Xbox One Backwards Compatibility (Sign in Connection Error)?

  1. The issue is that when I am signed into my xbox one and try to start a 360 game that has been digitally downloaded on to my account (i.e. Fallout 3 or Mirrors Edge) It loads up perfectly and enters the 'Getting Your Xbox 360 Info' screen. The load never completes, it doesn't even make a dent in the loading bar and then the whole screen fades to black and starts the game. Well at that point the emulator isn't signed in, but my xbox one has me signed in perfectly, and I'm sitting on the games main menu. The games main menu won't load a game since I'm not signed in and accordingly asks me to sign in, but there are no profiles to sign into and it won't download any because there is "no connection to xbox live."

    This issue has been going on since bc was released and I have searched the internet many many times for an answer, but the only forum post that seem like it would fix was over 5 months ago. Everyone was using the NXOE Preview program at that time and the link sent me to the closed forum. The xbox support team never fixed it after being in chat with them for a little over an hour..

    It just seems as if the bc emulator is having trouble connecting to the internet.

    User Info: zooyorkilla

    zooyorkilla - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It seems to be an ongoing issue when there are dashboard/system updates pushed to the console. In one update, this issue is fixed, then on another update it occurs again.

    Just be sure to press the Menu + Guide Button when launching a Backwards Compatible X360 game to check your online sign-in status until they fully rectify the issue.

    User Info: Piff_Johnson

    Piff_Johnson - 2 years ago 2   0

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