why does my xbox one keep ejecting the disc?

  1. i have cleaned the storage, the disc is NOT scratched, but it keeps ejecting the game, the console is updated... any advice would be appreciated.

    User Info: CoralEngineer67

    CoralEngineer67 - 5 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Have you tried the disc on another console? Even though it is not scratched it might be corrupted (factory reject). Do you have issues with any other discs on this console or is it just a particular one? If you do not have access to another console, or it's not working on another console, try returning the disc to the retailer where you purchased it from and request replacement disc or refund.

    User Info: Gndlf_the_grey

    Gndlf_the_grey (Expert) - 5 months ago 3   1

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