How to get back The Last Wish Quest?

  1. So i played the witcher for a bit and got out the game to come back to the failed quest: The Last Wish. I found out that i dont have any other saves before to get back the quest so is it over between yennifer and garalt and will it effect anything... or is there any way i can get the quest back?

    User Info: epic_SHADOW2000

    epic_SHADOW2000 - 2 years ago

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  1. Only thing it really affects is Geralt's ending if you romanced either of the 2 ladies you end up with the 1 you did if not of you did both you end up alone and no as far as I know there's no replay or redo for missions if you miss a mission or fail then you better have a save because there's no going back I always save before i start a mission

    User Info: Inferno_Icon

    Inferno_Icon - 2 years ago 1 0

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