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by sokkus

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FAQ/Walkthrough by sokkus

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/24/15

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Why hello there! Welcome to my guide to Deck 13 and City Interactive's latest title and love letter to the Dark Souls series – Lords of the Fallen. Lords of the Fallen takes many of its cues from the notoriously difficult series (and can be a little tricky itself at times) but puts some new and interesting spins on From Software's winning formula.

This guide will provide you with a walkthrough from beginning to end helping with strategies to get you through all the tough moments, take down the assortment of nasty bosses, help you get to the locations of all the good stuff and collect as many of the games collectibles as possible along the way.

If you see any errors, have a question, a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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Although I make these guides for free in my spare time, I probably don't need to point out that purchasing games is an expensive hobby and writing guides can be a very long, incredibly difficult and thankless task at the best of times, but one that is very challenging and rewarding.

A simple donation is a great, easy way to say thanks if you feel that my guide has saved you some time, money and frustration in some small way. By no means feel obligated to donate just for viewing my guide, but if you are feeling a little generous I certainly won't object!

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Creating a Character

Upon starting the game, you'll need to create your character which essentially requires that you pick a magic specialisation: Brawling, Deception and Solace which roughly correspond to the underlying character classes. The second decision you have to make is the class that you want Harkyn to be with the decision based primarily around the character's starting weapons, armour and base attribute bonuses.

Schools of Magic

Lords of the Fallen features three schools of magic: Bralwer, Deception and Solace and each has its own unique focus. All three magic types feature the same starting spell - Prayer although it performs a slightly different function for each (it will restore Health for Brawler, Magic for Solace and Energy for Deception) but then differentiate into abilities that are beneficial to tactics for the chosen class.

Note: The following descriptions are taken from in-game: typos, bad grammar and all!


The art of Brawling is to overwhelm your opponent with pure force and mighty spells

  • Prayer: A motionless clone that attracts enemy attention to give Harkyn an advantage. Over time it will also restore some of your health.
  • Rage: A surrounding force that gives more damage, attack power and removes energy restrictions.
  • Quake: Your most powerful ally, coming down to help you and slam your enemies with a giant hammer, wreaking havoc.
  • Ram: A powerful charging force that, apart from damaging, can stagger or knock down the enemies.


Deceiving the enemies and injuring them beyond recovery is the main focus of the deception magic type.

  • Prayer: A motionless clone that attracts enemy attention to give Harkyn an advantage in combat. Increases energy recovery.
  • Shift: Harkyn moves into shadow dimension. Any attack he deals is devastating, but brings him back in to view.
  • Stab: A bloodseeking supernatural assassin that sprints towards its prey to severely damage it or take its life.
  • Mimic: A phase of magic following you, copying your moves and repeating the damage you've done.


Magic taught by scholars contains mostly defensive spells to heal and protect yourself.

  • Prayer: A motionless clone that attracts enemy attention to give Harkyn an advantage in combat. Increases magic recovery.
  • Shelter: A protective shell that highly increases all types of defense and mirrors the incoming damage.
  • Daze: A powerful force that inflicts fear upon the enemies, slowing them down and lowering defenses.
  • Punishment: Eye for an eye. Enemy attacks are being revenged by stunning the opponent.

Classes and Base Attributes

When initially creating a character, in addition to specialising in a school of magic, players are provided with three options of classes. The class selected at this point will affect the weapons and armour that Harkyn begins the game with as well as the base stats for the character. The starting attribute bonuses give you a hint as to what you want to level with each class to make the most of their play style.

It should be noted that following the first hour or so of the game, players are able spend their XP points and can from then on develop their character into any class they choose. Additionally, all three starting armour sets can be found before exiting the tutorial area. So even if you choose one class at the start, you can change your mind and transform Harkyn into another class fairly early on if you so desire.


The Cleric class starts with a boost to Vitality and Faith. The Focus of this class is the gauntlet, the use of magic abilities and magic-imbued melee attacks from socketed runes. Specialising in the Solace Tree allows players some useful abilities such as Shelter which provides a great deal of protection whilst reflecting damage, making it ideal for a caster. Clerics are fairly easy to use and their gauntlet can become extremely overpowered once you level Faith to a high enough level. I would classify the Cleric as the game's medium difficulty class.

There are three types of Cleric depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Executioner = Cleric + Deception Magic
  • Cleric = Cleric + Solace Magic
  • Brawler = Cleric + Brawling Magic


The Rouge's main focus is on Endurance and Agility. The class revolves around light armour, dual-wielding smaller weapons and use hit and run tactics and combo attacks to inflict massive damage in a short period of time. They are able to move very quickly due to the lesser armour load but will take much more damage from enemy attacks. On the plus side, with their lighter armour Harkyn can move around the battlefield much, much quicker. Rogues are tricky to play and are the most difficult class by far to get the hang of due to their lower armour rating forcing players to rely on skill-based dodging.

There are three types of Rogue depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Rogue = Rogue + Deception Magic
  • Ranger= Rogue + Solace Magic
  • Outlaw = Rogue + Brawling Magic


Warriors are all about Strength and Vitality. The strength attribute focuses primarily on dishing out melee damage as well as increasing Harkyn's armour load to allow him to wear heavier sets of armour. With a focus on damage dealing melee attacks and heavy armour, they are walking tanks. This is the easiest way to play through Lords of the Fallen and is strongly recommended for beginners.

There are three types of Warrior depending on the school of magic selected:

  • Raider = Warrior + Deception Magic
  • Paladin = Warrior + Solace Magic
  • Warrior = Warrior + Brawling Magic


There are six key attributes that players are able to invest points in whilst levelling Harkyn and each has their own perks and useful traits. Of course, certain attributes provide more benefit to certain classes, so investing in the right area will help immensely in increasing your chances of survival.The Attributes include:

  • Strength - This increases physical damage dealt with weapons based on the Strength Attribute as well as slightly increasing the amount of gear that you can carry. This is a warrior's favourite!
  • Vitality - Vitality increases Harkyn's base health pool. It also slightly increases the effectiveness of healing potions.
  • Faith - This increases damage dealt with weapons based on the Faith Attribute. It also increases Harkyn's mana pool, allowing you to use more magical abilities and Gauntlet attacks before waiting for the bar to re-charge. This is favoured mostly by Clerics, but is a good back up attribute to invest in for ranged damage.
  • Endurance - This attribute increases the amount of Stamina Harkyn has available, allowing him to perform additional attacks before needing a break. It also increases the amount of gear that you can carry.
  • Agility - This increases damage dealt with weapons based on the Agility Attribute. It also slightly increases Harkyn's Stamina pool, allowing you to use more attacks before waiting for the bar to re-charge. This is used almost exclusively by Rogues.
  • Luck - Increases the chance of equipment falling from enemies. Also increases the chance of unlocking higher level items whilst unlocking sealed runes at Crafter Anvils.

Starting Attributes

Each class and sub-class has its own unique starting attributes as well as differing numbers of potions and different extra consumables to help you on your way. It should also be noted that any sub-class with a Solace Magic specialisation will have the Prayer spell unlocked from the get go!

Heres a table with every class, the starting attributes and the extras they start with:

RaiderWarrior + Deception Magic101289913Ghost Merge Shard
PaladinWarrior + Solace Magic1013108802

Ghost Merge Shard, Prayer Spell Unlocked

WarriorWarrior + Brawling Magic111488802Ghost Merge Shard
ExecutionerCleric + Deception Magic810129914Magic Energy Shard
ClericCleric + Solace Magic811148803

Magic Energy Shard, Prayer Spell Unlocked

BrawlerCleric + Brawling Magic912128803Magic Energy Shard
RogueRogue + Deception Magic888111135Energy Shard
RangerRogue + Solace Magic8910101024

Energy Shard, Prayer Spell Unlocked

OutlawRogue + Brawling Magic9108101024Energy Shard

Gameplay Basics

Gathering Experience and Levelling Up

As per your standard RPG experience players will earn experience points (XP) wich can be spent to upgrade Harkyn's base attributes and unlock additional magic abilities associated with the school of magic chosen at the start of the game. Harkyn gains experience by:

  • Killing enemies,
  • Progressing through story events
  • Completing side-quests.
  • Picking up collectibles and
  • Exploring new areas for the first time.

XP Multiplier

The game includes an XP multiplier to reward players with additional XP for killing as many monsters as they can before hitting a Checkpoint Crystal. The more monsters you kill between saves, the more the XP multiplier will increase and so too will the subsequent XP gained from killing monsters with the multiplier active.

Dying and Regaining XP

As with Dark Souls, if you die whilst holding XP, this will then be deposited on the ground close to where Harkyn was killed in the form of a white cloud. It is not lost however as although the enemies will have respawned, you can still fight your way back through them to the cloud and interact with it to recover your dropped XP.

Unlike Dark Souls however, there is a time limit on how long the XP will stick around and it will slowly count down until it vanishes altogether. The speed of the countdown will be affected by the XP multiplayer when you died, the higher the XP multiplier was at the time of death, the longer it will take for the XP cloud to dissipate.

Banking XP and Levelling Up

When you reach a Checkpoint Crystal, you can use the opportunity to level Harkyn. Within the levelling menu, you have the ability to bank experience in order to purchase a Spell point which can be used to unlock magic abilities or an attribute point which can be invested to increase one of Harkyn's attributes.

Upon investing XP in a point, the amount of experience required for each subsequent point will increase.

It is possible to find a number of Attribute Point Shards and Spell Point Shards throughout the world and these can be spent to instantly unlock a point for Harkyn. Unfortunately, these will also push up the XP required for the next point. Due to that and the fact that they are hard to come by and extremely useful, it is recommended that you spend them only when Harkyn is at a relatively high level so that you get the maximum benefit.

Managing Stamina


Stamina is an important attribute of Lords of the Fallen. As with Dark Souls, Stamina is consumed by running, blocking, rolling or swinging your weapon and Harkyn can only perform these functions when there is stamina available and because of this, managing your Stamina bar is essential to success in the title.

As there are a few nuances to the system, here are some helpful hints about Stamina:

  • Harkyn's stamina bar does recharge fairly quickly and can be further expanded by spending skill points into the Endurance attribute when levelling up.
  • The larger and heavier a weapon is, the more stamina it will consume during a swing.
  • Linking or chaining attacks together in a combo by executing an additional attack as the first is ending will slightly reduce the stamina cost of subsequent swings. You can chain attacks together until interrupted or you run out of Stamina.
  • Stamina will be consumed instead of health during blocking until the bar is depleted (or unless you are attempting to block an unblockable attack).
  • Holding down the block button will prevent the stamina bar from re-charging. As such, you should only hold it down when you are certain of an attack and release it again as soon as possible to recover.

Combat Techniques and Stances

There are three different stances that Harkyn can utilise during combat in Lords of the Fallen and each allows players to perform different abilities. The currently active stance can be identified by the small icon appearing below harkyn's magic bar. As most enemies have a variety of moves and weaknesses, it is often useful to switch between stances during combat in order to exploit their various abilities.

The following techniques are available no matter the current active stance:

  • Light/Heavy Attacks – Harkyn can perform a light attack or a heavy attack. Light attacks are slightly faster and consume less Stamina, but do less damage. Heavy attacks on the other hand take longer, eat up more stamina and do significantly more damage. As Harkyn's wind-up animation for the heavy attacks takes quite a while, and leaves him open to counterattacks in the interim it is recommended to only use heavy attacks on stunned enemies or those unaware of your presence.
  • Chaining Attacks – By pressing the attack button in succession (i.e. hitting the attack button before the first has finished), Harkyn is able to chain together a series of attacks into a combo. The length of the combo and number of attacks will depend on the weight of the weapon equipped and the stamina Harkyn has available. The chained attacks will deal additional damage and consume a reduced amount of stamina.
  • Jump Attack – Running at an enemy and jumping, then pressing the attack button in mid-air will have Harkyn perform an overhead smash that can stagger enemies and break through shield defence, allowing you to follow up with a quick attack for some additional damage.
  • Rolling Attack – The roll attack is similar to the jump attack. Harkyn can run at an enemy and roll at them and if you hit the melee button during the roll animation Harkyn will perform a special melee attack which will cause more damage than a standard swing of your weapon.
  • Backstabbing – if you can move Harkyn into a position directly behind an opponent and perform alight attack, it is possible to perform a backstab in which a canned animation will play out and deal significant damage to the enemy on the receiving end before depositing them on the ground and vulnerable to a quick follow up attack.
  • Blocking - Holding down the block button will allow Harkyn to block attacks - shields are more effective at absorbing damage than weapons, but all three stances have some form of block that will reduce incoming damage.
  • Dodging - Harkyn can dive out of the way of most attacks. unfortunately, unlike Dark Souls, you will still get hit by an attack unless you time the dodge properly so it is imperative that you endeavour to learn enemy attack patterns and know which attacks can be blocked and the best time at which to roll away.
  • Side-stepping - Moving to the side when being attacked will allow you to avoid some slower attacks. This is much easier to do if you have light armour or low armour loading on Harkyn as he'll be able to move much quicker.

Weapon + Shield Stance

Harkyn holds a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other. In this stance, players are able to block attacks and use a shield's secondary ability. depending on the type of shield equipped, players can use different abilities. Note that with a shield equipped in this stance, players will be unable to attack with a two-handed weapon or use their Gauntlet.

Tower Shield - These are large, bulky shields that offers more protection than any other. These have several useful abilities.

  • Running at enemies with your shield up can shield charge which will temporarily stun them.
  • The shield charge ability can also be used to knock down fragile walls to find secret areas.
  • Players can plant their shield on the ground and take cover behind it to create a shield wall - this can stun charging enemies and reduce a lot of damage taken.

Kite Shield - This is a medium sized shield that is lighter than a Tower shield, but heavier than a buckler and provides a level of protection somewhere in between the two other varieties.

  • Running at enemies with your shield up can shield charge which will temporarily stun them.
  • The shield charge ability can also be used to knock down fragile walls to find secret areas.
  • Players can shield bash enemies with a kite shield, temporarily stunning them.

Buckler Shield - Small, wrist bound shields that are much, much lighter in terms of weight than the other shield types and offer decent protection and a cool secondary ability.

  • Running at enemies with your shield up can shield charge which will temporarily stun them.
  • The shield charge ability can also be used to knock down fragile walls to find secret areas.
  • Bucklers allow players to riposte - hitting the secondary button as an enemy attack is incoming can deflect it, allowing Harkyn to avoid damage and simultaneously follow up with a critical strike attack. This is incredibly useful, but the timing and risk involved make it quite difficult to actually use.

Weapon + Gauntlet Stance

Harkyn holds a weapon in one hand and uses his other for the Gauntlet. In this stance, players are able to block attacks with their weapon and use the gauntlet's various ranged abilities. Note that in this stance, players will be unable to attack with a two-handed weapon or block using a shield.

Depending on runes equipped on the gauntlet, the effects of their abilities can differ greatly.

  • Explosive – This will launch a small, looping energy attack resembling a grenade. This is used more as an opening attack on a patrolling enemy or a ranged attacker as its fuse length and projectile arc make it less reliable during actual combat.
  • Projectile – This attack acts as like a gun – point and shoot! I found this to be the most useful gauntlet ability as it allows you to lock on and shoot a target continuously, has a relatively high mana cost when compared to the other Gauntlet abilities, but it makes up for this by being much more reliable than the other attacks.
  • Blast – This attack resembles a shotgun blast. It can hit multiple enemies at once but they need to be in close proximity to Harkyn. Unfortunately, the charge up animation to use the blast attack is a little long, meaning harkyn will be exposed to attacks in the interim.

Two-handed Stance

The two handed stance allows Harkyn to use two handed weapons. In this stance, players are able to block attacks with their weapon however are unable to use the abilities of their equipped shield or gauntlet.

Armour Loading and Movement Speed

Harkyn has a total weight limit that players can work with in decking him out. This limit determines which weapons and armour Harkyn can use. Obviously, the more defence focused heavy armour sets and larger two handed weapons are going to weigh significantly more than light armour and smaller one-handed weapons.

Depending on how much of the weight limit is used, Harkyn's movement speed will be altered. There are three movement speeds:

  • Fast movement speed - 25% loading and below.
  • Medium movement speed – Between 25% - 75%.
  • Slow movement speed - 50% and above.

Movement speed is very important, especially when you wish for Harkyn to be able to move around the battlefield. The faster Harkyn is, the less armour he can equip, but the more manoeuvrable he becomes, likewise the reverse is true with heavy armour reducing movement speed significantly. In general, a balanced medium speed is good and will get you through most of the game.

Checkpoint Crystals

The game's checkpoint system is built around floating red crystals which I have deemed to call Checkpoint Crystals. These can be used to perform a number of functions. Approaching and interacting with the crystals can allow you to:

  • Bank accrued XP, purchase Spell/Attribute points and level Harkyn.
  • Save your current progress and re-fill some of your potions. Note that the number of potions you receive is equal to the number of shards rotating around the Checkpoint Crystal (up to a max of 4). This will reset your XP multiplier.
  • It is possible to save your current progress without resetting the XP modifier by clicking the left stick and ‘Triangle'/'Y' at the same time. This will not restore any potions.
  • Upon dying, you will resume at the last activated Checkpoint Crystal or entry area (if travelling between maps).

The Crafter's Anvils

Upon encountering the Crafter shortly after the third boss fight, you will be able to unlock the Sealed Runes that you will have no doubt been picking up beforehand. Once unlocked, you can then use the resultant runes in weapons and armour with sockets available to add additional effects to Harkyn's attacks or to enhance his defence in various ways.

Once you have defeated the fourth boss and returned to the Crafter, you will be able to summon him from any Anvil you encounter in the game in order to modify your equipment. There are differing levels of quality for your runes and an array of different types which offer various weapon and armour enhancements. The levels of rune include:

  • Lesser
  • Common
  • Higher
  • Flawless

Note: It is possible to bank some of your accrued XP into a rune before unlocking it to increase the chances of better quality drops occurring.

There are several different classes of rune, each with its own unique effects. They include:

  • Power - Increases physical damage on weapons, poise on block for shields and physical defence on armour.
  • Magic - Increases base attack Power, magic block defence on shields and magic defence on armour.
  • Poison - Adds the poison damage over time debuff to weapons, increases poison block defence on shields and increases general poison defence on armour.
  • Fire - Adds fire damage to weapons (and burning damage over time debuff to susceptible enemies), increases fire block defence on shields and increases fire resistance on armour.
  • Luck - Increases the attribute scale on attribute-based weapons, reduces energy loss whilst blocking in shields and increases your weight capacity when assigned to armour.

here are tables covering the major bonuses for each level and type of rune depending on the weapon they are inserted into:

Weapon/Gauntlet Bonuses
Power+2 Physical Damage+3 Physical Damage+4 Physical Damage+5 Physical Damage
Magic+3 Attack Power+4 Attack Power+5 Attack Power+7 Attack Power
PoisonPoison Debuff Poison Debuff Poison Debuff

Poison Debuff

Fire+2 Fire Damage+3 Fire Damage+4 Fire Damage+5 Fire Damage
Luck+1% Attribute Scale+2% Attribute Scale+3% Attribute Scale+4% Attribute Scale
Shield Bonuses
Power+4 Poise on Block+6 Poise on Block+8 Poise on Block+10 Poise on Block
Magic+5% Magic Block Defence+6% Magic Block Defence+7% Magic Block Defence+9% Magic Block Defence
Poison+5% Poison Block Defence+6% Poison Block Defence+7% Poison Block Defence

+9% Poison Block Defence

Fire+5% Fire Block Defence+6% Fire Block Defence+7% Fire Block Defence+9% Fire Block Defence
Luck-5% Block Energy Loss-6% Block Energy Loss-7% Block Energy Loss-9% Block Energy Loss
Armour Bonuses
Power+6 Physical Defence+10 Physical Defence+14 Physical Defence+18 Physical Defence
Magic+1 Magic Defence+2 Magic Defence+3 Magic Defence+5 Magic Defence
Poison+1 Poison Defence+2 Poison Defence+3 Poison Defence

+5 Poison Defence

Fire+1 Fire Defence+2 Fire Defence+3 Fire Defence+5 Fire Defence
Luck+2.00 Equipment Capacity+3.00 Equipment Capacity+4.00 Equipment Capacity+5.00 Equipment Capacity


Keystone Monastery

As soon as you gain control of Harkyn, we'll be thrust into a combat training situation. Follow the on-screen instructions to kill the enemy in front of you. Once it is dead head up the stairs and talk to Kaslo.

After the conversation, look for an Audio Note (Infested II: The Guard) it's just to the left of the top of the stairs. These are the main collectibles in Lords of the Fallen and will give you a bit of back-story into some of the happenings of keystone before and during Harkyn's arrival.

Note: For grabbing your first Audio Note you'll earn the achievement/trophy 'Bookworm'.

Return down the stairs and open the door to the right. There is an enemy immediately in front of you. This is an infected.

New Enemy: Infected
Melee SwingsDepending on the weapon that the Infected enemy has, it will attempt a melee combo on you. With heavier weapons, it can do a spinning attack with 1-2 moves. With lighter weapons they can perform up to a four hit combo.
Overhead SlamThe Infected will perform a downward slashing attack with their weapons - this move occurs more readily with heavy weapons though.
ScreechThe Infected will stand in place and scream. A small area of effect can be identified around the Infected when this occurs and you should avoid it or you will be temporarily stunned.
BiteIf you get too close to an Infected they can grab Harkyn and will bite him several times, draining a sizeable amount of health.

Infected Combat Strategy:

Although they are fairly weak, they are surprisingly fast and their array of different weapons means that you will need to learn several move-sets to avoid their attacks successfully. Fortunately, once they have intiated a combo attack, they will not stop and if you dodge the first blow, you can then follow after them and land a few melee shots of your own before they can recover. They are also vulnerable to fire-based magic.

Some of these enemies will pretend to be dead, so do not be surprised if you see a corpse in the environment suddenly come to life and attack you. Additionally, some of the Infected will drop once they take enough damage but will not actually die, instead they will rise again after a few moments to attack you again. Keep an eye out for the XP notification if you don't want to be surprised - if this happens, the Infected is dead for good!

Practice your weapon and shield combination and take out the Infected guard. Move down the hallway to the right and as you reach the corner put your shield up – there is another Infected just to the right around the corner.

Go down the short set of stairs here. Eliminate the pair of Infected here (try to attack them one at a time). Once done, look along the left hand wall for a pair of bookcases. Destroy these to reveal a half open gate behind. You can run at the gate and roll beneath to find a chest inside. Open it for an Empty Bottle (adds an additional potion slot).

Note: in New Game + there is an Audio Note (Greater Powers: Judge Assassin) in the nearby corner.

Return up the stairs and ignore the opening to your left for now. Instead follow the walkway all the way to the end and kill the Infected here. You'll also be able to acquire another Audio Note (Infested I: The Sick).

Head back to the opening near the top of the stairs and go on through the corridor here. Kill the Infected at the far end and go down the stairs. See the red shard at the end of the short hallway? That's the key we need. Unfortunately, as we approach it those corpses on the ground will come to life and attack us. Defeat both of them and grab the Giant Key.

Back up the stairs, you will see an Audio Note (The Rhogar II: Monk Notes) ahead. Grab that and continue around the corner. Kill the Infected here and note the Loot Crystal #1 here. This is the first of 10 Loot Crystals in the game which often contain useful items, weapons and armour to help our cause. Unfortunately it is currently inactive. These only become active after killing the associated boss. So expect to re-visit soon!

Climb the stairs opposite the Loot Crystal to find an enemy at the top. This is a Marauder.

New Enemy: Marauder
Melee SwingsThe Maruader will use his polesword to perform a 2-hit combo regularly. He will swing first one way, then the other. It is easy to block or to side-step.
Overhead SlamThe Marauder will often wind up and perform a downward slashing attack. This attack can be quite damaging if it hits and will cause a knockback effect that will temporarily stun Harkyn.
Stab AttackMarauders can also perform a single swing with their halberd which usually occurs if you are just outside their range of attack.

Marauder Combat Strategy:

The Marauders only have a few select moves and all of them are fairly obviously telegraphed, giving you plenty of time to dodge or block. The trick to defeating them easily is being patient! Lure the Marauder into performing an attack and then smacking him once or twice whilst he recovers. The overhead slam provides the largest attack window, but you can usually sneak an attack or two in no matter the attack.

Lure the marauder back down the stairs to the room with the Loot Crystal #1 so that you have a little more space to manoeuvre and kill him.

After killing the Marauder, climb the stairs and at the top you'll find an Energy Shard.

Note: in New Game + there is an Audio Note (Greater Powers: Judge Cleric) in the small niche to the left of the statue here.

Drop down from the broken railing to the floor below. Go and speak to Kaslo, during the conversation choose the “Support Me” option to have him re-fill your potions. After the chat, open the door behind him for a cut-scene.

Boss: The First Warden

Note: If you can defeat this boss without taking any damage, you will be rewarded with a legendary version of the Weapon (Greatsword - Persistance).

Melee SwingsThe boss can perform between a 1 and 4 hit combo depending on your proximity to him. You will need to dodge or block to avoid the successive swings.
Overhead SlamThe Warden will peform a downward slashing attack that will do significant damage if it hits. The attack will also send out a shockwave and temporarily stun you if you are hit by it.
ChargeThe boss will charge at you and either perform a shield bash to stun you or perform a follow up with a two hit melee attack combo.
WhirlwindThe boss will spin in circles with his weapon out.

Combat Strategy:

If you look at the boss's health bar you will notice that it is divided into four sections. Reducing the health bar by 25% to each marker will see the boss progressively shed pieces of armour. This will slightly increase his movement and attack speed. The key to defeating the boss easily is to be patient and wait for an opportunity to attack.

For the first 3/4 of the fight, lock on to the boss and stay just outside of his melee range whilst dodging or blocking when he gets too close. Unfortunately, just about all of his attacks leave only a very small window of opportunity to actually land a blow on him. The one exception is his overhead smash attack - when he does this, he will be immobilised for a second or two, so be sure to avoid it (and the shockwave) before running in and hitting the boss once or twice before retreating.

When the boss is reduced to 25% health, he will ditch the shield and pretty much exclusively use his whirlwind attack for the rest of the fight. At this point, you will need to keep back-pedaling away from him until he stops (he usually does nine rotations, so be sure to keep count!), then quickly run in, tap him once or twice with your weapon and then run away again. Keep doing this until the scene plays to end the fight.

Note: For killing this boss you will earn the achievement/trophy 'So that's a lord!'

Once the Warden is dead, loot the item he dropped for a Sealed Rune (Big) and a new Weapon (Greatsword – Persistance). We can also go and investigate the red Checkpoint Crystal that has appeared in the middle of the room. The game will give you a brief primer on its various uses and how to go about using it.

At this point we can save the game and upgrade Harkyn by banking experience. You should be able to purchase 3 attribute points, so invest them in whatever you feel necessary (Although Faith is always a good bet). When you are done with the Checkpoint Crystal, head out the other door.

Note: For upgrading Harkyn for the first time, you'll earn the achievement/trophy 'Give him Power'.

Leaving Keystone Monastery

As you enter the stairwell, turn to the right and approach the Infected here. The game will give you a brief tutorial on backstabbing – essentially a special attack you can execute from behind an enemy to do significant damage. This is easier to do when an enemy is unaware of your presence and you can sneak up on them, however with a little practice you can pull it off during combat as well.

Kill the pair of Infected and grab the Audio Note (Tales of Old: Three Heroes). Follow the platform at the top of the stairs all the way left to find a chest behind a brazier containing an Armour Set (Warrior).

Head down the first flight of stairs and fight the Marauder here. At the bottom of the next flight of stairs, open either of the two doors in front. These both lead to a series of inter-linked small rooms. Kill both the Infected (one in both end rooms), loot the left hand room of an Audio Note (The Rhogar: Villager Notes) and then look in the central room for a chest containing a Weapon (Staff - Monk Staff).

Note: that the wall opposite the chest is breakable (we can break walls by running at them with our shield up), however the enemies inside are probably much too high a level for most players at this point. Fear not however as we'll be back here later in the game.

Return to the stairwell and from the level with the doors, look towards the statue in the centre of the room. There is an item here. If you run at the wall and hit the jump button you can leap over the railing. Walk up and grab it for the Northern Monastery Wing Door Key.

Now that we have this, we want to backtrack all the way to where we started the game. From the top of the stairs in the starting room, head to the right hand side (when looking down). From the rubble of the railing look across to see a small circular platform built into the wall on the right with a curtain above it. This is a hidden area and you can run and jump to this from the rubble.

Once inside, grab the Ghost Merge Shard from the stairs.

Note: On New Game + there is an Audio Note (Greater Powers: Judge Warrior) here.

Climb the stairs and at the top roll/jump across the hole in the floor. Use the Northern Monastery Wing Door Key we just found to open the door here. Inside, grab the item to acquire the Shard of Heroes. Whilst we cannot use it as yet, we can use this later to gain a powerful class-specific weapon.

Drop down to the floor below. Go through the side-chambers as we did initially until you reach the Loot Crystal #1 we saw earlier. It will now be unlocked for you. As such, move up and interact with it to warp to another location.

Note: entering a Loot Crystal will cause any enemies you have killed to re-spawn when you return to the ‘real' world.

Loot Crystal #1 - Inside the Loot Crystal you will find three chests. Open them all to obtain:

  • Empty Bottle,
  • Trinket (Faithful Disciple),
  • Shield (Bulwark Shield),
  • Ghost Merge Shard,
  • Magic Energy Shard,
  • Energy Shard and a
  • Sealed Rune (Small).

Return to the 'real' world.

Note: On New Game +, as you drop back into the room below leading to where you fought the boss, look near where you fall for Armour (Head – Response).

Fight your way back to the stairwell and continue to the bottom floor this time. Grab the Audio Note (Lords of the Fallen: Their Purpose) and then head past the door to the dead end beyond to find a pair of Infected and a chest containing an Armour Set (Rogue). Go back and head through the door to exit the monastery.

Keystone Walls

As you exit, follow the path to the left to find a Checkpoint Crystal.

Make your way down the stairs and kill the Infected as you go. In the courtyard at the base of the stairs are a pair of Infected to the left and a Marauder patrolling from the building in the distance on the right to the centre and back again. Wait for the Marauder to be far away before running in and attacking the Infected. If you can't kill them quickly, lead them back to the stairs so that you can focus on killing them without the Marauder joining the party.

In the centre of this courtyard is a large locked gate, either side of this is a set of stairs. We need to climb each of these and pull a lever in order to open the gate. On the right hand platform you will need to dispatch another Marauder in order to pull the lever and on the left you'll need to fight off a new type of enemy – the Rogue.

New Enemy: Rogue
Melee SwingsThe Rogue can perform a 3-hit combo when in close proximity to you. As it is equipped with light weapons, the attacks come very fast and if you get hit once, it is difficult to avoid taking the follow up attacks.
Leap AttackThe Rogues can perform a leaping slash attack from a decent distance away which can knock you down and do significant damage in the process.
Stab AttackRogues can also perform a single stabbing attack which usually occurs if you are just outside their range of attack.

Rogue Combat Strategy:

The Rogues carry a shield around with them at all times and as such, you cannot attack them head on or they will roll away or block you. Instead, you will have to wait for them to make a move. Fortunately, most of their attacks are fairly obviously telegraphed, giving you plenty of time to dodge or block. Wait for the Rogue to attack, avoid it and then melee attack him once or twice whilst he recovers. The leap attack provides the largest attack window, but you can usually sneak a hit or two in no matter the attack.

Additionally, you can strafe in a circle with the Rogue (who will do the same) and if you can get behind them a little on the side opposite the shield arm, you can hit them withe the occasional attack.

Once you have killed the Rogue, pull the switch to open the gate. Head on down the stairs and go through the opening.

Wall Gates

As soon as you open the gate you will run into an Injured Monk. Walk up to and speak with him for a conversation. Agree to cut off his arm. Afterwards you can offer to give him one of your potions – this will reduce the total number of potions you can carry by one, but will give you 500XP and a Weapon (Axe - Butcher) at this point and will also open up an additional side-quest later in the game that will give you a lot of XP and improved potions in general. As such, I would recommend handing one over.

Note: For cutting off the Monk's hand you will earn the achievement/trophy 'Take My Hand'

After speaking with the Injured Monk, if you look straight ahead you'll see a large group of Infected. Fortunately, we don't have to fight them just yet! Instead, enter the door just past the monk to the left. At the base of the stairs is a pair of Baby Spiders (these can be one-shotted with a melee attack) and a treasure chest containing some pieces of an Armour Set (Head and Chest - Hot Blood).

Take the next set of stairs down and then before entering the tunnel ahead (this leads to a room with two more Infected and nothing really of interest), turn to the left and take another set of stairs. Open the door at the bottom.

Northern Wall

Here, at the far end of the wall we'll encounter our first Crossbowman.

New Enemy: Crossbowman
Melee SwingsThe crossbowman will regularly fire crossbow bolts at Harkyn. As the game progresses, they will be upgraded to flaming bolts that will cause a burning status and damage over time.
Meleeif you get in too close to them, Crossbowman can perform a knock-back melee attack.
GrenadesCrossbowmen can also throw incendiary grenades, although they will not do so until later in the game.

Crossbowman Combat Strategy:

Crossbowmen are not the most hardy of enemies and can usually be taken down with a melee attack or two. The trick is getting in close enough to damage them without being hit by their crossbow bolts. Once you have the gauntlet unlocked, you can trade fire with them from a distance but for now, you need to roll to avoid the bolts and work your way up to their position.

As you move towards the Crossbowman along the wall, you will unfortunately run into an Infected corpse that will hop up and attack you. By this stage, the Crossbowman will also be aware of you and will continuously shoot bolts in your direction. Keep an eye on him and dodge the bolts as you kill the Infected before racing up and taking down the ranged attacker as well.

Climb the stairs here and enter the building.

North Watchtower

Go through the small passage to the right of the locked gate and hold your shield up as you enter – there is a Rogue just behind the door that will attempt to ambush you as you enter. Try to kill him close to the doorway as there is an Infected corpse on the far side of the room that will become active if you get too close.

Once the room is clear, grab the Audio Note (Night Watch: Ninth Night) across from the entrance. There is also a chest at the far side of the room that will require one of our runes to open. Inside you'll find an Attribute Point Shard and three pieces of an Armour Set (Head, Leg and Wrist – Live Elements).

The door beside the chest is locked for now, so climb the stairs to the roof. Kill the Marauder that is waiting for you up here. Note the stairs leading to a group of three Infected to the left – this leads back to the Injured Monk (we'll come back shortly). For now, climb down the stairs to the right.

Main Wall

At the base of the stairs, look back towards the nearby gate and hit the lever to open a shortcut back to the North Watchtower. Now continue along the wall a short distance until a cut-scene plays. This will give us a new item – the Mysterious Gauntlet which we can use to inflict ranged damage.

Note: Upon acquiring the Gauntlet, you will earn the achievement/trophy 'Now We're Talking'

Note: On New Game +, there is a piece of Armour (Wrist– Response) on the ground next to the Audio Note.

Backtrack to where we saw the three Infected on the other side of the gate. Use the gauntlet to lock on and shoot one enemy at a time. This will aggravate the targeted enemy who will come to attack you – much easier than taking on all three at once. After killing them all, loot the chest they were guarding for a complete Armour Set (Symmetry).

Return to where we picked up the gauntlet and continue forwards. There is an Audio Note (Greater Powers: Gauntlet) on the left. Move towards this and a Crossbowman on top of the tower ahead will be alerted to your presence and start firing on you. Unfortunately this will also trigger a Rogue to charge over and attack as well. Backtrack to where you fought the previous Marauder to take the Rogue down out of sight of the Crossbowman.

Keep moving along the main wall rolling and dodging to avoid the crossbow fire until you reach the base of the building. Ignore the Crossbowman for now and follow the path to the left to find a Checkpoint Crystal. Approach this for a story cut-scene. Here we'll meet Yetka.

Following the conversation, speak with her for a second time to earn a side-quest. Following the scene loot the item for a Trinket (Magic Leech). Now we can do the side quest (recommended for the extra XP, weapon and a Key to a locked area) or alternatively, you can open the gate here using the lever and face off against the second boss.

Yetka's Dagger (Optional)

After speaking with Yetka, turn around and head back, past the Checkpoint Crystal for the tower ahead. Climb the stairs to reach its roof.

South Watchtower

There is a Crossbowman in the distance and an Infected just next to the top of the stairs. Try to eliminate the Crossbowman with your gauntlet (pop up and down the stairs, using the wall as cover between shots) before climbing all the way to the roof and tackling the Infected.

Climb down the next set of stairs to find an Audio Note (Grim places: Fancy Looks) at the bottom. Enter the room on the right and kill the Marauder lurking about in here. Loot the chest close to where the Marauder was initially standing to find a Fire Resistance Shard and a Weapon (Shortsword – Lethal Secret).

Go through the open doorway and fight off the Rogue. Once the room is safe, find a lever to open the gate leading outside for a shortcut to the Main Wall and a chest containing a Magic Resistance Shard, a Weapon (Hammer - Pain) and a piece of Armour (Chest - Live Elements).

Return to where we offed the Marauder a minute ago and find the stairs leading down. In the room below you will run into a new type of enemy – a Spider.

New Enemy: Spider
Melee SwingsIf you get in close, the Spider will hit you with some short range melee attacks.
Leap AttackThe Spider can perform a leaping attack from a decent distance away which can knock you down and do significant damage in the process.
Poison SpitSpiders can spit out poison in front that can cause damage upon immediate impact and leave a poison status on Harkyn which will cause damage over time.
SummonThe Spider can lay eggs, which if left unchecked for too long will spawn Baby Spiders - these can be killed in a single melee attack but can prove irritating during a fight with the larger Spider.

Spider Combat Strategy:

At this stage of the game, the Spider is a very tough enemy, although they become easier to handle as you level. Fortunately, regardless, the general strategy for fighting them remains the same. You will want to avoid the Spider's attacks and if possible wait for the Spider to lay an egg - when it does this it will be immobilised for a good 3-4 seconds, allowing you to inflict some significant damage.

It is entirely possible to fire on the Spider at range with your gauntlet or take the Spider on up close with a melee weapon and learn to dodge or block its attacks before hitting it with some of your own as its attacks will often leave its defence open temporarily.

The Spider is a very strong adversary at this stage and until you get used to its attack patterns will probably kill you a few times (that leap attack is essentially a one-shot kill at this point). Alternatively you can stay near the entrance, shoot the spider with your gauntlet once or twice and then retreating up the stairs (it shouldn't follow). Repeat until its dead.

In the room it inhabited you will find a chest containing a Magic Energy Shard and a Weapon (Greathammer - Spike).

Note: On New Game + there is also an Audio Note (Keystone) in this room.

Note: If the Spider is too tough for you at the moment, do not worry as we will return here later in the game and it will be much, much easier at that point!

Return back upstairs and move up to the edge of the cliff at the base of the stairs leading to the roof. Over the edge you should be able to spot a small platform with an item on it. Drop down to this and pick up the Tower Key.