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Gen-An Guide by JPalanca

Version: 2.0 |

GGG       EEE     NNNNN NNN       AAA   AAA NNNNN NNN    laugh! I'm the
GGG  GGG  EEE     NNN  NNNN       AAA   AAA NNN  NNNN    my next game? Hee,
GGGGGGGG  EEEEEEE NNN   NNN       AAA   AAA NNN   NNN    hee hee hee!"     
        by : Joe Palanca

Any replies, cool ascii pics, more info, etc. that I can use, e-mail me,
Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu).

This guide is available through me and via FTP :
ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs 'gen-an.faq'
sanar.kaiwan.com /user/dvillnva/neogeo_faqs 'gen-an.faq'

And it is available at the WWW page :

This guide is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN - it's FREE and no one should profit
from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone uses part of this
guide in another publication, please acknowledge your source of information.

        In Samurai Shodown I, the first character I ever used was Gen-an.  I
was attracted by his different look.  When Street Fighter ][ first came out,
my character was Blanka, so I guess I have a preference for the wierd.  I
also used Chun Li as one of my first characters in SF2 and usually choose the
female character in fighting games.  Charlotte and Nakoruru were my second
characters in Samurai Shodown I.  I know Kenneth Hsu wrote an extensive FAQ
for Nakoruru and I've written a Charlotte one.
        Gen-an is one of the funnier characters in the Samurai Shodown
series.  The main reason I like him is because he makes fun of Haohmaru by
imitating everything Haohmaru does, from his pre-fight movements to his
victory poses.  Gen-an is a character that, if played well, can be extremely
dangerous for an opponent.  His quick sliding kicks and slashes make him a
deadly close in fighter.  He also has long reach with his far AB slash.  He's
improved a lot since SS1, with the addition of being much stronger and less
open to the many counters other characters could use against him.
        Where I played, I was the best user of Gen-an in SS1.  When SS2 came
out, I lost interest in the beginning because I wasn't used to the rolls and
his new moves.  But after working with Charlotte for so long, I went back to
Gen-an and improved my technique.  I'm still learning new things about
"laughing boy" (as my friends like to call him), and am far from an expert in
his usage.  But I feel that I know enough about him and am good enough with
him to write this Guide/FAQ.

Version History
Pros and Cons of Gen-an
Map Key
Character Information
Moves and their Uses
General Strategies
Gen-an's Ending


Version 0.5 - Move list and brief background data.

Version 1.0 - All moves, more background info, poses, taunts, pros and cons

Version 1.5 - Combos and really general strategies

Version 2.0 - Strategies refined, more combos, organized better


S N K   - For this kick butt game
Shawn Holmes (shawnh@qb.island.net) and
Scott Fujimoto (sfujimoto@delphi.com)
        Original writers of Samurai Shodown ][ TapFaq (what's Tap for?);
        Scott for his Character History FAQ
Andy Eddy (vidgames@netcom.com) and
Geese Howard (dvillnva@kaiwan.com) and
Damone (damone@ios.com)
        Thanks for archiving this FAQ
Kelya Saddrick (kisaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
        Helped on testing combos and strategies; contributing writer
Jodi Lumsdane (jblumsdane@csupomona.edu)
        Contributing writer; editing/spelling corrections, suggestions, etc.
Eric Estantino
        Thanks for being my guinea pig (sorry); couldn't have learned
        Gen-an's true potential without you forcing me to use someone other
        than Charlotte


8 Good Reasons to play as GEN-AN SHIRANUI:
--> Regular attacks quick and long-ranged
--> Quick slide that can be repeated
--> Nasty air AB slash
--> That maniacal laugh
--> He's a family man
--> His relatives are cooking one of those persistant Aliens in the
        pot in his stage
--> He's fought (or was going to fight) other Neo Geo characters in his
        two endings
--> He's just different!!!

5 Bad Things about GEN-AN SHIRANUI:
--> Standing AB has big initiation and recovery time
--> He plucks his already short supply of hair for taunts
--> He supposedly died in part one
--> He imitates Haohmaru too much


Map:  Slash    = A or B or AB (rising strengths, A weakest)
      Kick     = C or D or CD (rising strengths, C weakest)
      Dash     = a quick FORWARD FORWARD on the joystick
      Retreat  = a quick BACK BACK on the joystick
      Lie Down = to avoid projectiles, a quick DOWN DOWN on the joystick
      Roll ->  = a quick DOWN RIGHT, DOWN RIGHT on the joystick
      Roll <-  = a quick DOWN LEFT, DOWN LEFT on the joystick
      Taunt 1  = A + C (good distance from opponent)
      Taunt 2  = B + D (good distance from opponent)
      Hop away = B + C (also cancels taunt at any time)
      Hop up   = FORWARD + BC (also cancels taunt at any time)
      Retreat and Run = Retreat + FORWARD
      Dash and Roll = Dash + DOWN RIGHT

--> To catch your opponent's sword while you are disarmed, perform the
    motion: O-   / | \   -O
                O  O  O

--> The following characters can Triangle Jump: Galford, Hanzo,
    Earthquake, Nakoruru, Cham Cham, Gen-an, and Mizuki
    To triangle jump, jump to the edge of the screen, then push the
    joystick in the opposite direction.

--> The following characters can crawl back and forth: Gen-an, Wan Fu,
    and Kyoshiro.

--> Most characters can interrupt their normal Bs with Special Moves. Some
    can interrupt their ABs as well, even if they totally miss their
    opponent. These characters are noted separately.

--> Running Attacks: different characters do different B or AB attacks
    if the buttons are pushed while running. The attacks come out
    regardless of the distance of the opponent.
    Far B/Far AB -- Charlotte, Ukyo, Hanzo
    Far B/Close AB -- Genjuro, Kuroko
    Close B/Far AB -- Nakoruru
    Close B/Close AB -- Haohmaru, Wan Fu, Kyoshiro
    Crouch B/Close AB -- Jubei, Cham Cham, Gen-an
    Close B/Crouch AB -- Sieger, Earthquake
    Crouch B/Far AB -- Nicotine

Quotes: B -- Quote at beginning of game.
        BM -- Quote before match.
        AM -- Quote after match.
        BV -- Quote before mirror match.
        AV -- Quote after mirror match.
        I -- Interlude quotes. (J = w/Judge, M = w/Mizuki,
                                A = w/Mizuki and Amakusa)
        F -- Quotes before final match.

Background: Any historical or fictional basis for the character. For more
            details, check out the SS Character Background FAQ.
Weapon: What he or she fights with.
Full of: What drops out when he or she gets split.
Occupation: What type of fighter he or she is classified as.
Nationality: What country he or she comes from.
Voice: Name of the Voice Actor for the Character
Ranking: According to Gamest, the Japanese magazine for video game
Notes: Assorted items of interest.

Normal Attacks:  The attacks are usually presented in left and right
columns If the entry does not appear in the right column, then the attack
is the same as the one in the same position in the left column.

All jumping attacks, and only jumping attacks, hit high. Most crouch kicks
hit low. Everything else usually hits neither high nor low.
Exceptions are noted as follows:
"*" means an attack hits LOW when normally it would not (slashes and
    standing kicks).
"**" means an attack does NOT hit low when normally it would (crouch kicks).

Whenever a swing is blocked, the attacking character usually reels back for a
second, then recovers. However, certain swings do NOT reel back; the
character continues to swing while his or her opponent blocks, and recovers
"#" indicates a swing that follows through when blocked.
Note that all kicks do not block reflect.

Special Moves:

Key:  "!" means a weapon is required to perfom the Special Move.
      "L" means the Special Move hits low.
      "H" means the Special Move hits high.
      "*" means the Special Move ticks off 1 or 2 points of damage.
      "**" means the Special Move ticks off 3 or 4 points of damage.
      "***" means the Special Move ticks off LOTS of damage.

Damage:   Weapon       ---> caused by direct strike from weapon
          Fire         ---> caused by direct hit from flames
          Lightning    ---> caused by contact with "electric" attacks
          (no label)   ---> damage resulting from tosses, grabs, open
                            handed attacks

Throws: Ground throws are performed by being right next to the opponent,
        and pushing towards them while pushing a button.
        Air throws are performed by being right next to an air opponent,
        then pushing DOWN while pushing a button.
        Hanzo and Galford have special throws which are performed by
        completing the move while next to an opponent.
        Throws CANNOT be blocked!

Hidden Moves: Certain characters have hidden moves not listed in the manual.
Why all the characters didn't get these moves is debatable, but oh well...

Super Deformation Moves: Changes your character into a doll-like version.
You cannot move or attack normally, and you cannot be thrown. You CAN be
hit. You return to normal if 1) you perform a Special Move, 2) you are hit,
3) you do a double-tap move, 4) after about 10 seconds have passed.

Taunts: Taunt by pushing both buttons and holding them down until the taunt
comes out. You can't just push the buttons quickly. Also, you can't do the
taunt while right next to your opponent. You get out of a taunt when you do
a Special Move, double-tap move, or you get hit.

Power Specials: Can be done only when you are powered up, according to the
POW Gauge. If your Power Special hits, your opponent's weapon is broken,
UNLESS you get hit at the same time. If that happens, both players take
damage, but you don't follow through with your attack and you don't break
your opponent's weapon!

Poses: You can select what pose your character does after he/she wins! After
defeating your opponent, if you hold your joystick in a specific position
(i.e. up, down, left, or right) until his/her name is called, he/she will
do a specific pose.


The Taloned Fiend (From SS1)

Elite warrior of the infamous Doom Bwee Bway tribe.  He is known for shred-
ding his victims with his clawed hands.  Although battling to prove himself
as the King of the Magic Minions, he has a weak spot for children, especially
marinated in...Well, let's just leave it at that.
Weapon : AZAMI (also the name of his wife)
Age : 26
Birthplace : ONIGASHIMA

Taloned King of Evil and Family Man (From SS2)

Gen-an is not a tengu, because : 1) tengus may be mischievous, but are never
evil, 2) they have beaks and wings, 3) they live in dense, mountainous
forests, not caves.  Gen-an is not an oni, because they have horns and fangs,
and traditionally wield spiked clubs and mallets.  If anything, he's prob-
ably a generic Japanese hobgoblin or some sort of degenerate human.

(Japanese Manual)
Gen-an's soul was in the demon world where screaming, insanity, and hatred
swirled in a giant vortex. The ruler of this demon world came to Gen-an and
told him he could be given his life back, in return for servitude. Gen-an's
body rematerialized when he pledged his loyalty. However..."He he he...I'm
the only true king of the demon world."

(English Manual)
Seriously wounded after a heated battle, Gen-an made a deal with the King of
the Netherworld.  "I am yours if you only save me and make me stronger." Now
serving as master of the dark legions, Gen-an's name has become synonymous
with terror, and his restless soul still is restless.  "I will become King of
the Netherworld," hisses the ambitious Gen-an.

B: "Who?  Who awakens me?"
BM: "Heeheehee. I drag your soul in(to) the evil world."
AM: "Heeheehee. You are dead, DEAD! Serves you right!"
BV: "Who is the king of evil? Let's have it out!"
AV: "I'll take your clothes and talons. Oh, a perfect fit!"
IM: "I have killed all, keeping my word."
    "The evil king is me!"
F: "The evil king? I'll get you at any cost!"
   "So I said I'm the king of evil!"

Background: Gen-An is probably a bakemono (Japanese goblin)
Weapon: Metal Claw
Full of: Skulls
Occupation: Sorcerer
Nationality: Underworld
Voice: Eiji Yano
Ranking: 5
Notes: His wife's name is Azumi. Dunno what his kids' names are. For some
       reason, Gen-An is beginning to imitate Haohmaru a lot.
       There is an alien (from the movie ALIENS) boiling in the giant
       If Gen-An loses, the goblin on the left falls down, while the goblin
       on the right has a grim look on his face.
       Despite his surname, Gen-An bears no relationship to Mai. (Thank

DEVIL'S ISLAND -- DINNER (hee hee hee) 


Standing Far                       Standing Close

A/B -- Claw Thrust                 A/B -- Claw Swipe
AB -- Lunging Forward Slash #      AB -- Upward Swipe
C/D -- Side Kick
CD -- Backflip Kick

Crouching Far                       Crouching Close

A/B -- Claw Thrust                  A/B -- Claw Swipe
AB -- Upward Swipe
C -- Short Slide
D -- Medium Slide
CD -- Full Slide, then High Kick


A -- Claw Swipe
B -- Upward Forward Slash
AB -- Downward Circular Slash
C -- Knee Thrust
D -- Side Kick
CD -- Somersault
        Gen-an's slide kicks are very effective in putting an opponent in the
corner.  His standing CD kick can counter some air attacks.  His A and B
slashes are fairly quick in a stabbing/measuring match.  His AB is slow and
predictable, so use with discretion.  His crouching and jumping AB however
are remarkably effective as anti-air attacks.  His jumping B is good if you
jump at an opponent coming down.
Poison Cloud Puff           | Exhales a thick, purple cloud of poison
(Doku Fubuki)               | that hits for damage, plus if opponent is
| \  -O + Slash             | on ground, opponent is temporarily 
O  O                      * | stunned, and falls down.
        I don't use this much except to counter fireballs, or to get my
opponent to jump.  It works as a good air counter if you time it right.  It
can also be used against slow jumpers like Wan Fu and Earthquake.  If you do
use it, try switching the slash you use to keep the opponent guessing.  Some-
times I can get them to jump on an A when they're expecting an AB.
Slaughter House Tumble      | Rolls into a ball, with weapon extended,
(Nikuten Tsuki)             | rolling along ground, and up opposite
-O | \  + Slash             | edge of screen, all hitting for weapon
   O  O                  ** | damage.
        I use this in combos or to finish off little energy.  If used any
other time, either the A or B ones are used because it gives them a harder
time to block and counter.  AB leaves you wide open coming down.  This can
also be used as a counter for a missed strike.  An example would be if Char-
lotte did her Splash Gradiation (POW special) and it was either blocked or
missed, then 7 out of 10 times, the AB will get her before she recovers.
Blood Grip                  | Throws glove out on chain, latching onto
(Tsume Tsunami)             | opponent, to drag closer, yielding a 
-O \  |  / O- + Slash       | dizzy.
    O O O                *! |
        I rarely use this except if I'm playing the computer.  This is good
for finishing off opponents.  I've heard people used it for combos, but I
have yet to find one that works.  One thing it is good for is reaching
through fireballs.  I sometimes use it when a Haohmaru player throws his
hurricane fireball.  The claw takes out the fireball and still hits Haohmaru.
Super Shredder                | Burrows into ground, spinning, and 
(Gen-an Dappi)                | launches out of skin in a twirling frenzy
  When attacked, press BCD  * | landing on opponent for weapon damage.
        I only use this to keep from being dizzied.  Unlike Hanzo and Galford
Gen-an is very vulnerable with this move. 
Amazing Shredder             | Same as above, except the player need not
(Gen-an Utsusemi Dappi)      | be attacked.
\  |  / + BCD                |
 O O O                     * |
        I never use this (unless I'm really bored or playing around).  I have
however, seen some people use this for an uppercut.  I've tried this, but am
usually late.  I guess it depends on timing.
Throws:                      | Grabs opponent and bashes groin with knees.
B/AB/D/CD                    | 
        This is very good to use when landing next to your opponent or if
your opponent is starting a special move near you because of its quick grab.
Super Deformed Transformation:   | One of my all time favorites; that laugh
                                 | was a nice touch to the doll.
-O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + C  |
    O O O         O O O          |

1.  AC:  Laughs nastily.
2.  BD:  Lowers weapon, blinks.
3.  AC(weaponless):  Picks hair out from head and looks at it.
4.  BD(weaponless):  Same as 3.
Power Special:

Magic Diving Claw               | Rushes forward emitting blue sparks, and
(Madou Diving Claw)             | leaps, driving claws in stomach, and twirling in
-O \  |  / O- -O + AB           | fury, hitting for breaking damage.
    O O O                    *! |
        I use this whenever I've got it, because there are few counters.  You
can be hit with a number of moves while running at your opponent, but most
people block, then try to counter, which 9 out of 10 times doesn't work. The
best thing about this move is the recovery if blocked.  It also does a lot
of damage.  Also, because of the speed, it sometimes works as a good counter
for missed attacks.

- If he wins with minimal life left, he doubles over on the floor, holding
        his shoulder and breathing deeply before doing one of the following
- Catch: He tosses his claw in the air and catches it on his hand (like 
- Scratch: Same as Catch, but he misses and scratches his posterior
- Bow: Plants his claw and bows (like Haohmaru)
- Kids: Gen-an's kids climb out of his hump
- Digu: Spins around three times and says 'Digu'
- Yosh: Blinks, bows, and says 'Yosh' ('Ok')  FUNNY!

First and Second Armed Win:       First and Second Unarmed Win:
Up: Catch, Scratch                Digu, Digu
Down: Kids, Catch                 Digu, Yosh
Left: Catch, Scratch              Digu, Digu
Right: Scratch, Bow               Digu, Digu

Notes: Gen-An is the only character in the game who can BOTH triangle
       jump and crawl. Isn't he talented?


--> Close crouch AB, Slaughter House Tumble
--> Jump C, crouch A, crouch B
--> Stand or Crouch C or D, Slaughter House Tumble


On the ground - Use the crouching kicks a lot.  For some reason, players have
trouble defending it.  It also is faster than most strikes.  Play turtle if
you have to.  Gen-an is one of the better characters to do this with.  If
you play defensively, use the crouching A slash as well as the afore mention-
ed kicks to keep opponents at a distance.  The crouching AB and standing CD
are good anti-air attacks.

In the air - Gen-an's C kick has priority over almost all other air attacks.
His other kicks are relatively fast as well.  So far, Cham Cham and Nakoruru
are the only characters I know of that have priority in all their attacks
over Gen-an.  Gen-an's AB and B slashes are also good moves to use in air
battles.  If your opponent uses a B or AB slash, use the kicks or B slash and
you'll most likely hit them first.  If they use a kick and are far away, the
AB slash should get them first.  If they're close, then use the C kick.

Unarmed - Gen-an keeps his two original moves without his weapon.  In Samurai
Shodown I, he was the only player to do all his specials without his weapon.
His Slaughterhouse Tumble and Poison Cloud are still usable, as well as his
shedding attacks.  His kicks are still there too.  His slashes aren't as
damaging, but they're faster (more like jabs).


 Gen-an does the pose where he throws up his claw and it lands on his hand.
He turns his head and says, "Don't make me laugh. I'm the evil king. Well,
who will be my next game?" He then leaps off.
 Then the scene goes back to his stage. He is standing there about to fight
TODO from AoF. Gen-an hisses, "Kill! Hate! Live up to your anger!" to which
Todo replies, "Hmph! You inexperienced...you are not my...Hey!" as Azami
suddenly rushes between them.
 "Azami!"  "Stop doing such things please, my darling!" pleads Azami.
Gen-an turns his back: "Ha! The evil king has no place for women!"  But then
his kids leap out of his clothes. (one of them lands on Todo's back!) The
son says, "Let's go home, Dad. Mom is with baby...I want to have dinner with
everyone." Gen-an lowers his head.  "...All right."  "Yey!" says his son.
As the scene fades to black, Todo remarks, "Nice story!"
 ONE YEAR LATED (sic)...
 Azami is holding a normal-looking baby. Gen-an says, "Oh, good boy...hey!"
as his kids run past him with his claw. He crawls and rolls around chasing
them, and the screen freezes as Japanese text appears.


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