Mastercrafted Wolven Armor Chest Piece Loaction. (Not just diagram) anyone else found it?

  1. Alright so I was doing the quest looking for the Wolven diagram in Kaer Morhen and ran acrossed the Iron Mines. I killed a golem and saw there was a wall blocking more of the cave. I looked online and came acrossed posts talking about a quest activated by getting notes inside Kaer Morhen itself. the quest is called "The Witchers Forge".

    And from what I read it was a boring quest that didn't give much reward for the effort but I decided to do it anyway. I'm very glad I did.

    Like I said before I had just been collecting the Wolven gear diagrams and to my suprise behind the fireplace there were 3 chests one of them actually had the Mastercrafted Wolven Armor Chestpiece. 205 defense think. This was the actual piece itself. Not just the diagram.

    Now my questions are has someone else ran acrossed this luck? Is this the only piece of Mastercrafted Wolven Wticher fear you can just find? Or do the others have to be crafted instead? Like normal.

    From what I can tell I must be the first to run acrossed this and be dumb founded. There is nothing online anywhere about it. Anytime you try to look up anything about the Wolven gear it's always about diagram locations not the gear finds themselves.

    Someone please answer my questions or give me input, this has drove me crazy because people have state that "the witches forge" quest didn't result in any good loot. Idk if that's because t was before the gear DLC updates or what but someone please help.

    I wanted to put this knowledge out there in case someone didn't want to have to craft all the chest pieces to get the Mastercrafted version

    User Info: CDoGGyG

    CDoGGyG - 2 years ago


  1. I'm really late to this question but I just bought the Witcher 3 Complete Edition and was surprised to find the master crafted wolven armor as well! I definitely didn't come across that in the original version. I'm guessing they added this surprise with the wolven armor DLC. Neat find regardless.

    User Info: el_deuce

    el_deuce - 1 year ago 0 0

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