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Beat the first stage of the game.
Vanquish 25 enemies.
Vanquish 100 enemies.
Vanquish 300 enemies.
I Need Healing
Pickup 100 Health.
I Need Armor
Pickup 100 Armor.
I Need MORE Healing
Pickup 300 Health.
I Need MORE Armor
Pickup 300 Armor.
Pew Pew!
Fire your first weapon 100 times.
Find 5 Secret Areas.
Find ALL Secret Areas.
Extra Health
Pickup 3 Health Upgrades.
Extra Armor
Pickup 3 Armor Upgrades.
Extra Ammo
Pickup 3 Ammo Upgrades.
Full Health
Pickup ALL Health Upgrades.
Full Armor
Pickup ALL Armor Upgrades.
Full Ammo
Pickup ALL Ammo Upgrades.
Obtain the first 3 Weapons and their Add-ons.
Weapon Master
Obtain ALL Weapons and their Add-ons.
The End!
Beat the last stage.
Heroic Beginning!
Beat the third stage in Heroic Mode.
Full Story
Find and read ALL the Log Files.
Destroy 500 enemies in Heroic Mode.
Heroic Ending!
Beat the final stage in Heroic Mode.
Get all the other achievements.

Originally Contributed By: Similac

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