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Finished tutorial without skipping
Caught your toothbrush
Mastered the harpoon-mini game without skipping
Demolition Expert
Blew up the right houses with the first try
Stand-In Waiter
Made the Espresso
Missing Postage
Postal-service-cats are not franking enough
That seems about right...
Finished Pigeon-mini game without skipping
Hussa - Who's gonna care?
Finished Chapter 1
Finished Power Inverter Minigame without skipping
Newton would be proud
Used the power inverter with the maintenance box
Master Of Switches
Finished Switch-Mini game without skipping
Hussa - Get On With The Plot!
Finished Chapter 2
Lever lover
Used levers near the cotton-candy machine 20x in total
Ate all different flavors of the cotton-candy, the bubble gum and the anchovy
Meet the time-traveling Rufus (Throw item in the pond)
History of Deponia
History of Deponia (Lit all windows with the cotton-candy and looked at them)
Loving The Truth
Immediately tell Goal the truth, without clicking on any other options
Hussa - The Chorus-Guys Rule!
Completely finished Deponia
Finished the Droggeljug-mode

Originally Contributed By: Similac

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