Missing wolven diagrams?

  1. I have collected all the wolven gear even upgrades but when I come to craft them the wolven superior silver and steel sword diagrams aren't in the crafting tab?
    Can anyone help me please?

    User Info: XT-501

    XT-501 - 2 years ago


  1. I think the location for the swords might be documented on a different map, unlike the other parts of the set. Even in previous upgrades, you should have noticed that different parts of the set were grouped together in a single quest and it seemed a bit bizarre. For instance, the Silver sword may be grouped with the Trousers upgrade.

    So it is probable that you did not purchase a map. Did you complete all 6 parts of that treasure hunt? Also, it might be that you're unable to find them depending on the full name of the item (i.e. Wolven Silver Sword - Superior, or Superior Wolven Silver Sword). Thoroughly check the list of craftable items you have to back this up. If not, I am giving you the full list of vendors that will trade the maps:

    Part 1, 5: Blacksmith Hattori, Novigrad
    Part 2: Blacksmith, Livendale.
    Part 3: Kaer Muire, Skellige
    Part 4: Armourer at Hierarch Square, Novigrad.
    Part 6: Armourer in Kaer Trolde (at a small balcony to the right after crossing the bridge to the fortress)

    User Info: veritavincit

    veritavincit - 2 years ago 0 0

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