• Achievements

    Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

    All your baseWin an online multiplayer match15
    Beyond the VoidWin a game using the Voidtech Doomsday weapon20
    BuilderComplete The Builder quest15
    ConquerorComplete The Conqueror quest15
    Consortium DominiumComplete the Dvar Campaign20
    DiplomatComplete The Diplomat quest15
    EconomistComplete The Economist quest15
    EmissaryComplete The Emissary quest15
    EmperorComplete The Emperor quest15
    Escape to freedomWin as Kir'Ko leader20
    Expeditionary ForcesWin as Vanguard leader20
    Eye of the StormComplete the Final Campaign mission60
    Four Noble TruthsWin a game using the Celestian Doomsday weapon20
    Friendly fireKill your own unit by missing a shot15
    FuturistResearch a Tier X skill10
    Galactic MatriarchyWin as Amazon leader20
    Galactic WarlordWin 100 manual battles60
    HarbingerComplete The Harbinger quest15
    Hello darkness my old friendWin a game using the Psynumbra Doomsday weapon20
    Homecoming KingComplete the Kir'Ko Campaign20
    InvaderComplete The Invader quest15
    Justice prevailsDeclare war using at least 15 casus belli in a scenario20
    Missing a few lungsComplete the Assembly Campaign30
    Mr. UniverseAchieve a Unifier Victory15
    NegotiatorComplete The Negotiator quest15
    No one could survive that!Kill 5 units in TC with a single tactical operation25
    OperatorComplete The Operator quest15
    OverlordHave 3 vassals during a single playthrough20
    ParagonHave a Virtuous reputation in a scenario15
    PariahHave a Deplorable reputation in a scenario15
    PatronComplete The Patron quest15
    Power PlayGet your commander to level 20 and have them equip 4 mods20
    Pustules Everywhere!Complete the Amazon Campaign30
    RedCore Mining Co.Win as Dvar leader20
    Resistance is futileWin as Assembly leader20
    SingularityWin a game using the Synthesis Doomsday weapon20
    SpymasterComplete The Spymaster quest15
    Star BureaucratHave 7 doctrines active20
    Story MasterComplete 25 NPC Faction Quests15
    Syndicate CollectiveWin as Syndicate leader20
    TechnologistComplete The Technologist quest15
    The Alpha StrainWin a game using the Xenoplague Doomsday weapon20
    The Art of DeceptionComplete the Syndicate Campaign30
    The very best, like no one ever wasAchieve Integration with an NPC faction in a scenario20
    UnifierComplete The Unifier quest15
    WarmongerComplete The Warmonger quest15
    Well doneWin a game using the Promethean Doomsday weapon20
    Wide awakeComplete the Vanguard Campaign20
    WololoPermanently convert 30 units to your side20
    XenophileHave colonies of 3 different races in your empire20

    Contributed By: Similac.

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