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Story Translation Guide by SLASHR4

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 09/04/00



This is my first FAQ to date and is the English translation of 
Squaresoft's most amazing sequel to its series – Final Fantasy 9.  
This FAQ includes all the ATE translations as well and offers an 
uncut translation of the entire game spanning four discs.  As it is 
my first FAQ any comments and criticisms will be greatly appreciated 
and the author can be contacted by this email address: 

This guide will always be updated at www.gamefaqs.com

This FAQ is the result of somebody's hard work and is protected under 
the copyright law.  The FAQ is therefore only intended for personal 
use and not for commercial or other profitable use.  Individuals who 
wish to post this on their website must contact the author first and 
gain his permission.  The law will punish those who violate this 


-	A GameFaqs moderator known by the alias as iamnothing for        
providing me with the information needed to start a FAQ

-	A FAQ writer by the name of Kao who has a site offering tips 
on how to write FAQs.  His site is at http://i.am/kao

-	JL Lee, BabyRyoga, Elranzer, Djellybean and others who have 
written FAQs for inspiring me to write one. 

-	Batman for producing a Chinese story walkthrough, which I will 
refer to from time to time.  Thanks for producing such an 
excellent walkthrough

-	Gamestation (a Chinese games magazine) for writing a story 

-	And how could I forget Squaresoft?  Thanks for producing such 
a brilliant game and an opportunity for me to write my first 

-	To Blur Yamenko, Dan Holo and the rest who have pointed out 
that it is Beatrix not Beatrice.  Thanks!


Version 0.1 

-	started this FAQ.  All done up to The Evil Forest.  Added 
credits, table of contents, copyright etc. etc.  Nothing 
exciting yet.

Version 0.2  8/13/00

-	added story translation all the way up to the Ice Cavern.  
Man, this takes longer than I thought it would!  It is real 
difficult believe me!

-	Changed the name Beatrice to Beatrix, thanks to all those at 
the GameFaqs Forums!  

-	Translations of the few ATE's added.  However due to my 
mediocre Japanese I did not do a full speech translation, but 
just a sort of overall story type translation.

-	Anybody that could help me make more accurate translations 
would be very helpful!  Just remember to send me a line at 
SlashR4@hotmail.com or I'll be at the GameFaqs FF9 forum, most 
likely, hanging about.

Version 0.3  8/14/00

-	Just a quick update!  Added new translations all the way 
before the Village of Dali.

-	Nothing else worth noting, although I would appreciate it if 
those that can read Japanese to help improve my translations 
cause I think some of it is not that good.  Thanks!

-	Made some changes to punctuation marks.  Hopefully this will 
come up in GameFaqs cause last time I did the the triple dots 
it didn't come up.

Version 0.5 8/25/00

-	I have another update.  This time it covers all of Dali to the 
beginning of Lindbulm City.

-	By the way, there are some parts that I don't know how to 
translate cause they are some Japanese phrases that sound 
really weird when directly translated.  I have left those 
parts out and substituted something of the equivalent.  I hope 
that some people can help me out with this!

-	Well, I think that is it!  I hope you will all find this 
translation decent so far!  It is very hard work by the way!


Table of Contents

Disc 1

The Beginning
Welcome to Alexander Town
Into Alexander Castle
The Evil Forest
Escape from The Evil Forest
Ice Cavern
Village of Dali
Lindbulm Grand Castle
Qu's Marsh
Gizamaluke's Grotto
South Gate
Burmecian Kingdom

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

The End

Last words


The Beginning
A young girl is woken up from a nightmare, wiping away her tears we 
can see from her clothes that she seems to be no ordinary girl but… 
(everybody knows who she is!)

The camera switches and a boy of 16 climbs down a set of ladders and 
enters a room.

Boy:  'hmmm… its really dark in here… where are the others?

He lights the candle in the middle of the room and suddenly a voice 
shouts, 'Who's there?!'

Boy:  'It's me Zidane.'

Three characters enter from another room.

Brank:  'Hey Zidane, you're late!'

Zidane:  'I'm sorry, didn't mean to.  Where's the boss?'

Cela:  'He's not here yet.'

A man with a mask suddenly appears and initiates a fight!  Once the 
fight is over the mask splits and Baku (the guy with the mask) says, 

'You have all improved by a lot!  Hahahahahahah!  Good!  We've got a 
meeting so let's start now.'

Zidane and the others follow him into the other room.

Baku:  'Firstly let me tell you guys what our target is.  We are 
going to Alexander Town and our aim is to kidnap Princess Garnet!'

Cela:  'Let me tell you guys our plan.  Our ship will reach Alexander 
town very soon.  After we have arrived we will act in a play, which 
is a favourite of all the townspeople.  This play will act as our 
decoy and it is called "I hope I can be your little Bird" I hope 
everybody will do their best and the main character in this play is 

Marcus:  'I'll do my best.  But the main supporting actors, the 
fighters are Zidane and Brank.

Brank:  'During my appearance I will use these bugs to create 
confusion…to be honest, I'm really scared of these jumping bugs, but 
then…I don't really have a choice so I'll just have to tolerate this…  
After that Zidane, you will have to do your part.'

Zidane:  'Yeah, I understand!  I'll have to take advantage of the 
situation to find and kidnap Princess Garnet right?'

Baku:  'That's right!  The one we have to kidnap is Alexandria's most 
beautiful Princess in Alexandria's history…Princess Garnet!'


Welcome to Alexander Town

A young black mage falls down and a girl helps him back up to his 
feet.  She leaves and the young mage picks up the entrance ticket 
that she left behind.  The mage walks up to the ticket vendor.

Ticket Vendor:  'This year's play is the famous "I hope I can be your 
little Bird" It is performed by the well renowned Dardalier Group.  
The play is about two lovers from different backgrounds falling in 
love.  Her Majesty, Queen Blane, rules Alexandria, a prosperous and 
happy country and there has been a rumour that Queen Blane's 
beautiful daughter, Princess Garnet, has her 16th birthday today! 

The young mage gives the vendor his ticket, but the man identifies it 
as a fake and instead gives him three cards instead to make him feel 
better.  He then proceeds to tell him of a man that will be able to 
teach him how to play cards in the bar.  The mage walks off and bumps 
into the mouse boy earlier on in the game when he fell.  The mouse 
boy tells the mage that if he helps him out then he will promise that 
he will be able to see the play.  The mage agrees and they go off and 
steal a ladder and enter the bell tower.

Mouse boy:  'okay, we'll put the ladder here and you go up it first.'

A moogle flies down and hits the mage and they all come tumbling 

Moogle: 'Sorry for scaring you!'

Mouse boy: 'Oh man!  It's a moogle!'

After the following scenario both the mage and the mouse boy clamber 
over the house roofs to reach the spectator hall just in time to see 
the play start.

Baku enters the stage and says: 

'Everybody, tonight the story that we shall tell you happened many, 
many years ago.  Princess Gloria, forced to split up with her lover, 
Marcus…had originally tried to escape but was found out and brought 
back to the castle by King Lear.  Tonight's story starts when Marcus 
outraged, tries to solve the problem in a duel against King Lear.  
Now, for our audience, Queen Blane, and Princess Garnet and others, 
please prepare yourself for this tragic tale and get a dry tissue 
ready for tonight's performance.'

A fight is initiated on stage and after the battle King Lear escapes.  
Zidane, quickly gives chase but is immediately stopped by Brank who 
says to Zidane that if Princess Gloria does marry a prince from a 
neighbouring country than it will bring peace to this world and is 
therefore a good thing.  Zidane vehemently disagrees and results in 
both fighting each other.  This decoy allows them both to penetrate…

Into Alexandria Castle

Here they run into the guard's room and mug the two guards to steal 
their clothes.  Zidane and Brank both run up the flight of steps in 
the main hallway only to crash into a girl dressed in white robes.

'Ouch...can you let me pass please?'
As Zidane moves away to let her pass through she stops and says:

'Um...is there something on my face?'

Zidane caught red-handed staring replies:

'No, there isn't but I was thinking that you may probably be the girl 
I was waiting for...'

'Huh?  You said I was the girl you were waiting for?'

'Uh huh!  Ever since you were born were you not dreaming of this kind 
of meeting...'

'Are you insulting me?'

'No...I didn't mean it like that...'

'Then excuse me!'

'Wait!  Have we met before?'


'Really ...but I can't seem to forget a girl as cute as you...you 
must be...'

Brank:  'Hey what the hell are you doing Zidane?'

White robed girl:  'um...um...sorry.' 

And with that she ran away.

It was then that Zidane realized that the white robed girl was 
Princess Garnet!

Zorn and Sorn appear screaming:

'Oh no, we have a BIG problem!

Zorn:  'It will anger Queen Blane!'

Zorn and Sorn:  'We must go quickly!'
Both run down as quickly as they can to the Queen's throne and are 
stopped by the captain of the guards.

'The Queen says that she will not see anyone.  Come back later!'

Beatrix:  'Is it so important?'

Zorn:  'Yes!'

Sorn:  'It is so urgent that it is more than urgent!'

Beatrix:  'Then tell me and I will tell the queen!'

Zorn and Sorn: 'Okay!'

Beatrix:  'Then what is the problem?'

Zorn:  'Princess Garnet...'

Sorn:  'Then this and then that...'

Zorn and Sorn:  'we have a BIG problem!!

Beatrix:  'Alright, wait here.'

Beatrix moves closer to the Queen...

Queen Blane:  'Can you not see that I am watching the play?  If there 
is something urgent then we shall talk later!

Beatrix:  'Actually, it's about Princess Garnet...'

Queen Blane:  'Now that you mention it, how come she isn't here to 
watch the play?

Beatrix:  'Yes, just now she was seen carrying the prized pendant and 
ran away with it.  Nobody knows where she is.


Beatrix:  'At your command!'

Queen Blane:  'And, that man over there… CAPTAIN STEINER!'

Steiner:  'Yes!'

Queen Blane:  'Bring back Princess Garnet at once!'

Beatrix:  'Roger!'

Steiner:  'Got it!'

After sorting out his troops Steiner quickly climbs up one of the 
towers and immediately sees Princess Garnet being chased by Zidane.  
She grabs a rope and jumps down towards the airship's tower and runs 
through a door.  Both Zidane and Steiner follow with Steiner ending 
up somewhat unlucky!

As Zidane enters the door, Ruby shouts to him:

'Zidane!  Listen to me, she's not worth it!'

Zidane:  'Don't say that, I need to talk to her first!'

Ruby:  'What do you mean by that?!'

Zidane:  'Ruby!  Now is not the time!'

Zidane immediately follows Garnet down the stairs and through the 

Zidane:  'Heh...you finally give up?'

Zidane thinks to himself:  (Although it didn't quite work out as 
planned but I still got the job done!)

Garnet:  'Are...are you one of the actors?'

Zidane thinks to himself:  (Damn, so she knows who we are-)

Garnet:  'I believe that you already know ... I am...Princess Garnet 
Til Alexandros the Seventeenth.  I have a favour to ask of you.  
Could you kidnap me?'

Zidane:  'WHA- WHAT!?  Uh...'

A voice:  'Princess, are you there?'

Garnet:  'Th...There's somebody out there!'

Zidane:  'Looks like they're coming for you? Okay.  I'll handle this 
from now on.'

Garnet:  'Thanks a lot.'

Zidane:  'Okay, Princess!  From now on I'll be your kidnapper!'

Cela:  'Guys! Stop talking dammit!  Come on!'

Zidane:  'Princess Garnet, it's alright, that's my friend cela!'

Garnet:  'Re...Really?'

Zidane:  'But then cause he's so ugly it probably would scare you!'

Cela:  'Hey!  I work in the kitchen everyday!'

A voice:  'Princess!'

Cela:  'Quick!  Follow me!'

Zidane:  'Okay, let's follow him!'

They push away the table and open up a secret door, just as Steiner 
and a guard appear.  The guard chases after them but gets stuck in 
the opening and Steiner leaves angrily trying to find another way in.  
What he did not realize was that the guard was actually Brank dressed 
as a guard!!

Brank meets up with the others and Steiner soon follows and a battle 
ensues.  After the battle Steiner cuts through Brank's armour and all 
the jumping bugs are let out!  Steiner is too preoccupied to care 
about anything else and Zidane and co. exploits this moment to 
escape.  Above them, on the stage, the play is in its most moving 
part when suddenly Garnet, Zidane and Steiner are immediately 
transported to the stage because of a switch they had bumped into by 
mistake!  Faced with an impending crisis, Garnet acts along with the 
play, as Steiner and Zidane stand bewildered.  When Marcus shouts to 
King Lear and thrusts his sword at him for the killing blow, Garnet 
steps in between the two and gets slain.  Steiner horrified by the 
sudden change in events, kneels with grief and laments:

'Oh Princess... Oh no...I will never hear your sweet voice again...'

At this moment VIVI appears with his mouse friend having been chased 
by the palace guards.  In an act of retaliation VIVI uses his fire 
magic but instead of hitting the guards it hits Garnet's white robe!!  
She jumps up and takes it off and throws it away.  In the sudden 
change of events, Baku goes off to start the airship for a quick 
getaway and leaves Zidane and co. to deal with Steiner.  Meanwhile, 
the Queen is getting more and more incensed.

'Hmph!  That girl!  Still think she's still a child, doesn't even 
think about the consequences.  ZORN, SORN!  IS THAT THING READY?'

Sorn:  'Yeah, it's ready now!'

Zorn:  'We'll take care of Garnet in a second.'


A FMV then commences, whereby the struggling airship eventually loses 
control and crashes into a forest.

The Evil Forest

Following the crash, Garnet, Steiner and VIVI go missing and Zidane 
decides to find them.

After going on a few screens Steiner and VIVI will join your party to 
find the princess.  After the battles the poisonous gas hits Steiner 
and VIVI and Zidane takes them back into their ship.

When VIVI awakes he is finds Brank talking to him.

Brank: 'You should really thank Zidane because if he hadn't helped 
you, you would have went to "the other world"'

Brank: 'The poison in your body is pretty much gone but because there 
is still traces of it you should still rest until the poison is 
absorbed by the medicine.'

VIVI: 'I'm... I'm not dead...?' 

Brank: 'No, of course not.  After the poison is taken care of then 
you will be fine even though it may have seemed like hell at the 

On the other hand, Steiner is being detained in the supplies storage 

Steiner: 'Princess... I'm coming to save you...'

Steiner pushes against the door and immediately tries to run out to 
save Princess Garnet.  A crew member seeing him immediately takes him 
and puts him back into the room.

Crew member: 'Go back!'

Steiner shouts: 'You – The Princess will be eaten by those monsters!  
Are you telling me to just sit by and let her die?!

Crew member: 'Just go back and rest!  If you don't it won't do your 
body any good!  You don't have to worry about the Princess' safety, 
as we are currently gathering information on her whereabouts.  Just 
have some more medicine.'
With that, the crew member locks Steiner's door.

Steiner: 'Hmph...Don't even know if those guys are trustworthy or 
not, and this medicine, hmph, the colour looks strange, but...if I 
don't drink it then I may die... damn them!  

Steiner then proceeds to drink the medicine, and the screen then 
switches to Zidane.  He is trying to persuade his leader, Baku to 
allow him to go and try save Princess Garnet.

Baku shouts: 'Definitely not!  Have not seen the situation outside?  
The mist is so thick it is hard to see the beasts that lurk out 

Zidane: 'But if we go in a group then we won't have any problems!'

Baku:  'Yeah, but have you thought about the wounded?  There are 
people here that cannot even move!  Although the princess may be in a 
life endangering position, we cannot abandon our men!

Zidane:  'But she is also one of us!'

Baku turns around, not facing Zidane and growls: 'Go and see to the 
others, revive them while we wait for a chance to leave.  Do not go 
off and try to save her yourself, or ask the others to help you.  
This is an order!!'

Zidane yells: 'How can you see a girl in a danger and not help?'

Zidane rushes out of the room and your first ATE pops up!


After drinking the medicine, Steiner seems to be fine, yet he still 
intends to try to find some means of escaping in order to save 
Princess Garnet.  While looking around for a means to escape, he is 
suddenly seized with pain, as the poison seems for a moment to work 
inside him.  Unable to do anything else other than to sit down, he 
decides to do so and to his horror, finds a miniature doll of 
Princess Garnet.  He is shocked to find that the doll is done in such 
poor shape and is insulted by it-


Ruby, a girl part of Dardalier's thieves, seems to not have realized 
where everybody else is and remains waiting in Alexandria's bar for 
her comrades.


Cela is seen outside the ship, looking for something.  It is from 
here that we realize he is looking for the Garnet Doll, and even 
claims that he will not be able to sleep without it!  It seemed to 
have been missing since the ship crashed into the forest.  (Actually 
Steiner has now got it!)

The Evil Forest (Cont.)

Zidane pops into VIVI's room to find that he is much better than 

VIVI: 'Thanks a lot for saving me...'

Zidane: 'Heh, you don't need to thank me!  It was really because of 
your magic that got us out of danger.  Even though you're small but 
you can already use such strong black magic – amazing!'

Vivi: '...'

Zidane: 'You don't like me calling you small...?  You can use such 
powerful magic so shouldn't you have a little bit more faith in 
yourself?  A man's worth is not judged from his appearance!  It is 
judged through his courage and dreams!'

Vivi: 'No, I'm sorry, it was because of that...'

Zidane: 'Hey, don't worry about it!  Just leave it to me and I'll 
solve it.'

Vivi: 'You have to save her Mr. Zidane.'

Zidane: 'Hey!  You don't have to call me that!  Just call me "Hey, 
Zidane" and that will do!'

Vivi: 'uh-huh.  I understand Zidane.'

As they both leave the room Zidane thinks whether or not they will be 
able to save Princess Garnet or not.

Zidane thinks: 'Now that I think about it...at that time...I did feel 
a special feeling...could it be fate has given her to me?  No...no, 
it can't be...must be something else, perhaps I fancy her...'

Zidane then decides to go save Garnet despite Baku's orders and 
intends to tell him.  Upon entering his room Baku says:

'I've waited for you for a long time, I thought you might not come.  
You still want to save her?'

Zidane: 'Because I promised her, I must be her kidnapper until she 
wants to go back.'

Baku: 'Ha ha! I did not ask you for the reason.  The princess is a 
beautiful lady, you are probably just bewitched by it, and that's 
reason enough! 

Baku: 'So are you prepared?  Dardalier's rules are absolute.  You and 
I must fight, no holds barred, if you want to save her.'

Zidane: 'Yes I know.'

Baku: 'Good, we shall fight in the storage room.'

Zidane follows Baku into the room and the fight begins.  
After the fight he will go find Steiner to help save the princess.  
At first Steiner thought it was a trick and was ready to fight.  
However after Zidane made it clear that he intends to save the 
princess, Steiner then agrees to co-operate despite his blatant 
distrust of him.  He makes it clear that this co-operation is only 

Both agree that Vivi should also join as his magic makes him an 
extremely useful ally.  They enter his room.

Zidane: 'Sorry for the delay but we are now going save the princess!'

Vivi: 'That's great!  You guys, just be careful okay?'

Zidane: 'Well we thought you were coming with us as well.'

Vivi: 'uh...me...?  But if I come along I'll only be trouble...'

Steiner: 'No, you're wrong.  Your black magic will be extremely 
effective against these forest monsters.  Besides you're more 
trustworthy than this half-arsed thief!'

Vivi: 'But, but I don't have any faith in myself at all!  Back then I 
was so scared I was nearly paralysed!'

Steiner: 'Please, for the princess...no, for Alexandria...I hope that 
for whatever reasons possible, that you will be able to help me.'

Zidane: 'One must act responsible for other's welfare and help them 
in times of trouble to be a real man, okay Vivi?  Those creatures 
will not wait for us to come, so we must not waste time but go now!'

Vivi: 'um...um...I'll try my hardest not to be a burden for you 

Steiner: 'I thank you.  Uh...'

Vivi: 'Wha...what's the matter?'

Steiner: 'Having seen your black magic, I was just wondering if-'

Vivi: 'Magic sword...?  Okay, I'll try my best.'

As Zidane and co. step out of the ship to save Princess Garnet they 
find Brank waiting for them.

Brank in a mocking tone: 'Hrm...you really like that girl that much?'

Zidane: 'You know that when a girl is in danger, I will not be able 
to just stand by and watch.'

Brank: 'Hmph, you make me sick...'

Zidane: 'Ha ha!  Would it not be great to be friends with Princess 

Brank: 'Stupid!  It's none of my business.  Well then, take this.'

Zidane: 'If its medicine to make me more charming then I don't think 
I'll need it!  If I were any more charming, then it would be a lot 
more of a hassle!'

Brank: 'For God's sake!  It's not about that!  It's the poison!  It 
will help as they are the same ones that the others you saved took.'

Zidane: 'What?!  You should have said that earlier!'

Brank: 'It's cause you never listen to the end!'

       'Oh, and Boss told me to remind you to equip abilities.'

After the session you will get an ATE!

ATE: The Forest Orchestra 

Back on the broken Dardalier ship the musicians decide to play some 
music to liven up the mood for others.

ATE: Not Truthful

Even though Baku said to Zidane that he should leave the Dardalier 
group for going against his orders, he is actually very worried about 
his safety.  Although he told Brank to give Zidane the map to leave 
this place, he desperately wished that Zidane would come back.

The Evil Forest (Cont.)

Back to Zidane and co. they eventually find the flower boss and 
defeat it to save Princess Garnet.  However...' 

Escape From The Evil Forest

A hord of plant monsters start chasing them and so they do the most 
logical thing... RUN!!  At the same time the entire forest seems to 
have gone insane and the forest starts to turn into stone.  Brank in 
order to help Zidane, accidentally gets caught by a plant monster and 
as the stone magic moves faster and faster towards Brank he uses his 
last ounce of energy and throws the map to Zidane as he turns to 
stone.  Zidane eventually gets out of the forest with Steiner, Vivi 
and Princess Garnet.

Vivi: 'Is the Princess alright...?

Zidane however does not seem to hear and seems to act as though he 
doesn't care.

Steiner shouts at him: 'WHAT THE HELLIS THAT ATTITUDE?  How can you 
act like that when one of your own are down?'

At this moment Princess Garnet awakens.

Steiner: 'Princess...'

Garnet: 'Steiner?' You...you all saved me?

Steiner: 'I Adelbert Steiner will do anything for your safety.'

Zidane: 'He's not the only one that saved but Vivi's magic and I did 
as well.'

Garnet: 'I thank you all from the depth of my heart.'

Steiner: 'You don't have to say anything.  Vivi and I are contented 
to see you well, unlike some people who have other reasons for doing 

Steiner looks at Zidane and then:

Steiner: 'Let's go back to the Castle...'

Garnet: 'Steiner, actually it was I who instigated this whole 

Zidane: 'Yeah, Princess Garnet had already planned this with us which 
is why she was with me...so there!'

Steiner: 'Is this true?'

Garnet: 'Yes to some extent...'

Zidane: 'So don't bother me again you old fart.'

Steiner: 'Hmph.  Princess Garnet, the forest is cursed so it is 
dangerous here and we must leave quickly to...'

Zidane: 'Stop talking crap.  The princess has just recovered and is 
still weak.  She needs more rest.'

Steiner shouts at him: 'I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR OPINION!!'

Zidane: 'Have you looked around you?  There is mist everywhere.  
Because of the mist we cannot see the mountains that surround this 
land.  To leave we must find a cave through the mountain.  At the 
moment the princess does not even have the strength to walk, so how 
can you force her to leave now?  Is it not even more dangerous now 
than when she will be better?'

Steiner cowed by Zidane's logic shuts up and takes the post as sentry 
while everybody else rests for the night.

Early in the morning Zidane goes to the opening of the forest alone.  
He looks around yet finds it impenetrable.  Behind him Garnet walks 

Zidane: 'You can walk now?'

Garnet: 'Yes, that medicine was really effective!  This is...'

Zidane: 'When we saved you the forest seemed to suddenly go insane.  
Although we made it here...but...but my friend – Brank is still in 

Garnet: 'We must go back and save them!'

Zidane: 'Unfortunately even using powers, it would not be able to 
break the stone spell.

        'However before he turned into stone he gave me this map and 
following the directions we should go through this cave south of 
here.  Are you afraid...Garnet?'

Garnet: 'Not...not at all.  Let's go!'

The pair return to the camp and walk towards the-

Ice Cavern

After some walking, Zidane and co. eventually arrive at the mouth of 
the Ice Cavern.

Zidane: 'So this is the cave...'

Vivi: 'This must be...this must be the Ice Cavern!'

Zidane: 'Ah...I think I've heard of this cave before.  This is the 

Vivi: 'uh, yes, because this is the only cave near The Evil Forest.'

Garnet: '...I too have heard of this place before!  It is here that 
has some magnificent ice stalactites!'

Vivi: 'I remember what my grandfather said about this place.  The 
special aspect of this cave is that even though it is totally 
surrounded by mist, the ice in the cavern does not melt!'

Steiner: 'Wow!  Vivi's grandfather must be extremely knowledgeable!  
After we have escaped we must go and visit him!'

Vivi: 'uh, unfortunately he has passed away...'

Steiner: 'Oh! I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to...I'm sorry!'

Zidane: 'Come on, we have to go so stop talking.'

Zidane moves towards the entrance of the cave and goes in.

Having walked some way along the icy path, they are suddenly met with 
a strong cold wind, which renders them all unconscious.  Not long 
afterwards, Zidane wakes to the sound of a ringing bell.  Zidane 
follows the source of the sound and finds a mutant black mage no. 1.  
The black mage admits that he was responsible for the cold wind to 
knock them all out so that they could take Princess Garnet back.  
Having said that, the black mage attacks Zidane.  After the battle, 
Zidane turns to go but suddenly hears a voice:

'Even though you may have defeated me but there will be a time when I 
will get Princess Garnet back!'

Zidane: 'What? That guy isn't dead yet?!'

Not being able to see the black mage anywhere he decides to return to 
his companions.  He enters the screen just as they begin to wake up.

Zidane: 'Phew, everybody okay?'

Steiner asks him suspiciously: 'Hey, how come you're the only one 
that seems to be unaffected?'

Zidane: 'Hrm...That's not so unusual!'

Steiner: 'Looks like you're up to something.  What is it!?

Zidane starts getting angry: 'What the hell are you trying to say?!'

Steiner: '...Did you do anything to the Princess?  What have you been 

Zidane (frustrated and angry): 'Hey mister!  Just leave me alone and 
shut up!'

Garnet: 'Steiner, what are you trying to say?  Your altitude towards 
Zidane is utterly disgraceful!'  

Steiner: 'O...okay.  I understand.'

Garnet: 'Okay then, everybody let's continue on our journey!  Huh?  
Is there something wrong Zidane?'

Zidane: 'No...Nothing's wrong.'

Actually Zidane is disturbed by the encounter with the black mage and 
cannot help but notice how much he looks like Vivi.  However pushing 
the thought out of his mind they proceed to exit the Ice Cavern.  
From the exit they find out that they are near the mountain top and 
are able to see the beautiful scenery around them.

Garnet: 'From here, the scenery is absolutely stunning!'

Zidane: 'Over there is a village...hmm...I think I recognize it from 
somewhere before...'

Garnet: 'It's probably because you travel around a lot and so you may 
have been here before without really remembering it...but for me the 
world I know only exists in the books I read...I cannot see it, or 
hear, and feel it.  Let's go to that village that you recognize okay 

Zidane: 'Wait...wait!  If you went there as a princess, it may 
attract unwanted attention!'

Steiner (angrily): 'Hmph, what are you talking about?  Our princess 
does not do things that are unlawful and so hence there is no need 
for her to assume another identity unlike you!  Besides we will be 
returning back to the castle shortly and therefore we will not be 
with you for much longer and what you do does not concern us.  And 
who the hell do you think you're talking to?  How can you be so rude 
to the princess and try to change her name?  I will not let you 
disgrace her name any further!'

Zidane (incensed): 'Oh yeah?  And what is your altitude towards me?'

Garnet and Vivi: 'Stop it!  Both of you!'

Garnet: 'Steiner, I will make myself clear.  I do not wish to return 
to Alexandria castle!

She turns around to Zidane.

Garnet: 'So what name should I change to?'

Zidane offers some help and eventually Garnet settles on Dagger as 
her new name.  Zidane, says it is a beautiful name, (personally I 
prefer Garnet don't you?) and they continue towards...

The Village of Dali

Vivi: 'Wow!  Windmills!'

Zidane: 'Vivi, the inn is over there!'

Vivi: 'Do I really have to sleep?  I want to go and look at the 

Zidane: 'I understand how you feel, but we must get some sleep now 
and talk about what we should do afterwards.'

After entering the inn Zidane speaks to Garnet.

'Before I go to bed I want to ask you something.  What do you plan to 
do now that you have left Alexandria Castle?'

Garnet: 'If we were still on the theatre ship then we should have 

Vivi: '...we should have reached Lindbulm City...'

Zidane: 'So that is where you wanted to go to!  If the theatre ship 
was not shot down then it could have easily slipped through the 
southern gates...but...in this situation...we can only walk to the 
gate and after that...'
Garnet: 'Zidane, please listen to me.  There is something that I 
cannot and will not do, even though I can't say why but...'

Zidane: 'I understand....I will see you through all the way to 
Lindbulm City!'

Steiner: 'Hey, the princess has not even finished speaking yet and 
you dare to override her?  That is unacceptable!  

Steiner turns to the Garnet.

'Princess, you must not believe in what he says.  Something may 
happen just how it happened in the Evil Forest and endanger your 
life!  I may not understand your reasons behind this but I beg you to 
accompany me back to the Castle!'

Zidane: 'Look, I may have said that saving the princess was a slim 
chance but I promise that I will protect her and she will come to no 

Steiner: 'You're so up with yourself!! I am her bodyguard and it is 
my job to do what you have just said!!  As it was before, is now, and 
forever will be!!'

Zidane: 'Okay then, how the hell do you think you're going to get 
back to Alexandria Castle?'

Steiner: 'This...this, I will think about it afterwards...'

As Zidane and Steiner argue some more they are interrupted by Vivi's 
snoring and their argument breaks up and they all go to bed.  

The next morning someone singing a tune wakes Zidane up.

'...I've never heard this song before...could the singer be...Garnet?  
Where's everybody?  They must have all gotten up already...'


Vivi bumps into a local boy by mistake and is treated very badly by 
him and his friends.  They look upon Vivi as an ugly beast and call 
him names before running off.  Vivi is sad and walks slowly to a 
fence, lost in self-contemplation.


On the other hand, Garnet enters a field full of vegetables and tries 
to talk to the local villager, trying to pick up the new dialect to 
fit in with the normal people and not those from court.  However she 
cannot forget what her mother has done and seems lost.


Zidane sees Vivi near the fence and can sense his unhappiness.  He 
therefore tries to start up a conversation with him to raise his 

'Hey Vivi, what are you doing here all alone?'

Vivi (unhappily): 'I was just thinking about some things...'

Zidane (teasingly): 'aah~ aah~~ thinking about a girl no doubt?'

Vivi (shocked):  Wha...what are you trying to say?!  Of course not!'

Zidane (still teasingly): 'What?!  You don't like girls?'

Vivi: 'Nooooo~ wait let me think...I haven't...'

Zidane: 'Well, to tell you the truth, I'm quite nervous 
actually...because I don't know what might happen when we arrive at 
Lindbulm City...so try not to worry too okay?'

Vivi: 'um...thanks...'

Zidane: 'okay...why don't you go back to the inn first while I go and 
look for Garnet?'

Zidane: 'By the way, what exactly are you doing here anyway?'

Vivi: 'I was just wondering where this noise (Gruuu...Gruuu...) came 

Zidane: 'Sounds like a chocobo to me.'

And with that Zidane leaves Vivi behind to look for Garnet.

Vivi: 'Chocobo?...what is it?'

Suddenly a shadow appears and we see Vivi being kidnapped!

Zidane enters the weapon store and sees Garnet standing there looking 
at the wares.  Zidane walks up to her quietly.

Garnet: 'Zidane!?'

Zidane: 'What are you looking at...how come your face is so red?  
Have you got a fever?'

Garnet: 'I...I'm fine.'

Zidane: 'You look weird...'

Garnet: 'What?'

Zidane: 'Ah ha!  You have changed the way you speak right?'

Garnet: 'Thanks!  Do you think I'm good enough to perform at that 
theatre ship?

Zidane: 'Yes, I thought at first...I thought it was actually Ruby who 
was performing cause it was so good!'

Garnet: 'I really like those kind of plays.  I've seen them all but 
my favourite one was always the 'Hope I can be your little bird'

Zidane: 'Oh, so that's why!'

Garnet: 'Is Ruby the girl that speaks with a weird accent?'

Zidane: 'uh huh.'

Garnet: 'Do you think I should impersonate the way how she speaks?'

Zidane: 'Huh?  No! No!  She speaks in a special kind of way, and it 
is hard to impersonate it, therefore others would think that it 
doesn't sound like her.  This is why I would like you to speak how 
you would want to speak.'

Garnet: 'I understand...okay!'

Zidane: 'I'd like to decide what we should do today so why don't you 
go back to the inn first?'

Garnet: 'Zidane, what about you?'

Zidane: 'I'll be there in a sec.'

Garnet: 'Okay then, we'll meet up later.'

Zidane (thinks to himself): Not bad.  She already sounds like a 
local.  If she can keep this up then we may be able to cross the 
border without too much trouble.

Garnet leaves and Zidane tries to find Steiner, but is nowhere to be 
found.  Thus, Zidane returns to the inn, only to find Garnet alone in 
the room.

Zidane: 'I'm sorry to keep you waiting.  I already told Vivi to come 
here anyway so I think he'll be here soon.  How do you find this 
little village?  You must have never stepped out of the castle 

Garnet: '(sighs), the children here are very happy; there's a lot of 
things I haven't seen before!  It is also my first time having so 
much freedom.  But...how come I have only seen children around and no 

Zidane: 'Now that you mention it...whenever I used to come here there 
would be a lot of grown ups working in the fields.'

Garnet: 'But there's only a little plot of land here.'

Zidane: 'Really?  This village...seems to be hiding some secret.  
When Vivi comes back we will leave immediately.'

Garnet: 'Steiner...where is he?'

Zidane: 'I have thought of a good way to get through the southern 
gate.  A lot of the troops would be looking for you so we will have 
to hide you, and because there aren't any wars, we should be okay.  
So even if that guy doesn't show up, you've got me!'

ATE:  Steiner!!

We see Steiner helping the barmaid out at the bar.  In fact he is 
doing this to see if there is any information about an airship 
launching soon so that he could get the princess back to Alexandria.  
He hears from the barmaid that there is a merchant airship landing 
near this village soon.  He takes his leave immediately...

Back to Zidane

Seeing that none of the others have turned up in ages, Zidane tells 
Garnet his stories of being a thief in hopes to not make her bored.  
However it seems that it might not work...

Zidane: 'Are those stories really boring?'

Garnet: 'No, no its not that...it's just that Vivi hasn't come back 
yet and I'm just worrying cause it has been a long time.'

Zidane: 'That's true...it is too late.  I can understand why that 
Steiner guy might not have pitched, but Vivi...now that is odd.  
Okay, let's go look for him.'

Garnet and Zidane both wander around and ask the children who claim 
that they have not seen him at all.  Walking near the fence that 
Zidane first found Vivi, they hear a sobbing voice coming from the 
hole in the ground.  They recognize the voice as Vivi's and they try 
to think of a way to get to him.  Eventually they find the opening 
and lift it up to get inside.  However as they are about to they hear 
some voices.

Villager A: 'How come this moves?  Did the village chief's younger 
brother find this?'

Villager B: 'Seems like it, after they had an argument he should join 
forces with us.

Villager A: '...didn't his brother have the same thoughts as that old 

Villager B: 'You're talking about why he said, 'Why destroy the 
fields!'  It's because he had an argument with the village chief, 
that's why.  Anyway we don't have enough people, so let's just finish 
packing these in their cases.'

Villager A: '...After putting them in these cases we'll send them 
over to the castle and let them decide the rest.'

Garnet (thinks): 'The Castle...!!?'

Villager B: 'Yep, we're only responsible for making these things.'

Garnet (thinks):  '!!...that barrel looks like...'

Zidane rushes forward to the villagers as he sees Vivi being taken 
away but is immediately stopped by Garnet who drags him back.

Zidane: 'What the hell!?'

Garnet: 'Remember that little shack with the wooden barrels?  I 
remember seeing the exact same ones at Alexandria castle!  There must 
be something related with Alexandria and I want to know what it is.  
Please don't do anything that would rouse a ruckus...'

Zidane: '...okay, but if Vivi encounters any danger, I won't care and 
I will go save him regardless of anything.'

Garnet: 'Uh huh.'

Both continue onwards and after a while they arrive at what appears 
to be a workshop and Garnet hears somebody sobbing.  She recognizes 
it as Vivi's voice and pinpoints it to one of the barrels and they 
break it open to save him.

Zidane: 'Next time something like this happens don't just be quiet 
but shout for help okay Vivi?'

Vivi: 'I have to shout for help?'

Zidane: 'Yes, say something like, 'Hey you bastard what the hell are 
you trying to do!'

Garnet (thinks):  'You bastard...?'

Zidane: 'That's all you have to say cause it will scare them and not 
only that it would make you have more courage!'

Vivi (in between sobs): 'Cour...age.'

Zidane: 'Now that is done, I want to ask you a favour Vivi.  I want 
you to help me look around here even though you might not...'

Vivi: '...Zidane, I also want to know what this place is.  
Because...I think there is something here.'

Zidane and co. fiddle around with the machine in front of them and 
find that once activated, it produced eggs continuously while at the 
same time producing a mist which is very much like the one 
surrounding the mist continent.  Following the mist it seems that a 
lot of it is seeping through a large double door and upon opening 
them they are faced with two beasts made from this peculiar 'mist'.  
Inside the room Zidane finds a machine that is used to absorb the 
mist.  As they continue onwards they see a chocobo running the 
machine enticed by a piece of green put far beyond its reach.  As 
they enter the next room Zidane and co. are shocked to find...

Zidane (thinks):  '...These are...even though they seem to be 
different...they look exactly like Vivi!'

Vivi: 'Wha~What is this...my kind...?

Zidane: '!! Somebody's coming!  Vivi!  Garnet!'

Garnet (Lost in the view before her):  How can this be...this is...my 
mother's doing...?'

Zidane (in desperation):  'Dammit!'

Vivi: 'WAA~Waaa!'

Garnet: 'WHA!  What are you doing Zidane?'

Zidane picks both of them up and runs off to hide.  However, they are 
mistaken as the other black mages by the machine and they all get 
packed into the wooden barrels!

The scene changes to Steiner who manages to meet with the owner of 
the merchant ship.

Steiner: 'I'm sorry to bother you!  I have a very important person 
that I must take back to the Castle immediately.  Could I use your 
ship and how long will it take to arrive here?'

Merchant shipper: 'hmm, that's okay, don't bother me.'

Steiner follows the guy back to his house and finds a notice saying 
that the ship only arrives once every two days!  As he leaves he sees 
the airship landing before him and quickly rushes forward to 

Villager A: 'You know, why are there so many of these human dolls?  
What use are they?  Ever since this project started half a year ago 
they have ordered incredible amounts of them.'

Villager B: 'But its because of this project that we can live more 
comfortably rather than working the fields so why bother thinking 
about what use they are?'

Villager A: '...wha..what?  There's one hell of a ferocious guy 
running to us!'

Villager B: 'Quick, Let's just run!'

When Steiner finally arrives both of the villagers have completely 
disappeared and Steiner is left looking at the barrels.  He sees one 
moving around and breaks it to discover Vivi, Zidane and Garnet!

Steiner (surprised): 'Princess, what has been going on!?  Is it 
because of this brat's evil plan...!'

Garnet (shouts): 'Please be quiet, Steiner!'

Steiner: 'Um...'

Garnet: 'Zidane, I really don't know what to say to Vivi, it seems as 
though Alexandria has something related to him...'

Zidane: 'Well, we're not sure yet so...why don't we just keep him for 

Steiner (thinks determinedly):  I can't I can't I can't, this is not 
the time to argue.  I must let the princess get on board this ship 
without knowing that I will bring her back to the palace.  Once she 
is on board then I will head back to Alexandria.

Zidane: 'Hey you, do you know where this airship is headed?'

Steiner: '...yes, yes, its headed toward Lindbulm.'

Zidane: 'That's great! ...but who did you find out this information 

Steiner: 'Ugh...from that old guy in that house over there!  No 

Zidane: 'How come you're acting so weird...'

Steiner: 'There's something headed over here!'

A mutant black mage appears before them and says:

'Princess Garnet, the Queen has ordered me to take you back to the 

Zidane: '...you guys are from the castle?!'

Steiner (incredulous):  'YOU GUYS?  What the hell is going on?!'

Zidane: 'Back at the ice cavern when you were all unconscious, I was 
roused by this creep.'

Mutant Black Mage: 'So, you're the one who defeated No.1?  My name is 
Mutant Black Mage No.2!  I have all of No.1's powers so don't try to 
resist! Heheheheh! Princess I think you would be better off if you 
listened to me and follow me back to the castle!'

Garnet: 'No!  I refuse to go!'

Mutant Black Mage No.2: 'So you wish to resist against me?  Please 
don't blame me.'

Steiner: 'Wait!  I should be the one that brings the Princess back to 
the castle not you!'

Mutant Black Mage No.2: 'Heheheh!  I don't care about you!  Nobody 
can stop me from accomplishing my mission!

After defeating him, Garnet then says quietly.

'Black mutant mage no.2...he was really sent by my mum?

Steiner: 'What are you saying?  You can't believe what that guy 

Garnet: 'Are you saying that people around here know about my real 

Steiner: 'You were born in a royal family and your presence cannot be 

Zidane: 'You're wrong there...you fart, do you understand?  Garnet is 
trying very hard trying to change herself into a 'normal' person.  
The problem is YOUR attitude!  You're always going around loudly 
saying, 'Princess~' Therefore if we are going through to Lindbulm 

Garnet: 'Hmm?'

Zidane: 'I really don't want HIM on the ship!'

Garnet: 'If we use this ship, Lindbulm City would not be that far of.  
No, wait, I should have said, 'not long at all.'  But before we go 
don't we all need a rest?'

Zidane: 'Yep, so let's go back to the inn.  Vivi, you've got me to 
protect you so you'll be safe okay?'

The next day when Zidane and co. have got up they go to the airship 
and Zidane says:

'I'll go onboard first to ask the crew if we could use this ship 
first.  Meanwhile you guys should just wait here.'

Steiner: 'Wai...wait!  I'll do it!'

Zidane: 'Huh? You?  Are you okay?'

Steiner: 'I'm, I'm just thinking of the Princess' welfare that's 

Garnet: 'Steiner...he seems to be against me going to Lindbulm 
City...Zidane, do you really think that this ship is going to Lindbul 

Zidane: 'Looks as though it is actually going to be headed for 
Alexandria though.'

Garnet: 'What...!?  Why did you tell me to go on board this ship 

Zidane: 'Don't worry!  I will think of a way.'

Vivi: '...Zidane.'

Zidane: 'What's the matter, Vivi?'

Vivi: 'That underground place which produced those black mage 
dolls...they looked exactly like me didn't they?'

Zidane: 'Yes they do look like you, but dolls are dolls and won't be 

Zidane: 'The airship's started...what the hell is he doing up there?  
Nevermind, let's get on now, Garnet!'

Garnet: 'You want me to go onboard a ship that is not headed towards 

Zidane: 'Look we don't have time to talk now!  Come on!'

Vivi gets onboard first.

Zidane: 'Okay, come on!'

Garnet makes a face of utter disgust.

Zidane: 'Don't worry, the ship is about to leave, let's get on 

Garnet: 'Yes...but...'

Zidane: 'I promised you that I will definitely get you to Lindbulm no 
matter what!'

Garnet: 'Okay then, I'll get on.'

Zidane: 'It's going!'

Both of them hurry on up the ladder.

Zidane: 'Whew!'

It seems that ever since they got on the ship Garnet does not want to 
talk, probably because of being forced to go on board a ship that was 
not going to Lindbulm and Zidane tries to cheer her up.

Zidane: 'I didn't do it on purpose, please don't get mad at me...'

Garnet: 'Just forget about it.'

Zidane: 'Wow, the land below has grown so small from this 
height...Vivi, are you okay?'

Vivi: 'I think I don't feel too well.''

Garnet: 'Let's go to the main vessel of the ship Vivi.'

After Garnet and Vivi have left, Zidane murmurs to himself:

'Zidane, it is because I trust you which is why I came onboard.'

He closes the hatch.

Zidane says to himself: 'Looks like she doesn't trust me completely 
yet...hmm...perhaps if I work harder maybe she may even kiss me...'

The door opens suddenly to reveal Garnet!

Zidane (thinks): 'Wow!  Already?!'

Garnet: 'Zidane...!'

Zidane: 'What's the matter?'

Garnet: 'Vivi...he's...'
Zidane: 'Vivi!?'

Zidane follows Garnet immediately into the next room and sees Vivi 
trying desperately to talk to the Black mage mannequins seen in the 
underground workshop at Dali!

Zidane: 'Wow, that scared me...these guy can move?!  They look 
exactly like the ones found in the Dali workshop!'

Zidane: 'You've tried talking to them Vivi?'

Vivi: 'Yes but they won't talk to me and they act like as though they 
can't even see me.  I have talked to them a lot of times but still no 

Zidane: 'Vivi...'

Zidane plans to console Vivi but remembers that he has more important 
business at hand and decides to do that first!

Zidane: 'I'm sorry, I have to go upstairs first, if I don't then we 
will go back to Alexander castle.'

Garnet: '...'

Zidane: 'Garnet, you will look after Vivi for now.'

He goes up and notices something weird about the place.

'These cannons are really old...it must be because the mist machines 
originate from Lindbulm as they were invented there first, so these 
must have been bought ages ago and are still used to this 
day...Alexandria city is known to be unfamiliar with technology but 
the machines found underneath Dali...'

'If we continue flying then we should reach the Evil Forest by 
now...will the Boss and others have escaped?  If I said this to the 
Boss he would probably shout, 'you're earlier by 10 years!'

Zidane continues onwards and finds Steiner mumbling to himself.

Steiner: '...what should I do?  What can I do...? It's like this 
already.  I must have left her behind in my haste in getting the 
airship started.  If that is the case, how can I face Queen Blane?'

Steiner seems not to have noticed that Zidane and Garnet have all got 
on board and Zidane interrupts his thoughts.

Zidnae: 'What are you doing here you old fart?  We barely made it on 
the ship!'

Steiner: 'That's because...it's because of the crew members on board 

Steiner: 'What?!  How come you are here?  Where's the princess?'

Zidane: 'In the cannon room.'

Steiner: 'She's on board!  Even though I don't know what you are up 
to but this merchant ship is headed towards Alexandria Castle.  
Kidnapping the princess is a death penalty offence!  Before we get 
back to the castle you must enjoy the last moments of your freedom!'

Zidane completely ignores Steiner and leaves him in the room.

Steiner: 'Bon Voyage! I think that Queen Blane would be very 
happy...but, it has to be said that if it wasn't for that thief then 
the princess would have been left behind.  Perhaps I should help him 
to at least avert the death penalty and change it to life 
imprisonment!  This is my duty as a royal guard!  But then and again 
the crew here didn't heed as I told them to, and they must be 
inspected once we reach Alexandria.  This is my duty as a royal 

Meanwhile, Zidane is in the control room fiddling about with the 
controls and Steiner steps in and finds out what he is trying to do!

Steiner (angrily): 'You...you...you...you!'

Zidane: 'What's up with you?  Why are you making that weird noise?'

Steiner: 'You bastard!  You cannot be forgiven!'

A scene then ensues and suddenly a mutant black mage is spotted on 
the ship and immediately attacks Vivi!

Vivi: 'aah...aah...'

Garnet: 'Vivi!  Are you alright?'

Mutant Mage no.3: 'And I was wondering who could possibly beat no.2, 
and its just you, a little kid!  You guys are no match for me!  
Hahaha!  Princess, while I take care of him, why don't you stay here 
and wait!'

At that moment a bunch of the crew members walk forward in front of 

Mutant Mage no.3: 'So...you guys want to protect him?  I don't 
understand this.  How can a bunch of goons devoid of any thinking 
abilities made and processed in Dali would actually have the thought 
of protecting this kid?  Go!  So you wish to stand against me?  
Fools!  You are the Black mage knights!'

All the black mage mannequins get completely blasted out of the 

Steiner: 'That is over the top!'

Vivi: '...wah!'

Vivi rushes out to face the mutant mage.

Steiner: 'Vivi!  Let me help you!'

Zidane: 'Hey, you guys!  Garnet.'

Garnet: 'Yes.'

Zidane: 'I'll go with the rest to vanquish the mutant mage.  For the 
time being you will control this airship.  It is very dangerous at 
the moment but we can turn back.  If we go here and through the 
southern gate we will be headed back towards Lindbulm city.  You make 
up your mind whether you still want to do that or not.  No matter 
what you choose I will always be by your side!  Whatever you do, 
don't crash the ship!'

Vivi is seen facing the mutant mage.

Vivi: 'Why!?  Why did you have to do such a thing as that?  Are they 
not your comrades?'

Mutant mage no.3: 'Those guys did not know what the difference is you 

Steiner: 'Even if you are not comrades, what you did was inexcusable!

Mutant mage no.3: 'Black Mage Knights don't have any worth at all!'

Zidane: 'Who are you?'

Mutant mage no.3: 'Ahh...so everybody is here then?  Good.'

Zidane: 'Are you going to answer me or not?'

Mutant mage no.3: 'You are going to die soon anyways so even if I did 
answer you what would be the use of that?  Hahaha!  Those that try to 
stop me in accomplishing my mission must die!'

After the battle, No.3 screams.

'Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn!  The reason for my existence was to breed on 
success after success!'

Steiner: 'Man, these things just keep coming and coming.  How many of 
them are there left?'

Zidane: 'I believe that that wil be the last one.'

Steiner: 'And how did you arrive at that conclusion?'

Zidane: 'He called himself a Mutant Black Mage did he not?  They were 
all numbered which is why I think he is the last one.'

Steiner (thinks): '? I still don't get what he's saying!'

Zidane: (thinks): 'I can see the south gate...so she has finally 

After a series of events and passing through the south gate, more or 
less undamaged Zidane turns to his team members.

Zidane: 'Looks like we're fine for now.  How's everybody?  How come 
you guys ain't saying a thing?  We've managed to beat No.3 without 
any casualties so we should be happy!'

Garnet: '...The southern gate isn't moving anymore.  Zidane...have I 
done something wrong...?'

Zidane: 'Don't worry about it.  The guys in Lindbulm would be able to 
fix it in no time!'

Steiner: 'What do you mean there's nothing to worry about!  The ship 
is wrecked, our goods have all disappeared and the Southern gate is 
also wrecked!'

Garnet: 'Steiner.'

Steiner: 'Yes.'

Garnet: 'I never intended to go with you...but it was because of you 
that we are saved and from this I thank you from the deepest recesses 
of my heart.'

Steiner: 'What!?  Princess what you have just said puts me in a very 
difficult situation!  Fine, since you have decided then I to swear 
that as long as you do not return to the castle with me, I, Steiner, 
will always be at your side!'

Zidane: 'Garnet, are you okay?  That guy will now follow you to the 
ends of the Earth!'

Garnet: 'Thank you Zidane.  I have just seen the gates of Lindbulm 

Steiner: 'So that's Lindbulm City?  Wow, it is big...'

Garnet: 'Lindbulm castle is in the centre of the city.'

Zidane (thinks): 'Once we have reached Lindbulm then the journey with 
Garnet will end...there's no other way.  Damnit, I was getting close 
as well...'

Vivi: 'Zidane...I...those things that called themselves Black 
Mages...we look alike...don't we...?'

Steiner: 'Vivi you don't say such things!  Even though I don't know 
where you're coming at...'

Vivi: '...'don't know'

Steiner: 'Vivi will always be Vivi, and they will always be them, is 
that not so?  So what are you worrying about...'

Zidane: 'Hey stop talking man!  No matter what Vivi is Vivi!  Right?'

Vivi sighs.

Zidane: 'Okay, Vivi, let's all go to the deck.  Looking at Lindbulm 
city from the sky is a beautiful sight!  Let's hurry!  We'll soon 
being approaching the main gate!'

Lindbulm Grand Castle
will be continued...

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