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by burqawitz

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Guide and Walkthrough by burqawitz

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 05/30/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

Gamefaqs FAQ of the Month Contest Winner: May 2016

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Mostly I just needed a section before the walkthrough so the formatting doesn't get messed up by the table of contents, though.

Version Information

  • Version 1.00 - Most everything
  • Version 1.01 - Added version information. Corrected some spelling and formatting issues. Added a section detailing information and strategies for dealing with different enemy types.
  • Version 1.02 - Corrected some information about the duration of abilities. Added a recommended upgrade section to the FAQs. Changed the names of some enemies in the guide. Formatting changes designed to make the guide display better on mobile devices. Fixed a description for one of the achievements. Added icons to the achievement section. Added a section differentiating the shotgunner enemy from the weaker reaper, or normal unarmored guards.
  • Version 1.03 - Noted an additional difference between guards wearing baseball caps and guards wearing ski masks, the latter I've designated Prowlers. Retooled the Damage numbers for the weapons to more accurately represent their actual damage, and provided HP estimates for enemies. Redid enemy layouts in the walkthrough to show new enemy types. Added % complete to collectibles at Points of no return throughout most of the guide.


SPOILER WARNING: While this guide will attempt to avoid story spoilers, it is possible that some story elements will be revealed as you read through the guide. It is recommended that you do not read ahead of the section you're currently in to avoid spoilers. The author of this guide does not make any guarantees regarding spoilers. Some aspects of the story may be revealed within the walkthrough.

Note that this walkthrough is written for the normal difficulty. While I haven't studied the differences extensively, I believe there might be more guards in hard more, and fewer on easy. Enemies have less health on easy, but do not have more health on hard. Enemies do more damage on hard.

The focus of this walkthrough will be warning you about points of no return - places where after you progress, there's no going back. We will let you know what collectibles need to be found before you progress past a point of no return. If you do move past one of these points of no return without picking up a collectible, the only way to get it is by replaying that section of the game from the timeline menu. Points of no return will be indicated with a horizontal rule, like this...

Collectibles will be highlighted in various colors matching the collectibles key at the beginning of each section, and will also have a timeline marker to indicate what timeline you find this collectible on, if appropriate. Objects that you can interact with but that are not collectibles will be in bold.

The walkthrough will also give you information about major fights and obstacles to help you progress.

Within the game, if you're ever lost, pressing up on the D-pad will temporarily create an in game marker to show you where your next objective is.

Act 1
The Number One Killer is Time

Part 1
Riverport University Experiment


Documents - 10
Computers - 3
Media - 3

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 4:00am

Jack Joyce arrives at Riverport University to
meet his best friend, Paul Serene, who needs
help from someone he can trust.


The first section of the game contains no combat. There are a few collectibles, a few optional conversations with characters you'll meet later, and a few other interesting things you can look at that are either meaningless or will not make sense the first time you play the game.

Enter the university courtyard.‏

You begin the game being dropped off by a taxi in front of Riverport University. There's nothing to see in the area behind you or down the street where the taxi came from. There's a drunk student sitting next to a Campus Map just to your left. The Campus Map is your first collectible. You can talk to the mumbling drunk, but he has nothing coherent to say.

Move up the steps in front of you into the arched entrance to the campus and you'll receive a cell phone call from Paul Serene who will give you instructions on how to find the physics building.

There's a Protest Flier on the table to your left. Down the corridor to the right there is some graffiti on the wall that Jack will comment on if you inspect it.

Head towards the Physics building.‏

Walking forward you'll see a couple on a park bench that will tell you where the physics building is if you talk to them. There's a drunk girl sleeping on the grass by a tree in the area behind them that Jack will smirk at if you interact with her.

On your left is a Stop Monarch Problems Poster Protest Chart, in a campus poster stand, and if you continue left toward the building you'll find another such stand on the opposite side of the path that contains the Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster. Continuing forward, there's a round glass structure protruding out of the ground in the center of the area with a statue on top. In front of that structure, protesters have set up a sign asking visitors to proceed to the left. There's a fold up chair next to the sign with a radio that you can use to listen to the Bobby Radford Radio Show.

The physics building where you're meeting Paul is on the right, but if you follow the sign to the left there are more collectibles and a few interactive narrative experiences. Interact with the box of protest signs to hear Jack's thoughts on the library protest, then continue down the path and you can meet Amy Ferrero. who will try to give you her pitch against Monarch Industries. She will also encourage you to look at her chart of Monarch's activity appropriating Riverport. Amy's Monarch Timeline is another collectible document. Inside the tent just past Amy is a video file named Return, that in addition to being a Media Collectible looks like it may be a trailer for a new Alan Wake game.

There's nothing else to see, so continue down the path toward the fancy Physics building, where you'll encounter Liam Burke sitting on a rail in front of the building. Talking to him will reveal Jack's insights about him, giving you some indication of Jack's dicey past. To the left of the building before you enter are two articles on stone pillars, the Paul Serene Focus Article, and the Dr Kim Memorial Article.

When you press X at the glass door to the Physics Building that is a point of no return.

You should have collected 7 Documents and 2 Media Items. 56%


Inside the building Jack is reunited with his old friend Paul Serene. If you missed it outside, there's another copy of the Paul Serene Focus Article on display near the entrance. Examine it after Paul stops talking and Jack will chide Paul about his fame. If you inspect the desk across the hall you'll find a computer with an e-mail about your brother Will, entitled RE: WILLIAM JOYCE CLEARANCE.

When you're ready, follow Paul into the Meyer Physics Research Center. Paul heads immediately for the elevator. If you continue on past the elevator you'll find a Model of the Physics Building that you can interact with for more banter with Paul. To the right of that model is a bulletin board with a Monarch Solutions Job Fair Poster. When you're ready, hop on the elevator.

Unsurprisingly, this is another point of no return. You should have 8 Documents, 1 Computer, and 2 Media Item collectibles. 68%

Proceed towards the lab or take a seat

When you get off the elevator you'll find that Paul has set up a presentation to sell you on the project. Paul thinks twice about giving you his presentation spiel and urges you to follow him to the lab. It's up to you if you want to watch the presentation before going on. If you walk to the chair in the front row and press X, Paul will give you the Project Promenade Presentation. This will also give you the G25 - Marketing Spiel Xbox Achievement. To the right of the presentation screen you can interact with the window for a nice view of Riverport and some narrative Insights from Jack.

Follow Paul

Follow Paul through the sealed blue vault door, which is of course another point of no return.

You should have 8 Documents, 1 Computer, and 3 Media Item collectibles. 75%


Follow Paul along the walkway to the left, though the glass door into a room filled with computer monitors, listening to him explain his dilemma. Examine the Ram Statue and Photo of Jack and Paul next to the glass door where you entered for more banter between Jack and Paul about their past. There's a computer on the desk along the wall toward the center of the larger room with an e-mail, RE: PROJECT PROMENADE BETA TEST. Paul will rib you about not respecting his privacy when you examine it. When you walk up to Paul he'll take a moment to explain what he wants and ask for your help, then he'll open another glass door and proceed down another walkway.

Follow Paul

Following Paul, there's a small tablet computer on a desk on the right with an e-mail, RE: COMING HOME? that has a series of correspondence e-mails between Paul and Jack that lead to Jack coming to the University to see Paul. Following Paul further toward a 2nd glass room, on the left is a poster board containing Corridor Schematics for the machine, which Jack and Paul will discuss if you examine them. At this point you should have collected all the collectibles for Act 1 Part 1.

Activate the core

Follow Paul into this 2nd glass room and follow his instructions, pressing X at the lever at the back of the room to access the lever, then hold forward on the L stick to activate the machine, while Paul watches the diagnostics on nearby monitors to make sure everything is going according to plan. When the machine makes some scary noises Paul will reassure you. Continue pressing forward until the core activates.

Follow Paul

After activating the machine, follow Paul back across to the first glass room, where Paul will set a key near an activation panel.

Activate the Corridor

Walk up and press X to pick up the key. Paul will prompt you to turn your key at the same time as him by pressing X when he counts down. Not pressing X within the appropriate timeline will result in some comical back forth between the two friends. If you do miss the count, don't worry. You can just press X at any time after their initial exchange to activate the machine.

Activate the time machine

Follow Paul back through to the chamber in the center of the room, then when you're ready, walk up and use X to press the big red button that looks like a safety shutdown switch next to the computer monitor on the desk to Paul's left.

Set date on console

Listen to Paul giggle like an idiot, and after a couple of minutes of story, return to the big red button and press it again to try out the machine a 2nd time.

This is a point of no return. You should have collected 10 Documents, 3 Computer, and 3 Media Item collectibles. 100%

The 2nd test doesn't go quite as smoothly. Jack's brother Will shows up waving a gun around like a crazy person, the machine malfunctions, explosions ensue, and time itself pretty obviously breaks, suspending objects in mid air as they're thrown about by the explosion. Listen to Paul and go check on Will in the glass room where you used the key to activate the machine. You will earn the G20 - A Fracture in Time XBox achievement.


Check on your brother William

Like everything else, Will is frozen in time. Walk up to him and press X and Jack will grab his arm, unfreezing him and allowing him to move again. Return to the chamber to try to release Paul from the machine.

Get Paul out of the machine

Jack and Paul are unable to open the hatch to release Paul from the machine. Time starts up again, alarms start blaring, and armed soldiers start streaming into the room.

Escape from the lab

Paul decides the only way out of the machine is to continue through the corridor and leaves, while Will instructs you to follow him into the glass room to your right, where you first pressed the lever to activate the machine core. The two escape through a hatch in the floor to a lower level. Follow Will along the corridor and continue pressing forward to squeeze through the tight opening next to a hydraulic lift. A cutscene ensues, ending this section of the game and transitioning into Part 2.

By completing this section you'll unlock Jack Joyce Diary 1

Part 2
Campus Escape

Quantum Ripples - 1
Computers - 3

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 4:16 am

A Fracture in time has appeared; Jack and his
brother William are pursued by armed
Monarch troops as they attempt to escape.


Follow Will

Continue following Will down the corridor as he attempts to explain what's happened with a very poorly thought out egg metaphor. You can hold X to pick up the ammo from the fallen guard's gun, but it's not necessary. Handguns have unlimited ammo in this game. At the end of the hall, Will can't access the next door. Press X to force the door open.

Will leads you automatically to an open panel along the wall that the two brothers use to avoid the incoming guards. Press forward on the L stick to slide along inside the wall behind Will as the brothers argue. Continue pressing forward when prompted until Will and Jack exit from behind the wall at the other end of the room. Before following Will through the next door, backtrack into the room and you can access one of the computers in the center of the room to read an e-mail titled PAUL SERENE LAB CLEARANCE, then follow Will out the door and along more hallways. Straight through the door there is a large window. If you watch out the window for a few moments Will will comment on Liam Burke standing outside with a couple of guards, and a mysterious helicopter that shows up. In the next room there's another door that Will needs help with. Press X to force open the door.

This is a point of no return. You should have 1 Computer collectible. 25%

Clear the lab of enemies

Inside the room you'll be confronted by a Prowler. Hide behind the nearby desk while he empties his gun firing at you, then when he stops to reload, press LT to aim and RT to shoot him. A single headshot will take him down instantly. After taking out the first guard, 2 more enemies rush in. One Prowler and the other is a Guard and can take a few more bullets before being taken down. The armored guard is carrying an SMG which you can pick up by holding X after you kill him. You can switch back and forth between handguns and SMGs by using the D-pad on the controller. ⇓ for handguns, ⇒ for SMGs.

Follow Will

In the back of this room you'll find a whiteboard with some equations written on it. Examine the whiteboard with X to unlock a Quantum Ripple. Quantum Ripples are events that can have minor changes in the story of the Quantum Break TV Episodes that are included with the game. In this case, Will takes the time to fix some missing information in the equations which is what caused time to fracture when Paul ran the experiment. The effect of this ripple will be shown in Episode 1, after which a comical breakdown of the effects of the ripple can be viewed from the timeline.

This is a point of no return. You should have 1 Quantum Ripple and 1 Computer collectible. 50%

Clear the area of enemies

As you follow Will into the next room, 1 Prowler and 1 Guard exit the elevator and another 2 Prowlers enter the room from the area behind the elevator.

After dispatching the guards, if you look out the large window in this area you'll see an armored truck drive into the underground parking area. There is no narrative around this event, but it is something that will be referred back to later in the game.

Before getting in the elevator with Will, go around behind the elevator and you'll find a tablet sitting on the green couch with an e-mail titled FWD: Library protest.

Take the elevator

When you're ready to move on, hop in the elevator with Will.

This is a point of no return. You should have 1 Quantum Ripple and 2 Computer collectibles. 75%

Halfway up the elevator stops. Press X next to the elevator buttons to open the elevator door. A bunch of soldiers are waiting for you. You won't have to fight them, though. Another time stutter occurs, freezing time once again, leaving only Jack able to move.

Help Will

Press X next to will to interact with him, then hold Y down to use your time powers to allow Will to move.

Follow Will

If you walk up to the guards you can hold X to switch your SMG for one of their Assault Rifles if you'd like. It's a small improvement, and it allows you to disarm all the guards in the area, which is pretty cool.

On the desk just behind the guards is a tablet with an e-mail titled University Operation. This is the last collectible in this section of the game.

Will needs something from his car. Follow him out the front door and out into the courtyard, where the armed Monarch militia has been frozen in place while chasing and detaining all the protesters and anyone else who happened to be in the area. A ways up the path you'll see a guard wrestling with Amy Ferrero, who you might have met on your way in. If you press X next to her, you'll be prompted to hold Y like you did with will to try to unfreeze her and save her from the guards, but for some reason Will's power won't work here, and you're forced to leave her behind. Following Will up the path to the right, you'll also see Liam Burke detaining Nick Marsters, who you might recognize as the cab driver who dropped you off. If you wait around, Jack will comment on the situation.

It is worth noting that you get any of the collectibles you might have missed on your way through this area from before. They just aren't available now. If you missed something you have to replay Act 1 Part 1 to get it.

Continue following will into the Chemistry Building, which is now open. He mentions Beth Wilder, an important character you'll meet later, but haven't yet heard of. If you lost track of him, Will takes a right when the hall splits, then turns left with the corridor and waits for you in front of a closed door. He suggests you should go in first. It's not the large double door behind him, it's the small door on his left.

This is a point of no return. You should have 1 Quantum Ripple and 3 Computer collectibles. Press X to enter the Lecture Hall. 100%

Fans of Alan Wake might notice that the chalkboard at the front of the room is full of notes from a lecture about the story from that game. They're quite interesting, and worth taking the time to look at if you've played that game. The time stutter collapses when you enter this room, and time resumes its normal flow. The parking lot outside is full of guards, but Will insists he needs his car. Jack agrees to fight the guards and get the car. Follow Will through the door in the back of the room to the large double doored exit.

Grab the car keys

When you're ready, press X next to will and he'll hand you his car keys, and you'll automatically head out the double door .

Clear the car park of enemies

You'll now gain access to your first time ability - Time Vision. Press Y at any time - even during a cutscene - to activate Time Vision. It will stay activated until you move. Time Vision will highlight enemy guards in red, weapons and ammo caches in blue, and explosives and destructibles in orange, allowing you to see these things even through walls. Using your time vision now, you'll see that there are 2 Guards and 1 Prowler patrolling the parking lot. Having access to essentially Batman's detective vision will probably make you want to start sneaking around taking out guards quietly. No such luck. There is no stealth in this game. You can sneak up and get the first shot at one of the guards, but you'll just have to take them out in a firefight. Another 1 Prowler will show up once the fight starts. Be careful when hiding behind cars. After taking enough bullets, cars will explode, killing everyone around them.

Find Will's car

After the firefight, you'll learn the other use for Time Vision. Whenever the Time Vision icon on the right of the screen turns yellow, there is a displaced time event or a chronon source in the area. Using Time Vision at this time will show you a place where you can see a vision of something that happened in that location in a different time, or activate a time dislocation event that rewinds time in a small area for a short duration, allowing you to progress past obstacles that may not have existed in the past.

Investigate the anomaly

In this case, you can access a vision of Will leaving his car, showing you which car is his. Note the super nerdy dodecahedron die hanging from the rear view mirror.

Before interacting with Will's car, you might want to look around the area and locate one of the backpacks in the area, highlighted in blue by your time vision. Apparently the republicans are very much in power in Riverport, because every student seems to have been carrying a backpack full of bullets. Approaching one of these backpacks and holding X will refill all of your ammo for your current SMG and Heavy Weapon (unless you have a Light Machine Gun, which cannot be refilled).

Get Will's car

When you're ready, hold Y near the jumbled image of a man near the back of the parking lot to see a vision of Will as he arrived at the campus, then approach the car and press X.

Clear the car park of enemies

You'll be attacked by a Guard. You'll now gain access to your first combat oriented time ability - Time Stop. Press RB to use time stop, stopping the guard in place for a few seconds.

In the distance you can hear Will being overtaken by soldiers. You'll have to fight a total of 7 enemies in this next fight. 4 guards rush you - the Guard from before, as well as 2 more Guards and a Prowler who come out of the building where you left Will. There are 2 more Guards and 1 Prowler waiting for you on the steps in front of the building that won't come after you until you approach the building.

Time Stop is not the greatest ability, but it's all you have for now. Using Time Stop on a guard will create a bubble of altered time around him, slowing him down to almost a halt. Any bullets fired into the area will be stopped completely in time until the time stop collapses. Because it only slows enemies, but actually stops bullets, this means that it actually makes your enemies faster than your bullets! As such, it is not wise to try to get headshots on a Time Stopped enemy. They may well move out of the way of the bullets and you'll miss altogether. Aim for center mass, and fire a whole mess of bullets at an enemy. When the time bubble collapses, all the bullets will be released simultaneously for greatly increased damage. I should also note that the distortion effect of the time bubble can actually displace the image of an enemy, so if you fire at that enemy, you'll actually be firing at an illusion created by the time distortion and your bullets will miss. To make sure you're actually hitting your enemy, trust the game's auto aim feature if it draws your weapon away from where you're seeing an enemy. Alternately, you can use your Time Vision to show a red highlight of your enemy. This highlight effect is not subject to the displacement of the time bubble, and you'll be able to see where your enemy actually is standing.

Remember after each major fight to look around for a backpack to refill your ammo.

Get back to Wil

Head back up the double doors where you came from and press X to go back inside the building to save Will. This is the end of Part 2.

By completing this section you'll unlock Jack Joyce Diary 2.

Part 3
Library Chase

Media - 1

OCTOBER 9th, 2016, 4:31am

Separated from his brother, Jack fights his
way through the campus to find him and
rescue him from Monarch goons.

Inside the building you'll meet Beth Wilder for the first time. You won't actually understand who she is or what she's doing here until very late in the story.
You'll also earn the G20 - Mysterious Stranger XBox Achievement. You may have to move through into the next room before the achievement pops up, though, so don't panic if it doesn't show up right after the cutscene.


Get to the library

After the cutscene, hurry back into the lecture hall. Astute players will notice the Time Vision icon turn yellow. Using Time Vision will allow you to access a Time Vision where you'll witness guards capturing will and escorting him up the stairs and through a door at the top of the lecture hall. Press X to go through the door at the top of the stairs.

You'll now gain access to one of your best time abilities - Time Dodge. Press LB to use time dodge to teleport a short distance.

In addition to allowing you to zip around the battlefield, Aiming your gun LT right after a Time Dodge will slow time down for a few seconds, allowing quick players to aim a well placed headshot on an unsuspecting enemy. Furthermore, if you Time Dodge into a normal enemy, you'll ram him with your shoulder, knocking him off balance and preventing him from attacking you for a few seconds while he regains his footing. Follow this up with a well placed headshot, or simply mow him down with a rapid fire weapon before he regains his footing. This ram attack will not work on heavily armored enemies, but it will be a while before you start running into them.

Later in the game when you gain access to upgrades, you can get an upgrade to Time Vision, activating Time Vision and highlighting enemies and objects automatically for a few seconds after using Time Dodge. For now, you'll have to activate Time Vision manually.

Clear the reading room of enemies

There are 3 Guards in this room, and they will shoot you right through the bookshelves, so don't dawdle. There's no good cover. The guards to too spread out in a thin room. If you try to hide, one of them will always have position on you. These guards also like throwing grenades, making it unsafe to stay in cover for long. Zip around the room with Time Dodge and take them down quickly. Don't forget that you still have your Time Stop ability as well, but be advised that there are certain areas in the room where a Time Stop will instantly collapse for no apparent reason - another in a long list of reasons why it's just not a reliable ability. All your abilities work on different timers, though, so using one ability will give another ability time to recover.

The commotion from this fight will draw another 2 armed guards, who will burst in from the double doors. With these guards coming from the same direction, you can safely take cover behind the sofas in the middle of the room

Get to the library

Exit out the doors that these guards opened after you dispatch them. Using Time Vision in the hall just outside will reveal another Time Vision of the guards escorting Will down the hall. There's nothing down the stairs on either side. It just connects to a small hall on the lower level that loops back around to the other staircase. Proceed down the hall and press X at the glass doors to the Cafeteria. When you first press X a small cutscene will play and the building power will flicker out, unlocking the door. Press X again to enter the Cafeteria.

Clear the cafeteria of enemies

There are 4 Guards on the upper level, and when they see you 2 more Guards will come from downstairs to join the fight.

Another 4 Guards will wait for you to come to them downstairs. You can either go downstairs guns blazing, or look around for vantage points where you can shoot down at them to pick them off from the upper level. When you go downstairs, if you take the stairs on the left side of the room 1 more Guard will spawn, for a total of 6 upstairs and 5 downstairs. If you take the stairs in the back, you'll have worse position, but will be faced with 1 less guard.

There's a Heavy Pistol sitting on one of the tables on the lower level next to a rack full of lunch trays near the soda machine. This high powered replacement for your handgun is great for players who like to aim their shots carefully. A single headshot with this gun will take down even an armored Guard.

Get outside

When you're ready, exit out the double doors on the lower level surrounded on either side by various posters.

Exiting the cafeteria you'll see Will being forced into the soon to be demolished library across the courtyard.

Get into the library

The gate leading to the library is locked and covered with barbed wire. To the left of this gate you'll find a group of porta potties. You'll hear gunshots in the distance. Run up to the porta potties and press A while pressing toward them with the L stick to climb on top of them, then use A again to jump over the wall to the library courtyard. If you walk to the center of the area there are two dead guards. Jack will comment on the dead guards if you walk up to them.

There's a radio sitting on a barrel near the dead guards that can be activated for the Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show Media collectible - the one and only collectible in this section of the game. Annoyingly, you'll only be able to hear the broadcast of these radio shows if you stay within 2-3 feet of the radio. You can't explore the area while you listen to them. If you're interested you have to just stand there and listen to be able to hear them.

When you're ready to move on, there's some construction scaffolding on the left that you can climb, and a blue hydraulic lift between that and another tall scaffold along the side of a tall fence next to the library. You can jump from the scaffolding to the hydraulic lift to the next scaffolding to reach the library, however when you land on the hydraulic lift it will immediately start to lower. You'll need to use your time stop ability RB on the hydraulic lift before you jump out to it to keep it from lowering so you'll have time to climb onto the crate at the far end of the lift and jump from there to the scaffolding on the other side. If you miss it on your first try the lift will raise back up so you can try it again. Leaky hydraulics, maybe?

Jump across one more gap to another scaffolding attached to the side of the building and go up to the ladder and press X to climb the ladder, then walk to the open window on the 3rd floor and press X to enter the building.

This is a point of no return. You should have collected the 1 Media collectible before moving on. 100%

As you're entering the window a guard will spot you, but will be killed by an anonymous sniper before he can cause you any problems.

Find Will

Proceed through the door on the far side of the room and turn to your right. You'll see a large hole in the floor. If you wait a few moments Jack will overhear the guards below talking about blowing up the building. Use your Time Vision to scout the room below, and when you're ready drop into the hole in the floor and get ready for a fight.

There are 2 Prowlers down below. They're both carrying heavy pistols if you missed the one in the cafeteria earlier. Be careful, though. They pack a punch with those big guns. If you get the drop on them you can easily take them both out with headshots before they can react. Make sure your ammo is full at the backpack by the table before proceeding onward, then drop down to the ground floor of the library through the gap in the construction gear on the right.

Using Time Vision will unlock another vision of Will being escorted through the area by guards. Follow the guards from the vision to a double door in the back of the room.

Will is inside with a bundle of guards who immediately open fire on you. You gain access to a new time power. Press B to activate Time Shield to protect you from their incoming fire.

Time Shield is a powerful ability that protects you from most enemy fire for a few seconds. It also slows enemies that are in close proximity and knocks back weak enemies. With upgrades that you'll get later it will also heal you of all damage almost instantly. Use it to protect yourself if you find yourself surrounded with no place to go, or rush into the middle of the battlefield with Time Dodge, erect a Time Shield, and quickly take out as many enemies as you can with headshots before the shield collapses, then rush back to safety with another Time Dodge.

Clear the area of enemies

There are 7 Guards in this room, although some of them are far enough away, up on the scaffolding in the back of the room with Wil, that your Time Vision may not be able to detect them from your starting location. Use a variety of powers to fight them off. There are also a bunch of explosive propane tanks scattered around the room. If you picked up the Heavy Pistol in the Cafeteria on your way here, it can set these off almost instantly, taking out any nearby enemies.