Review by KyogreTrumpets

Reviewed: 09/19/19

Amazing Game, but slightly too emphatic on the grinding aspect.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew this would be a grinding game, but sometimes the jumps and leaps are frustrating. If you want a certain item, you have to fight the same annoying monster multiple times in a row to get one to three items. But other than that, the game excels in so many ways. The combat system is only bogged down by a few annoyances, including tripping. The main offenders are the Gunlance and the Bow. They will knock you out of almost all of your combos, eg. the Hammer Big Bang And Upswing combos, and the Longsword’s Spirit Combo and Spirit Helmbreaker. But even so, the hits are so satisfying, and knocking a huge monster into the ground with one, huge slashing or striking hit is extremely rewarding. The game also looks beautiful, and the areas look and feel organic and real, as they are teeming with life. This is a huge jump, as most Monster Hunter games look like PlayStation games from 2001. And the monsters themselves are exciting to hunt, satisfying to kill/ capture, and frustrating to lose against. My favourites to fight are currently Diablos and Radobaan, and my favourites design and mechanic wise are Legiana and Bazelgeuse. All in all, an amazing game, and would definitely recommend.

The story, however, is a little lacking. It’s basically, “Big monster comes to feed, people try to capture it, people fail, people try again to stop it from exploding, people murder wildlife”. The story and the lore surrounding the earlier fleets and settlers are far more interesting, however. Although, Iceborne and Xeno’jiiva seem to be a lot more promising in terms of storyline. The characters are fun as well, the Admiral and the Commander seeming to be the best. Although my GOD the Handler, the A-Lister guy who I can’t remember and the Field Team leader are SO ANNOYING. The Handler constantly yelling into your ears and constantly trying to get herself killed to progress the story is EXTREMELY obnoxious. I get she and the others are supposed to be like a tutorial for the newer players, but Jesus, not everyone needs to be told “Hey! You just got hit! Next time press A to dodge!”. Just, no. The Huntsman, On the other hand, I would probably like to see more of. He seems fairly interesting, and it’s a shame he only shows up in the Zorah missions. All around a great game, only pulled down by annoying characters and Nergigante’s hitbox,

Rating: 8

Product Release: Monster Hunter: World (AU, 01/26/18)

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