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Secrets/Sidequests FAQ by inoffensive

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 10/02/09


Created by         Inoffensive
Version            3.10
Started            August 29, 2002
Last updated       August 30, 2009

Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Final Fantasy is a registered trademark of Square Co., Ltd.
All other trademarks are property of their respective companies.

Copyright 2002-2009 Inoffensive

 001. INTRO                                                           ID#00.001

This is a Secrets FAQ. This means that I will not be giving any explanations on
how to actually beat the game or how to defeat any kind of monster or boss, with
some honorable exceptions. This guide is meant for people who have already
finished the game at least once.

Spoilers do run free in this guide. I didn't make any attempt to avoid them so
if you don't want to know how it all goes down I would avoid continuing reading
further if I were you. You won't be warned again.

 Oddworld Abe's Exoddus: The missing Mudokons
 Final Fantasy IX: Secrets of Gaia
 Chrono Cross: Secrets of El Nido

 002. COMMONS DEED                                                    ID#00.002

You are free:
- To copy, distribute, display, and perform the work

Under the following conditions:
- You must give the original author credit.
- You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
- You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license
terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get
permission from the copyright holder.

Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.

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 003. INDEX                                                           ID#00.003

If you need to find a specific section of this guide, just pop-up the find form
and use the ID numbers to get just about anywhere pretty darn fast.

 001. INTRO                                                            ID#00.001
 002. COMMONS DEED                                                     ID#00.002
 003. INDEX                                                            ID#00.003

 001. STORYLINE                                                       ID#01.001
 002. CHARACTERS                                                      ID#01.002
 003. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                                         ID#01.003
 004. SPECIAL ABILITIES                                               ID#01.004
 005. DAMAGE FORMULAS                                                 ID#01.005

 001. THE EXCALIBUR                                                   ID#02.001
 002. THE STELLAZZIOS                                                 ID#02.002
 003. THE MOGNET CENTRAL                                              ID#02.003
 004. THE WANDERING MOOGLE                                            ID#02.004
 005. THE RAGTIME MOUSE                                               ID#02.005
 006. THE SPIRITS OF GAIA                                             ID#02.006
 007. THE ACTION FIGURES                                              ID#02.007
 008. THE QU'S MARCHES                                                ID#02.008
 009. THE OTHER QUESTS                                                ID#02.009

 001. OZMA                                                            ID#03.001
 002. HADES                                                           ID#03.002
 003. NECRON                                                          ID#03.003

 001. THE CHOCOGRAPHS                                                 ID#04.001
 002. THE PARADISE TREASURES                                          ID#04.002
 003. HEALING SANDS                                                   ID#04.003

 001. RULES OF PLAY                                                   ID#05.001

 001. BLACKJACK                                                       ID#06.001
 002. KING OF JUMP ROPE                                               ID#06.002
 003. ATHLETE QUEEN                                                   ID#06.003

 001. VERSION HISTORY                                                 ID#07.001
 002. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                                ID#07.002
 003. OUTRO                                                           ID#07.003

 001. STORYLINE                                                       ID#01.001

In the world known as Gaia, Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI of the kingdom of
Alexandria lusts for power, and is trying to increase her domain by conquering
the surrounding lands. War is brewing among the neighboring kingdoms on the Mist
Continent. Something more than Brahne's lust for power is driving the once-
peaceful nation of Alexandria to conquest. Garnet til Alexandros XVII, adopted
daughter of Queen Brahne, is unhappy with her position and plagued by nightmares
of a sea voyage; a flight from a terrible eye in the heavens. Vivi Orunitia, a
Black Mage, childlike and alone, yearns to know his history and why he exists.
All are brought together on a seemingly innocent night of entertainment in
Alexandria, one that will spin events out of control and lead to the truth of
their lives and others.

Regent Cid of Lindblum is worried about how these troubling events will impact
Princess Garnet, so he dispatches the troupe known as Tantalus to Alexandria.
Tantalus, a band of thieves disguising themselves as actors to hide their
operations, plan to "kidnap" Garnet. A prominent character in Tantalus is the
game's main protagonist, Zidane Tribal. However, the Princess herself yearns to
escape from her wicked mother, and is willingly kidnapped. During the operation,
Vivi and Adelbert Steiner, Captain of the Royal Knights of Pluto and Garnet's
guardian, become involved, much to Steiner's disdain. The plan soon backfires,
and Tantalus member Zidane is left in charge of the kidnapping. Their ship, the
Prima Vista, is shot down from the sky, and lands in the Evil Forest.

Zidane decides to assist the princess to Lindblum on foot, and is dismissed by
the leader of Tantalus, Baku, who dissents with his opinion. Vivi and Steiner
join Zidane in rescuing Garnet from Evil Forest's carnivorous botany and
eventually escape the woods, leaving Tantalus behind. The foursome venture
through the Ice Cavern, where Zidane defeats Black Waltz No. 1, a lackey of
Brahne's. Arriving in the village of Dali, Garnet adopts the alias of "Dagger"
to blend in with the peasantry. Vivi is kidnapped by the villagers, and the rest
of the party is soon shocked when they rescue him and find out that the
villagers are manufacturing Black Mages from the Mist, for export to Alexandria.
Garnet begins to ponder the possibility of returning to Alexandria and
questioning her mother about the Black Mage business, a notion which Steiner
approves of. After besting Black Waltz No. 2, they board a Cargo Ship piloted by
soulless Black Mages, but soon come under fire from Black Waltz No. 3. Vivi,
Zidane, and Steiner confront the golem and leave the journey's destination in
Garnet's hands. The princess hesitates, but ultimately decides to go to
Lindblum, resulting in an erratic flight through South Gate.

The four meet with Regent Cid at Lindblum, who refuses to mobilize against
Alexandria, for fear of leaving his own borders unprotected. While his country
holds the Festival of the Hunt, Brahne begins her advancement into the Burmecia
region, home of Zidane's friend Freya Crescent. Zidane decides to travel to
Burmecia with Freya and Vivi to learn more about the situation, but Cid orders
Garnet to remain in Lindblum. In retaliation, she poisons the court with
sleeping weed and absconds with Steiner back to South Gate. The remainder of the
party ventures to Burmecia, traveling through Gizamaluke's Grotto and recruiting
the gluttonous Quina Quen along the way. Upon arriving in Burmecia, they find a
desolate city ruined by Brahne. At the apex of the city, they meet the Queen
herself, a mysterious man named Kuja, and General Beatrix. The General promptly
defeats Zidane's group, and Alexandria next sets its sights on Cleyra.

Meanwhile, Garnet and Steiner rest in Treno, and with the aid of Doctor Tot,
take the Gargan Roo pathway to Alexandria. Once there, Garnet meets with her
mother, who turns on the princess and orders the extraction of Garnet's
Eidolons, magical creatures with great powers, for use in future invasions. One
of these summons, Odin, is then used to obliterate Cleyra, but not before
Beatrix takes a jewel from the city's harp and Zidane's crew hitches a hide on
the Red Rose back to Alexandria. The protagonists join forces with Steiner and
free Garnet from Brahne's clutches, with the assistance of the enlightened
Beatrix. Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet attempt to use the Gargant system to flee back
to Treno, but their ride is spooked by a monster and ends up crashing in
Pinnacle Rocks. After passing Ramuh's trial, allowing Garnet to summon Ramuh,
the three witness the sacking of Lindblum by another Eidolon of Alexandria,
Atomos. Sneaking into the city, Zidane and Garnet meet secretly with a now
powerless Regent Cid, who suggests they travel to the Outer Continent to
discover the motives behind Brahne's belligerence. Quina actually proves useful
when trying to find the entrance to the Outer Continent, Fossil Roo, due to its
constant search for frogs.

It is soon speculated that Brahne's sudden shift in attitude is being
manipulated by Kuja, who has his own plans for world domination. On the Outer
Continent, Zidane and his allies encounter Eiko Carol, a young girl, and last of
the Summoner Tribe, at her home of Madain Sari. She leads them to the Iifa Tree,
where Kuja was reported to have been seen. The group descends into the very core
of the tree, until they finally reach a shimmering and seemingly endless green
pool at its base. The monster SoulCage, self-proclaimed creator of the Mist.
Upon the entity's defeat, the Mist on the Mist Continent dries up, and the
heroes return to Madain Sari. After repelling the thief Lani and recuiting the
sarcastic and brooding Amarant Coral, they return to the Iifa Tree per new
sightings of Kuja. There, they find Queen Brahne and her navy just off Iifa's
coast, and Kuja with his Silver Dragon opposing her. Brahne summons Bahamut in
an attempt to rid herself of Kuja and take sole domination of her territory, but
in a twist of fate Kuja calls the Invincible to him and wrenches control of
Bahamut, who then proceeds to wipe out Brahne and her soldiers with a
devastating Mega Flare.

On the beach, Brahne finally regains her former self and apologizes to Garnet,
but dies, leaving the princess devastated. She must now become the Queen of
Alexandria. The ceremonies of her coronation are short-lived, as Kuja promptly
appears in the city and summons Bahamut to wreak havoc. The other party members
fly in from Treno with Regent Cid, and Eiko aids Garnet in summoning Alexander,
the holy Eidolon guardian of Alexandria. Alexander vanquishes Bahamut, only for
a mysterious elderly man to appear with the Invincible and destroy Alexander and
a majority of the city. Garnet is so shocked by the devastation to her city that
she is rendered mute, and she, Zidane and their friends take refuge in Lindblum,
where Cid constructs the Blue Narciss ship and gives it to the party. They then
follow Kuja to his Desert Palace, but are discovered and locked in cells. Kuja
forces Zidane and three of his friends to fly to the Forgotten Continent and
retrieve the Gulug Stone from Oeilvert. The ruins contain many illusions and
artifacts from the ambiguous Terran civilization, including an ancient and
Eidolon, Ark, which is defeated in order to obtain the Stone.

Meanwhile, Regent Cid and the remaining four party members manage to free
themselves from their prisons and shut down the Palace security system, Valia
Pira. Kuja still manages to trick Zidane into giving him the Gulug Stone and
absconds with an abducted Eiko to Mount Gulug. The heroes pass through Esto Gaza
to track him down, and witness Zorn and Thorn attempt to extract Eiko's
Eidolons. Mog, Eiko's pet Moogle, reveals her true Eidolon form through Trance,
and with her help, the court jesters are finally destroyed. Deprived of further
Eidolons, Kuja formulates a new plan: to assimilate enough souls in order to
enter a form of hyper-Trance. He flees, and Zidane's party find Queen Hilda,
Cid's wife, and escort her back to Lindblum. She restores Cid to his proper
human form, and the Lindblum leader puts the finishing touches on his new
airship, the Hilda Garde III. Garnet returns to Alexandria, where she is
expected to remain as Queen. When Zidane follows her, she recovers from her
silence, once more takes his dagger, and cuts off her ponytail in a promise to
continue to fight for her people and her adoptive mother.

Queen Hilda tells the party of Kuja's ambitions and link to the planet Terra and
directs them towards Ipsen's Castle on the Forgotten Continent. Inside the
inverted structure, they find four elemental mirrors, seals to the portal to
Terra. After defeating the worm-like Taharka and rescuing Amarant from his own
arrogance, Zidane decides to have two party members secure each elemental
shrine. The defeat of all four Guardians opens the Shimmering Island, the icy
portal to Terra's alien world.

The Hilda Garde III drops off the heroes on Terra, and a mysterious girl leads
the party to the Genome village of Bran Bal. She is Mikoto, and reveals the
truth behind Kuja's inferior relationship to Zidane: they were both crafted to
become Angels of Death. Garland, the mastermind of this plot, captures Zidane
and intends to use him for his true purpose as the harbinger of Gaia's doom.
Zidane's friends free him from his prison at Pandemonium and confront Garland,
who first orders a Silver Dragon to act as a shield before falling to the party
himself. Though the party intends only to interrogate the old sorcerer, Kuja
chooses the moment to enter triumphantly on the Invincible. Gleefully, he
showcases his new powers Trance, achieved by draining the Invincible of all the
souls trapped within, including Garnet's true mother, who had sealed her soul in
the eidolon Bahamut in order to protect her daughter. Kuja promptly dispatches
the party and announces his new motivation: to rule the world with a fist of
Trance-inducing souls. Garland, clairvoyant to the end, warns Kuja that his
power is of no consequence; the Genome responds by kicking his old master off
the precipice of Pandemonium to his death.

However, Garland remains stubbornly omniscient, and from beyond the grave, he
tells Kuja that his newfound rule is for naught; his mortal death is fast
appraoching. Kuja is no longer satisfied with world domination; his euphoria
turns into rage, and he hatches a plot to destroy the source of all existence:
the Crystal. He begins by utterly obliterating Terra with wave after wave of
Ultima spells, but the party and resident Genomes escape by piloting the
Invincible back through the Shimmering Island to Gaia. They suddenly notice the
resurge of Mist in the air, emanating once more from the Iifa Tree. Above the
tree hovers the foreboding entrance to Memoria, where the Gaia's memories and
Kuja awaits. The armies of Alexandria and Lindblum take flight to stave off the
horde of Silver Dragons blocking Memoria's doorway, and Invincible breaks
through, carrying the party inside Memoria. They must defeat a slew of monsters
Kuja created in opposition to the Crystal itself, while witnessing the deepest
moments of their own lives intertwined with the earliest stirrings of Gaia.
Garland's lingering voice guides them through the dimension, leaving them at the
entrance to the Crystal World, a realm where is no earth, no space, only
memories of every life originating with the Crystal.

Zidane and his friends descend the translucent pillars or crystal and face Kuja
in battle, where Kuja seemingly destroys everyone with Ultima. Surviving, the
heroes find themselves in the presence of Necron, a powerful entity who also
wishes to destroy the Crystal and return the world to what it was before
existence. When Necron is defeated and returned to whence it came, Kuja
teleports the eight heroes out of Memoria onto the banks of the Iifa Tree. The
majority of the party returns to Alexandria on the Hilda Garde, while Zidane
stays behind to find Kuja. He locates his Kuja deep within Iifa, and as the
elder brother accounts for his sins, Iifa's roots converge on them both. The
others believe Zidane dead, and Garnet, now the reigning queen of Alexandria,
slides into depression. In the closing moments of the game, the Tantalus Troupe
appears once more to perform "I Want To Be Your Canary" for Garnet's birthday.
During the play, a shrouded form masquerading as Marcus casts off his cloak to
reveal a returning Zidane. The city of Alexandria celebrates, old friends cheer
from the stands, and the queen runs through the crowd of people and leaps into
Zidane's arms.

 002. CHARACTERS                                                      ID#01.002

There are 8 heroes you can choose from to help you on your adventure. Each has
its own unique abilities and reasons to join the fight.

The sixteen year old hero of Final Fantasy IX is an experienced thief. Aside
from stealing from the rich, he enjoys stealing hearts of ladies as his sense of
charisma and boyish good looks have made him very popular among them.

 Age          16
 Occupation   Thief
 Quote        "You don't need a reason to help people."

 Trance       Dyne
              Zidane will be able to damage the enemies with extremely powerful
              non-elemental attacks.

Feeling like an outsider who doesn't belong in this world, this shy nine-year
old black mage is going through a major identity crisis and is left feeling very
depressed. He is constantly getting caught up in things, none of which he can
help or control. Through his friends, he overcomes his trials and finally
develops a more positive outlook towards life.

 Age          9
 Occupation   Black Mage
 Quote        "How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don't exist..."

 Trance       Double Black Magic
              Vivi will be able to use his Black Magic twice in the same turn.

A 33 year-old knight in the service of the royal family of Alexandria Kingdom.
Adelbert Steiner is the life long guardian of Princess Garnet Til Alexandros
17th and it is a duty he takes most seriously. He is a powerful swordsman,
always striving to be a good knight.

 Age          33
 Occupation   Royal Knight
 Quote        "Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

 Trance       Extra Damage
              Steiner's attacks will do more damage than normal.

A young princess, and heir to the throne of Alexandria, Garnet is inexperienced
in the ways of the world due to her sheltered upbringing. Assuming the name of
Dagger, she sets off on an adventure she was ill-prepared for. Idealistic and
naive in the beginning, her encounter with a certain young thief will change her
perception of the world around her.

 Age          16
 Occupation   Princess
 Quote        "Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself."

 Trance       Eidolon
              When an Eidolon is summoned it will keep attacking until the
              Trance ends without having to summon it once again.

A solitary vagabond who also works an an assassin for hire. Regimented in
nature, Amarant spends most of his time training his body as a weapon for
combat. A loner by nature, Amarant's self-reliance and unwavering focus means he
trust no one and never lets outside events distract him from his goals.

 Age          Unknown
 Occupation   Bounty Hunter
 Quote        "The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."

 Trance       Elan)
              Amarant's Flair abilities will affect multiple targets instead
              of single ones.

A member of the mouse clan who was raised and trained by a Dragon Knight, Freya
is a courageous female knight who is unwilling to compromise her beliefs.
Banished from Burmecai, her home, she has roamed and seen much of the world.
Proud and wise beyond her years, she tries to help Burmecia when it is attacked
by Brahne despite being in exile.

 Age          Unknown
 Occupation   Dragon Knight
 Quote        "To be forgotten is worse than death."

 Trance       High Jump
              Freya's Jump skill will do a lot more damage and it will affect
              multiple enemies instead of single ones.

Part of the Qu clan, Quina is an androgynous being whose only concerns are
eating and leaving descendants on the planet. Quina's favorite food are frogs,
especially when eaten raw.

 Age          Unknown
 Occupation   Chef
 Quote        "I do what I want! You have problem!?"

 Trance       Cook
              Quina will cook the monster and learn any Blue Magic the monster
              might have to teach.

After her parents passed away, Eiko was raised by summoners, magic-users with
the ability to summon eidolons to do their bidding. Under their care, Eiko
learned White Magic and developed a very special friendship with the Moogles.
Ahthough only six years of age, Eiko is a precocious little girl with the
ability to read the thoughts of eidolons and animals.

 Age          6
 Occupation   Summoner
 Quote        "I don't wanna be alone anymore..."

 Trance       Double White Magic
              Eiko will be able to use her White Magic twice in the same turn

 003. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                                         ID#01.003

They are not part of the group, but you'll eventually meet them in your journey.
Some of them will help you in your quest and others will be there just to make
sure you won't reach the end of your journey.

She's Garnet's mother, a corrupted Queen that seeks to expand the Empire of
Alexandria at all costs and she's willing to remove anyone who stands in her
way. Helping her in her goals is the mysterious Kuja.

Current ruler of Lindblum. Following a fight with his wife, she turned him into
an oglop. Regent Cid is a technology expert and is creating a new type of
airship powered by steam. He was the best friend of Garnet's father and it was
he that hired The Tantalus to kidnapp Princess Garnet.

Baku, Blank, Cinna, Marcus, Ruby, and the Nero Brothers are, together with
Zidane, members of The Tantalus Theatre Troup. They are accomplished actors and
perform in various locations aboard their ship, the Prima Vista. But they are in
fact a group of daring thieves that cover their activities by putting up shows
as a distraction.

The greatest Alexandrian Knight who ever lived. She holds the tittle of 'Best
swordsman in the continent'. Beatrix's devotion to the Queen is unwavering and
only surpassed by her duty to the people of Alexandria. Her weapon of choice is
the Save the Queen.

A couple of evil court jesters. Zorn and Thorn follow the strict orders of Queen
Brahne and they have the power to extract the Eidolons of a summoner, provided
she has reached 16 years of age.

A known scholar and man of science with a profound knowledge of Eidolons and the
power to summon them. He was Garnet's tutor during her childhood. He lives next
to Treno's Card Stadium and holds the truth about Garnet and her past.

Kuja is introduced as a weapons dealer, supplying Queen Brahne with entire
armies of Black Mages. Kuja is a versatile mage, adept at both White and Black
Magic. In the end he betrays Brahne for his own purposes, the destruction of the
entire universe. Kuja has a supreme ego, a god complex complemented by a fear of

Garland is the original mastermind behind Kuja's actions before his betrayal and
the key to Zidane and Garnet's past. He is not originally from Gaia. To travel
between Gaia and his planet, Terra, he uses the airship Invincible.

They are man-made weapons. Dolls used as tools for war. In the battlefield, some
of them started to have an imagination, gain consciousness and a will of their
own and eventually ran away, deserting. They quickly realized their lifespan is
quite short and because of that they help Kuja in his quest when he promises
them to solve their problem.

The wandering Prince of Burmecia. He was Vivi's first friend when he first
arrived in Alexandria. Puck doesn't like the royal life, he prefers to see the
world, visit distant lands and enjoy all that the world has to offer.

Mog is Eiko's best friend. They were born on the same day and since then they
have been true and inseparable companions. Mog is a bit of a coward and although
she loves Eiko, she is usually too afraid to save her. She later reveals herself
as the Eidolon Madeen.

A female genome rescued from Terra and brought back to Gaia after the fall of
Garland. Mikoto was meant to be the third Angel of Death after Kuja's betrayal
and Zidane's disappearance. However, Garland's plans never came truth.

 004. SPECIAL ABILITIES                                               ID#01.004

All characters have special abilities and as the game progresses, you'll be able
to learn new and more powerful magical spells and special skills. Each technique
is presented with the MP required to cast it, the equipment that teaches it and
the AP required to learn it.

 Flee                40 AP      0 MP    Dagger, Germina's Boots, Mage Masher,
                                        Ultima Weapon, Zorlin Shape
 Detect              40 AP      0 MP    Mage Masher, Orichalcon
 What's That!?       40 AP      2 MP    Butterfly Sword
 Soul Blade          35 AP      6 MP    The Ogre
 Annoy               50 AP      4 MP    Gladius, Sargatanas
 Sacrifice           55 AP     32 MP    Exploda, Masamune
 Lucky Seven         85 AP      6 MP    Exploda, Gladius, Rune Tooth, The Tower,
                                        Thief Hat
 Thievery           100 AP      8 MP    Angel Bless, The Tower

 Free Energy          0 AP     10 MP    -
 Tidal Flame          0 AP     12 MP    -
 Scoop Art            0 AP     14 MP    -
 Shift Break          0 AP     16 MP    -
 Stellar Circle 5     0 AP     24 MP    -
 Meo Twister          0 AP     32 MP    -
 Solution 9           0 AP     48 MP    -
 Grand Lethal         0 AP     60 MP    -

 Fire                25 AP      6 MP    Leather Hat, Mage Staff
 Fira                50 AP     12 MP    Flame Staff, Mage's Hat, Power Belt,
 Firaga              75 AP     24 MP    Octagon Rod
 Sleep               20 AP     10 MP    Flame Staff
 Blizzard            25 AP      6 MP    Leather Wrist
 Blizzara            50 AP     12 MP    Ice Staff, Opal
 Blizzaga            85 AP     24 MP    Octagon Rod
 Slow                20 AP      6 MP    Ice Staff, Magus Hat
 Thunder             25 AP      6 MP    Glass Buckle, Silk Shirt
 Thundara            50 AP     12 MP    Lightning Staff, Peridot
 Thundaga            80 AP     24 MP    Octagon Rod
 Stop                25 AP      8 MP    Oak Staff
 Poison              35 AP      8 MP    Lightning Staff
 Bio                 40 AP     18 MP    Oak Staff
 Osmose              70 AP      2 MP    Gaia Gear, High Mage Staff
 Drain               60 AP     14 MP    Oak Staff
 Demi                30 AP     18 MP    Amethyst, Black Belt, Cypress Pile
 Comet               55 AP     16 MP    Cypress Pile
 Death               45 AP     20 MP    Black Hood
 Break               30 AP     18 MP    Cypress Pile
 Water               55 AP     22 MP    N-Kai Armlet
 Meteor              95 AP     42 MP    High Mage Staff
 Flare               95 AP     40 MP    Black Robe
 Doomsday           150 AP     72 MP    Mace of Zeus

 Darkside            30 AP      0 MP    Blood Sword
 Minus Strike        35 AP      8 MP    Excalibur II, Iron Sword, Rubber Helm
 Iai Strike          40 AP     16 MP    Rune Blade
 Power Break         40 AP      8 MP    Diamond Sword
 Armor Break         30 AP      4 MP    Mythril Sword
 Mental Break        45 AP      8 MP    Gold Helm, Ice Brand
 Magic Break         25 AP      4 MP    Flame Saber
 Charge!             30 AP     10 MP    Aegis Gloves, Coral Sword
 Thunder Slash       30 AP     24 MP    Defender, Ragnarok
 Stock Break         35 AP     26 MP    Ultima Sword, Excalibur II
 Climhazzard         70 AP     32 MP    Excalibur, Excalibur II
 Shock               60 AP     46 MP    Ragnarok

 Fire Sword           0 AP      6 MP    -
 Fira Sword           0 AP     12 MP    -
 Firaga Sword         0 AP     30 MP    -
 Blizzard Sword       0 AP      6 MP    -
 Blizzara Sword       0 AP     12 MP    -
 Blizzaga Sword       0 AP     30 MP    -
 Thunder Sword        0 AP      6 MP    -
 Thundara Sword       0 AP     12 MP    -
 Thundaga Sword       0 AP     30 MP    -
 Bio Sword            0 AP     20 MP    -
 Water Sword          0 AP     26 MP    -
 Flare Sword          0 AP     50 MP    -
 Doomsday Sword       0 AP     60 MP    -

 Cure                30 AP      6 MP    Magic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt
 Cura                50 AP     10 MP    Barette, Healing Rod
 Curaga             155 AP     22 MP    Whale Whisker, Wizard Rod
 Life                30 AP      8 MP    Cachusha, Healing Rod, Mythril Rod,
                                        Rebirth Ring, Whale Whisker
 Scan                25 AP      4 MP    Air Racket, Desert Boots
 Panacea             15 AP      4 MP    Air Racket, Rod
 Stona               25 AP      8 MP    Multina Racket
 Shell               35 AP      6 MP    Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone,
                                        Multina Racket, Mythril Racket,
                                        Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod
 Protect             30 AP      6 MP    Desert Boots, Mythril Racket, Rod,
                                        Steepled Hat, Wizard Rod
 Silence             30 AP      8 MP    Asura's Rod, Magic Armlet, Mythril Rod,
                                        Priest's Racket
 Mini                40 AP      8 MP    Asura's Rod, Feather Boots,
                                        Magic Racket
 Reflect             20 AP      6 MP    Mythril Racket, Reflect Ring, Ruby,
                                        Stardust Rod
 Confuse             35 AP      8 MP    Asura's Rod, Lamia's Tiara
 Berserk             30 AP      6 MP    Magic Racket
 Blind               40 AP      6 MP    Magician Shoes, Multina Racket
 Float               20 AP      6 MP    Feather Boots, Lamia's Tiara,
                                        Stardust Rod

 Shiva               20 AP     24 MP    Opal
 Ifrit               20 AP     26 MP    Topaz
 Ramuh               35 AP     22 MP    Peridot
 Atomos              25 AP     32 MP    Amethyst
 Odin                30 AP     28 MP    Dark Matter
 Leviathan           40 AP     42 MP    Aquamarine
 Bahamut             80 AP     56 MP    Garnet
 Ark                100 AP     80 MP    Pumice

 Chakra              30 AP      4 MP    Cat's Claws, Leather Plate
 Spare Change        40 AP      0 MP    Poison Knuckles, Rune Claws
 No Mercy            25 AP     12 MP    Duel Claws, Dragon's Claws
 Aura                25 AP     12 MP    Duel Claws, Scissor Fangs
 Curse               20 AP     12 MP    Kaiser Knuckles, Mythril Claws
 Revive              35 AP     20 MP    Rebirth Ring, Rune Claws, Tiger Fangs
 Demi Shock          50 AP     20 MP    Avenger, Rune Claws
 Countdown           40 AP     16 MP    Kaiser Knuckles

 Lancer              20 AP     10 MP    Coral Ring, Dragon Wrist, Partisan
 Rei's Wind          20 AP     12 MP    Angel Earrings, Gold Helm, Holy Lance,
                                        Mythril Spear
 Dragon Breath      205 AP     78 MP    Dragon's Hair
 White Draw          90 AP     36 MP    Emerald, Ice Lance, Kain's Lance
 Luna                30 AP     12 MP    Trident
 Six Dragons         25 AP     28 MP    Heavy Lance
 Cherry Blossom      40 AP     46 MP    Kain's Lance, Obelisk
 Dragon's Crest      45 AP     16 MP    Holy Lance, Kain's Lance

 1000 Needles         0 AP      8 MP    Cactuar
 Angel's snack        0 AP      4 MP    Behemoth, Epitaph, Ironite, Mistodon
 Aqua Breath          0 AP     14 MP    Axolotl, Clipper, Sahagin, Vepal
 Auto-Life            0 AP     14 MP    Carrion Worm, Cerberus, Gimme Cat,
                                        Stilva, Yan
 Bad Breath           0 AP     16 MP    Anemone, Marlboro, Worm Hydra
 Doom                 0 AP     12 MP    Ash, Veteran
 Earth Shake          0 AP     20 MP    Adamantoise, Earth Guard, Shell Dragon
 Frog Drop            0 AP     10 MP    Gigan Toad
 Frost                0 AP      8 MP    Chimera, Kraken, Wraith
 Goblin Punch         0 AP      4 MP    Goblin, Goblin Mage
 Limit Glove          0 AP     10 MP    Axe Beak, Blazer Beetle, Catoblepas,
                                        Jabberwock, Mandragora, Mu
 Lv3 Def Less         0 AP     12 MP    Carve Spider, Grand Dragon, Lamia,
                                        Lizard Man, Ochu, Sand Scorpion
 Lv4 Holy             0 AP     22 MP    Amdusias, Feather Circle, Torama
 Lv5 Death            0 AP     20 MP    Dracozombie, Lich, Stroper,
                                        Whale Zombie
 Magic Hammer         0 AP      2 MP    Magic Vice, Ring Leader
 Matra Magic          0 AP      8 MP    Armstrong, Dragonfly, Land Worm, Ogre,
                                        Trick Sparrow, Zaghnol
 Mighty Guard         0 AP     64 MP    Antlion, Gargoyle, Gigan Octopus,
                                        Myconid, Serpion
 Mustard Bomb         0 AP     10 MP    Bomb, Grenade, Marilis, Red Vepal,
 Night                0 AP     14 MP    Abomination, Grimlock, Nymph, Seeker
 Pumpkin Head         0 AP     12 MP    Bandersnatch, Basilisk, Hedgehog Pie,
                                        Lady Bug, Python, Skeleton, Yeti
 Roulette             0 AP     18 MP    Ghost, Hecteyes, Zombie
 Twister              0 AP     22 MP    Abadon, Red Dragon, Tiamat
 Vanish               0 AP      8 MP    Drakan, Gnoll, Hornet, Troll, Vice
 White Wind           0 AP     14 MP    Garuda, Griffin, Zemzelett, Zuu

 Cure                20 AP      6 MP    Magic Racket, Silk Shirt
 Cura                40 AP     10 MP    Barette, Golem's Flute
 Curaga              80 AP     22 MP    Angel Flute, Hamelin
 Regen               25 AP     14 MP    Fairy Earrings, Fairy Flute
 Life                35 AP      8 MP    Cachusha, Golem's Flute, Rebirth Ring
 Full-Life           90 AP     24 MP    Light Robe, Siren's Flute
 Panacea             15 AP      4 MP    Air Racket
 Stona               25 AP      8 MP    Lamia's Flute, Multina Racket
 Esuna               80 AP      6 MP    Angel Flute, Fairy Flute, Rubber Suit,
                                        Siren's Flute
 Shell               20 AP      6 MP    Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone,
                                        Multina Racket, Mythril Racket
 Protect             20 AP      6 MP    Desert Boots, Mythril Racket,
                                        Steepled Hat
 Haste               30 AP      8 MP    Emerald, Fairy Flute, Running Shoes
 Silence             25 AP      8 MP    Lamia's Flute, Magic Armlet,
                                        Priest's Racket
 Mini                35 AP      8 MP    Feather Boots, Magic Racket
 Reflect             25 AP      6 MP    Mythril Racket, Reflect Ring, Ruby
 Float               25 AP      6 MP    Feather Boots, Lamia's Flute,
                                        Lamia's Tiara
 Dispel              35 AP     16 MP    Siren's Flute, Tiger Racket
 Might               25 AP     14 MP    Hamelin, Priest's Racket
 Jewel               50 AP      4 MP    Hamelin
 Holy               110 AP     36 MP    Angel Flute, White Robe

 Carbuncle           35 AP     24 MP    Ruby
 Fenrir              55 AP     30 MP    Sapphire
 Phoenix             40 AP     32 MP    Phoenix Pinion
 Madeen             120 AP     54 MP    Ribbon

 005. DAMAGE FORMULAS                                                 ID#01.005

Most abilities cause certain damage depending on the character's strength and
the enemy's defense. But there are skills that have a different way of working
or that have a special formula to calculate the damage made.

 Flee                   You will drop an amount of Gil equal to 10% of the
                        total Gil you would've won from the battle.
 Lucky Seven            When the last digit in Zidane's current HP is 7, Zidane
                        will do at random either 7, 77, 777, or 7777 damage.
 Thievery               Damage is equal to the number of times Zidane has
                        successfully stolen multiplied by half Zidane's Speed.

 Comet                  Power is equal to 56 multiplied by a random number
                        between 1 and (Vivi's current level + Vivi's Magic).
 Meteor                 Power is equal to 88 multiplied by a random number
                        between 1 and (Vivi's current level + Vivi's Magic).
                        The chance of Success is equal to (Vivi's current
                        level divided by 2) + Vivi's Spirit

 Darkside               Steiner expends 12.5% of his total HP to deliver an
                        attack that is 40% stronger than normal and ignores
                        the target's Protect status.
 Minus Strike           Steiner inflicts damage on a single enemy equal to the
                        amount of HP he has lost.
 Thunder Slash          Damages the target equal to 19% of its Max HP with a
                        lightning-elemental attack.

 Life                   Character recovers (5 + target's Spirit)% of their
                        Max HP.

 Chakra                 Character recovers 20% of the Max HP and MP.
 Spare Change           Uses an amount of Gil equal to Amarant's current level
                        multiplied by 101. Damage is equal to (Amount of Gil
                        used [squared] multiplied by Amarant's Spirit) divided
                        by (amount of Gil owned multiplied by 10).
 Revive                 Amarant recovers a KO'd party member and restores an
                        amount of HP equal to (20 + Target's Spirit)% of their
                        Max HP.
 Demi Shock             Damages an enemy equal to 20% of their Max HP.

 Lancer                 Causes physical damage to an enemy that is 20% stronger
                        sthan a regular attack. MP is also reduced by 1/16 of
                        the amount of damage inflicted.
 Six Dragons            Six dragons appear to perform one of three possible
                        results to each character individually in the party:
                        30% chance HP and MP is fully restored, 35% chance
                        that nothing will happen and 35% chance HP and MP is
                        reduced to 1.
 White Draw             Restores MP for the whole party by an amount equal to
                        anywhere between 0 and 1 less than double the enemy's
                        level you selected.
 Dragon Breath          Damages all enemies by an amount equal to how much HP
                        the targeted monster has lost.
 Dragon's Crest         Delivers an amount of damage to a single enemy equal
                        to the square of the number of Dragon type monsters
                        the party has slain.

 Aqua Breath            Inflicts an amount of water-elemental damage to all
                        enemies equal to 1/4 their Max HP.
 Twister                Inflicts random damage to all enemies based on 55
                        multiplied by a random number between 1 and (Quina's
                        current level + Quina's Magic).
 Frog Drop              Damage is equal to Quina's current level multiplied by
                        the number of frogs caught.
 White Wind             Recovers HP to all party members equal to Quina's Max
                        HP divided by 3.
 Magic Hammer           Reduces one target's MP by a random amount between 0
                        and the target's current MP.

Eidolons, on the other hand, perform attacks or healing effects to your party or
your enemies. How powerful they are depends on the stones you carry.

 Shiva             36 + Nr. of Opals in stock             (34 when in Trance)
 Ifrit             42 + Nr. of Topaz in stock             (37 when in Trance)
 Ramuh             32 + Nr. of Peridot in stock           (31 when in Trance)
 Leviathan         59 + Nr. of Aquamarine in stock        (63 when in Trance)
 Bahamut           88 + Nr. of Garnet in stock            (77 when in Trance)
 Ark               106 + Nr. of Lapis Lazuli in stock     (87 when in Trance)
 Madeen            71 + Eiko's current level

But there are other attacks that are a bit trickier to calculate or that change
if some conditions are met.

Atomos unleashes G-Force 199. This attack's damage is based on the % of the
enemy's Max HP (30 + Nr. of Amethyst in stock). For instance, by having 70
Amethyst stones in your inventory, you can cut off 100% of the enemy's HP
(although the damage is capped at 9999). When in Trance the damage is always 16%
of the Max HP.

Odin's attack is great because it can instantly kill and enemy. The odds of that
happening depend on the number of Ores in your inventory (Nr. of Ores in stock ÷
2). Since you can carry a max of 99 Ores, the best you can get is 49,5% of Odin
killing the enemy. Although, if you have Odin's Sword equipped and if the enemy
survives the attack, the number of Ores will work against you (142 - Nr. of Ores
in stock), so if you have 99 Ores in your inventory, Odin's attack power will be
43. When in Trance, Odin's attack will have an attack power of 42.

Carbuncle's attack will change depending on the stone Eiko has equipped. The
normal version will cast Reflect on the party. If Eiko has a Diamond equipped,
Carbuncle will cast vanish. With an Emerald, Carbuncle will cast Haste and if
Eiko has a Moonstone equipped, it will be Shell. An extra spell can be cast
depending on the animation version. The long version will also cast Protect on
the party, regardless of the jewel equipped.

Fenrir has two attacks. The normal is an earth-based Terrestial Rage but if the
Maiden Prayer is equipped, Fenrir will perform a wind-elemental attack named,
Millennial Decay. The attack power for both attacks is also different. The
Terrestial Rage is a weaker attack (42 + Nr. of Sapphires in stock) than the
Millennial Decay (44 + Nr. of Sapphires in stock) but both depend on the number
of Sapphires in stock.

Phoenix's rebirth flame causes damage to the enemy while restoring your party
members to a % of their Max HP (30 + Spirit stat). Both the damage and the HP
recovered increase with the full animation. But Phoenix may also cast Rebirth
Flame after all party members are KO'd, in essence giving you a continue instead
of a game over (Phoenix Pinions in stock ÷ 256). Since the max number of Phoenix
Pinions you can have is 99, the chance of Phoenix using Rebirth Flame
automatically is 38%.

 001. THE EXCALIBUR                                                   ID#02.001

There are two versions of the Excalibur on Final Fantasy IX. One of them will
require a lot of money, and the other will require as less time as humanly
possible. The quest for the Excalibur II is perhaps the most annoying and
difficult in the game.

The mythical Excalibur makes an appearance on Final Fantasy once again. But
first of all, you need to make offers at Treno's Auction House for 4 items.
Afterwards you need to sell them to certain people that will be looking for

 ITEMS                  BUYERS
 Rat Tail               Mage near the Card Carta Club
 Doga's Artifact        Man at the Synthesis Shop
 Griffin's Heart        Mage near the Card Carta Club
 Une's Mirror           Rich Man walking around the Card Carta Club

When you buy and sell these 4 items, a rare object will appear at the Auction
House that's very expensive, the Magical Fingertip (it can take a while to
appear). Be sure to have a good amount of money before bidding. Then, bring the
Fingertip to Daguerreo and give it to the old man near the Inn. In return he
will offer you the Excalibur.

Getting the Excalibur is easy, but I can't say the same about the Excalibur II.
To get it you need no reach Memoria and defeat Lich in less than 12 hours. It's
a race against time to get the most powerful sword in the game and every help on
how to cut time is useful.

Skip all ATEs and FMVs (open and close the disc cover to skip the FMVs). Don't
save a lot and ride as much as you can with Choco to prevent battles (be careful
because this will make your characters weak and defeating bosses can become
troublesome). Put all the game speed at max and you might just make it on time.
The Excalibur II is right on the screen where you fight Lich. Usually, there's a
Save point on the left side of the room but if you're under 12 hours the (?)
will become an (!). Examine it and you'll get the Excalibur II with a note from
Gil's brother.

"To Brother Gil. Bro, I found the sword like you told me. But there were two of
them. One of 'em had a lame name, somethin' II. It was a dingy, old thing with
flashy decorations, something you'd probably like. So I went with Excalipur.
I'll be back after I find the Tin Armor."

The Excalipur appeared on Final Fantasy V and Gilgamesh actually uses this
sword. But once you get a hold of it it's very lame. With the Excalibur II in
your possession it's time to go in search for all the things you left behind and
start leveling up. There has been a rumor saying that if you wait until the
clock reaches 99:99:99 he will reset back to 00:00:00 and you can get the
Excalibur II then. It's true that the clock resets back to 00:00:00 and turns
red but the Excalibur II will not appear.

 002. THE STELLAZZIOS                                                 ID#02.002

All around Gaia you can find some coins. These coins are of no importance to
you, but in Treno, Queen Stella collects them and she's willing to give you a
reward for every coin you deliver. The more coins you give her, the better the
prizes will be.

 Location:   The Windmill in Dali.
 Story:      "The story of 12 Zodiacs. The 11 Zodiacs pondered. How best to
             catch Virgo's Heart? Aries headed east."

 Location:   It's behind the item shop in Treno (Slums).
 Story:      "Taurus had an idea. He would give Virgo a gift. Through the
             forest and over the mountain, he found a star."

 Location:   By the fountain when you enter Treno, drop 10 Gil 11 times.
 Story:      "Gemini thought by the river: 'I will sing her a song'. He didn't
             know where she was, but he hoped his song would reach her."

 Location:   In Burmecia, behind a cart filled with apples by the entrance.
 Story:      "Cancer headed to the cape where Virgo waited. The sun was setting
             into the ocean. Will he finally see her?"

 Location:   In the room with the Neptune Statue in Alexandria Castle.
 Story:      "Leo was waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. Then Cancer
             showed up, and they began to fight. Into the ocean they fell."

 Location:   In the Black Mage Village's Inn.
 Story:      "Watching the sunset from the cape, Virgo whispered, 'My only wish
             is to be with you now...'"

 Location:   Behind the fountain in Madain Sari.
 Story:      "Libra was a perverse fellow. He would always walk in the opposite
             direction of the sun. Would he ever see Virgo?"

 Location:   Down the ladder in Quan's Dwelling.
 Story:      "Scorpio was very timid. He always looked at his shadow, until one
             day, he decided to look away. He walked up a hill."

 Location:   In Lindblum, to the left of the woman selling pickles.
 Story:      "Sagittarius dashed through the night, defying the chilly northern
             wind that was touching his right cheek."

 Location:   Search the water by the entrance of Daguerreo.
 Story:      "Impatient Capricorn ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep
             from exhaustion."

 Location:   On the first screen of Ipsen's Castle.
 Story:      "Aquarius arrived late. He asked everyone, 'Who kissed Virgo?'"

 Location:   Inside the Invincible.
 Story:      "Pisces said to Aquarius, "Virgo made her choice. Go see him and
             he'll tell you the rest."

 Location:   Where you found the coin of the one who kissed Virgo.
 Story       "Their future was uncertain, but Scorpio and Virgo kissed in the
             light of dusk that moment meant everything."  =Opiuchus=

The story presented in the coins actually points to the location of the
Opiuchus. It's clearly to the East, in a hill, probably surrounded by mountains
and forests, near the ocean. Leo and Cancer fell in the sea, a hint for
something in the water near that location. It's somewhere between night and day.

Eventually, all clues lead to Quan's Dwelling, where you found Scorpio. It's in
a hill, near the sea (where you can find a treasure with Choco) surrounded by
forests, with a beautiful sunset between the night (Treno) and day (Alexandria).
Go to the location where you found Scorpio and you will get the Opiuchus. After
that, go meet Queen Stella to collect the rewards.

 COINS                      REWARDS
 1 Stellazzio               1000 Gil
 2 Stellazzios              Phoenix Pinion
 3 Stellazzios              2000 Gil
 4 Stellazzios              Blood Sword
 5 Stellazzios              5000 Gil
 6 Stellazzios              Elixir
 7 Stellazzios              10.000 Gil
 8 Stellazzios              Black Belt
 9 Stellazzios              20.000 Gil
 10 Stellazzios             Rosetta Ring
 11 Stellazzios             30.000 Gil
 12 Stellazzios             Robe of Lords
 13 Stellazzios             Hammer

 003. THE MOGNET CENTRAL                                              ID#02.003

Since Moogles help you along the way it would be nice if you could help them
back. It seems that Mognet Central, which is responsible for delivering the
mail, is not doing a good job. Something is wrong with the machine that
processes the mail and a very special item is needed. Below is a list of the
letters you can deliver, remember you need to deliver at least 50% of the
letters to be able to fix Mognet Central.

 FROM        LOCATION                 TO         LOCATION
 Kupo        Alexandria Chapel        Monty      Evil Forest
 Mois        Ice Cavern               Gumo       Dali
 Kumop       Dali Underground         Mogki      Lindblum Castle
 Mogki       Lindblum Castle          Atla       Burmecia
 Grimo       South Gate Citadel       Nazna      Summit Station
 Atla        Burmecia                 Monev      Creyra Trunk
 Nazna       Summit Station           Mochos     Gargant Roo
 Mopli       Creyra Settlement        Serino     Red Rose
 Serino      Red Rose                 Moodon     Lindblum Inn
 Mosh        Alexandria Chapel        Monty      Pinnacle Rocks
 Moodon      Lindblum Inn             Moonte     Dragon's Gate
 Kuppo       Fossil Roo               Kupo       Alexandria Chapel
 Mogmatt     Conde Petie              Suzuna     Conde Petie Mountain Path
 Mogryo      Black Mage Village       Mocchi     Iifa Tree
 Mogki       Lindblum Castle          Moodon     Lindblum Inn
 Mimoza      Oeilvert                 Mooel      Oeilvert
 Mojito      Desert Palace            Mogsam     Desert Palace
 Mogrika     Esto Gaza                Moolan     Mount Gulug
 Moolan      Mount Gulug              Mogtaka    Mount Gulug
 Mogki       Lindblum Castle          Kumool     Ipsen's Castle
 Moorock     Pandemonium              Mozme      Pandemonium

 Kupo        Alexandria Chapel        Atla       Burmecia
 Atla        Burmecia                 Mogryo     Black Mage Village
 Mogryo      Black Mage Village       Kumool     Ipsen's Castle
 Kumool      Ipsen's Castle           Mois       Fossil Roo Entrance
 Mois        Fossil Roo Entrance      Noggy      Daguerreo
 Noggy       Daguerreo                Kupo       Alexandria Chapel

These letters are listed by the order that you get them. That means that if you
skip one you probably missed a moogle. That doesn't mean they have to be
delivered in this particular order but be careful of certain moogles and/or
locations because they might become inaccessible to you at certain points in the

The final sequence starts after your visit to Terra. When Kupo receives the
final letter from Noggy he will tell you the item that Mognet Central needs is
the Superslick and that someone in Alexandria has it. Go talk to Ruby (she's at
the theatre near the chapel) and she will give you the item the moogles need.
Now you need to find Mognet Central. To the North of Madain Sari is a relatively
big island with a forest and some mountains, if you look closely there is a
crack on one of the sides of the mountain, it's the entrance to Mognet Central,
get yourself a Gold Chocobo and use a Dead Pepper to break your way through.
Inside, give the Superslick to Artemicion, head of Mognet. You will receive a
gift for all your trouble, a Protect Ring!

 004. THE WANDERING MOOGLE                                            ID#02.004

Stlitzkin is a very cool Moogle that travels all around the world visiting many
of his friends. You can easily know who he is since his color is yellow. From
time to time he also has good deals to offer you.

 LOCATION                OFFER                                  PRICE
 Burmecia                Ether, Hi-Potion, Soft                 333 Gil
 Creyra Settlement       Hi-Potion, Ether, Phoenix Pinion       444 Gil
 Fossil Roo              Phoenix Pinion, Remedy, Ether          555 Gil
 Mountain Path           Magic Tag, Tent, Ether                 666 Gil
 Alexandria              Phoenix Pinion, Hi-Potion, Elixir      777 Gil
 Oeilvert                Hi-Potion, Emerald, Elixir             888 Gil
 Bran Bal                Diamond, Ether, Elixir                 2222 Gil
 Alexandria              Moonstone, Ruby, Elixir                5555 Gil

In Alexandria (DISC 4), after you buy all that Stlitzkin has to offer, talk to
him once again and he will reward you with a Ribbon.

 005. THE RAGTIME MOUSE                                               ID#02.005

During your adventure you will encounter special battles. One of such special
battles are the ones in which you battle the Ragtime Mouse. He will make you a
total of 16 questions, one for each time you face him. He's hard to encounter
but you can find him in any forest in the world.

When you enter in battle with the Ragtime Mouse do not attack him and be sure
you actually read the sentence. There are two signs behind the Ragtime. Attack
the one that answers your question, yes or no. For each battle you'll get a good
amount of EXP and Gil. After answering all of the questions just meet him one
last time and he will be defeated. After that you'll be awarded with a Protect

 TRUE OR FALSE                                                    ANSWER
 The War in Lindblum started in the year 1600.                    False
 "I want to be your Canary" was written by Lord Afon.             False
 Chocobo forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate.       True
 The theatre ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards.     False
 Lindblum's Air Cabs operate around the clock.                    True
 Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria.       False
 Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for 8 years.                True
 Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle.                True
 Some Mu's are friendly and don't attack.                         True
 Only one desert exists in the entire world.                      False
 Conde Petie is a village of Goblins.                             False
 Prima Vista means Love at First Sight.                           False
 Treno's Cafe, Card Carta, is members-only.                       True
 Bobo Bird is a bird that brings you fortune.                     False
 You can defeat Ragtimer.                                         True
 The Theatre ship Prima Vista uses Mist as source of energy.      True

 006. THE SPIRITS OF GAIA                                             ID#02.006

On specific locations you will find monsters that will make you a request, known
as the Spirits of Gaia, and if you give them the item they want you'll get a
reward. You don't need to meet them in any particular order, except the Yan,
although there is a certain logic to it, since most spirits will reward you with
the items you need to offer the next spirit. To be able to meet the Yan you are
required to have met all the other spirits.

 Location:   Forest near Dali.
 Request:    1 Ore
 Reward:     10 AP, Potion

 Location:   Right outside of Treno.
 Request:    1 Ore
 Reward:     10 AP, Hi-Potion

 Location:   Forest surrounding the Black Mage Village.
 Request:    2 Ores
 Reward:     20 AP, Ether

 Location:   The big forest on the Lucid Plain near Madain Sari.
 Request:    2 Ores
 Reward:     20 AP, Elixir

 Location:   The Eesistern Coast, north of Creyra.
 Request:    3 Ores
 Reward:     30 AP, Emerald

 Location:   Forest directly east of Oeilvert.
 Request:    Emerald
 Reward:     40 AP, Moonstone

 Location:   Outside of Esto Gaza.
 Request:    Moonstone
 Reward:     30 AP, Lapis Lazuli

 Location:   Forest outside of Gizamaluke's Grotto, after you climb the rope.
 Request:    Lapis Lazuli
 Reward:     40 AP, Diamond

 Location:   Forest on Vile Island.
 Request:    Diamond
 Reward:     50 AP, Rosetta Ring

Completing this particular sidequest brings other benefits. By helping the
spirits of Gaia, Ozma will be easier to kill.

 007. THE ACTION FIGURES                                              ID#02.007

You can collect these small action figures all around the world. They seem to do
nothing besides taking up space in your key items inventory, but they'll be a
great help when you try to get the S Rank.

 Mini-Cid              Treno's Auction house
 Mini-Burmecia         The Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum
 Mini-Brahne           The Mayor's House in Dali
 Mini-Prima Vista      The Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum

Getting the Mini-Cid is easy. Just bid for it at Treno's Auction House. The
Mini-Burmecia can be found in the Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum. For the Mini-
Brahne, when searching for the Mayor's key at his house you can also find the
Mini-Brahne on the desk. As for the Mini-Prima Vista complete Morrid's Coffee
sidequest and go to the Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum to get it.

In Dali's Observatory lives an old man named Morrid. He searches for three very
special coffee beans - Burman, Moccha and Kirman Coffee.

 Burman Coffee        Dali's Windmill
 Kirman Coffee        Eiko's Kitchen in Madain Sari
 Moccha Coffee        In South Gate, by the fountain

The Mocha Coffee can be found in South Gate, by the fountain where Cinna made
some coffee for Baku and the rest of the Tantalus after they left Evil Forest
(as seen in the ATE "Baku and his crew"). The Kirman Coffee is pretty
straightforward. The Burman Coffee is the harder to get because you need to get
the Mayor's key in order to go through the locked door. To do that, return to
the Mayor's house when he's not there, during the Card Tournament in Treno. You
will be given the chance to explore the room. This is sort of a mini-game, you
have to explore the room without waking up the Mayor's son. Choose to explore
any part of the house. Now, you will be given the option to explore more. Choose
to explore the same place until the Mayor's son goes back to a deep sleep (if
you search another place right away the Mayor's son will awake). Do this until
you find the Mayor's Key. Enter the windmill and look below the plate full of
Chocobo food. You will find some Gil and the Burman Coffee.

This sidequest has to be done before DISC 4. Otherwise the Observatory will be
locked by roots along with the South Gate and Morrid will be dead because of the
earthquake that occurred when the roots of the Iifa Tree extended.

 008. THE QU'S MARCHES                                                ID#02.008

Quale is Quina's master and Quan was Quale's master. Quan was Vivi's grandfather
and he was training Quale before leaving him in the middle of his training.
Quale now trains Quina, and he helps him in the ways of the Qu.

In every Qu's Marshes there is a lake full of frogs. All Quina has to do is
catch them to receive wonderful prize from Quan. There are four Qu's Marshes
around Gaia, one in the Mist Continent, one in the Outer Continent, one in the
Forgotten Continent and one on the Salvage Archipelago.

The regeneration of the frogs is slow but there are ways to speed up the
process. First of all, never eat all the frogs. Try to leave at least a male and
a female frog. Don't eat the baby frogs as they'll eventually grow up and
reproduce themselves and don't eat the golden frogs either. They lower the
reproduction time.

 FROGS               REWARD
 2 Frogs             Potion
 5 Frogs             Ether
 9 Frogs             Silk Robe
 15 Frogs            Elixir
 23 Frogs            Silver Fork
 33 Frogs            Bistro Fork
 45 Frogs            Battle Boots
 99 Frogs            Gastro Fork

After you eat your 99th frog Quale will come out. It's time for the student to
test his skills by facing the teacher. After the battle is over you will receive
the Gastro Fork. Quina can still continue to eat frogs but at this point it's
quite useless except for powering Frog Drop.

After the destruction of Alexandria stop by Quan's Dwelling with Vivi and Quina.
When you enter a funny scene will take place. Quina will see a lot of food on
the table and will start eating it. Unfortunately, it's all in his imagination.
After Quina goes onto the balcony he finds none other than Quan, Vivi's
grandfather. Quale will arrive moments later.

We find out that Quan was Quale's master and that he left his student in the
middle of his training.Quan claims to have discovered the meaning of life for
the Qu. Eating food is not about seeing it or feeling it, but rather imagining
it. According to him, anyone who imagines the food will be able to eat as much
as he or she wants. After his explanation, Vivi will walk in. Quan says he tried
to teach as much as he could about the world to Vivi, he gained enough knowledge
eventually, knowledge enough for him to have an imagination. After that, Quan
simply disappears. Zidane could not see Quan during this whole discussion. After
that, if you examine the clock you can get some valuable Running Shoes.

 009. THE OTHER QUESTS                                                ID#02.009

This section is related to minor quests you can do along the game, or little
pieces of information about a particular part of the story that were otherwise
too small to star in a section of their own.

If you have the Namingway card in your collection you can rename your party
members. Just go on to Daguerreo and drop down to the balcony through the stairs
located near the Inn (they are kind of hidden). Anyway, if you talk to a man he
will notice your Namingway card and if you show it to him, he will let you
rename one of your characters.

Also in Daguerreo you can get the S Rank Medal. To get it you must have all the
24 Chocograph treasures and the 8 Paradise treasures and all the figurines. Just
talk to the guy near the Moogle, Alleyway Jack. He'll look at your rank and
runaway scared. Go back to the entrance and talk to him again. He'll tell you
his real name and present himself as another treasure hunter. After a little
conversation he'll give you the medal that proves you found all the treasures.

In Madain Sari there is a sanctuary where Eiko used to pray every day before
meeting Zidane. In DISC 4 the Eidolon Wall will be different and you will be
able to read various writings. Go to Eiko's kitchen with Zidane, Steiner, Dagger
and Eiko and you will see Lani. Leave Madain Sari and enter again but this time
do it with Zidane, Quina, Steiner and Vivi in your party. Go again to the
kitchen and this time Lani won't runaway. She'll tell you something about some
carvings on the treasure chest in Eiko's room. The writings say something about
going clockwise and counter clockwise 9 times. Go to the Eidolon Wall and rotate
clockwise (to the right) until you reach the door again. When you do, you'll
hear a sound. Now go counter clockwise (to the left) until you hear the same
sound. Repeat this 9 times and you will be healed. Now you can see writings you
couldn't see before. The main reason to do this minor quest is to learn Garnet's
real name. Her real father left a message on the Eidolon Wall to his wife Jane
and his daughter Sarah that were on a boat and were lost on the night of the big

At the Black Mage's Village you can hear the OST of Final Fantasy III. First of
all, you have to be on DISC 4. You'll also need to have the Une's Mirror and the
Doga's Artifact. You can buy both of them at the Treno's Auction House. Once you
have them, start playing the gramophone at the village's inn and the songs
playing will be from Final Fantasy III.

 001. OZMA                                                            ID#03.001

For those who don't know, Ozma is the toughest and most powerful enemy in the
whole game. You can find him in Chocobo's Air Garden when you examine a rock
that looks a bit strange. If you proceed on examining the rock despite Mene's
warning, Ozma will come out to fight you.

 Level        99
 Type         Flying
 HP           55.565
 MP           9999
 AP           100
 EXP          65.565
 Gil          18.312

 Attacks      Mini, Berserk, Curaga, Flare Star, Doomsday, Meteor, Flare, Death,
              Lv.4 Holy, Lv.5 Death, Curse, MP Absorb

 Defense      Earth (avoid), Holy/Shadow (absorb)
              Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Haste, Vanish, Venom, Death, Poison,
              Float, Doom, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Heat, Mini, Trouble,
              Berserk, Regen, Freeze, Reflect

 Weakness     Holy/Shadow, Wind

 Steal        Dark Matter, Elixir, Pumice Piece, Robe of Lords

 Reward       Dark Matter, Ozma Card, Pumice

First of all, do the Spirits of Gaia sidequest. If you don't do it, Ozma will be
out of range to physical attacks. Now, Ozma has two different sides, a light
side and a dark side. The side on top will determine Ozma's weakness. If the
darker half is on top, Ozma will absorb Holy but he'll be weak against Shadow
attacks and vice-versa. Ozma rotates from time to time, so it can be hard to
take advantage of this weakness.

Zidane should be doing 9999 points of damage with Thievery. Steiner should do
the same with Shock. Vivi can be a good bet, although he will only reach his
true potential when he's able to cast Doomsday, if at the time Ozma is absorbing
Shadow damage, just use powerful non-elemental attacks. Eiko is also a good
character because of Madeen and Holy.

About your Support Abilities, first of all have all your party on Auto-Reflect.
You can prevent almost half of Ozma's attacks this way. Have Eiko with Reflect-
Null to do the Healing. Equip Return Magic too. Except for Curse, Flare Star and
Absorb MP you can return all of Ozma's attacks. Auto regenerative skills are
also important, specially Auto-Potion and Auto-Regen. Try to boost your HP with
HP increasing abilities. Protect your party from status like Slow, Mini and
Confuse (Ozma has an attack called Curse that induces these and other status
ailments, but these are the most annoying).

The most important attack you need to avoid is Doomsday, to do that equip items
that protect of absorb Shadow damage. After that just keep attacking and
healing. Try to keep more than half of you HP at all times. When you beat Ozma
you will receive the Strategy Guide. This key item gives you not only a hint on
how to have the highest score at Tetra Master but it's also the proof that you
defeated Ozma.

 002. HADES                                                           ID#03.002

In Memoria you can find the Legendary Synthesist, a mythical master that can
create the finest and rarest items. Before fighting Kraken, in the screen that
looks like the ocean, search behind the rocks. Keep on pressing the X BUTTON
until someone talks to you. Hades will accept to fight.

 Level        92
 Type         Demon, Flying
 HP           55.535
 MP           9999
 AP           30
 EXP          65.535
 Gil          9638

 Attacks      Judgement Sword, Reflect, Doomsday, Freeze, Mustard Bomb,
              Cleave, Curse

 Defense      Earth (avoid), Shadow (absorb)
              Petrify, Trouble, Berserk, Regen, Vanish, Venom, Zombie, Stop,
              Float, Doom, Silence, Death, Poison, Heat, Mini, Darkness,
              Confusion, Sleep, Freeze

 Weakness     Holy

 Steal        Battle Boots, Reflect Ring, Robe of Lords, Running Shoes

 Reward       Elixir, Holy Card, Wing Edge

Most importantly, equip items that protect of absorb Shadow damage. It is
essential that you protect your characters from most status ailments, specially,
Slow, Mini and Confuse. Return Magic's not a good bet because even though most
of Hades' attacks are returnable, you would also be returning Doomsday and in
essence, healing Hades every other turn.

Before going into battle, put all your characters on the back row. Use Long
Reach for those characters that use physical attacks, otherwise Hades will use
Cleave and that can wipe out your front row members. Other than that Hades is
not that hard. Attack with your most powerful skills and magic. After an
exhausting fight, Hades will consider you a worthy opponent and offers his
services as a master synthesist.

 ITEMS                 MATERIALS                             PRICE
 Robe of Lords         White Robe & Black Robe               30.000 Gil
 Tin Armor             Ore & Hammer                          50.000 Gil
 Protect Ring          Dark Matter & Rebirth Ring            40.000 Gil
 Pumice                Pumice Piece & Pumice Piece           50.000 Gil
 Pumice Piece          Hammer & Pumice                       25.000 Gil
 Save the Queen        Javelin & Silver Gloves               50.000 Gil
 Garnet                Ore & Remedy                          350 Gil
 Amethyst              Ore & Annoyntment                     200 Gil
 Peridot               Ore & Soft                            100 Gil
 Sapphire              Ore & Antidote                        200 Gil
 Opal                  Ore & Potion                          100 Gil
 Topaz                 Ore & Eye Drops                       100 Gil
 Lapis Lazuli          Ore & Dead Pepper                     400 Gil
 Phoenix Pinion        Phoenix Down & Gysahl Greens          300 Gil
 Ether                 Echo Screen & Vaccine                 500 Gil

 003. NECRON                                                          ID#03.003

Necron, the bringer of death. He's the final enemy you'll have to face if you
want to save the universe.

 Level        39
 Type         Demon, Flying
 HP           54.100
 MP           9999
 AP           0
 EXP          0
 Gil          0

 Attacks      Blue Shockwave, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Flare, Shell,
              Protect, Neutron Ring, Grand Cross

 Defense      Earth (avoid)
              Petrify, Trouble, Berserk, Slow, Vanish, Venom, Zombie, Stop,
              Heat, Mini, Silence, Death, Poison, Darkness, Confusion,

 Weakness     Holy, Wind

 Steal        Elixir

 Reward       None

Preparing for this battle is essential. You'll have an opportunity to do so
after you defeat Kuja. First of all, protect your party from every status
ailment possible and use the remaining stones to Auto-Reflect. If you can, equip
Auto-Regen and Auto-Potion as well. Auto-Reflect will protect you from the minor
attacks. The greatest problem with Necron is his Grand Cross that inflicts your
party members with every status effect. He also tends to unleash the Neutron
Ring that can seriously damage your party and the Blue Shockwave that reduces a
character's HP to 1.

To defeat this final boss throw him with all you got, and I do mean everything.
If you're using Amarant, throw every item in your inventory. If you have Dark
Matter, use it. Use every character's most powerful attacks. Zidane should be
doing 9999 by know and so should Steiner. A healing character is essential. I
prefer Eiko because she can also do a good amount of damage with Holy. Keep
attacking and healing and try not to let you HP get below 3000 because Necron
might strike with a Neutron Ring and you're done for.

 001. THE CHOCOGRAPHS                                                 ID#04.001

Once you leave Lindblum to reach Gizamaluke's Grotto just make a little detour
and go over the bridge into a strange looking forest. In here you will see a
Chocobo and a Moogle, the Chocobo will run away. Mene, the Moogle will give you
some Gysahl Green, a Chocobo's favorite food. All you need to do is use the
Gysahl Green near some Chocobo tracks and he will come right away. With the
Chocobo you can ride without facing any monsters which is quite useful, but most
importantly, you will be able to dig up treasures and items with your Chocobo.

Every once in a while you will come across a Chocograph which is sort of a
treasure map. Each one of them shows an image of the location you need to find
and a bit of information to help your search. To allocate a Chocograph on the
search mode just open the Chocograph menu and choose the Chocograph you want to
search for. Choco cannot find the treasure unless he has the Chocograph, even if
you already know its location.

 "Go check where the river meets the ocean. Kupo!"

 Location:    West of the Chocobo's Forest, near the bridge
 Reward:      2 Elixirs, 4 Ethers, 2 Germinas Boots, 3 Hi-Potions

 "Go look near the mountains facing the ocean in the southwest side of the
 Mist Continent."

 Location:    Southwest section of the Mist Continent
 Reward:      2 Cotton Robes, 5 Hi-Potions, 5 Potions, 2 Tents

 "The treasure is buried near a river, kupo!"

 Location:    Just follow the river near Evil Forest
 Reward:      10 Antidotes, 1 Cargo Ship Card, 1 Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edges

 "I've seen a beach that looks like this near a city with high winds, kupo."

 Location:    North of Creyra
 Reward:      The reef ability, Choco can cross shallow waters

 "There's a beach near a huge dying forest. That might be it. Kupo!"

 Location:    East of the Black Mage Village
 Reward:      1 Diamond Gloves, 12 Peridot, 5 Phoenix Downs, 9 Phoenix Pinions

 "Looks like a very cold place, kupo..."

 Location:    Quelmiera Shores, Lost Continent
 Reward:      5 Echo Screens, 7 Hi-Potions, 3 Tents, 1 Theater Ship Card

 "Kupo! Why not go play in icy-cold water!"

 Location:    Island near Esto Gaza
 Reward:      1 Dragon's Claws, 5 Ethers, 8 Gysahl Greens, 7 Hi-Potions

 "I heard there is a long stretch of reef.. That might be it, kupo."

 Location:    East of the Water Shrine
 Reward:      1 Gaia Gear, 6 Magic Tags, 37 Potions, 1 Shield Armor

 "I hear there's a sunken treasure near a peninsula in the southern part of
 the Outer Continent, kupo."

 Location:    West of Fossil Roo
 Reward:      4 Ethers, 1 Feather Boots, 1 N-Kai Armlet, 6 Softs

 "There are so many small islands surrounding the Mist Continent, Kupo!"

 Location:    West of the Qu's Marsh where you found Quina
 Reward:      3 Ethers, 1 Magician Robe, 4 Phoenix Downs, 8 Potions

 "It's a beach on a small island! A right place to vacation, kupo."

 Location:    South of Chocobo Forest
 Reward:      2 Elixir, 1 Oak Staff, 4 Remedies, 8 Rising Sun

 "It's near a city where the night never ends."

 Location:    Southeast of Treno
 Reward:      The mountain ability, Choco can climb mountains

 "What a beautiful sunset, Kupo!"

 Location:    Southwest of Oeilvert
 Reward:      1 Iron Man Card, 1 Kaiser Knuckles, 14 Ores, 12 Phoenix Downs

 "The forest lies where many mountain ranges merge, Kupo!"

 Location:    West of Dali
 Reward:      2 Elixir, 7 Ethers, 1 High Mage Staff, 10 Wing Edge

 "There are treasures on the high plains too, Kupo!"

 Location:    Northwest of Alexandria
 Reward:      The sea ability, Choco can swim through the ocean

 "The long peninsula sort of points to the location of the treasures, Kupo!"

 Location:    South of Ipsen's Castle
 Reward:      1 Demon's Mail, 5 Ethers, 14 Opals, 17 Ores

 "There must be more treasures deeper at the ocean."

 Location:    North of the Wind Shrine
 Reward:      1 Diamond, 1 Masamune Card, 15 Phoenix Pinions, 1 White Robe

 "Look carefully! There's a small reef, Kupo!"

 Location:    West of the Forgotten Continent
 Reward:      1 Alexander Card, 1 Light Robe, 27 Ores, 1 Whale Whisker

 "What a complicated cove, the water looks very cold, Kupo!"

 Location:    West of the Fire Shrine
 Reward:      9 Opals, 11 Peridot Gems, 15 Sapphires, 19 Topaz

 "Look around the small islands located in the north-eastern shore of Mist

 Location:    North of Alexandria
 Reward:      The sky ability, Choco can fly

 "Kupo. It isn't a very big island."

 Location:    Northeast of Kuja's Desert Palace
 Reward:      21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok

 "I think there's a desert nearby, Kupo."

 Location:    Northwest of Kuja's Desert Palace
 Reward:      1 Circlet, 1 Hilda Garde 3 Card, 1 Pumice Piece, 11 Sapphires

 "There's a mountain in the middle of the island."

 Location:    Southwest of Iifa Tree
 Reward:      15 Annoyntments, 1 Dark Matter Card, 1 Holy Miter, 33 Potions

 "What a strange shape for an island, Kupo."

 Location:    North of the Forgotten Continent
 Reward:      13 Amethyst, 1 Ark Card, 1 Rebirth Ring, 1 Ribbon

 002. THE PARADISE TREASURES                                          ID#04.002

All of the Paradise Treasures require that you use a Dead Pepper on Choco. You
can get a lot of Dead Peppers if you talk to the Chocobo sitting next to the Fat
Chocobo but in the beginning you need to dig them like every other Chocobo in
the world at the Chocobo's Forest/Lagoon/Air Garden.

Dead Peppers enhance certain abilities in Choco. If Choco is in the ground when
you use it he will dig frenetically. If you're near a crack, it will open and
you can get treasures or find entrances to special places. If Choco is on the
sea he will dive furiously and if there are any treasures underwater he will get
them. If the Chocobo is flying he will spread his wings and fly. This ability is
only needed to reach the Air Garden.

Here are all the locations of the treasures. There are a total of 8 treasures to
be found, and the locations are revealed to you by many Chocobos at the Paradise
and by the Fat Chocobo too. Beware that some Chocobo's give you two locations
(if you talk to a Chocobo with the X BUTTON he will give you a location but if
you talk to him with the SQUARE BUTTON he might give you another location).

Since you don't have any Chocographs to guide you, there are other ways to find
the treasures. There are 2 different clues. If the treasure is on land there
will be a crack to mark the spot. If the treasure is underwater there will be
bubbles on the surface.

 Location:    In Quan's Dwelling. Enter with Zidane, without Choco. Approach
              the ledge on the balcony and examine the (!). Feed Choco with a
              Dead Pepper and dive.
 Reward:      9 Ore, 1 Red Rose Card, 1 Tiger Racket, 15 Topaz

 Location     North of Oeilvert, in a mountain you'll find a crack.
 Reward:      19 Eye Drops, 1 Genji Helmet, 1 Hilda Garde 1 Card, 1 Madain's

 Location:    In a crack at Seaways Canyon on the Forgotten Continent.
 Reward:      1 Dragon's Hair, 1 Gauntlets, 1 Odin Card, 1 Maiden Prayer

 Location:    In Seatence Field, North of the Outer Continent.
 Reward:      1 Airship Card, 41 Lapis Lazuli, 1 Protect Ring, 1 Rosetta Ring

 Location:    South of the Wind Shrine, in a small lagoon.
 Reward:      1 Black Robe, 1 Blue Narciss Card, 1 Protect Ring, 10 Remedies

 Location:    North of Alexandria, in the ocean.
 Reward:      7 Aloha T-Shirt, 8 Pearl Armlet, 8 Sandals, 8 Straw Hat

 Location:    Right between the Outer and the Lost Continent. In the centre
              of the map a bit up North. It's hard but you'll find it.
 Reward:      7 Elixir, 9 Ether, 25 Hi-Potions, 50 Potions

 Location:    where the Shimmering Islands were before they were destroyed.
 Reward:      10 Aquamarines, 1 Invincible Card, 1 Maximillian, 1 Ultima Weapon

When you find all the 8 Paradise Treasures, Choco can finally stay in Paradise.
After a while Choco decides to stay with you. Don't forget to talk to the Fat
Chocobo so he gives you his card.

 003. HEALING SANDS                                                   ID#04.003

There's a final quest to do with Choco. Visit all the beaches and shores in the
world to gain a cool healing power. When you're at a beach, press the CIRCLE
BUTTON and you will hear a sound. Do this in every single beach of the world.
You don't need to do it with Choco, you can use the Invincible to visit every
beach and although it seems hard it's quite easy, the problem is that if you
miss a small shore it will be hard to find out which one you missed, so try to
get a map to signal the beaches you already visited. When you do this you will
gain a healing power. Press the CIRCLE BUTTON on any beach and you will be
automatically healed.

 001. RULES OF PLAY                                                   ID#05.001

Tetra Master is simple to learn but hard to master. The game field is a 4x4 cell
board. You have to place your cards on the board and win over you opponent's
cards. Some cells are blocked and you can't place any card there, this means
that some strategy is required for you to win. Every card has arrows (at least
most of them) these arrows indicate which direction a card can attack or defend.
Each card also has number and letters that represent attack power and attack

To win you need to flip the other player's cards. You flip them by placing your
cards on the game field. If your card sits next to an opponent's card and your
card has an arrow pointing to it, you can attack the card. If the opponent's
card doesn't have an arrow facing back at you, you will automatically flip the
card, turning it blue. If it does, a battle will occur and the best card will
flip the other. If by the end of the match you have more cards flipped, you win.
When you win you may choose one of the opponent's card but only one of those
which you were able to turn blue. If you make a perfect game by turning all the
cards blue you can have all of your opponent's cards.

All around the world there are cards to be found. Most of them are easy to get.
To help you out here's a little list of all the locations. Except for the
Namingway, they are all from DISC 4 to make the life of those who went on to get
Excalibur II easier even although some of them are available before that.

Each card will also give you different points to boost your rank, depending on
the type of card and arrow arrangement as well as the attack type and level. To
be a Tetra Master, that is, to have the maximum player rank, you will need 100
unique cards, with completely unique arrow arrangements between them, all of
them with an attack type of at least X and an attack or defense level of at
least A.

 CARD                    LOCATION
 #001 Goblin             Card seller (outside Card Stadium - Treno)
 #002 Fang               Card seller (outside Card Stadium - Treno)
 #003 Skeleton           Card seller (outside Card Stadium - Treno)
 #004 Flan               Card Seller (outside Card Stadium - Treno)
 #005 Zaghnol            Card Freak Gon (Residence - Lindblum)
 #006 Lizard Man         Card Freak Gon (Residence - Lindblum)
 #007 Zombie             Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael (Studio - Lindblum)
 #008 Bomb               Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael (Studio - Lindblum)
 #009 Ironite            Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael (Studio - Lindblum)
 #010 Sahagin            Self-Proclaimed Artist Michael (Studio - Lindblum)
 #011 Yeti               Red Chocobo near Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #012 Mimic              Red Chocobo near Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #013 Wyerd              Red Chocobo near Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #014 Mandragora         Red Chocobo near Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #015 Crawler            Weimar, Pluto Knight VII (Steeple - Alexandria)
 #016 Sand Scorpion      Weimar, Pluto Knight VII (Steeple - Alexandria)
 #017 Nymph              Aschley (Alley - Alexandria)
 #018 Sand Golem         Aschley (Alley - Alexandria)
 #019 Zuu                Aschley (Alley - Alexandria)
 #020 Dragonfly          Immigrant from Lindblum (Main Street - Alexandria)
 #021 Carrion Worm       Immigrant from Lindblum (Main Street - Alexandria)
 #022 Cerberus           Immigrant from Lindblum (Main Street - Alexandria)
 #023 Antlion            Young Lady (Main Street - Lindblum)
 #024 Cactuar            Young Lady (Main Street - Lindblum)
 #025 Gimme Cat          Indus. District Engineer (B.D. Station - Lindblum)
 #026 Ragtimer           Indus. District Engineer (B.D. Station - Lindblum)
 #027 Hedgehog Pie       Indus. District Engineer (B.D. Station - Lindblum)
 #028 Ralvuimahgo        Booklover (Entrance - Daguerreo)
 #029 Ochu               Booklover (Entrance - Daguerreo)
 #030 Troll              Scholar (Right Hall - Daguerreo)
 #031 Blazer Beetle      Adventurer (Left Hall - Daguerreo)
 #032 Abomination        Adventurer (Left Hall - Daguerreo)
 #033 Zemzelett          Adventurer (Left Hall - Daguerreo)
 #034 Stroper            Adventurer (Left Hall - Daguerreo)
 #035 Tantarian          Scholar (Right Hall - Daguerreo)
 #036 Grand Dragon       No.189 (Pond - Black mage Village)
 #037 Feather Circle     No.44 (Pond - Black Mage Village)
 #038 Hecteyes           No.44 (Pond - Black Mage Village)
 #039 Ogre               No.44 (Pond - Black Mage Village)
 #040 Armstrong          No.44 (Pond - Black Mage Village)
 #041 Ash                No.56 (Cemetery - Black Mage Village)
 #042 Wraith             No.56 (Cemetery - Black Mage Village)
 #043 Gargoyle           No.56 (Cemetery - Black Mage Village)
 #044 Vepal              No.33 (Water Mill - Black Mage Village)
 #045 Grimlock           Straight Shooter Shak (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #046 Tonberry           Straight Shooter Shak (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #047 Veteran            Straight Shooter Shak (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #048 Garuda             Straight Shooter Shak (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #049 Malboro            Malboro Master Joe (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #050 Mover              Beast Master Gilbert (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #051 Abadon             Beast Master Gilbert (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #052 Behemoth           Beast Master Gilbert (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #053 Iron Man           Chocograph #13 (Dusk Plains)
 #054 Nova Dragon        Master Phantom (Stairs of time - Memoria)
 #055 Ozma               Dark Phantom (Stairs - Memoria)
 #056 Hades              Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #057 Holy               Magic Master Thalisa (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #058 Meteor             Magic Master Thalisa (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #059 Flare              Magic Master Thalisa (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #060 Shiva              Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #061 Ifrit              Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #062 Ramuh              Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #063 Atomos             Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #064 Odin               Paradise Treasure #3
 #065 Leviathan          Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #066 Bahamut            Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #067 Ark                Chocograph #24 (Forgotten Island)
 #068 Fenrir             Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #069 Madeen             Eidolon Master Leyra (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #070 Alexander          Chocograph #18 (Ocean)
 #071 Excalibur II       Weapon Master Hunt (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #072 Ultima Weapon      Weapon Master Hunt (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #073 Masamune           Chocograph #17 (Sea at Dusk)
 #074 Elixir             Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #075 Dark Matter        Chocograph #23 (Fairy Island)
 #076 Ribbon             Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #077 Tiger Racket       No.56 (Cemetery - Black Mage Village)
 #078 Save the Queen     Weapon Master Hunt (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #079 Genji              Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #080 Mythril Sword      Weapon Master Hunt (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #081 Blue Narciss       Paradise Treasure #5
 #082 Hilda Garde 3      Chocograph #22 (Outer Island 2)
 #083 Invincible         Paradise Treasure #8
 #084 Cargo Ship         Chocograph #3 (Uncultivated Land)
 #085 Hilda Garde 1      Paradise Treasure #2
 #086 Red Rose           Paradise Treasure #1
 #087 Theater Ship       Chocograph #6 (Cold Field)
 #088 Viltgance          Alleyway Jack (Right Hall - Daguerreo)
 #089 Chocobo            Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #090 Fat Chocobo        Fat Chocobo (Chocobo's Paradise)
 #091 Mog                Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #092 Frog               Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #093 Oglop              Oglop Master Gon (Card Stadium - Treno)
 #094 Alexandria         Boy running from a girl (Square - Alexandria)
 #095 Lindblum           Strong Phantom (Lost Memory - Memoria)
 #096 Two Moons          Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #097 Gargant            Dropped from Adamantoise and Ralvuimahgo
 #098 Namingway          In Kuja's room (Desert Palace)
 #099 Boco               Rare Phantom (Time Warp - Memoria)
 #100 Airship            Paradise Treasure #8

 001. BLACKJACK                                                       ID#06.001

When the words "THE END" appear, if you press a certain sequence of buttons, you
will get to play a little bit of twenty-one, Blackjack.


 002. KING OF JUMP ROPE                                               ID#06.002

There are two games you can play in Alexandria. The first one is the jump rope.
To play talk to the girls playing the game when you gain control of Vivi in the
beginning of the game, or later on in DISC 4.

Jump Rope is hard at the beginning because of the camera view, you can do it the
first time if you want to get the cards (they might be useful in the beginning).
After Alexandria is destroyed the girls will appear again, this time in the
chapel of Alexandria and Eiko can play too. While playing the game press the X
BUTTON when you see the (!). This will make Vivi or Eiko jump. At the beginning
it's easy, but when you hit 20 jumps the speed will increase, again at the 50th
and 100th jumps. When you reach 200 jumps the speed will decrease a little bit.
From 300 onwards, the speed will remain the same. Depending on the number of
jumps you do, you can get various rewards.

 JUMPS                REWARD
 20 times             10 Gil
 50 times             Cactuar Card
 100 times            Genji Card
 200 times            Alexandria Card
 300 times            Tiger Racket Card
 1000 times           King of Jump Rope

 003. ATHLETE QUEEN                                                   ID#06.003

The other game in Alexandria is the racing game. When you return to Alexandria
and you get to control Vivi alone, talk to Hippaul's mother (she's on one of the
streets) and you can choose to race against Hippaul.

By playing with Hippaul you can get various items. Talk to Hippaul's mother in
the streets of Alexandria on DISC 3. Once the game begins, quickly press the
CIRCLE and SQUARE BUTTONS alternately (I advise you to change the button
configuration to a more suitable position because the normal configuration makes
it hard to pull it off). In the beginning Hippaul will be awfully slow, but he
will eventually increase his level becoming a faster racer until he reaches a
point when he's almost unbeatable. His mom will give you prizes every time he
reaches a certain level.

 LEVEL                REWARD
 Level 10             Wyerd Card
 Level 20             Carrion Worm Card
 Level 30             Tantarian Card
 Level 40             Armstrong Card
 Level 50             Ribbon Card
 Level 60             Nova Dragon Card
 Level 70             Genji Card
 Level 80             Athlete Queen

If you missed Hippaul's mom in Alexandria or didn't care to win the Athlete
Queen then you can forget about it since you'll never be able to race him again
after that. If you really want the key item do not leave town without it.

 001. VERSION HISTORY                                                 ID#07.001

 Version 1.00   Most sidequests and mini-games have been introduced. The
                Treasure Hunting section is still missing.

 Version 1.10   Corrected some major, huge Mistakes in the layout. Also added
                some info on the character's skills. The Tetra Master sections
                is far from being complete.

 Version 1.20   Added the info on the element types. Added a strategy to beat
                Grand Dragons and Yans.

 Version 1.30   Frequently Asked Questions altered, added the location of the
                Phantom Masters as well as the location of most cards. Also
                added Ozma's stats.

 Version 1.40   More card locations added some Mistakes were corrected. The
                mailing information was remodeled. Dedicated a section to the
                runes and to the 4 Jewels.

 Version 1.50   Completed 4 Jewels section. Added easier locations to get some
                of the cards.

 Version 1.60   Small change in layout. Added the info on the book monster,

 Version 1.70   New ASCII Artwork. Removed the Dark rose project and added
                the Author's Fiction.

 Version 1.80   Updated series' facts, updated the copyrights section. Added
                an alternative way to gain more Gil and corrected some
                mistakes on the Mognet Central Guide and on two of the
                Paradise Treasures.

 Version 2.00   Major change in layout. Various sections suffered significant
                modifications. The guide is now much more organized.

 Version 2.10   A great deal of information on eidolons, equipments and
                abilities was added. A few sections were altered or simply

 Version 2.20   Mailing rules altered. Copyrights section modified. Some
                mistakes corrected and information was updated.

 Version 3.00   Major layout modifications. Section about the Gameplay was
                removed. Full update on all parts of the guide. Corrected
                spelling errors. Some chapters were reorganized and ended
                merging with others. Re-wrote the entire Version History in
                order to follow the standard version numbers.

 Version 3.10   Rewrote, remade, slashed, changed, moved some chapters.
                This FAQ is officially done. No more updates.

 002. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                                ID#07.002

- The contributors of the FFIX page at finalfantasy.wikia.com for the
  complete storyline.
- To ffonline.com for providing me with information on the formulas used to
  calculate the damage done by some of the techniques.
- Amy Dubs for informing me of some mistakes in the letter sequence and spotting
  a mistake in two of the Paradise Treasures.
- Tom Margett for the location of Mochos.
- Jeff who gave me Ozma's stats.
- George Buttner for the tip on Eiko's Holy against Ozma and the info on
  Alleway Jack's cards.
- Tom Margett for an alternate location of the Namingway card.

 003. OUTRO                                                           ID#07.003

The revolution will not be webcast.
Copyright 2002-2009 Inoffensive


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