How do I activate and beat the first Bazelgeuse quest, and beat the Odogaron main quest?

  1. I’m at the Odogaron Main Mission, and I need help with it. My weapons are the Rathalos Glaive, Wyvern Ignition Steel, Radobaan Hammer, and Tobi-Kadachi Longsword. I have the full Rath and Legiana armour sets, and everything but the Radobaan helm in the Baan Set (I use the High Iron 30 Defense Helmet). Any advice on beating it, Solo or Squad?

    Second question, how do I activate the Bazel quest? I’m looking to get it’s armour and weapons, but I haven’t seen it yet. Any way to get the first optional missions and what I need to do beforehand?

    User Info: KyogreTrumpets

    KyogreTrumpets - 1 year ago
  2. Update: I beat the Odo quest and got into High Rank. Bazel just blew the skin off my face with it's scale bombs. Lord save me.

    User Info: KyogreTrumpets

    KyogreTrumpets - 1 year ago


  1. PM me on Xbox (KrizmKazm) if you want any help with Bazelgeuse.

    User Info: KrizmKazm

    KrizmKazm - 1 year ago 0   0

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