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Claws of Osh
Outsmart the guardian of the Lower World
Lower World
Enter the world of the dead and ancient spirits
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Cows of Vakul
Secret achievement
Riddles in the Dark
Solve the ice crystal riddle in the underworld
Grab a piece of shimmering sun
Secrets of the Bone Forest
Find all the artefacts among Mangonth's tusks
Fight and defeat the spider of the Lower World
Escape the river god
Vorsa's Sanctuary
Solve the riddle of Vorsa's sanctuary
Middle World
Enter the world of men
Outsmart Yoma the Witch
Upper World
Enter the world of gods and ancestors
Rug Ride
Survive the chase by Voipel
Return to the gates of the Lower World
Collect all artefacts

Originally Contributed By: Similac

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