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Learn the basics
Finish the 'Learning the basics' job.
A full horse stable
Own 5 vehicles.
Nothing without his tools
Own 5 attachments.
Your very own farm
Buy the farm in career mode.
Land owner
Buy 10 fields.
Debt free
Pay off your debt in career mode.
Job hopper
Do at least one job for all farmers in career mode.
Own 20 pieces of equipment.
Real farmer
Work on the fields for five hours in a single save game.
Sit back and relax
Have 10 workers doing a job at the same time.
Succesfully complete 100 jobs.
Own all fields.
Halfway there
Have $500.000 on your account.
Have $1.000.000 on your account.
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Busy work
Succesfully complete 50 jobs.

Originally Contributed By: Similac

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