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    A Discarded NPC (secret)Defeat Zander Gaiden10
    A Dream Half RememberedComplete Chapter 120
    A High Functioning TeamTeam Kessens Used 5010
    A Traveler ApproachesComplete Prologue20
    AlchemistItem Recipes Learned 50%10
    Awakening : Bold New World (secret)Finish Game : Good Ending20
    Awakening : Chaos Reborn (secret)Finish Game : Evil Ending20
    Blade and Wand (secret)Zander and Tonya Join20
    BotanistGather Rank S10
    Boys Need Saving Too (secret)Rescue Royce20
    Bragging RightsYokai Killed 2510
    CallerSummons Used 2510
    CobblerSteps Taken 1,00010
    CompletionistComplete 50% of Quests10
    Daughter of Chaos (secret)Defeat Jacinda Brightflame10
    Deathbringer (secret)Defeat Agamon Gaiden10
    Drinks Are On MeDinari Earned 1,000,00010
    Eater of Dreams (secret)Defeat Yndra30
    EnchanterEnchantments Known 50%10
    Extinction EventYokai Killed 5010
    Filia ex Machina (secret)Defeat Lex Zero15
    Gate to Another WorldComplete Chapter 220
    Grand AlchemistItem Recipes Learned 100%10
    Grand CallerSummons Used 5010
    Grand CompletionistComplete All Quests10
    Grand EnchanterEnchantments Known 100%10
    Grand PortalmancyWild Portals Unlocked 100%10
    Grand SlayerEnemies Defeated 100010
    Grand SummonerSummons Acquired 100%10
    Grand ZoologistBestiary 100%10
    Grigori Ascendant (secret)Defeat Sorcerer Modari15
    Guardian of Souls (secret)Defeat Tiberius Gaiden10
    Harvester of Souls (secret)Defeat Vith Zoral10
    Heart Bound (secret)Follow Love Interest into portal20
    Heart Breaker (secret)Let Love Interest go20
    I Swear I'm Not LostSteps Taken 10,00010
    Keeper of Secrets (secret)Defeat Mordekai Gaiden10
    Kinslayer (secret)Defeat Svolkoroth Gaiden10
    LinguistDecipher Rank S10
    LockmasterUnlock Rank S10
    Lost Traveler Found (secret)Rescue Main Character20
    Master of PerceptionSearch Rank S10
    MoneybagsDinari Earned 100,00010
    Mother of Demons (secret)Defeat Lilith Gaiden10
    Old Friends, New AdventuresComplete Chapter 320
    OremongerMine Rank S10
    Pain and ShadowComplete Chapter 420
    PortalmancyWild Portals Unlocked 50%10
    Potestas Angelus (secret)Defeat Justicar Gaiden10
    Puzzle GrandmasterPuzzle Rooms Completed 100%10
    Puzzle MasterPuzzle Rooms Completed 50%10
    Rescue Victoria (secret)Rescue Victoria20
    Serpent and the Wolf (secret)Regulus and Ejlora join20
    Servant of Love (secret)Defeat Lyra Gaiden10
    Side by Side (secret)Victoria Joins20
    Skull-Popper (secret)Defeat Butterbean20
    SlayerEnemies Defeated 50010
    SummonerSummons Acquired 50%10
    Sword of Loyalty (secret)Royce Joins20
    TeamworkTeam Kessens Used 2510
    The 9 Headed Hydra (secret)Defeat Xianglu20
    The Brightest Flame (secret)Jacinda Joins20
    The Demon General (secret)Defeat Balthazzar Gaiden10
    The Dragon Prince (secret)Defeat Vith Uriel20
    The Dreadwing (secret)Defeat Jormandr15
    The Final Seal (secret)Defeat The Ancient of Chaos Gaiden10
    The Mad Scientist (secret)Defeat Shi-Lorath10
    The Pentagrammaton (secret)Defeat the Ancient of Chaos30
    The Serpent's Tongue (secret)Complete All Quests and talk to Foster10
    The Voice of Chaos (secret)Defeat The Prophet15
    The Will of the AncientsComplete Chapter 520
    Trophy RoomHunt Rank S10
    Vengeance for Gar (secret)Defeat Kentu Asura10
    ZoologistBestiary 50%10

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