Could somebody explain the Iceborne mechanics and bug fixes for the Longsword?

  1. I’m HR49 and haven’t killed Tempered Kirin, and I need some clarification on the LS mechanics. I’ve heard they added the special sheath stuff, and the main things I need to know is:

    How narrow is the counter opening for the Iai counter?
    What were the fixes?
    Is it worth pulling off?
    Do Decorations (Evade Window, Evade Extender) affect the Iai counter?
    Is the Foresight Slash any good now?
    Is the Spirit Helm Breaker still useful?
    How does the Iai Slash translate into combos?


    User Info: KyogreTrumpets

    KyogreTrumpets - 3 months ago

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