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Caffeine Nicotine Guide by THarper

Version: 5.0 |

(c) 1995 Thomas H Harper
version 5.0

This guide is free to everyone. However, if you sell it for a profit, may a
wise old man pound your face in with his staff! ^_^

It's been a while since the last update--I STILL can't beat Mizuki! I came
so close though. (Grrr...)

-General Data and Normal Moves
-Special Moves and Effective Use
-Combos (not the snack food)
-Stratagems Versus Other Characters, CPU and Human Played
-Wish List for Future Versions!
-Version Chronicle
-Credits and Thanks!

At first glance, Caffeine Nicotine seems out of place amongst the sword-
wielding, boomerang-tossing, cannon-shooting warriors/warriorettes of
Samurai Shodown II. But he's loaded for bear! The teacher of Haohmaru and
Kibagami Genjuro, Nicotine is actually quite powerful and some of his moves
have killer priority and range!

Nicotine carries a staff with 2 rings on the end. You can hear the tinkle
they make when he's standing still. An appropriate weapon for a priest! His
slashes won't even cut plants or barrels! However, if your final move is a
Chain Cane, then your opponent's red red krovvy will flow.

He is quite mobile and a good jumper. His air "slashes" have a good priority
as well(especially his A and B), but try not to get into an air war with
people with mega-high air priority such as Galford and Hanzo. Wan-Fu will
likely put a pillar to your head, also! (ouch...) His air AB will go under
him before it swings to the front. To give those Cham Chams and Siegers who
do Mid-air Claws and Blitz Siegers at that "just get over your block"
range a taste of their own medicine, the jumping AB is the thing to do.

Nicotine tends to have a hard time with characters with a long weapon range
on the ground, especially Charlotte, Kyoshiro, and Earthquake. See the
*Stratagems* section.

Close up Nicotine has an arsenal of quick moves like his ducking A, standing
A(far and close range), and standing B(far and close range). Up close his A
when liberally used will frustrate your opponent. (This seems to be a
Nicotine specialty--frustrating the opponent)

His kicks have puny range so save them for when your opponent is up close
trying to throw you or for a combo. These are especially good for those
players that like to jump right over you and try to throw you as soon as
they land. If you don't want to take any chances, roll away. His roll not
only looks cool, it takes you out of the range of most other attacks!
(Sporty, yet functional...)

Speaking of throws, his Life Steal(B) takes off a good bit of power, his
Machine Gun Stab(AB) is good for the damage and it's such a rush when it hits!
His Bad Breath Attack(D) does the least damage of his "throws," but it's just
darn hilarious.

And now, the Great Equalizer... his ducking B. This has a very deceptive
range, and it's got power! You're gonna knock a lot of characters out of
special moves with this! And it's a great counter-strike! It'll also knock

them down, so flip a card when they get up.

His ducking A is very quick and has decent range (for Nicotine).  Use this
move often! Also when it hits, human players have a tendency to try to strike,
but most of the time you can follow-up on it real quick with a ducking B and
knock 'em right out of it. Then you can almost feel their frustration!

Nicotine has a lack of a special move uppercut. (If he taught Haohmaru and
Genjuro, why doesn't he? ^_^) His ducking AB can be just as effective if
you time it right and the opponent is in the right place. And it does huge
damage! If he/she's too close to you you'll get a different move and
likely eat sword or get slammed. Practice with it against the computer to
get a feel for it.

And a note about his standing far AB--it's interruptable by a special move!
The Chain Cane move is the best way to see it. AB the opponent, then fire
the Chain off immediately. This does tons of damage, plus a dizzy!

See Scott Fujimoto's new improved SS2 TAPFAQ for a complete description of
Nicotine's normal moves.


NOTE:The names and descriptions are courtesy of the TAPFAQ.

Exorcist Charm Slice: |  \  -O  +  Slash
(Shikigamireifu Rai)  O   O

Nicotine flips a blue card which turns into an electrified hawk hitting for
shocking damage.

This projectile works well against the bigger characters and if you time it
right jumpers but most often characters can simply duck under it, roll under
it, or do a special move under it! Be careful when you use this because it
has a seemingly long delay.

Fires Of Fecundity:   |  \  -O  +  Kick
(Shikigamamireify En) O   O

Nicotine flips a red card which turns into a dog-type beast made of fire that
rushes to strike low to hit for flaming damage.

This projectile you'll probably use the most. It is easily jumped over, but it
can't be sneaked under. Plus, it must be blocked low. Mix these up with the
above projectile to have a 5' tall Sagat. ^_^ Beware of throwing any
projectiles against Haohmaru, Nakoruru, or Sieger because they can reflect

Choker Chain Cane Bang: -O  \  |  /  O-  +  Slash
(Bakusa Jougeki)             O O O

The head of Nicotine's staff extends on a chain. Can catch the opponent, drag
them closer, and dizzy them for a short time.

Another Equalizer, this move works best versus a Galford, Hanzo or Earthquake
that tries to drop down on you from above. Block the hit, and as SOON AS YOU
CAN fire this move off. It'll nail them just as they land and you can hit them
with something else. To play it safe use a ducking B, or go for a standing AB
for big damage.

This also works wonders countering:
     -Ukyo's very late Swoop Swallow Slice (on his way down and if the sword
          hits you and you block)
     -Ukyo's Afterimage if you anticipate it
     -Ukyo's Apple Slice if blocked
     -Jubei's Hasso Happa if blocked
     -Cham Cham's Mid-Air Rake if blocked
     -Kyoshiro's Chobi Jishi if blocked
     -Most projectile attacks--the chain will cancel the projectile and go
          through to the opponent (except Cham Cham's)
     -And a lot of other stuff if you get it off fast enough!

If you miss with it, it's got a very long delay. So make this move count!
This move is also a good way to take off the last pixel of your opponent's
life, especially the CPU's, since often they'll jump over an expected
projectile. Using the A Chain Cane here has less of a delay if it comes back
so you can block a counterattack.

Cane Swirl Cutter:     /  |  \  -O  +  Kick in mid-air
(Shinjou Rasen Kyaku) O   O   O

Nicotine stabs his staff into the ground and spins downward by flame to hit
for flaming damage.

This move is most useful against players that use ground attacks as an
anti-air defense. You'll stab the staff into the ground and hang for a short
time depending on which button you use, with C being the quickest. As your
opponent recovers, WHAM!

Curse Of Crunch: O-  |  /  +  AB
(Rashin Jufu)        O O

Tosses a card that turns into Cap'N Crunch who whacks opponent with a cereal
bowl for wheat and milk damage. (NAH! Just kidding... )

Tosses a card that knocks opponent down and confuses joystick calibration for
about 10 seconds. Left will be right, Up will be down, et cetera.

The card can hit when it flashes blue and red. You can tell they're under the
Curse if a ? appears over their head. This move is very hard to connect with,
and the card doesn't flash for long. Try using it against opponents jumping in
if you have the power and daring to try it. It's ultra-frustrating when it

Super Deformed Transformation: 3 quarter-circles back, forward + D

I've never seen this one... must be cool though.

When the rage gauge fills up, it's time for the...
Underworld Pummeler: -O  O-  /  |  \  -O  +  D
(Niou Furei Satsu)          O   O   O

Tosses a big card that summons the powerful deity Atavakah to ram opponent with
great strength, hitting for weapon shattering damage.

This thing does MONSTER damage when it hits! It only works right in front of
him and has the same range and radius as Charlotte's Power Special. His POW
doesn't stay up for very long, however. Use it fast and wisely. If you're
facing a character that likes to jump, this move is AWESOME!


So far Nicotine doesn't lend himself to combos too much. Mail me if you find
--jumping B, crouching A
--jumping B, close crouching B, C/D/CD card flick. This has varying effects
depending on which opponent you combo. The ninjas won't get hit by the close
B but the card will nail them.
--jumping AB, crouching A
--close crouching AB can hit 2 times against most characters and can hit 3
times against Sieger, Wan-Fu, and Earthquake.

Interesting combo to try against the CPU--hit them with the Chain Cane,
standing AB, repeat process. The CPU won't recover in time after the Chain hits
to block the AB, and it won't recover from the AB fast enough to block the
next Chain (At least the first two times). It kinda lends itself toward being
cheap, but what gets cheaper than the CPU? This won't work against human
opponents because they'll recover before you can use the AB. Hit 'em with a
ducking B instead.



Use Nicotine's ducking B. A lot. If Haoh misses with a long range slash this'll
sneak in and whack him. The CPU is especially fond of this for some reason...
The ducking A and B will also help against the jumping AB-ducking AB combo
crazy Haohs. In the air, an A "slash" will hit him out of most anything.


Plug your ears and strike low and fast. He's in deep trouble if he misses with
a standing AB or if you block it. (Geez, who isn't?) Use a quick move to hit
him out of his 3 Sliding Slashes. A standing AB can also work.
Your jumping A and B stand good chances if he takes to the air, but don't
let him get right above you. You'll eat an AB so fast.


Use the Chain Cane when he tries to drop on you from above. Fire it off quick
enough and he's in deep trouble. Yell "GET OVER HERE!" if it'll help you feel
better. ^_^ And AVOID THE DOG. Nic is gonna have to work hard here if he
doesn't have his weapon. Here's a fun thing to do with the Chain Cane--when
Galford tries to sick Poppy on you, fire it off. It'll knock her out of
the way and dizzy Galford! (now that's a sight to see...)


If he tries to drop on you, block and use the Chain Cane. If you see an air
Shuriken coming run under it (he has the coolest running animation) and make
him PAY. Nic's small size is definitely an asset here.


If he drops down... well, you get the idea. Throw projectiles from a
distance, but don't get too comfortable doing it. Despite Nic's small
size, EQ's ducking slashes must of course be blocked low. (The sickle's
almost as tall as Nic is!) EQ's ABs mean business if you're far away.
Try getting inside and "throw" him.


The CPU always gives me a hard time (it's also set on level 6!!!!!! Argh...).
Do NOT throw Hawk Cards because she'll Annu Matsube right under them, and
you're not going to like that very much. She can also do that through Fire
cards if timed right. Use his A "slashes" and all his kicks up close.


Ukyo's ducking B will hit Nic out of his ducking B. (And I'd like to know
why...) It's easy to grab a CPU Ukyo out of a Afterimage with the Chain Cane,
but if a human does a C Afterimage watch out. Nic stands a good chance in the
air versus a CPU Ukyo, and if you're higher a human Ukyo is in trouble. If he's
on the ground don't jump at him because you're a candidate for Ukyo's standing
AB or ducking AB. If he does use the ducking AB or some other ground attack,
try a C Cane Swirl to frustrate him. If you run into an Ukyo that just
Swoop Swallow Slices all day (we got plenty here at CMU) look for an opening
and run or roll through. Timed just right an air B will knock him out of a
Swoop Swallow Slice.


If you hear her say "A!" that doesn't mean she'll do an A move, she'll try to
land on you and claw you to death! Run or roll away, and when she lands make
her PAY for trying such a low-down dirty mega-huge-priority ultra cheapo
move. If you block it and she bounces back, try hitting her with the Chain
Cane. Pakupaku's skulls will go right under your Blue Hawk projectiles. An
air encounter could go either way due to the nature of her air moves, but

if she sticks her butt out, SMACK IT! If she tries a crouching CD kick
(slide) use a kick of your own, preferably your crouching CD, to counter it.


Don't let him near you. His kicks, air punches, and throws mean business.
The CPU will try to roll in or jump to land close to you and slam you often.
Try not to fall for it.If he jumps in at any range try to crouching AB him
out of the air--if he's close enough he'll get hit 3 times!
Nic's Chain Cane might work if you block his Blitz Sieger. Both
of Nicotine's projectiles can be marked "Return to Sender" by Sieg's
reflection move. Stay low and play defensively.


Nic's ducking B can knock Wan-Fu out of many moves. Try not to get into an air
war with a human Wan-Fu. You'll get a faceful of pillars. If the CPU tries a
head-banging-on-the-pillar immediately Chain Cane him and give him the
standing AB.


Nic's ducking B will sneak under almost all of his slashes, and it has more
range than most of Jubei's! Watch when he says "Ikuzo!" because then he'll
do his Tsunami Sabre. Block it or pay the price. Nail him with an AB on his
way down if he does the leap up. Close up against the CPU a standing AB
stands a good chance of knocking him out of a slash if you try and keep
poking away with it.


The ducking B again works wonders. Try got to get into an air war. The CPU
will use his slides a BUNCH. Use ducking A's and kicks up close. If you see
an opportunity after he does his roll Chain Cane him and give him the


Kyoshiro has a definite range advantage on the ground and a decisive advantage
in the air. Your only hope in mid-air is his A. Try to take advantage of Nic's
crouching AB as an anti-air weapon and his crouching A to knock Kyoshiro out
of slashes. You're gonna need them. Kyoshiro's fans will also slip under Nic's
Blue Hawk Cards. Play defensively.


This may be Nic's toughest fight versus a human player, and the CPU shows
little or no mercy. Nic's ducking B may look like it can hit Charlotte out
of her low pokes but it'll go right through her feet! (What's up with that?)
Her crouching AB has a little bit more range than Nic's crouching B, so try
not to get into a crouching fight. Your Red Dog Cards might be able to go
under her Red Triangles. If at all possible, BREAK HER WEAPON. Nic's gonna
have to work, and work hard, to beat her. If she takes to the air, your A and
B are your best bets. Don't even THINK about throwing projectiles up close
or you'll taste jumping AB plus whatever else she can combo you with. At the
right range if you see her jumping in whack her out of the air with an AB, but
under most circumstances, such as jumping in up close, it won't hit her.


A CPU Nicotine loves to roll in and do the Life Steal. It's also fond of
ducking A's. Use the ducking B whenever possible.


As soon as you overcome the shock of him challenging you and seeing REDRUM
in red letters on the top of his stage, prepare for a fight. (And I thought
these two were friends...) Be liberal with the projectiles and the Chain Cane
at a distance because Kuroko has an arsenal of projectiles and is not shy

about using them! Stick to the quick moves up close and if he jumps in punish
him with a crouching AB. Don't try to use the Chain Cane at the extent of its
range becuase Kuroko'll snag you with a chain of his own! If he splits in half
jump away from his torso because it'll explode. (Now that's wierd...)


Nic's in DEEP trouble here, but doing damage is not impossible. If she jumps
in your crouching AB has to hit her in the middle of her skirt to do damage.
Close up use his A hat swings to defend yourself. If her Power gauge is full,
don't jump in because she'll aim the "Pinball of Doom" for where you'll jump
right into it! If you see that or the Confusion Sphere coming, try a D or CD
Cane Swirl to avoid it. If she says "Yaa!" or something like that she'll
send out that ground portal to drag you in. Note where it is and jump over it.
You can try the jumping AB directly over her and it'll sometimes work. If it
hits or not be sure and use ducking A's to try and keep her from throwing you.
At a distance she'll often try and sic the demon dog on you. If you're in
range, try the Chain Cane. Often it'll knock away the dog and drag her
toward you! AB her!! If you can, chain her again and repeat process!!


These are courtesy of Kenichiro Tanaka.


"Douja!"-How's that?
"Hore!"-Take that!


"Bachi atariga!"-Blasphemer! (Hey, you're hitting a priest!)
"Koshi nuketa!"-That surprised me!

"Dokkoisho."-Hmph. (Said when putting something down, for his ring-the-bowl
                    victory stance, and his Cane Swirl.)


If you have anything to add, send it to me or post it on r.g.v.a. I am in
need of--
     -Some more combos if possible
     -Cool ASCII art
     -Opinions and comments about the Nicotine Guide


Version 0.1, Released 03-01-95.................Started after I went on a
                              7 game win streak with Nicotine and noticed
                              that nobody had a guide for him yet. I raised
                              a question on wheteher a guide should be made,
                              and a 15-win streak later, the guide was born...

Version 1.0, Released 03-04-95.................Strategies against other
                              characters start to filter in. More moves
                              expounded upon. Combo section started. Version
                              Chronicle started. Ken Tanaka's translations
                              added. Uploaded to the FTP sites.

Version 2.0, Released 03-12-95.................Strategies and comments pour
                              in. Chain Cane combo added. More info on Special
                              moves added. Some reformatting.

Version 3.0, Released 04-10-95.................Strategies against Kuroko and
                              Mizuki, plus a few others added. Some
                              reformatting and spelling errors corrected.

Version 5.0, Released 05-06-95.................Some more strategies added, plus
                              the interruptable standing AB.


Andy Eddy's FTP site at ftp.netcom.com.(cd pub/vi/vidgames/faqs)
Dave Kirsch's fighting game FTP site at brawl.mindlink.net. (cd pub)
GeeSe Howard's Neo Geo game FTP site at kaiwan.kaiwan.com (cd user/dvillnva/
Billy J. Bissette's WWW page (http://www2.ncsu.edu/eos/users/b/bjbisset/WWW/

Micheal Rusignuolo is the editor of the Samurai Shodown II Resource Guide also
kept at or linked to the above sites. Check it out for guide updates and new

AFS users can also copy this guide out of my public directory:


If I missed anybody or forgot to add something, please remind me as my mail
was wiped out (ugh).

Shawn Holmes.........Hecubus@psu.edu...........for the original kick-butt
SNK............................................for another kick-butt game
Scott Fujimoto.......SFUJIMOTO@delphi.com      for the new TAPFAQ and......
Billy J. Bissette....bjbisset@ocs.ncsu.edu
Charley Chudchoey....u3616172@au.ac.th
Liam Briggs..........lbriggs@chat.carleton.ca
Michael Rusignuolo...damone@ios.com
Jasper Phillips......phillpsj@ucs.orst.edu
Kenneth Hsu..........e3321942@student.uq.edu.au
                                               all for kick-butt advice,
                                               strategies, and comments!
Kenichiro Tanaka.....tanaka@maya.com...........for translations and the
                                               most dastardly Ukyo I've ever
                                               faced! ^_^
Caffeine Nicotine....CafNic@templemist.org.jp..for being a kick-butt
The CMU Gameroom SS2 Guys/Gals.................for their "help" with the
                                               guide! ^_^ Happy fighting!


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