Flesh for Sale glitch fix?

  1. I know from reading around the web that the flesh for sale quest does have a bug. My question is : Has anyone found a way around it? My village of Trottheim is completely empty and not even the prisoners are present. But yesterday I was on the phone and I thought at least that there were people in the village all of a sudden. Because I was on the phone I didn't want to start the quest , so I wandered around a little bit instead of just staying there yes I know it was foolish because now everyone's gone again. I did go back to previous save but I don't know how I ended up with people in the village, if I wasn't mistaken & at the wrong place! So again I ask, has anyone figured out a way to go around the glitch or have it work?

    User Info: Timeywimeygirl7

    Timeywimeygirl7 - 3 years ago

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