Bug Wolven Armor... Again...?

  1. Hi guys, I wanna be fast, so: This summer I was playing The Witcher 3 and I have got this famous BUG (version 1.22, I guess, or 1.19). In September I reinstalled the game and the version was 1.30 and... MIRACLE! THE BUG WAS GONE! But then I had to format the Xbox One.

    2 weeks ago I reinstalled the game (version 1.31). Now I restarted the game (with restarted the game I mean that I started a new game from lvl 1 ecc...) AFTER downloading the Wolven Armor DLC... aaaand the BUG happen again...

    I'm just arrived to Kaer Morhen and I didn't do the quest for Lambert, the other guy and Yen.

    Any advice? (I tried to restart the game, reload the save and reload previous save... Nothing)

    P.S.: does NG+ solve this bug?

    User Info: antoGNO

    antoGNO - 3 years ago

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