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Character Backgrounds by KTanaka

SS2 Character backgrounds (Japan)
From: tanaka@maya.com (Kenichiro Tanaka)

These are the character backgrounds from the Japanese manual. I've tried
to keep the wording as close as possible to the original, which isn't a
good idea if you're going for fluidity. If this was an "official"
translation (say, for SNK), I'd re-word everything so it reads better.

Anyway, the Kuroko and Mizuki profiles are taken from Famicom Tsuushin,
but I imagine they're the official stories, because unlike certain US
magazines with three-letter acronyms, they don't make stuff up. ^_^ I

Kenichiro Tanaka

     * Haohmaru
     * Genjuro
     * Cham Cham
     * Nicotine
     * Sieger
     * Kyoshiro
     * Jubei
     * Hanzo
     * Ukyo
     * Nakoruru
     * Gen-an
     * Earthquake
     * Charlotte
     * Wan-fu
     * Galford
     * Kuroko
     * Mizuki



"Haohmaru, do not get involved with demons." The warnings of Nicotine, his
master, could not stop Haohmaru. That day, Haohmaru drank with his master
for the first time in a while and set out on a journey--to find the demon
that was after his soul. "Shurado,* huh? This should be interesting."

*"Shurado" is the way of war, after the Hindu/Buddhist god of war,

Kibagami Genjuro

"There is no question you are strong. But one day, you will cause great
suffering with your sword." With those words, Nicotine expelled Genjuro,
who became his pupil at the same time as Haohmaru. His heart full of hate,
Genjuro hunts Haohmaru and Nicotine. "The strong kill the weak...it's only

Cham Cham

Cham Cham was so absorbed in her fishing that she didn't notice when
someone stole her family's heirloom, the Tanjil Stone. If her father finds
out, she'll get in trouble. Her grandfather told poor Cham Cham the
direction of the Tanjil Stone. "I'm going, Grandpa! Bye bye!"

Caffeine Nicotine

There was a time when Nicotine hunted demons with his sword. But after
being defeated by a certain demon, he settled down and lived quietly as a
priest. But one day, he learned that the same demon was now after his
pupil's life. "As I feared, it's back..."

Neihalt Sieger

Sieger, the commander of the most powerful group of knights in Europe, The
Holy Order of the Knights of the Red Lion, was ordered by Emperor Heinrich
to destroy, singlehandedly, the demon that had been attacking neighboring
countries. Sieger set out on a jorney, for the good of his homeland. "I
pledge allegiance to our magnificent Emperor."

Senryo Kyoshiro

"The soul of your "techniques" are mine!" With that, one of his own
servants attacked Kyoshiro. He was possessed by a demon. Kyoshiro nimbly
evaded the attack and destroyed the demon. "You want my soul? Come and get
it if you can!"

Yagyu Jubei

Even after the defeat of Amakusa, there was no end to the appearance of
demons. The Shogun, Tokugawa, realizing the gravity of the situation,

ordered Jubei to destroy these demons. But the demon's were hunting Jubei
as well. "No one can withstand the might of the Yagyu Shinkegeryu-kai!"

Hattori Hanzo

After defeating Amakusa, Hanzo was able to retrieve his son's body. But
his soul still wandered the land of the demons, as before. One day, Hanzo
learned that he could liberate all these wandering souls if he defeated
the ruler of the demon world. "Son, I will ressurect your soul."

Tachibana Ukyo

The demon flower that Ukyo found was not the perfect flower he sought. "I
do not know if this is true, but the perfect flower blooms in the center
of the demon world." After hearing those words from an old scholar in the
country of Musashi, Ukyo set off for the demon world again, despite his
illness. "...I must...hurry..."


As usual, Nakoruru stood with her eyes closed among the birches and tried
to talk with nature. But that day, she couldn't hear the voice of nature.
Something was wrong. Nakoruru could feel the spirit of nature being sucked
away into the demon world. "I must hurry. Let's go Mamahaha!"

Shiranui Genan

Genan's soul was in the demon world where screaming, insanity, and hatred
swirled in a giant vortex. The ruler of this demon world came to Genan and
told him he could be given his life back, in return for servitude. Genan's
body rematerialized when he pledged his loyalty. However..."He he he...I'm
the only true king of the demon world."


As usual, Earthquake was thieving when he heard a voice from a demon. He
promised gold if Earthquake killed certain people. Greedy Earthquake
decided to become a servant of this demon... "*Guffaw,* in the end, I'll
kill you as well."


Charlotte commissioned a mural depicting her victory over Amakusa. The
artist's brush flew, as if he was possessed, and painted the form of a
demon Charlotte had never seen before. "I must destroy Ambrosia,


One day, someone claiming to be a seer appeared before Wan-fu. This person
told the story of "The Egg of the Destroyer," which could grant dominion
over the world, in exchange for one's soul. With this item, the
unification of China would be possible. Wan-fu set off on a journey.
"Anyone gets in my way, I'll bash their heads open!"


There had been a noticeable increase in crime recently. Getting
suspicious, Galford investigated a group of related incidents and found
that dark shadows from the demon world were causing those with weak hearts
to commit crime. "Let's go Pappy! We have to kill these demons!"


In the past, the Kuroko was a demon hunter, along with Nicotine. Back in
those days, Nicotine wielded a sword named "Taima," and the Kuroko had
already taken to concealing his identity in black. Together, these two
defeated many powerful demons and none could stand in their way. None,
until Rashoujin Mizuki.

Rashoujin Mizuki

Mizuki is a spirit that has become an immortal demon, through a pact with
Ambrosia. Currently, Mizuki inhabits the body of Bizuki, a woman with

supernatural powers. Bizuki had tried to subdue Mizuki and use its powers
for good, but failed, and was possessed. Mizuki plans to merge the Palenke
Stone and the Tanjil Stone to further strengthen the demon world.

The symbols that Mizuki says at the beginning of the match read, "On
dakini sahaharakati souka." It means, "I thank thee, the flesh-eating gods
and their servants."

Her moves:

Gashin kyoumei kon: dog ram
Gashin kibaku kon: dog bite
Gashin henretsu kon: pig-transformation

Makai tensei zen/go: teleportation forward/back

Haki inmetsu jin: ground drag

Jashin kyoumei: confusion

Tenchi makyou jin: weapon breaker


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