room.

Time Blast is a powerful area effect attack that can take out several enemies at once if they're grouped together. It has a slow recharge time, but it's a powerful ability with very little downside. It's great to start a fight off with this ability, and to take out difficult to reach enemies hiding up in covered locations where you can't get a clear shot at them easily.

After dispatching these guards, exit out the door in the back and proceed right along the alleyway until you find another door. Before you enter, there's another Chronon Source in this alleyway. Using your Time Vision, you can see it glowing high up on the wall above the yellow graffiti creature. To reach it, climb on the blue dumpster with PHM spraypainted on it, then jump over to the tin roofing above the door. From here you can reach the Chronon Source . Hold Y to collect it, then hop down and go through the door.

This is a point of no return. You should have
1 Quantum Ripple, 1 Intel, 7 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 3 Computer, and 2 Media collectibles (PR) 88%
1 Quantum Ripple
, 1 Intel, 7 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 3 Computer, and 1 Media collectibles (Hardline)

Clear the area of enemies

Inside is the first Safeguard you've encountered. Safeguards can take a lot more damage than other enemies. You either have to hit them with a Time Stop and then unload as many bullets as you can from a rapid fire weapon, or you need to hit them with headshots from a powerful gun such as the Heavy Pistol.

In addition to the Safeguard, there are 6 Guards in this room. 2 of them will stay on the upper balcony. Immediately do a Time Stop on the Safeguard, then target a Time Blast on the closest guard on the upper levels. With luck (and the increased radius upgrade) you'll hit a couple of the guards on the ground level too. The other guard on the upper levels is standing near an explosive propane tank, that you can easily detonate with a shot from a heavy pistol. It's advisable to finish off the regular guards before attacking the safeguard, but don't advance too far into the room. When you reach the back of the room you'll trigger another wave of enemies, and it would be best if you finish off these guys before you have to tangle with more.

On the left side of this room on the side closest to the entrance, you'll find a real treat. An Advanced SMG is sitting in a toolbox. This gun is unquestionably the best small machine gun in the game. Grab this thing, and hang onto it. It will make your life much easier.

When you reach the back of the room, 2 Shotgunners will rush you from the left. They run right past an explosive barrel, that you can use to kill them both. The will be followed shortly by 2 Guards, and 1 Safeguard. Additionally, 1 Reaper is waiting for you to come to him on the other side and 2 Guards are waiting on the upper levels providing cover fire. You should have another Time Blast ready to take care of them by now.

Find your way to Ground Zero

Proceed to the upper levels and have a look around. On one corner of the area you'll find a locked gate with a key panel that you can interact with but can't open.

Disable security to access the sky bridge

In the opposite corner, you'll find a gate with a bunch of crates stacked behind it. Using Time Vision will reveal a Time Displacement event that you can use to rewind to a time when all the crates weren't in the way. Hold Y to gain access to the area, then run through to the monitors on the other side. There's a laptop on the table below the monitors with the FWD: Monarch concerns email on it and a radio on the remaining crate where you can listen to Charlie and Ogawa bickering over the radio in the Internal Monarch Comms 2 media collectible.

Interact with the equipment on the right to unlock the security door on the other side of the building.

Cross the sky bridge

Climb the boxes that have reappeared and jump over the fence to get back to the outside. You won't be able to get back into this area, so this is a point of no return.

You should have every collectible for Act 2 Part 1.
1 Quantum Ripple, 1 Intel, 7 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 4 Computer, and 3 Media collectibles (PR) 100%
1 Quantum Ripple
, 1 Intel, 7 Chronon Sources , 2 Documents, 4 Computer, and 2 Media collectibles (Hardline) 100%

When you jump back over the fence you'll be attacked by 2 Reapers, 5 Guards, and 1 Safeguard. During this fight, short time stutters will come up every now and again, freezing the enemies in place. Auto aim won't target frozen enemies during a stutter, but you can shoot them. The shots appear to have no effect, but when the stutter ends and time starts up again, your hits will be counted. When time stops, use the opportunity to try to get some headshots to take enemies out quick and easy.

When all of the enemies are defeated, exit out the gate in the opposite corner from the security room you just came from, then follow the path over the wooden skybridge to the next building. This ends Act 2 Part 1

You now gain access to Jack Joyce Diary 3 and Beth Wilder Diary 2. Jack Joyce Diary 3 will be wildly different depending on if you're on the PR or Hardline timeline.

Part 2
Ground Zero

Quantum Ripples - 1
Intel - 1
Chronon Sources - 7
Documents - 2
Computers - 9
Media - 2

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 7:15am

Jack is making his way towards the drydocks,
where he plans to confront Paul Serene - his
former best friend, now his worst enemy.


Find a way through the warehouse

Walk up to the shelf and press X repeatedly to move it out of the way. Follow the path around and go through the door.

Clear the area of enemies

Move immediately to the monitor just to your left to avoid getting spotted by the guards in the area below. If you need any weapons there's an Assault Rifle by the desk and a burst fire pistol further left. Interact with the Monitor to see Sofia Amaral's Chronon Presentation.

There are a few Chronon Particle containers in this room. These containers are more sturdy than most containers. To detonate them you most to a Time Stop and then stack bullets up so that they'll all hit simultaneously when the bubble bursts. This will create a short time stutter where time stops, allowing you to take out an enemy without worrying about him shooting back if you're quick.

It's not as useful as it sounds. The stutter is very short, and you probably won't have time to transition from destroying the barrel to concentrating on an enemy before the stutter collapses.

This area is teeming with guards. There are 5 Guards, 3 Shotgunners, 2 Reapers, and 1 Safeguard in this room. 2 more guards are waiting on the balcony near the exit and will shoot down at you and lob grenades at you during the fight if you move into the main area.

There are a ton of guys walking around in the area just below you. It's tempting to start the fight off with a Time Blast to take out the cluster, but there's a better way. There's an explosive gas tank in the middle of these guards. Make your way carefully to the left side of the room you're in and line up a shot at the gas tank, then immediately use your Time Blast on the area near the open door in the distance to take out the 2 guard hanging back on that walkway. This should leave you with only 3 or 4 guards left in the entire room. A fairly easy fight.

Find a way through the warehouse

If you don't already have one, there's an Advanced SMG by the monitors in the center of the room. One of the guards was also carrying a Heavy Pistol if you need one, but it might be pretty difficult to find in all the chaos. On the far side of the room in the middle there's a laptop with the Chronon tech Phase 2 milestones email. Behind you from that computer, look up to see some pallets suspended by a pulley. Shoot the pulley to drop the pallets, then climb on top of the metal sheets that dropped and use your Time Vision to uncover another Time Displacement Event. Hold Y to rewind time and the plates will move back into the air with you standing on them. Hurry and hop off to the platform nearby.

Down the stairs right in front of you you'll find a Chronon Source. Climb back up the stairs and run forward along the platform to a room on the other side, but the door is locked. Instead, climb the crates and get up on top of this room. Along the very back wall there's a hole in the floor that you can drop down into for another Cronon Source. Climb the crates to get back out and continue around the path along the sides of the building. When the walkway ends, just drop down to the walkway below you, which is where the 2 guards hanging back were when you first came into this room. There's another set of stairs going down, but there's nothing down there. Leave through the clearly marked exit, then once outside, drop down to the area below from the hole in the patio floor.

This is a point of no return. You should have 2 Cronon Sources, 1 Computer, and 1 Media Collectible. - 18%

Using Time Vision will reveal an easily accessible Cronon Source in the middle of the parking lot, as well as a Displaced Time Vision of 2 guards discussing Will's Briefcase. On the front of the car is a Trailer Note saying that the trailer generator is broken and is being powered from the car. Interact with the car to open the trailer and you'll also automatically gain a Media Item, the Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show (PR) or Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show (Hardline). Part of Monarch's PR plan seems to have been to replace the local DJ with a Monarch stooge, so if you're on the PR track, all radio shows dated after October 9th 2016 will be Theresa Sedmak, while the Hardline Track will find Bobby Radford shows throughout the game.

Examine Will's briefcase

Go inside and you'll automatically examine Will's briefcase. Beth contacts you to let you know that Monarch is onto Amy / Nick. Beth says she'll pick him/her up and meet Jack at the dry docks. Across from the briefcase is an email MY SCREENPLAY!!! containing the first half of a hilariously awful screenplay written by a disgruntled Monarch employee with a crush on Sofia Amaral. It's long and irrelevant, but read it if you want a laugh. It takes great writers to come up with something that bad. At the far end of the trailer is another computer win an email RE: Next Steps.

Exit the trailer from the opposite side you went in, then enter the garage door directly in front of you as you're going down the steps.

Find a way through the garage

There's a Chronon Source hidden behind the giant tank that's right in front of you as you enter the building. Walk past the boat inside the garage and you'll find a locked door. Time Vision shows that there are a bunch of explosive barrels stacked behind the door. Walk to the right of the door and you'll see a window through which you can shoot the barrels open the door. Apparently climbing through this large, open window that would be much easier to climb through than many other windows you've previously climbed through is asking too much.

The explosion knocks over some shelving units and makes a giant mess and also alerts Monarch to your position. Use Time Vision to reveal a Time Displacement. Hold Y to reverse time to before you made a giant mess and hurry past

This is a point of no return. You should have 4 Cronon Sources, 1 Document, 3 Computer, and 2 Media Collectibles. - 45%

Press X to climb the ladder to the upper level, then head out the door onto the patio. Drop through the hole in the floor and get ready for a fight.

Clear the transformer yard of enemies

There are initially 3 Reapers and 3 Guards. After you beat these guards the gates in the fence open and several more guards stream in.

This is a huge fight - but how much you want to do is completely up to you. When you continue past the opened gates toward the fence in the back of the next area you trigger a cutscene where an armored truck plows through the fence, but halfway through a time stutter hits, stopping time and ending the fight instantly. You don't need to kill a single enemy here if you don't want to. My best count for this optional fight is 2 Reapers, 6 Guards, and 2 Safeguards.

The next fight will not be so optional. When you're ready climb on top of the frozen truck and jump off the back into the next area.

Note that if you search this area carefully before leaving, there is a Carbine Rifle sitting next to a pile of ammo - the only time in the game I've seen such an ammo pile as opposed to just a backpack.