Prominence poker. Unable to connect to server?

  1. I've played prominence poker on xbox one without issue until last week when i lost connection to the server, i tried to reconnect and it wouldn't let me so i forgot about it until the next day however it still wouldn't let me connect. I tried pretty much every method of sorting the issue, i have a 200mb connection but i restarted my router, hard reset my xbox, factory reset my console, deleted and re-entered my profile and still nothing works. I then tried using a different gamertag just in curiosity and it worked and i connected with the new gamertag, i thought it had solved my issue so i went back to my profile and i got the same message and was unable to connect to the servers I've contacted 505 games support and opened a ticket to see if they can help so far its been nearly a week and no news. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue, and if so how did you solve it? Sorry for the long message but i want to play poker lol thanks in advance

    User Info: Benjani815

    Benjani815 - 4 years ago

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