In Ciri's Footsteps?

  1. When asking to search for Ciri in three separate locations, there is no marker for what to do, where to go, or who to talk to. Is anyone else stuck on this and if anyone has gotten past this, can you please let me know what you did?

    Thanks in advance!

    User Info: Sdawa24

    Sdawa24 - 2 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    That the name of quest? Not seeing in guide.

    User Info: Sephil_Slyfox

    Sephil_Slyfox - 2 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Yes, it is. The others are correct when saying you have to do other main quests first before unlocking more details for this one. I am doing the secondary quests, witcher contracts and clearing maps before I do the main quests! Learned the hard way, lol.

    User Info: Sdawa24

    Sdawa24 - 2 years ago


  1. While it is the name of the quest it is separated by other named main quests, for example the quest to go meet the Bloody Baron is part of the quest in question, do the other main quests and you complete the quest in question.

    User Info: MichelleFoh

    MichelleFoh - 2 years ago 0 0

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