Review by Galactus21

Reviewed: 02/06/20

More of a pretender than a contender.

I’m a big football fan and watch NFL games frequently. Even though the Madden games have always been fairly average, I always end up getting them pretty regularly. Mostly due to the fact there are no other competitors in the market and I look for my football fix. Just like previous years however, I’m still left somewhat underwhelmed and wonder why I keep buying into the hype. Madden 2020 isn’t terrible. There are fun elements to it, but there are just some inexcusable elements as well.

As I do with most sports games, the primary mode of play is franchise mode. I booted up the game and went straight to that mode. Upon selecting my team, the UI interface and menu options were nicely built. When playing the game, you have several options such as playing through the entire game, offense only, or defense only. You also have multitude of other options like depth chart management, signing free agents, checking out stats, and so forth.

From the offensive side of the ball, the game plays pretty well. The passing game plays well, as you drop back to pass. The timing also works fluidly for the most part, allowing you to have that in game football feel. The run game also feels pretty solid, as you wait patiently for holes to develop that your back can go through. The route running from your receivers are also fairly fluid. Selecting plays is also grouped together in a sensible manner.

On the defensive side of the ball, the game feels a bit more of a mixed bag. Your defense feels like run defense is overpowered, while pass defense is underpowered. I also didn’t find a right setting where I found a good balance for both. My run defense would be stellar and my pass defense ends up giving up a bunch of yards. After a while, I ended up not enjoying playing defense too much and would just play offense only games.

Where the carelessness of the developers become painfully apparent is when you listen to the commentators. This occurred in last year’s edition as well. The commentators would give wrong information multiple times a quarter. They will tell you a pass is complete, when it is not. They will spew incorrect information like your receiver scoring 3 touchdowns when that is far from the truth. This severely impacts the overall experience, and is a huge letdown that this made it passed quality inspection.

Madden 2020 has its fun moments. From a game play perspective, it’s fun. There are some aspects I did not enjoy as much, but overall I was having a good time. This makes it all the more disappointing, when details like commentating are so completely off that it throws off the overall experience. Additionally, some of the simulation numbers are out of this world. I mean why is Aaron Rodgers still dropping 40 plus touchdowns in a season. He hasn’t done that in years. It’s these kind of carelessness that impact the experience and take away from the enjoyment.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Madden NFL 20 (US, 08/02/19)

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