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Equipment Translation Guide by Red Scarlet

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/24/00

                        Final Fantasy IX

                Items, Weapons, Helmets, Bracelets, Armor, and
                       Accessories Translations

                    By Red Scarlet (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com)

Version 1.0 07/12/00-FAQ created.
Version 1.1 07/16/00-Updated.
Version 1.2 07/24/00-Updated through Disc 1 and a little into Disc 2.


  <Disclaimer> This FAQ is for personal use only.  It cannot be altered without
the consent of the FAQ's owner (me), nor published in any magazines or any
reproduced form.  This FAQ is not meant for sale and is copyright 2000 Red
Scarlet.  If you want to use this FAQ on your Website or page, please email me
for permission (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com).
     This FAQ was created using NJSTAR, and to view it properly, I would
suggest right clicking the page, then choose 'encoding' and choose Japanese
Auto-Select.  That is to view it on a PC with Windows, and since I don't
have a Mac, I have no idea how to do that with them.  So, sorry.


    Due to the response I've received from my menu/config translations,
I've decided not to wait until the end of disc 1 to start putting up other
translations.  Here is what I have, and please note that this is FAR from
complete, as I am only just a little bit into Disc 2 at the time of version
1.2.  All of the items, etc. are in the order that I found them so far. Here we


                     アイテム-Aitemu (Items)

ポーション-Po-shon (Potion) Recover 150 Hit Points (HP).
ハイポーション-Haipo-shon (High Potion) Recover 450 HP.
エーテル-E-teru (Ether) Recover 150 Magic Points (MP).
フェニックスの尾-Fenikusu no O (Phoenix Tail) Revive a fallen ally.
フェニックスの羽-Fenikusu no Hane (Phoenix Feather) Revive all allies at
                 once (not too sure, as I sold the one I had right away for
                 the gil).
万能薬-Bannouyaku (Remedy) Cures most status ailments.
テント-Tento (Tent) Recover HP and MP at a save point/on the overworld.
毒消し-Dokukeshi (Antidote) Cures 毒-Doku (Poison).
目薬-Megusuri (Eyedrop) Cures 暗闇-Kurayami (Dark).
原石-Genishi (Wilderness Stone) HP recovery on the overworld? I'm not too
             sure, as I've never been able to use one.
やまびこ草-Yamabikosou (Echo Grass) Cures 沈黙-Chinmoku (Silence).
エリクサー-Erikusa- (Elixir) Restores HP and MP to full for 1 character.
金の針-Kin no Hari (Gold Needle) Cures 石化-Ishika (Stone).
迷惑チン-Meiwakuchin (Annoyance Chin) Cures 迷惑-Meiwaku (Annoyed).
ギサールの野菜-Gisaaru no Yasai (Gysal Vegetable) Cures バーサク-Baasaku
               (Berserk) status in battles, and summons a Chocobo when used
               if you are standing on Chocobo tracks.

     The order of things in this, and the helmets, bracelets, and armor are as
follows: name of equipment, who can equip, what abilities (if any) can
be learned from it.
Character names are as follows:

ジタン-Jitan (Zidane)
ビビ-Bibi (Vivi)
スタイナー-Sutaina- (Steiner)
ガーネト-Ga-neto (Garnet) can be renamed to ダガー-Dagaa (Dagger) later.
フライヤ-Furaiya (Freiya)

ダガー-Daga- (Dagger) Zidane-とんずら-Tonzura (Flee-40 AP).
魔道士のつえ-Madoushi no Tsue (Wizard's Staff) Vivi-ファイア-Faia (Fire-25 AP).
メイジマッシャー-Meijimasha- (Mage Masher) Zidane-みやぶ-Miyaburu
                (Investigate-40 AP).
                Can also learn とんずら-Tonzura (Flee-40 AP).
ブロードソード-Buroodoso-do (Broad Sword)
               Steiner-ビーストキラー-Bi-sutokira- (Beast Killer-55 AP).
アイアンソード-Aianso-do (Iron Sword) Steiner-サガク剣-Sagakuken (Sagaku       
        Sword-35 AP).
ロッド-Rodo (Rod) Garnet-ケアル-Kearu (Cure-30 AP).
                         ポイゾナ-Poizona (Poisona-15 AP).
                         プロテス-Purotesu (Protect-30 AP).
ミスリルダガー-Misurirudagaa (Mithril Dagger) Zidane-盗贓極意-Nusuzou no
               Kyokui (Steal Bribery Settlement? Think this gives him a
               better chance to steal-40 AP).
ジャベリン-Jaberin (Javelin) Freiya-ドラゴンキラー-Doragonkiraa
           (Dragon Killer-70 AP).
フォーク-Fooku (Fork) Quelin guy or whoever, I haven't gotten him/her/it
バタフライソード-Batafuraisoodo (Butterfly Sword)
                Zidane-あれはなんだ-Arehananda (What's That?-40 AP) and
                女の子をかばう-Jo no Shiwokabau (Girl Protector-?AP).
オーガニクス-Ooganikusu (Ogre Nix) Zidane-刀魂放気-Katanakonhouki
             (Knife Spirit-35 AP).
水のつえ-Mizu no Tsue (Water Staff) Vivi-ブリザラ-Burizara (Ice2-50AP) and
         スロウ-Surou (Slow-20 AP).
雷のつえ-Ikazuchi no Tsue (Thunder Staff) Vivi-サンダラ-Sandara (Thunder2-50
         and ポイゾン-Poizon (Poison-35 AP).
ニードルフォーク-Niidorufooku (Needle Fork) Quina-満月の心得-Mangetsu no
                 Shintoku (Gain Spirit of the Full Moon-250 AP).
ミスリルスピア-Misurirusupia (Mithril Spear) Freiya-レーゼの風-Reeze no Kaze
               (Raise Wind-40 AP).
エアラケット-Earaketo (Air Racket) Garnet-ライブラ-Raibura (Reveal/Scan-25 AP).
ミスリルロッド-Misurirurodo (Mithril Rod) Garnet-レイズ-Reizu (Raise-30 AP),
               サイレス-Sairesu (Silence-30 AP), and
               シェル-Sheru (Shell-35 AP).
炎のつえ-Hono'o no Tsue (Fire Staff) Vivi-ファイラ-Faira (Fire2-50 AP) and
         スリプル-Suripuru (Sleep-20 AP).
ミスリルソード-Misurirusoodo (Mithril Sword)
               Steiner-アーマーブレイク-Aamaabureiku (Armor Break-30 AP).
ミスリルフォーク-Misurirufooku (Mithril Fork) Quina-満月の心得-Mangetsu no
                 Shintoku (Gain Spirit of the Full Moon-250 AP).



皮の帽子-Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat) Zidane (no abilities learned),
         Vivi-ファイア-Faia (Fire-25 AP), Garnet (no abilities learned).
ブロンズヘルム-Buronzu Herumu (Bronze Helm) Steiner-ムシキラー-Mushikira-
               (Mush Killer-50 AP).
               Freiya-ムシキラー-Mushikiraa (Mush Killer-25 AP).
ラバーヘルム-Raba-herumu (Rubber Helm) Steiner-サガク剣-Sagakuken
             (Variation Volume? Sword-35 AP).
             Freiya-no abilities learned.
アイアンヘルム-Aianherumu (Iron Helm) Steiner-暗闇回避の術-Kurayamikaikeru
               no Jutsu (Protection from Darkness-25 AP).
               Steiner-レベルアップ-Reberuapu (Level Up-50 AP).
               Freiya-暗闇回避の術-Kurayamikaikeru no Jutsu (Protection
                      against Darkness-20 AP).
               Freiya-レベルアップ-Reberuapu (Level Up-40 AP).
羽根付き帽子-Hanetsukiboushi (Feather Cap) Zidane-暗闇回避の術-Kurayamikaikeru
             no Jutsu (Protection against Darkness-35 AP).
             Zidane-  Vivi-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou
             (Weapon Dodge?-35 AP).
             Vivi-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?-25 AP).
             Garnet-no abilities learned.
とんがり帽子-Tongariboushi (Pointed Helmet) Zidane-no abilities learned.
             Vivi-no abilities learned.
             Garnet-プロテス-Purotesu (Protect-?AP).
ヘッドギア-Hedogia (Headgear) Zidane-アンデッドキラー-Andedokiraa
           (Undead Killer-45 AP).
           Vivi-no abilities learned.
           Garnet-no abilities learned.
三角帽子-Sankakuboushi (Triangle Hat) Zidane-no abilities learned.
         Vivi-スロウ-Surou (Slow-20 AP).
         Garnet-no abilities learned.
         Quina-no abilities learned.
バルビュータ-Barubyuuta (Barbuta) Steiner-警戒-Keikai (Caution-60 AP).
             Freiya-ドラゴンキラー-Doragonkiraa (Dragon Killer- AP).
バンダナ-Bandana (Bandanna) Zidane-マンイーター-Maniitaa (Man Eater-25 AP) and
         眠らずの術-Nemurazu no Jutsu (Anti Sleep Skill-30 AP).
         Vivi-眠らずの術-Nemurazu no Jutsu (Anti Sleep Skill-25 AP).
         Quina-眠らずの術-Nemurazu no Jutsu (Anti Sleep Skill-40 AP).


                             うで-Ude (Arms)

リスト-Risuto (Wrist) Zidane-逃げてもギル-Nigetemogiru (Run; can gain
                            gil-45 AP).
                      Vivi-no abilities learned.
                      Garnet-no abilities learned.
ブロンズのこて-Buronzu no Kote (Bronze Glove) Steiner-毒味の術-Dokumi no
               Jutsu (Tasting Skill-35 AP).
               Freiya-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Skill-15 AP).
皮のリスト-Kawa no Risuto (Leather Wrist) Zidane-ビーストキラー-Bi-suto
           Kira- (Beast Killer-30 AP).
           Vivi-ブリザド-Burizado (Blizzard-25 AP).
           Garnet (no abilities learned).
グラスの腕輪-Gurasu no Udewa (Glass Bracelet) Zidane-ギルもぬすむ-Girumonusumu
             (Steal Gil-40 AP).
             Zidane-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Ability-20 AP).
エスカッション-Esukashon (Escutcheon) Steiner-アンデッドキラー-Andedokiraa
               (Undead Killer-30 AP).--Thanks to LIRCobar@aol.com for the
                                       correct spelling of Escutcheon--
               Freiya-アンデッドキラー-Andedokiraa (Undead Killer-20 AP).
ミスリルのこて-Misuriru no Kote (Mithril Glove)
               Steiner-マンイーター-Maniitaa (Man Eater-20 AP) and
               ムシキラー-Mushikiraa (Mush Killer-50 AP).
               Freiya-マンイーター-Maniitaa (Man Eater-20 AP) and
               ムシキラー-Mushikiraa (Mush Killer- AP).
ボーンリスト-Boonrisuto (Bone Wrist) Zidane-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou  
               (Weapon Dodge?- AP).
             Vivi-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?- AP).
             Garnet-no abilities learned.
             Quina-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?- AP).
雷神のこて-Raijin no Kote (Thunder God's Glove)



皮の服-Kawa no Fuku (Leather Clothes) Zidane-女の子をかばう-Jo no shiwokabau
       (Girl Protector-35 AP).
       Vivi-no abilities learned.
       Garnet-no abilities learned.
ブロンズアーマー-Buronzua-ma- (Bronze Armor)
                 Steiner-バードキラー-Baadokiraa (Bird Killer-25 AP).
                 Freiya-バードキラー-Baadokiraa (Bird Killer- AP).
シルクの服-Shiruku no Fuku (Silk Clothes)
           Zidane-no abilities learned.
           Vivi-サンダー-Sanda- (Thunder-25 AP).
           Garnet-ケアル-Kearu (Cure-30 AP).
           Quina-no abilities learned.
レザープレイト-Rezaapureito (Leather Plate) Zidane-no abilities learned.
リネンキュラッサ-Rinenkyurasa (Linen Curias) Steiner-かばう-Kabau (Cover-20
                 Freiya-かばう-Kabau (Cover-30 AP).
もめんのローブ-Momen no Roobu (Cotton Robe) Vivi-no abilities learned.
               Garnet-薬剤師の免許-Kusurizaishi no Menkyo (Chemist Master's
               Certificate-15 AP).
               Quina-no abilities learned.
ブロンズの胸当て-Buronzumuneate (Bronze Chest)
                 Zidane-固まらずの術-Katamarazu no Jutsu (Anti Hardening       
                 Skill-35 AP).
                 Vivi-固まらずの術-Katamarazu no Jutsu (Anti Hardening         
                     Skill-25 AP).
                 Garnet-固まらずの術-Katamarazu no Jutsu (Anti Hardening       
                        Skill-40 AP).
チェインプレイト-Cheinpureito (Chain Plate) Zidane-デビルキラアー-Debirukiraa
                 (Devil Killer-25 AP).
チェインメイル-Cheinmeiru (Chain Mail) Steiner-HP10%アップ-HP10%apu
               (Hit Points 10 % Up-20 AP) and バードキラー-Baadokiraa (Bird
               Killer- AP).
               Freiya-HP10%アップ-HP10%apu (Hit Points 10 % Up-30 AP).
魔術師のローブ-Majutsushi no Roobu (Master Mage's Robe)
               Garnet-オートポーション-Ootopooshon (Auto Potion-20 AP).
ミスリルベスト-Misurirubesuto (Mithril Vest)
               Zidane-オートポーション-Ootopooshon (Auto Potion-20 AP).
               Vivi-オートポーション-Ootopooshon (Auto Potion-10 AP).
               Quina-オートポーション-Ootopooshon (Auto Potion-30 AP).


                      アクセサリ-Akusesari (Accessory)

デザートブーツ-Desaatobuutsu (Desert Boots)
               Zidane-逃げてもギル-Nigetemogiru (Run, gain Gil-? AP).
               Vivi-no abilities learned.
               Freiya-no abilities learned.
               Quina-no abilities learned.
黄巴いスカーフ-Kouhaisukaafu (Yellow Scarf)
               Zidane-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Ability-30 AP).
               Zidane-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?-35 AP).
               Vivi-no abilities learned.
               Freiya-バードキラー-Baadokiraa (Bird Killer-30 AP.)
               Quina-取得ギルアップ-Shutokugiruapu (Acquired Gil Up-100 AP).
グラスのバックル-Gurasu no Bakuru (Glass Buckle)
                 Zidane-バードキラー-Baadokiraa (Bird Killer-20 AP.)
                 (Steal Gil?-40 AP).
                 Vivi-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Ability-30 AP).
                 Vivi-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?-25 AP).
                 Vivi-サンダー-Sandaa (Thunder-? AP).
                 Freiya-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Ability-15 AP).
                 Freiya-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?-25
                 Quina-毒味の術-Dokumi no Jutsu (Tasting Ability-20 AP).
                 Quina-追加加効果発動-Tsuikakukahatsudou (Weapon Dodge?-35 AP).
  のピアス- no Piasu ( Pierce)
                 Steiner-レベルアップ-Reberuapu (Level Up- AP).
                 Steiner-熱せず冷ませず-Netsusezureimasezu (Resist heat, resist
                 cold-35 AP).
                 Garnet-レベルアップ-Reberuapu (Level Up-50 AP).
                 Garnet-熱せず冷ませず-Netsusezureimasezu (Resist heat, resist
                 cold-25 AP).
マダインの指輪-Madain no Yubiwa (Maduin?'s Ring)
               Steiner-熱せず冷ませず-Netsusezureimasezu (Resist heat, resist
                       cold-35 AP).
               Steiner-薬剤師の免許-Kusurizaishi no Menkyo (Chemist Master's
               Certificate-20 AP).
               Garnet-熱せず冷ませず-Netsusezureimasezu (Resist heat, resist
                      cold-25 AP).
               Garnet-薬剤師の免許-Kusurizaishi no Menkyo (Chemist Master's
                      Certificate- AP).
ゲルミナスブーツ-Geruminasubuutsu (Germinas Boots)
さんごの指輪-Sango no Yubiwa (Coral Ring)

金のチョーカー-Kin no Chookaa (Gold Choker)
魔術師のくつ-Majutsushi no Kutsu (Mage Master's Shoes)
             Zidane-混乱回避の術-Konrankaikeru no Jutsu
                   (Anti Confusion Skill-25 AP).
             Vivi-混乱回避の術-Konrankaikeru no Jutsu (Anti Confusion
                  Skill-15 AP).
             Freiya-MP10%アップ-MP10%apu (Magic Points 10 % up-35 AP).
             Freiya-混乱回避の術-Konrankaikeru no Jutsu (Anti Confusion
                    Skill-35 AP).
             Quina-MP10%アップ-MP10%apu (Magic Points 10 % up-50 AP).
             Quina-混乱回避の術-Konrankaikeru no Jutsu (Anti Confusion
                   Skill-25 AP).

Thats it for now, unless I get enough emails about anything else or
any additions/changes.  Thank you for reading my FAQ and email with any
questions (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com).

Copyright Red Scarlet 2000

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