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Ukyo Guide by CKGan

Version: 1.8 |

                        Samurai Shodown II
                  Tachibana Ukyo Strategy Guide
                          Version 1.8
                          By C.K. Gan

The future version of this FAQ will be found at the following address:


This is a non-profit game's FAQ. You can distribute this FAQ freely
(as long as you leave everything unchange in the FAQ), but it is illegal
to sell this FAQ to the third party without my consent. Any concerns or
questions, please e-mail me at ckgan@connect.ab.ca.

A Word From Me:

Tachibana Ukyo is by far the coolest guy among all the characters in Samurai
Shodown.  But note that this cheap trick FAQ that I wrote below are quite
uncool. Some people say that SS2 does not require that much skills to play
compare to SS1. Thats true, if you practice Ukyo in SS1, youll know that
how much cooler he is. Anyway, if anyone of you like to look really cool in
playing SS2, this guide is probably not your choice. Or else, you could
practice more to become a more skillful player and cooler player. By the way
, Im a cool player, not a cheap player(Just joking).


Tachibana Ukyo:

Ukyo is a historical figure based on Sasaki Kojiro Genryu(1572-1612).  He
was Musashi(the character whom Haohmaru is based on)'s rival.  He used a
long sword called the 'drying pole', but there is actually no real name for
this sword. And he is indeed the most skillful swordsman around that time
(not necessary the best and the most powerful swordsman). Musashi and him
fought on an island. Musashi beat him and renamed the island 'Genryu

Ukyo's Personal Data:

Name: Tachibana Ukyo
Sword or weapon: Drying Pole
Nationality: Japan
Height(in cm): 176
Full of: Apples
Blood type: AB(same with me!^_^)
Lover's name: Odagiri Kei
Strength: Fast for medium slash, long range, good air defence and 'cool'.
Weakness:  Slashes are not that powerful.

Stage's Description:

It's the night time of Genryu Island(the same place you see him in SS1).
His girlfriend, Kei(the girl wearing blue kimono) can be seen in the back.

Ukyo's Quotes:

Quote at the beginning of the game:

Quote before the match:

Quote after the match:

Quote before a mirror match:
"...resemble me.....handsome, just (as) I've thought..."

Quote after a mirror match:
"...To cut a same face......feel bad..."

Interlude quote:

Quote before final match:
"...Finally.....I've found it out..."

Ukyo's Taunts:

(To do the taunt, simply press AC together or BC together)
1.  AC:  Polishes, twirls, and sheathes sword.
2.  BD:  Drops to one knee and coughs.

3.  AC(weaponless):  Writes poetry on fuda and says "Mmmm".
4.  BD(weaponless):  Writes poetry on fuda and says 'Mmmm".

Ukyo Basic Moves:

A -- Scabbard Swing
B -- Side Slash
AB -- Up Slash
C -- Mini Slide
D -- Medium Slide
CD -- Full Slide

Crouching Far                  Crouching Close
A -- Side Slash
B -- Side Slash                B -- Overhead Slash
AB -- Diving Slash             AB -- Scabbard Swipe then Overhead Slash
C -- Foot Shuffle
D -- High Kick **
CD -- High Kick **

Jumping Diagonal               Jumping Straight
A -- Side Slash
B -- Side Slash (far)
AB -- Angled Down Slash        AB -- Side Slash
C/D -- Side Kick
CD -- Double Side Kick

Ukyos special moves:
(F=forward, B=back, D=down)

Snowfall Slash(Hiken Sasame Yuki)---D,DB,B+Slash(A,B or AB)
Fake Snowfall Slash---D,DB,B+Kick(C,D or CD)
AfterImage Attack(Zanzou Fumikomi Giri)---D,DF,F+Slash(C,D or CD)
Swallow Swipe(Tsubame Gaeshi)
<in air>---While jumping, DB,D,DF,F+Slash(A,B or AB)
<from ground>---DB,D,DF,F+Slash(A,B or AB)
<dashing bach>---B,B,DB,D,DF,F+Slash(A,B or AB)
Super Deformed---D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DF + B Slash
Super(when POW is full)---F,B,DB,D,DF,F + AB Slash

Moves' Analysis:

Snowfall Slash---Not very useful. But when your opponent is almost going to
die. Do this to finish him. No other reason, just because it looks cool.

Fake apple slice---I dont think you can really trick someone if you do this
thing. Use this thing if you really want to tease your opponent.

AfterImage Attack---This is the most useful attack in SS2. I found that if
you do this move with D kick, youll slide forward and slash downward. After
you do this D,DF,F+D kick, press B after. This B slash will slash the
computer for sure. That means if you do thet AfterImage attack with a D kick,
the computer will usually block that, but if you a B slash after you do that
move the computer will slashed by your B slash in most case. So, remember,
you do this AfterImage attact with a D kick(D,DF,F+D kick) and then press B.
This trick will apply to most of the character in SS2, and Ill mention very
often in the guide below, so I name this strategy as the AfterImage strategy.
P.S.: Never do the AfterImage attack when your opponent is at the edge or
your opponent is standing very near you.

Swallow Swipe---This move used to be the best move in SS1. In SS2, you just
happen to use this move to the opponent who tend to jump a lot.

Super Deformed---This move is mainly to look cute. But sometimes you could
trick your opponent by doing this. After you do this, you use AB slash if
you opponent tries to jump on you.  Super Deformed is better to use with the
character who has upper cut like Haomarus kogetsuzan (crescent moon slash).
But you dont use this to the computer. Ukyos Super(throws apple and then
jumps and spins)---Use this when your computer is trying to do stupid thing,
like Earthquakes and Gei-ans rolling move. Ukyos super is probably the

worse and slowest super in SS2, and if you miss it, your opponent will
counter you a big time. So, dont use it unless you are very sure youll get
you opponent with this super.

Ukyo Versus all Characters:

Ukyo VS Cham Cham
I would say that she is the hardest character in SS2.  The AfterImage trick
that I have mentioned above in the moves analysis just doestt work on her
at all.  Shell counter you if you do the AfterImage attack on her. So just
play skills, block and wait till she jumps, you slash her with AB. Because
Ukyo has very good air attack.

Ukyo VS Charlotte
Charlotte is probably the worse player in the game(If you play SS1 before,
you'll know that she is the hardest charater to beat).  Just use the
AfterImage strategy that I have told you at the moves' analysis.

Ukyo VS Earthquake
I suggest you play him in a defensive way.  That means wait till he does
somthing and you just simply counter him.  The AfterImage strategy(see
moves' analysis above) just doest't seem to work on this guy.

Ukyo VS Galford
Just do the AfterImage strategy(see moves'analysis)to him all the time.
He is really easy to beat compare to SS3.

Ukyo VS Gen-an
He will counter you if you do the AfterImage thing.  I think it will be
wise for you if you just do Tsubame Gaeshi (firebird) all the time.  When
he jumps, you do a firebird; when he does that rolling thing, you throw a
firebird.  Firebird just work on him pretty good.

Ukyo VS Genjuro
He is one of the strongest guy in SS2.  His one strong slash will be
enough to make you faint.  Just do the AfterImage strategy to him.  But
remember don't do this when you are very near him.

Ukyo VS Hanzo
Hanzo is also an easy character.  Keep doing AfterImage attack will beat him
or you could D kick him sometimes to beat him.

Ukyo VS Haomaru
You could also do that AfterImage strategy(see moves' analysis) to him.
But just be careful for his strong slash.

Ukyo VS Jubei
I found that it is better if you do a firebird first, and then do the
AfterImage strategy.  After you do the AfterImage thing, jump back and do a
firebird again, then do the AfterImage strategy again.  That means you just
keep doing this two things.

Ukyo VS Kyoshiro
You can just simply do the AfterImage strategy(see moves' analysis) to him.

Ukyo VS Nakoruru
She is a hard one.  Use my AfterImage strategy(see moves' analysis)
sometimes and do some air attack when she is one the air.

Ukyo VS Nicotine
He is very hard also.  Crouch and block and use B slash all the times.
Since he always run toward you, your B slash will be able to get him.  But
remember he has a fire kind of spell which you can't block it, you just have
to jump if he does that.

Ukyo VS Seiger
He is the fastest character in the game.  Do the AfterImage strategy thing,
but do it a little bit farther away, because if you do AfterImage near him,
he will counter you by his hand shooting thing(I don't quite know the name.)

Ukyo VS Ukyo
The computer Ukyo just suck.  The computer just never really do his most
powerful AfterImage attack.  So just do the same old AfterImage strategy

(see moves' analysis) to the computer all the time.

Ukyo VS Wan-fu
Do the same old AfterImage strategy (see moves' analysis)on him.  He is not
very hard to beat.

Ukyo VS the special character in SS2, Kuroko
You would not meet this guy(the referee in black) unless you are really
good at Samurai Shodown II.  I had met this guy three times (I'm not
implying that I'm good), and I have never beaten him before.  So I can't
help you much in fighting this character.  But I could tell you that if you
ever meet this character, don't use firebird and AfterImage attack at all.
Just play 'skills'.  By the way, if you ever meet Kuroko, you don't have to
look at my stupid FAQ anyway.

Ukyo VS the boss, Mizuki
Unlike all the street fighter's game, Samurai Shodowns always have very
powerful and strong bosses.  I would say Mizuki is a lot harder and has more
powerful moves or attacks than Amakusa(the boss in SS1).  Use B slash and
then crouch or block everything she throws out.  Don't try to do special
attacks or power attack(unless you are pretty confident). When she jumps,
you slash her, because she doesn't have good air defence.  I will write more
about how to beat her next time.

Ukyo's Ending(spoiler!!!):

Ukyo finds himself awakes in the middle of the forest.  "...Oh God! Kei?"
Kei sees Ukyo.  "Ukyo?"
She sees the snowing flowers.  "What's this? Flowers of snow..."

Ukyo is carving the sculpture of Kei using his snowfall slash.  The flower
snow is then appeared in the screen.

An older Kei is talking with her little granddaughter. "And that is why,
on this one day every year, snow flowers fall."
The little girl says, "Is that true, grandma?"
Kei says, "Yes...see?"  Snow flowers begin to float down.
The girl says, "Grandmother, I see them! Snow flowers!"
Kei whispers, "Thank you, Ukyo."

Note: I think that Ukyo has created this miracle of flower snow to show
        his affection toward Kei, forever.
        No one knows that if that Kei's granddaughter is also Ukyo's

---------------------------------Good Luck!--------------------------------

Hope you all have a good game in Samurai Shodown 2!!!
If I have made any mistake in this FAQ or if you have any comments, concerns
or complaints. please E-mail me at ckgan@connect.ab.ca

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