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Wan-Fu Guide by KHsu

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/18/1995


                    SS2 Wan-Fu Strategy Guide v2.0
                    (updated on 18th September, 1995)


This guide and its future updates can be found at:

   brawl.mindlink.net /pub/ss2/guides/wanfu.guide.hsu
   ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs/ss2wanfu.txt
   cencongopher.concordia.ca /pub/JustTheFAQs/VideoGames/FAQs/ss2wanfu.txt

The guide is also available on the following web pages:

Please send any comments/suggestions/corrections to Kenneth Hsu at

This guide is STRICTLY PUBLIC DOMAIN - i.e. it's FREE and anyone should
not profit from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone
uses part of this guide in another publication - please acknowledge your
source of information!


*  Revision History
*  Credits/Acknowledgement
*  Wan-Fu in SS2
*  General Information
*  Ending For Wan-Fu
*  Moves and Their Uses
        - Normal Moves
        - Special Moves
        - Interruptable Moves
        - Running in attacks
        - Roll Cancelling
        - Throws
        - Taunts
        - Winning Poses
        - Super Deformed Transformation
*  General Strategies
*  Combos
*  Notes on fighting specific CPU Characters

Revision History

v0.5 - Adapted from the 'Misc. Ramblings on Wan-Fu' post to r.g.v.a. and
       other Wan-Fu posts to r.g.v.a.

v1.0 - Added Table of Contents, Combo section, Rev. History and Credits.
       With most sections of the guide rewritten from people's
       suggestions and corrections.

v1.2 - Well, straight after I posted v1.0, I have discovered little bits
       here and there which either wasn't covered or not sufficiently
       described.  Here is a list of minor changes/revision:
          (1) Correction to how to execute the Thunder Bomb/Power Special
              corner trap.
          (2) 'General CPU Strategies' section now renamed 'General
              Strategies (CPU/Human) since it now contains many useful
              strategies which are applicable for playing against human
          (3) Use of air CDs against CPU.
          (4) Minor updates on strategies against:
                 * Cham Cham (when to use Power Special)
                 * Charlotte

                 * Earthquake (what to do at the start of every round)
                 * Hanzo (what to do at the start of every round)
                 * Kuroko (general strategy)
                 * Kyoshiro
                 * Sieger

v1.21 - Minor correction to 2 of the combos in the combos section.

v1.25 - Another minor correction to the combos section
        Updates on specific character strategies:
           * Mizuki
           * Haohmaru
           * Sieger
        Also how to do 'run-in-and-then-Confucious-Swipe' is included in
        the General CPU section now.  This is actually quite reliable.

v2.0  - Minor introduction revision.
        Major rework of the guide:
           * Added Ascii Title Picture (a very badly done one though...
                 But I thought a pillar would be appropriate ^_^)
           * Uses of each special moves are now cateogrized and combined
             with the moves list for easier viewing.
             * Wan-Fu information (background, move lists etc) taken from
                 the new version (v8.0) of SS2 TAPFAQ.
           * Subsequently General Strategy section is completely
             re-written and is a shorter addendum to the special
             moves list and their uses section
           * Specific CPU Character Strategies are now in point form.
        Newly discovered things:
           * Use Confucious Swipe to go through pet/projectiles.
           * more CPU strategies.
           * Revision on A Thunder Bomb corner trap.
           * Minor Combo corrections (yet again...)
           * Use of standing far CD kick as air counter.
           * Roll Cancelling


Damone  or  - For general comments,
   guide format and allowing this guide to be accessed on his web page.
Andy Eddy  - For allowing this guide to be kept at
   his video games FAQ archive.
Scott Fujitomo  - For the exhaustive testing,
   ideas/strategies/introduction of the guide and many other things...
   Thanks Scott!
Shawn Holmes   - For the TAPFAQ information.
Masao Kimishima  - Roll cancelling information.
Dave Kirsch - For keeping this guide at his
   fighting game archive.
roach  - Strategies on how to beat CPU
   Haohmaru, Mizuki and Sieger.
Michael T. Pureka  - Enlightenment of the
   usefulness of Wan-Fu's crouching AB and New Confucious Thunder Bomb.

Wan-Fu in SS2

   All the battles King Wan Fu has fought in SS1 has obviously helped
him to shape up and get rid of those wobbly fat he had.  In addition,
Wan-Fu has got rid of his old weapon and chose instead to wield
a stone pillar weight-training on the spot I guess ^_^).  As a result, in
SS2 Wan-Fu is big and muscle-bound.  It looks like all the exercises have
paid off....

   All the changes the programmers have done to Wan-Fu in SS2 has made
most the gameplay/tactics of SS1 Wan-Fu useless.  In fact, Wan-Fu has
been altered to such a degree that he should be regarded as a 'new'
character in SS2.  In SS1, Wan-Fu was the turtle king.  He was great for

defensive play and reacting to opponents' attacks.  People used to crouch
there all day and wait for opponent to make mistakes (crouching B for
air defense, standing AB when opponent is vulnerable on the ground).  SS1
Wan-Fu has a very one-dimensional play.  But now in SS2, Wan-Fu has a
variety of attacks and special moves, all of which enables him to be
used in offensive play (especially in human-to-human challenges).  In
fact, SS2 Wan-Fu is more effective when played offensively....

   All of his weapon attacks are completely different with the standing
far AB slash being the only weapon attack which is similar to what it
was in SS1.  The standing AB slash, however, now has a longer starting
delay but shorter recovery time, hits two times and does less damage.
All other normal weapon attacks are slower than what its equivalent was
in SS1 (well - you know, there's an obvious weight difference between
the two weapons....)

   The special moves are more or less the same with some minor changes to
the old moves and some new special moves additions.  Confucious Slash is
quicker to pull off than its SS1 equivalent, and does slightly more
damage.  The New Confucious Thunder Bomb in SS2 is less useful now since
Wan-Fu always jumps UP (and slightly forward) to toss the pillar and also
that the pillar now bounces forward after the explosion (which means that
Wan-Fu cannot retrieve his weapon immediately after landing anymore).  The
new special moves are pretty useful, Confucious Swipe is very useful for
reactional counter strikes and air counters, the Power Special is
extremely useful for Wan-Fu now since he jumps forward to throw the
pillar, and it is hard to block (for human players at least).  The
Benpatsu attack charges up the power meter so it is sort of useful in
this way...

   The kicks are somewhat the same as with SS1 though.  Wan-Fu has also
got a series of very useful air attacks (air B, AB for long ranged air
attacks and air A, D, CD for high priority air attacks).  So as long as
you know when to use which one, SS2 Wan-Fu can be devastating in the air
against both air and ground opponents.  All in all, Wan-Fu is now very
versatile and is great for both offensive and defensive plays.

General Information
(Taken from the SS2 TAPFAQ)

The Mighty Pillar of Heaven

        WAN FU

One day, someone claiming to be a seer appeared before Wan-fu. This person
told the story of "The Egg of the Destroyer," which could grant dominion
over the world, in exchange for one's soul. With this item, the unification
of China would be possible. Wan-fu set off on a journey. "Anyone gets in my
way, I'll bash their heads open!"

Background: Based on a combination of the 18th-century swordsman Wan
            Wu and the legendary King Wu.
Weapon: Stone Pillar
Full of: Black pearls
Occupation: Warrior-King
Nationality: China
Jumping ranges:  Forward  : horizontal=3,  vertical=3
                 Backward : horizontal=-5, vertical=3
Notes: The Chinese Empire was fully unified by the Qing Dynasty at the
       time of SS, so Wan Fu couldn't be king of Xian or anywhere else.

         Wan Fu can crawl forward and backwards when joystick is in
         defensive or offensive crouching positions.
Fighting Stage: CHINA -- XIAN

Ending For Wan-Fu:

Wan Fu stands in the forest, arms crossed, and laughs. He says,
"Rubbish!  It's not much of what I expected."  He then just keeps on
standing...and standing... When he realizes you won't go away, he
scowls and suddenly his close-up picture fills the screen.  "I know you
are expecting the ending, but there is no ending to my story!!  THIS IS MY
He then throws the pillar at you, and the fire fills the screen.
The end.

Moves and Their Uses
(Taken from SS2 TAPFAQ)

Normal Moves (What they looks like on screen):
Standing Far                  Standing Far

A -- Punch                    A -- Elbow
B -- End Thrust               B -- Side Swing
AB -- Long Pillar Slam #      AB -- Short Pillar Slam #
C -- Medium-Low Kick
D -- Medium Kick
CD -- Butt Thrust

Crouching Far                  Crouching Close

A -- Punch                     A -- Elbow
B -- Low End Thrust *          B -- Side Swing
AB -- Low End Swing *          AB -- Side Swing then Short Slam #
C -- Crouch Kick
D -- Medium Kick **
CD -- Roundhouse               CD -- High Kick **

Jumping Other                  Jumping Back

A -- Pillar Shield
B -- Down Swing
AB -- Down Swing               AB -- Side Swing
C -- Down Kick
D -- Butt Drop
CD -- Somersault

Special Moves (How to do, what they look like, and their uses):
New Confucious Thunder Bomb     | Jumps into the air, hurling weapon towards
(Shin Kikou Bakutenhoh)         | the ground, creating a huge explosion upon
|   / O- + Slash               | impact, hitting for fire damage.
O O                          ! |

   Below is a description of how Wan-Fu throws jumps and throws his
pillar when he does the New Confucious Thunder Bomb:

   * A Thunder Bomb: Wan-Fu jumps low and slightly forward and throws
     the pillar diagonally down in front of him.
   * B Thunder Bomb: Wan-Fu jumps straight up (high) and throws
     pillar diagonally down at top of the jump (which lands some
     distance away).
   * AB Thunder Bomb: Wan-Fu jumps high and forward and throws the
     pillar towards the end of the jump.  It lands very far away from
     where he started, and takes a LONG time to do.  This move
     doesn't cross over, even if your opponent is right in the
     corner and you're right next to the opponent.

USES:  The New Confucious Thunder Bombs main use is to tick off the last
few pixels of life left in your opponent.  If executed properly, the New
Confucious Thunder Bomb will tick four pixels of blocked damage from

your opponent - which is quite handy.  For this to happen you must make
sure the pillar hits the opponent before it lands and that the pillar
lands deep in your opponent (so that the explosion will trap your
opponent in for the next 3 ticks of blocked damage.  If the above is not
met, you should only count on two ticks of blocked damage.

   The only other good use of the New Confucious Thunder Bomb is to
counter/retaliate certain characters' special moves.  For example:
Kyoshiro and Earthquakes' power specials, Ukyo's Snowfall Slash, Jubei's
Hasso Happa, Cham Cham's monkey moves, or Nakoruru's Mamahaha.  Some slow
starting projectiles can also be retaliated if you are absolutely sure
they are going to throw them.  E.g. Haohmaru's Senprenetsuzan, Kyoshiro's
fans or Charlotte's Tri-Slash.  But you must make sure you do it quickly
(before your opponent send out the projectile or space it such that the
pillar cancels the projectile in its path) or that you won't get hit by
the projectile when you land.

   Another use for the New Confucious Thunder Bomb is that you can also
use it as a trap against an opponent in the corner.  If your opponent
is corner trapped and you are in close combat with them (i.e you are also
close to the wall), you can then throw the Thunder bomb so that it lands
on top of them, while you land at your original position (if you used the
B Thunder Bomb) or slightly closer to your opponent (if you used A/AB
Thunder Bomb).  Then after you land from throwing the pillar, you can
immediately crouching CD kick your opponent (since that they usually will
be blocking high because the pillar needs to be blocked high initially!
This will even work on the CPU - as long as you crouching CD kick straight
away after you land...  The second thing you can do after you land is to
wait until until the explosion finishes and then IMMEDIATELY throw your
opponent!!  Note you will NOT be able to throw your opponents while they
are still taking blocked damage from the explosion - so you need to wait
until the explosion is over.  Throwing does not work very well against the
CPU since CPU usually beat you to it.  But against human players it should
work pretty well as long as you do it straight after you hear the fourth
blocked-hit sound.

WEAKNESS:  The main disadvantage of this move is that obviously you lose
your pillar after you have thrown it.  This is why you should only this
move for ticking last few pixels of life off or retaliation of certain
special moves whereby you can be sure that after throwing the pillar you
can get it back quickly...

The move also takes a while to come out - since Wan-Fu needs to jump
first and then throws the pillar.  Executing B or AB New Confucious
Thunder Bomb while your opponent is not lying on the ground is pretty
pointless since they have a long time to either just block, or
jump/run/roll forward over the pillar to get you.  So if you are
throwing the pillar wanting to tick the last few life energy off, use A
Thunder Bomb while you are relatively close.  This will eliminate any
chance of your opponent escaping the bomb.

Also, the pillar bounces forward after it lands on the ground now - this
means that you can not retrieve it straight after you have landed, making
it harder for Wan-Fu to use this move successfully and get the pillar
back.  Because of this, after the Thunder Bomb corner trap, you can not
usually get your pillar back if you crouching CD trip your opponent after
landing since the pillar bounces forward and will land very deep in the
corner with your opponent right on top of it!!!  Therefore, the corner
trap should be done using the A Thunder bomb mainly, and the pillar
should be thrown such that it lands in FRONT of your opponent - not on
top so that after it bounces forward it won't be deep in the corner and
you can retrieve it after crouching CD.  Using the A Thunder Bomb is
also better since it comes out faster - so that your opponent will not
have time to run/roll out of the corner while you execute the trap.

   Another gripe I have about this thunder bomb corner trap is that your
opponents don't take damage from both your crouching kicks and the
explosion for some reason (while in SS1 opponents do take damage from
both).  So only do the corner trap when you are sure they will die from it
after you trip them with the CD kick, or if you have spaced it right
such that you can get the pillar back after crouching CD kicking them.
Otherwise after landing, do the weaponless B/CD throw after explosion ends.
Wan-Fu will switch position with the opponent after the throw.  You can
then pick up the pillar.  Make sure you do not use the AB weaponless
throw since it does not switch Wan Fu and his opponent's position...

Confucious Slash                | Leaps into the air, pillar raised,
(Kikou Senpuu Geki)             | striking for fire damage.
-O | \   + Slash               |
    O   O                     ! |

USES:  A good use of this move is obviously for the air counter - it has
high priority and Wan-Fu's pillar is directly in front and above him so
that it is hard for someone to hit Wan-Fu out of the Confucious Slash.
The move is also very fast - you even will have time to walk under
and then Confucious Slash someone out of the air!  Also if your opponent
jumps straight-up or away while you are close to them on the ground,
running forward and then Confucious Slash also works great since the
move comes out very fast.

Another obvious good use for this move is in combos - refer to Combos
Section for details.  Also, Confucious Slash can take up to 3 pixels of
blocked damage up close, so you can run in and then Confucious Swipe to
finish someone if you do so wish to...

WEAKNESS:  Obviously there is a lag after landing from this move so you
can be retaliated (usually with an AB) if you miss or if opponent blocks
the move.  Another thing is that the Confucious Slash doesn't do very much
damage.  But heck, I'd rather be sure of hitting someone out of the air!

Exploding Confucious            | Begins banging head against pillar, which

(Benpatsu)                      | decreases energy but boosts POW, to help
|   / O- + CD                  | perform POWER SPECIAL more quickly.  Also
O O                          ! | hit opponents if they are close.

USES:  The main purpose of this move is obviously to charge up your
POWER meter so that you can use the Power Special.  But it also drains
your health - Wan Fu usually lose about 15% of life after banging his
head against the pillar.  A good time to execute the Benpatsu attack is
at the end of a round, where you are ahead on health by a large margin.
Then banging on the pillar so that after losing that 15% of health you
will still be ahead on life for a time-out victory, but at the same time
your POWER meter will be fully-charged for the next round!

   The move can actually HIT an opponent if he/she is close or is in the
air - as long as your opponent touches the pillar they will take MEGA
damage!  So it can be used as sort of an air counter - but people with a
downward air slash (e.g. Ukyo's air AB) will either trade or hit you out
of the Benpatsu.  The curious thing is that however this move actually
counters Cham Cham's jumping scratch if Cham Cham tries it while your
banging your head ^_^.

WEAKNESS:  Obviously the main downfall of this move is that you lose
some of your own health energy - no matter what you use the move for
(either for air counter or charging the POW meter).  So only use it if
you are ahead on health by quite a bit.  The move also takes a long time
to complete and during this time you can be hit by many things - any
attack where by your opponent doesn't touch you first and any low

   Another thing is that you should make sure that you NEVER do this
move while your POWER meter is charged (or just about to be charged).
Because you will lose the POWER meter charge after banging in this

Confucious Swipe                | Spins with column extended, striking for
(Kikou Dai Bokusatsu)           | multiple hits of fire damage.  Number of
| \   -O + Slash               | spins depneds on strengh of attack.
O   O                        ! |

Below is a description of what Wan-Fu does when you use different slash
buttons for this move:
   * A Confucious Swipe:  Wan-Fu spins his pillar once.  The pillar swing
     is horizontal.
   * B Confucious Swipe:  Wan-Fu spins his pillar twice.  The pillar
     swing is at an angle of around 20 degrees above horizontal.
   * AB Confucious Swipe:  Wan-Fu spins his pillar three times.  The
     first two pillar swings are horizontal, and the last pillar swing
     is at an angle of around 20 degrees above horizontal.

USES:  Apart from the Confucious Slash, you should also learn to use the
Confucious Swipe as an air counter.  The reason being that this attack
is usually more damamging than the Confucious Slash (sometimes it does
nearly twice as much damage).  It has slightly better horizontal range

too.  Use the B Confucious Swipe since Wan-Fu swings the pillar higher.
This move is also great in that the air-borne opponent can be hit by the
pillar even if the pillar is behind Wan-Fu (e.g. right after Wan-Fu has
completed one swing)!  Thus Wan-Fu has both his front and back covered
by this move!

   This move can also be used as sort of an reactionaly counter move to
your opponent at close range.  It has very high priority and is quick to
initiate.  You can also use either one or three swings to confuse your
opponent so that they don't know which one you are executing and if they
try to retaliate they will be hit.  Against the CPU, sometimes doing the
Confucious Swipe as the CPU gets into range after crouch-blocking for a
while will get the CPU quite nicely.  This is because the CPU is
programmed to attack when you let go of the joystick to attack I guess...
CPU also seems to react poorly to the A Confucious Swipe - i.e. CPU
usually won't retaliate the A Confucious Swipe - nor does human players
since Wan-Fu has a relatively short recovery time after the A Confucious
Swipe.  And with proper spacing (such you hit your opponent at this
move's maximum range), it is pretty hard for someone to retaliate after
the A Confucious Swipe.

   Again, you can use this move for ticking the last few pixels of life
left in your opponent.  Get close to your opponent and execute the AB
Confucious Swipe for 3 pixels of blocked damage...

   Similar to what the CPU Wan-Fu does best, you can also try to run in
and execute a Confucious Swipe.  This should work very well against human
opponents since most humans are more prone to panic when they see Wan-fu
running at them and will try to slash you as you get close...  CPU
however don't usually fall for this very much unless you do it after you
have run in very close.

   Like Zangief from SF2, Confucious Swipe can be used to go through
projectile and pet attacks!  A bit of practise with timing and spacing
is needed though and there are some moves which Wan-Fu cannot swing
through at all.  I don't know exactly what the requirement is but it
seems that before Wan-Fu can go through the projectile or pet attack, his
pillar needs to touch the projectile/pets first on the first swing, then
Wan-Fu will be invulnerable to the incoming move during the rest of the
time while he is still spinning the pillar.  This is why you can only use
B or AB Confucious Swipe (multiple swings) to go through projectiles/pets.
Whether you use B or AB is also dependent upon the relative position of the
projectiles/pets you are trying to swing through since you need to tag the
projectile/pet with the pillar first.  Below is a list of character and
their moves which Wan-Fu can go through or not go through:

   Cham Cham:
      Boomerang Tosses - Wan-Fu cannot go through this at all.

      Mura Gaburu (Paku Paku tosses a skull) - you can only go through
      this with AB Confucious Swipe, but because the skull is so low and
      small that it is very hard to time it so that the pillar will hit
      the skull first.  I have only gone through it once or twice.

      Pakupaku Deos (Paku Paku Spins forward):  use AB Confucious Swipe
      to go through it.  This is also hard to time but is easier than
      the skull.

      Paku Gaburu (Paku Paku rises and spits a fireball):  Unfortunately
      this move cannot be swung through...

      Tri-Slash:  Use B Confucious Swipe - very easy to go through.  I
        think the triangle projectile starts to 'fade' immediately when
        Wan-Fu's pillar swing touches it the first time.  Not sure though.

      Dog Attacks (Minus the dog drop and possibly the power special):
      These can be swung through with AB Confucious Swipe.  But the dog
      rushes forward very fast and it is quite hard to time also.  You
      will know when you succeed because Poppy will stop her attack
      the instant your pillar touches her and she will bounce back to

      Plasma Blade:  Use B Confucious Swipe - very easy to go through.

      Poison Cloud:  This cannot be swung through at all unfortunately.
        The cloud (even the AB ones) travels too slowly and the Confucious
        Swipe finishes before Wan-Fu passes through the poison cloud.

      Oukazan (card projectile):  Use B Confucious Swipe - very easy to
      go through.  The card will be snuffed out the instant it touches
        your pillar!

      Aerial Shuriken:  This can be swung through.  But it is very hard
      because the flight path of the shuriken can be controlled by Hanzo.
        Only the shuriken which comes in at head level can be swung through,
        and you should use B Confucious Swipe.

      Bakuen Ryuu (fire snake):  This also cannot be swung though
      because the snake bounces up and down...

      Senpuretsuzan: Use B Confucious Swipe - fairly easy to go through.

      Suigetsutoh (ground wave):  Use AB Confucious Swipe - fairly easy
      to go through.

        Most of the Kuroko's projectiles can be swung through with the B
        Confucious Swipe.  I will only list the exceptions below which can
        not be swung through at all - these include the double fireball,
        double cookies and the thin arc projectile.

      Fuuretsusen (fire fan):  Use B Confucious Swipe - very easy to go

        Demon attacks (both types):  These can be swung through with B
        Confucious Swipe, but be careful as it comes out FAST!
        Mass Confusion Projectile (white): This one cannot be swung
        through - even through Wan-Fu nearly makes it with the B Confucious
        Swipe, the projectile is simply too slow and Wan-Fu will not
        swing through in time.

        Power Special (black sphere):  Wan-Fu can swing through this one,
        the only problem is that the projectile will come back once it has
        gone past you and you will still get hit :(.
        Piggy Projectile (electrical sphere thrown by the pet demon): This
        sphere can be swung through with B Confucious Swipe.

      Amube Yatoro (falcon send):  Don't think Wan-Fu can swing through
      this one since Mamahaha flies in at an angle...

      Shikigamireifu, fire (running fire demon):  Use AB Confucious
      Swipe.  This one is very hard to time though for some strange

      Shikigamireifu, thunder (electric bird):  Use B Confucious Swipe -
      very easy to swing through.

      Hiken Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Swipe Firebird):  This one can be
      swing through - as long as your pillar tags the firebird.  This is
        rather hard to time as the projectile flies in at all sort of
      different angles/places.  Main thing to note is that:  firebird
        coming in at head/chest height can be swung through with B
        Confucious Swipe, while ones approaching towards your knees can be
        swung through with the AB Confucious Swipe.  Any of the lower fire-
        birds cannot be swung though (i.e. the firebirds which comes up
        from under the ground which Ukyo throws by hopping back or in the
        last instant before he lands from a jump).  Also, the fireball
        is snuffed out the instant it touches your pillar!

WEAKNESS:  There is a delay after the pillar swing which is long enough
for opponent to attack/retaliate if you used B/AB Confucious Swipe.
This is because Wan-Fu moves forward a longer distance than what the
pillar pushes his opponent back and therefore Wan-Fu ends up closer to
his opponent after swinging the pillar multiple times.  The A Confucious
Swipe is harder for opponent to retaliate but it is still possible to hit
Wan Fu after blocking an A Confucious Swipe.

Also note that the B Confucious Swipe has a shorter horizontal range
than the A/AB Confucious Swipe.  This is because Wan-Fu swings the
pillar higher when you do the B Confucious Swipe.  This also means that
the last swing of the AB Confucious Swipe is shorter horizontally.  Wan-Fu
is also vulnerable whenever his back is turned towards his opponent during
the swing.  So if any of the multiple swing misses, opponent with quicker
slashes will be able to sneak in a counter before the next swing.  And
of course after the last swing opponent will also have a chance to
retaliate if they block.

The last disadvantage of this move is that the pillar does not always
set your opponent on fire (i.e. knock them down).  There are a few
frames of animation during this move when Wan-Fu's pillar is not on
fire.  These animation frames are between the times when Wan-Fu has just
swung the pillar past the opponent and when he starts a new swing.  If
your opponent gets hit by while Wan-Fu's pillar is not on fire, they
will not be knocked down and will only be stunned for a very short
period of time (it's like they are hit by an A slash and will be able to
retaliate you before you can do anything about it...)

POWER SPECIAL: Wrath of God Blowout | Creates a gigantic Thunder Bomb which
(Shin Kikou Dai Bakuten)            | creates an upward explosion, hitting
-O O-   / | \   -O + B             | for fire and breaking damage.

       O   O   O                  ! |

   What Wan Fu does when he does the Power Special Thunder Bomb is that he
jumps over his opponent and throws pillar straight down (slightly forward)
on the opponent (if spaced right), this move also usually crosses over.

   This move is extremely useful - especially against human players
because it is very hard to block.  The problem (for your opponent that
is ^_^) is when the pillar land directly ON TOP of Wan-Fu's opponent, the
flame covers the opponent, and it is nearly impossible to tell which way to
block as the move sometimes will cross over.  Another advantage is that the
pillar can hit the opponent from the front, but then as the explosion
continues and Wan-Fu lands, the joystick direction reverses since Wan-Fu is
now on the other side....

   Although the CPU will most of the time block this move correctly, it
is still a useful move against many of the CPU characters.  Some CPU
characters are programmed to always roll forward (e.g. Charlotte/Ukyo)
when you execute the move, in this case do the move slightly further
away so that they roll into the explosion.  Others will nearly always get
hit by it (e.g. Genjuro, Wan-Fu).  Refer to each character's strategy
section for details.

   Another use against the CPU/human is to execute this far away, so that
when you land you land just in front of your CPU opponent.  Usually your
opponent will still be in blocking mode (even though the pillar is
nowhere near them).  Then when you land you should attempt a throw on
them.  If you have executed the power special too close to your opponent
(so that both the pillar and you land behind the CPU opponent), you should
upon landing immediately walk backwards toward your opponent (and your
pillar).  Many times the CPU will attempt to attack you and will be hit at
the same time by the explosion still going on.  If they don't, you can
quickly pick up the column (note the explosion will finish slightly
before the pillar lands after bouncing - so get into position of where
the pillar is and only press a slash to get it after it has landed).

   Also use the power special on an opponent getting up.  As with the
normal thunder bomb, you can also use it to finish off an opponent (the
move will take up to 5 pixels of blocked damage).

   The Power Special Thunder bomb can also be used in the corner trap I
have described for the normal thunder bomb.  The Power Special Thunder
Bomb trap is actually better than the normal thunder bomb trap because
Wan-Fu will actually land in between the opponent and the wall!  This
means that after tripping/throwing you can easily get your pillar back.
Also if opponent gets hit while he/she is trapped in the explosion,
he/she will also get hit by the explosion!!  So if you trip your
opponent and he/she gets hit, they will receive double damage and also
loses their weapon at the same time!!  Note the Power Special explosion
lasts longer and will take 5 pixels of blocked damage so you need to
wait a bit longer for the explosion to end before you can throw.

WEAKNESS:  The move takes a while to come out which is a huge flag to
tell the opponent to avoid it.  Also the pillar still bounces after
landing which makes pillar retrieval harder - although this is somehow
compensated by the longer explosion time.  Also there is a short lag
right after Wan-Fu lands - but this is very very short and is usually
not significant except when you completely missed with the move and
lands close to the CPU (or exceptionally experienced SS2 players)...

Interruptable moves for Wan-Fu:

     (1) Slashes: standing close B/AB, crouching close B/AB, standing far
         B, crouching far B slashes.  These can be interrupted when
         Wan-Fu hits or misses with these slashes.  Note:  close
         standing AB cannot be interrupted once the pillar has touched
         the ground during the attack, and crouching AB cannot be
         interrupted after the second hit has touched the opponent.

     (2) Kicks: crouching CD kick (this can be interrupted when Wan-Fu
         hits or misses with it) or his crouching D kick (only if Wan-Fu
         misses with it) into a special move.  Interrupting a crouching
         CD kick when it hits will be useless since your opponent would
         have been tripped and any move after that won't hit.  However,
         cancelling both crouching D and CD kicks when they miss (or if
         croucing CD is blocked) will be advantageous since if they miss,
         opponents will be able to retaliate with an AB usually since
         Wan-Fu has very slow recovery time after these kicks, so
         interrupt these kicks will help you to counter any retaliation
         your opponent tries at you.

Running-in Attacks:

If Wan-Fu runs in and do a standing attack with out stopping, the
close versions of his attack will come out.  I.e. standing close
A/B/AB/C/D/CD will result if you run in and attack with A/B/AB/C/D/CD
without stopping first.

Run-in and Confucious Swipe:

    -o -o (run),  / | \  -o + slash
                 o  o  o
    -o -o (run), o-  / | \  -o + slash
                    o  o  o

The above motion must be used since if you omit the back, downback
joystick motions, most likely a Confucious Slash will result.

Roll Cancelling

        It has been found that the rolling animations can be cancelled by
another special move.  Wan-Fu is the character who can cancel both his
forward and backward roll fairly easily.  Below is a list of roll cancels
which might be useful during combat:

(note: some of the roll cancels below has not been tested.)

Run-in, roll, and Confucious Slash:
        -o -o | \  -o + slash
              o  o
        After running in, Wan-Fu will roll forward and then cancel the roll
        into a Confucious Slash.  This can be useful sometimes to dodge, say
        a Haohmaru standing AB and then hit them with the Confucious Slash.

Run-in, roll and Confucious Thunder Bomb:
        -o -o \  |  / o- + slash
               o o o
        Wan-Fu will first run in, roll forward and then execute the
        Confucious Thunder Bomb.

Roll-back, Confucious Swipe
         / o-  / | \ -o + slash
        o     o  o  o
        Wan-Fu will roll back and then cancel into a Confucious Swipe.

Roll-back, Confucious Thunder Bomb:
         / |  / o- + slash
        o  o o
        Wan-Fu will roll back and then cancel into a Confucious Thunder bomb.

Roll-back, roll forward (or vice versa):  This is done by doing:
         / \  /\ or \  /\  /
        o   oo  o    oo  oo
        Wan-Fu will then roll in one direction briefly and then cancel the
        roll by rolling in the other direction.

Roll-back, run forward (or vice versa):  This is done by doing:
        /  -o  / -o or \  o- \  -o
       o      o         o     o

        Wan-Fu will then roll in one direction briefly and then cancel the
        roll by running/dashing in the other direction.


B or AB              Sit on opponent and bash with pillar
D                    Drop opponent on knee
CD                   Leap on opponent
B (without weapon)   Throw opponent against wall
AB (without weapon)  Slam opponent into ground

   When throwing someone in the corner, avoid using the B/AB throws
(with weapon) since this throw usually leaves you trapped in the corner.
Use the D/CD one instead.  If you used B/AB throw, immediately jump out of
the corner once it's finished.  Also, B/AB throw with weapon takes a LONG
time to complete, so if time is running short and you want instant
damage from your throws, use D/CD one instead.

Super Deformed Transformation

O- -O \   |   / O- -O + D
         O O O
1.  AC:  Pretends to perform AB attack, then yells "HA!"
2.  BD:  Twirls pillar and spits to the side.
3.  AC(weaponless):  Spins arm and yells "HA HA!"
4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3.

   Well, Taunting done with AC button (with weapon) can be useful in
tricking your opponent into jumping forward in anticipation of your
standing far AB attack.  In that case just cancel the taunt with a
Confucious Slash/swipe to hit them out of the air as they jump into
range.  If your opponent does not fall for this, you should immediately
break out of the taunt by pressing BC so that any ground-based
retaliation will not be possible.  Other taunts are cool and can be used
to humiliate your opponent (if you wish to) but generally apart from
usig AC taunt (with weapon) as described above, it is not usually a good
idea to try these.  Luckily Wan-Fu's taunts are all fairly short.  The
AC/BD (weaponless) taunt looks kind of funny though ^_^.

Winning Poses:

- Fold: He laughs with his arms folded
- Fists: He laughs with clenched fists
- Pillar: He bangs his head on pillar, than laughs with clenched fists

- Yeah: He says 'Yeah' with clenched fists
- Carving: Carves his pillar to his likeness, then says 'Wan Hauber'

First and Second Armed Win:   Unarmed Win:
Up: Pillar, Pillar            Fists
Down: Yeah, Carving           Fold
Left: Pillar, Pillar          Fists
Right: Fold, Fold             Fold

General Strategies (CPU/Human)/Addendum:

   - in general, use crouching A and C, and standing C to keep opponent
away (and also keep yourself in 'position' so you don't crawl back).  You
need to be aware that close crouching A is different from the far
crouching A and has a very small range.  Therefore when your opponent is
quite close to you where it's hard to tell whether a close or far
crouching A will come out, use crouching C instead as if the close
crouching A comes out it will miss and CPU will nearly always rush in to
throw you so be prepared to counter-throw.  Standing C has a slightly
better range than crouching C and you might want to use this - it is
especially useful against CPU Wan-Fu.  The two crouching attacks mentioned
above (especially the crouching C) also makes CPU jumps more (either
forward or straight up).  When this happens, use Wan-Fu's myriads of air
counters to hit them out of the air.

   - With jump-in attacks, air CD (butt drop) is probably the best.
Make sure you hit CD as soon as you jump into air since the move takes a
while to get out.  Air D is also good and it's also quicker.  When
jumping in with this attack it is actually better to try and overjump a
little so you end up landing on top or just behind your opponent.  Since
this move crosses up it will still hit.  If opponent gets hit by the air
CD follow it with a combo listed in the combo section for good damage.
Air B/AB is also pretty good because it has more horizontal range and if
you hit out early it will take out all of the jumping air counters
your opponents try on you.  Air A is also useful if opponent is on the
ground since the move is fast and will stay out for the whole duration
while you are in the air and has very high priority (hitting zone is near
the bottom of the pillar).

   - To use the air CD effectively against the CPU, everytime after you
have knocked down the CPU, run in close, and as CPU is about to get up,
jump over them and execute the air CD so that it crosses up or so that
you land directly on top of them.  Many CPU characters will get hit by
this because CPU is programmed to try to counter, then follow up with a
crouching CD. Also, at the start of a round, jumping straight in with an
air CD will also hit many CPU and set up for a combo...

   - As a general rule of thumb, after jumping in with Wan-Fu, if CPU
blocks your air attack, be careful of CPU moving in to throw you after
you land.  Wan-Fu is slow and so your chance of being thrown is a lot
higher.  I don't know how many times I have been thrown this way :(
Anyway, if CPU blocks your jump-in attack, do a crouching C kick after
you land, and then a crouching A or a crouching D kick.  This will
usually push you far away enough to avoid being thrown.

   - Be careful when using standing/crouching close B attacks against
opponents on the ground!!!  The attacks are so SLOW!  If your standing or
crouching close B hits, MAKE SURE that you interrupt it with a special
move (see Combos section) because the hit opponent will recover quicker
than your attack!  Against air opponents, close standing/crouching B can
also be used as anti-air counter attacks - but you have to get the
timing right.  Walking under and standing/crouching B slash air opponent
is also possible, and if you can manage to hit them just as they land you
can combo them for good damge too - but again practise with timing is

   - If opponent jumps in on you from afar, a well timed standing or
crouching far B slash or a standing far CD kick can also be used to hit
them before they land.  This is not too bad as the ground far B slashes
seems to do more damage against air than ground opponents, and standing
far CD kick has a huge range and very good priority against jumpers....

   - To retaliate any blocked or missed special moves which has a lag
after it, use either standing far AB or crouching far AB.  If opponent
is within range use the crouching far AB instead of standing far AB
because this is the most damaging move for Wan-Fu (usually can do about
35% of damage).  If opponent is too close and the standing or crouching
close AB comes out and hits, make sure you interrupt a special move after
it (see combos section) to get more damage.  Also execute this attack
after blocking a relatively close projectile/pet attack within the range
of the standing/crouching far AB (e.g. Cham Cham's boomerang, Kyoshiro's
fans, Genjuro's Card, Nakoruru's Mamahaha etc).  Also use this to tick off
blocked damage if opponent is unarmed for two ticks of damamge (note,
if the unarmed CPU gets in too close, switch to crouching far B slash
or jump-straight-up air B.

   - Crouching AB is actually a very good move, it is a not-too-slow,
REAL HIGH DAMAGE move (most damaging for Wan-Fu as mentioned before).  It
has good range too.  Catches people off guard in the same manner Ukyo's
crouch AB does (although it is slower and not as long-ranged as Ukyo's
crouching AB, Wan-Fu's crouching AB is good because it block-reflects.)
The move 'stays out' for a moment and has been known to hit Ukyo out of
his AI attack (Ukyo runs into the extended pillar).

   - A note of warning on using standing/crouching far AB to retaliate
blocked attacks as described above when you are trapped against the wall.
When you are trapped against the wall, an opponent's attack cannot push
you back further.  So the distance between you and your opponent after you
block say a portal drop in a corner is not far enough for the standing
far AB to come out, a standing/crouching close AB will come out instead
which will miss the opponent totally and put you in grave situations
(not to mention that the close versions of the AB are slow as hell!).  In
this case run forward and throw or move/run forward and then combo your
opponent (see Combos section) will be best.

   - Another gripe about the crouching close AB is that it's a two-hit
move whereby even if the first one hits, the second hit can be blocked.
Also that the standing close AB does not block reflect!!  So if the
standing close AB hits or gets blocked, make sure you combo it into a
Confucious Swipe to push your opponent further to reduce chance of
retaliation.  If the first hit of crouching close AB hits, combo it into
a Confucious Slash/Swipe before the second hit comes out for more damage.

   - jumping straight up B/AB and jumping forward/back B/AB can also be
used as as air counters.  The jumping Bs have very good range and can
take out most of the air opponents if timed/spaced properly.  Jumping
ABs are harder to use but it can be worthwhile since it does more damage
than jumping Bs (which also does pretty good damage).  Also note that
jumping back AB is a different attack from jumping forward/upward AB.

   - Another use for Wan-Fu's jumping-straight-up B is that against many
CPU characters (e.g. Hanzo), you can just keep on jumping straight up
and down whenever they move into range and then do the air B when you
are coming down.  Be careful as CPU on higher level will either roll
forward to dodge this, but you can always throw them first when you land
from your straight-up jump.  CPU characters (notably CPU Nakoruru,
Hanzo/Galford) will jump forward and air AB you out of the sky sometimes
- but this shouldn't happen too many times.  Otherwise CPU will usually
attempt some stupid slash and get hit by your air B.


1) Standing/crouching close B/AB into AB Confucious Slash.
   (Note: this is a good damge 3-hit combo.  Does about the same damage
          as a crouching far AB slash.)

2) Standing/crouching close B/AB into A/AB Confucious Swipe.
   (Note: avoid using B Confucious Swipe since it has less horizontal
          range than the A/AB Confucious Swipe and will miss.  Also does
          pretty good damge - slightly less than combo 1.  But this combo
          is safer since Confucious Swipe has better horizontal range and
          therefore will not miss in general).

3) Late air A/C, standing close B into AB Confucious Slash/Swipe.
   (Note: Air A/C will not usually combo unless you hit in the very last
          possible moment before landing into standing close B.  But this
          is included here because CPU seems to fall for it quite a

4) Air D/CD, standing close B into Confucious Slash/Swipe.
   (Note: This combo will only work IF AND ONLY IF you manage to hit your
          opponent with the air CD directly on top.  So if your opponent
          is crouched or if you manage to hit with a meaty air CD as your
          opponent gets up when you are just about to land, you can try
          this combo.  In all other situation Wan-Fu's close B will not
          come out quick enough to hit.  If you use air D, the air D also
          must hit right before you land for your close B to be able to
          come out fast enough to combo.  Otherwise opponent can block

5) Air AB/CD, crouching CD.
   (Note: * air AB must hit really late.
          * air CD, crouching CD is the most reliable Wan-Fu combo.)

6) Air AB/CD, standing close CD (3-hits).
   (Note: air AB must hit really late and deep)

8) Air B/D/AB/CD, standing far CD (can be 3-hits).

8) Air B/AB/D/CD, Confucious slash/swipe (except for B Confucious Swipe).
   (Note: with air B/AB, must make sure you hit very close for it to
          combo into Confucious Slash/Swipe.)

9) Air B (late), standing/crouching far B or standing/crouching D.

10) Air CD, crouching/standing far AB.
    (Note: You must make sure the air CD doesn't hit too up close.
           Or otherwise the close versions of the AB might come out
           instead!  The first hit of close crouching AB will combo but
           the following hit won't.  The standing close AB will not combo
           at all.  This also happens when you crosses up with your air CD.

           If the close version of standing close AB comes out, quickly
           interrupted the missed close AB into a Confucious Swipe -
           usually this will still combo (thankfully).  If the close
           crouching AB comes out, do the same if the first hit misses, or
           if the first hit hits, interrupt after the first hit into a
           Confucious swipe also.  If opponent is knocked too far after
           air CD, do the standing far AB might be good for added damage.
           And air CD, crouching far AB is the most *damaging* combo for
           Wan-Fu which is also relatively reliable.)

Specific CPU Characters Strategies
(CPU Character difficulty levels are:
   Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Hard, Very Hard)

Cham Cham

Difficulty: Very easy

   * CPU simply jumps too much.  One or two crouching A or C will make
     CPU Cham jump, then counter her out of air.
   * Be careful when she gets too close, don't miss with your crouching
     Cs when Cham Cham is close, she will usually crouching CD kick you.
     Or sometimes she will run in and throw you.
   * The Confucious Slash out-prioritize the jumping scratch also so
     if you see it coming just Confucious Slash her out of the jumping
     scratch otherwise block and then retaliate with a standing far AB
     (execute immediately after blocking will ensure a hit before Cham
     Cham lands).
   * Don't even bother throwing the thunder bomb/Power Special while
     Cham Cham is not knocked down, CPU Cham Cham will always jump scratch
     you out of the move even before you have time to throw the pillar
   * But DO use the Thunder Bomb or Power Special when you have just
     knocked CPU Cham on the ground.  Then you execute the Thunder Bomb
     or Power Special so that the pillar will reach CPU Cham Cham just
     after she gets up!  CPU will still try to jumping scratch but as soon
     as she jumps she's toast!


Difficulty: Very Hard

   * CPU will use its quick A/B epee pokes against you so don't whiff
     any any attacks.
   * Especially don't whiff any crouching C kicks up close, otherwhise
     you will eat a crouching far AB from CPU!
   * Back yourself up into a corner and wait for CPU Charlotte to move
     into your crouching far A range.  Then do the crouching far A to hit
     her (surprisingly this is slightly faster than her pokes).  She will
     also usually jump in response to this then counter her out of air
     (must be quick though since her jump is so quick and low).
   * If you knock her down, position yourself close to her and as CPU is
     getting up, jump directly on top of CPU Charlotte and do the air CD,
     this will usually hit her (then it's combo time!).  Note you must
     jump and air CD so that you land directly on top of her to maximise
     your chance of hitting the CPU.
   * If CPU Charlotte blocks your air CD, after landing quickly do a
     crouching C kick.  Avoid jumping in on her while she is on the
     ground (without overjumping slightly) , CPU has many way to hit you
     out in the air (Power Gradation, standing C/D hop kick, standing AB,
     and CPU uses them ALL!)
   * Also don't use Power Special - she will simply roll forward the
     minute she sees you jump up... and you will probably not have your
     weapon for the rest of the round :(  If you are going to use it,
     throw the pillar so that it lands slightly in front of Charlotte so
     that if CPU decides to roll forward the pillar will hit the rolling


Difficulty: Easy.

   * At the start of the round, CPU Earthquake will nearly always do some
     stupid slashes on the ground.  Therefore at the start of every round,
     you should either jump straight up - you will avoid his ground
     slashes and can air B/AB him as you fall down, or you can jump
     forward and as soon as you leave the ground, do the air CD - air CD
     will hit him and you should them follow up with a crouching AB for
     nearly 40% damage combo!
   * Note if you jump forward at the start of the round, you MUST do the
     air CD immediately after you leave the ground.  If you don't,
     Earthquake's quick ground A slash will hit you since Wan-Fu's jumping
     speed is slow.  But if you do the air CD as soon as you jump, you can
     avoid this because Wan-Fu does a flip in the air when he does the air
     CD which will move him higher in the air and thus avoid the air
   * Other than that, just air counter when he jumps, and retaliate all
     his portal drops and other attacks. Confucious Slash/Swipe
     out-prioritize Earthquake's Fat Chainsaw so you don't even need to
   * Be careful when trying a power special or thunder bomb against CPU,
     CPU will nearly always do a portal drop when you do this.  But it is
     ok - just block the portal drop, retaliate (run forward to throw or
     do a standing AB or CD which will knock Earthquake back further) and
     then get your pillar after hitting Earthquake away.

   * If your POW meter is charged and you have Earthquake cornered against
     the wall, do the Power Special so that pillar lands in the corner
     (and so do you) so that when CPU Earthquake portal drops, he will
     reappear and land directly into the POW special!!!
   * Be careful when you lare within Earthquake's crouching AB range, if
     you whiff an attack (even crouching A or C) you will eat a
     perfectly timed crouching far AB from CPU Earthquake.


Difficulty:  Hard.

   * Keep him at bay with crouching A and C and hope that he jumps....
   * Counter Portal drops etc with standing AB.
   * At the start of the round, jump in straight away with an air CD, for
     some reason CPU Galford will nearly always either sends the dog or do
     some stupid ground attacks at the start of the round - so this will
     give you a free combo after the air CD hits.
   * Try jumping in with an air CD over Galford.  If he tries anything
     he will be hit by it - then combo him.
   * Note that if your air CD is blocked, CPU Galford will throw you as
     you land sometimes.
   * Use Power Special with caution.  Sometimes CPU Galford will do what
     CPU Earthquake does - i.e. he will portral drop from above to avoid
     the thunder bomb/power special.  See the Earthquake section for


Difficulty:  Very easy.

   * Again Gen-An jumps too much so just counter him out of the air.
   * Confucious Slash/Swipe out-prioritize Gen-An's Butcher Thrust and
     Second Skin so use it to hit him out of these too.
   * Since Second Skin takes a long time to get out, when you see this
     move, you can immediately get close, and the minute you see Gen-An
     starts spinning upwards after shedding his skin, do an AB
     Confucious Slash to hit him out.
   * If he gets too close, keep him away with crouching A and Cs.
   * It's not a good idea to jump in on Gen-An.  Air CD will be hit out
     by either Gen-An's ground B or CD.


Difficulty: Moderate.

   * Be careful of him running in and throwing you.  He will run in
     when you have whiffed an attack usually.
   * Jumping straight up and air B on the way down works fairly well.
   * Again keep him away with the quicker attacks.
   * Use Power Special - CPU usually gets hit by it.
   * Do a standing far AB after blocking card projectile from Genjuro
     within your standing far AB range.
   * Standing/Crouching far AB after blocking the sliding slashes (if he
     ends up far) or combo him (if he ends up close - but need to be
   * CPU Genjuro also jumps a fair bit, but usually when he is very close
     to you (i.e. he will usually overjump you) walk under and air counter
     with a Confucious Slash (or standing A/B) if this happens.


Difficulty:  Moderate.

   * Jumping vertically up and CPU Haohmaru will usually do a crouching
     CD slide or standing/crouching AB slash in response to this
     (sometimes he also Kogetsuzans but only rarely).  If he does the
     first two normal moves listed above, do an air B when you come
     down.  (This will usually dizzy him after you've done this twice).
   * However, don't do the above when CPU's POW meter is fully charged
     or CPU Haohmaru will do his Power Special on you!
   * After blocking a Haohmaru standing far AB, immediately run forward
     towards CPU - CPU will recover in time to do a slash on you.  But the
     catch is that CPU Haohmaru will use another standing far AB or
     standing far B about 70% of the time, so roll forward after running
     in to avoid Haohmaru's second standing AB/B and then throw him (this
     works against CPU Haohmaru like wonders... and CPU will do this
     no matter whom you choose).  Actually, just run in and roll in
     front of CPU Haohmaru whenever you get the chance to...
   * Make sure you don't do any whiffed attacks (even A and Cs) because
     CPU has a habit of standing AB you when you miss and so you can get
     hit even if you miss a crouching A or C....


Difficulty: Very Easy.

   * Use your jump-up-down Bs.  CPU Hanzo will either get hit by it,
     block it, do a portal drop (I don't know why but he does it quite a
     bit), or roll forward.  Counter as said above in the general section.
   * Counter the aerial shuriken with a standing AB after blocking it, or
     you can counter by throwing a thunder bomb of your own at the place
     where Hanzo will land after throwing the shuriken.
   * At the start of every round, CPU Hanzo has a tendency of rolling in.
     Therefore, if you jump forward and do an air CD at the start of every
     round, you will hit CPU Hanzo after he comes out of the the roll
     every time.  Then you should combo him.


Difficulty: Very Easy.

   * Keep him away with crouching C and A.
   * Sooner or later CPU will do his Mikkau Rattoh move.  Just block it
     and then crouching far AB or move in and combo him as he comes down
     from the uppercut.
   * Can be a bit of trouble if CPU does NOT do this move though.  But
     usually if you pester the CPU with enough of your crouching C/A it
     will do it.  Power Special should only be used with caution.  Hasso
     Happa can be retaliated with either a crouching AB or a B New
     Confucious Thunder Bomb or a Power Special.
   * Don't do your standing far B's - Sometimes CPU will do his weapon
     catching move to catch it.


Difficulty: Very Hard.

   * When you pester Kuroko with enough of your crouching A or Cs he will
     jump in with a early air kick, counter him out of the air then.
   * Also, get into range of your Confucious Swipe, and then do a
     missed crouching attack (crouching D/CD is probably the best since

     they can be interrupted) and then if Kuroko reacts to this by
     starting to throw a projectile, you should quickly interrupt the
     crouchin D/CD into Confucious swipe to hit him out.
   * If you have other sure-to-win strategy please contact me.


Difficulty: Very easy.

   * CPU again jumps too much.  Countering him out of air and also
     standing far AB CPU after a close-medium range fan toss and after a
     lion's tail will ensure easy wins.
   * Can also use a B New Confucious Thunder bomb or a Confucious Swipe
     straight after you are pushed out of the range by the Lion's Tail
     (note:  These two counters are too slow to get Kyoshiro if he only
     used the C Lion's Tail).  The fire breath can be retaliated with
     either a crouching far AB or crouching CD.
   * CPU Kyoshiro jumps straight up often in response to your crouching
     A/C, if you are  close, quickly run forward and Confucious Slash him
     out of the air.


Difficulty:  Very Hard.

   * Jumping forward with air B to attack works sometimes.
   * If Mizuki teleports, instead of jumping forward (to the place she
     just disappeared from), jump backward with an air CD.  This gets
     Mizuki sometimes (but if you keep on doing it Mizuki learns and will
     either block or just appear again at the same spot she disappear
   * Jump in with air A/B/D/CD etc and if she blocks, land and do a
     crouching C etc.  It's actually safer to jump in with an air B/AB
     since they have longer range and so you don't need to fear being
     thrown after landing.....
   * NEVER, and I stress NEVER, do any missed attacks or you will eat
     some horrible high-damage slash!
   * Also, jump in with an air B/AB, if Mizuki blocks this, after landing
     you should jump straight up, when you do this, Mizuki will do a
     standing AB slash, you can counter this easily with your air B/AB
     (do it early in the air!).  Finally, there is one consistent Mizuki
   * But do not jump in and attack repeatedly - Mizuki learns fast and
     will recognize the pattern that you just keep jumping in.  Then she
     will send out all sorts of terrible things (projectles/pets) to get
     you as you jump in...  Not good for Wan-Fu since his jump is slow.


Difficulty: Moderate.

   * Don't let her get close to you!!!!  Keep her back with crouching C
     mostly because sometimes CPU will decide to roll under your
     crouching A.
   * Close range blocked Mamahaha attacks can be retaliated with standing
     or crouching far AB (but need to be very quick).
   * If she gets on the bird and Kamui Mutsube off it.  Make sure you
     retaliate with a crouching B/AB into Confucious Swipe/Slash.
     Alternatively, run in under Nakoruru (still on bird) and Confucious
     Slash her out.  CPU doesn't jump too much so don't let those
     precious air counters go by without doing anything!

   * Use Power Special with caution.
   * Also don't do the standing AB mindlessly - CPU Nakoruru will
     always Annu Mutsube you as soon as you start the move...


Difficulty: Hard.

   * Just do the usual general tactics (keep away, air counter).
   * Occasional overjump-in attacks with air CD also works great.  Close
     range blocked projectiles/confusion talismans should be retaliated
     (crouching or standing far AB).
   * CPU gets hit by Power Specials quite a bit too.  If Nicotine jumps
     to attack you, make sure you can get your Confucious Slash out early
     because the Nicotine's air AB hits below him, and therefore there is
     a chance that you might trade damage (in Nicotine's favour


Difficulty:  Easy.

   * Keep him away with the usual attacks and air counter.
   * Retaliate with standing/crouching far AB after blocking
     Blitz Sieger, Wolf Fangen throw (if Sieger just misses, or if
     after blocking you are pushed out of the range of the throw, need
     to be quick), Vulcan Weinen (can only use standing far AB and only
     works if Sieger cannons you from close range when you are trapped
     against the wall - usually CPU Sieger won't retaliate after blocking
     your far AB anyway).
   * Also do a crouching CD kick to retaliate a missed/blocked crouching
     CD kick from Sieger.
   * Power Special will usually get CPU Sieger too so use it.
   * Confucious Slash out-prioritize the Blitz Sieger so you can just
     upper-cut him as he comes in...
   * Also, jumping straight up in front of CPU Sieger and do an air B as
     you come down works pretty well also.


Difficulty:  Very Hard.

   * Use crouching far A more for keeping CPU Ukyo away because if CPU
     decides to do a last-min SSS from the ground as only the CPU knows
     how when you stick out a crouching move, if you are close enough
     and use crouching A (far), many times Ukyo won't have time to get
     the SSS out and will be hit by your crouching A instead.
   * Standing AB can be used to retaliate blocked SSS and also the
     Snowfall slash (a bit of timing practise is need here though...)
     Also you can use B New Confucious Thunder Bomb to retaliate Snowfall
     slash after you are pushed out of range bye it.
   * Again air counter CPU when possible with Confucious Slash.
   * Jumping in on Ukyo is generally not a good idea.  You should only
     jump when you are very close to him and will hit on top or cross up
     with the air CD.  In this case if Ukyo tries to jump up and AB or do
     the standing AB or crouching CD he should be hit out of the move
     (since Wan-Fu will hit the back portion of Ukyo's body).
   * Again, don't whiff any of your attacks or otherwise you will eat a
     painful slash (sometimes even crouching far AB) from CPU.


Difficulty:  Very hard.

   * The keep-CPU-away moves (crouching A/C) doesn't work very well here
     as CPU Wan-Fu will do his perfect-timing Confucious Swipe.  Therefore
     in this case use standing C kick (it has a long enough range to hit
     CPU Wan-Fu out of these perfectly-timed Confucious Swipes.
   * Jump-up-down with air B works moderately well.  Counter CPU out of
     air when possible (especially whe CPU jumps forward with the air CD
   * Use Power Special whenever possible.  CPU Wan-Fu usually will fall
     for it.
   * If CPU Wan-Fu runs towards you, throw him as he comes into range or
     standing C kick him (this usually works but don't do it too much
     as then CPU will switch to other 'feared' tactics such as a well timed
     Confucious Slash...)

Well, I hope you have found this guide informative and happy playing the
newly improved Wan-Fu!! ^_^

End of SS2 Wan-Fu Strategy Guide

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