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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jet2x5

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/2013

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                                                           Far Cry 3 © Ubisoft



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                    | Table of Contents              |             00.00
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Easier navigation through this guide has been made by the use of Find Codes.
You can use the Find tool in your browser (Ctrl + F) and type in the correct
code listed by what you wish to find from the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents                                            00.00

Introduction                                                 01.00
  1. About Me / Donations- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.01
  2. Story - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.02
  3. Controls- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.03
  4. Game Mechanics- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.04

Version History                                              02.00

Walkthrough                                                  03.00
  1. Make a Break for It - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.01
  2. Down in Amanaki Town- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.02
  3. Harvest the Jungle- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.03
  4. Secure the Outpost- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.04
  5. Mushrooms in the Deep - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.05
  6. The Medusa's Call - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.06
  7. Playing the Spoiler - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.07
  8. Prison Break-In - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.08
  9. Island Port Hotel - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.09
  10. Keeping Busy - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.10
  11. Meet Citra - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.11
  12. Bad Side of Town - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.12
  13. Kick the Hornet's Nest - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.13
  14. A Man Named Hoyt - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.14
  15. Saving Oliver- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.15
  16. Piece of the Past- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.16
  17. Down in the Docks- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.17
  18. The Motherlode - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.18
  19. Lin Cong I Presume?- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.19
  20. Unhappy Reunion- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.20
  SC. Social Club- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.SC
  21. This Knife's for You - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.21
  22. Ambush - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.22
  23. Warrior Rescue Service - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.23
  24. New Rite of Passage- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.24
  25. Payback- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.25
  26. Citra's Favor- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.26
  27. Fly South- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.27
  28. Three Blind Mice - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.28
  29. Doppelganger - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.29
  30. Triple Decker- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.30
  31. Defusing the Situation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.31
  32. Deepthroat - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.32
  33. All In - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.33
  34. Paint It Black - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.34
  35. Black Gold - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.35
  36. Aced in the Hole - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.36
  37. Betting Against the House- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.37
  38. The Doctor is Out- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.38
  39. Hard Choices - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.39

Side Quests                                                  04.00
  1. Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.01
  2. Tagging the Past- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.02
  3. Love Eternal- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.03
  4. A Connection to the Past- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.04
  5. Light at the End of the Jungle- - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.05
  6. Pinned to Earth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.06
  7. Faces of Death- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.07
  8. Dog Soldier - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.08
  9. Once More With Dignity- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.09
  10. Cargo Dump - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.10
  11. Bled Dry - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.11
  12. Dirty Work - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.12
  13. Father's Burden- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.13
  14. Home Delivered - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.14

Side Missions                                                05.00
  1. Trials of the Rakyat- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.01
  2. Wanted Dead - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.02
  3. Path of the Hunter- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.03
  4. Supply Drop - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.04

Activities                                                   06.00
  1. Sharpshooter Challenges - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.01
  2. The Island Racing League- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.02
  3. Knife Throwing- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.03
  4. Poker - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.04

Exploration and Collectibles                                 07.00
  1. Crafting- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.01
  2. Radio Towers- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.02
  3. Outposts and Fast Travel- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.03
  4. Memory Cards- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.04
  5. Relics- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.05
  6. Letters of the Lost - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.06

Achievement/Trophy Guide                                     08.00

Credits                                                      09.00
Legals, Copyright and Info                                   10.00
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Introduction                   |             01.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| About Me / Donations                                             01.01 |

Hi; the name's Duane! I started writing some video game guides/FAQs when
I was just a kid. Across a couple years, I put out fifteen (15) guides,
and then life took over and I pretty much vanished.

It's been a decade or so and I'm a student trying to work my way into the
world, though I have a few years before I can get there. I intend to pick up
the pace, at least as much as I can, with these guides, and get some heavy
hitters out there finally, but again, this passion of mine costs time, and,
well, time really IS money.

So if you use and enjoy this guide (or any of my other works), then please
donate anything that you can, even if it's a dollar. It will help me keep things
like this going, as gaming is an expensive habit in addition to the things I
need to take care of in my life.

Nowadays, most guides cost about $20 or more, usually a third of the price of a
NEW console game or higher, so think of it as a great discount! And that's just
for ONE guide, not the multiple guides you will get from me! But in the long
run, the reason I ask is this MOST importantly, with YOU in mind:

Donations will help me write more and more guides, and therefore give YOU
more and more of what you wish to see.

If you donate through PayPal, please visit

[ https:// www . paypal . com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online ]

or navigate to PayPal yourself and choose "Transfer" -> "Send Someone Money"
and use the following email address

[ maidenrocks99@gmail.com ]

If you use the link, ensure to remove the spaces from it before going!

THANK YOU very much, everyone.

| Story                                                            01.02 |

When the skydivers approached the island at terminal velocity, it looked like
paradise, a lush green dot growing larger in blue Pacific waters. But when Jason
and his friends landed, they found hell hiding beneath the jungle canopy.

Now Jason must rescue his captured friends from two insane warlords and their
numerous soldiers. Luckily, he doesn't fight alone on an island where "hero" and
"hope" have become four-letter words.

From a beautiful rebel leader to an unconventional doctor, Jason will need all
the help he can get to save his friends, and himself.

| Controls                                                         01.03 |

XBOX 360
 ____________________ ________________________________________________________
|       BUTTON:      | ACTION:                                                |
|                    |                                                        |
| Left Analog Stick  | Move <> Steer                                          |
| Right Analog Stick | Look                                                   |
| D-Pad Up           | Camera                                                 |
| D-Pad Down         | Crafted Item 2                                         |
| D-Pad Left         | Crafted Item 1                                         |
| D-Pad Right        | Throw Rock                                             |
| Left Stick [push]  | Sprint <> Hold Breath                                  |
| Right Stick [push] | Melee/Takedown                                         |
| START              | Pause/Game Menu                                        |
| BACK               | World Map                                              |
|         A          | Jump <> Switch seats                                   |
|      A [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
|         B          | Crouch <> Handbrake <> Slide (while running)           |
|      B [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
|         X          | Reload                                                 |
|      X [hold]      | Interact <> Enter/Exit Vehicle                         |
|         Y          | Previous Weapon                                        |
|      Y [hold]      | Heal                                                   |
|         RT         | Shoot <> Accelerate                                    |
|      RT [hold]     | Shoot <> Accelerate <> Zoom in with camera             |
|         RB         | Throw <> Take picture with camera                      |
|      RB [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
|         LT         | Aim <> Brake/Reverse                                   |
|      LT [hold]     | Aim <> Brake/Reverse <> Zoom out with camera           |
|         LB         | N/A                                                    |
|      LB [hold]     | Weapon Inventory                                       |

 ____________________ ________________________________________________________
|       BUTTON:      | ACTION:                                                |
|                    |                                                        |
| Left Analog Stick  | Move <> Steer                                          |
| Right Analog Stick | Look                                                   |
| D-Pad Up           | Camera                                                 |
| D-Pad Down         | Crafted Item 2                                         |
| D-Pad Left         | Crafted Item 1                                         |
| D-Pad Right        | Throw Rock                                             |
| L3 [push]          | Sprint <> Hold Breath                                  |
| R3 [push]          | Melee/Takedown                                         |
| START              | Pause/Game Menu                                        |
| SELECT             | World Map                                              |
|         X          | Jump <> Switch seats                                   |
|      X [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
|         O          | Crouch <> Handbrake <> Slide (while running)           |
|      O [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
|         []         | Reload                                                 |
|      [] [hold]     | Interact <> Enter/Exit Vehicle                         |
|         /\         | Previous Weapon                                        |
|      /\ [hold]     | Heal                                                   |
|         R1         | Shoot <> Accelerate                                    |
|      R1 [hold]     | Shoot <> Accelerate <> Zoom in with camera             |
|         R2         | Throw <> Take picture with camera                      |
|      R2 [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
|         L1         | Aim <> Brake/Reverse                                   |
|      L1 [hold]     | Aim <> Brake/Reverse <> Zoom out with camera           |
|         L2         | N/A                                                    |
|      L2 [hold]     | Weapon Inventory                                       |

| Game Mechanics                                                   01.04 |

NOTE: A good chunk of these items are discussed in the in-game User Manual that
      can be found by going to the Options menu. Some items will have slightly
      different or additional pieces of information from me, however.
  /                    \

    Quite simply, to begin walking all around this "paradise" of an island, use
    the L-Stick to move about and use the R-Stick to look around from your first
    person point of view. Pushing the L-Stick in will cause you to sprint (but
    you must still holding the L-Stick in a given direction) but you will soon
    slow down as you get tired. Note that you can also swim in the game, and
    while swimming you can push the L-Stick to swim faster as well. Should you
    need to get under a barrier or try not to be seen as much, press B to crouch
    down to the ground. You can also interact with various objects like doors or
    weapons by holding down the X button, and you can also get into a vehicle by
    doing the same.

    If you need to get somewhere higher from your position, press A to jump. If
    you need to get really higher (or lower), you will be able to approach some
    ledges and cliff sides which cause a prompt to appear on-screen. Press A
    when the prompt is showing to start climbing. While climbing, simply push
    the L-Stick up or down to climb higher or lower.

    As you're walking around, you will almost always have weapons with you, guns
    basically. To shoot a gun, press (or hold) RT and you will begin firing. You
    should know that there are semi-automatic guns where you will have to keep
    pressing RT over and over again to shoot and there are fully automatic guns
    where you just hold RT down until you run out of bullets.

    Note that you can aim down the sights of your guns by holding LT before you
    begin firing. Press X to reload your gun whenever you want, or the game will
    automatically do so for you when you run out of ammo. Further, you can throw
    certain items that you get, like grenades or molotovs, using RB. Pick up the
    guns and items you want to use as you explore the island. Note that you can
    hold LB to bring up the weapons menu and select from any of your weapons via
    the R-Stick. Further, pressing Y (while outside of any menus) will swap the
    weapon you are holding to your previous weapon.

    Besides ranged weaponry, you can also use melee by pressing the R-Stick and
    you will get up close and personal with your enemies. You can also learn,
    through the Skills menu, Takedowns. If you get up close to an enemy and
    press the R-Stick without them noticing you, then you will dispatch them in
    silence, rather stealthily. More on Takedowns later on.

    Should you take too much damage during battle, you can heal yourself by
    holding Y. Take note that there are two ways to heal: using Medicine and
    performing First Aid. Using Medicine requires, well, Medicine. You can buy
    Medicine along the way or use the Crafting system. More on the Crafting
    system later as well. In any case, using up Medicine will heal a large bit
    of your health and will also do it rather quickly. If you do not have any
    Medicine, however, you can still heal, but it is using First Aid. First Aid
    will heal a small portion of your health and will take much longer than if
    you had used some Medicine. First Aid does not cost anything or use any of
    your items, and you can use First Aid for as long as you want.

    Moving away from battles, you can press the D-Pad to the right to throw a
    rock, thus distracting enemies and perhaps allowing you to avoid battle. If
    an enemy is distracted, it makes them perfectly open to a Takedown as well.

    You also have a camera at your disposal. Press up on the D-Pad to either
    bring your camera out or put it away. More on the camera later. Also note
    that pressing BACK brings up the World Map for you to observe.

    Lastly, there are Crafting shortcuts. The D-Pad left and D-Pad down are both
    shortcuts for Crafting items. In the Crafting menu, you can assign specific
    items to these slots and therefore not have to open the menu every time that
    you want to use them. More on the entire Crafting system shortly.

    You can enter and exit vehicles by holding the X button. Note that you CAN
    exit a vehicle while moving, but you will likely get hurt. To move a vehicle
    just press and hold RT to accelerate, and hold LT to brake (or reverse if
    the vehicle is already not moving). Steering is simply controlled by moving
    the L-Stick. Holding B controls the handbrake which is mostly used to drift
    while moving in a vehicle. You would be driving at a fast speed, then if you
    hold B and turn left or right, the vehicle should slide and "drift."

    Use the R-Stick to look around and push it in to reverse the camera to look
    directly behind the vehicle. Pressing A will move you to the mounted gun if
    the given vehicle has one, or it will move you from the gun to the driver's
    seat. Push the D-Pad up to toggle the radio and push the D-Pad right to move
    to the next song on the radio.

    Hold X to use a hang glider, just like you would any other vehicle. You will
    start flying through the air, so use the L-Stick to control the angle of the
    glider as well as the side-to-side direction. Pushing down causes the glider
    to angle upward and thus slow down and catch against the wind. Pushing up
    will cause the glider to angle downward and begin nosediving toward the
    ground. Pushing left or right causes the glider to slightly steer left or
    right, respectively. You can also look around with the R-Stick.

    Your goal for gliding to somewhere is to approach the ground but to make
    sure that the angle for the glider is level to the ground so that you are
    not diving straight at it or that you are not hanging back too much. If you
    are at the proper angle, the game will automatically drop you out of the
    glider and all will be fine. If you approach to quickly, you will crash and
    take damage. Further, you can drop off of a glider in mid-air by holding X
    while flying but depending on the drop you will either get hurt or die.

    Wingsuits are acquired later on through the game and you can use them while
    freefalling, as in when jumping off of a cliff or something similar. Push
    the L-Stick to deploy the wingsuit and use the L-Stick to maneuver exactly
    as you do with a glider. The ONLY way to reach the ground properly in a
    wingsuit is by deploying a parachute by pressing A when the game prompts you
    to do so. You can still control your movements slightly with the L-Stick
    while your parachute is out to make sure that you are approaching safely. If
    you do not deploy a parachute, you will almost certainly die, if not get
    hurt very badly from the crashing landing.

    While on foot, press the D-Pad up to equip or put away your camera. The main
    usage of the camera is to track enemies and to take pictures for mission
    objectives. Use the R-Stick to look around with the camera and press LT/RT
    to zoom out/zoom in with the camera. You can also "tag" enemies and animals
    with the camera. You must zoom in close enough to the target and a tag icon
    will appear. Once it does, that target will have the tag remain over their
    head until they get too far away or until you take them out. This tag allows
    you to follow their movements even when you can't see them on-screen, like
    when they are behind objects. This tagging is essential to stealth at times.

    You can also take a picture by pressing RB but you can only do so when the
    game gives you a prompt. You must have enough of the target in the camera's
    lens and you must be zoomed in (or out) at the proper scale before the game
    will allow you to take a picture.

    Lastly, you can still move while using the camera by pushing the L-Stick
    around but you will move at a slower pace than usual.

    Take note that when you tag enemies, different icons appear for the varying
    types of enemies that you will encounter in the game:
        . SKULL: Regular enemies and foot soldiers.
        . LIGHTNING BOLT: Chargers; they simply charge at you on foot.
        . CROSSHAIR: Sniper/RPG soldiers.
        . SHIELD: Heavy; these enemies are heavily armored and deal much damage.
        . PAW PRINT: Herbivores; non-aggressive animals that you can skin.
        . FANGS: Predators; aggressive animals that attack you on sight.

    I would highly suggest you simply look at the HUD in the in-game User Manual
    by going to the Options menu. The Manual shows the locations on-screen as
    well as descriptors of each section of the game screen.

    Unlike in previous Far Cry games, you earn XP during Far Cry 3. Once you
    earn enough XP, you can learn Skills from three different Skill Trees:
        . HERON: Long range attacks, improved mobility, weapons use, and the
                 ability to Takedown enemies above and below you
        . SHARK: Aggressive Takedowns and boosts to your Health, Defense, and
                 Damage Recovery/regeneration rate
        . SPIDER: Improvements to Stealth and Survival (Hunting, Looting, and
                  Weapon Handling)

    I thought that Shark was great for health upgrades and some damage reduction
    and that Heron was good for some gun improvements. Spider has some mixed
    items dealing with guns, the bow, money, and so on.

    Here is the listing of XP rewards by the amount of XP gained:
        . 1500 XP
          Liberate an Outpost WITHOUT being detected at all.

        . 550 XP
          Liberate an Outpost WITHOUT sound any alarms.

        . 500 XP
          Activate a Radio Tower. Liberate an Outpost. Collect a single Letter
          of the Lost.

        . 250 XP
          Collect a Relic.

        . 50 XP
          Kill a Heavy class pirate.

        . 10 XP
          Kill a pirate.

        . XP x7.5 (Bonus)
          Dual death from above OR below kill.

        . XP x5 (Bonus)
          Death from above OR below kill. Heavy beatdown kill.

        . XP x3 (Bonus)
          Standard Takedown kill.

        . XP x2 (Bonus)
          Kill an enemy with a headshot.

        . XP x3 for first kill, then XP x10 for every kill afterwards (Bonus)
          Chaining Takedown kills together.

        . XP x3 for first kill, then XP x5 for each victim afterwards (Bonus)
          Gunslinger, Knife Throw, and Grenade Takedown kills. These Takedowns
          will have you kill someone then you can chain kill other enemies using
          the given item, either a Handgun, Knife, or Grenade.

  /                    \

    Any enemy's body can be looted for money, ammunition, and various items. You
    have a Loot Rucksack which stores everything that you have looted until the
    bag itself gets full. You can drop items from the Rucksack or sell them to
    various stores. You can upgrade the Rucksack's size via Crafting, and some
    of the items that you get through looting are used in Crafting.

    You can also skin animals that you kill and those skins can be used towards
    the Crafting system too. Even more so, you can find plants among the island
    to Craft items like syringes (which give you temporary ability boosts).

    Like many other open-world games nowadays, it seems that you can Craft items
    in Far Cry 3. The system here is actually really simple, however. You just
    need to find Recipes and the ingredients to those Recipes. Recipes are given
    to you via Missions as well as various side objectives, including when you
    have Crafted another Recipe and a new one reveals itself in a sequence.

    The main ingredients that you are looking for are just animal skins and the
    various plants among the island. You can even buy some ingredients at the
    shops, but if you want to save your money don't bother. There are four main
    types of items that you can Craft:
        . SYRINGES: Temporary boosts to Exploration, Combat, and Hunting. Some
                    can also heal you. You can only use one ability syringe at
                    a time, so using two in a row will cancel out the first one
                    that you used. You use PLANTS to Craft these.
        . EQUIPMENT: Craft holsters to carry more weapons, as well as wallets,
                     more Loot Rucksacks, and syringe kits. Once you make any of
                     these, they remain with you forever. You use ANIMAL SKINS
                     to make any of the above.
        . AMMUNITION: Use ANIMAL SKINS to Craft more pouches and thus carry
                      more ammunition for all of your weapons.
        . ARROWS: Use ANIMAL SKINS to Craft quivers to carry more arrows as well
                  as Craft more arrows themselves. You can also adjust the tip
                  of each arrow, thus making them into special types.

    See Section 07.01 for more information.

    There are a number of points of interest along the island as you explore:
        . RADIO TOWERS/OUTPOSTS: Activate the Towers and liberate Outposts to
                                 reveal quests, missions, side objectives, as
                                 well as reveal chunks of the World Map for you
                                 to view. Doing these early on will greatly help
                                 in your navigating the island and finding the
                                 various objects you need as you play.
        . HUNTING/GATHERING: As pertaining to the Crafting system, hunt the
                             various animals you come across and gather various
                             plants along the way. Plant locations will show up
                             on the World Map when you uncover Radio Towers or
                             the Outposts.
        . COLLECTIBLES: There are three kinds of Collectibles to find. See more
                        information for them below.
        . STORES: Stores show on the World Map as you uncover it as well, and
                  thus allow you to sell loot, buy weapons, and so on.

    There is not much more to be said about these than what was just said above,
    but try to activate them as soon as possible. They reveal sections of the
    World Map to you and they will even make some weapons FREE for you in stores
    in that given area.

    See Section 07.02 for more information.

    Liberate these as soon as you can, like activating the Towers. Do your best
    to do so stealthily as well, for you get 1500 XP for liberating each Outpost
    without anyone detecting you. Outposts will unlock activities and quests and
    also will make the surrounding area more friendly, thus limiting the number
    of enemies that you run into.

    Further, Outposts will reveal SAFE HOUSES which allow you to Fast Travel to
    them from the World Map. Each Safe House also has a store which allows you
    to buy and sell equipment as well, which is more than convenient.

    See Section 07.03 for more information.

    You can Fast Travel from the World Map, but you can only Fast Travel to
    the Safe Houses that are inside of liberated Outposts, so make sure to do
    those as soon as you can to allow quick and easy access around the island.

    See Section 07.03 for more information.

    There are three kinds of items to collect around the island: Memory Cards,
    Relics, and Letters of the Lost. Memory Cards are found in abandoned laptops
    and will give you money and items. Relics are found hidden around the island
    in tough to reach places sometimes. Letters of the Lost can be found on the
    mummified bodies left from World War II around the island.

    Collectible Maps can be purchased which show locations of the above items as
    well as other maps which show chests containing loot. Purchasing the maps
    is NOT enough, however. You must also activate any Radio Towers within a
    given area before the Collectibles show up on your World Map.

    See Sections 07.04, 07.05, 07.06 for more information.

    These Trials are found as you progress through the game and are located all
    around the World Map. These simply require you to take out waves of enemies
    in a given time, trying to gain a high score.

    See Section 05.01 for more information.

    The main type of quests in the game is storyline quests. These are rather
    linear and simply involve you progressing through the storyline, so there
    is really no confusing part to these.

    Side missions can be unlocked, however, by activating Radio Towers and by
    liberating Outposts. Three types of side missions exist: Wanted Dead, Path
    of the Hunter, and Supply Drop quests.

    See Section 03.00 for the main storyline and Sections 05.02, 05.03, and
    05.04 for the side missions.

    Smaller activities show up around the World Map as you liberate Outposts,
    and they are: Sharpshooter Challenges, the Island Racing League, Knife
    Throwing, and Poker.

    See Sections 06.01, 06.02, 06.03, and 06.04 for more information.

    You will encounter many pirates along the way through Far Cry 3, but you
    will sometimes find pirates with prisoners. These encounters, depending on
    your luck, are usually few and far between. But if you have one and are able
    to rescue their prisoners, then you will get rewarded. Note that as you
    liberate the Outposts, you will find less of these groups roaming.
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Version History                |             02.00
O===================|                                |===================O

 __________ _________ __________________________________________________
|   DATE   | VERSION | COMMENTS                                         |
| 02/28/13 |   N/A   | Started the guide. Worked through a hefty chunk  |
|    to    |         | of the game mechanics and started the main story |
| 03/05/13 |         | quests. Also started gathering Relics, Memory    |
|          |         | Cards, etc. Worked through most of the Outposts  |
|          |         | that are on the North Island and also a lot of   |
|          |         | the Crafting items too!                          |
| 03/06/13 |   N/A   | Continued on doing Crafting and finishing up the |
|    to    |         | remainder of the Outposts and Radio Towers that  |
| 03/07/13 |         | are on the North Island.                         |
| 03/20/13 |   N/A   | Back from a long trip. Started working on a lot  |
|    to    |         | of the Relics and little odds and ends around    |
| 03/25/13 |         | the North Island. Finally I got back into the    |
|          |         | main storyline too!                              |
| 04/02/13 |   N/A   | Back from some busywork and also playing through |
|    to    |         | the game BioShock Infinite. I'm a great fan of   |
| 04/05/13 |         | that series! Anyway, I moved onto the story and  |
|          |         | also the rest of the side items.                 |
| 04/06/13 |   1.0   | Finished the storyline, side missions, and all   |
|          |         | of the collectibles. The guide is now complete.  |
|          |         |                                                  |
|          |         | APPROXIMATE TIME TO WRITE: 80+ hours             |
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Walkthrough                    |             03.00
O===================|                                |===================O

                                 [NOTE 1]
ONE HUGE NOTE: I will do my best to keep things light on spoilers, but chances
are that the guide will not be entirely spoiler-free. Tread carefully.

                                 [NOTE 2]
IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO! Liberate Outposts, activate Radio Towers, and go hunting
as soon and as often as you can at any given time. Also, do your best to free
each Outpost stealthily. Ensure to Craft upgrades for yourself with the hunting
and plant gathering that you do out in the wild as the upgrades are worth it.

I will rarely make mention to do some of these things along the way but the main
responsibility is for you to stop when you see them pop up and for you to do the
exploration so that you can uncover things and make the game slightly easier.

                                 [NOTE 3]
Utilize the World Map! It has anything that you could ever want, including the
quests and side missions, various activities and stores, Collectible locations
(provided you have purchased maps for them), Fast Travel locations (provided you
have liberated Outposts), and just EVERYTHING!

The World Map gives you COORDINATES which I will use throughout the guide for
certain locations as the world is rather huge. Set waypoints for these locations
and travel your way there, or set waypoints for Collectibles or quests or any
number of things! The World Map is only there to make your life easier!

The coordinates will either say (X, Y) NORTH or (X, Y) SOUTH as there are two
whole islands to explore. You start the game on the North island.

                                 [NOTE 4]
This game is widely open-world so you really don't have to listen to a single
thing that I say to do in the Walkthrough, but I try the stealth approach as it
is easier at times and you gain XP boosts.

Difficulty does NOT matter. You can choose the easiest difficulty should you
just want to sit back and fly the game or choose the hardest if you want a bit
of a challenge as you play. Nothing gets unlocked or locked with difficulty.

                                 [NOTE 5]
I will denote achievements and trophies {AS SUCH} with curly brackets. Also,
quick-time events will be referred to as QTEs, which is pretty common, and that
refers to little in-game cutscenes where you are expected to press buttons in a
specific manner, and more often than not you must press them "quick"-ly.

| Make a Break for It                                              03.01 |
After the opening scene of the game, follow your buddy past the guards. Note to
press B to crouch down and lessen your noise, and also take note of the small
tutorial notifications that pop up. Press START to open a mini-tutorial with
usually short videos displaying what you need to know. The first tutorial that
popped up for me was for the detection meter, so pay attention to it.

Keep following your friend through and under the building. When you reach the
little hut, grab your things on the table by holding X when looking at it. When
you are outside again, look where the game tells you to and press right on the
D-Pad to throw a rock and distract the guard. You will be doing so A LOT during
the game if you wish to stay stealthy, as it is the easiest way of getting by
in the game (though it usually requires a bit of skill).

Climb through the window and continue following your friend after a tense little
moment. You will climb through another window and find yourself out in some bits
of foliage in a moment. Throw another rock when the game tells you to and move
yourself as soon as you can. Keep close to your friend and you will be fine. A
scene will kick in, then afterwards, HAUL yourself as fast as you can. Push in
the L-Stick to sprint and get moving!

You will notice the detectors down at the bottom, so try to move to the sides
and see if you lose detection as you will be getting shot at. Soon you will come
to a log so press A to jump over it. After the small scene, keep running forward
as fast as you can until you reach a little rock that slants up. Jump over the
gap here and keep going. You will cross a fallen tree and then climb up some
vines to a cliff edge. Keep running and crouch down to go through the hole. When
you reach the other side, bash A when the little QTE occurs. Keep going on and
you will reach a rope bridge. Start running across the bridge and another scene
will take over. You will be done for now.

You receive {FIRST BLOOD} here.

| Down in Amanaki Town                                             03.02 |
When you regain control head into the little store with your gift of money. Buy
a weapon for yourself, the 1911 handgun. Walk outside, listen to the characters
and your new pal Dennis, and also take note of the tutorial about FREE WEAPONS!
Should you activate Radio Towers around areas, then general stores and Safe
Houses (that are found inside of liberated Outposts) will allow you to have some
of their weapons for FREE! That's certainly a plus.

Note that I will make mention of these things along the way, like Radio Towers,
but only occasionally. I will not reference every single Collectible nor every
single Outpost or Radio Tower during the walkthrough, nor even half or a quarter
of them probably. The extra Sections of my guide have the information on these
items but it is your responsibility to stop during the storyline to do them when
you feel like they are necessary for you to do. I only advocate that you do them
as soon as possible as you can, as the benefits of the Radio Towers and Outposts
are almost invaluable, with free weapons, Fast Travel, and so on.

In any case, follow Dennis and you will be introduced to the mechanics of the
game, at least the basics anyway. Shoot some of the little targets should you
wish, then head up the hill towards the mission marker. Take note that in the
little shacks here you will find some containers and money so loot them. When
you get up towards the top, enter through the broken fence.

I saw a snake here sitting at the bottom of the Radio Tower, so either shoot it
or try to attack it with your knife. Loot the containers underneath the Tower as
well as in the little lit-up shack. Climb up the stairs and the ladders up to
the top of the Tower. Just before the top you should find another container, and
you should find one more on the top level of the Tower. After you have looted
everything, turn off the scrambler and zipline down to the ground.

Once back down to Dennis, get used to the World Map and select the boar icon.

| Harvest the Jungle                                                03.03 |
Now our job is to go hunting! But before that, you should probably return to the
first store that we came across. Observe the inventory to see the mass of things
that you can get in this game, and notice that two weapons, the 6P9 handgun and
the STG-90 assault rifle, should now be owned thanks to the Radio Tower. There
are many weapon types as well as Medicine and Body Armor, but the Medicine is
not yet available. Also observe that there are purchasable maps available for
the game's Collectibles (see Sections 07.04 through 07.06) as well as maps for
various loot chests. Right now you likely should not buy anything, however.

Further take note to press RB while in the shop menu and look at what you can
sell to the shopkeeper. Notice that items have a "Recommended Use," and chances
are that if you have any items now, that usage says to sell because they are
random pieces of loot that you just picked up. Sell whatever you have if you
wish to, then now head back out of the store.

Now go back to the World Map and get used to its looks. Look around at what you
can see, open the Legend with Y if you wish, and prepare to head for our newly
set waypoint. Take note that you can identify plants to harvest on your minimap
at the bottom left, as there is a green plant just between Dennis and the little
town that you are in. Gather it as plants will be crucial throughout the game.

Head back over to Dennis and hop inside the car nearby. Pay attention to your
little minimap and if you see any plants along the way I suggest that you get
out and harvest them, like the blue plants that are found along the river. When
you reach your destination, you will need to find one red plant, two green
plants, one blue plant, and two boar skins. The plants are easy to find as they
show right on your minimap in the area. You will have to search a little harder
to find some boars walking around. Do your best to shoot them should you wish,
but you can also rush up and hit one of them with your knife and take them out.

Also take note that there are containers around the area for you to loot as well
so be sure to do that. If you, like I did, grab too many items here and cannot
finish the objective, you need to discard them from your Loot Rucksack in the
menu until you have enough room. Once you have obtained everything, the game
will introduce you to Fast Travel, the easiest way around the island when you
unlock the proper stations for it.

Head back to the town and make your way out to Dennis by the road. He will teach
you how to use the Crafting system. Crafting is the main way of getting by in
this game, besides the normal purchasing of items. Craft two Medicine syringes
and then Craft a Simple Rucksack so you can now carry more items.

Next, Dennis will explain your Skills. For now you simply need to choose the
Takedown from the Shark tree. You have a free choice of your second Skill, but I
recommend the Sprint Slide from the Spider tree over the Cook Grenades Skill.

Get in the truck when Dennis tells you to follow.

| Secure the Outpost                                               03.04 |
When you arrive at the Outpost, you will now need to liberate it from the horde
of Vaas's pirates. You may have noticed on the World Map that chunks of what you
had discovered was colored in red. This red coloring highlights enemy presence,
so liberating Outposts will lower that presence as well as reveal Safe Houses.
Each Safe House has a store inside and each also serves as a Fast Travel station
for you to use. Further, 20 of the Safe Houses have Memory Cards for in them,
which are one of the three types of Collectibles in the game. See Section 07.03
for more information on the Outposts and Section 07.04 for the Memory Cards.

I prefer to sneak into Outposts as it is easier than fighting most enemies right
away and it also gives you a huge XP boost. You get 500 XP for liberating an
Outpost, 550 XP for not tripping an alarm while doing so, and a whopping 1500 XP
for liberating an Outpost without being detected at all. My instructions below
will be stealth-related, but go in guns blazing should you wish.

I am not very sure, but I believe the Outposts may be partly random, so the
direction in which I go below may not work entirely for you, so adjust your plan
accordingly. All you really need to focus on in Outposts are these facts: do not
stumble into the faces of soldiers; do not let animals detect you; use silent
Takedowns and later on silent weapons. You should more often than not be fine by
maneuvering around the Outposts and just taking each person out one by one.

Look to the big road near you (towards the south) and follow it eastward ALL the
way around the Outpost. You will come to a smaller road leading slightly from
the northeast into the Outpost. Crouch and make your way in. There may or may
not be a guard in the entrance here. Use a Takedown if there is. Beware of the
dog around here. The dog can detect you even if it does not see you, and if it
does, then you are detected by the whole Outpost.

Move to the southwest around the building and around some sandbags. Another one
of the pirates may be around the corner here. If he is, wait for him to stop and
turn his back, then use a Takedown on him. The game had two soldiers standing by
each other just north of this position for me. Note that you can tag enemies and
their locations if you aim (with LT) at them. Tag them so you know their current
position and tag the dog nearby too, if you can. Head westward somewhat until
you see another soldier standing behind a shoddy tin barrier. You can head to
the right of this barrier and actually crouch over the little wooden fence here,
then the game will prompt you to use a Takedown, so do so. I feel like this part
was a little glitchy, but oh well.

Make your way westward again towards the entrance where your allies are sitting
by, and then go northward to the soldier by himself here. He is separate from
the other two soldiers that you should've tagged. He should be staring at a very
cheaply made overhang, so sneak up and take him out. The only enemies left will
be, presumably if the game doesn't spawn enemies too differently, the two that
you tagged as well as the dog.

By now, the two enemies noticed that I had killed their friends, so hide away
behind a barrier if you have the same happen. If not, then throw a rock towards
the southern side of the Outpost to lure them over there. Throw a couple rocks
to the left and to the right to throw the soldiers off, and then wait a moment.
For me, one of the pirates started walking back to their usual post while the
other started looking at a bush I had thrown a rock into. Sneak up as quickly
as you can behind the guard walking back to his post (for the other one will
most assuredly turn around before you reach him) and take him out. Then move as
fast as you can to the southern end of the Outpost towards where we came in. You
may have noticed a hole in the wall earlier, and that is towards where you want
to go. Then, you will want to distract the last enemy with another rock, but
throw it closer to where you are. When he looks around for the noise, sneak out
and take him out. That should be the end of this Outpost!

Loot the heck out of this Outpost and its soldiers. When ready approach the main
room of the Outpost, the Safe House.

| Mushrooms in the Deep                                            03.05 |
After the scene, you will be introduced to a bunch of other things, like some of
the side missions in the game. You will want to grab the Memory Card that is
sitting inside of the Safe House, first. Then, honestly, at this point in the
game, you can do whatever the hell you want that's available to you.

You can take your rather weakling self and liberate all of the Outposts if you
want to try. Or you can do the side missions that have just become available. Or
you can go hunting animals or gathering plants.

I would suggest the latter two, as well as, if you're willing, to go activate
a couple of the Radio Towers if you go too far out of the way. If you get in the
risky mood, then sure, go ahead and try another Outpost. You might be able to do
a couple of them. But whenever you want to, return to main storyline. Provided
you are one hell of a player (or you are playing on Easy), you can theoretically
activate all of the Radio Towers on the island, liberate all of the Outposts on
the island, and complete all of the side missions that appear on the newsboards
in each of the Outposts. But I'm not quite sure you're ready for that.

Anyway, back to the story. We are to go see Dr. Earnhardt, so set a waypoint for
his mansion west of here. Make your way up and around the hillside to his home.
Go into the little greenhouse shack and after the talk, head inside the home and
go upstairs. When the little scene is over, head north (not west as the good
doctor tells) and down the hills. Go into the water at the bottom and swim into
the cave. Follow the waypoint marker as there isn't anything of interest in the
cave besides the quest. After some freaky things, grab the mushroom and move on.

Back at the mansion (just climb up the cliff edges) go talk to the doctor in the
greenhouse again. Head back upstairs, and the mission will be finished after a
little bit more of a cutscene.

You will receive the {MAGIC MUSHROOM} achievement, and you can also Craft a new
type of Syringe (under Hunting), Animal Repellent.

| The Medusa's Call                                                03.06 |
Your next objective is up in the midwest, along the northern coast. I would like
to advise you to approach from the southwest. Here, you can distract (and take
out, should you wish) the single pirate here. Then move around the southeastern
pathway that leads up to give you a vantage point for the ship. You NEED to stay
undetected here, so from the vantage point try to tag as many pirates as you can
via the camera.

On the western side, there's the aforementioned regular pirate, and there is one
more regular inside the wrecked ship itself. Just outside of the ship is one of
the radio operators that you need to take out and steal their intel. Throw rocks
and creep up on them individually.

You should clear out the western side and then run through the inside of the
wrecked ship to get another "jump" on the eastern side. From the inside of the
ship you should see one normal pirate and a radio operator. Take them both out
as you see fit, then move back south (this time on the outside of the ship) and
you will find another pair of a normal and a radio pirate. They are close to one
another so it is hard to lure one away, so I would advise keeping cover and then
using a sniper if you wish.

After you have looted the radio operators, feel free to loot the rest of the
treasures around the area (there is a decent amount) and then go to the top of
the big ship to the actual radio. After you listen in, prepare to fight! Only a
handful of enemies show up, and if you stay on the ship itself you should be
able to pop in and out of cover long enough to take some shots and you will be
just fine. After the mission is over, head back to Amanaki Town.

You can now Craft a new Combat Syringe: Enhanced Perception.

| Playing the Spoiler                                              03.07 |
Back in town, talk to Dennis. You are going to want to head to the mission's
marker and kill all of the enemies undetected (i.e., find a good vantage point
and snipe them or whatever you wish to do). Simply use the camera to tag them
and also use your newly unlocked Enhanced Perception Syringe if you wish to.

There is an alarm that will fail you should it go off, but interestingly enough,
I had my game glitch on this point. I triggered the alarm and so I allowed the
enemies to kill me almost instantly, as I usually give myself up if I screw up
an Outpost or what have you. I died pretty much just when the alarm started and
I respawned just outside of the encampment. When I went back in, the alarm was
no longer there. I triggered enemies and they never set off the alarm again as
it just disappeared. Further, each time I died, I continued respawning just by
the encampment and the alarm never returned. I'm not sure if this event will go
on every single time, but try it if you wish by triggering the alarm but make
sure that you are being shot at by many enemies and die right when it goes off.

Anyway, clear out the encampment using whatever methodology you prefer and then
enter the little building. Grab some ammo, plant the bomb, and run outside. A
car will drive up so take out the two pirates, watch the explosion, and you are
done with the mission! Make sure to loot the area before leaving.

You will receive the Deadly Hunter Syringe for this mission.

| Prison Break-In                                                  03.08 |
Head to the mission marker in the southwest. The same as the last two missions:
try to take out all of the enemies undetected. Approach from the southeast and
look for the alarm icon. The very eastern part of the encampment has a small
tower with a single guard and an alarm. Take him out and disable the alarm, and
that will disable ALL of the alarms throughout the area. Take your favorite
weapon and move on in, although you have some good upper vantage points for
sniping if you stick to the south. Otherwise just roll through the buildings
shooting shotguns and SMGs if you wish.

Find the camp operator and get the key from his body. Enter the cave and wipe
out the enemies that come into your path. Once you get to the room with the
projector, watch what you want, then move on. After the next couple of scenes,
you will be into another mission.

| Island Port Hotel                                                03.09 |
You have a 3-minute rolling so get moving! Go up the stairs and make your way
by the flames. You will have to shoot the pipes to clear the flames (and make
sure that you hold Y if you accidentally catch on fire--do it as fast as you can
to be safe). Just follow the waypoint around and up the ladder, then down the
slim hallway. The game will take over for you slightly here.

Keep making your way around and watch out for a smaller room that you walk into
as you will have to find a ledge and jump up to it. I stood around wondering how
I was meant to continue for a moment. After you do so, watch another scene and
then prepare to bash A to get the truck moving. Afterwards, get ready to shoot
some enemies as they come from behind you. You have infinite grenades for your
grenade launcher so this part really is no big deal. You just need to shoot at
the cars that keep coming out from the sides as you are moving along.

Soon enough you will move around front and have to shoot some foot soldiers with
an infinite ammo pistol, so just aim properly and take shots. Only a few of the
pirates will actually be there and the mission soon ends.

You will receive {WORST DATE EVER} as well as the Deep Dive Syringe.

| Keeping Busy                                                     03.10 |
To the east of where you start you will find a little white gazebo. A path down
below leads into the cave, so drop down to it. After a small scene go swim out
into the water. Inside of the yellow area on your minimap you will find a shiny
object under the water. Grab it and head back to the broken ship. One more scene
later, then go talk to your friend to end the mission.

You can now Craft new arrows: Fire Arrows!

You can get a missable Relic in this cave. Go to Relic #1 in Section 07.05. You
do not need this Relic in particular if you only plan on getting the achievement
for them but I am a completionist (usually!) so I found them all in the game.

| Meet Citra                                                       03.11 |
Leave the cave and after some talking head to the big temple. Follow Dennis and
you will start another scene. When you regain control, follow the man in front
of you until you end up somewhere else. Walk down the path and interact with
the knife sitting at the end of the bridge. After you speak to Dennis in the
next scene, leave the temple and this quick mission is over.

You will receive {ONE OF US} as your reward for this mission. Further, you will
unlock 26 more Skills from the Skill tree, leaving only 13 Skills between the
three trees as locked. By this point in the game (and it really is early in the
story) I already had a ton of experience as I had put the story on hold and just
explored, collecting Relics, liberating Outposts and so on, so I already had
enough XP to buy all of these Skills (including the ones before them) except for
six of them! It was good to get some health upgrades from the Shark tree.

| Bad Side of Town                                                 03.12 |
Now we head for Badtown in the northeast. Find the waypoint and head up to the
bar. Sit at the table with the three guys and watch the scene. Now you need to
follow the man. This stealthy following requires you to keep the man in sight
and if you lose sight of him for 20 seconds then you fail. But, if he sees you,
then you fail then too. Followings like these are easier in third person games,
I think, because you can always trick the camera so that the person could never
possibly see you but you are looking over some weird edge and see them.

However, in first person, it's a bit trickier. Slowly follow after him and look
at him. Get behind some pieces of cover and try to keep looking at him as long
as possible until he stops. You will need to get fully behind cover and you will
not be able to see him. The counter will tick down, but wait until his marker
moves and then spring out to stop the counter from going away. You're basically
going to repeat that over and over--follow, cover and peek around, full cover
(with the counter going down), and then repeat.

Do note that he sees you pretty much instantaneously unlike enemies in the game
where they take a while to notice you. Eventually he will enter a small shack
and the mission ends. Now you can enter the shack as well!

| Kick the Hornet's Nest                                           03.13 |
After you enter the shack, listen to the conversation and then head down the
stairs to the left. After more talking, pick up the flamethrower (make sure to
choose which weapon you are carrying from the menu so that you don't swap out
one that you'd rather have) and take off. As the game might tell you, a good
old Fireproof Syringe or two might be helpful with the flamethrower.

Head southeast to the beach waypoint. You will likely want to approach from the
west where you have a little hill to see out. There are a good amount of pirates
running about (as well as dogs, which are more annoying). Try to scan about with
your camera before doing anything. Take out the dogs as soon as you can, then
turn to the pirates. Try sniping them or just rush in with an SMG. After you
take out the ones closest to you, start setting flame to the fields here. There
are two right by each other and then another smaller one further northeast.

By this time, after setting those three on fire, some other pirates should be
alarmed but don't worry. If they haven't seen you yet, you can just take cover
and pop shots, or even better, you can creep about and set fire to them (or set
fire to the fields that they are in). Take note to shoot (or set on fire) the
barrels sitting near the fields as they are the quickest way of setting the
entire field on fire in all reality.

Interesting music during this part as well! Anyway, lots and lots of pirates
come swarming after you, so start looking for them and shooting. Otherwise you
will be swarmed quickly if you keep focusing on the fields. I found the little
huts around the place to be good cover occasionally. As you move along you may
also notice Jason getting a little hazy due to the fields burning. Be careful as
I had my aiming go completely crazy at one point and he wildly waved the gun
back and forth across the screen.

After you set all five fields aflame (the north one took a while--I had to raze
it manually as the barrels didn't do much of anything, oddly enough), head down
towards the coast and watch out for more pirates flanking you from the little
huts along the way. Some of the huts have ammo so explore them as you go along.

As you get further down, you will encounter a Heavy pirate. The Heavies are not
that bad overall. They will kill you pretty quickly with their big machine gun
but you just need to sneak around them. Heavies have big weak spots on the back
of their heads (their faces are covered by metallic guards) and if you shoot
them in the back of the head, they pretty much drop dead instantly and you also
get extra experience for killing them that way. Here you can simply set him on
fire with the flamethrower and he will die pretty quickly.

Should you want the extra experience, however, you should either crouch and move
around a building behind him or you can also hide inside of a small hut. Most of
them have little windows so you can lure him to go around the hut while you sit
inside and peek out of the window when his back is facing you. Do note the the
Heavy will sense you easily sometimes so you may move inside of the hut and he
will turn around and start shooting you through the walls of the hut. If that
happens, the fight can be more frustrating than it really needs to be. Just try
to keep out of his sight and get in a good shot.

Once you get down to the dock, set the boat on fire (you don't "need" the RPG
despite the game telling you to use it) and you are done with the mission!

You will unlock the ability to Craft some Explosive Arrows now!

| A Man Named Hoyt                                                 03.14 |
Head back to the marker in Badtown. After the scene, head up to the northwest
to your new destination. Approach from the mountainside south of the town as you
will find a zipline that takes you straight down to your next marker. Once in
the little shack, watch the scene. Then run out and take out the two pirates
shooting at your target.

Start making your way through the water but go SLOWLY. Look for the mines in the
water (they do NOT glow) and do not step on them (obviously). Once you reach the
target, free him and watch the scene. Make your way up through the little town
that is partly burning and take out pirates along the way. Don't stray too far
from your friend or else a timer goes off and you may fail.

When you get up to the little hut further up, your friend with start looking for
some documents that you need. Here you must protect him from some waves of
pirates coming around. This part isn't too difficult as you have good vantage
points around the area and all of the pirates are just normal ranged and melee
pirates (no Heavies or anything else). After you take out the pirates, then the
mission is all over with!

You can now Craft a new Syringe: Sharpshooter!

| Saving Oliver                                                    03.15 |
Head out to the new mission marker in the midwest. Once here you will have a
timer of a minute-and-a-half to get to the waypoint. Get into a car and drive
along the roads by the hillside. Once you reach the new area you need to walk up
to the little cliff edge. There is a guard here. Take him out and grab up the
sniper. You will watch your friend being taken around by the pirates.

Once the sniper kicks in, you need to shoot the pirates as your friend runs away
from them. Keep looking around for pirates as they come after your friend and
keep shooting them down. Eventually your friend will reach down to the boat and
you need to keep protecting him. He will get the boat and drive out, so dive
down and get onto the boat.

Now you have a mounted MG to use with infinite ammo so just keep shooting it
forever. Take out the trucks that stroll up along the road sides as well as the
other pirate boats that try to flank you in the open water. There really should
be no place that you will die besides the very beginning where you come to a
bridge that has an RPG-shooting pirate on it. Make sure to take him out.

Once you take everything out (as your friend keeps driving), a story scene will
eventually kick in and you are back at the funny mansion; the mission is done!

You receive {HANDS OFF MY STONER} and can now Craft Sprint Burst Syringes!

| Piece of the Past                                                03.16 |
Head back on over to Badtown and the next mission. Talk to the man inside of the
bar and set off. You are going to need to head far out east into the ocean. Get
onto a jet ski and ride over to the big ship. You're just going to take out all
of the pirates on it as per usual (no alarm worries). Be sure to watch out for
the Heavy that is walking about as well. When they're gone, head into the door
leading inside of the ship.

Inside the ship you have a linear path before you. Stealthily take out the first
pirate, then shoot the other two in the next room. Disable the alarms and then
move through downstairs. There are more pirates but you do not have to worry
about the alarms anymore. Keep fighting on through until the last room (only
a handful of pirates in all reality) and open the last door. There is a Heavy
here that you can just shoot in the head and then interact with the laptop.

When you regain control you will need to follow another (mostly) linear path
through the ship. Swim through and interact with oxygen tanks along the way. As
you get on foot, keep running and you will end up in water again. You will have
a QTE to fight a pirate off of you and then swim through to the next "room."
Kick out the window and you are finished.

You can now Craft the Endorphin Boost Syringe.

| Down in the Docks                                                03.17 |
Head slightly southwest of the ending of the last mission to find your next
waypoint. After the scene, enter the doorway. In this small room look to your
right slightly and climb up the ledge. Move around and follow the waypoint (you
can loot a couple things here, but watch out for snakes) and you will end up
down in the water. Swim into the bigger room next door to find some pirates.

Alarm isn't a worry here so take the handful of pirates down as you see fit. If
you aren't careful, however, you will be dead as there are two explosive pirates
in the room (one of the ship for me, and another one up on a scaffold ledge).
When you are done, enter the big doorway with the marker and run down the linear
path into another bigger room. Throw a rock or two and make your way up onto the
little slant to the right. Take out the pirate here and you have a vantage point
over the other pirates, so do as you see fit.

When done, loot around and interact with the glowing box in the middle of the
room to blow open the doorway. Run on through (watch out for snakes!) and before
you jump into water, shoot the crocodile waiting for you. Swim on through and
follow the marker. Press the seal on the door and run on until you reach a wide
open temple-like room. Keep going and you will drop way down below.

Press the seals on the two doors to the left and right. Head through the one
that opens fully and break the three poles to cause water to rise. Swim back
through the door that is partially open and do the same with more wooden beams.
Swim upwards and over to get back into the bigger room and then climb up the
ledge, entering the treasure room.

Pick up the compass and then run to your left. Look for a small ledge along the
wall for Jason to shimmy on (it took a minute for me to realize this part!). Go
on and climb through the small pathway back outside. After the scene you are
finished with the mission!

| The Motherlode                                                   03.18 |
Head off to the waypoint at the mines and, after the scene, enter the mines. You
will be in a narrow pathway with pirates throughout. Try to stealthily take out
the first few until you reach the room with the minecart handle flashing (this
cart is different from the initial one you simply push out of the way). If you
push this cart, it explodes in the next room, taking some pirates out.

Keep on until you are in a wide cavernous room. You should see sniper laser
sights around the corner. Here is a perfect time to have a sniper, as you can
look across the cavern (not at the snipers but to the left of them) and shoot
some of the normal pirates around, then you can get in position behind the mine
carts and snipe the snipers. If you do not have a sniper, then you need to get
behind the mine carts, push them (hence the glowing), and keep moving up. Pop
out and shoot the snipers if you can with your current weapon.

As you start to cross the bridge, watch out. There is a Heavy as well as some
of the pyro pirates that throw molotovs. Again, if you have a sniper, then you
can try to take cover and pop shots at the Heavy until his mask comes off (it
takes a little while) or you can run across the bridge QUICKLY and try to get
into position on the other side. Make sure not to get set on fire by the pyros
or you will die quickly. Perhaps launch a grenade or two over in their area,
killing them and damaging the Heavy well.

Follow the room around and back into another hallway of sorts. Here the path
is linear and thin again (for the most part) but there are LOTS of wooden beams
for you to shoot, thus causing rocks to cave in on top of enemies. Shoot the
enemies in the open and try to drop rocks onto the ones that are slightly out
of your view, provided they are near a beam. In the next slightly bigger room
there is another sniper across the way but he can be killed by shooting the beam
next to him, as can many of the people in this room.

When you make your way up through the way, use the temple door. Inside is a
komodo dragon so take it out and run along. When you are in the big room, use
the handle in the center. Head down the stairs, killing the komodo dragon at
the bottom, then keep following the cave pathway, jumping over to the other
side when necessary. More dragons as well as snakes are along the path, so keep
an eye out. You will find a lift at the end of the way.

Run and jump along the path, avoiding more komodo dragons and snakes. Interact
with the little idol handle inside the treasure room and then sprint your way
out of here. The path is linear until you must jump across to the left side and
the game will take over shortly afterwards.

| Lin Cong I Presume?                                              03.19 |
Head on up to the marker by the giant water hole on the map. If you haven't
gotten it already, you will earn {FREE FALL} when you dive in the water here,
but don't dive in before the scene of course. If you are looking for Relics,
there are two here on either side of the water.

In any case, climb up the rocky side where the marker is, and once inside the
cave interact with the sealed door. Walk forward and climb up the ledge, and
then drop down into the next room. There are pirates here (including one right
in your face when you drop down). If you are quick, you can take the first one
out before he alerts the others. Then you will want to take the others out with
whatever method pleases you. Note that there are dogs in the room as well.

Follow the drawbridge across into the next room, shoot some more pirates, then
ride the zipline down below. From above you have a larger vantage point as there
are a LOT of pirates around for you to take out. You can also easily get the
achievement {NEVER SAW IT COMING} by riding the zipline and dropping off early
to perform a Takedown from above on the pirate who is right below you. You must
first purchase Death From Above however.

You can pretty much stay untouchable if you are up in the first platform that
you drop onto. Just pop out, shoot, cover, pop out, etc. Heal if you ever really
need to. Once the room is clear, make your way down and zipline into the next
room. Continue on and make your way down to the ground level (AVOID THE ACID!)
and shoot the couple of pirates waiting down below.

Follow the waypoint and drop down to the low pathway that is along the acid
"river" there. Avoid touching the steam of the acid that comes up, and you will
end up in a wider room with some pirates up above. Try to make your way over to
the right quickly and take cover behind some rocks (still beware of the acid!)
and then pop out, shooting as you can. When they're gone, follow along the rocks
again and you end up in the same predicament, another big room with acid and
pirates up above you. Hide behind more rocks, pop some shots, and hope that you
are able to take them out. If you have trouble here, I would highly advise doing
some side questing like liberating Outposts, buying weapons, finding Relics,
gaining XP and skills, because I was pretty much fully decked out by this point
in the story as I took all of my time to do side things.

Climb up the wall at the end and go over and use the sealed door. Follow the
path and jump over the wall into the bigger room. Go right and down along the
way, crossing the acid to the other side. Climb up the cliff edge and go into
the little temple room, using the seal at the top of the stairs. Head down the
entrance that appears and beware as there are a lot of komodo dragons towards
the bottom of the way. Shoot them before you are eaten!

Interact with the tomb and prepare to run. Run away and crouch through the open
part of the doorway. When the QTE begins, just bash RT and LT back and forth to
crawl your way out and the game will take over for you.

| Unhappy Reunion                                                  03.20 |
Return to Badtown (or rather the outskirts of it) for a story scene. When the
game prompts you, press RT and LT, and bash A when it comes up.

After the scenes, you will get {RETAKE WALLSTREET}.

| Social Club                                                      03.SC |
NOTE: There is a set of three "missions" that you can complete that are not
      required for you to finish the storyline. Each of them appears at certain
      points in the main storyline, however: the first after you save Liza, the
      second after you save Oliver, the third after you save Keith.

      To access these missions, look in Dr. Earnhardt's cave over to the wall
      where there sits a bowl of red berries. There is a big sign saying "EAT
      ME" just below the berries. Go pick up a berry and you will start whatever
      "mission" you have unlocked so far, depending on your story progress.

      You can simply wait until Keith is safe (Unhappy Reunion mission) and then
      do all three parts of the Social Club at once.

In the first mission, simply walk up to the bar and order drinks. Watch the
short scenes and it is over. In the second mission, you can buy drinks until
you pass out at the bar, or go dance on the dance floor. But your priority is to
head downstairs and into the bathroom. After the scenes, you are done yet again.
For the last mission, you are dancing on the dance floor. Just press buttons
until trouble occurs. A QTE pops up, so press LT and then RT. After that, watch
the scene as the mission ends; the scene is an interesting one.

| This Knife's for You                                             03.21 |
Exit the cave and head over to Citra's Temple. After the cutscene, promptly
leave the temple and head up north to the next mission.

| Ambush                                                           03.22 |
When you reach the leader, talk to him and then head outside to plant the C4 on
the fuel truck. When done, run over to the water tower and climb up to the top.
Sit back and prepare to snipe some enemies! Wait until the fuel truck explodes,
then start shooting at the soldiers below.

I had a pretty terrible time sniping these guys though I usually do a lot better
at it. If you are the same, you can leave the water tower (AFTER the truck
explodes) and start gunning them down or using Takedowns or what have you. Keep
laying on them and some more cars will roll up.

Soon a timer will appear and tell you to get to the cargo truck and chase down
the APC. The truck is over to the side, and watch out for more soldiers as they
popped out when I got to the truck. Get in and start giving chase. Soon after
you start you will see a barricade of soldiers and cars, but just drive to the
right of them. Don't bother smashing into them lest you have bad luck and get
yourself stuck there (as has happened to me).

Keep on the APC and it will stop pretty quickly (just down the street from that
first barricade). There were two soldiers when I arrived, so take them out and
then open up the back of the APC.

| Warrior Rescue Service                                           03.23 |
After the cutscenes, bash A when the QTE pops up. Swim up and out of the little
cave. Walk to the waterfall and be careful as a pirate is on the other side. Do
a Takedown on him with your knife. Pick up his gun if you want (for me it was
just a shotgun with 3 shells) and crouch down.

Crouch and move towards the marker where there are two more pirates. Now would
be a great time to have the Knife Throw Takedown (from the Spider tree) as you
can Takedown the guy crouched and then throw his knife at the other guy. If you
don't have it, then just move up and Takedown the other guy.

Walk forward and head around the right path up the little hill for a vantage
point. Tag the enemies in the camp below using your camera. For me, I saw one
guy below the cliff I was on, two normal pirates to the northeast on the ground
level by the river, and four snipers: one to the northeast and southeast, and
two far east of the cliff (but still slightly to the south).

You do NOT want to trigger the alarm, otherwise you will have to fight a time
limit which makes things even more frustrating. You are going to want to move
from the north, down south, then around east. So go back down the path and climb
up behind the sniper closest to you to the northeast, but don't let the normal
pirate walking about see you. Take out the sniper here, then move towards the
cliff that you were just on and take out the guy patrolling by it. Watch out for
the sniper further south as well as the normal pirate walking around the center.

From here, hide in the grass but the little shack that is messed up. There is a
hole in the side of the shack that you can crawl through. From inside of this
shack, sit and wait for the southern sniper to move and turn away. Crouch and
move by his little platform and you should see ropes on the side that you can
climb up. Climb up (or do a ledge Takedown if you can) and dispose of him.

From this platform you should see a zipline, so take it down to the main little
building (avoid attracting suspicion if anyone is looking), and drop down to
manually disable the alarm. Now you don't have to worry about the alarm going
off anymore. Phew!

Now look southeast again and you will see a soldier on a turret, as well as a
bridge just below you. Drop down into the water and swim under the bridge onto
the ground here. Sneak out from under the bridge and keep to the south. The guy
on the MG should never see you, so climb up the stairs by him and take him out.
Be VERY wary as there are some normal pirates walking about in addition to a
sniper to the east (though you should've seen this sniper earlier when using
the camera). There is also a Heavy by the helicopter.

Quickly drop to the southern side of this MG platform. Look eastward at the
sniper sitting there. Wait until he moves and looks to the north, then creep to
the corner and look to see if any pirate is walking by. If there is a normal
pirate in front of you, move quickly and take him out and make your way up to
that sniper. Take the sniper out by climbing up the stairs behind him. Chances
are you have alerted the enemies to at least some bodies lying around.

From this point, if you were sneaky enough (I was able to do this part in my
first try) the enemies should still not know where you are. You can then move
from this last sniper nest to the eastern side of the chopper (the one with the
closed door; the Heavy is on the other side). If you manage to do so, you can
even maneuver around to the other side when the Heavy is looking away and get
into the chopper. If you don't want to do some, then simply make your way back
to the sniper nest or the MG nest and take out the enemies, then get into the
chopper. But you DON'T have to take out all of the enemies to get into it.

As the scene goes along, you will have another QTE. Hold the triggers when it
tells you and bash A. After the next scene, move along the road towards the
waypoint (but keep out of sight). You're going to want to take the enemies out
here slowly, so you really need to be careful.

Some people have said to track the enemies here but my game never let me take
out the camera, and I don't think you can. You can only throw rocks, and none of
the normal pirates here have guns for you to use. What you will want to do is
make your away around, noting the patterns in the pirates' movements.

Approach from the southeast and you will see two pirates standing by a fire here
that you can take out. If you are quick, you can take both out in succession, or
even better you can use a Knife Throw Takedown on the two of them. A pyro is
slightly northwest of them, just walking along a small fence. Sneak up and take
him out just the same. Lastly, look westward slightly and you should find one
more pirate. He is sitting on a chair, alone. Sneak up and do him in.

Now move back to the southeast and enter the hut near the fire. You should find
some C4. There is a Heavy northwest of here that the C4 is for. You have to take
out the Heavy as well as two dogs. My advice is to move around the hut where the
Heavy is (but keep clear of the dogs!) by going around the northern side. Toss
the C4 at the doorway where the Heavy is and detonate it immediately. The dogs
will come running so just knife them when they are near you.

Enter the Heavy's hut and go to the other room to find your gear. Now you have
finally finished this mission and you get {HAVE I TOLD YOU?}.

| New Rite of Passage                                              03.24 |
Head on back to the temple after that last terribly long mission. After more
cutscenes, you will be in a rather interesting fight. Shoot the "enemy" in its
red mask as soon as you can. You have explosive arrows for this battle. It is
important to note that you CAN heal this entire battle. So make sure to heal if
you need it, as I found this battle pretty annoying.

Once you shoot it three times, it will cower back for a moment. Note that it
will keep trying to breathe this black fire breath on you, so keep trying to
sprint and move about. When it comes back, keep shooting over and over until
a black mist spreads around the area. Now you have smaller enemies coming at you
and trying to slice you open! Keep shooting arrows (you can knife them but they
take two or three hits, even with an upgraded blade) and try not to blow your
own self up in the process. Eventually the mist will clear.

When it clears, the enemy will throw balls of black mist at you. Just move out
of the way to avoid damage, though you can also shoot them to destroy them. You
will want to keep shooting at the enemy (it is difficult for the arrows take a
long while to fly so you need to get timing correct as well) until it comes in
closer. Shoot it one more time immediately and it will collapse. Climb up and
bash A when the QTE begins. After an "interesting" scene you are done.

| Payback                                                          03.25 |
The game automatically places you on a cliff for the next mission. Jump out and
swim to the island in front of you. Beware of the pirate on the dock as he is
dumping bodies. Take him out. Run up the path and take out the two guys messing
with the girl. Continue on and watch out for the two dogs around the corner.
Shoot them with a silenced weapon if you can, or knife them.

Stealth doesn't really matter here, however. Watch out for the sniper above
and some pirates over to the left. Take them all out as you wish. Run to the
waypoint and climb up the wall. Look out through the hole in the fence if you
wish to see Vaas's men all with a bunch of strippers! Enter the little building
through the big freight doorway and watch the scene.

Run forward and you will drop down a floor. Jump through the window in front of
you and run around the wall to climb the ladder. From the roof of the building
you now get to have fun! Tons of pirates are down below, all firing at you.

There is a little barrier in front of you on the roof but it is for VERY bad
protection as the pirates shoot it away quickly. Try to take out the pirates
down below to the left and jump on the catwalk here. You can use the building
here as some protection. Make your way forward and up to the big building. Take
out the Heavy and the other enemies that come out.

Walk into the next room. When the next sequence begins, walk down the path for
some interesting things. You will be on another path, so keep moving and shoot
the beings that come at you. Be careful as they may kill you quickly and you
also need to worry about reloading. Some pyro ones will come at you as well, so
don't be afraid to backpedal. Don't feel stressed to continue moving up as once
you take out enough of them, they DO stop coming.

Now make your way to the end and follow the game's prompt to finish the mission,
and you will receive {TAKEN FOR GRANTED}. Sadly, I felt like the way that they
ended this mission was rather anti-climactic.

| Citra's Favor                                                    03.26 |
This mission isn't really a mission. After the cutscene, leave the temple. You
will talk some more and then will be on your way back to the mansion. Head into
the cave and, after the "awkward" scene, leave the cave.

| Fly South                                                        03.27 |
Head on to the waypoint while the timer counts down. You have plenty of time
though so don't worry. Take out some of the pirates before your friend is taken
out himself. After that, he will repair the plane so you need to provide cover
for a while. There is a turret with infinite ammo that you can shoot towards
the southwest. Otherwise, use your own weapons in other directions. Mostly
normal pirates will come up (with some melee ones) and the occasional Heavy.

Some will ride in on jeeps later on, so just toss some grenades. Take note that
there are some explosive crates nearby, so watch out. Soon enough you will have
finished the battle before you know it. When your buddy is done with the repair,
take out the remaining pirates. This ending is a little tough as there will be
three Heavies that come in: two from the southwest, one more towards the west.

You will receive {HIGHER THAN A KITE} after some more scenes.

| Three Blind Mice                                                 03.28 |
Click the L-Stick as you are falling to deploy the wingsuit. Then later, press A
to deploy the parachute and land on the beach. Follow the waypoint over to the
other part of the beach and take out the pirates. The easiest way is probably to
just release the tiger by shooting the wooden cage, but you can do whatever.

Now continue along to the new waypoint at the bar. Inside the bar, talk to the
bartender and then move towards the door in the corner. After the scene, head
down the stairs and join the Poker game. Play for a bit and then follow the man
out of the bar. Head over to the building where your new friend is standing.

| Doppelganger                                                     03.29 |
Make your way out to the waypoint far away. You will come to an open area and
you will learn that you have to sneak in without alerting anyone (or killing any
person at that). Look for the man sitting in a chair at the top of the stairs.
Throw a rock to distract him and head down. Head into the cave below and follow
the guy here as he goes down the hallway. Wait for him to sit down and let the
other guard move, then crouch and move by him and drop down to the level below.

Move down and throw a rock to distract the guard and move along the path. Follow
along the pathway of the waypoint until you come up behind a privateer. Walk by
him and crouch beside the metallic sheet. Turn around and throw a rock to move
him away and then continue along the catwalk-like area. Keep going along (there
is a guard in a chair who cannot see you) and follow the waypoint back into the
cave yet again.

Back in the cave, take a left (instead of a right like the waypoint says) and
keep following the path around. The path will take you around and under a ramp
as well as BEHIND a Heavy soldier. Move quickly and you will not be seen, but
make sure you still move quietly! Outside, jump into the water, climb onto the
ship, and then take out the soldier here.

After the talking, walk to the waypoint and watch the scene. Move forward and
go on to watch yet another scene! After it is done, head over to the speed boat
and drive out of the cave.

| Triple Decker                                                    03.30 |
When ready, head to the northwestern part of the island, though I would suggest
you start looking for Relics or other items, liberating Outposts, freeing the
Radio Towers, and so on first.

Your job now is to take out three VIPs. You can either do that stealthily or
you can go guns blazing and get a lot of XP from the firefight (though you can
get some XP if you kill everyone stealthily). To figure out the VIPs, you will
blatantly see some physical differences like these black face masks of some sort
and slightly changed clothing. To know for sure, pull your camera out and tag.

You will likely want to tag everyone from the beginning anyway. In your disguise
no one will attack you until you attack them, so you can freely roam and find
every single person in the compound with your camera, as well as the VIPs which
have yellow markers appear for them. Once you have located them, do what you
wish, though it is rather easy to snipe from the southern end of the area at
the top near the mines. You just need to take out the people up here (including
the one VIP up here) to get at the others down below without causing an uproar.

Once you kill someone (and someone sees the body) then everyone is on alert and
they will discover your identity if they see you. Take it slow, knife people and
drag their bodies if you want to be stealthy. I chose to go guns blazing at this
point because I had so many upgrades and weapons that there was no point.

Loot each of the VIPs when you kill them, then set off to the new marker.

| Defusing the Situation                                           03.31 |
When the scene ends, follow your friend to the first bomb. He will begin to
disarm it and you must protect him. There is no real stealth possible here (but
you can still get some Takedowns) and you will need to protect him three times.

The first group is mild, just some normal and pyro pirates. After he is done,
move to the next bomb. Climb the ladder of the shack here for a good viewpoint
out to the field as most of the enemies come from the west. Nothing brutal here
until a truck rolls up at about 20% left on the timer bar. Cook a grenade and
throw it to end that quickly, however.

Follow your friend again and watch out for the sniper in the windmill tower. Go
to the greenhouse up ahead but again, be wary, for there is an MG in the window.
Don't bother getting on the turret, however. It may have just been me, but I got
wrecked when trying to use the turret for the onslaught of pirates that came
next (including a Heavy). It leaves you without cover and even when I put the
game down to the Easy difficulty I still got destroyed quickly. Instead, just
keep whatever you have and keep crouching out of the door of the greenhouse
to shoot at the enemies. Your friend isn't really in any danger.

Once the timer is done, clear the remaining enemies and THEN get onto the turret
as you need to shoot down the helicopter. You can shoot it down with RPGs or
other bigger weapons, however. A scene kicks in and the mission ends.

| Deepthroat                                                       03.32 |
From the marker, walk down the path towards the base. Keep following the marker
as it moves for you to get on the zipline. Follow it around and ignore the other
enemies for now. When you get up into the tower, use your camera to look out at
the bridge. Tag all of the enemies and take pictures when the game tells you.

You will hear the guy next to you say something so quickly get out and drop him
with a Takedown. A timer appears so zipline down the way using the one right
next to you. Run down the path and take out the two guys here. Try to do it so
quickly that they do not cause attention to be drawn.

Immediately rush forward and pick up an RPG. Shoot their car on the bridge. Now
you are in a heck of trouble as the alarm goes off and everyone is on you. Duck
into some buildings and run forward. Zipline across the canyon and run backward
(away from the bridge). Go up the ramp and follow the path towards the bridge.
If you can, find cover and snipe the guys on the MG on the bridge. Follow the
path up and around until you have to climb up a ledge and zipline over again.

Watch out for enemies just popping out of openings along the way. If you are
quick, you can just use an SMG or an MG to mow them down in a line. Eventually
you will be really close to the bridge and there will be another zipline. Take
note that the room to your right has ammo, some medicine, and other things. Get
what you need and zipline over one last time.

Climb up to the bridge and loot the VIP's body. Watch out as I had cars roll up
on me when I got the bridge. Jump off of the bridge and make your way out to
the getaway vehicle to close the mission.

| All In                                                           03.33 |
Head on over to The Compound. Meet up at the north entrance. After the cutscene,
head downstairs and follow the marker. Down in the basement, watch the TV for
some backstory, then talk to your friend. During the scene, press the buttons
when the QTE pops up for something disturbing.

You will receive {DEEP COVER} for finishing the mission.

| Paint It Black                                                   03.34 |
This place is big and I found it nearly impossible to go through it stealthily,
so I just gave up and ended up fighting back and forth from cover. What you will
want to do first, though, like any place, is to disable the alarms. The easiest
alarm that I found was the one to the southeastern corner of the place, under
one of the sniper nests. Disable it and take out the sniper. From there, make
your way up to the bunker (the marker) and just keep trying to pick people off
and not alert anyone. I found it impossible not to get caught eventually, so I
just started going crazy. Note that there are two Heavies by the bunker.

When you make it to the bunker, plant some C4 and get inside. Now would be a
great time to use a grenade launcher, or cook some grenades (or even C4) and
toss them into the next couple rooms. Lots of soldiers swarm about including
some Heavies, like the flamethrower ones.

Through the first set of rooms you will reach a hallway with a Heavy as well as
some enemies. Throw some more explosives as the hallway is tight quarters and
they don't really move anywhere. March through the next couple rooms just doing
it all the same. If you don't have all of your upgrades from Crafting or many
of your Skills from XP, then this part of the game will be pretty ridiculous.

When you reach a couple rooms that are empty, watch out. You will turn two
corners and a flamethrower Heavy will roll explosive barrels down some stairs
at you so you need to be quick moving. Just past that is a ladder to climb.

Up here, grab ammo and what you need and head outside. Look to your left to find
an enemy behind some cover. Take him out, then watch out for the dogs that will
soon come to find you. Move towards the satellite and blow up a few more guards
sitting behind some fortifications. Get to the satellite and plant the C4.

As is expected, get ready for some pain. Your friend is coming to get you but
he is not there yet. You need to defend your position against and onslaught of
pirates that come rushing up. You have some good maneuverability around the area
as there are bunker pieces left everywhere that you can use for cover. Don't
forget that you can also run underneath the satellite and come out on the other
side as there is a bunker room below it.

Soon you will have a Heavy come in, so try to throw some explosives rather than
fight it head on. Keep doing your best to keep the enemies at bay and don't get
yourself cornered. The Heavy actually comes towards the end, as the helicopter
should arrive soon. Another Heavy will come afterwards but don't bother if the
helicopter is near. Just run for your life and get onto it as the enemies will
never stop coming for you.

As you are flying away, detonate the satellite to end the mission.

| Black Gold                                                       03.35 |
Find your way over to your friend sitting out on the road. Get ready for some
craziness as you need to drive straight into the fuel depot. Your goal here is
to blow up four points of interest in the depot. They show up all at the same
time as four markers on your minimap. You need to manually get out and plant
some C4 as each place, so you can't just blow up barrels or anything.

I just had a strategy of going crazy here... By that, I mean to drive as quickly
as possible to each point. I was stocked up on medicine as well as some of the
special Endorphin Boosts. I'd hop out of the car, run in, shoot some of the
smaller enemies, plant the bomb, and run back to the car. I didn't bother taking
out every one of them as it seems like it is impossible to do so.

I did find myself near death quite a few times but my medicine healed me quickly
(especially since I had every Skill in the game by this point as well as all of
the items Crafted--in all reality, I had all of that several missions ago). Once
again, as in the last mission, explosives are key here. RPGs, grenades, C4, as
well as the explosive barrels lying around. Anything that can wipe out groups of
enemies as well as do good damage to Heavies is great. Don't forget that Sam is
shooting at the enemies as well, so he can help against Heavies. He does have
a life bar but I never really had a problem with him coming close to death.

Once you destroy all four, you need to drive the car up to a fifth place. You
will get out of the car and have to get into the MG. Start shooting everywhere
as you have infinite ammo and you want to limit your own damage as much as you
can. Make sure to shoot explosive barrels as well as the MG soldiers that roll
up in other vehicles. In order of priority, you should shoot: (1) soldiers that
are on MGs in other trucks; (2) the foot soldiers; (3) the Heavies. I put the
Heavies there simply because more foot soldiers swarming you will kill you a lot
quicker than one Heavy shooting you.

Be sure to heal while you're shooting (as you can from the MG) and eventually
you will see a helicopter come in. Focus on the helicopter RIGHT AWAY and blast
it out of the sky. Sam will come out and say he is driving. You won't really
take any damage while he is driving, but still shoot at things as you go.

Watch the fuel depot explode and watch the next scene to see the mission's end.

| Aced in the Hole                                                 03.36 |
This mission counts as the point of no return for the storyline. Once you begin
the mission, you are stuck playing through the endgame and CANNOT do anything
else until the storyline is wrapped up. If you want to go exploring, liberate
some more Outposts, gain more XP, Craft some items, do it now. Get yourself
prepared for the finale of the game.

When you are ready, head back to The Compound. Talk to Sam and tell him that you
are ready to finish this thing! When the Poker game starts, just play along. It
does not really matter what you do. An "interruption" occurs during the game.
When the next prompt appears, press the button, and do it again the next time.

Another scene will kick in, a QTE. Press the buttons quickly as they show up,
and I mean quickly, or else you will die. You will receive {POKER NIGHT} when
the scene finishes and the next mission begins.

| Betting Against the House                                        03.37 |
Leave the eerie sight that is in front of you. You have a timer of 12:00 minutes
to get out to the airstrip. Run down the stairs and take out the Heavy. If you
have the Heavy Beatdown Skill then you can take it down immediately. Run outside
and turn to your left immediately. Jump over the railing and start running to
avoid getting into the group of soldiers here.

Keep running to the west and you will come up to two vehicles and some enemies
standing about. Throw some grenades or what have you and take out the Heavy by
shooting his gas tank. When clear, run out of the gate and get into the nearest
vehicle sitting on the road. Drive quickly.

You're going to want to drive down the road and do your best not to hit any of
the other vehicles and also try not to get blasted by RPGs. Follow the road on
your minimap and go across the bridge. Pick up speed as the bridge will be
raised as you are going along. Take a left and keep on!

Go along the road as usual (except swerve around the next group of cars) and you
will receive a call. Keep going along and you will take a left at the fork. You
will see a helicopter so immediately stop, get into the turret's seat, then take
out the chopper. Drive across the bridge, use the turret to take out some of the
forces coming at you, then get out and run around the buildings. Keep behind
everything on the northern side and you should avoid most of the enemies.

Head into the building at the southwestern corner of the strip. There is a Heavy
here so take it out with explosives. Open the locked door around the corner and
watch the scene. Some more enemies will come at the building, but not many.
Throw some grenades and shoot the Heavy's gas tank, then run to the chopper.
Make sure that you clear all of those enemies, though.

In the helicopter you are in charge of the turret. Start shooting out at all of
the soldiers (especially the ones in the MG's on the trucks) and the chopper
will take off. The chopper has a life bar so try to take out the enemies as soon
as you can. You will fly over water so watch out for the boats below. Soon after
some RPGs will fly at you. Take out the soldiers as soon as possible, then look
out for a bridge. Blow up the truck on the bridge to destroy the bridge itself.

You will circle back over the airstrip. Just blast the heck out of the enemies
and the vehicles below. As you go on, you pass over another bridge. Take out the
trucks below and then the boat that appears in the water. Lastly, some choppers
will show up. You need to take them out (there are three of them), and I found
that actually NOT aiming (with LT) at them was useful as the chopper kept on
shaking more than usual here.

With the choppers taken out the scene will come to an end.

| The Doctor is Out                                                03.38 |
Back at the mansion, run up to the gazebo where the marker is. After the short
scene, head on back to the helicopter.

| Hard Choices                                                     03.39 |
Make your way up to the temple. As the scene goes on, it gets pretty weird. When
you regain control, walk forward and you will be transported elsewhere. Continue
on down the path, listening to everything, looking at everything.

Take the knife when it is offered, then make your decision. Watch the ending
scenes and the credits will roll, finishing up the game.

When the credits finish rolling, you receive {WHAT A TRIP}. Congratulations,
you have now finished Far Cry 3! You can now return to the island and continue
doing whatever you were before. Thank you very much for reading!

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope that I helped you as much as I could.
If you enjoyed this guide (or any of my other works) and you could spare even a
few bucks, please donate so that I can keep things like this going. The price
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Nowadays, most guides cost about $20 or more, usually a third of the price of a
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                                                    ::Duane Niles
                                                       a.k.a. Jet2x5
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                    | Side Quests                    |             04.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet?                                      04.01 |
LOCATION: Around (425.9, 745.0) NORTH in Amanaki Town.

Head south of the town to the marker. Clear out the komodo dragons and talk to
the girl on the rock. The mission is already over!

| Tagging the Past                                                 04.02 |
LOCATION: (396.0, 773.4) NORTH.

Talk to the man at the top of the hill here. The guy is very annoying. You need
to find three Japanese soldiers' dog tags, which you get off of their bodies.
All three show up as markers on the map so they aren't hard to find, and they
are all relatively nearby. Further, they are all about the same elevation (a
little less) so do not jump over any edges onto some roads below or anything
like that. Return to the man to finish the mission.

| Love Eternal                                                     04.03 |
LOCATION: (438.6, 621.0) NORTH.

After talking to the woman, walk up the hill and talk to the man. After he does
nothing, shoot the ground at his feet to scare him, then return to the woman.

| A Connection to the Past                                         04.04 |
LOCATION: (564.8, 642.7) NORTH.

Another item gathering quest. First, head to the exact coordinates (560.9,
644.4) to find the first item sitting inside this little stone structure. Next,
head inside of the temple to the northeast and run all the way to the back to
a little room that goes underwater. The item is sitting on the floor right next
to where you dive down. Lastly, head towards the south tablet. When you reach
the little structure here, go to the right and climb up. Plant something here to
blow up the wall, then go around and cross over to the other side of the little
structure. You will see a ladder but don't go up. Instead, shimmy around and
go behind the ladder to find the last item. Return to the man and you are done.

| Light at the End of the Jungle                                   04.05 |
LOCATION: (600.8, 796.1) NORTH.

A simple mission, really. After talking to the woman, walk over to the little
hut to the south. Crouch outside of the window and listen to the conversation.
When it is over, you can either confront the man inside or go back and talk to
the woman. Choose whichever and the mission is done.

| Pinned to Earth                                                  04.06 |
LOCATION: (669.9, 773.6) NORTH.

Head to the waypoint and get on the glider. Glide to the next waypoint and then
fly over to the northwest beach in the blue area to find the plane. Land on the
beach and investigate the plane. You will soon find a man. Talk to him and you
will be done with the mission.

| Faces of Death                                                   04.07 |
LOCATION: (766.3, 754.1) NORTH.

You need to take pictures of three dead pirates at set locations. Working your
way from southwest to east is probably the easiest. When you get up to a pirate,
just take out the camera and press RB to take a picture. The waypoints show you
where all of the pirates are. When done, return to the man.

Note that the southernmost dead pirate is on a hill near a tree, but there are
some other living pirates walking about. Take them out first, of course, but you
cannot take their pictures as part of the quest. You have to take the specific
pirate's picture, and he is lying on his back with a knee up in the air.

| Dog Soldier                                                      04.08 |
LOCATION: (772.6, 657.8) NORTH.

Simply run on over to the waypoint on the beach and look for the dogs. There are
a LOT of them here, but the alpha dog should be highlighted. I hate animal
cruelty but the best thing I could think of was to just cook and lob a grenade
and then run away. It worked pretty well for me! Return to the man when done.

| Once More With Dignity                                           04.09 |
LOCATION: (693.3, 625.8) NORTH.

This mission is really easy. You go outside and come back to the man three times
and just grab three different plants each time. All of the plant locations are
shown on the map via the waypoints.

You will receive the Nature Boy Syringe recipe.

| Cargo Dump                                                       04.10 |
LOCATION: (704.7, 678.0) NORTH.

This mission is high up in the mountains. You probably should travel to Badtown
and then use the back roads to get up here. After talking to the man, grab the
package scanner and head out to the waypoint. When you arrive, drop off of the
little cliff edge to the south (where the blue area is lit on your minimap) and
you will see the first white package next to some cardboard boxes. You will need
to take out your camera and take a picture of the package.

You have to do that process five more times. Walk further towards the next item
(but beware--I got attacked by a snake AND mauled by a bear here). The next one
is actually IN the tree inside of the blue area. For the third one, look at the
part of the red cargo container that is in the water. There is a lock on it that
you can shoot off. The doorway to the container opens, so go inside and find
the package. For the next one, it is in plain sight. For the final one, jump off
of the cliff down into the water. Swim to the north of the waterfall and look
for some edges to climb. Climb up twice and turn towards the waterfall to see
another ledge that you can jump to. You can continue BEHIND the waterfall and
you will drop down once to find the package sitting here.

| Bled Dry                                                         04.11 |
LOCATION: (223.3, 428.4) SOUTH.

After talking to the woman, you are hunting for diamonds. Follow the waypoint,
take out the three normal privateers, grab the diamonds. Repeat that one more
time as the waypoint shows you exactly where to go, then return to the woman.
Kill the man after the nice little chat and the mission is already over!

| Dirty Work                                                       04.12 |
LOCATION: (440.8, 325.8) SOUTH.

When the mission starts, simply follow the waypoint. Sneak up on the Heavy when
you reach the area, then simply shoot the other soldiers. Move along to the next
waypoint, killing the three soldiers up front and then shooting at the two in
the boat from a distance. Beware that one of the men in the boat has an RPG. The
third and final location has about five soldiers, but all of them are normal
without any special abilities. Just take them out as usual.

Return to the man to finish the mission.

| Father's Burden                                                  04.13 |
LOCATION: (581.0, 508.1) SOUTH.

You need to collect this man's items. Head over to the first marker and talk to
the man here. He will tell you that he wants to make these Poker players pay for
taking his money. Head inside the bar and set down to the game.

Note: you CANNOT lose here. By that, I don't mean losing fails you, but I mean
that the game itself will NOT let you lose. You will WIN no matter what you do.
So the best thing to do is just go All-In on each hand until you knock the other
players out. You will also get the {POKER BULLY} achievement in the process by
doing so and won't have to play Poker in the game ever again!

Go back to the gambler to get the item. Now head to the new marker and take out
the guard here. Loot him for the next item. Lastly, head to the last marker and
hide behind the rock (do NOT let the guys see you). You can easily dispose of
everyone by cooking a grenade and launching it in the middle. Doing so should
also earn you the {LOVE THE BOOM} achievement hopefully.

Loot the guard and return to the man to finish the mission off.

| Home Delivered                                                   04.14 |
LOCATION: (425.9, 387.1) SOUTH.

After speaking to the man, head on over to the swimming hole (it is actually
inside of a cave). In the cave swim underwater and to a back room. One of the
Relics can be found here if you are looking for them. After seeing the dead
bodies, swim back out and survive the QTE with the crocodile. Return to the man
to finish the mission.
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                    | Side Missions                  |             05.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| Trials of the Rakyat                                             05.01 |
Trials of the Rakyat are found while you go around the island. These little side
missions simply involve you killing waves and waves of enemies across a time
limit in the attempt to get a high score. Beating one of the high scores in a
given Trial will grant you the {LET THE TRIALS BEGIN} achievement. There is a
total of 12 different Trials of the Rakyat.

Below is listing of the Trials and their starting locations:
 _______________________ ______________________________________________________
| NAME                  | STARTING LOCATION                                    |
| Hide and Seek         | (424.4, 768.5) NORTH. Just south of Heron's Perch.   |
| Dashing Assault       | (479.4, 693.1) NORTH. East of Mosquito Yard.         |
| Transport Destruction | (756.5, 745.9) NORTH. Southwest of Badtown.          |
| Point Blank           | (759.8, 698.9) NORTH. Northwest of a Radio Tower.    |
| Overheat              | (471.1, 458.5) SOUTH. West of Delta Camp.            |
| Hostile Swamp         | (485.1, 391.5) SOUTH. Southeast of Bridge Control.   |
| Bull's Eye            | (631.8, 594.4) NORTH. West of The Neck's Diner.      |
| Frag Me Up            | (647.1, 763.9) NORTH. North of Old Mine.             |
| Furious Gun           | (366.6, 421.9) SOUTH. By Stubborn Kid Farm.          |
| Decimation Barrage    | (360.8, 324.8) SOUTH. West of Longshore View.        |
| Bone Crusher          | (582.8, 752.8) NORTH. Right outside of Rust Yard.    |
| Lord of Firepower     | (554.5, 432.5) SOUTH. Southwest of Turtle Hill.      |

| Wanted Dead                                                      05.02 |
The Wanted Dead missions show up on the newsboards inside of liberated Outposts
so be sure to check them after you have liberated one. The main idea of these
missions are to go kill an enemy, but you must kill them with your knife. There
is a total of 24 of these missions.

An easy way to do these missions is to get the Knife Throw Takedown Skill from
the Spider tree and then Takedown an enemy, then choose to throw the knife at
your target. Also, sometimes the ally Rakyats will join you and you still win
the mission if they kill the target. You will get {IN COLD BLOOD} for completing
only ONE of these missions.

Below is a listing of the missions and their starting locations:
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | STARTING LOCATION                                                  |
|     1 | (495.9, 741.0) NORTH. Amanaki Outpost newsboard.                   |
|     2 | (456.7, 731.6) NORTH. Between Amanaki Town and Outpost.            |
|     3 | (438.4, 793.5) NORTH. Welshore Wrecker's House newsboard.          |
|     4 | (570.6, 821.2) NORTH. Cradle View newsboard.                       |
|     5 | (646.8, 744.6) NORTH. Old Mines newsboard.                         |
|     6 | (460.5, 630.7) NORTH. Northview Gas newsboard.                     |
|     7 | (400.4, 679.0) NORTH. Orphan Point newsboard.                      |
|     8 | (427.1, 697.3) NORTH. Mosquito Yard newsboard.                     |
|     9 | (595.3, 645.0) NORTH. Hubris Farm newsboard.                       |
|    10 | (627.4, 705.2) NORTH. Cradle Gas newsboard.                        |
|    11 | (689.6, 783.0) NORTH. AM 12 newsboard.                             |
|    12 | (804.8, 652.4) NORTH. Nat's Repairs newsboard.                     |
|    13 | (796.1, 731.3) NORTH. Tequila Sunrise newsboard.                   |
|    14 | (693.4, 602.6) NORTH. The Neck's Diner newsboard.                  |
|    15 | (373.0, 779.8) NORTH. Valsa Docks newsboard.                       |
|    16 | (373.0, 779.8) NORTH. Valsa Docks newsboard.                       |
|    17 | (606.1, 487.0) SOUTH. Harmanse Gas & Repair newsboard.             |
|    18 | (477.2, 342.9) SOUTH. Break Point Docks newsboard.                 |
|    19 | (477.2, 342.9) SOUTH. Break Point Docks newsboard.                 |
|    20 | (446.8, 493.3) SOUTH. East Ridge Camp newsboard.                   |
|    21 | (368.9, 427.3) SOUTH. Stubborn Kid Farm newsboard.                 |
|    22 | (378.6, 328.4) SOUTH. Longshore View newsboard.                    |
|    23 | (214.8, 375.6) SOUTH. Maw Docks & Repairs newsboard.               |
|    24 | (258.4, 522.8) SOUTH. Lonely Shore Way newsboard.                  |

| Path of the Hunter                                               05.03 |
The Path of the Hunter missions show up on the newsboards in liberated Outposts
just like the other side missions (besides the Trials). These involve you going
to hunt a specific animal with a specific weapon. Simply go to the weapon marker
and pick it up, then find the animal, kill it with THAT weapon, and skin it. You
get the {BAGGED AND TAGGED} achievement for completing ONE of these missions.
In total, there are 23 different Path of the Hunter missions.

Some of these animals listed on the left side (e.g., White Tapir, Undying Bear,
etc.) are required to Craft the last upgrades for each piece of equipment you
have, such as your wallet, ammo pouch, etc. See Section 07.01 for more info on
what items need which animals.

Below is a listing of the missions and their starting locations:
 ______________________ _______________________________________________________
| NAME                 | STARTING LOCATION                                     |
| Shotgun: Rabid Dogs  | (497.4, 741.9) NORTH. Amanaki Outpost newsboard.      |
| Shotgun: Bears       | (427.2, 738.2) NORTH. Just south of Amanaki Town.     |
| Bow: White Tapir     | (584.0, 752.2) NORTH. Just outside of Rust Yard.      |
| Bow: Black Panther   | (353.3, 702.1) NORTH. Next to a door up the hill.     |
| Bow: Golden Tiger    | (428.0, 695.7) NORTH. Mosquito Yard newsboard.        |
| Bow: Leopards        | (656.6, 640.9) NORTH. Hubert Shore Power newsboard.   |
| Shotgun: Undying Bear| (625.8, 704.3) NORTH. Cradle Gas newsboard.           |
| Sniper: Yellow Neck  | (686.2, 781.9) NORTH. AM 12 newsboard.                |
| RPG: Rabid Dogs      | (686.2, 781.9) NORTH. AM 12 newsboard.                |
| Bow: Maneater Shark  | (729.3, 634.3) NORTH. Kell's Boat Repairs newsboard.  |
| Shotgun: One Horn    | (748.1, 776.0) NORTH. Camp Murder newsboard.          |
| Bow: Blood Komodo    | (541.6, 681.0) NORTH. Cliffside Overlook newsboard.   |
| SMG: Bears           | (640.2, 531.5) NORTH. Broken Neck Home newsboard.     |
| Sniper: Deer         | (373.0, 779.8) NORTH. Valsa Docks newsboard.          |
| Sniper: Leopards     | (524.7, 443.0) SOUTH. Satellite Communication news.   |
| Flamethrower: Rabid  | (487.1, 427.4) SOUTH. Lazy Shore Marina newsboard.    |
| Machete: Albino Croc | (442.8, 384.3) SOUTH. Bridge Control newsboard.       |
| Machete: Bears       | (442.8, 384.3) SOUTH. Bridge Control newsboard.       |
| Bow: Komodo Dragons  | (477.2, 342.9) SOUTH. Break Point Docks newsboard.    |
| Flamethrower: Leop.  | (321.5, 362.4) SOUTH. Krige Valley River Fishing.     |
| Pistol: Bears        | (266.2, 334.3) SOUTH. Dry Palm Storage Depot news.    |
| Shotgun: Bears       | (279.0, 431.5) SOUTH. North Krige Crest newsboard.    |
| SMG: Tigers          | (336.2, 476.7) SOUTH. Spine Ridge Site newsboard.     |

| Supply Drop                                                      05.04 |
Supply Drop missions are found by locating the vehicles themselves that you must
drive for them. They simply require you to hop into a vehicle that is given to
you, then you must race through checkpoints on a time limit to a given
destination. Completing ONE of these missions will grant you the {ROAD TRIP}
achievement. In total, there are 19 different Supply Drop missions.

The vehicles and the missions themselves do not show up unless you are freeing
up the Radio Towers. They typically reveal with Radio Towers and NOT Outposts.

Below is a listing of the missions and their starting locations:
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | STARTING LOCATION                                                  |
|     1 | (432.0, 751.7) NORTH. Just northeast of Amanaki Town.              |
|     2 | (563.5, 765.2) NORTH. Just west of the Radio Tower.                |
|     3 | (678.8, 753.6) NORTH. Just southeast of a Radio Tower.             |
|     4 | (658.9, 740.1) NORTH. In a watery alcove between some cliffs.      |
|     5 | (453.2, 680.1) NORTH. Just west of a Radio Tower.                  |
|     6 | (370.0, 675.3) NORTH. Bottom of the beach here.                    |
|     7 | (566.2, 672.7) NORTH. Northeast of the nearby Radio Tower.         |
|     8 | (647.9, 662.2) NORTH. Just on the side of the road.                |
|     9 | (769.0, 683.9) NORTH. Just by the Radio Tower.                     |
|    10 | (765.0, 767.0) NORTH. Just by the Radio Tower.                     |
|    11 | (362.1, 769.7) NORTH. Southwest of Valsa Docks Outpost.            |
|    12 | (645.8, 599.8) NORTH. West of The Neck's Diner Outpost.            |
|    13 | (570.2, 450.8) SOUTH. West of Turtle Hill.                         |
|    14 | (457.2, 362.6) SOUTH. Southeast of Bridge Control Outpost.         |
|    15 | (364.3, 339.6) SOUTH. Southeast of Littlegate Bridge.              |
|    16 | (248.9, 356.4) SOUTH. West of Littlegate Bridge.                   |
|    17 | (250.2, 443.4) SOUTH. Northeast of Gaztown.                        |
|    18 | (378.4, 421.6) SOUTH. Southeast of Stubborn Kid Farm Outpost.      |
|    19 | (443.0, 490.7) SOUTH. Southeast of East Ridge Camp Outpost.        |
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Activities                     |             06.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| Sharpshooter Challenges                                          06.01 |
The Sharpshooter Challenges can be found scattered about the island and they
simply require you to place a wager on how well you can shoot waves of targets
with the given weapon. The targets range through various things, including birds
that are flying through the sky, and you need to shoot as many as you can for
the given level of the challenge.
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION/CHALLENGE NAME                                            |
|     1 | (772.9, 658.5) NORTH. Pistol Challenge.                            |
|     2 | (668.3, 774.3) NORTH. Pistol Challenge.                            |
|     3 | (600.9, 795.2) NORTH. Shotgun Challenge.                           |
|     4 | (767.4, 729.5) NORTH. Shotgun Challenge.                           |
|     5 | (337.9, 756.2) NORTH. Sniper Challenge.                            |
|     6 | (464.9, 510.9) SOUTH. Pistol Challenge.                            |
|     7 | (398.3, 340.2) SOUTH. Sniper Challenge.                            |

| The Island Racing League                                         06.02 |
The Island Racing League is simply what it sounds like: racing! Personally, I
do not enjoy racing that much in games, but some people love it. These little
activities require you to place a wager (or you can bet $0 for practice) on you
getting through a race in a given time. If you're good at driving the vehicles
in Far Cry 3 (as it is TOTALLY different than vehicles in other games), then go
for it. If not, stay far, far away.
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION/RACE NAME                                                 |
|     1 | (433.2, 738.5) NORTH. Crocodile Alley.                             |
|     2 | (338.1, 703.8) NORTH. Shark Bait Run.                              |
|     3 | (424.7, 647.6) NORTH. Wood Bridge Run.                             |
|     4 | (487.1, 766.1) NORTH. Bamboo Pass.                                 |
|     5 | (694.5, 626.0) NORTH. Smuggler's Highway.                          |
|     6 | (746.6, 618.2) NORTH. Island Hop.                                  |
|     7 | (648.8, 596.2) NORTH. Rook Point Express.                          |
|     8 | (339.7, 753.8) NORTH. Surf and Turf.                               |
|     9 | (771.5, 785.8) NORTH. Pacific Coast Loop.                          |
|    10 | (595.3, 465.4) SOUTH. Thurston's Trail.                            |
|    11 | (502.6, 370.4) SOUTH. Artillery Alley.                             |
|    12 | (462.3, 464.7) SOUTH. Amphibian Way.                               |
|    13 | (387.8, 423.5) SOUTH. Kamikaze Pass.                               |
|    14 | (398.5, 342.3) SOUTH. Junkyard Rally.                              |
|    15 | (218.7, 377.8) SOUTH. Water Snake Run.                             |

| Knife Throwing                                                   06.03 |
Knife Throwing activities are little games where you wager that you can beat the
opponent's score. You must throw knives as a target and get close to the center,
so this activity is basically darts except with knives.

The key is to hold RT and release it just in time for little cursor to hit the
green spot on the bar below. If you release too early, while in the white, then
your throw will lightly move in the wrong direction, depending on where in the
white you stopped. If you release too late, while in the red, your throw will
likely go pretty wild. It takes some getting used to but isn't too bad.
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                           |
|     1 | (422.4, 744.0) NORTH. Inside of Amanaki Town.                      |
|     2 | (769.5, 713.4) NORTH. South of Badtown.                            |
|     3 | (577.4, 511.1) SOUTH. Inside of Thurston Town.                     |
|     4 | (440.8, 316.5) SOUTH. Far southeastern beach.                      |
|     5 | (219.5, 424.8) SOUTH. Over by Gaztown.                             |

| Poker                                                            06.04 |
Poker is... well, Poker! The popular gambling card game is available in here as
a means of gaining money. You must place a wager and play the game to see if you
can rake in the big money.
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                           |
|     1 | (436.6, 622.2) NORTH. Very southwestern tip of the island.         |
|     2 | (394.3, 797.0) NORTH. Northwestern area of the island.             |
|     3 | (724.6, 738.0) NORTH. Mideastern area of the island.               |
|     4 | (572.7, 511.8) SOUTH. Inside of Thurston Town.                     |
|     5 | (426.4, 388.1) SOUTH. On a little island inside of the island.     |
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Exploration and Collectibles   |             07.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| Crafting                                                         07.01 |
Crafting is a rather large system in Far Cry 3. The system here is still, while
large, pretty simple. You just need to find Recipes and the ingredients to those
various Recipes. Recipes are given to you via Missions as well as various side
objectives, including when you have Crafted another Recipe and a new one reveals
itself in a sequence.

The main ingredients that you are looking for are just animal skins and the
various plants among the island. You can even buy some ingredients at the shops,
but if you want to save your money don't bother. There are four main types of
items that you can Craft:
    . SYRINGES: Temporary boosts to Exploration, Combat, and Hunting. Some
                can also heal you. You can only use one ability syringe at
                a time, so using two in a row will cancel out the first one
                that you used. You use PLANTS to Craft these.
    . EQUIPMENT: Craft holsters to carry more weapons, as well as wallets,
                 more Loot Rucksacks, and syringe kits. Once you make any of
                 these, they remain with you forever. You use ANIMAL SKINS
                 to make any of the above.
    . AMMUNITION: Use ANIMAL SKINS to Craft more pouches and thus carry
                  more ammunition for all of your weapons.
    . ARROWS: Use ANIMAL SKINS to Craft quivers to carry more arrows as well
              as Craft more arrows themselves. You can also adjust the tip
              of each arrow, thus making them into special types.

The achievements tied to Crafting are {ARTSY CRAFTSY}, {NEEDLE EXCHANGE}, and
{THE GOOD STUFF}. They involve equipment upgrades and syringe Crafting, and they
should come rather naturally as you are playing except for {THE GOOD STUFF}.

For upgrades to your equipment, each final upgrade requires the skin of very
specific animals that you cannot normally find. These must be found through Path
of the Hunter side missions. See Section 05.03 and look for the name of the name
that you're given from the ingredients list.

Below is a listing of the items that you can Craft and their ingredients:

    Medicine Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Green Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Heals 2 slots of Health.

    Endorphin Boost Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Green Leaf (x2), Blue Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: You will gain 4 extra health slots as well as full health when
                 you use the Syringe. These 4 extra slots will NOT regenerate
                 whenever you recover health, however.

    Hunter's Instinct Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Amber Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: You can see animals through the odor that they give off, which
                 causes an aura to appear. Also, smaller animals will stay near
                 you when you come closer. Duration is 40 seconds.

    Animal Repellent Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Amber Leaf (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: As it says, it repels animals and will stop them from attacking
                 you. Aquatic animals (sharks, crocodiles, and such) are NOT
                 affected by it, however. Duration is 50 seconds.

    Deadly Hunter Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Amber Leaf (x2), Crimson Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: You deal extra damage to animals for 25 seconds.

    Fireproof Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Crimson Leaf (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Eliminates burn damage for 20 seconds.

    Enhanced Perception Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Crimson Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Similar to Hunter's Instinct, you can see enemies now via their
                 scent (and thus an aura shows up during gameplay). This ability
                 is pretty nifty (and one red leaf is cheap!). The duration is
                 for 50 seconds.

    Sharpshooter Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Crimson Leaf (x2), Amber Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: This Syringe grants you extra accuracy for hip firing for a
                 duration of 25 seconds.

    Deep Dive Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Blue Leaf (x2), Green Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: You can hold your breath underwater for 50 seconds which is the
                 duration of the serum.

    Sprint Burst Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Blue Leaf (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: You can sprint and swim faster for a duration of 25 seconds.

    Nature Boy Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: Blue Leaf (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Makes plants more visible to you for 60 seconds.

    Untouchable Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: White Leaf (x2), Blue Leaf (x5), Green Leaf (x5)
    DESCRIPTION: You are immune to damage for 25 seconds.

    Touch of Death Syringe
    INGREDIENTS: White Leaf (x2), Amber Leaf (x5), Crimson Leaf (x5)
    DESCRIPTION: You instantly kill enemies for 25 seconds.

    Simple Holster
    INGREDIENTS: Goat Skin (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows two weapons to be carried at once.

    Rugged Holster
    INGREDIENTS: Deer Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows three weapons to be carried at once.

    Heavy Duty Holster
    INGREDIENTS: Shark Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows four weapons to be carried at once.

    Simple Wallet
    INGREDIENTS: Pig Hide (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to $2000.

    Rugged Wallet
    INGREDIENTS: Cassowary Leather (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to $4000.

    Heavy Duty Wallet
    INGREDIENTS: Shark Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to $6000.

    Extended Wallet
    INGREDIENTS: One Horn Hide (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to $10000.

    Simple Rucksack
    INGREDIENTS: Boar Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 32 items. This item is Crafted during
                 the main storyline's introduction.

    Rugged Rucksack
    INGREDIENTS: Tapir Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 48 items.

    Heavy Duty Rucksack
    INGREDIENTS: Dingo Pelt (x4)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 64 items.

    Extended Rucksack
    INGREDIENTS: Undying Bear Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 96 items.

    Simple Syringe Kit
    INGREDIENTS: Pig Hide (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 5 syringes.

    Rugged Syringe Kit
    INGREDIENTS: Dog Skin (x3)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 7 syringes.

    Heavy Duty Syringe Kit
    INGREDIENTS: Leopard Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 9 syringes.

    Extended Syringe Kit
    INGREDIENTS: Black Panther Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 12 syringes.

    Simple Ammo Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Boar Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry additional ammo for all guns.

    Rugged Ammo Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Buffalo Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry even more ammo for all guns.

    Heavy Duty Ammo Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Tiger Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry lots of ammo for all guns.

    Extended Ammo Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Golden Tiger Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry maximum ammo for all guns.

    Simple Grenade Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Goat Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 4 grenades and 4 molotovs.

    Rugged Grenade Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Deer Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 6 grenades and 6 molotovs.

    Heavy Duty Grenade Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Komodo Dragon Skin (x3)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 8 grenades and 8 molotovs.

    Extended Grenade Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Blood Komodo Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 12 grenades and 12 molotovs.

    Simple Munitions Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Goat Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 3 C4 and 3 mines.

    Rugged Munitions Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Leopard Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 4 C4 and 4 mines.

    Heavy Duty Munitions Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: Bear Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 5 C4 and 5 mines.

    Extended Munitions Pouch
    INGREDIENTS: White Belly Tapir Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 6 C4 and 6 mines.

    Simple Fuel Sling
    INGREDIENTS: Dog Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry spare flamethrower fuel.

    Rugged Fuel Sling
    INGREDIENTS: Boar Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry even more spare flamethrower fuel.

    Heavy Duty Fuel Sling
    INGREDIENTS: Komodo Dragon Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry lots of flamethrower fuel.

    Extended Fuel Sling
    INGREDIENTS: Yellow Neck Leather (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry maximum flamethrower fuel.

    Small Rocket Pack
    INGREDIENTS: Deer Hide (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 4 RPG-7 rounds and 8 GL-94 rounds.

    Rugged Rocket Pack
    INGREDIENTS: Dingo Pelt (x4)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 5 RPG-7 rounds and 10 GL-94 rounds.

    Heavy Duty Rocket Pack
    INGREDIENTS: Tiger Skin (x3)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 6 RPG-7 rounds and 12 GL-94 rounds.

    Simple Arrow Quiver
    INGREDIENTS: Goat Skin (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 10 regular and 10 special arrows.

    Rugged Arrow Quiver
    INGREDIENTS: Tapir Hide (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 15 regular and 10 special arrows.

    Heavy Duty Arrow Quiver
    INGREDIENTS: Bear Skin (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 20 regular and 10 special arrows.

    Extended Arrow Quiver
    INGREDIENTS: Maneater Shark Skin (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to carry up to 30 regular and 10 special arrows.

    Fire Arrow
    INGREDIENTS: Arrow (x1), Molotov (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Special arrows that create fire upon impact.

    Explosive Arrow
    INGREDIENTS: Arrow (x1), Grenade (x1)
    DESCRIPTION: Special arrows that explode upon impact.

| Radio Towers                                                     07.02 |
Radio Towers are scattered all about Rook Island with a total of 18 of them for
you to discover. When you discover a Tower, you need to enter it and remove the
radio jamming devices inside. Doing so will reveal chunks of the World Map that
are around your Tower, thus revealing quests and items as well as Collectibles
if you have purchased the maps for the areas. You also get FREE weapons from the
surrounding area when you activate Radio Towers. You will receive {FULL BARS}
when you activate 9 of the 18 Towers.

Below is a listing of the Towers that you can activate:
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                           |
|     1 | (438.3, 758.7) NORTH. Just northeast of the Amanaki Town. You will |
|       | fix this Radio Tower during the main storyline's introduction.     |
|     2 | (357.9, 762.6) NORTH. West and somewhat north of Amanaki Town.     |
|     3 | (565.8, 765.7) NORTH. Northeast of the Amanaki Outpost, northwest  |
|       | of the Rust Yard Outpost.                                          |
|     4 | (667.5, 758.1) NORTH. Northeast of the Old Mines.                  |
|     5 | (367.4, 681.6) NORTH. West of Orphan Point.                        |
|     6 | (459.1, 678.0) NORTH. North of Northview Gas.                      |
|     7 | (555.8, 667.9) NORTH. Northeast of the Temple Gateway.             |
|     8 | (656.9, 661.7) NORTH. North of Hubert Shore Power.                 |
|     9 | (771.2, 680.8) NORTH. Northeast of Kell's Boat Repairs.            |
|    10 | (764.4, 771.6) NORTH. North of Badtown.                            |
|    11 | (653.4, 596.0) NORTH. South of Hubert Shore Power.                 |
|    12 | (574.3, 454.0) SOUTH. South of Thurston Town.                      |
|    13 | (452.0, 466.3) SOUTH. Southeast of East Ridge Camp.                |
|    14 | (454.2, 361.6) SOUTH. Southeast of Bridge Control.                 |
|    15 | (363.9, 346.4) SOUTH. South of The Compound.                       |
|    16 | (381.0, 430.2) SOUTH. Just east of Stubborn Kid Farm.              |
|    17 | (259.3, 443.5) SOUTH. Northeast of Gaztown.                        |
|    18 | (254.8, 350.3) SOUTH. Just northwest of Dry Palm Storage Depot.    |

| Outposts and Fast Travel                                         07.03 |
Outposts are also scattered about Rook Island, just like the Radio Towers. There
is a total of 34 Outposts for you to find and liberate. To liberate an Outpost,
you need to enter the enemy's compound and simply take out all of the soldiers
that are wandering about there in whatever manner you choose. Note that there
are alarms in the Outposts which, when triggered, alert reinforcements. The
soldiers need to manually trigger it, so as long as you kill the ones who are
going for it, you should be fine. Note that if you are stealthy you can actually
DISABLE the alarm and thus only deal with the soldiers in the Outpost.

Once an Outpost is liberated, parts of the World Map open up and reveal more
quests and items, just like the Radio Towers. Outposts, once liberated, further
become Fast Travel stations so that you can simply open the World Map and choose
an Outpost to immediately travel there instead of walking around the island.

Inside each Outpost is also a Safe House where you can buy/sell items, and for
most of the Outposts (14 of them are excluded) you will find Memory Cards inside
of those main rooms. You receive {REBEL WITH A CAUSE} and {ISLAND LIBERATOR}
when you liberate these Outposts along the way.

Below is a listing of the Outposts that you can liberate:

    Amanaki Outpost (North Island)
    LOCATION: (501.6, 738.5). Mostly east from Amanaki Town, across the river,
              but you will have to move slightly south after a little bit. This
              Outpost is liberated during the main storyline's introduction.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Cocaine Formula (#3).
    HINTS: See Section 03.04.

    Welshore Wrecker's House (North Island)
    LOCATION: (438.0, 795.0). Northeast of Heron's Perch.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Benzodiazepine Formula (#2).
    HINTS: Approach from the northern side of the beach. The alarm is on the
           southern side of the Outpost. Beware of the sniper sitting right up
           in the center. There is one pirate sitting by himself painting a
           broken piece of a boat or something to the north. He won't notice
           anything so you can save him for last. I counted a total of 5 enemies
           sitting around the compound when I went through.

    Valsa Docks (North Island)
    LOCATION: (369.5, 782.2). West of Heron's Perch. Northeast of Earnhardt's.
    HINTS: You can zipline in via the AA gun to the east if you wish. Just scope
           out the enemies and BEWARE of the dogs! The dogs will almost always
           find you before enemies unless you take them out.

    Cradle View (North Island)
    LOCATION: (568.2, 821.3). Directly north of a Radio Tower.
    HINTS: The only real hints I can offer here are to shoot (SILENTLY) at the
           animal cages so they unleash onto the guards and to try to use silent
           ranged weapons. I found it particularly difficult to take out the
           guards up close and personal when there were about 8 of them all in
           a giant group. Even throwing rocks did nothing as half of them went
           to look at the same noise. I was able to clear this Outpost without
           triggering the alarm but I was still detected.

    Rust Yard (North Island)
    LOCATION: (579.4, 752.0). Southeast of the nearest Radio Tower.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Ectasy Formula (#5).
    HINTS: Head around the northern part of the Outpost. There is a little hill
           here, and if you head up it you will find a little "bridge" of sorts
           leading onto the top of the main hut in the Outpost. Sneak your way
           onto the top of the hut, then use this position as a point to kill
           all of the enemies from range with either a silenced weapon or the
           great Recurve Bow. Beware of the dog as it may come up and find you.

    Old Mines (North Island)
    LOCATION: (647.6, 742.7). Southwest of the nearest Radio Tower.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Failed Drug Patent 2 Formula (#7).
    HINTS: Approach from the south and try to make your way onto the walkway
           on the eastern side of the Outpost. Work your way along the walkway
           picking off soldiers and then take out the ones below. Watch out as
           there were a couple dogs here who caught me multiple times.

    Northview Gas (North Island)
    LOCATION: (456.5, 628.0). Directly south of the Radio Tower above it.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Crack Cocaine Formula (#4).
    HINTS: None really. Creep in and just move about taking each soldier down
           one at a time. Remember to throw rocks. This Outpost is not too
           difficult, really.

    Orphan Point (North Island)
    LOCATION: (401.7, 680.6). Southwest of Mosquito Yard.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Barbiturates Formula (#1).
    HINTS: Really easy just to shoot all of the guards in a row. There are about
           five of them sitting at the dock on the southern end of the small
           island that Orphan Point sits on. Just shoot them silently after you
           have crept up on one of the sides of the beach.

    Mosquito Yard (North Island)
    LOCATION: (424.9, 692.9). Northeast of Orphan Point.
    HINTS: Approach from the west and you can climb onto a hill overlooking the
           entire Outpost. Take people out from here (silently) with ranged
           weapons and you can get the undetected liberation finished easily.

    Cliffside Overlook (North Island)
    LOCATION: (539.9, 682.7). Northwest of the nearby Radio Tower. Northeast
              of Calvary Point.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Failed Drug Patent 1 Formula (#6).
    HINTS: A rather easy camp as there aren't many enemies here. I would advise
           you to snipe the charger first, then worry about the rest of the guys
           as they are just normal soldiers. There is a giant bear in the camp
           so feel free to shoot the cage from the hole in the northern side of
           the perimeter and let it run free on the soldiers. Shoot them as they
           are going about, try not to be spotted, and you will be fine.

    Hubris Farm (North Island)
    LOCATION: (594.3, 648.6). Northeast of the Temple Gateway, but it is further
              to the east than it is to the north.
    HINTS: First eliminate the two snipers from farm away. I approached from the
           southwest with a silenced sniper rifle (the M-700) and stayed in the
           bushes, so the bushes make it really easy. As I said, take out the
           snipers first. Then you want to take out the chargers (the two melee
           guys who come running for you), and then the two normal soldiers at
           the very end. The chargers are annoying because once a body is found
           then they start running out towards the bushes and can discover you.
           If you are a good enough shot (i.e., you get headshots all the time),
           then you should have no issues here. If you do not have a sniper,
           then I suppose that you could try to get up close and personal, but
           that seems to be a difficult thing to do at this Outpost.

    Hubert Shore Power (North Island)
    LOCATION: (658.2, 642.1). South of the nearest Radio Tower.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - GHB Formula (#9).
    HINTS: Work your way north up the hill to about (653.3, 649.7). From here,
           take the zipline down to the roof of the small building. Use this
           vantage point to take out the enemies with your bow or a silenced
           sniper rifle. They're mostly easy pickings, and you can release the
           trapped animal should you wish to throw them off of their guard.

    Cradle Gas (North Island)
    LOCATION: (622.5, 701.4). Northwest of the nearest Radio Tower.
    HINTS: Beware as there are a LOT of snipers here. There were 6 when I ran
           through, but only 2 of them were up in sniping positions. I suggest
           that you actually lob a grenade over the fence and try to take a few
           of them out in a group. Throwing rocks doesn't do much as the snipers
           never investigate the noise; only normal soldiers will move. Once you
           have their attention, just try to stay along the outside of the fence
           and creep around, trying to take everyone out. There is a hole in the
           fence on the southern side, but it was tricky as there are so many of
           the soldiers in this tiny space. Beware of other enemies too, as I
           had a car drive by right when I disrupted the peace and instantly
           reinforcements started coming.

    AM 12 (North Island)
    LOCATION: (688.0, 786.5). Northeast of the nearest Radio Tower.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Failed Drug Patent 3 Formula (#8).
    HINTS: You need to take out the dogs first. There is no real vantage point
           here, or at least I didn't find one. I actually threw a rock to get
           the dogs to conglomerate in the center, then I cooked a grenade and
           threw it at them. Sorry, dog and animal lovers (I am one myself)! You
           can then proceed to do what you will with the guards as they pose no
           real threat to you.

    Kell's Boat Repairs (North Island)
    LOCATION: (729.8, 637.7). East of Hubert Shore Power.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Khat Formula (#12).
    HINTS: The main things I recommend doing here are releasing the animals from
           the cages in the back and also trying to lure soldiers out into the
           bushy grass. If you can lure them, you can actually set the grass on
           fire here, and it SPREADS really far. Other than that, keep range,
           shoot with your silenced weapons.

    Nat's Repairs (North Island)
    LOCATION: (807.9, 654.1). Far southeast coast of the island.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Krokodil Formula (#13).
    HINTS: Crawl through one of the gaps in the fence and try to take out a few
           of the soldiers around the perimeter. It is actually pretty easy to
           creep up on people and get Takedowns here, so do it if that is your
           thing. Also, set the bear free if you want to have some fun and make
           the guards a little more distracted.

    Tequila Sunrise (North Island)
    LOCATION: (793.7, 696.7). Southeast of Badtown.
    HINTS: I suggest just throwing grenades or something from the beginning. You
           have to deal with a few heavy enemies so watch out for them. Other
           than that, do whatever you prefer to do with this Outpost as there is
           nothing really special here for me to mention.

    Camp Murder (North Island)
    LOCATION: (745.9, 778.2). Northwest of Badtown.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Ketamine Formula (#11).
    HINTS: There are a LOT of chargers here. This Outpost is difficult to take
           stealthily as you usually face a swarm of chargers running out into
           the grass around the compound. If you can, try to snipe the sniper
           first and foremost, then pick off the chargers quickly. If you have a
           silenced SMG or assault rifle, then use that on the chargers instead
           of using your slow-moving sniper rifle.

    The Neck's Diner (North Island)
    LOCATION: (691.7, 604.4). East of the nearby Radio Tower.
    HINTS: For me this place was rather tough to clear unless you simply had a
           powerful silenced sniper or SMG to pick enemies off with. You can
           climb the little building to the south and there is a VERY short
           zipline to towards the north where you can try to lure someone to
           their death, and you can try going up the hilly terrain towards the
           southeastern area, but besides that there really aren't any great
           vantage points for this Outpost.

    Broken Neck Home (North Island)
    LOCATION: (637.5, 530.6). Southwest of The Neck's Diner.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Heroin Formula (#10).
    HINTS: There's not a whole lot of enemies here, but you will want to take
           out the two dogs first. Once they are out, you can release the animal
           from its cage to cause a stir and take everyone out as you see fit.

    Harmanse Gas & Repair (South Island)
    LOCATION: (606.3, 489.2). Southeast of Thurston Town.
    HINTS: A rather easy place. There are two Heavies but you can get a good
           vantage point via the hills to the west. Take out the sniper in the
           tower before doing anything, as usual. Both of the alarms are pretty
           well guarded so you will want to distract the soldiers.

    Satellite Communication Hub (South Island)
    LOCATION: (524.7, 443.0). Just southeast of Delta Camp.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Spice Formula (#20).
    HINTS: A pretty easy place, actually. There are two dogs, so lure them with
           rocks or something and take them out (but DON'T let them see you!).
           Now you just need to take out the sniper in the tower to the south.
           After that, you will see that there is a bear in the cage, so release
           the bear and he should take out a chunk of the guards for you as well
           as cause a good disturbance for you to silence the alarm. When done,
           do whatever you wish with the surviving privateers.

    Lazy Shore Marina (South Island)
    LOCATION: (487.1, 427.4). Just northwest of Echo Camp.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - LSD-25 Formula (#14).
    HINTS: Not a whole lot of difficulty here. A couple Heavies are here but you
           can easily reach the alarm before anyone sees you. Turn it off and
           just do your thing. Having the Heavy Beatdown Skill is REALLY helpful
           here (as it is everywhere else) as you can just rush Heavies.

    East Ridge Camp (South Island)
    LOCATION: (443.0, 490.7). Northwest of Delta Camp.
    HINTS: You should probably take out the two snipers first. They are, as is
           obvious, sitting in the two towers. This place is easy overall as
           there aren't many enemies here nor any Heavies. The only things that
           will give you away are the dogs, but they are in a cage so make sure
           not to shoot them. Do note that there are a couple of guards inside
           of the upper floor of the building by the western sniper.

    Bridge Control (South Island)
    LOCATION: (442.8, 384.4). Southwest of Echo Camp.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Marijuana Formula (#15).
    HINTS: Not that difficult of a place. Watch out for the RPG soldiers along
           the perimeter (they are in these little shacks). Take them out first
           and then focus on the others. No Heavies or animals here.

    Break Point Docks (South Island)
    LOCATION: (477.2, 342.9). The southeasternmost Outpost.
    HINTS: A rather small place with a lot of enemies. There are only two Heavy
           soldiers going about, however. You can, yet again as I always suggest
           you to do, try sniping from the north. There is a tiger in a cage
           that you can let loose if you feel like it as well. The closest alarm
           is by the tiger's cage, but it is hard to get there without being
           seen unless you take out some of the soldiers first.

    Longshore View (South Island)
    LOCATION: (378.6, 328.4). South of The Compound.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Mushrooms Formula (#17).
    HINTS: A bit of a doozy like most of these South Island ones. All I can
           really say here is that you can dash in to disable the alarm pretty
           easily, thankfully. But you need to watch out for the flame Heavies
           that are walking about as well as the snipers. If you want to try
           to snipe from far away yourself, that might work better here.

    Stubborn Kid Farm (South Island)
    LOCATION: (368.9, 427.3). North of The Compound.
    HINTS: I had a tough time with this place given that there were about four
           Heavies when I was here. I ended up simply rushing in and disabling
           the alarm on the eastern side of the Outpost, then I shot everyone
           with my Vector except for the Heavies. Then I ran about and took
           the Heavies out with my Heavy Beatdown Skill.

    Krige Valley River Fishing (South Island)
    LOCATION: (321.5, 362.4). Lightly southwest of The Compound.
    HINTS: There is a vantage point to the southeast for you to look out at the
           camp from. There are a few Heavies as well as some melee ones about.
           Also, the alarm is close to the southeastern vantage point and it is
           easy to turn off. Just do so and start sniping. Or rush in if you
           prefer, as usual. I was able to perform Takedowns on about 7 enemies
           before someone spotted me.

    Dry Palm Storage Depot (South Island)
    LOCATION: (266.2, 334.3). Further southwest of The Compound than the above.
    HINTS: Coming from the northeast you can get the jump on some of the guards
           that are just standing around (including the Heavy on the upper level
           of the Outpost).

    Maw Docks & Repairs (South Island)
    LOCATION: (214.8, 375.6). Directly west of The Compound at the island's end.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - PCP Formula (#19).
    HINTS: This place is easier and harder at the same time. No Heavies, but the
           alarms are hard to reach and there are a lot of guards. I still was
           able to sneak around the back side of the encampment to turn off
           the alarm, then I started sneaking up on people until someone caught
           me, which at that point I unleashed everything with my weapons.

    North Krige Crest (South Island)
    LOCATION: (279.0, 431.5). Northwest of The Compound.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Opium Formula (#18).
    HINTS: Really I found this Outpost to be another place to quickly disable
           the alarm and then snipe the enemies. There is a high vantage point
           to the north, but you will have to take some guards out first.

    Spine Ridge Site (South Island)
    LOCATION: (336.2, 476.7). South of and between Romeo and Alpha Camps.
    MEMORY CARD?: Yes - Meth Formula (#16).
    HINTS: Not really terribly difficult. It may be a bit harder if you do not
           want to be detected at all. There are mainly a lot of explosives
           experts here, with RPGs and so on. Keep your eyes out and just move
           around trying to snipe people.

    Lonely Shore Way (South Island)
    LOCATION: (258.4, 522.8). Far northwest, just northeast of Charlie Camp.
    HINTS: From the cliff edges to the southwest of the Outpost you can easily
           tag the enemies with the camera as well as take a chunk of them out
           with a sniper rifle. Further, there is a tiger to the southeastern
           area of the Outpost itself, so set it free to distract people.

| Memory Cards                                                     07.04 |
Memory Cards are one of the three types of Collectibles for you to find lying
about Rook Island. There are 20 total, and ALL of them are found inside of the
Safe House rooms of liberated Outposts. You receive {MEMORY TO SPARE} if you
find all of them.

Below is a listing of the Memory Cards that you can find, and make sure to look
at the Section above (Section 07.03) for information on the Outposts:
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                           |
|     1 | (401.8, 680.4) NORTH. Orphan Point.                                |
|     2 | (438.0, 795.0) NORTH. Welshore Wrecker's House.                    |
|     3 | (501.6, 738.5) NORTH. Amanaki Outpost.                             |
|     4 | (460.0, 626.0) NORTH. Northview Gas.                               |
|     5 | (579.4, 754.2) NORTH. Rust Yard.                                   |
|     6 | (539.6, 684.5) NORTH. Cliffside Overlook.                          |
|     7 | (647.9, 740.9) NORTH. Old Mines.                                   |
|     8 | (687.8, 788.4) NORTH. AM 12.                                       |
|     9 | (658.0, 642.1) NORTH. Hubert Shore Power.                          |
|    10 | (637.1, 530.1) NORTH. Broken Neck Home.                            |
|    11 | (744.6, 779.6) NORTH. Camp Murder.                                 |
|    12 | (729.9, 637.7) NORTH. Kell's Boat Repairs.                         |
|    13 | (807.5, 654.9) NORTH. Nat's Repairs.                               |
|    14 | (487.1, 427.4) SOUTH. Lazy Shore Marina.                           |
|    15 | (442.8, 384.4) SOUTH. Bridge Control.                              |
|    16 | (336.2, 476.7) SOUTH. Spine Ridge Site.                            |
|    17 | (214.8, 375.6) SOUTH. Longshore View.                              |
|    18 | (279.2, 431.4) SOUTH. North Krige Crest.                           |
|    19 | (214.5, 375.4) SOUTH. Maw Docks & Repairs.                         |
|    20 | (524.7, 443.0) SOUTH. Satellite Communication Hub.                 |

| Relics                                                           07.05 |
Relics are another type of Collectible for you to find. There are actually 120
in all, but you only have to find 60 of them for the achievement that is related
to them. Finding all 120 of them does absolutely nothing, so you don't really
need to bother unless you are just that much of a completionist. For each one
you find, you do receive 250 XP which is good, but by the time you have found a
lot of them, XP will probably not be a worry for you anymore.

You receive the achievement {ARCHEOLOGY 101} for finding 60 of the Relics.

RELIC #1 IS MISSABLE! Look at its description right now.

The coordinates below are not always where the Relic is exactly. Sometimes I put
the coordinates of the Relic if it is in an obvious place. Other times it will
be the coordinates of where you should be before you can get to the Relic. I put
directions on how to find it if I do that.

Also, take note that to blow up cracked walls you do NOT have to use C4. I just
prefer to use it often. Any explosive will work (RPG, grenades, C4, etc.).

Below is a listing of the Relics that you can find, and the listing is numbered
as they show up in your Handbook, so if you are missing Relic 97 then you can
look up #97 in the list below:
 _______ ____________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                           |
|     1 | This relic is MISSABLE. It does NOT show on your map and will not  |
|       | appear until the "Keeping Busy" mission a bit through the game.    |
|       | In the cave under Earnhardt's place, head to the southern side of  |
|       | the water. There are ledges to climb here, so do so, then turn     |
|       | around and climb up the vines. Move your way along the rocky path  |
|       | here until you drop off on the other side of the broken ship (you  |
|       | cannot get here otherwise). You should hear a bear, so walk into   |
|       | the opening here and take the bear out. It was to my left as I was |
|       | going near. To the northwest in the room the Relic sits.           |
|     2 | (363.6, 664.0) NORTH. On the little island by itself. Climb into   |
|       | the cavern that is down below the ground.                          |
|     3 | (497.0, 781.6) NORTH. Dive out into the center of the water. There |
|       | are two Relics here, Relic 83 and this Relic. This Relic is on the |
|       | southeastern side of the big canyon. Swim towards the southeast to |
|       | find some ledges to climb. Be careful to jump across gaps and such |
|       | until the reach the room at the top where the Relic is. Now jump   |
|       | back down so you can get Relic 83.                                 |
|     4 | (497.7, 701.0) NORTH. In the little cave to the west.              |
|     5 | (533.7, 729.2) NORTH. Climb up the ledges to the north, use the    |
|       | zipline to head westward and continue around the mountain, heading |
|       | up as you go. You will find a big cave with the Relic at the end.  |
|     6 | (584.1, 813.3) NORTH. Head into the cave northeast of you.         |
|     7 | (561.8, 628.5) NORTH. Walk south towards the ruined building. Go   |
|       | over to the right side and climb up the ledge. Plant some C4 onto  |
|       | the cracked wall, get down, blow the wall up, then climb back up.  |
|       | Up here, follow to the other side and climb up to the Relic.       |
|     8 | (620.3, 713.7) NORTH. On the pedestal in the hole in the ground.   |
|     9 | (648.0, 560.7) NORTH. Up on the hill (above the waterfall) you     |
|       | should find a big hole. Part of the hole drops into water below    |
|       | but there is a bit of a ledge you can drop to above the water. On  |
|       | that ledge is a path through a small cave where the Relic sits up  |
|       | behind the waterfall.                                              |
|    10 | (761.3, 814.0) NORTH. Enter the cave to the south. Beware as you   |
|       | pass through the vines and keep to the right as there is a walkway |
|       | that you might not notice. If you miss the walkway, you will fall  |
|       | into water and have to swim underneath. Follow the small cave and  |
|       | climb up some vines to find the Relic at a dead end.               |
|    11 | (749.3, 710.4) NORTH. Inside the room to the north.                |
|    12 | (523.1, 476.1) SOUTH. Sitting up on the altar.                     |
|    13 | (575.9, 458.8) SOUTH. Enter the cave here and climb up.            |
|    14 | (437.2, 471.0) SOUTH. Sitting behind a dumpster.                   |
|    15 | (418.6, 402.9) SOUTH. In the cave to the southwest. Swim through   |
|       | to a room in the back with some chests and the Relic.              |
|    16 | (330.8, 458.7) SOUTH. Enter the cave to the east.                  |
|    17 | (312.3, 330.8) SOUTH. There is a roadway along the hillside at the |
|       | point, and at the end of it is a plank leading into a cave. Head   |
|       | in and take a left when the cave forks. You now need to sprint and |
|       | jump across the platforms towards the left and you will find it in |
|       | a little room after the second jump.                               |
|    18 | (262.1, 450.8) SOUTH. Sitting in a little alcove by the cliffside. |
|    19 | (208.1, 331.9) SOUTH. From here enter the cave to the east. Follow |
|       | the path (do not fall into the water) and you will find the Relic  |
|       | sitting on a rocky platform.                                       |
|    20 | (424.9, 351.1) SOUTH. Down by the river in the little alcove.      |
|    21 | (375.6, 807.6) NORTH. On the island in the northwest, you will     |
|       | find the Relic sitting inside a small little temple room.          |
|    22 | (362.3, 696.3) NORTH. From the eastern beach, enter the cave to    |
|       | the west. Run as far back as you can and take  a left at the fork. |
|    23 | (447.3, 751.7) NORTH. From here, head eastward into the cave. The  |
|       | Relic is sitting up on the ledge to your left/to the north.        |
|    24 | (494.7, 644.3) NORTH. In the cave at the end of the bridge.        |
|    25 | (455.2, 426.2) SOUTH. There is an alcove in the side of the hill   |
|       | here. Reach the cliff to the north of these coordinates and fly    |
|       | with your wingsuit here. Just use the parachute and slow down if   |
|       | you think you are going to crash.                                  |
|    26 | (566.2, 644.8) NORTH. Approach the cave to the northeast. Head in  |
|       | and go down the stairs to find this Relic on the altar. NOTE: Make |
|       | sure to pick up Relic 56 here. Head to the left of this Relic and  |
|       | into the hallway. Enter the water and swim down to Relic 56.       |
|    27 | (649.4, 743.2) NORTH. From Old Mines, look to the east for a cave  |
|       | opening. Climb down and head southeast out of the cave. Run across |
|       | the little plank bridges and the Relic is in a room at the end.    |
|    28 | (650.4, 662.4) NORTH. Sitting under the table by the road.         |
|    29 | (336.0, 319.7) SOUTH. Climb up the northwestern side of the place  |
|       | to get inside. The Relic is sitting by some crates.                |
|    30 | (391.5, 428.1) SOUTH. Sitting inside of a minecart.                |
|    31 | (346.3, 758.4) NORTH. Sitting in the rubble underwater.            |
|    32 | (335.9, 693.4) NORTH. Dive down below the water to find this one.  |
|    33 | (384.5, 664.4) NORTH. Dive down below the water to find this one.  |
|    34 | (446.4, 803.3) NORTH. Down inside of the sunken ship.              |
|    35 | (469.8, 655.3) NORTH. Go westward into the cave underneath the     |
|       | waterfall.                                                         |
|    36 | (594.8, 794.9) NORTH. Under the water.                             |
|    37 | (606.4, 762.1) NORTH. Under the water.                             |
|    38 | (635.3, 797.2) NORTH. Swim south to the underwater cave.           |
|    39 | (635.0, 581.0) NORTH. Sitting in a little alcove by itself.        |
|    40 | (679.2, 598.4) NORTH. Out in the water here you should find some   |
|       | blue plants. A little cave is underwater to the southeast so you   |
|       | will have to swim QUICKLY to get through the cave, grab the Relic, |
|       | and then swim your way back out.                                   |
|    41 | (726.3, 750.2) NORTH. Enter the cave to the north. Quickly swim to |
|       | the other end through all of the tunneling. Note that there is a   |
|       | HUGE amount of the blue plants in the cave, so pick them and come  |
|       | up for air if you are lacking any. At the end, watch out for I saw |
|       | a snake here. Pick up the Relic after disposing of the snake.      |
|    42 | (742.2, 638.4) NORTH. Climb onto the structure that is sitting in  |
|       | the water and swim down through the hole in the center to find the |
|       | Relic sitting down below in the ruins.                             |
|    43 | (583.9, 439.8) SOUTH. Behind a crate on the ground.                |
|    44 | (478.9, 362.0) SOUTH. Go into the cave here. Swim under the water  |
|       | and head back into a dark area. The Relic is sitting at the very   |
|       | bottom of the water, pretty hard to see.                           |
|    45 | (497.5, 352.9) SOUTH. Swim into the cave here. In the northern     |
|       | corner of the cave you can swim underwater and follow the path to  |
|       | a dead end. At this dead end you will find the Relic.              |
|    46 | (323.3, 469.3) SOUTH. On an altar below the water.                 |
|    47 | (391.3, 380.3) SOUTH. In the wreckage underneath the bridge.       |
|    48 | (279.7, 434.8) SOUTH. From these coordinates (or thereabout), get  |
|       | onto the mine ramp in the middle of the Outpost. Climb up to the   |
|       | top and enter the cave. Run to the back of the cave (crouch for    |
|       | the last part) to find the Relic.                                  |
|    49 | (231.9, 355.6) SOUTH. Inside the little shack.                     |
|    50 | (382.8, 345.7) SOUTH. Sitting on top of the TV in the building.    |
|    51 | (397.6, 755.6) NORTH. Under a sunken ship in the water.            |
|    52 | (756.3, 653.9) NORTH. You have to swim straight down into a dark   |
|       | pit to reach this Relic. Before you can dive that far without the  |
|       | loss of air getting to you, you need the Deep Dive syringe. This   |
|       | syringe unlocks after the Island Port Hotel storyline mission. Use |
|       | it and dive down to the Relic. You will unlock the {FEARLESS OR    |
|       | STUPID} achievement while doing so.                                |
|    53 | (465.7, 758.3) NORTH. Underwater by the dock.                      |
|    54 | (439.0, 671.8) NORTH. Sitting in a hole in the ground.             |
|    55 | (547.8, 453.7) SOUTH. Just sitting on a walkway.                   |
|    56 | (566.2, 644.8) NORTH. Approach the cave to the northeast. Head in  |
|       | and go down the stairs to find Relic 26. Turn left and go down the |
|       | hallway and enter the water. You will find Relic 56 down in below  |
|       | in the middle of the water-filled room.                            |
|    57 | (670.0, 764.3) NORTH. Swim into the cave to the southeast.         |
|    58 | (644.8, 649.5) NORTH. Around here you will see some broken parts   |
|       | of what looks like an altar. Look in the ruins and you should see  |
|       | a hole in the middle. Drop down it into the water below and find   |
|       | the Relic further down in the water. Swim quickly as you have to   |
|       | move far to get out of the watery tunnel.                          |
|    59 | (420.8, 418.3) SOUTH. Sitting under the water near the waterfall.  |
|    60 | (788.3, 772.2) NORTH. Swim to the west and you will find a cave    |
|       | underneath the waterfall. The Relic sits in here on the ground.    |
|    61 | (398.0, 771.7) NORTH. There is a big open cavern below the road    |
|       | here. Underneath it, break the vines in the doorway to the west    |
|       | and enter the little room. Look to your left for a ledge to climb  |
|       | up on and find the Relic in the small hallway.                     |
|    62 | (373.7, 770.5) NORTH. Sitting by the AA gun on the hill.           |
|    63 | (509.4, 741) NORTH. Sitting at an altar.                           |
|    64 | (508.1, 671.5) NORTH. Enter the cave to the west (knock down the   |
|       | vines from the doorway to do so).                                  |
|    65 | (590.1, 776.2) NORTH. Plant C4 on the cracked wall inside the mine |
|       | entrance way. Blast the wall, enter the cave, then climb up.       |
|    66 | (552.1, 689.0) NORTH. Sitting inside the shack.                    |
|    67 | (582.6, 667.3) NORTH. Sitting next to a crashed plane.             |
|    68 | (706.0, 793.3) NORTH. Enter the cave to the southwest. Run up to   |
|       | the cracked wall, blow it up with C4, and then run back through    |
|       | the cave, climbing up and around the pathway. You will soon come   |
|       | out on top of a mountain/hill. The Relic is at the giant altar.    |
|    69 | (705.1, 631.7) NORTH. From the road head north somewhat and look   |
|       | for an alcove between the rocky mountain sides. Head into it, blow |
|       | up the wall at the end of it, and follow the cave back to the end. |
|    70 | (651.5, 549.3) NORTH. Break open the entrance to the cave to the   |
|       | east and the Relic is sitting inside.                              |
|    71 | (733.4, 770.3) NORTH. Break the wall to the east. It is sitting on |
|       | a pedestal inside of the cave. Alternatively, break the crumbled   |
|       | floorway at about (739.1, 774.2) NORTH. But beware of Camp Murder  |
|       | nearby if you have not liberated it yet.                           |
|    72 | (541.3, 438.1) SOUTH. Approach from the top of the hill to the     |
|       | northwest and drop down to the little rock altar.                  |
|    73 | (462.9, 448.8) SOUTH. Blow up the wall here.                       |
|    74 | (507.7, 447.9) SOUTH. Drop down the hole. It is in the next room.  |
|    75 | (352.8, 470.9) SOUTH. Climb up the mountain to the south. You will |
|       | have to climb up pretty far, jump over a gap in a bridge, and you  |
|       | will have to run through a cave. Out of that cave, keep climbing   |
|       | up the mountain side until you are up top, then head on over to    |
|       | (354.1, 448.1) where you will find a little structure. To the      |
|       | southeast of that you can drop down and find an entrance. Head on  |
|       | in, blow up the door, and the Relic is on the altar down the way.  |
|    76 | (357.5, 338.1) SOUTH. Climb up the rocks here to find the Relic in |
|       | a small little cave.                                               |
|    77 | (257.0, 463.0) SOUTH. Make your way up the mountain here via the   |
|       | path to the southeast. Up top, enter the shack nearby and look for |
|       | the Relic on some crates in the corner.                            |
|    78 | (279.9, 477.2) SOUTH. On the side of the hill, drop down below via |
|       | the structure near you and blow up the wall to get to the Relic.   |
|    79 | (291.5, 322.8) SOUTH. Enter the cave to the northeast to find it.  |
|    80 | (777.4, 623.3) NORTH. Blow up the door of the western bunker.      |
|    81 | (269.3, 335.7) SOUTH. From here head northeast into the mine and   |
|       | take the path all the way to the top. Up here, jump across the gap |
|       | and you will find your Relic.                                      |
|    82 | (399.3, 687.4) NORTH. Sitting in a hole in the ground.             |
|    83 | (497.0, 781.6) NORTH. Dive out into the center of the water. There |
|       | are two Relics here, Relic 3 and this Relic. This Relic is on the  |
|       | northwestern side of the big canyon. Swim towards the northwest,   |
|       | pull yourself out of the water, and climb the vines up. In this    |
|       | giant cave you will find an altar to your left with this Relic.    |
|       | Now go back out and jump back down so you can get Relic 3.         |
|    84 | (466.5, 350.8) SOUTH. Blow up the doorway here.                    |
|    85 | (559.6, 778.3) NORTH. Sitting on an altar.                         |
|    86 | (772.0, 696.0) NORTH. Sitting inside a small building.             |
|    87 | (682.6, 741.8) NORTH. Enter the mine to the west.                  |
|    88 | (669.0, 669.0) NORTH. Enter the cave to the northwest.             |
|    89 | (692.9, 572.6) NORTH. Along a broken road up on the hillside (you  |
|       | will have to do some jumping across a couple gaps) you will find a |
|       | little camp near a cave. The coordinates are for the camp area's   |
|       | location. Head into the cave, dropping down some, and you will     |
|       | find at some point an opening covered with vines. Beware, as there |
|       | is an area in the cave that is wide open that you can drop down    |
|       | into and the Relic is BEFORE you come to this area.                |
|    90 | (772.8, 786.4) NORTH. Sitting in a little shack.                   |
|    91 | (462.3, 661.4) NORTH. You have to climb up the eastern side of the |
|       | mountain for this one.                                             |
|    92 | (442.9, 344.8) SOUTH. Inside the hut here.                         |
|    93 | (555.5, 760.5) NORTH. Climb up the pathway to the east.            |
|    94 | (523.4, 676.1) NORTH. Make your way up the hill to Calvary Point.  |
|    95 | (702.5, 809.9) NORTH. Climb onto the island and go to the center.  |
|    96 | (646.2, 683.5) NORTH. You have to climb your way up to the top of  |
|       | the mountain here via the grassy paths on the north or south side. |
|    97 | (626.3, 656.5) NORTH. Simply sitting by a bundle of crates.        |
|    98 | (683.5, 524.6) NORTH. Sitting on an island by itself.              |
|    99 | (807.6, 773.4) NORTH. Climb up the western part of the island and  |
|       | you will find it sitting on an altar to the south.                 |
|   100 | (786.6, 755.0) NORTH. Sitting on an altar.                         |
|   101 | (813.8, 676.4) NORTH. Climb up the northwestern side of the hill.  |
|   102 | (597.9, 490.5) SOUTH. At the top of the hill here on an altar.     |
|   103 | (458.8, 485.1) SOUTH. Sitting on a table.                          |
|   104 | (576.6, 347.2) SOUTH. Way, way, way out in the water. Swim out to  |
|       | the southeast of the main island to a smaller island.              |
|   105 | (398.2, 452.9) SOUTH. Sitting inside the little shack.             |
|   106 | (370.1, 754.4) NORTH. Sitting on the beach near a wrecked boat.    |
|   107 | (213.6, 418.7) SOUTH. A painful one to get. From these coordinates |
|       | grab the glider and immediately turn right. You're looking at the  |
|       | cliff side to the right of you and you need to find a gap in it as |
|       | there is a little alcove where the Relic sits. The Relic's actual  |
|       | coordinates are (212.4, 426.8). You just have to be looking for it |
|       | and be quick (don't dive down) as you will soon lose the elevation |
|       | that you need to get there. I tried using the wingsuit a few times |
|       | but it never worked.                                               |
|   108 | (251.3, 322.7) SOUTH. Sitting out in the open.                     |
|   109 | (248.5, 357.3) SOUTH. On the cliff side in a little alcove.        |
|   110 | (361.4, 365.3) SOUTH. Sitting by a small building.                 |
|   111 | (353.0, 730.7) NORTH. Sitting on an altar at the hilltop.          |
|   112 | (358.7, 691.3) NORTH. Make your way up the hill and to the bunker. |
|   113 | (413.2, 808.2) NORTH. Sitting on a pedestal on a small island.     |
|   114 | (745.2, 615.2) NORTH. Haphazardly climb up the rocky hill sitting  |
|       | on the island to get up to the Relic sitting at the altar.         |
|   115 | (610.0, 427.5) SOUTH. Sitting on an altar at the top of the hill.  |
|   116 | (604.9, 672.4) NORTH. You need to climb up the mountaintop via the |
|       | roads to the southwest. Once here, enter the little cave at the    |
|       | very pinnacle to find the Relic.                                   |
|   117 | (658.6, 814.4) NORTH. Climb onto the island and go to the center.  |
|   118 | (438.5, 444.7) SOUTH. Follow the path northwest of here all the    |
|       | way to the top of the mountain. The Relic is on an altar.          |
|   119 | (654.8, 528.0) NORTH. At the top of Rook Point Tower.              |
|   120 | (233.6, 441.6) SOUTH. Inside a hut.                                |

| Letters of the Lost                                              07.06 |
Letters of the Lost are the last type of Collectibles for you to find, and they
are usually lying around in ruined bunkers leftover from World War II. There are
a total of 20 to be found, and you obtain {DEAD LETTERS} for finding them all.

Below is a listing of the Letters that you can find:
 _______ ___________________________________________________________________
| No. # | LOCATION                                                          |
|     1 | (435.3, 645.6) NORTH. Up on a hillside by an anti-aircraft gun.   |
|     2 | (361.3, 711.5) NORTH. Head southward and into the right bunker.   |
|     3 | (461.2, 773.0) NORTH. The letter is in the cave to the south.     |
|     4 | (380.5, 742.6) NORTH. Head south into the small bunker.           |
|     5 | (533.6, 729.0) NORTH. Climb up the two ledges to the north and    |
|       | follow the path around the mountain eastward (a small road shows  |
|       | on your minimap). You will see a cave along the way and the       |
|       | letter sits inside of it by the AA gun.                           |
|     6 | (600.0, 621.7) NORTH. Enter the little alcove to the south.       |
|     7 | (685.0, 811.6) NORTH. Enter the bunker to the west.               |
|     8 | (634.1, 644.9) NORTH. From these coordinates, head northwest very |
|       | slightly. Keep between the rocks and the side of the hill and you |
|       | will find a little encampment buried here.                        |
|     9 | (632.6, 601.4) NORTH. Sitting in the little bunker.               |
|    10 | (703.7, 573.5) NORTH. Sitting inside the bunker here.             |
|    11 | (796.2, 746.5) NORTH. Head into the bunker to the northeast.      |
|    12 | (806.5, 761.3) NORTH. Head into the cave to the southwest.        |
|    13 | (777.4, 623.3) NORTH. Head into the southern bunker.              |
|    14 | (602.4, 458.1) SOUTH. Sitting in the bunker on the hill.          |
|    15 | (471.5, 418.1) SOUTH. There is a hole here on the hill. Drop down |
|       | and you will find the letter. Just climb back out when finished.  |
|    16 | (528.6, 399.8) SOUTH. Sitting along the roadside.                 |
|    17 | (408.5, 498.9) SOUTH. Sitting in a ruined bunker.                 |
|    18 | (371.9, 315.0) SOUTH. On a ledge below the big cliff side there   |
|       | is an entrance to the bunker. Follow it around to the main part   |
|       | of the bunker to get the letter.                                  |
|    19 | (237.9, 426.8) SOUTH. Drop down the ladder by the outhouse. Walk  |
|       | behind the ladder to find the letter down the hall.               |
|    20 | (497.7, 503.1) SOUTH. Enter the bunker here and go downstairs.    |
                    |                                |
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                    | Achievement/Trophy Guide       |             08.00
O===================|                                |===================O
  /                  \
  All of the following achievements are from completing the main storyline:
    . First Blood
    . Magic Mushroom
    . Worst Date Ever
    . One of Us
    . Hands Off My Stoner
    . Retake Wallstreet
    . Have I Told You?
    . Taken for Granted
    . Higher Than a Kite
    . Deep Cover
    . Poker Night
    . What a Trip
  /                                   \

  Rebel With a Cause
  See below.

  Island Liberator
  You need to liberate all of the Outposts available in the game. Take a look
  at Section 07.03 for more information.

  For this achievement, you need to liberate an Outpost without triggering any
  of the alarms. Try to follow what I did, roughly, in Section 03.04. Besides
  that, look at any of the hints in Section 07.03. Liberating these silently
  will help with XP bonuses as well.

  Full Bars
  You must activate half of the Radio Towers on the island. See Section 07.02.

  Archeology 101
  You need to gather only half of the Relics in the game. See Section 07.05.

  Dead Letters
  You need to gather all 20 Letters of the Lost. See Section 07.06.

  Memory to Spare
  You need to gather all 20 Memory Cards. Take note that ALL of the Memory Cards
  are in the Safe Houses inside of Outposts. So when you liberate an Outpost,
  look for the Safe House where you can buy/sell things and in it will likely be
  one of the Memory Cards.

  See Section 07.04.

  Jungle Journal
  Characters, items, animals, and other things fill up the journal as you play,
  so do not worry as this achievement should come naturally when going for all
  of the other items during the game.

  Bagged and Tagged
  You need to complete a single Path of the Hunter quest. See Section 05.03.

  Road Trip
  You need to complete a single Supply Drop quest. See Section 05.04.

  In Cold Blood
  You need to complete a single Wanted Dead quest. See Section 05.02.

  Let the Trials Begin
  You need to beat any single Trials of the Rakyat score. See Section 05.01.

  Say Hi to the Internet
  You need to find the lost Hollywood star who can be found at any point during
  the game. Head to the coordinates of (620.6, 557.8) or so. It is on the big
  peninsula to the southeast on the North Island. Along the beach, look for a
  head sticking barely out of the sand (it will be glowing). Interact with the
  head and... well, that's it. The achievement is over!
  /                                 \

  Free Fall
  You need to fall 100 meters through the air and live. To do so, head to about
  (497.3, 794.4) NORTH on your map. You will be on the northern side of a large
  lake in the center of these cliff sides. When ready, face towards the center
  of the water, take a couple steps back, then sprint and jump out over the
  water. You will dive out and over the water. When you hit the water, the
  achievement will pop!

  Fearless or Stupid
  See Section 07.05, Relic 52.

  Inked Up
  See Fully Inked just below.

  Fully Inked
  You need to progress through the storyline AND gain enough XP as you play
  through the game until you are able to get all of the Skills available in the
  menu. Note that you get the most XP from liberating Outposts silently and
  later on by using special Takedowns like the Gunslinger Takedown as well as
  using the Heavy Beatdown Skill.

  Money to Burn
  You need to spend $5000 total through shops. This achievement should come
  naturally as you play through the game.

  Aftermarket Junkie
  Head to a store or a Safe House and simply purchase all of the types of
  upgrades and camouflage for any of your given weapons.

  Poker Bully
  You need to win $1500 through playing Poker. This achievement can be done
  without any difficulty. You can automatically win that much money by waiting
  until later in the game and doing the Side Quest "Father's Burden," as the
  game automatically lets you win the Poker game. Go see Section 04.13 for that.
  If you wish, see Section 06.04 for all of the locations to play Poker.

  Hunter Hunted
  Find some predator around the island (including sharks, etc.) and get them to
  come after you. Dispatch them with whatever needs necessary, like an RPG to
  the face, should you wish!

  You need to hunt and skin animals like normal, except you must skin special
  animals that can be found through the Path of the Hunter missions.

  See Section 05.03.

  Artsy Craftsy
  Simply Craft five upgrades for your equipment. See Section 07.01.

  Needle Exchange
  Simply Craft twenty-five (25) syringes. See Section 07.01.

  The Good Stuff
  Collecting 30 or 40 Relics unlocks two different special syringes. You need to
  using Crafting to make either one of them.

  See Section 07.01.

  Heartless Pyro
  You need to take out fifty (50) enemies with the Flamethrower. Wait until you
  buy the Flamethrower, obviously, or until you get it for free. When you do,
  just find lots of enemies, get up close, and set them to flame. I would advise
  that you do this achievement as soon as possible as I did not find the weapon
  to be very useful later on in the game.

  Love the Boom
  You need to kill four enemies with a single explosion of any kind, through
  grenades or explosive objects or, the easiest method, the RPG. Wait until you
  have whatever method you prefer, then find some enemy pirates walking about.
  If you can, trigger them into a group and blast them. If you can't, then make
  a game save, go to an Outpost, trigger the alarms, then blast the groups of
  reinforcements that come up if you wait a little while.

  Try the Trial of the Rakyat south of Badtown as you have infinite RPGs to
  shoot. Just run about shooting the time barrels and then wait for enough of
  the pirates to group up. Shoot them and BAM! Done!

  Rock Always Wins
  This achievement is very simple. When you are going about the island, you will
  hopefully be going about stealthily. You need to throw rocks about to get the
  attention of foot soldiers. They will go examine the noise and you must let
  them look about and then walk away. They MUST walk away or else you will not
  get the distraction as counted. You need to do so twenty-five (25) times in
  the course of the game, which should be very easy to do if you throw rocks
  about often as you go.

  Island Paparazzi
  Another very simple achievement. You whip out your camera any time that you
  see an enemy somewhat far away, look at the enemy and zoom in enough on them
  for the game to tag them automatically. Do so twenty-five (25) times as you
  go along and you will earn this achievement.

  Never Saw It Coming
  Before you can do anything you need the Death From Above Skill. Once you have
  it, look around for gliders or ziplines (or use the wingsuit if you have it)
  near enemies that are walking about. If you choose a zipline, you will likely
  have to throw a rock to make the enemy go underneath it. If not, just do your
  best to maneuver through the air towards the enemy, but don't approach them
  from where they can see you. When in close, drop off of whatever you're using
  and onto the enemy, thus taking him out.

  A good place to do this achievement is during the The Medusa's Call mission,
  or also by going around (370.4, 690.6) NORTH and looking northwest to find
  some enemies that occasionally respawn here even after you beat the game.

  Improper Use
  Wait until you either have the Repair Tool (buy it early or activate Towers
  until it is free). Once you do, equip it, sneak up to an enemy, then light
  them on fire for the achievement.

  You need to kill a target from 70 meters or more away with the bow, so make
  sure you have the Recurve Bow in the first place. It unlocks for free shortly
  after you activate some Radio Towers so you don't have to buy it. But you WILL
  have to buy the Marksman Sight upgrade from a store.

  After that sight is attached, you will notice that when you aim (with LT) that
  there are divisions in the sight. The first two horizontal lines cover the
  closer ranged enemies while the third division marks 80 meters and the bottom
  marks 100 meters. You will want to back far, far away from an enemy. If you
  want to try it, you can place a map marker roughly where they are and see how
  far away you are from the distance meter by your minimap. In any case, once
  you are very far, you need to use the sight to your advantage.

  You will have to make adjustments depending on your location, but you will
  want to place the vertical line in sync with the enemy's body, and you will
  want to move the sight upward until the 80 meter horizontal line is JUST above
  their head or so. If you are lined up, let an arrow fly and you should take
  them out. If not, move the sight and keep adjusting a bit until you do and you
  will hopefully get this achievement. You have MANY chances to attempt this
  kill throughout the whole game, however, so don't worry too much.
  /                        \
  All of the following achievements are from completing co-op missions:
    . Here We Come
    . Return to Sender
    . Rocking the Boat
    . Hide and Seek
    . Rush Hour
    . Getting Even
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                    | Credits                        |             09.00
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Thanks to Ubisoft for making this game.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this. :)
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                    | Legals, Copyright and Info     |             10.00
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