KINECT BROKEN, BUT I'm in China, could any body help with the replacement process?

  1. Got my xbox one from Amazon about 3 month ago, and the kinect was broken after the update, tried everything but none of them works.
    I called the MS support and they ask me to send the kinect back and get a replacement.
    The problem is I'm in CH, and I don't have a US credit card(They will hole a little money before they get the broken unit.) so there is now way I can do that.

    If possible, any body would help me with this process, I'll cover all mailing cost (Just in and out US, MS will cover the rest.) .

    This will be just a little help, and just cost you few mins to do so, I will handle all the phone calls and contacts, all you need to do is give me a address so I can send you my broken kinect.
    And I will give you my xbox one serial number so you don't need to give me your credit card number.(May be you will need to make a phone call, or I can just send the broken kinect back to MS first so there is no credit card issue, all you need to do is get the replacement and send it back to me and I'll pay the mailing fee when the package was here by UPS or fedex).

    Hope some body is kind enough to help and here is my game tag: Gunpowder1983. We can chat first if you want.

    Thanks guys, and I really need your help.

    Best Regards


    User Info: Gunpowder1983

    Gunpowder1983 - 4 years ago

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