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Translation Guide by Red Scarlet

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 07/19/00

                        Final Fantasy IX

                Menu Screen, Configuration Menu, Basic
                     Battle Commands Translations

                    By Red Scarlet (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com)

Version 1.0 07/10/00-FAQ created.
Version 1.1 7/12/00-Made slight changes.
Version 2.0 7/17/00-Added Basic Battle Commands
Version 2.1 7/19/00-Added Steiner's Commands, and some of Zidane's Trance      


  <Disclaimer> This FAQ is for personal use only.  It cannot be altered without
the consent of the FAQ's owner (me), nor published in any magazines or any
reproduced form.  This FAQ is not meant for sale and is copyright 2000 Red
Scarlet.  If you want to use this FAQ on your Website or page, please email me
for permission (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com).
     This FAQ was created using NJSTAR, and to view it properly, I would
suggest right clicking the page, then choose 'encoding' and choose Japanese
Auto-Select.  That is to view it on a PC with Windows, and since I don't
have a Mac, I have no idea how to do that with them.  So, sorry.


   I just got FF9 today, and have yet to see translations for the Menu
Screen and Config screen, so here they are.


                            Menu Screen

アイテム-Aitemu (Item) Use, organize items.
アビリテイ-Abiriti (Ability) Set and view abilities.
そうび-Soubi (Equip)  Equip weapons, armor, helmets, bracelets, accessories.
ステータス-Sute-tasu (Status) Check the strength, speed, etc. values.
たいけい-Taikei (Formation) Change party order.
カード-Ka-do (Card) View cards collected.
コンフィグ-Konfigu (Config) Change various options.
セーブ-Se-bu (Save) Save game at a save point.


アイテム-Aitemu (Item) Options

つかう-Tsukau (Use) Use items.
せいとん-Seiton Arrange items.  They can either be arranged:
じどうで-Jidoude (Automatically) or じぶんで-Jibunde (Manually).
だいじなもの-Daijinamono 'Rare' or 'Event' items.


ステータス-Sute-tasu (Status) Menu

すばやさ-Subayasa (Speed)
ちから-Chikara (Power)
まりょく-Maryoku (Magic Power)
きりょく-Kiryoku (Will Power)
こうげきりゅおく-Kougekiryoku (Attack Power)
ぼうぎょりょく-Bougyoryoku (Defense Power)
かいひりつ-Kaihiritsu (Evade)
まほうぼうぎょ-Mahoubougyo (Magic Defense)
まほうかいひ-Mahoukaihi (Magic Evade)

    These are the what the words to the right of Attack Power represent.
ぶき-Buki (Weapon) Currently equipped to hand.
あたま-Atama (Head) Helmet equipped.
うで-Ude (Arm) Bracelet; ring equipped.
からだ-Karada (Body) Armor currently equipped.
アクセサリ-Akusesari (Accessory) Accessory currently equipped.


                    コンフィグ-Konfigu (Configuration)

サウンド-Saundo (Sound) ステレオ-Sutereo (Stereo) モノラル-Monoraru (Mono)
コントローラ-Kontoro-ra (Controller) ノーマル-No-maru (Normal)
                                     カスタム-Kasutamu (Custom)
カーソルきおく-Ka-sorukioku (Cursor Memory) しょき-Shoki (Reset)
                                            きおく-Kioku (Memory)
ATB-Active Time Battle  アクテイブ-Akutibu (Active) No waiting for enemies.
                        ウエイト-Ueito (Wait)
バトルカメラ-Batorukamera (Battle Camera) オート-O-to (Auto)
                                          こてい-Kotei (Still)
キャラクタそうさ-Kyarakutasousa (Character Operation)
                 ノーマル-No-maru (Normal-1 player in battles only)
                 カスタム-Kasutamu (Custome-1 or 2 players in battle)
つじょういどう-Tsujouidou (Usual Movement) This only refers to if you use
               the directional pad to move.  If you choose あるく-Aruku
               (Walk), then the default movement will be walking.  If you
               choose ダッシュ-Dashu (Dash), then the default will be
バトルスピード-Batorusupi-do (Battle Speed) おそい-Osoi (Slow)
                                            はやい-Hayai (Fast)
フィールドメッセージ-Fi-rudomese-ji (Field Message) おそい-Osoi (Slow)
                                                    はやい-Hayai (Fast)
HEREアイコン-Here aikon (Here Icon) Turn pointer hovering over your head
             ON or OFF.
ウインドウカラー-Uindoukara- (Window Color) ノーマル-No-maru (Normal Grey)
                                       クラシック-Kurashiku (Classic Blue)
ターゲットウインドウ-Ta-getouindou (Target Window) オート-O-to (Auto)
                       つねにひょうじ-Tsunenihyouji (Always Indicate)
バイブレーション-Baibure-shon (Vibration) ON or OFF


    Due to the very large amount of requests for Battle Commands, I have
decided to add them to this.  I don't have Steiner and Garnet with my
party right now, so I will add what I remember for them right now, and will
add them fully when I get them again.

                         Battle Commands

ジタン-Jitan (Zidane)

たたかう-Tatakau (Fight)  Attack an enemy or companion with equipped weapon.
ぬすむ-Nusumu (Steal) Attempt to take an item from an enemy.
秘技-Higi (Secret Technique) Use Zidane's Action Abilities.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item) Use an item.

    When you choose to ぬすむ-Nusumu (Steal) in a battle, there are three
possible outcomes, 1-Steal an item, 2-Can't steal (failed attempt), and
3-Nothing to Steal! Here is an example of each so you can know what is going
on when you choose steal in a battle.  For this example, the enemy is a
レディーバグ-Rediibagu (Ladybug), a flying blue insect around クエナ-Kuena
(Quena)'s marsh.

目薬をぬすんだ!-Megusuri wo nusunda! (Eyedrop was stolen!) The item you
                 have stolen will always be the very first thing.  Just take
                 off the をぬすんだ! part and that is the item you stole.
ハイポーションをぬすんだ!-Haipooshon wo nusunda! (High Potion was stolen!)
                           As you can see from both of these examples, the
                           'was stolen!' phrase is always the same when you
                           successfully steal.
ぬすめなかった!-Nusumenakatta! (Couldn't Steal!) This means you failed at
                 stealing an item on that attempt, but the enemy IS still
                 carrying an item.  Try again.
テントをぬすんだ!-Tento wo nusunda! (Tent was stolen!)
フェニックスの羽をぬすんだ!-Fenikusu no Hane wo nusunda! (Phoenix Feather     
                               was stolen!)
何も持っていない!-Nanimoterutteinai! (Has nothing!) The enemy has nothing
                   more to steal.

Zidane's Trances-when Zid's Trance Meter fills up, his 秘技-Higi (Secret
Technique) command changes to 専技-Sengi (Specialty Technique).  For each
command that you could use in the Higi box, you can use one of his specialty
techniques.  Here are the ones I have found at this time so far:

フリーエナジー-Furiienajii (Free Energy-10 MP)
タイダルフレイム-Taidarufureimu (Tidal Flame-12 MP)
スクープアウト-Sukuupuauto (Scope Out-14 MP) A big red bolt of energy
               slams into an enemy.
シフトブレイク-Shifutobureiku (Shift Break-16 MP)



たたかう-Tatakau (Fight)
黒魔法-Kuromahou (Black Magic) Cast a Black Magic spell.
ためる-Tameru (Store) Charge up to do more damage with his next spell.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item)

スタイナー-Sutainaa (Steiner)

たたかう-Tatakau (Fight)
剣技-Kengi (Sword Technique) Use Steiner's Action Abilities.
魔法剣-Mahouken (Magic Sword) Vivi must be in the party to use this.
       Vivi will cast a spell on Steiner's sword, giving him an elemental
       attack.  This does NOT take up Vivi's turn.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item)


ガールネト-Gaaruneto (Garnet)

たたかう-Tatakau (Fight)
召喚-Shoukan (Summon) Summon a monster for an attack.
白魔法-Shiromahou (White Magic) Cast a White Magic Spell.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item)


フライヤ-Furaiya (Freiya)

たたかう-Tatakau (Fight)
ジャンプ-Janpu (Jump) Jump off the screen and land on them for high in the
         air to do more damage than a regular attack.
竜技-Ryuugi (Dragon Technique) Use Freiya's Action Abilities.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item)


クイナ-Kuina (Quina)

たべる-Taberu (Eat) Eat a weakened monster to learn a Blue Magic spell.
青魔法-Aomahou (Blue Magic) Use Quina's Blue Magic he has learned from eating
       an enemy.
アイテム-Aitemu (Item)

Thats it for now, unless I get enough emails about anything else or
any additions/changes.  Thank you for reading my FAQ and email with any
questions (akaiscarlet@hotmail.com).

Copyright Red Scarlet 2000

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