Get Junior vs Gangs of Novigrad?

  1. I went though the Get Junior quest until I got a Failed prompt for Gangs (after I spoke to the king with Roche), looked online and found that to complete BOTH quests you need to go to the Hideout for Sigi and the Casino and Arena for Cleaver. I went to the arena first and I can't load my game before that point. So is it still possible to complete both considering I've already cleared the arena?

    User Info: Easty679

    Easty679 - 2 years ago


  1. Firstly, you should have spoken with Reuven about his stolen gold. Then, in order to find Whoreson Junior you have the option to ask for Cleaver's help, which is in reality, some dwarven enforcers waiting for you outside the casino and the arena. To start the Gangs of Novigrad quest you must speak with Cleaver.

    In order to complete the quest, it does not matter if you ask for the dwarves' help outside the casino, which should be hit first, and the arena which should come second if I remember correctly. Then, while clearing the arena, whether or not you follow a certain order of dialogue options in order to remain undercover long enough, or just you decide that you've had enough with that and attack those in charge. You should be, then, be able to retrieve items from Junior's hidden stash (which is not the real location of Dijkstra's stolen treasure). Should you not speak with Cleaver's dwarves for their help and you just go in by yourself, you will only fail the respective objectives and not the quest.

    Once the arena is hit, afterwards the main quest will prompt you to go and seek Roche's help. Before you do that, and kick off a series of quests helping Radovid, just be sure to go and speak to Cleaver to complete Gangs of Novigrad and get half the reward from the stash you found. At first, I thought I could speak with Cleaver after meeting with Roche but then, the quest automatically failed. I reloaded and spoke with him before going to Roche's camp and all was well.

    To finally answer your question, I am not sure if a particular order of Junior's key establishments to attack must be followed to successfully complete the quest, but I think the casino has to come first. I may only be that the respective objective to meet with Cleaver's dwarves outside the casino failed and not the entire quest. But once you speak with Roche to kick off the next quest, it automatically fails, that's certain.

    User Info: veritavincit

    veritavincit - 2 years ago 0 0

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