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Dagger Challenge Walkthrough by green5un

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 06/16/08

                               FINAL FANTASY IX
                     Dagger Single Character Challenge FAQ
                                 Version 1.11
                          Copyright 2006 by green5un


This FAQ is copyrighted 2006 by green5un, and it is meant for personal use
only. You are not allowed to put this FAQ on your web site, or publish it in
any form of media.

This FAQ can be hosted by GameFAQs only. Do NOT ask me permission to post this
FAQ anywhere else, as I won't grant such a right. There are no exceptions, and
I'll simply ignore mails asking for this kind of permission.


1.12 Again, Corrected a few small mistakes and made some minor changes.
     (16th July 2008)

1.11 Corrected a few small mistakes and made some minor changes. (30th August)

1.10 Corrected some typos and added a lot easier method for leveling up in
     Dali. (27th August 2006)

1.0 First release of this FAQ on GameFAQ's FFIX FAQ page. Contains all basic
    information necessary for beating this challenge. Small improvements will
    still be made. (24th August 2006)


If you have read this FAQ carefully and still have some question about this
challenge, you can send me email. Likewise, if you have corrections or
additions, you can mail me and I'll consider editing this FAQ. If you have
other questions about the normal game, I'm not interested. Post these
questions on GameFAQs's boards, for example.


  3.1 Disk 1
  3.2 Disk 2
  3.3 Disk 3
  3.4 Disk 4
  4.1 White Magic list
  4.2 Summon Magic list
  4.3 Ability list
  4.4 Equipment list


After completing FFIX several times I had to figure out something to do.
Likewise, after several FFIX challenges that already have FAQs on GameFAQs I
again had to concoct something new, and I wrote a FAQ for No Healing/No Money
Challenge (this guide is available at GameFAQs, check it out). And as I never
get bored of FFIX, I then decided to try out some single character challenge.

As I didn't want anything too easy, I decided to test Dagger SCC, and this FAQ
is what I got when making some notes while I played. Even though Dark Locke has
already composed a single character FAQ that surely is very helpful when
completing this challenge, I decided to make a new and more complete one for
Dagger SCC. After all, this surely is the hardest SCC there is for FFIX and
thus, in my opinion, it also deserves an own FAQ.

Enjoy! :)

24th August 2006
Turku, Finland


                                 "I might not be okay on my own."
                                                            - Dagger, Lindblum

Welcome to my Dagger Single Character Challenge FAQ. This FAQ will explain
how to complete FFIX with a single character only, Dagger in this case. The
guide solely focuses on attaining this goal, so if you are searching for some
other information about the game, please look for it elsewhere.

If you have played Final Fantasy I and checked out some FAQs about that game
on GameFAQs, for example, you might know that it's possible to get through the
game with just one White Mage. It's a damn hard challenge, but it's possible.

Likewise, it's very possible to get through Final Fantasy IX by using only
single White Mage, Dagger. If you've played FFI, you should know that when
escaping Alexandria Castle in the beginning of the game in FFIX, Dagger
actually has clothing very similar to that of the White Mage in FFI :)
Dagger Single Character Challenge is not that hard, unlike it's counterpart in
FFI world, but still requires some patience and use of correct strategies.

In the following, odds and ends associated with this challenge will further be


This challenge can be tried out by everyone who has completed FFIX at least
once. This is recommendable since you should be familiar with the basic
concepts when completing this challenge. Newbies may not understand what I'm
talking about in this guide, and I also skip many details in the game that do
not have much significance regarding the completion of this challenge.
Moreover, the more you know about the the game and the better you master every
aspect of it, the easier your quest will become.

Finally, I also want to emphasize this game should be played normally for the
first time just because of the great gaming experience; it's something that
shouldn't be spoiled by trying some challenge immediately.

For all the gamers out there having some experience with FFIX: welcome to try
this challenge! This is probably the hardest Single Character Challenge
available for FFIX, but at the same time, it's a very interesting and rewarding


The idea of this challenge is very simple. In all the fights, everyone except
Dagger has to be killed off, and you have to defeat all the enemies in the game
by using Dagger only. There are three additional points worth noting:

1) Of course, Dagger is not available in all parts of the game. At these points
   of the game, just use your other characters normally.
2) Sometimes, your other characters are healed just before a boss fight. In
   these cases you have to kill them off in the battle as quickly as possible
   and use only Dagger to defeat the boss.
3) There is one boss fight in the game that can't be handled with Dagger only,
   namely the one against Black Waltz #2. More information on how to deal with
   this fight is provided in the respective point in the walkthrough section of
   this guide.

With these essential rules explained, we now move on to discuss some of their
consequences along with Dagger's pros and cons as a single character used.

On the positive side, Dagger can use White Magic and Eidolons. Without these
essential abilities, this challenge wouldn't be possible. Eidolons are a
really powerful and efficient way to defeat enemies and bosses later in the
challenge. Dagger's Trance may also make the Eidolon last used to randomly
attack the enemy. Moreover, Dagger's physical defence can be made pretty high.
Finally, Dagger is just a cool and damn cute character, isn't she? ;)

On the negative side, Dagger has incredibly weak physical attacks, and it's
very hard to level up early in the game. Also, Dagger does not have that high
HP. Fortunately, once you reach Treno, Auto-Reflect can be used. In addition to
the problems above, Dagger's story-driven undependability (after she loses her
voice in Lindblum) can also be a little problematic. In my opinion, however,
these negative things and problems can be overcome quite easily, and this
challenge is not as hard as usually believed by many players.


- Save often, but don't overwrite your previous save or you may regret it
- Keep Dagger in the back row, unless otherwise instructed. There are some rare
  cases Dagger should be kept in the front row to increase her physical attack
  power, but always keep her in the back row otherwise. Also note that there is
  no reason to put Dagger in the front row when she has some Racket equipped,
  since these are long range weapons and do the damage that doesn't depend on
  the row.
- It's essential to always use Boost ability after it becomes available
- Use Auto-Reflect, it's often very useful. However, remember that some bosses
  absorb their own reflected attacks. In these cases, Auto-Reflect is not a
  recommendable ability to use.
- Use Auto-Potion, Chemist and Auto-Regen when these abilities become
  available. This way, you don't have to heal yourself continuously.
- Keep abilities preventing unwanted status effects enabled. You surely don't
  want to get venomed, stopped or petrified, for example.
- Always use best equipment available, and also use equipment reducing,
  guarding or absorbing elemental damage to your advantage. Moreover, use
  Eidolons in combination with element enhancing equipment to further increase
  their damage.


Please note that this FAQ, although giving all the necessary information for
completing Dagger SCC, is still a work in progress. Most notably, some
strategies against the bosses may still be improved and further information
relevant to this quest may be added.

I'm welcoming all the suggestions how to further optimize tactics used in this
guide and how to make this FAQ better. Especially tips from other FAQ writers
and elite players on GameFAQs are very welcome.

It should be especially noted that this FAQ does not strive for optimization
or perfection. It just guides you through the game, but does not explicitly
optimize the equipment used at every point of the game, for example. Most
notably, Chocobo Sidequest is not covered in this FAQ and items acquirable
only this way are ignored, pretty much. This is because I didn't make the
Chocobo Sidequest at all when testing this challenge; it's simply unnecessary,
as it's easy enough to complete this quest without visiting Chocobos Forest
at all. Thus, I didn't acquire Ark in the course of this challenge. I also
don't power up Eidolons to the full power or level Dagger up to level 99.
It's simply unnecessary.

To sum up, this guide is about how to easily complete the game by using only
Dagger in the battles. You may want to do more optimizing, sidequest and other
things like leveling up and powering up Eidolons, and you are free to do it,
of course.

Finally, a brief note on Dagger's name is in order. Dagger, Garnet, Sarah, or
or Princess Garnet Til Alexandros, if you want, has many alternative names. I
prefer Dagger and thus I'm using that name in this guide, even though many
people don't like this name :) Dagger is the default name given by the game,
after all.


The walkthrough section will now guide you through the game. It also includes
the more detailed dicussion on strategies used in this challenge.

= 3.1 DISK 1 =


- When controlling Zidane, light the candle in the middle of the room
- Defeat Masked Man. You can also steal something if you want, but this is not
- Some events and FMV follow. You'll then control Vivi in Alexandria.


- You'll now control Vivi. Collect some items here if you want.
- Especially pick up Ether in Synthesis Shop; Ethers are pretty important in
  this challenge
- Head to the ticket booth, peek in and find the Rat Kid. Then go to the
  steeple and climb up the ladder to let the events roll on.
- In the play, defeat King Leo
- It's recommandable to perform a perfect swordfight with Blank. You will get
  10000 Gil and Moonstone if you succeed. This is not obligatory, but it will
  make your quest a little easier.
- As Steiner, obtain Moonstone from Queen Brahne
- After this, go look for the princess. You can also find all the Pluto Knights
  if you want.
- FMV and some events will follow
- Make your way through the engine room
- In the first fight with Steiner, first loot him, then just attack

The play goes on, and a fight with Steiner ensues.

Boss: Steiner
HP: 167

This is the first time Dagger fights in the game. However, Steiner and Pluto
Knights never attack her. Suicide everyone except Dagger, and you will win

After some events, there is one more fight with Steiner.

Boss: Steiner
HP: 162

Again, suicide everyone else except Dagger, and wait the battle to end.


- As Zidane, just go look for Dagger and defeat two Prison Cages
- You can steal Leather Wrist from the second Prison Cage if you want
- You'll then be back in Prima Vista
- Collect some items and equipment, Ethers are especially important
- Make the storyline advance and defeat Baku


- Make your way through Evil Forest
- You are of course allowed to level your characters up a bit here to make
  some incoming battles easier. It's very recommendable to level up Zidane
  at least to level 5 (this recommended due to a tedious boss battle in Dali;
  you may want to check the appropriate point in this walkthrough for more
- When ready, just move on and fight Plant Brain
- After the fight, run away from the forest and defeat Plant Spiders on your
- A camping scene follows, then you are taken to the World Map
- Head for Ice Cavern
- Now, if you get into a fight, you have to suicide other party members and
  leave only Dagger alive. Fights can be incredibly hard this way as Dagger's
  attack power is really pathetic and she can't use eidolons yet due to her
  low MP.


- Make your way through the Cavern, and collect some items on the way. At least
  Elixir and Ether are worth picking up.
- Save your game at the moogle
- Fight Black Waltz #1 and Sealion
- After the fight, save your game again at the moogle
- Get out of the cavern and save your game
- Continue your journey to Dali


- Here, several events occur
- Go to the Weapon Shop and buy Feather Hat for Dagger
- After watching the ATE 'Queen Brahne's Steiner', exit Dali and save your game
  on the World Map

Now comes the first tedious part of this challenge. The first real boss fight
Dagger participates in is against Black Waltz #2, who has over 1000 HP. As
Dagger usually deals something like whopping 14 HP damage on enemies, it's
self-evident that the fight becomes really tedious.

In fact, there are three approaches to the problem with Black Waltz #2:
1) Just relax the rules of this challenge and fight him normally. Dagger is
   really pathetic at this point of the game anyway.
2) Crazily level up Dagger until she can summon Shiva.
3) Level up Dagger a bit, then fight Black Waltz #2 by using Dagger's physical

Approach number one is advocated by some players. It's true that Dagger is
really pathetic, but I still recommend that you choose some other alternative.
This is not meant to be an easy challenge, after all :)

Approach two is really laborous, but makes the boss battle easy. Leveling up
to the point where Dagger can summon Shiva takes an eternity, however.

Approach three is an interesting one, and the way I chose. I also recommend
that you try this alternative. It won't take as long as the second one, but it
also isn't as lame as the first one ;) And the boss battle will be challenging
using this option.

With the three possible alternatives now presented, leveling up will next be
discussed. In what follows, I will assume you chose the alternative three like
I did, even though you may also choose another one.

In my challenge, I did level up to level 15 by killing Pythons in the World
Map, which is a pretty tedious task to accomplish. However, killing Ghosts in
the Underground Storage Area is a lot easier way to level up. I want to thank
Aqua Black Mage Roscoe for pointing out that this is a lot easier way to level
up than the method I used :)

This being said, just head to the Underground Storage, open the large door
leading to the Mist Room there to enable random encounters and fight some
Ghosts. These enemies are undead, so just kill them using Cure. This is a
very quick way to level up compared to other possibilities. When you run out
of MP, just visit the inn and continue leveling up.

It might be a good idea to level up Dagger at least to level 10 at this point.
The more you level up, the more MP and HP you have, and these are important
resources in this challenge. Even though you probably don't bother to level up
to a level where Shiva becomes available, you need to use Cure when following
the alternative three presented above.

After some leveling up, check that Dagger is at a decent level. Also, Zidane
should be at least at level 5. This way, he should have well over 200 HP,
which is a necessary condition for the following boss fight.

Now, make the following preparations:
- Remove everyone's equipment
- Optimize Zidane's equipment otherwise, but don't use Silk Shirt, as it is
  weak against Fire. Have Zidane wear Leather Plate instead.
- Buy a lot of Potions (99 Potions is not too much)

- Once ready, make your way through the Underground Storage
- Here, just loot all the chests as you advance if you haven't done this yet
- Before the boss fight, be sure to put Dagger in the FRONT ROW and Zidane in
  the BACK ROW. This is very important.

After some scenes, you'll fight Black Waltz #2.

Black Waltz #2
HP: 1030

This will be a really long and tedious fight, if you did choose the alternative
three I recommended. Despite this, I found this battle extremely amusing and
really enjoyed it in a sick way ;)

In this fight, we can't follow the rules for this challenge completely. The
problem is that if Dagger is the only person alive in the battle, Black Waltz
#2 will put her to sleep, ending the battle. This is why you have to keep
Zidane alive during this fight, and this, in turn, is the reason I told you to
give Zidane the best possible equipment. You are not allowed to input any
commands for your supplementary character, you just keep him alive to prevent
Dagger dozing off :)

Black Waltz #2 never targets his attacks on Dagger, which is why Dagger's
equipment is unimportant in this fight. With Zidane's equipment described
above, Black Waltz #2 shouldn't be able to deal significant damage on him.
He should thus be able to survive two attacks without getting healed.

Now, the strategy is as follows. Dagger should attack Black Waltz #2, but
always when Zidane's HP gets low, she should heal Zidane. Remember that Zidane
must not do anything, not even Defend. Heal using Potion if it brings Zidane's
HP well over 200. If Zidane's HP is really low, on the other hand, it is better
to use Cure to fill up his HP. Occasionally, you may have to use Ether.

Just keep alternating between healing and attacking. Be careful and don't take
any risks; keeping Zidane alive is important. This battle will be very long,
but shouldn't be too hard to win.

There are, however, two subtle things in this fight. Once you have dealt enough
damage on Black Waltz #2, he will cast Fira on Zidane. If Zidane doesn't have
well over 100 HP at this point, this attack can easily kill him. I was lucky
and Zidane survived Fira, which caused around 130 damage. Another dangerous
thing is Black Waltz #2's physical Teleport attack. This is not that bad
normally, but a critical hit may occur, and this might kill Zidane. However,
even though Zidane gets killed, this is still far from Game Over. Just keep
reviving Zidane using Phoenix Downs. It's pretty probable that after reviving
Zidane, you'll be able to get another turn before Black Waltz #2 kills Zidane
again. Then just cure Zidane and you are back in business.

Just be patient and you'll defeat this boss eventually.

After this tedious fight, choose to rest in the inn and save your game there.
Then board the Cargo Ship.


- Enjoy the nice scenes here
- Go to the deck and defeat Black Waltz #3
- After the fight, a FMV will be displayed and you are taken to Lindblum


- When you can control Zidane in the castle, go to the Guest Room and loot the
  chests there
- Then let the storyline advance and finally save your game in Lindblum inn
- Now, it's time to collect and buy some equipment in the town
- The following pieces of equipment can be collected in the three Districts:
  Leather Plate, Silver Gloves, Leather Wrist, Bronze Vest, Steepled Hat
- Also synth Glass Buckle, Cotton Robe, Yellow Scarf and Desert Boots
- You may also want to buy or synth some other stuff for Freya, Zidane and
  Vivi, as a part of the game where Dagger is not available will now follow

- Once ready, head to Tantalus's Hideout to make the storyline advance
- Then go to the castle and find Dagger
- The Festival of Hunt will now commence; just do whatever you want, either
  suicide Zidane immediately to speed up the game or play normally
- However, let Freya win the festival to receive Coral Ring
- After this, just head for Dragon's Gate and enter World Map


This part of game has no significance relevant to this challenge whatsoever. I
will not go into any detail about Gizamaluke's Grotto or Burmecia, since Dagger
is not available in these parts of game, and you should very well know how to
complete this phase of game.

However, there are some things that are worth doing, and some items that might
come in handy and should be picked up. These will be listed in what follows:

- If you want, you can start the doing Chocobo sidequest now. This is
  completely optional, and I didn't do this AT ALL during this entire
- Go to Qu's Marsh and make Quina join your party. This will make completing
  this part of the game easier.
- Pick up Magus Hat, Mythril Gloves and Bronze Vest in Gizamluke's Grotto
- Once controlling Steiner at South Gate, pick up Multina Racket, left of the
- In Burmecia, collect Germina's Boots, Mythril Spear and Lightning Staff
- I suggest that you remove your equipment (at least anything Dagger will need)
  before you fight Beatrix in Burmecia. It's easy to defeat her just by using
  Phoenix Downs on dead party members, as she ends the fight after certain

After you defeat Beatrix in Burmecia, Disk 1 is ended.

= 3.1 DISK 2 =


- At Summit Station, purchase Mythril Rod and Air Racket
- Optimize Dagger's equipment

Make the storyline advance, and you'll soon fight Black Waltz #3.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP: 1,292

This is a very easy, yet interesting fight. Black Waltz #3 never attacks
Dagger, and after you suicide Steiner and Marcus, this boss will kill itself by
exploiting <Crack!> attack several times. You can help him in his suicidal
actions by attacking, even though Dagger's attack power is still pathetic.

Some events follow. Move on and you'll be on the World Map. Save your game,
then head to Treno.


- In Treno, you might want to get Power Belt by displaying the ATE 'Treno
  Tradition', entering the big building near the cafe and talking to Four-Armed
- Much more important, however, is to buy Reflect Ring at auction. Reflecting
  is very important in many boss fights, and the only way to deal significant
  damage if Dagger can't summon eidolons yet.
- If you don't have enough money for this, earn more by giving Stellazzios to
  Queen Stella. You can also fight to get more money, but this is tedious. Also
  sell your Phoenix Pinions and needless equipment for some extra money. Yet
  another way to make some money is to purchase Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror,
  Griffin's Heart and Rat Tail and sell them to people in Treno, but these
  items are pretty expensive, too.
- If you still have some extra money, you can spend it in the synthesis shop
  or weapon shop. There isn't anything really important here, though.

- Once ready with shopping, head to the inn to initiate some scenes
- Then make your way to Tot's tower and enter Gargan Roo


- You might want to level up a bit here, Crawlers are not impossible to kill
  with Dagger's physical attack, even though it's a bit tedious. I didn't
  bother to level up here, though.
- Just get the stuff from the chests here and pull the appropriate levers
- Before proceeding to ride the Gargant, equip Reflect Ring and Glass Armlet
  for Dagger, and optimize her equipment otherwise
- Enable Auto-Reflect and Antibody
- Moreover, Cotton Robe and Chemist ability could be useful
- When ready, trigger the last switch on the wall to ride the Gargant

Ralvurahva will then interrupt your ride and you'll have to defeat it.

Boss: Ralvurahva
HP: 2,296

Suicide Marcus and Steiner if they're alive. Due to Auto-Reflect, Ralvurahva
will deal nice damage on itself every time it uses Blizzara. Its physical
attack, Devil's Kiss, is not that bad, especially as you have Antibody enabled.
Ralvurahva can put you to sleep with Night (this is rare), but it doesn't
matter, actually. It can also inflict Slow on you, but this is not that bad,

Just attack, and heal when needed. Remember that you shouldn't cast Cure on
yourself when Auto-Reflect is enabled :) Use Potions instead, or cast Reflect
on Ralvurahva and then cure it to bounce Cure back. This fight takes some time,
but it's really easy.

After some events, the scene will switch to Zidane et co, and you'll be taken
to World Map. Head for Cleyra.


Again, Dagger is not available during this stage of game, so I will again only
summarize the most important things.

- When making your way through Cleyra's Trunk, pick up the items there. Most
  important ones include Mythril Vest, Desert Boots and Magician Shoes
- Also Mythril Gloves, Needle Fork, Ice Staff and Flame Staff should be picked
  up. If you have no use for them, just sell them for some money in Cleyra
- One thing that might come in handy afterwards is Quina's Auto-Life. Learn
  it now by eating Carrion Worm.
- Remember that Elixirs, Ethers, Tents and Phoenix Pinions are useful and
  should be picked up in Cleyra's Trunk and Cleyra Settlement
- Pick up Yellow Scarf and Thunder Gloves in Cleyra Settlement
- Also, you can buy Mage's Hat and Bandana here
- Display two ATEs with Quina: one where Quina's chases Moon Maidens and one
  where Quina finds a mushroom. Then go to Antlion's sandpit, and you'll
  end up in a place with two treasure chests. They contain Magician Shoes
  and Silk Robe. After this, make your way back to Cleyra Settlement.
- You might want to get Emerald from the High Priest when controlling Freya
- Defeat the Antlion, Black Mages and Soldiers and claim some rewards from
  the Cleyrans you have saved
- Remove Quina's equipment before fighting Beatrix if he/she carries anything
- Try to steal Ice Brand from Beatrix when you fight her
- After you beat Beatrix, you'll be taken to Red Rose. Save your game there.

The scene will now switch to Alexandria.


- Make Marcus and Steiner escape from the cage, then defeat the soldiers
- Remember to remove Marcus's equipment once you reach the ladder, you lose
  it otherwise
- Make your way to Queen's Chamber
- Once there, examine the lilac light, then enter the passage and continue down
  the stairs
- Enter the Chapel to find Zorn and Thorn
- Have Zidane steal continuously. Especially steal Stardust Rod from Zorn.
- Remember to neuralize the powers they give to each other and the fight will
  be really easy

After the fight and events, heal your characters and continue up the stairs.
After some events, you'll have your third fight with Beatrix.

- Don't give Freya any good equipment you will need when in Outer Continent,
  since she won't be in your party for a while
- Have Zidane steal continuously. Hopefully, you can steal Survival Vest from

After you beat Beatrix, there will be six forced fights.

- Defeat Bandersnatch with Freya and Beatrix in the first fight
- Once you control Zidane, adjust Dagger's equipment. Equip Reflect Ring for
  Dagger and enable Auto-Reflect. Optimize her equipment otherwise.
- In the second fight against Three Black Mages, suicide Zidane, Vivi and
  Steiner. Then just attack and heal when needed. Black Mages mostly use magic,
  which will be reflected to them, causing nice damage :)
- After this fight, you can equip Coral Ring for Dagger and enable Insomniac
- Also remove Steiner's equipment at this point. Like Freya, Steiner won't be
  available for a while.
- In the third fight, you'll face two Bandersnatches. Just attack and heal,
  Bandersnatches also use magic, so this is not hard :)
- In the fourth fight, you'll face one Bandersnatch. This is even easier.
- The fifth and sixth fights are easy, since you just fight Bandersnatches with
  Beatrix and Freya
- After the battles, go to the Chapel and save your game. Then exit and go to
  south to ride the Gargant.

In Gargan Roo, you'll face Ralvuimago.

Boss: Ralvuimago
HP: 3,352

When Dagger is at level 17 and equipped with Multina Racket, she'll do about
160 damage on Ralvuimago. Attack this boss physically and it will compact
itself. Wait until it unwraps, then attack again. This way, this boss won't be
able to deal any damage on you after its possible initial attack.

After this battle, you'll be taken to Pinnacle Rocks.


- After meeting Ramuh, go to the moogle and save your game
- Find all the manifestations of Ramuh. You'll now receive Peridot and be
  able to summon Ramuh :)
- Also loot the chests here for The Ogre, Mythril Vest and Mythril Armlet


- After some events, you'll be taken to Lindblum
- Move on to meet Minister Artania
- When you are taken back in town, you might want to visit Synthesis Shop and
  Weapon Shop. You can synth Gold Choker, Cachusha, and Barette, for example.
  Barette is important as it teaches you Cura.
- When ready, talk to the man near the fountain
- When you arrive at Dragon's Gate, pick up Bandana behind the platform there

- Go to the world Map and head for Qu's Marsh to meet Quina
- Move on to find the Excavation Site and enter Fossil Roo


- Once in Fossil Roo, optimize your equipment for a boss fight
- Dagger should wear Silk Robe and Reflect Ring
- Enable Auto-Reflect, of course
- A monster will then chase you. Just don't let the swinging axes hit you, and
  you'll be able to avoid the fight with Armodullah.

After some running, you'll fight Lani. You are healed before this battle.

Boss: Lani
HP: 5,708

This fight is amusing and easy. Suicide Zidane, Vivi and Quina at the beginning
of the fight. Lani will use a lot of magic, which reflects back to her, so all
you have to do is wait and heal occasionally. You can also have Dagger cast
Blind on Lani, which will make this fight even easier. Try to keep Dagger's HP
pretty high, however, since Lani also uses Aera, which can't be reflected.

- After the fight, enter Fossil Roo
- Just make your way through the tunnel by riding Gargant and be sure to pick
  up the following items: Fairy Earrings, Lamia's Tiara and Survival Vest

- Once you get out of the Fossil Roo, head to Conde Petie


- Here, buy some new stuff from weapon shop (Magic Armlet, Ritual Hat, Magician
- Also buy Stardust Rod, Multina Racket and Lamia's Tiara. These items are soon
  used for synthing.
- You can get Diamond from the Kirkboat if you want
- After Vivi sees Black Mage, exit Conde Petie and make your way to Black Mage
- Once you are in the forest surrounding Black Mage Village, you might want to
  encounter the friendly Ladybird and gain some AP.
- You can also level up and learn abilities by fighting Zaghnols here. Just
  equip Coral Ring and it will be easy to kill these big beasts.
- It's recommendable to learn e.g. Auto-Potion, Ramuh and Chemist at this point

- After this, enter Black Mage Village


- Go to the weapon shop and purchase Bone Wrist
- After this, synth Madain's Ring and Extension
- Also stock up some Hi-Potions
- Pick up some stuff here and get the storyline roll on
- Before you leave the village, you should get Black Belt from the upper floor
  of the item shop
- When everything's ready, head back to Conde Petie


- Optimize Dagger's equipment
- However, equip Extension for Dagger if she masters Ramuh. If she doesn't,
  have her wear Peridot as an add-on.
- Also enable Auto-Potion and Chemist
- If you don't master Float yet, Dagger should carry Stardust Rod

Boss: Hilgigars
HP: 8,106

Silence Hilgigars at the beginning of the battle to prevent him from using
annoying Curaga. After this, simply keep summoning Ramuh. Use Ethers when
needed. If you enabled Auto-Potion and Chemist, there shouldn't be too much
need for healing. An easy fight.

Adter the battle, continue to the end of Montain Path and you will reach World
Map. Head to Madain Sari.


- Enjoy several events that take place in Madain Sari
- Stock up some Softs, Potions and Magic Tags, then head to Iifa Tree through
  the Mountain Path

- Note that you can kill all enemies easily here. Stropers can be killed
  using Soft, Zombies and Dragozombies can be killed using Life. If you don't
  have Life yet, you can reduce undead enemies' HP to a critical point using
  Phoenix Downs.
- Try to get rid of Zombies swiftly as they may use Roulette, which can kill
  you instantly if you have bad luck
- This is actually a pretty good place to level up a bit. I had Dagger on level
  29 when I got out of Iifa Tree.
- Pick up Healing Rod on your way down
- There will be a forced fight with Zombies and another one with Dracozombie.
  Just defeat them using Life (or summoning Ramuh).
- Once you reach the bottom, pick up Elixir and Brigandine

Then proceed to fight Soulcage.

Boss: Soulcage
HP: 9,765

Have Dagger cast Life on Soulcage for a quick battle.


- Optimize Zidane's equipment for high physical defence and defeat Amarant
- After this and numerous events, head back for Iifa Tree
- Before the forced fight with Mistodons, equip Dagger with some equipment
  carrying Life and Insomniac. Enable Insomniac.
- Use Life on both Mist Monsters for a quick battle
- Dagger will now run away and other party members will fight Mistodon
  * In this fight, have Eiko use Cura on Mistodon
- Find the moogle and save your game
- Run after Dagger and fight some more Mistodons on the way down
- Dagger will now receive Aquamarine, which enables you to summon Leviathan

Some events take place, and Disk 2 is ended.

= 3.1 DISK 3 =


You now control Vivi in Alexandria.

- Stock up some Hi-Potions and other items if needed
- Visit Weapon Shop and Synthesis Shop and check if they have some stuff you
  want to purchase
- You might want to synth e.g. Pearl Rouge and Feather Boots
- When ready, make the plot advance again and watch the long sequence
- In one of the scenes, you'll receive Opal, Topaz and Amethyst from Doctor
  Tot. This enables you to use Shiva, Atomos and Ifrit, respectively :)

Your party will now head to Treno.


- Display the ATE City People to receive Chimera Armlet
- Save your game and start the Card Tournament
- Try to win the tournament; you will receive Rebirth Ring as a prize
- This item will enable you to use Auto-Life ability, which can be useful later
- After the tournament, some events occur, and you'll be taken to Alexandria


- Alexandria is under an attack. As Dagger, command the soldiers as follows to
  receive Angel Earrings:
  * Blutzen and Kohel should gather information
  * Weimar and Haagen should protect the townspeople
  * Breireich and Lando should contact Lindblum to request reinforcements
  * Dojebon and Mullenkedheim should begin the preparations to fire the cannons
- You will now have to fight some Mistodons with Steiner and Beatrix
- After this, a sequence of scenes follows and you'll eventually be taken to


After the events, you'll be in Lindblum.

- When controlling Zidane in the guest room, loot the chest for Egoist's Armlet
  and Elixir
- Go meet the regent, and you'll soon discover that Dagger has lost her voice.
  This starts an annoying period in the game, as Dagger may be unable to
  contcentrate from time to time whilst fighting.
- Go find the potions in the town
- When there, buy some new stuff: Magic Racket, Mantra Band and Dark Hat
- After this, return to the castle to turn Cid into a frog :)

- Board the Blue Narciss and head to Black Mage Village
- After the birth of the baby chocobo, exit the village
- It's recommendable to go to Esto Gaza now and buy Mythril Racket for Dagger
  to increase her attack power
- After this, head to Kiera Desert
- Enter the most northern sandpit, and you'll be in Desert Palace


I'm pretty sure most gamers playing this challenge would just make Dagger go to
the Desert Palace. This is easy, and more natural indeed. I, however, being a
gamer loving little challenges, decided that Valia Pira would be far too easy
to beat, and I thus chose Dagger to go to Oeilvert, where she has to beat Ark
all alone, without using any magic :) This is very easy actually, as you will
soon see.

- You may choose whichever place you want for Dagger, both boss fights will be
  really easy. Ark will take some time to beat, though :)
- After choosing the other party members accompanying Zidane, make your way to
  airship, which will take you to Forgotten Continent
- Make your way to Oeilvert through the canyon. Be careful if you decided to
  take Dagger here. Enemies here are pretty though and you should save often.

- Once in Oeilvert, purchase some new equipment: Judo Uniform and Green Beret
- Also stock up 99 Hi-Potions and some Softs here
- I recommend that you sell your ordinary Potions here if you have any of them,
  leaving only Hi-Potions in your inventory. This way, Auto-Potion becomes more
  effective, which is useful in the following boss fight.
- Then make your way to the Star Display and save your game at the moogle
- You can learn some abilities here by defeating Epitaphs. Simply use Softs on
  them and remember to enable ability up. You must learn Clear Headed at this
  point if you don't master this ability yet.
- Solve the puzzle and collect all the stuff from the chests. Pick up Diamond
  Sword, Power Vest, Shield Armor and Gaia Gear (and also Rising Sun, Elixir
  and Remedy).
- While wandering around in Oeilvert, it's wise to keep Jelly and Locomotion
- Once ready with puzzle, go to the moogle and save your game

In the following, I'll give some tips how to beat Ark easily by using Dagger

- Dagger should have Mythril Racket and Black Belt equipped, optimize her
  equipment otherwise
- Enable Clear Headed, Auto-Potion and Chemist
- Keep Dagger in the back row, damage caused by Rackets doesn't depend on your

Boss: Ark
HP: 20,002

With Mythril Racket and Black Belt equipped, Dagger will deal fairly good
damage on Ark. However, Ark's defence is pretty high. Ark is weak to wind, and
Mythril Racket causes wind elemental damage. Moreover, Black Belt enhances wind
element and also adds strength. And if you have only Hi-Potions (no normal
Potions) in your inventory and have Chemist enabled, you'll get healed for 900
HP each time Ark attacks you. It's not possible to die as long as you don't run
out of Hi-Potions.

The only problem about this fight is Daggers occasional inability to
concentrate. This is annoying, but just keep attacking and you'll defeat Ark
eventually. This will be a long but really easy fight. You could actually tape
the X button down and go do something else for a while ;)

- After you have beaten Ark, you'll receive Pumice Piece which carries Dagger's
  important Boost ability :)
- Remove the equipment from your characters in Oeilvert, so that the other
  party members in Desert Palace can use it

The scene will now switch back to Desert Palace.

- As Cid, play the minigame (put the weights B, C and D on the scale)
- After this, save your game in the room to the right
- Make your way through the Desert Palace, collecting the following items:
  Black Hood, N-Kai Armlet, Venetia Shield, Anklet, Fairy Earrings, Promist
- If you have Dagger here, make sure you are protected from several status
  effects the enemies can inflict on you
- Once you reach the moogle, save your game

After this, proceed to fight Valia Pira. If you have Dagger here, follow the
strategy above.

- Do not equip anything you found in the Desert Palace
- Equip Reflect Ring for Dagger and enable Auto-Reflect

Boss: Valia Pira
HP: 12,119

Valia Pira only uses Reflect and magic, and all his spells will be reflected.
Moreover, he's weak to water, so if you master Leviathan, use it. You can also
use some other eidolon, but there's no real need for this. You can just wait
and watch as this pathetic boss finishes himself.

- Exit this area and some scenes will follow
- After this, head to Esto Gaza


- Enter Esto Gaza, and go to the Weapon Shop
- You can buy Asura's Rod for Dagger here
- Also stock up a good amount of Hi-Potions
- Once in Mount Gulug, you can pick up Golden Hairpin, Red Hat and Demon's
- Collecting Gaia Gear might not be worth it, as you already have it and you
  have to fight two Red Dragons after you get this item
- After collecting items, save your game and then slide down the rope
- Equip Magus Hat for Dagger, and optimize her equipment otherwise
- Have Dagger wear Opal as an add-on if you don't master Shiva. If you do,
  equip Pumice Piece for Dagger and enable Boost ability.
- You'll now fight two Red Dragons
- At the beginning of the battle, you might want to use Tents on Red Dragons
  to inflict Silence, Poison and Darkness on them
- Red Dragons are weak to ice, use Shiva
- These dragons give Dagger some really nice EXP; I had her at level 34 after
  this fight

- Now, adjust Dagger's equipment before the incoming boss fight
- Equip Topaz as an add-on for Dagger if you don't master Ifrit yet
- Also have Dagger wear Red Hat
- Enable Auto-Potion, Chemist and Antibody

Boss: Meltigemini
HP: 24,348

Have Dagger use Ifrit continuously if she masters it, as Meltigemini is weak to
Fire. Otherwise, use some other eidolons. This fight is ridiculously easy with
Auto-Potion and Chemist abilities equipped.

- A long sequence of events now follows
- In a scene, Beatrix will give you Garnet. This item contains Bahamut summon.
  You are already starting to have a quite nice collection of summon magic :)
- You'll eventually control Hilda Garde 3


Before you go to Ipsen's Castle, there are some things you can do, as you
are now able to move easily from one place to another using Hilda Garde 3.
In the following, I'll list some important things you should do:

1) Daguerreo
   - Go to Daguerreo, which is located in Salvago Archipelago
   - Here, pick up two Elixirs
   - Purchase Jade Armlet and Gaia Gear and synth White Robe, which gives
     Dagger really nice defence against physical attacks

2) Treno
  - Purchase Dark Matter at auction in Treno
  - This item contains Odin summon, which causes instant death to the target
    if it hits
  - The success rate of death is not too good, but death is not the thing we
    are after here. Later on, when we are able to use Odin's Sword ability,
    Odin will be able to deal significant damage on enemies and it will be
    our main attack against the tough bosses at the end of the game.

3) Leveling up
  - After you have acquired Dark Matter, you can level up by killing Grand
    Dragons in Salvago Archipelago
  - Enable Level Up
  - With Auto-Reflect and Auto-Potion enabled, only Hi-Potions in the inventory
    and equiment giving high physical defense, Grand Dragons virtually can't
    kill you
  - Grand Dragons are weak to ice, so you can use Shiva to deal nice damage on
  - You can also test Odin, but the success rate seems to be pretty slow when
    trying to kill Grand Dragons
  - Remember to enable Ability Up and learn some skills when leveling up
  - I leveled up to level 50 at this point

4) Learn some useful skills
  - You should learn some useful skills at this point
  - Just fight some weak enemies to receive some easy AP
  - Also encounter friendly monsters to get lot of AP
  - Learn all the abilities available you don't master yet
    * It's very important in this challenge to master several different
      eidolons, as Dagger will have a nice collection of different elemental
      attacks this way
    * Moreover, learn all the white magic available at this point
    * Learn abilities preventing unwanted status affects, e.g. Jelly,
      Locomotion and Insomniac
    * Learn Auto-Reflect, Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, MP+20%, Reflect-Null and

After completing these tasks, head to Ipsen's Castle.


- Go to the moogle and save your game, then move on
- Before going to the room with mirrors solve the door puzzle to get Barette on
  the terrace above the entrance
- Then make your way to the room where the mirrors are and pick them up
- Then prepare Dagger for a boss battle
- Equip Reflect Ring, optimize Dagger's equipment otherwise
- Enable Auto-Reflect, Auto-Potion and Chemist

Once you return back from the wall, you'll have to fight Taharka, who seems not
to be too happy about the fact that you stole the mirrors.

Boss: Taharka
HP: 29,186

Taharka is weak against Fire, just summon Ifrit continuously to beat this boss.
An extremely easy battle.

- Return to the moogle and save your game. Then exit the castle.
- Amarant is missing. Return to the castle to find him.
- It might be a good idea to level up Zidane a bit, as the incoming boss
  battle might be hard at a too low level. I leveled up Zidane to level 25 by
  fighting Agares and Gargoyle. This is easy: just enable Auto-Reflect, kill
  Gargoyle using Soft, and then wait Agares to kill itself with the spells
  bouncing back to it.
- Now go and pick up Ancient Aroma in Ipsen's Castle. This item contains
  Odin's Sword ability, which causes Odin to deal damage on the enemy if the
  instant death first fails. Odins attack power is high, so this is a very
  good way to deal significant damage on enemies.
- Ancient Aroma can be obtained by taking the new stairs that have now
  appeared at the entrance of the castle. Just follow the path and take the
  elevator down to a room with two pots. Moving the pots counterclockwise will
  enable you to get Ancient Aroma.
- You might also want to pick up Maiden's Prayer. This item can be obtained
  by falling down the trap near the moogle. It's in the chest on a candelier.


Take your characters to the four shrines. Even though this is not relevant to
this challenge, I'll make some suggestions how to make beating the next boss
easier. Earth Guardian is the last boss in the game whom you can not fight
with Dagger in your party.

- Have Zidane wear Reflect Ring and enable Auto-Reflect and Distract
- Zidane should also have Gaia Gear equipped
- Have Quina wear Feather Boots or Gaia Gear if you have another one
- Equip some equipment reducing or guarding elemental damage if possible
- If you have extra money, you might want to buy some better sword for Zidane,
  but this is not really necessary
- Zidane might get killed in the front row, so consider putting him in the
  back row

Enter the Earth Shrine. After scenes, you'll fight Earth Guardian.
- This fight might give you some trouble if you are at a low level
- However, if you leveled up Zidane a bit in Ipsen's Castle like I recommended,
  this fight shouldn't be too difficult
- Quina probably dies easily in this fight, but that doesn't matter
- If Zidane's in back row, Earth Guardian can't kill him if you use Hi-Potion
  every time he has used his physical attack
- With Distract equipped, his physical attacks miss very often
- Just wait him to cast some elemental magic that bounces back to him
- Aslo try to steal Rubber Suit from this boss

After finishing Earth Guardian, it's time to had to Shimmering Island and enter
Terra. Before you do this, however, save your game. Also adjust Steiner's
equipment before going to Terra. Have him wear Coral Ring as an add-on,
optimize otherwise.


- Once prompted to choose your party, choose a party which includes Dagger, of
- Enemies here are though and might give you some trouble (especially Hecteyes
  can be annoying as it can instantly kill you with it's Roulette attack, so
  have Auto-Life equipped)
- Odin is probably the most efficient way to defeat them
- Just try to avoid encounters and you should be able to make it to Bran Bal
- On the way there, collect some items: Mythril Racket, Coronet, Dragon Wrist,
  Demon's Vest, Minerva's Plate
- NOTE: Before you reach Bran Bal, adjust Dagger's equipment: she should wear
  Feather Boots and Barette; optimize her equipment otherwise. Enable
  Auto-Potion, Chemist and Boost.
- There will be a forced fight, and you won't have a chance to change Dagger's
  equipment before it anymore


- Pick up some stuff here: collect Flash Hat, Angel Earrings, two Elixirs and
  Wing Edge
- Make the storyline advance. Zidane will now go meet Garland.
- Optimize equipment for Quina, Freya and Amarant but don't make them wear
  Reflect Ring


- Check Zidane's equipment. Equip Reflect Ring for him and enable Auto-Reflect.
- There will be several scenes, and then you'll have three forced fights
- Note that the monsters' HP is recovered every time an ally joins the fight

1) Amdusias (10,926 HP)
- This fight requires some luck if your characters are not on high levels
- If Zidane's level is not too high, you might want to change him in the back 
  row at the beginning of the battle (the game automatically puts you in the
  front row for some weird reason)
- Wait until Freya appears, have Zidane attack and Freya jump
- Heal Zidane with Hi-Potion if he is attacked physically
- Amarant will soon appear (after you have caused about 6000 damage), have him
  throw Wing Edge
- Zidane should still attack and Freya jump
- Hopefully, Amdusias will use several Bios on Zidane and often miss with his
  physical attacks and you'll be able to finish him

2) Abadon (10,926 HP)
- Likewise, luck is needed here if Steiner and Quina are at low levels
- Have Quina cast Auto-Life continuously and pray that Abadon doesn't use High
  Wind too often
- Hopefully, he'll use Thundaga on Steiner and this attack will be absorbed
- When Zidane finally appears, change him in the back row
- Then have Zidane and Steiner attack
- Quina should also attack and cast Auto-Life when necessary

3) Shell Dragon (10,921 HP)
- Wait until Dagger appears and suicide Zidane
- Use Odin continuously for a quick battle
- Shell Dragon's Earth Shake will heal you, and you also have Auto-Potion and
  Chemist enabled, so this should be a really easy fight

After fights, a scene occurs.

- Save your game at the moogle
- Head right first to get Holy Mitre, then go back, get past the room with
  several pods and proceed to solve the maze
- Items you might want to pick up here are Elixir and Battle Boots
- Also go get the chest contaning 20,007 Gil if you want, but remember enemies
  can be pretty tough here and you can't, of course, have other characters
  then Dagger in the fights when cmopleting the the puzzle
- Save your game when you reach a moogle

Now prepare for three consecutive boss fights.

- It's not necessarily wise to equip Auto-Reflect: this actually elicits Kuja's
  Flare Star attack, something we surely don't want
- Have Dagger wear Coronet, Coral Ring and White Robe
- Remember to keep Boost, Chemist and Auto-Potion enabled
- Enable Odin's Sword and also Auto-Regen if you want
- Also enable Locomotion to prevent Garland's Stop

After this, move on to fight the bosses. Don't worry, you'll see that all three
bosses are real pushovers, after all :)

Boss: Silver Dragon
HP: 24,055

An easy fight. Coronet will guard Wind, which means Aerial Slash and Twister
are useless against you. Shockwave is a weak attack, and Claw misses really
often. Just use Odin until the boss is finished. Use Ethers to recover your MP
if necessary.

Boss: Garland
HP: 40,728

Garland has pretty powerful Flare attack, but with Chemist, Auto-Potion and
Auto-Regen enabled, this shouldn't be nothing to worry about. Just keep
summoning and he'll go down eventually. I used Odin continuously to beat him.
An easy fight, which requires nothing but a few Ethers and Hi-Potions :)

Boss: Kuja
HP: 42,382

Kuja's main attack is Thundaga, which will be absorbed by Coral Ring, which
makes this fight really easy. Just use Odin over and over to take him down.

Once you defeat Kuja, several scenes occur. Disk 3 will then be ended.

= 3.1 DISK 4 =


Congratulations, you've reached the point in this challenge where only the
completion of the final dungeon, Memoria, is left. When testing this challenge,
I was actually surprised how easy it had been until now. However, some enemies
and bosses in Memoria are pretty tough, and it's important to get well prepared
before the final showdown.

In the following, I'll list some things you should to accomplish before the
final battles.

1) Buy some items
   - Complete your item collection: buy all the necessary items you don't
     have yet
   - Buy Power Wrist from Daguerreo
   - Synth Running Shoes in Black Mage Village
   - Also synth Light Robe, Circlet and Golden Skullcap
   - Obtain Rosetta Ring and Robe of Lords by bringing 12 Stellazzios to Queen
     Stella in Treno
   - Buy Wizard Rod and synth Priest's Racket in Black Mage Village

2) Learn all the skills you think you'll need
   - Learn all the skills provided by the new equipment you just bought as
     you level up (see below)
   - Especially learn Half-MP, Auto-Haste and Curaga
   - Also learn all the skills you've been too lazy to learn at the earlier
     stages of the challenge ;)

3) Level Up
   - Leveling up is necessary at this point. This takes much time, but it's
     worth it.
   - It's especially important at this point to make Dagger's Magic and Spirit
     stats to increase
   - Our goal is to make Odin's Sword to cause 9999 damage on most bosses
   - I leveled up Dagger to level 78
   - I used Grand Dragons to level up. Yans or other random monsters at the
     World Map would be another alternative, but I personally prefer fighting
     Grand Dragons.
   - Killing Grand Dragons is really easy now. Odin's Sword already deals well
     over 7000 damage with Boost equipped when Dagger's around at level 55.

4) Power up Eidolons (optional)
   - Along with leveling up Dagger, there's another way to power up eidolons
   - Gems power up eidolons. Aquamarines power up Leviathan, Amethysts power up
     Atomos, Garnets power up Bahamut, Lapis Lazulis power up Ark, Opals power
     up Shiva, Peridots power up Ramuh, Topazes power up Ifrit.
   - Each gem you have in your inventory adds 1 to the attack power of
     respective eidolon
   - You can collect some Ores by killing certain enemies and synth gems using
     them, but don't get too crazy with this. If you level up considerably
     Odin's Sword will surely do 9999 damage at some point and other eidolons
     need not to be powered up.
   - Another alternative, of course, is to get 99 Garnets, after which Bahamut
     will do 9999 damage for sure, but this requires lot of patience.
   - Odin is a weird exception: having Ores in your inventory DECREASES Odin's
     Sword's power while it increases chance of Death caused by Odin. Bosses
     won't be killed by Odin anyway, so be sure NOT to have any Ores in your
     inventory while engaging in the final fights.
   - More interesting info about attack powers and formulas associated with
     Eidolons can be found in Rebirth Flame's Battle Mechanics FAQ
   - Like I said, powering up eidolons this way is totally optional. The fact
     this can be done is more like an interesting curiosity than an obligatory
     task to accomplish.

5) Complete Chocobo Sidequest (optional)
   - By all means, if you want, feel free to complete Chocobo Sidequest at
     this point
   - As I've said earlier, I did not complete Chocobo Sidequest, as it really
     isn't necessary for the completion of this challenge
   - The only thing that would interest me about this is the chance to fight
     Ozma. Indeed, I might add info about this fight to the future updates of
     this FAQ, if I decide to try to best Ozma :)

Alright, when you are ready with the things above, there's nothing left but
some final preparations:
- Stock up 99 Hi-Potions
- Also purchase good amount of Tents and some items negating unwanted status
- Buy some Vaccines and Echo Screens if you think you need to synth more
  Ethers in Memoria
- Make sure you don't have any Ores in your inventory, they will just weaken
  Odin's Sword
- Finally, make sure you are not at a level divisible by 5. Lich and Deathguise
  will use LV5 Death and you probably want to avoid getting killed by this
- After these preparations and checks, just make your way to Iifa Tree

Before you enter Iifa Tree, prepare for a boss fight.
- Have Dagger wear Ribbon and Robe of Lords, and carry Magic Racket. Optimize
  her equipment otherwise.
- Enable Auto-Potion, Chemist and Auto-Regen
- Also enable Boost, Odin's Sword and Auto-Haste

You'll now have to fight the gatekeeper dragon of Memoria.

Boss: Nova Dragon
HP: 54,940

Aerial Slash, Tidal Wave and Twister are useless against you due to the
protection provided by Ribbon. Nova Dragon's other attacks can't kill you due
to your Auto-Potion ability. Just use Odin (or Bahamut) continuously to defeat
this boss. I mostly made the full 9999 damage with this eidolon :) A really
easy fight once again.


- Save your game at the first save point
- It's recommendable to keep Auto-Potion, Auto-Reflect, Odin's Sword, Chemist,
  Locomotion, Body Temp and Antibody enabled in Memoria always when it's
  possible to run into random encounters

- The first boss you'll fight here is Maliris
- Enable Body Temp, Auto-Potion, Auto-Regen, Chemist, Odin's Sword, Boost and
- Have Dagger carry Magic Racket, Rosetta Ring and Robe of Lords, optimize

Boss: Maliris
HP: 59,497

Rosetta Ring will absorb Flame Slash, and Sword Quiver is not a big deal.
Reflect and Mustard Bomb are totally useless. Maliris has a final attack,
Raining Swords, but due to Auto-Potion and Auto-Regen, your HP is full when
the attack occurs, so it doesn't matter at all. You know what to do: simply use
Odin :)

- Save your game at the hidden savepoint, then move on to fight Tiamat
- Enable Loudmouth, Body Temp, Auto-Potion, Chemist, Odin's Sword, Boost and
- Equip Magic Racket, Robe of Lords and Ribbon for Dagger

Boss: Tiamat
HP: 59,494

Tiamat's Jet Fire and Silent Claw are not a big deal since you are protected
against Heat and Silence. Twister doesn't affect you at all, and Float is
bounced back due to Auto-Reflect. Tiamat won't use Snort because you are never
in Float status and his Absorb MP is pretty useless (it always absorbed 0 MP
when I fought him). So, sounds good, doesn't it? Wrong.

Tiamat also has two other annoying absorb attacks. Absorb Strenght weakens your
physical defence, so if Tiamat uses this several times and then uses Jet Fire
or Silent Claw, you'll be finished. Absorb magic, on the other hand, seems to
cut the damage made by Odin to half every time it's used.

Just pray that Tiamat won't use Absorb Strenght too many times and that you can
get in at least four Odins before he uses Absorb Magic. This fight requires
some luck, but other than that, it's very easy. Just keep using Odin and the
boss will go down.

- After the fight, just move on to the next save point. It's a long way there,
  hopefully you won't run into too many random encounters on the way.
- After using Tent and saving, you may fight an optional boss, Hades
- Furthermore, one more easy boss fight is always fun :)

- Enable Body Temp and Clear Headed
- Also enable Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Chemist, Auto-Regen, Boost and Odin's
- Have Dagger wear Robe of Lords, carry Magic Racket and use Pumice Piece as an

Optional boss: Hades
HP: 55,535

Hades wastes numerous turns by using Mustard Bomb, Freeze, Reflect, and
powering his Sword. Curse is no big deal as you are protected against the worst
status effects it causes. Mini status doesn't affect Odin's performance at all.
Pumice Piece absorbs Doomsday and if Hades decides to use Judgement Sword,
you'll be totally healed due to Auto-Potion and additional HP produced by
Auto-Regen during Odin's long animation :) Finally, Cleave attack is not big
deal. All in all, this is a very easy boss fight.

- If you happen to have two Pumice Pieces, by all means, synth Pumice to get
  Ark. In this case, just use Ark all the way from now on. I, however,
  completed this challenge without too much difficulties by using Odin.
- Return to the save point, negate possible unwanted status effects you've got
  and use Tent. Then save your game.
- Move on to fight Kraken

- Enable Body Temp
- Enable Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Chemist, Auto-Regen, Boost and Odin's Sword
- Equip Magic Racket, Robe of Lords and Ribbon for Dagger

Boss: Kraken
HP: 59,496 (+ 18,169 / tentacle)

Ribbon absorbs Kraken's Waterga and his physical attacks are useless due to
Auto-Potion. Body Temps guards Kraken's Freeze attack. Simply use Odin.
Goodbye, Kraken! :)

- Proceed to the next savepoint, use Tent and save your game
- Then make your way to the point where you face Lich

- Enable Antibody
- Enable Auto-Reflect and Auto-Life
- Also enable Auto-Potion, Odin's Sword and Boost
- What comes to equipment, I just maximized it for good magic stat (even though
  I still had to attack seven times as Odin didn't cause full damage)

Boss: Lich
HP: 58,554

To start our analysis, Lich's Stop and Death are useless as they will be
reflected back to him. Venom Powder is likewise useless, and so are Earthquake
and Earth Shake, due to Auto-Potion ability. LV5 Death won't hit you either.

On the negative side, Lich has two attacks that will kill you if they hit,
and they usually do. Doom and Death Cutter will both inflict Doom on you,
which means pretty swift death for Dagger.

Continuously summon Odin, and pray that Lich won't use Death Cutter or Doom.
And if he uses them, pray that they miss. If Lich kills Dagger, she is brough
back by Auto-Life. Just keep summoning Odin.

This battle requires some luck and probably several tries, but it's very
possible that Lich only uses Doom or Death Cutter once, or better yet, doesn't
use them at all. For example, in my victorious battle, Lich did this sequence:
LV5 Death, Stop, Death, Earth Shake, Doom (miss), Earthquake, LV5 Death.

- Save your game at the hidden savepoint after you have beaten Lich and use
  Tent to recover your MP
- Then make your way through space to arrive in the Crystal World


- Move on to reach next savepoint and save your game. The final battles
  await :)

Prepare to beat Deathguise.
- Enable Auto-Reflect
- Enable Auto-Potion, Auto-Regen, Chemist, Odin's Sword and Boost
- Optimize Dagger's equipment to give her a good magic stat

Boss: Deathguise
HP: 55,535

Fortunately, this aerial beast doesn't use Doom, and his LV5 Death and Death
attacks are useless. He also wastes turns by opening and closing. Twister will
be absorbed by Ribbon, and Demon's Claw and Spin are pretty useless due to your
Auto-Potion ability. Still, this fight might require some tries because of
Deathguise's annoying initial attack, Meteor, which may easily kill you at
once. You could enable Auto-Life to prevent this, but that's not really
necessary. Oh, and the strategy: how about using Odin?

After this fight, go back to the savepoint, use Tent and save your game.

Then prepare to fight Trance Kuja.
- Enable Auto-Haste
- Enable Auto-Potion, Auto-Regen, Chemist, Odin's Sword and Boost
- Optimize Dagger's equipment for a good magic stat but have her wear Pumice
  Piece as an add-on (absorbs Holy)
- Don't use Auto-Reflect; this will just incite Kuja to use Flare Star

Boss: Trance Kuja
HP: 55,535

This battle is easy in the beginning, but when you have dealt enough damage on
Kuja, he starts counterattacking with Flare Star, and if he uses Flare and
Flare Star in succession and Flare hits you hard, you might be in trouble.
Hopefully, Kuja will just use lot of Holy and you'll be able to survive. You
are healed completely every time you use Odin due to Auto-Regen and long
animation :)

Simply keep using Odin. Kuja will probably give you a break at some point by
using Reflect, and he also uses Curaga at the end of the battle. This is a
pretty easy fight, after all.

After the fight is over, you'll be taken to the Hill of Despair, where you will
face the final boss, Necron.

- There are surely as many theories about good equipment and abilities to use
  in this fight as there are gamers :)
- In the following are my adjustments, using which I easily defeated Necron on
  my first try
- Once again, I simply optimized my equipment to give the best possible magic
- Enable Boost and Odin's Sword, of course
- Also enable Auto-Regen. This is a risk, as Necron may inflict Zombie on you.
  But then again, Auto-Regen is damn helpful, and as we enable it, we don't
  really need Auto-Potion or Chemist at all.
- Enable Auto-Haste
- Enable Locomotion, Jelly, Body Temp and Clear Headed to prevent some of the
  worst status effects

Boss: Necron
HP: 54,100

Alright, it's time to teach the Darkness of Eternity what Zantetsuken means :)

Necron often starts by using pretty harmless attacks like some elemental magic
and Blue Shockwave, but sooner or later he'll surely launch his nasty Grand
Cross attack, which may inflict any possible status effect on you. It's time
to say a little prayer beseeching that this attack will not inflict Death on
you, since it's game over if this happens. Zombie Status will probably kill
you, too, as it causes Auto-Regen to damage you. If you get silenced, use Echo

Grand Cross is usually followed by the physical Neutron Ring attack. This is
not a big deal, however, since the animation of Grand Cross is so long that
you'll always be healed during it. After this, Necron will ALWAYS use Blue
Shockwave three times in a row, which gives you good time to attack him if
you survived Grand Cross.

To sum up, if you survive Grand Cross, you'll probably survive the entire
fight. With a little bit of luck, this fight is not hard to win. I wish you
good luck in this final challenge! :)

Congratulations, you've beaten the Dagger Single Character Challenge, and it
wasn't even that hard after all, was it? :)


This section includes some useful lists. It contains a list of all White Magic
Dagger can use along with descriptions of each spell, a list of all Dagger's
Summon Magic, and a list of abilities that can be used as a checklist when
learning abilities. Finally, there is a list of all equipment Dagger can use,
in which the whereabouts and abilities associated with every piece of equipment
are also mentioned.


Below, all white magic that can be used by Dagger in the game is listed.

  MP: 6
  Use: Makes the character or enemy with Berserk attack enemy uncontrollably.

  MP: 6
  Use: Inflicts Darkness on the target, reducing the accuracy of physical

  MP: 8
  Use: Makes the target attack uncontrollably and randomly, even on itself.

  MP: 10
  Use: Recovers some HP. More efficient than Cure.

  MP: 22
  Use: Recovers HP. More efficient than Cura.

  MP: 6
  Use: Recovers some HP.

  MP: 8
  Use: Causes Float status. Earth elemetal spells won't affect you when you
       float, but you become weak against wind elemental attacks.

  MP: 8
  Use: The only way Life should be used in this challenge is to defeat some
       undead monster, like Mistodons and Soulcage.

  MP: 8
  Use: Makes your opponent shrink so that its attacks became weaker.

  MP: 4
  Use: Negates Poison or Venom.

  MP: 6
  Use: Reduces the damage you receive from physical attacks.

  MP: 6
  Use: Reflects the magic back to the caster. All magic can't be reflected.

  MP: 4
  Use: Reveals some information about your enemy.

  MP: 6
  Use: Reduces the damage you receive from magic.

  MP: 8
  Use: Silenced enemy won't be able to use magic.

  MP: 8
  Use: Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify


Eidolons used by Dagger are listed in what follows, along with their MP costs
and elements. Morever, the base values for attack powers of Eidolons are also

  MP: 80
  Element: Shadow
  Atk: 106

  MP: 38
  Element: Shadow
  Atk: 30

  MP: 56
  Element: Non-elemental
  Atk: 88

   MP: 26
   Element: Fire
   Atk: 42

   MP: 42
   Element: Water
   Atk: 59

  MP: 28
  Element: Non-elemental
  Atk: 145

  MP: 22
  Element: Thunder
  Atk: 32

  MP: 24
  Element: Ice
  Atk: 36


This section lists all the equipable abilities Dagger can learn. Use it as a
checklist. To find out how you can learn ability in question, check the
equipment list in the folowing subsection. Just use quick search (Ctrl+F) to
find the name of the ability in question.

Auto-Reflect            Auto-Float
Auto-Haste              Auto-Regen
Auto-Life               MP+20%
Healer                  Chemist
Reflect-Null            Concentrate
Half MP                 High Tide
Body Temp               Level Up
Ability Up              Insomniac
Antibody                Loudmouth
Jelly                   Auto-Potion
Locomotion              Clear Headed
Boost                   Odin's Sword


Here, all the equipment that can be used by Dagger during the game is listed.
The abilities Dagger can learn from the items are also listed. Moreover, the
recommendable point in the game where the item in question should be obtained
is mentioned in the list below.


Air Racket
  Abilities: Panacea, Scan
  Whereabouts: Can be bought at Summit Station

Asura's Rod
  Abilities: Confuse, Mini, Silence
  Whereabouts: Can be bought in Esto Gaza (after going to Desert Palace)

Healing Rod
  Abilities: Cura, Healer, Life
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Iifa Tree

Magic Racket
  Abilities: Berserk, Cure, Mini
  Whereabouts: Buy in Lindblum (Disk 3)

Mythril Racket
  Abilities: Protect, Reflect, Shell
  Whereabouts: Can be bought in Esto Gaza (before going to Desert Palace)

Mythril Rod
  Abilities: Life, Shell, Silence
  Whereabouts: Can be bought at Summit Station

Multina Racket
  Abilities: Blind, Shell, Stona
  Whereabouts: Can be found at South Gate

Priest's Racket
  Abilities: Silence
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)

  Abilities: Cure, Panacea, Protect
  Whereabouts: Dagger has this initially

Stardust Rod
  Abilities: Ability Up, Float, Reflect
  Whereabouts: Steal from Zorn

Tiger Racket
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: The Dive Spot below Quan's Dwelling

Whale Whisker
  Abilities: Curaga, Life
  Whereabouts: Part of Chocograph 18 (Ocean)

Wizard Rod
  Abilities: Curaga, Protect, Shell
  Whereabouts: Can be purchased in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)


Adaman Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Can be bought in Bran Bal

  Abilities: Insomniac
  Whereabouts: Buy in Treno

Black Hood
  Abilities: Locomotion
  Whereabouts: Found in Desert Palace

  Abilities: Clear Headed, Jelly
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed at the Black Mage Village

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy from Daguerreo

Dark Hat
  Abilities: High Tide, Jelly
  Whereabouts: Can be bought from Lindblum (Disk 3)

Feather Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Purchase from Dali

Flash Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy in Bran Bal

Golden Hairpin
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, Loudmouth
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Mount Gulug

Golden Skullcap
  Abilities: Locomotion
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Black Mage Village

Green Beret
  Abilities: Ability Up, Clear Headed
  Whereabouts: Buy in Oeilvert

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Purchase in Lindblum (Disk 1)

Holy Mitre
  Abilities: Bosy Temp, Insomniac
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Pandemonium

Lamia's Tiara
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Confuse, Float
  Whereabouts: Avaialble in Fossil Roo

Leather Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Initially equippeed to Zidane and Vivi

Mage's Hat
  Abilities: Loudmouth
  Whereabouts: Buy in Cleyra

Magus Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Acquirable in Gizamaluke's Grotto

Mantra Band
  Abilities: Antibody
  Whereabouts: Can be purchased in Lindblum

Red Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Mount Gulug

Ritual Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy in Conde Petie

Steepled Hat
  Abilities: Protect
  Whereabouts: Pick up or buy in Lindblum

Straw Hat
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: The Dive Spot between Mist Continent and Outer Continent

Twist Headband
  Abilities: Add Status
  Whereabouts: Buy in Alexandria (Disk 3)


Bone Wrist
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy in Treno (Disk 2)

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)

Chimera Armlet
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Acquired while displaying the ATE City People in Treno (Disk 3)

Dragon Wrist
  Abilities: Jelly
  Whereabouts: Can be found in Terra

Egoist's Armlet
  Abilities: Level Up
  Whereabouts: Available in Lindblum Grand Castle (Disk 3) 

Glass Armlet
  Abilities: Antibody
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Lindblum Grand Castle (Disk 1) 

Jade Armlet
  Abilities: Body Temp, High Tide
  Whereabouts: Purchase in Esto Gaza (After going to Desert Palace)

Leather Wrist
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Steal from Prison Cage or pick up in Ice Cavern

Magic Armlet
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Silence
  Whereabouts: Can be bought in Conde Petie

Mythril Armlet
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy in Cleyra

N-Kai Armlet
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Available in Desert Palace

Pearl Armlet
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: The Dive Spot between Mist Continent and Outer Continent

Power Wrist
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Purchase in Daguerreo (Disk 4)

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Initially equipped to Zidane and acquirable in Prima Vista


Adaman Vest
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy at Dragon's Gate (Disk 2) or in Conde Petie

Aloha T-Shirt
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: The Dive Spot between Mist Continent and Outer Continent

Bronze Vest
  Abilities: Jelly
  Whereabouts: Available in Lindblum (Disk 1)

Cotton Robe
  Abilities: Chemist, Shell
  Whereabouts: Synth in Lindblum

Dark Gear
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Jelly
  Whereabouts: Purchase in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)

Demon's Vest
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Locomotion
  Whereabouts: Available in Terra

Gaia Gear
  Abilities: High Tide, Insomniac
  Whereabouts: Can be picked up in Oeilvert

Judo Uniform
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Buy in Oeilvert

Leather Shirt
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Initially equipped to Zidane and Vivi

Light Robe
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, Half MP
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village

Magician Cloak
  Abilities: Insomniac
  Whereabouts: Purchase in Conde Petie

Magician Robe
  Abilities: Auto-Potion
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Alexandria

Minerva's Plate
  Abilities: High Tide
  Whereabouts: Acquirable in Terra

Mythril Vest
  Abilities: Auto-Potion
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Cleyra's Tree Trunk

Power Vest
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Available in Oeilvert

Robe of Lords
  Abilities: Concentrate, Reflect-Null
  Whereabouts: Give Queen Stella 12 Stellazzios in Treno

Rubber Suit
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Steal from Earth Guardian

Silk Robe
  Abilities: Ability Up, Loudmouth
  Whereabouts: Found in Cleyra's Tree Trunk

Silk Shirt
  Abilities: Cure
  Whereabouts: Part of Dagger's initial equipment

Survival Vest
  Abilities: Antibody, Locomotion
  Whereabouts: Stealable from Beatrix and available in Fossil Roo

White Robe
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Loudmouth
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Daguerreo


  Abilities: Atomos
  Whereabouts: Automatically given to you by Doctor Tot

Ancient Aroma
  Abilities: Odin's Sword
  Whereabouts: Available in Ipsen's Castle

Angel Earrings
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, MP+20%
  Whereabouts: Command the Knights of Pluto correctly and you'll receive this

  Abilities: Healer, Locomotion
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Alexandria (Disk 3)

  Abilities: Leviathan
  Whereabouts: Received automatically in Iifa Tree

  Abilities: Chemist, Cura
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Lindblum (Disk 2)

Battle Boots
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Synth in Daguerreo

Black Belt
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Found in Black Mage Village

  Abilities: Ability Up, Life
  Whereabouts: Synth in Treno (Disk 2) 

Coral Ring
  Abilities: Insomniac
  Whereabouts: Let Freya win the Festival of Hunt to get this add-on

Dark Matter
  Abilities: Odin
  Whereabouts: Buy at auction in Treno

Desert Boots
  Abilities: Protect, Scan
  Whereabouts: Synth in Lindblum

  Abilities: Body Temp
  Whereabouts: Pick up on the Kirkboat in Conde Petie

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Get this from the High Priest in Cleyra

  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Level Up
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village (Disk 2)

Fairy Earrings
  Abilities: Body Temp, Level Up
  Whereabouts: Buy at auction in Treno

Feather Boots
  Abilities: Auto-Float, Float, Mini
  Whereabouts: Synth in Alexandria

  Abilities: Bahamut, Healer
  Whereabouts: Beatrix gives this item to you

Germinas Boots
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Can be found in Burmecia

Glass Buckle
  Abilities: Antibody
  Whereabouts: Synth in Lindblum

Gold Choker
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Shell
  Whereabouts: Synth in Treno (Disk 2)

Lapis Lazuli
  Abilities: Ability Up
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Alexandria Castle's yard

Madain's Ring
  Abilities: Body Temp, Chemist
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village (Disk 2)

Magician Shoes
  Abilities: Blind, Clear Headed
  Whereabouts: Pick up in Cleyra's Tree Trunk

Maiden Prayer
  Abilities: Auto-Regen
  Whereabouts: Available in Ipsen's Castle

  Abilities: Shell
  Whereabouts: Got as a prize after performing a perfect swordfight

  Abilities: Shiva
  Whereabouts: Automatically given to you by Doctor Tot

Pearl Rouge
  Abilities: Level Up, Loudmouth, Reflect-Null
  Whereabouts: Synth in Alexandria

  Abilities: Ramuh
  Whereabouts: Get this from Ramuh in Pinnacle Rocks after you've completed the

Power Belt
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Receive this from the Four-Armed Man after the ATE
               Treno Tradition

Promist Ring
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Can be found in Desert Palace

Protect Ring
  Abilities: Half MP
  Whereabouts: Answer over 13 of Ragtime Mouse's questions correctly or have
               Hades synth this item

  Abilities: Ark
  Whereabouts: Defeat Ozma or have Hades synth this item

Pumice Piece
  Abilities: Boost
  Whereabouts: Got after defeating Ark

Rebirth Ring
  Abilities: Auto-Life, Life
  Whereabouts: Win the Card Tournament in Treno and you'll receive this item as
               a prize

Reflect Ring
  Abilities: Auto-Reflect, Reflect
  Whereabouts: Buy at auction in Treno

  Abilities: Ability Up
  Whereabouts: You get this automatically in Mount Gulug

Rosetta Ring
  Abilities: Concentrate, Level Up
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)

  Abilities: Reflect
  Whereabouts: Got automatically when Eiko breaks the seal at Iifa Tree

Running Shoes
  Abilities: Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion
  Whereabouts: Synth in Black Mage Village (Disk 4)

  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: The Dive Spot between Mist Continent and Outer Continent

  Abilities: High Tide
  Whereabouts: Eiko has this item initially

  Abilities: Ifrit
  Whereabouts: Automatically given to you by Doctor Tot

Yellow Scarf
  Abilities: -
  Whereabouts: Can be synthed in Lindblum



In the preface, I said I didn't want to do anything too easy, and thus decided
to complete Dagger Single Character Challenge. It turned out, however, that
this challenge was pretty easy to complete; much easier than I expected. Not a
single boss fight was really hard, some of them just required some luck and
certain advanced strategies.

But I'm not saying that I didn't like completing this challenge. Even though it
was quite easy, it's really enjoyable to beat all those tough bosses with the
party member who is supposed to be weak ;) I had a really great time completing
the challenge and typing this FAQ.

I'm planning to update this guide in the future. This will include optimized
strategies and some additions and corrections. I'm also looking forward to
fight Ozma with Dagger only, and I'll update this FAQ when I do so. Another
optional boss one could fight is Quale, even though s/he surely is quite a
pushover :)

Finally, I want to thank everyone reading this. I hope you have as great time
completing this challenge as I did :)


I would like to thank the following FAQ authors:

- Atomos199 for the great treasure location list in the Perfect File FAQ.

- Dark Locke, for writing the SCC FAQ available on GameFAQs. Even though not a
  comlete work, it provided a lot of useful information, and most importantly,
  inspired me to write this.

- Rebirth Flame 2002. No matter what the challenge is, his monster FAQ and
  equipment list are always really useful. I'm really grateful for these great
  FAQs. Moreover, thanks for composing a great Battle Mechanics FAQ, it
  explains really nicely what's going on behind the scenes in this game :)

- SoftReset for the original Damage Formula FAQ. It's a really interesting
  read, and especially the section on summon magic was helpful when I was
  planning how to beat this challenge.

Furthermore, thanks go to following gamers and other parties:

- Aqua Black Mage Roscoe for telling me about a very easy method for leveling
  up Dagger in Dali Underground and making me realize how stupid I had been
  while leveling up by killing Pythons ;) Thank you very much.

- userc8314 for correcting my erroneous suggestion to put Dagger in the front
  row while she had a long range weapon equipped.

- CJayC for posting this guide and keeping up the best site on Internet :)

- SquareSoft for this excellent game I have to play over and over again

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