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Fringe FAQ by ANguyen

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/05/1995

Welcome to the Samurai Shodown II Fringe FAQ v3.0 (and Happy New Year!)

Fringe FAQ is appropriately named as its purpose is to present supplemental
information not found in the other SS2 documents.  Leave this document entirely
intact and unmodified when reproducing on paper.  If some stranger offers
payment for this document, I ask that you accept only $1 at most.

This FAQ owes its existence to the fact that I am fortunate enough to own the
home version of the game.  Much time and effort was spent in researching and
producing this document, nonetheless.  It is possible that the home version
differs from the arcade in terms of game play.  Please relay any

Attacks are named for ease of understanding.

This release is incomplete and sure to have some bugs.  Please send any
corrections, additions, comments, questions, etc. to acn@macsch.com.
Constructive criticism is welcome.  Read any fine print before flaming, please.
If this document is worth something to you, I'm all ears to gratitude and
compliments.  I admit, I'm only human.

-An Nguyen, author/editor, 1/5/95

Thanks and credits to

Brian Choi, Jamie Klein, Jun Saito, and Gamest magazine for cancelling info

Jamie Klein for Galford Mad Dog slash bypass

David Sweeney for BC hop tips

Anastos 'Tiri' Sotiris for damage observations and suggestions

Billy Bissette and Scott Bradburn for damage observations

Scott Fujimoto for damage/dizzy observations and attempting suicide B)

Edward Ju for damage observations and quote suggestions

Rich Joseph, SS2 Moves List editor, for multi-hit additions, countering Cham's
jump scratch, ninja mirror image bombs, and suggestions

Greg Kasavin, Mark Maestas, Jamie Klein, Stan Wong, and James Tao for info on
blocking Genjuro's slide slash

Julien _? for suggestions and a multi-hit addition

Shawn Gumbleton for Ukyo info

If I missed anyone, I apologize.  Please let me know.

What's New in v3.0?
-New section on cancelling/buffering attacks

-New section on overriding special attacks

-Updates to Preface, Multi-hits, Subtleties & Tactics, and Miscellaneous

Contents (sections partitioned with asterisks)
1.  Damage
2.  Multi-hit Attacks
3.  Attacks with Blocking Damage
4.  Subtleties & Tactics
5.  Cancelling/Buffering Attacks
6.  Overriding Special Attacks
7.  Miscellaneous


1. Damage
In alphabetical order by character:

          Attack                        Damage to healthy (green after hit)
           POW                          victim who is standing and who has
Character   %   Attack                  0%POW                           100%POW
Cham Cham
             0  AB standing far         13.5
           100  AB standing far                                         15.5
           100  POW special                                             12

             0  B Power Gradation        6.5
             0  B missile               11.5
           100  B missile                                               11

             0  AB standing far         12.5
           100  B standing far                                          13.5
           100  A standing far                                           6.5

           100  AB throw                                                12
           100  CD throw                                                12.5
           100  B throw                                                 11

             0  crouch AB close         26
           100  crouch AB far?                                          15.5

           100  2-hit B standing close                                  13
           100  POW special                                             25
           100  AB standing close 2-hit                                 26.5

           100  D standing                                               8
           100  jump D                                                   8
           100  CD standing                                             13
           100  jump CD                                                 13

             0  AB fire breath          18.5
             0  AB fire breath    up to 10 if blocked by cornered victim!
             0  AB standing 2 hits      28
           100  POW special                                             20.5

             0  B standing far          10
             0  crouch CD               13.5
           100  POW special                                             27

             0  jump D                  8
             0  glove extension         12 + dizzy (any button)
           100  POW special                                             26.5

             0  AB missile              11.5
             0  AB standing far         28.5
             0  jump AB                 34.5

           100  jump AB                                                 24
           100  CD standing                                             14.5
           100  D standing                                               8.5

           100  slide B or AB (first hit)                                8
           100  slide A (first hit)                                      3.5

           100  B standing far                                          18.5
           100  AB standing far                                         35.5

           100  crouch B                                                17
           100  crouch CD                                               14.5
           100  jump CD                                                 12
           100  AB missile                                              10

           100  B throw                                                 14.5
           100  AB throw                                                15.5
           100  CD throw                                                16
           100  POW special                                             29

             0  B standing far           9.5
             0  crouch AB               11.5
             0  jump AB                 22.5
             0  CD spinning pile driver 31.5
             0  AB standing close       36
           100  POW special                                             22.5

             0  B standing far          15
           100  AB standing far         33                              30.5
             0  Resshin Zan             17.5  (any button)
           100  6-hit super uppercut    64.5                            46
           100  POW special                                             30.5

             0  B standing far          14.5
             0  AB standing close       28

           100  AB standing close                                       35.5
           100  2nd thrust of AB standing far                            3

           100  crouch A                                                 8
           100  crouch D                                                 7.5
           100  crouch AB 2-hit                                         31.5

           100  A standing far                                          10
           100  A standing close                                         9.5

           100  B standing close                                        19-22.5
           100  B standing far                                        17.5-19.5

           100  CD standing                                             16

           100  AB throw                                                17.5
           100  B throw                                                 16.5
           100  CD throw                                                17

           100  jump AB                                                 19
           100  jump A                                                  10
           100  jump B                                                  17

           100  AB rush and uppercut (4+2 hits)                         19
           100  3 hit Hasso Happa                                       13.5
           100  POW special                                             25

             0  B standing far          13
           100  POW special                                             18.5

             0  AB high missile          8.5
             0  AB standing             26
           100  POW special                                             23

             0  B flaming dive off bird 21
             0  rolling slash 2 hits    25.5
           100  POW special                                             23

             0  B standing far          13
             0  exploding punch         17
           100  POW special                                             31

             0  B firebird only         4.5
             0  AB firebird only        8.5

           100  firebird only           (any button)                     5

             0  3 hit apple slice       9  (any button)
           100  3 hit apple slice          (any button)                 13

             0  B standing far          12-13
           100  B standing far                                          16-17
           100  B standing close                                        18-19
           100  CD standing                                             16
           100  D standing                                              10.5

           100  CD throw                                                18.5
           100  AB throw                                                17

           100  CD teleport slash                                       14
           100  C or D teleport slash                                    7.5

           100  slash + firebird              (any button)              20.5

             0  jump AB                 22                              16.5
           100  jump AB                                                 30

           100  AB standing close 2-hit                                 33

             0  crouch AB close 2-hit   26.5 (blunt jab, overhead slash)
           100  crouch AB far                                           25.5
           100  crouch A far                                             8

           100  POW special                                             28

             0  AB 2-hit standing close 22
           100  POW special                                             25
Damage Factors:
Fortunately, it seems that a character's attack will do approximately the same
damage to all characters, big or small.  Unfortunately, damage seems to vary
dynamically according to dizziness, victim health and POW, proximity, if the
victim was hit during a special move, and possibly other factors (maybe if
you are hit while performing or recovering from a normal move) besides the
POW of the assailant.  Therefore, these figures are not definitive, but merely
samples measured under certain conditions.  I have tried to minimize the
effects of these factors, but proximity is one that is subtle and tough to

If a victim is dizzy, he may sustain reduced damage, depending on the attack.
Example: Ukyo B standing far: 14.5% vs. dizzy while 16% vs. normal

When a character's health is flashing, he may not suffer full attack damage.
In other words, an attack that should normally finish him may fail to do so.
This may apply to both AI and human players.  However, this phenomenon may
not always occur, and the amount of damage reduced may depend on the attack.

When a victim has more POW, he will sustain less damage.  This can depend
greatly on the attack (refer to Haohmaru's AB standing far and super uppercut).

Proximity plays a significant role in determining attack damage.  Sometimes
this is obvious for standing attacks (eg a close AB yields 2 hits).  However,
the 'sweet spot' for damage is subtle.  Example: Ukyo's standing B: 16% far,
17% medium-far, 18% close, 19% very close.  It is subtle because this slash
looks exactly the same, regardless of Ukyo's proximity to the victim.  All
damage listed above is for victims who were standing only, since air-air hits

make it even harder to control the proximity factor.  In general, closer
proximity yields greater damage.

If you are hit while performing a special move, you could suffer more damage
than normal.  This may depend on the special move and the attack that foiled
it.  Example: 100% POW Charlotte 2-hit standing close B knocks 100% POW and
healthy Jubei out of AB rush/uppercut for 18.5% damage.  It is only 13% if
Jubei was merely standing.

Measurement/round-off error is about 1% but the proximity factor could
introduce more inaccuracies.

The figures with a range (eg 16-17) denote differences due to proximity that
I have been able to discern so far.  Refer to proximity factor above.

Since it is much easier to obtain results when both the assailant and victim
have 100% POW all the time (this is an option for the home cartridge), there
are few 0% POW figures.

The results for attack damage are given in terms of the percentage of full
health that the attack deducts.  I measured the full health bar with a ruler
and used it as the denominator.  The numerator is the measured damage of an
attack.  The fraction is then converted to a percentage rounded off to the
nearest .5%.  A character who sustained 30% damage has only 70% health.

Galford and Hanzo have a close AB somersault slash that looks just like the far
one but does much more damage.  They also have a very close standing AB
downward slash.


2. Who and what are multi-hit capable?
In alphabetical order:

Character       Attack                  Potential Hits
Cham Cham       AB standing close       3
                AB standing medium-far  2
                crouch AB close         2

Charlotte       Splash Fount            4?
                AB standing close       2

Earthquake      crouch AB close         3
                standing AB close       3

Galford         crouch CD close         2

Gen-An          AB standing close       2

Genjuro         uppercut close          2
                standing CD             2? (I thought I saw it once)

Hanzo           crouch CD close         2

Haohmaru        sake swing close        2
                uppercut close          2
                super uppercut close    6       (special special)
                AB standing close       2

Jubei           AB standing far         2
                crouch AB close         2
                Hasso Happa             3 typically vs. cornered victim
                AB rush and uppercut    6 (4+2)
                B rush and uppercut     4 (2+2)
                A rush and uppercut     3 (1+2)

Kyoshiro        AB standing close       2
                helicopter slice down   3

Nakoruru        spin slash off bird     2
                ground rolling slash    2
                multi cape flicks       4       (special special)
                AB standing close       2 vs. EQ only

Nicotine        standing D              2 (only sometimes?)

Sieger          crouch AB close         2
                standing CD close       2
                flamethrower punch      2

Ukyo            AB standing close       2
                crouch AB close         2       (blunt jab, overhead slash)
                apple slice             4 (typically 3 vs. cornered opponent)
                crouch CD close         2

Wan-Fu          AB standing close       2
                uppercut close          2

POW specials are excluded from this list.

A character's multi-hit attack may not necessarily do more damage than another
character's single hit attack.

Close attacks that look like 1 hit but that inflict damage comparable to 2 hits
are Galford's and Hanzo's AB standing somersault slash, Haohmaru's crouch AB,
and Jubei's AB standing.

Running slashes may automatically enable 'close' hits (eg Haohmaru's 2 hit AB
or Ukyo's 2 hit AB).

The max # of multiple hits are typically achieved by being close to the victim.

3.Attacks with Blocking Damage (they inflict damage even if
In alphabetical order by character:

Character       Attack
Cham Cham       boomerang throw
                monkey attacks

Charlotte       Power Gradation
                triangle missile

Earthquake      chainsaw
                fire breath (up to 10% damage to cornered victim!)
                            (refer to Damage section for restrictions)

Galford         Plasma Blade
                dog attacks

Gen-An          spinning slashes
                Poison Cloud Puff

Genjuro         card missile
                sliding slash

Hanzo           fire snake

Haohmaru        uppercuts
                Resshin Zan

Jubei           rush and uppercut

Kyoshiro        helicopter slice
                flaming fan
                fire breath
                flaming kick

Nicotine        high and low missiles

Nakoruru        spin slash off bird
                flaming dive off bird
                4 cape flick special
                cape flick
                bird attack
                flying mutsube's

Sieger          flaming belly flop

Ukyo            firebird
                apple slice
                sliding slash

Wan-Fu          flaming pillar throw
                flaming uppercut
                flaming 360 pillar swing
All POW specials probably inflict blocking damage.

Some attacks inflict more blocking damage than others.

If you block while cornered, you will likely suffer more blocking damage
against attacks with 'duration' (eg fire breath or apple slice) since you
cannot be 'pushed back' when these attacks first hit you.

There doesn't seem to be a difference between strength of attack (eg A, B, or
AB) for blocking damage.

Use these attacks to finish off an opponent who's barely 'alive,' especially if
you're in the same boat.  But be careful (refer to Damage Factors).


4. Subtleties & Tactics

Galford is not supposed to be able to slash when Poppy is chewing up the
opponent, but this can be bypassed by running then pressing AB.  I tried this
but the slash wouldn't register a hit while Poppy was still biting.  Maybe it
must be timed so that it hits right after Poppy finishes biting.

Glove and staff extensions do not hit low.

Wan-Fu is vulnerable during his flaming 360 pillar sweep when his back is
towards you.  Counterattack with a well-timed, quick attack.

If you slash the wrong ninja mirror image, a 'ninja bomb' will hit you.  To
be safe, use only kicks.

Charlotte's crouching kicks are her only attacks that need to be low blocked.

Earthquake cannot throw another Earthquake who is blocking.

All Ukyo teleport slashes can be blocked either high or low.

Dizzies may not be consistent.  For example, Ukyo's jump AB vs. a standing
opponent can dizzy with 2 or 3 hits.

If frustrated with characters who continually dash or roll in and then throw,
try the quick escaping BC hop and immediately follow up with a fast attack.

Combo-hits can be much more readily performed in SS2 than SS1.  The AI takes
advantage of this and will often hit you and hit you again while you are still
reeling from the first hit.  It also likes to jump attack high then immediately
follow-up low (eg AI Cham).  If you adapt to this, it may adapt by jumping in
then throwing you while you're blocking low.  Of course, you can also benefit
similarly and should always try to get combo-hits if your first jump attack is

If the AI taunts, punish it with a fast long range attack while it's

Get those turkeys (literally), especially the big ones, to regain health.
Don't let the opponent get it.

If you block the bombs (the classic black & round ball variety), health is not

If an opponent is dizzy, be wise in choosing your attack and do not wait long
against humans since they can shake out of it quickly.  Your most powerful
attack depends on your character and many damage factors.  It may be a close
normal move, a pow special, a jump then standing combo, or a cancelled combo.

Do not use Ukyo's crouch AB close because the first hit will un-dizzy the
victim, who could then block the overhead slash.

Dizzy Cham Cham cannot be hit with a high standing attack (eg Ukyo's AB
standing) because she 'doubles over.'

Genjuro's Slide Slash
Genjuro's B and AB slide slashes often hit behind the victim, especially if
performed at medium or close range.  It must be blocked by moving the joystick
towards an incoming Genjuro, but once in a while it can be blocked normally.
If you successfully block the first 'behind the back' attempt, keep blocking
in the same direction to guard against the remaining two slashes, in the case

of a triple card slash combo.  The A sliding slash can always be blocked
normally.  An alternative to merely blocking would be to always block towards
Genjuro when he slides; when he gets close, press B to attempt to throw him.
If you miss, you may still be successful at blocking his 'behind the back'

Another subtlety of the B and AB slide slashes is how you can pull off the
triple card slash combo.  Note that he can slide past the victim twice, but the
1/4 circle motion to activate the second and third hits can be performed in
exactly the same direction as the first hit.  I mention this for those who may
have thought the motion had to change according to where Genjuro was during the
move (at least I initially did).

Cham Cham's Jump Scratch
Her C, D, and CD jump scratch can hit behind you if done at the proper range.
It takes a trained eye to determine if she will be able to jump behind you.
Block towards her if she's going behind.  This attack also has very high
priority in the air, so if she does it, be wary of jumping into the air.  You
can hit her out of it in the air, but it requires good timing and placement.
You might trade hits though.  Other alternatives: jump back, hit the dirt, or
roll away.

She can recover quite quickly if she misses, so your counterattack must not be
late.  You can't afford to let her off the hook with such a sneaky and damaging
attack.  Your counterattack must hit really low since she lies flat on the
ground.  I was a bit surprised when Haoh's crouch AB worked on her.


5. Cancelling/Buffering Attacks

What is cancelling or buffering?  It is when you cancel the last few animation
frames of a normal attack (eg you or the victim are still recovering from the
hit) with a special attack.  This is done by inputting (buffering) the motion
for a special move while the previous normal attack hits.  How do you know if
you've done it right?  The special move follows the normal move immediately, so
that a combo results.  Not all normal attacks can be cancelled, and not all
special moves combo well, especially ones that are slow to come out.  Normal
attacks with long recovery times probably are not cancellable, while A and B
slashes usually are.  You might be able to cancel aerial attacks.

In alphabetical order (only some confirmed):

Cham Cham
standing A, B, or medium/close AB -> skull or monkey
crouching A, B, or medium/close AB -> skull, monkey, or leaping scratch

standing A, B, or close AB -> triangle missile
crouching A, B, or C -> Power Gradation

standing or crouching A -> fire breath

standing A, C, or D -> Plasma Blade or ground dog attack
crouching C -> Plasma Blade or ground dog attack

standing A, B, or close AB -> spinning attack or glove extension
crouching A or B -> poison cloud

standing A or B -> uppercut, slide slash, or card missile
crouching A or B -> slide slash or card missile

standing A, C, or D -> fire snake
crouching A, B, or C -> fire snake

standing A, B, or 2-hit AB -> uppercut or Resshin Zan
crouching A or B -> sake swing or tornado

standing A, B, or AB far -> rush & uppercut or Ground Wave
crouching A, B, or AB -> Ground Wave

standing A, B, or 2-hit close AB -> helicopter slice, fan, or flaming kick
crouching A or B -> fan or flaming kick

standing A, B, close AB, C, or D -> Annu Mutsube or bird attack
crouching A, B, C, or D -> Leyla Mutsube or cape flick

standing or crouching A, B, or AB -> low missile

standing A or B -> bellyflop, flamethrower, or sliding kick
crouching A, B, or 2-hit close AB -> flamethrower

standing A, B, or 2-hit close AB -> teleport slash or POW special
crouching A, B or 2-hit close AB -> teleport slash
crouching kick -> teleport slash

standing A, B, or 2-hit close AB -> uppercut or 360 pillar sweep

Another type of buffering is when special moves requiring button tapping
'charge up' while you are slashing normally.  This often happens with Jubei
and Charlotte: slash a few times, jump slash, and the next standing slash
results in Hasso Happa or Splash Fount.  EQ's chainsaw is another example.
Be wary of this feature, since an accidental charging could result in a
painful counterattack.


6. Overriding Special Moves
A character whose special move is overridden will receive damage from the
overriding special move.  Hits are not traded.

It seems that the boomerang throw will override any other projectile.

Overrider                       Overriddee
Splash Fount                    Spinning monkey
Skull throw                     Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Spinning monkey
Shuriken                        Leyla Mutsube
Boomerang throw                 Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Splash Fount
Charlotte POW                   Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Sake Swing
Annu Mutsube                    Kyoshiro fire breath
Annu Mutsube                    Kyoshiro POW
Cape Swirl                      Annu Mutsube
Flamethrower punch              Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Genjuro slide slash
Annu Mutsube                    Ukyo C slide slash
Ukyo D slide slash              Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Wan-Fu 360 flaming pillar sweep
Haohmaru Resshin Zan            Annu Mutsube
Annu Mutsube                    Glove or staff extension

Also, I couldn't get Nakoruru's cape flick to protect her from dog attacks,
monkey fireballs, spinning monkeys, or shurikens.  Maybe it's my timing.  It
does resist skull throws.


7. Miscellaneous

A variation on the jump back/dash move is jump back/roll forward (back back

Wan-Fu cannot commit suicide via pillar-headbanging.  A white screen flash will
occur instead.

WAV sound files (recorded by yours truly)
Available via ftp at these sites and directories:

ftp.krl.caltech.edu     /pub/fighting/ss2/audio
kaiwan.kaiwan.com       /user/dvillnva/neogeo_wav_files

ftp.dhp.com             /pub/neogeo/sound/ss2

Courtesy of Dave Kirsch, GeeSe Howard, and Sean Goller, respectively.
Thanks, fellas.

Read ss2_wav.txt for a description.

JPG screen captures (24 bit 720x480 by yours truly)
Available via ftp:

ftp.krl.caltech.edu     /pub/fighting/ss2/pictures
kaiwan.kaiwan.com       /user/dvillnva/neogeo_ss2_screenshots

ftp.dhp.com             /pub/neogeo/pictures/ss2

Memorable Quotes
"I can look your destiny of death on your face."  -Hattori Hanzo

"How foolish, stupid, and silly you are!  Get away, chicken!"  -Wan-Fu

"I'll be never beaten by anybody who lives in comfort, like you."
        -Kibagami Genjuro

"--- to cut a same face ---
        --- feel bad ---"       -Tachibana Ukyo

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You're welcome
... to those who appreciated this document in some way: Rich J., Eddie J.,
Shawn H., Julien _, Scott F., Billy B., Ken H.

... and those who appreciated the wav and jpg files: Dave K., Rich J.

-It's a wrap-up for now, folks-

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