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Genjuro Guide by TVo

From:  Tuyen Vo (jamon@uclink.3.berkeley.edu)

                GENJURO MINI-FAQ
                Written by Tuyen Vo
                email:  jamon@uclink.3.berkeley.edu

Genjuro is powerful for many reasons.
1) He has an uppercut, though not as good as Haoh's it's still darn good.
2) His projectile attack is quick and powerful.
3) That dash slice is hard to block and if done properly can take little
   ticks of energy of your opponent.
4) His B slice is powerful and quick

First of all, Genjuro is good, but you have to watch out for people who
like to "bait" you by getting you to B slice and not make contact, leaving
you wide open for a quick attack. Use the B slice sparingly and make sure
that you contact them. If you like to get into sword fights (meaning just
staying on the ground and trying to trick each other into making slice
mistakes) use the A instead...it's quick and safe.

Against Galford players who like to Invis alot, stay close. If you see
him go into the invis then do a quick running slice (quarter circle forward
and A) to either hit him or knock him out of it. And with the dog, this
is tricky. When you see him order the dog, look at the dog and you can
tell if it's going to come at you or from above. If it's from about quickly
hit AB for mass damage, if it comes at you from the ground, there's not
much to do, but block or if you're quick enough, jump over and kick or
slash. That's about it. Watch out for his B attack which has longer
reach then you think. And the annoying D kick which sweeps you off your

Ukyo players are easier than you think. Whenever he does an afterimage attack
of any type, C,D, or CD, just tap a low B. Always hits him when he's done
and does mass damage. You should always be blocking low. Whenever he jumps
forward to do a flying attack just jump straight up and AB. If he jumps
backward and does the phoenix, then just time it to jump over or throw
a purple thing to cancel it. The key is patience.

Gen-an is tricky though. Remember, just block. The only attack of his that
does damage is the spinning blade and the purple cloud. If he does the cloud
then just jump over it and slash. If he does the spinning attack, block, then
throw a purple thing. If he gets cheap and throw....look for it. Usually a
good cheeser is the in the air attack followed by the throw or the jump
but no attack and throw. Patience is everything.

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