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a game of considerable majesty awaits you GamezeboIn terms of war simulation games on the App Store, I havent seen a better game TUAWEasily the most educational game Ive ever played. EurogamerBattle of the Bulge is a historical wargame, designed specifically for iPad. Its a turn-based simulation in the spirit of traditional board wargames. Pieces represent actual military units fighting on the terrain of the famous WWII battle. Play three ways: online through Game Center; vs a computer opponent; or Pass & Play Fast turns, deep strategy Five scenarios range from a quick, tense, fight in the opening days to a campaign covering the entire battle Tutorial, quick start guide, and online strategy forums help players learn to play and to explore the games subtleties Extensive historical photos, film, and commentary Retina support First of a series of WWII titles by legendary designers: El Alamein, covering the decisive battle in North Africa, is in development for release in 2013.Its completely nailed the right ways to present a tabletop game in a digital format... No High ScoresBattle of the Bulge is a landmark iPad game. Its deep without feeling complex, and fun without feeling light. Further, its beautiful, both visually and aurally, and so intuitive that you dont need a tutorial to learn the interface. If youre at all into turn-based gaming, give this one a try. If youre not, give this one a try, anyway. MobileTechReviewA game that will make historical strategy diehards swoon, while also being pretty enough, and easy enough to learn, to draw in people who never knew that this was the game they'd been waiting for. TouchArcade

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